Ford Super Duty Continued - VII



  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    Second tank. 12 mpg. v10 5spd 4x4 cc sb 4.30ls. Working the clutch to keep from clunking. Hopefully will get better. Love the truck. Put the black westin nerf double step on. Looks great!
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    My black 350 DRW is covered with what looks like overspray. It won't come off easily and it looks terrible. Anyone else experience this?
  • lilelmolilelmo Member Posts: 144
    My Y2K 250 4X4 SD CC has the stabilizer.

    I rolled the window down today and listened VERY carefully when turning in the driveway at work where the "clunk" occurs if I go too fast. Go slow=no clunk. Go fast=clunk.

    So... first the givens: I have the TT package,the camper package, and the extra sway bars. The clunk sounded like it came from the rear axle/stablizer bar area. Anyone else getting the clunk have that combo?

    I wonder if the chassis is too stiff to adjust quickly to changes in torsional forces generated by a turn upward into another level?

    All pickups twist a little in the chassis, that's why the body and the cab are not bolted together.Years ago I had an old '54 F100 that was limber as a wet noodle off in the fields when we hunted. I know new trucks are much stiffer, but.... could it be that the extra suspension pieces "clash a little" as the frame wiggles around, making a noise if they haven't got time to re-adjust to the new wheel/tire elevations of a turn?

    Yes, I know about all the SUVs, etc. having a solid body, and darned if I know how the Excursions and Suburbans handle that twisting, because I know it happens.

    But if you don't believe it happens in your truck, let someone else drive and watch the bed and cab move independently of each other, not much, but as Copernicus said, "it still moves."

    Just a theory that I haven't heard put forth to explain unknown sounds and motions from underneath.

    So the question is, do people without the stablizer bars or trailer towing package get the clunk?
  • crazyelviscrazyelvis Member Posts: 216
    Yes...I put in a K&N filter....$53....and had my exhaust done...with a flowmaster dual system. First two tanks the milage went up from a steady 12.5 in town to 14mpg....I thought this was great....then all of a sudden the milage started at a steady 11.9-12.0 mpg. I that of my neighbor and his brother....a mechanic....that with the higher amount of air passing through the K&N that the computer must monitor this and increase the amount of gas along with it. I don't know...just my thinking.....I was really happy with the origional increase....and don't like loosing a half a mile a gallon.....especially at 1.46 per gallon....
    Now...the power has improved noticably....acceleration at take off is a lot quicker.
    Anyone out there that would know if my theory is correct??? or am I just CRAZY!!???
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    Clunking guy here. I have the tt and the snow plow package. I had a friend look under the truck when i was making the front end clunking sound with the clutch, and he said that the rear diff moved up and down an inch or so. He thought that the movement was causing the clunk in my front end. It is moving back there. My truck is very stiff. I don't know what's causing your problem, but with mine, it seems like a lot of torque, and a lot of play. Also have the 4.30ls with 5sp. Lot's of torque!!!
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    Yep, the computer definately measures the incomming air (via MAF, mass air flow?) sensor.
    Then it adds the right amount of fuel to keep the optimal fuel/air ratio..

    I'm not sure when/how often these calculations are performed, and whether the algorithm is a 'moving average' type or not. If it's a moving average, (maybe to avoid wide variations because of wind/weather conditions), then it could explain why it took some time for the computer to catchup with the k&n setup..

    But this is just my WAS (wild [non-permissible content removed] speculation).
  • jjones673jjones673 Member Posts: 28
    I tried to re-create your clunking in 1st gear on an incline, and I do get a sort of clunking sound if I depress the clutch after revving it up in 1st, but this is a very minor sound, and typical I think of manual transmissions I've driven. I've always thought that it was just my not very smooth shifting of gears, or just getting too much rpm's in 1st before shifting out of it. Nothing sounds or feels "loose" to me as you've described, and most of the time I hear nothing with a smooth shift from 1st to 2nd, which took a few days for me to accomplish in this very powerful machine. It does shift a lot better than one of the ones I test drove, however.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    65cobra, is this really overspray or is it possible you're seeing what is fondly referred to as rail dust? I understand it looks like very small pits.

