Ford Super Duty Continued - VII



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    By the way, 00 F-350, SD, SC XLT V-10 done up nicely, Woodlandgreen. Ordered 12/11/99
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    Contacted my local dealer to cancel. They understand completely and are equally upset, especially when they lost a sale (and how many more?). They are working with FMC and wanted the specifics on my order (mainly VIN). They too think the allocation system is screwed up when they (Ford) have tons sitting on the lots out west and here in the east we can't get squat.

    I'll be contacting FMC and relating this experience. Started off great and with high expectations but it went south fast.

    As has been noted and should be readily apparent - it's ALLOCATION, stupid (not personal)! The system needs an overhaul.

    Glad your rep went to bat for you. I wish mine had some months ago. Closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. Doesn't work.
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    hope the promised truck shows up as represented. if they aren't being truthful, something tells me it will be worse for them if you don't get that truck..
    traced mine on the bnsf to chicago. dealer said today that they already have the invoice and the stock #, only missing the truck. said it should be there literally any day. looking forward to hopefully being a "have"
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    Some time ago someone suggested that we all("haves") post a picture of our rig. Well here's mine out back at the farm. I keep it pretty clean for a farm truck, don't you think? Actually try to use it for the rough stuff as little as possible. Have succeeded so far. 2k 250 SC LB 4x4 Auto 4:10LS ESOF, Off Road, Trailer Tow, Rhino Lined, Weatherguard Box, Stainless Smittybuilt Bars, Ventvisors, Woodland Green. Did I forget anything? Now is show'in off like this supposed to help the "have nots" or drive 'em crazy?!!
  • shotgun1shotgun1 Member Posts: 57
    Got so excited I forgot the picture! here it is.
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    That is the first thing my detail guy did when I got the truck last Oct. He acid washed...then about a month later came back and detailed it. The wax he uses is fantastic....He does the whole truck and also the inside...treats and cleans the leather too....all for $55. I have him come back about every 4 to 6 months.
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    very nice looking ride.. The chrome steps look great with the green..

    Is that an XL that you built up to look like an XLT? (I notice you have the chrome front grill of an XLT, but the rims of an XL)

    I have to admit, the reds/greens/blacks in the SD look WAY nice. I've always owned white trucks, and been happy with how well white paint holds up, and the few lower degrees in tempature in the hot Raleigh summers.
    So, of course my SD is white.. The biggest downside to white is that my truck looks like every other contractors truck out there..
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    I saw on your pic (very nice btw) that you have the window visors. Do they help w/ wind noise? what about in the rain? Water come off the front and into the cab when I smoke.( I know I shouldn't it the truck:( ) Thanks
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    Shotgun: Really nice looking truck. Thanks for posting the picture.

    All: Finally got my spray-in liner done this week. Had the local line-x dealer do it. I am *really* happy with the results. The spray job is perfect as far as I can tell. It looks like it was put on at the factory! Highly recommended.
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    To All:

    Please upload your SD pictures via FTP to

    You can access the pictures via
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    Have been reading these posts since Nov. I think I get the allocation part! Does not matter now,my persistence payed off, and I now have a VIN#, and thats more than I had 24hrs. ago. Sales manager said truck is on rail as we speak and should be at dealer in about 2 weeks. WE shall see!
    Stay Tuned Folks.....
    00 F-350, SD,SC,V-10
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    Yes, mine is XL built up to XLT. I bought the grill and had it on before the truck left the dealer's lot. Also like having some "luxuries" like cruise control, AC, and tilt wheel, but insisted on rubber floor and vinyl seat(cleans easier than cloth). This left me with one problem while building my perfect ride. Split console seats are not available in vinyl. So I removed the bench(which BTW is very nice,if you like or need bench seats)and bought the Steel Horse Leather split console seats. Got them from the JC Whitney business to business catalog. Normally $799.00 + freight. Sold for $650.00 delivered. Very tough leather and just as easy to keep clean as vinyl.(nice color match too) So there it is, with a lot of work you really can get a truck any way you want it no matter what the dealer says!

