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Ford Super Duty Continued - VII



  • realrvrrealrvr Member Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone,

    My wife and I recently "inherited" a 30' 5th-wheel trailer. From all the information I have been able to find, it seems that the best truck to tow it with is the Ford F350. I am considering the V-10 over the diesel, with an automatic transmission. I frankly like the "looks" of the Dodge, but (according to the tow ratings) it doesn't have the power I need. So, Ford seems to be the "winner." I would appreciate any comments from you regarding this. I'll begin "serious shopping" in the next couple of weeks.

  • realrvrrealrvr Member Posts: 2
    Hi Again,

    Forgot to mention that the 5th-wheel trailer weighs 12,000lbs.........
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    realrvr, first check out which is a good discussion on what you can legally tow which includes term definitions and how to calculate weights. Second, you might want to re-think the auto choice for a tranny. If you do alot of towing you might be better off with the manual tranny. If you go auto, get a tranny temp guage so you can keep watch and avoid problems.

    Also, peruse, your site for all things Ford Diesel related (and there have been many discussions on auto vs manual and towing in there - there is also a complete Forum on Towing and Hauling.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    This topic just started up...

    auto vs 6speed
  • jraskejraske Member Posts: 131
    I went with auto on my 350 dually and chose the power stroke, I don't do any real heavy towing, I have a slide in camper that weights about 3000lb and pull a boat that about 2500lb, with me the dogs , wife, (should I have said wife then the dogs?)and my camping gear I probly haul about 6500 lb. This is only about once every couple of months, but I love this truck with the engine and trans combo I coulden't ask for better pulling power. I only have 7000 mi on my beast so far but no problems with the trans, yet.
  • ezgoinezgoin Member Posts: 18
    Hello All:

    Im suppose to be a "HAVE" week of 4/24/00 F250, CC 4x4, Has anyone installed a leveling kit(add-leafs with U-bolt kit) up front to level out the truck approx 2" up front. If so, what make did you decide upon and how do you like the ride. Any pictures that could give me an idea on looks would be great!

  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    Got your money for the antenna the day after I posted the message. I used the money to take Murtle Fay to Barry Switzers Chicken Ranch (all you can eat) down by Norman and she was in hog heaven. Murtle Fay got a little purturbed when after a couple hours the manager came to our table and said that's 'all you can eat' and kicked us out. Heck, she hadn't even started on the desert.

    Gas in OKY land yesterday was 113.9 cents.
    Happy Motoring!
  • summitxsummitx Member Posts: 25
    I am a happy camper today! Order on 2/17, picked up today! It would have been worth waiting twice as long for! This truck is sooooo nice!!

    Going Driving!

    00 250 cc SWB V-10 Lariat 3.73 White

    Thanks All for all the great info! I'll keep visiting and give the usual gas-mileage and maintenance related posts!

    PS - The shipping shims were still in at delivery - I would have never noticed them if it weren't for this site! They should be orange or something!

    Later -
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    I love my 5sp. Its easy to drive and the shifting is smoother now at 7000 miles then when it was brand new..
    I've heard folks talk about how much easier the shifting is when they switch to synthetic tranny fluid..
    I've heard some folks recommend Amsoil ATF fluid, but for the 5sp? is this right?
    Any thoughts?

    Y2K F250 xlt 4x2 SC 5.4L 5sp 4.10LS
    mpg average: 15.5 with mixed city/highway driving.
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    Just another perspective realrvr, 12K is a lot to pull, especially up hills! I have a 2000 cc, drw V10 with 4.30 gears and auto (4.30s are a must with the V10 for pulling) and I pull a 9900# 5er and another 1500 or so in additional load.
    I love the truck and its pulling ability. The truck is so smooth and quiet. I sacrifice some pulling power for the smooth and quiet ride, gas mileage also. If you really want serious pulling ability and you don't use the truck as a daily driver, the PSD with a 5 spd is for you.
    You will need to give the PSD a lot more attention though, in maintenance and care.
    Good luck in your choice!

    Bess, I saw your post over at F-D about the V10 noise (and I guess 5.4 also). I hope the fix is forthcoming. My response to your post over there is lighthearted, no offense meant!
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 1,113
    tom169, curious to know what kind of mpg you get when pulling that 10,000 pounds. I've got a 99 V-10 auto trans 4.30 dually and get 11.5-12 hwy and 9.5-10 city/hwy mix, all running empty. With my 4,000 pound slide-in camper in the bed, I get 8.5-9 mpg hwy. My guess would be that if I was pulling 10,000 pounds, the mpg would be around 7.5ish. Is that close?

    realrver, I agree with tom that if the majority of your use with the truck will be towing that 12,000 pound fifth wheel, the diesel is the better option. You'll have more torque, which will come in handy in the hills and at altitudes. The mpg will probably be 3-5 mpg better towing and 5-7mpg better empty. As he mentioned, the routine maintenance cost will be higher (for example, twice the number of quarts of oil at each oil change) and, of course, you have the up front $4,000 or so extra for the diesel. Either engine will work for you, but the diesel will be better when you've got the big trailer on the hill.