    Rail dust has been discussed both here and extensively on , both what it looks like and possible solutions.
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    Not only do I get a clunking sound, it clunks more that once. Kinda like clunkkk, clunkk, clunk. Just like a basketball as it slows down on a bounce. Usually 2 or 3 times. I do have the snow plow front end, and the 4.30ls. Maybe I'm just getting a lot more torque than you are in low gears. I do get the regular small clunking in the drive line when I don't get a smooth shift, or let off of the gas quickly under a load. That's normal. I'm just not sure about this one though.
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    Just got back from dealer. Body shop guy wiped his hand across my paint, and said "yep, rail dust, we fix this all of the time" He knew about the TSB and had the chemicals on hand. I will let them do it. Also set up an app. to have the clunk looked at. As long as they check it I will be covered. When I asked them for something in writing saying that the clunk was normal, they decided they had better check it out!. Hmmmm.
  • nipper1nipper1 Member Posts: 4
    From a dream to reality.Took delivery yesterday of a F250 4x4 XLT SC SB V10 AUTO 373LS HD SUSPENSION OFF/RD PKG PRIV/GLS; Deep Wedgewood Blue W/Silver accent. Ordered 11/20/99 Austin,Texas. This truck is everything I expected and more!What little sanity I have left after the wait, I owe to this site which provided very helpful tips and product knowledge coming from "good people". Thanks,,,
  • vwoovwoo Member Posts: 17
    Congrats. Who did you buy from in Austin? I have one on order from Covert Ford almost the same config even the color except not 4x4. Order 2/23/00 and have a build date of 4/10. Do you mind me asking how much you paid over invoice and who was your salesman? I am going to paid $200 over invoice and my saleman was Wendell Tanner. We got our Excursion from him as well at $200 over invoice.
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    Rail dust, no kidding. Most people miss it. We've been pushing for people to LOOK at their trucks. There is a guy named "ketch" on the diesel column who can give you all the info you need, if you care. My 2000 oxford white cc came
    back from the body shop yesterday. Still a few spots left but looks better! They said they'd take it back in a couple days and finish up.

    Watch out for surface scratching!
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    ketch has got it down pat. i have already read every post on rail dust over there. when i talked to body shop guy, he told me that he had some very experienced guys that knew how to do the TSB. He also said that you never want to use clay. all it does is rub the rail dust around in your paint.
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    Absolutely, no clay! Some people on these sites have recomended clay, but its no good! I've spoken with several people at
    about the rail dust. We all seem to have the same opinion- FORD SHOULD COVER OUR TRUCKS IN TRANSIT!!

    Six people who I know looked at the paint on their 2000 SDs after they listened to my griping about my rail dust. Three of the six had bad cases of it and didn't even know it! One vehicle was already seven months old.
  • nipper1nipper1 Member Posts: 4
    Purchased from Leif Johnson fleet dept; Bob Grahm.Paid $500.00 over plus Dec. 99 price increase. The price increase was not part of the original agreement but I overlooked it to expedite the "process" and get out of Dodge.
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    picked up the truck today and it is wonderful. have put about 120 miles on it since lunch! even took the wife out for a drive (just the 2 of us) when the neighbor girl was available to babysit this afternoon. will be wrestling wife for the keys on a regular basis. fortunately i outweigh her substantially, and am likely to win most matches.
    truck is quieter and smoother riding than i had remembered when test-driving other similar trucks. will update on mileage when i get some numbers. most likely will be on a road trip next week to see the opening of the "new" tiger stadium (for you baseball fans) and that would be a 1,000 mile round trip.
    for all the "havenots" i do confirm that the wait is worth it. thanks to all for the infinite amount of information which i picked up here. also, it does indeed ease the pain of waiting to read all of your posts. this is a very good site.
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    Congrats on the new truck. By the way, Kapler is batting 400, how about Juan? P.S. Check for the "rail dust".
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    BIG Congrat`s on new Truck! Even though I am a BIG Yankee Guy since 1969, I always liked the Tigers,(best friend is from U.P)of Mich. Met Juan Gonzalez in Puerto Rico,in Dec.,very good guy!
    Good luck with truck. They say I should have mine in a week. I have my fingers crossed.00 350 SD SC XLT Woodland.
  • lilelmolilelmo Member Posts: 144
    Congrats on the truck! I hope you like yours as well as I like mine. It was worth the wait.