    gttl; ventvisors are great! They self stick install with sticky stuff that might as well be epoxy! It's not going anywhere.They look like they were installed by the factory. Keeps all the water away from you. Helps keep the wind noise down too.
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    nice truck! we are expecting one in the next week or so, and it is nice to see our color on another truck. very practical set-up you have with the flooring, etc. although i'm sure i wasn't the first, i was at least the most recent to encourage all of you "haves" to post pictures of your truck. don't be shy, it's fun to show your truck, and it is therapeutic for us "havenots".
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    I have the F350 PSD auto 4.10 LS DRW 4X4 so far have not noticed any noises or shudders from my truck, I have heard if you have a 4X4 and your hubs are not in the auto position that this can cause this kind of problem, kids sometimes will lock your hubs for a joke, HA HA, real funny.
    No I don't normally get up that early but I coulden't sleep that day, thought the computer would put me to sleep, (Didn't work) oh well can't win them all. Let us know what you find out about your noise problems.
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    Read your post #158.
    YOU post them -- does your WIFE ever read them ???
    ARE YOU STILL ALIVE ???? Or are you walking around -- things feeling a little tight now days!!
    Personally, I had a GREAT chuckle!!
    Keep it UP -- so to speak!!
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    From reading this sight I know there are folks with the patience that is compared to none. Unfortanately that is not a virtue I do well with. Ordered my new SD approx. 5 wks ago and could stand it no longer(clean & unscheduled). I printed out every Ford dealer within a three state area of the Northwest region. Within a day I found two trucks that were very close to my configuration and one perfect match. Although I had two dealers trying to get the same truck from another dealer, I lucked out and got the best deal with the dealer that won the tug of war. Purchased the truck, but I still have to wait to April 3rd to pick it up due to my work schedule. But I too will be a "HAVE" in almost a week. Ended up $1500 over invoice with minimul wait.

    F350 SD V10 4X4 CC LWB Lariat, Camper Pkg., Tow Pkg.,Privy glass, ESOF,TT's,etc. Dark Toreado Red

    Itchin to pick it up already!!!!
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    Yesterday marked one month since my order for a 2K SuperDuty was placed. (4WD, 250 sc,swb,esof, 5.4L) I stopped by the dealer because when I originally placed the order he asked me to give him a month and he could probably tell me within a couple of weeks when the beast should arrive. Yesterday, my salesman tells me that my vehicle is "third in line" and that their dealership has been getting two or three allocations (SuperDuties) per week. I asked him about the "third in line" bit and he very honestly said that they prioritize vehicles by the "date they are ordered". This practice may vary, and I'm sure it does, but at least the dealer I am dealing with seems very honest with his answers and seems to treat all orders with the same priority. When folks talk about dealer allocation, it is BY FAR, the most important factor in delivery time for an ordered vehicle with the popularity of the SuperDuty. If you are considering placing an order, check the dealer's allotment. Ask how many trucks of their's are being scheduled per week. Find out where you stand in that line. By the way, my dealer priority number is 17. My price level is 030. My price was "invoice+$250". I am looking for "submittal to factory" next week and a build date soon afterwards. I live in Central Virginia and will keep interested parties posted on the timeframe in which my order is processed. Still a "Have Not" but patiently waiting......
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    I suffer from the same affliction as you,NO patience!!! Well you did me one better cause I waited 31/2 mos before taking action.My order is still unsched. at this time, but dealer has found me the same vehicle from Lord Knows where, and is on rail as we speak. I took a different approach than the norm, and it worked for me,(threaten everyone and their mother) But then again I make a living with my truck and my salesguy told me I would be safe if I waited till end of Feb. to sell my 97 F-250 which I did in 3 days. So I have some X-tra motive to insure me a delivery of some sort ASAP! No Truck= No Dough$$$ I think you made the right move. I am still at $500 over invoice.
    Good Luck!
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    No 4 wheel drive here. The shudder has been mentioned on other forums, but not lately. My dealer will gladly replace whatever i want but I can't figure out what it is.

    Bess, don't underestimate the beauty of the white truck. I've had metallic colored and two tone fords for a long time. They are very nice, but the new oxford white dually looks great, i love it!!!

    As far as the other posts and allocation, west coast dealers must have a better deal. If you're looking for a PSD there are tons of 'em around here in a lot of configurations. If you can't find the one you want in california, you're too picky! V-10s are in short supply. They're putting all of them in the Excursion, which, at 40 to 50K is selling like hotcakes!

    The picture post is a great idea! I'm sending mine now!
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    Thanks for the two pictures so far. I'm going on vacation to Lake Mead in Las Vegas to do some Jet Skiing and Dirt Biking. By next week, I hope that I can bring the site up. Hopefully, I will get more pictures of all of your trucks.


    viperle (a.k.a, sunscreen)
    [email protected]
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    Since when do we have to tell the dealer whats wrong with our trucks? what are the mechanics doing, sitting around playing cards? I thought if was a problem you could take it to a dealer and have their mechanics find the the problem?
    GEEZ I would take it to a dealer with a better service garage and have them look at it.
  • psmith13psmith13 Member Posts: 32
    As mentioned before I found the SD I want in WA state and am going to pick it up April 3. I applied $1000 to hold the truck with the intent of utilizing Ford financing at the dealer. I was thinking of just financing the truck with my local bank which is in my home town here in Alaska.(equal interest rate) If I finance at home I could pay for the truck now and be assured it would still be there in a week. If I wait till I get to the dealer next week and someone offers a better price for the truck I could possibly have the original $1000 handed back to me in which I would have to purchase a ticket back to AK. Any experience on this from anyone or suggestions?
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    if you have your contract/purchase order in writing, you are probably o.k. but, just to make sure, you might want to call the sales mgr at your intended dealership and make sure he knows you are coming down from AK. you might even get a fax'd page from him/her which says their paying your airfare home if you fly down there and the truck is gone. without going too much into the legalese, it would be forseeable (by the dealer)that you would need a way back if they breaced the contract and sold the truck away. you don't want a lawsuit, you want a truck, so impress upon the powers at you dealership that you are coming a long way, have (already) invested in a one-way plane ticket, and would like some reassurance that there'll be no nonsense when you show up for your truck next week. good luck.
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    My experience with ford dealers has been that if they definitely know what the problem is they will
    work on it. If ford is telling them to sidestep an issue, they will. If they cannot identify a problem but believe one exists they will attack the easiest "possible" fixes which don't take long and get paid for under warranty with the most service time allowed, thats what they'll do.

    As for taking their time to diagnose a hard to find problem, forget it. You're better off finding it yourself and demanding that they fix it. They are usually cooperative if they know that you know what the problem is but they won't spend a lot of time looking for it. They don't make any money that way.

    They were sure they had my problem fixed because they had other trucks with similar symptoms fixed
    with the same repair. Not so.

    I really do need to take the truck there and drive it with the tech. Its sometimes hard to get them to do that but I'll give it a shot.

    As for sidestepping problems, they do that plenty. If ford decides, for whatever reason not to address certain issues (Like my V10 "flutter") the dealer is encouraged to smile politley at the customer and tell him in the friendliest manner that EVERYTHING IS OK! YOUR TRUCK IS FINE AND RUNS GREAT! I have found that the people on these forums have more info than the dealers are willing to share. And it helps to have it.

    Just remember, the dealer is not always your friend.
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    Did you notice that dealer had to yell those words to you so you could hear it over the engine flutter.. :)

    I wouldn't say the dealer isn't my friend, but I think they're concerned about trying to take steps to fix a problem they don't understand. and could probably just make matters worse..
    Also, they don't want it to be 'lemoned' if you take it back consecutive times and they cant fix it..

    I'm letting my 'flutter' go. The power is great, mpg is awsome (avg'ing over 16mpg now w/ mixed city/highway driving), and its not damaging the engine in any way.. I'd hate for them to 'break' something.