    Call a call from CAC yesterday about my survey (supposedly to "verify" what I said). I "verified" it, especially the four month, two day wait. I got an apology (that's nice)for the delay. Maybe I'll get the duffel bag now. :-)

    No real point to this post, just feeling conversational. Hang in there, all.
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    Hi all-

    I'm still waiting, but have a supposed week of 4/17 delivery date. I am going to stir up an old topic about spray-in liners. LineX vs Rhino. There is now a Rhino dealer in the area. Went to talk with him today, but he was closed. I am a little wary as he is new so may not have a lot of experience. Nearest LineX dealer is in Mass. however, about 5 hours from me! I know it mostly depends on the experience of the person spraying, but any of you have thoughts on one brand over the other? I am willing to go the distance if it is a better choice.

    Congrats Sherwoodfor! I am getting really excited as the days tick by.
  • f350_or_bustf350_or_bust Member Posts: 13
    Yes, Virgina there is a Santa Claus!!!

    00' F350 XLT, V10, Island Blue/Silver, 4x4, with everything except the snow plow package and the kitchen sink.

    Ordered on 12/8/99...Took delivery on 4/7/00!!!

    Did have rail dust, but dealer put vehicle through acid bath as part of their "prep" package, which I was able to negotiate for no charge.

    Other than the shipping shimmeys (or whatever they are called) not being taken off the front springs, and the rear dome light not mounted right...everything is worth the wait!!!

    Houston...we have contact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sorry, I just can't hold back the excitement. The wait was well worth it folks!

    Thanks goes out to every one in this, and other forums that have help keep me sane.

    It's a great day in San Antonio Texas!!!!!!!!!
  • porkyporky Member Posts: 83
    Both are great products, it's a matter of personal preference (my opinion). One has a little "lumpier" finished look (RHINO) and the other has a "grittier" finish (LINE-X). My preference was the Line-X bed liner but I doubt that I would drive 5hr to get it when Rhino was local. I think both are guaranteed for "life" to the original owner of the truck. Good Luck
  • jlapointe1jlapointe1 Member Posts: 7
    There is another spray in bedliner option available in central Maine. Armacoatings is in Bangor. Several of my friends looked at them and the Rhino linings, and then opted for the Armacoat. I think they are in the yellow pages.
    Take a look!

  • adubahbiadubahbi Member Posts: 24
    Sherwoodfor - congratulations and goodluck!
    I'm an almost have.....It's in, I've seen it, I've drove it, I like it and I get it Tuesday!!!
    Ordered 12/21, built week of 3/13

    y2k f250SD CC LB Lariat v10 auto 3.73ls 4x4 265s
    trailer tow green/gold etc.