    Y2K F250 SC XLT 4x2 5.4L 5sp 4.10LS (no digital picture yet)
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    Thanks for the feedback,

    I talked to the sales manager as well as my salesman and they are fully aware that I am flying down from AK. I do not however have a contract or for that matter anything in writing. I recieved a fax with the VIN# and all of the options. The agreed upon price which has been discussed a couple of times just to reinterate the number is a verbal agreement on the phone. I was very clear that the price agreed upon was the determining factor before I gave them a deposit. They assured me not funny stuff would be pulled. They do know I have purchased a ticket. I don't have anything in writing, I guess I should pursue that aspect in the next couple of days. Too bad we can't trust the dealerships. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and I get my new SD.
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    It's been almost 5 months since I ordered my 00 250 sc,lariet,4x4,v10,auto I'm still clean and unscheduled as of yesterday. I am thinking of jumping ship and going to a GMC. A salesmen friend said he will locate what I want for invoice. I believe him because he has a truck on the lot close to what I want except for color (don't want white). If anybody can give me the name and number of a ford dealer who has the allocation east of the Mississippi River I will consider reordering from another ford dealer. My original salesmen said 10-12 weeks for delivery but now he has no idea and won't release any allocation info. I sold my 95 F250 so I'm getting impatient.
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    Okay, I'll be nicer when speaking of the dealer. After all, he is a FORD dealer and not a bad dealer like a drug dealer or a dodge dealer.

    I want to post my pics! But I aint smart enough to figure out how to do it! I've taken the digital pictures, NOW WHAT?
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    you have done all that a reasonable person should do, and i would think it would be highly unlikely that they won't hold your truck. if they did sell it, you could probably get near immediate results with the district sales person (or their boss, or their boss, etc). it won't be necessary, you will get your truck, you will be a happy "have", and you will let us all know how great your truck is!
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    If per say I was wheeling in the great outdoors and my 4X would not engage with the ESOF(hubs in "auto")....I'm stuck let's say. I would simply lock the hubs into "manual" and I would have my 4X back? If so how does the T-case engage without a lever? I really didn't want the ESOF but since the truck I am buying has it I thought I should educate myself a bit before getting into a precarious situation. Any info/reference on this would be great!!
  • psmith13psmith13 Member Posts: 32
    Thanks for the positive feedback....I usually don't worry about things but the excitement of this purchase has got me going..
  • ffd804ffd804 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the info, I'll try to call them tomorrow. The only reason I was looking west of old Miss. is the Idea of driving to dealer to pick up the truck when it comes in. I didn't think of the drop ship idea when I was venting on the last post, but for 200 bucks it would be worth it. Thanks again for the info I'll let you know what happens.
  • ffd804ffd804 Member Posts: 20
    Thats east of the Mississippi. Sorry for the dumb attack.
  • gossamargossamar Member Posts: 106
    if looking EAST of ole miss, check post #80 in this forum for a listing of dealers in central ILL.
  • sdmansdman Member Posts: 65
    Which dealer are you getting the truck from? Just curious...
  • jimvetajimveta Member Posts: 96
    You can engage in 4hi or 4lo without touching the
    hubs using ESOF, leaving them on Auto. But, you
    do have the option of manually locking the hubs
    so that everything up front except transfer case
    is engaged then when you do switch to 4wd (using
    the same on dash dial) it'll engage. The
    purpose, from what I understand, is that if
    the electronically controlled vacuum hub locking
    system ever fails, you can still engage in 4wd,
    or if you want to engage/disengage quickly (using
    the same dial). But of course, even though t-case
    's not engaged, it's not good to leave it locked
    when not in 4wd -- however, I've read that if you
    haven't used 4wd in a while, it's good to lock
    the hubs and drive around the street just a little
    to lube the front gears.
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    beth... sympathize. we've got the oxford white for same reason... with the same "problem". the heat down here just "kills" the darker shades (and our beast has NO nice, comfy garage to sit in!). it doesn't matter, though, as these beasts would look great even without paint!

    gtt1... wind noise? you really shouldn't be getting any. of course, we probably couldn't hear it anyway with the psd "sounding" off the way it has a habit of doing all the time.

    psmith13... that's not so "bad". we are the way we are, right? if one is unable to wait & one can purchase just about what one actually wants at a fair price (that's still some 3k$ off the list... depending upon config) then so be it. what is important is that YOU are happy with the deal. on that note, you ought to get something faxed to you in writing that's been signed by an authorized agent of the dealership. it's just the way the world goes around nowadays.

    ffd804... 5 months waiting for a build is ludicrous. the dealer NEVER did have any allocation (or the "greeds" have taken over & they've sold "your" vehicle a coupla times over). there's dealerships in the country with excellent allocation (where we purchased ours is just one of many). look for a truck ONLY dealership.

    tom169... off topic (ought to have directed to your email but your bio has it privatized). look at the camera owners manual. it ought to tell you the "how to's". if not, see my profile & send me a note via email (the note will automatically include YOUR email address (this automated inclusion can be overruled but few bother to do so)). note that I only "check-in" here once or twice a week now so it will be a few days b4 getting back with you.
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    better fax a letter to dealership. Don't know the law in Wash. state, but YOU should fax a letter (and save the confimation sheet) stating receipt of the configuration sheet, payment of down payment, your informing them of your one-way ticket, and anything else dealership told you and other relevant information and dates. Your down payment and that letter should protect you. Better yet, get them to agree to pick you up at airport and have them confirm it writing. Good luck!
  • ffd804ffd804 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the tip on your post of dealers, I went back and printed it out. I'll call around today and see what I can find. It's nice to be able to chat with guys,and girls who understand your frustrations. THANKS !!!!
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    Dealer just called, and the beast is in. Ordered 01/18, serialized 02/21, built 3/16, shipped 3/19, at ramp 3/23, at dealer today! 10 weeks start to finish, as promised. y2k f250 sd sb cc 4x4 v10 5sp 4.30ls esof harvest gold. Pam Williams, Nichols Ford, Ft Worth, TX
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    I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to go to WalMart and buy the replacement radio antenna for the SD. I live outside Fairbanks and we don't have a WalMart. I checked a couple of the stores in Anchorage over the weekend and they didn't have one. Anyone willing to do this for me? I'd of course mail you a check for costs and your trouble. Thanks in advance.

    Brutus: We got down your way this weekend. Roads from Healy to Houston had been Zamboni'd, then slush in Wasilla. My truck is trashed from all the slop/salt/sand. You take your sleds out at all?

  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    porky ... wife (Mertle Fay) never reads my posts cause she can't fit thru the door of the computer room .... and now she is in the hospital having that wort removed from her eye .... thank goodness she can still see good enough to write another book titled "How to make money while laying flat on your back in the Hospital" ... It will be at all your finer Walmart stores by christmas. It took two gurneys to get her from the bed of the truck into the hospital.
    Ah ... the anonnimity of the Internet.

    northpole1 ... I would be happy to send one to you. Hope you are talking about the short 15 inch antenna! EMAIL your house address to [email protected]
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    Dealer E-mailed today to confirm delivery in 2 weeks.He is as relived as I am! Not my original order, but my exact config. On rail as we speak!
    Have to give dealer thumbs up for going to bat for
    me after much persuasion. Ordered 00 F-350 SD,SC V-10 12/11/99 Still unsch.Don`t where dealer found it, but I`ll take it!
  • dbarbee1dbarbee1 Member Posts: 13
    Sorry about Wakiem. It took 8months for mine to come in. I picked it up on Feb 17th.
    Hope you have luck finding one you want. Did you check at Clark in Hudson or Klaben in Kent or even Mullinax( they have 3 large stores in this aera)
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    Picked up truck tonight. Just finished the check up routine from One nice vehicle. No really one fantastic vehicle!!! Can't really tell if I have the rail dust. Dealer gets tons of white fleet trucks, and did not think that this was a problem. We will see when the sun is shining. Everything checked out, and I mean everything. Could not find one problem, except for a small clunking noise in the clutch area. Will go back in the morning and let service listen to the sound. Doesn't sound right to me, but I'm sure that they can take care of it(better!) Everything went so well that it would be just my luck that I will need a clutch replacement. Oh well, it was worth the wait, and worth whatever they need to do to make it right.
    I was the anonymous post earlier, 10 weeks start to finish. I'm a have, and it was worth the wait. Hat's off to Ford. Good luck to you all.
  • snoweysnowey Member Posts: 10
    10 weeks from order 12/27 to delivery. Had it 10 days now and I'm in love. SD F350 Lariat SC 7.3D 6spd 4WD ESOF 3.73LS rearend Harvest Gold with camper, trailer, hitch, CD, privacy, rear slider.
    650 miles on it and I'm getting 16.9 combo of freeway and around town.
    So heres a couple questions/discoveries?