    Anyone have advice on where to mount aftermarket rear speakers, subwoofer, amp, cd changer? Do see any speakers in rear doors. may be room under/behind rear seat. thanks.
  • adubahbiadubahbi Member Posts: 24
    For whatever it's worth, I've decided to go with the LineX based on what I've read here, in other forums and on their web site. (unfortunately I will have a two hour drive for the closest dealer).Check out-

    I recall either a seperate forum under Edmunds Town Hall on this or a lot of discussion under trucks (not Ford specific). Suggest searching....
    Good luck.
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    Thanks for the Armacoat tip. I have to head to Bangor in the next week or so, so I will check it out. I'll let you know what I find.
  • fbroomfbroom Member Posts: 29
    Hi all. I'm a new poster to this forum. I've been reading all the posts for over 6 months and have remained quiet until now. I have found most posts on this site to be very informative and helpful. I ordered my "beast to be" on 1/4/00. Received priced DORA on same day. I'm still waiting on a build date. Vital stats as follows: Y2K F250 SD Lariat, 4x2, SC, SB, V10, Auto, 3.73 LS, trailer tow pckg, trailer hitch receiver, cass/CD, pwr tele TT mirrors, lthr cpt chairs, Woodland Grn/Harvest Gold. I've been salivating ever since I placed the order but thanks to this forum, I've been able to maintain most of my sanity. I knew going into this process that delivery could take a rather long time, but the waiting still gets hard to endure at times. Especially when I see other Super Duties on the road.

    The reason I've broken my silence is that I recently learned that the trailer tow package option is now standard on all Super Duties and that the sliding read window and privacy glass options are now standard on all Super Duty Lariats. I'm not exactly sure when this change took effect, but I thought those waiting on orders or contemplating on placing orders might want to know. I suggest those interested follow up with their dealer for more information.

    Sorry about the long post. But it is my first one.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Member Posts: 262
    I turned into our land up north over the weekend, had a salt block in the back, my father-in -law thought the block moved, but it hadn't, so we spend the day trying to figure out what happened. I did see a post on a web site, I'll find the site tommorrow and post something about mount on the bed. It stated it happens on 99 & Y2K CC models. I have auto & 4.10LS. The sound varies from loud to not loud. Sorry this is hurried, but gotta hit the sack......1750 miles averaging 14.9 highway. not too bad
  • vic59vic59 Member Posts: 1
    I would appreciate if any one could tell me where I could go on the web to check the status of my F350 order. I have the VIN number from the dealer, but he hasn't been much help as to where it is at this moment. It's been 8 weeks, and the dealer promised it would be here.
    I would appreciate any email to [email protected]
  • jjones673jjones673 Member Posts: 28
    someone a while back complained about a flutter. I have something in my 250 CC v10 manual that sounds like a cricket. It disappears when I depress the clutch very slightly and comes back when I let off on it. I heard the sound standing outside of the truck while it was idling the other day. any ideas on what this is, and did other complainer find out what caused his flutter?

    last tank = 13 mpg= 50/50 city/hwy
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    When we were talking about 'flutter' it was another term to describe something that sounds like engine ping which occurs during acceleration.

    The sound you describe is different from any other I've heard described..
  • cowpokescowpokes Member Posts: 33
    Here in Wyo, we have a Armacoat dealer/applicator/sprayer, I have had two trucks done by them no probelms in 5yrs. No real experience with Rhino or Line-X.

    I like the warming up the prepped surfaces and putting the coating on hot/warm, seems to stay put very well.

    The coatings have taken alot of abuse, forklifts, skidsteer buckets, T-posts etc.

    I certainly think they are worth a look.

  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Vic59, there isn't a universal place on the web to find out where your truck is. It's a good sign that you have a VIN :). Do you know if the truck has been shipped from the factory yet? If so, you *might* be able to find it via the VIN on (Burlington-Northern) however, many people on (including myself) have not been able to find their trucks via BNSF and they show up anyway.