    The radio reception and CD quality on the "premium sound system" ain't that great. My pioneer deck with Crutchfield ordered spkrs did better in my old '74 with road noise. Any chance that the FM reception is an adjustment needed (like old car radios needed. Any tips on it or the speakers?

    Discovered two things, good and bad. The factory put on a great Class 5 hitch (order said class 4)that has the slots to the sides for camper tiedown bars. That's a good thing because the bumpers are too flimsy to tie down to. I can flex them just by pushing on the tie down turnbuckle. Getting the type that go into the hitch sides tomorrow.

    Was surprised that my 8'camper (which only settled my '74 3/4 inch, set the Superduty down 2 1/2". Guess thats how you get the soft ride. Truck pulls the trailer like a dream. Hauling camper and 3 horses this weekend will be good first trip.

    Dealer service is great. Today without a nod they ordered a replacement back seat because of a fabric flaw underneath. No pressure to buy extended warranty or protective treatments.

    Any suggestions for that first servicing. The diesel mechanic at dealer suggested I do it myself (if interested) at 4,000. He said the oil and oil filter change is all it would need this first one. Is that all? Haven't even crawled underneath to see how many fittings for lube there are. All input welcome. Love this truck.
  • formerchevyformerchevy Member Posts: 12
    You should all love this. My truck was build 2/28 and had confirmation that it was on the "ramp" as of 3/7. Here it is 3 weeks later, dealer said no telling when he will get it, he says it still says it is in the N.J. lot waiting to get to him should be any day (heard this story 2 weeks ago). Does anyone know what happens once it reaches "the ramp" in N.J.? I have exhausted my avenues to track this vehicle. Can anyone supply a tele. # or internet site to track? My salesman is usless and he is the manager of the dealership. I have the vin but am on the 17th week and very antsy at this point.

    250 sd lariat cc sb 4x4 ls 3.73 v10 auto

    thankyou for any help or info
  • anonymousanonymous Member Posts: 314
    I thought I read somewhere that once the truck is at the ramp - that they have 5 days to deliver it to the dealer. If you know where the ramp (unloading facility) is, try to find out who the haul away carrier is and give them a call. Or call the rail co and get the number of the yard. You'll need to know the last eight digits of your vin number. You'll have to be a little sneaky when talking to the yard or the haul away carrier cause they don't like taking calls from the public. Act like your the dealer. Once the truck hits the ramp, the VOPC and rail tracking is useless.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    Snowey, how do you know that your hitch is a class V? The factory hitch is a IV. I haven't heard of any cases where the factory installed a V in place of a IV.

    I dropped the oil and filter at 1K miles. It'll go synthetic at 3K miles.

    Anonymous, haven't heard this '5 days to deliver' before. Mine was 8 days railhead to dealer. If the vehicle is at the railhead, sounds like it's waiting for a hauler to move it to the dealer. SDs (and more particularily dualies) don't fit in every spot on a vehicle transport. If there are alot of trucks to move, it could take awhile. If you can find out the name of the vehicle transport company, they *might* have a web page (Healey does but you needed some info to access the transport status).
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    picked mine up yesterday in Albuquerque. Great looking truck. Hard to believe it's mine. I'm sure it will sink in at my first fill-up now that gas is $1.52/gal for 87 octane; $1.72 for 91 oct.

    Almost exactly 17 weeks from order to delivery. Now to put it to work: manure, river rocks, pinons.
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