    Go up the chain at the dealership. They *can* find out where it is. Tell 'em you need to know (gotta sell another vehicle, financing, some other excuse).
  • hubrex2hubrex2 Member Posts: 24
    I ordered a 250SD 5.4/5sp with options first week in March, then promptly left the country for five weeks. My dealer said 8-10 weeks, no problem--I'll have time when I get back to sell the old truck, etc. Got an e-mail two weeks ago, said the truck was on its way, it arrived last week, about 4 weeks from order to delivery. Now I have to scramble to get ready, but who cares--my truck is here!! My trip abroad gave me some perspective that causes a slight hesitation. I drove tiny cars in Italy and northern Europe that got nearly 60MPG(!), but gas was about $4.50 a gallon, as it has been for years. They really stretch their fuel use, and I admit that comparing a tiny micro car to a Superduty truck is an apples and oranges thing, BUT I do have some reservations about consuming as much fuel as I will with this truck. We really have cheap fuel in the U.S.--even at a buck and a half to two bucks per, in comparison to most of the civilized world. I am not going to change my mind, as this IS the right truck for my requirement, but the trip has provided some interesting food for thought. I'm going to pick my baby up this week--will post my findings. It's great to be home...
  • summitxsummitx Member Posts: 25 works for me! I have been watching my truck move from Naperville, IL through various towns in MN! It seems to be pretty good about updates. It gave me an ETA to Laurel MT of 2:16p.m. Central time TOMORROW!! From Laurel, it gets washed and put on a truck to Bozeman (2 hours). I wasn't really expecting it so soon so you would think that I wouldn't be getting 'antsy' but...

    Ordered some Catch-alls today and I need to find a topper. I like the A.R.E's but there's no dealer near by. Any suggestions? I Don't want the huge windows or anything fancy, just cab-high and a 12v light.

    What does rail-dust look like so I can check for it? - My truck is White ( I hope ) so it should be easy to see.

    Almost A Have! - Ordered 2/17
  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    Did you ever get the antenna in the mail? It must be about 2 weeks since I sent it via postal service in a 2 foot tube. The mail leaves here by pony express to Tulsa and then by stage coach to Wichita .... that may have slowed things down ...

    Bought gas here in OKY land the other day for $1.17 a gallon for 87 octane.

    That projection I made last week that I figured I'd be getting 55 MPG with the V-10 by this time next year ........ well ..... I may have to re-calculate .... just got 12.2 mpg this last tank!!! Of course the hauling I had to do may have affected it .... had to pick up a bag of bird seed for Murtle Fay's feathered friends. Happy Motoring!
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    summitx, i have the harvest gold paint. I didn't see anything at first, but it did not feel smooth. I gauged the feel by the way the door jambs felt in comparision to the hood or fenders. You could feel the difference. The ford body shop guy told me that they should feel the same. After I washed it for the first time, I could see very small dark specks in the paint. You could not rub them out. Check the hood and upper fenders. I didn't find any on the sides or back fenders. If you have it, you will see it on the white!

    jjones673. What is your setup? Do you have a 4x4, and if so, do you have the 4.30ls. I let a ford tranny mechanic look at my clunking over the weekend, and he said that it was probably normal. 1st gear is deffinately a granny gear he said. What are your shift points? I have been going by the manual, but I'm not quite sure that they apply to my drive train setup. I have been shifting around 2300 to 2500 in every gear. Maybe this is to high. My mechanic freind said that it was geared so low, that he could start out in 5th gear, and it did not shake, rattle, or roll. (not that he recommended that!). He told me that I had bought one big a** truck, more like a tractor!
  • jjones673jjones673 Member Posts: 28
    yeah, 4x4, 3.73 v-10 CC, also the gold. I wouldn't think that noise would be normal, especially if you think something sounds "loose."
    I suspect that I shift around 2500, but have always driven by the seat of my pants: you know, you can just tell when the engine wants to shift. I thought about a lower gear ratio to go with the slip, and man am I glad I stayed with the 3.73. I've never driven at 40 mph in 5th gear before. I wish I had a couple more gears for 70-80 mph.
  • summitxsummitx Member Posts: 25
    This is a useless post, I'm just getting excited! bnsf says she's in North Dakota now and headed for Montan'!

    My wifes birthday is the 15th - She's getting a leather captains chair! (Passenger side!) Don't Tell!
  • adubahbiadubahbi Member Posts: 24
    At last, ordered 12/21 picked up yesterday. God is it big! Don't think it will fit in garage....

    y2k f250SD CC LB Lariat v10 auto 3.73ls 4x4 265s
    trailer tow green/gold etc.
  • meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
    #367.... If'n I Was You....

    unless your wife is a REAL automotive afficionado, I'd get her something more for her birthday than a nice seat on her side of your vehicle. Unless you LIKE sleeping on that couch all alone and cold....

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host

    "Something nice for your wife's car is NOT the same as something nice for your wife.
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    Look at all the V-10 auto's pouring out of Kentucky. Mine can't be far!

    Hubrex2- You are absolutely right about the gas prices and consumption here in the good 'ol USA. We are really spoiled with our gas prices and our desires for bigger and bigger vehicles. Of course, all of us have an excuse for owning such hauling, constuction, ranch we'll point that greed fingure at other people!
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    I must agree with FPP(Meredith) Leather seat is nice,but I suggest that you get busy with plan B.
    Hope you get truck soon, mine should be here Fri.
    Good luck with truck and more importantly,Gifts!
    00 F-350 SD, SC, Any Day!!!
  • summitxsummitx Member Posts: 25
    IT WAS A JOKE! My wife will be spoiled rotten on her birthday, as always!

    By the way, has been great! I watched my truck go through IL, MN, ND, and in to MT! It's now off the train, a two hour drive from here, and will be shipped the rest of the way on a truck - ASAP.
  • goletagoleta Member Posts: 24
    Anybody have a line on a California Ford dealer willing to go around $500 over invoice?

    Is it too late to order the 00 ?? If so, how much more would one expect a 01 to be? Not much? Don't worry, it's worth it? Or what?
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    back from 1K mile road trip to see opening day at the "new" tiger stadium. of course i drove the new rig. extremely enjoyable. mileage was as follows: on the interstate it was 15.7 @ 70mph, falling off to 15.0 @ 75mph. the good news was on the 2 lane rural highways, driving about 61mph, i got 18.4 mpg. most of my driving will be on rural highways.

    2 questions:
    1. how long is the break-in period re:mileage on these psd's? when will it plateau?

    2. who among you has switched to synthetic oil for their psd?

    adubahbi - enjoy the new truck!

    mainecowgirl - is yours on the way?

    european fuel prices- we don't realize it, but most other countries are much closer to socialism than the u.s.. the reason gas prices are so much higher in europe is that the government taxes the bejesus out of them, not because there is some "extra" shortage in existence

    goleta- try mossey ford in san diego, talk to ken. they have boatloads of sd's, and will sell you one right now @ 1500-1800 over invoice. if you order, i think they'll get close to invoice.

    baseball fans - the new tiger stadium (they want to call it comerica park, i won't) is a beautiful facility. appears to be well thought out for all concerned. even has a nice view of the detroit skyline. attended with brothers and father. we had all gone to the last game at the "old" tiger stadium, so we thought we ought to attend this one. the tigers actually won despite 38f and snow/drizzle.
    sorry this is so long, bye.
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    I have an ETA of the week of April 17th. Next week! I think the emphasis there is on the "E"stimated, but it's coming. I am making all of my hitch installation and spray-in liner appointments in preparation. And I am getting very, very, very excited! Thanks for the thoughts.
  • northpole1northpole1 Member Posts: 49
    Sorry for the late post. I got the antenna and it works fine. I dropped your money in the mail Friday last week.

    Thanks again! Not having a Wal-Mart is lame.

  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    goleta; you *might* be able to order a 00... depends on the configuration (body style, engine, tranny are probably the most significant) as well the dealer's allocation (read all about allocation on the web page).

    sherwoodfor; sounds like breakin can be anywhere from 5-10K miles. Sounds like some folks go synthetic early (1-5K) while other wait until later (5-10K). I think we're gonna wait until about 10K but the bypass filter will go in at 4K (the next oil change).
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