    sunny and mid 50s up here in Anchorage today. 14 hours and 46 minutes of daylight yesterday. Sunrise around 6:30am and sunset close to 9:30pm.
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    Page 227/229 of my owners guide says that the replacement fluid for the 5sp tranny is synthetic mercon atf. I wander if it comes with this already?
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    oops, i mean wonder.
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    I was a little disappointed with my loaded mpg. Like you I get between 10 and 11.5 UNloaded. When
    I pull my 5er I get 8 to 9 when pulling fairly flat ground for any distance. When pulling tough
    hills combined with flat ground, the worst i've gotten is 7 even. Thats definitely not great but
    my 5 spd 460 with EFI only got 5.5 on flat ground!

    Do you have the dreaded V10 flutter?

    PS. I recently spoke with a friend of mine who has a truck identical to mine except that he just installed headers. He SAYS he's getting an average of 1.5 to 2 mpg better and the pulling power is definitley much improved. I have to ask him if the headers are loud and if they fix the flutter. i called Banks on the phone the other day. They say the headers will give about another 50 ft lb tq and 8% mileage increase. If that is TRUE I might just put them on my truck.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    (somethings up with my ford-diesel account and I cant post there. arg)

    Well, you sortof got me on this one..
    - I'm not deaf
    - I've never driven a dodge
    - I'm not used to driving crappy sounding engines.
    - Yes the noise does bother me some..
    - no offense taken..

    I think that this noise may be louder on some engines than others..
    I notice the service message on flutter only refers to 6.8L california emmisions SDs. So maybe the problem is more severe on those, and my ears are extra sensitive to hear it on the 5.4L :)
  • lilelmolilelmo Member Posts: 144
    Interesting.Does the popping sound like it's coming from behind the back seat on the left side?

    Because now that you mention it, it DOES sound like a "pop" and not a "clunk." I think I'll try the same thing. Where did you find that TSB? Do you have the number? I'd like to reference it by number in case my dealer's service piggy is lazy (or worse).

    Thanks for the post. That noise is starting to bug me.
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    Happy to hear that you have your rig! How is that Leather Passenger seat? (just kidding) Hope you came through on the 15TH.Good Luck with truck. Please keep informed re: V-10 MPG,performance etc.
    Happy Motoring......
  • tom169tom169 Member Posts: 23
    Bess, I'm sure you're right. The 8 cylinder probably makes less noise. If the v8 has the noise, though, the 5 port exhaust manifold geometry is out the window. I hope N2BOOST is right about the future fix. I'm going to my dealer tomorrow to get more info.

    If your noise is "light and airy" as you describe, thats not bad. In fact it sounds kinda
    nice. I would describe mine as a consarned, ding-danged whoosamafloggin. %$*&!!! That doesn't
    sound quite as nice, does it?
  • myers8myers8 Member Posts: 3
    Congratulations!! I'm currently in the market for an 4X4 F-250 or F350, an XLT and a power stroke either way. I see alot of talk about ordering the vehicle and having to wait. I've just been to a few dealerships (Rhode Island and Connecticut) and there seems to be alot of the vehicles on the lots. Also it sounds like if you order one, it doesn't change you haggling power either.

    Good Luck!!!
  • mac24mac24 Member Posts: 3,910
    Non technical l.s. diff. explanation:

    Power is transmitted equally to each rear wheel, until one wheel starts to slip. Then, more power is sent to the non slipping wheel, and less to the slipping one. A limited amount of slip is permitted however, to allow for the fact that the wheels need to rotate at slightly different speeds when going around a corner, (the inner wheel travels less distance, and therefore rotates more slowly, than the outer wheel).
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    vintage: did you get your truck yet?

    mainecowgirl: you haven't posted lately, does that mean you've been in your truck?

    goleta: i don't know what the difference in cost would be, but you might consider the 4x4. lived in socal 12+ years and it came in handy during flood, fire, earthquake and riot season (just kidding on that last one). seriously, if nothing else, it will improve resale value. you've got some time, so think it over if it makes sense for your driving habits. part of the fun of getting one is figuring out exactly what you want...
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    I'm not sure what you meant by the comment 'I want the extra towing capacity if I ever need it'.

    If thats your want/need, then switch to the 4.10LS.
    a. You get better towing capacity with the 4.10 vs the 3.73.
    b. Now you can get the Limited Slip rear..

    I really like the 4.10 in mine for everyday driving as it keeps the engine in a nice working range.. If you spend alot of time doing over 75mph though, then you might want to stick with the 3.73.

    Someone else posted on the limited slip..
    Basically turns the 1 wheel drive into a 2 wheel drive.. Although I've not heard that the 'right rear' gets a preference in the open diff.
  • goletagoleta Member Posts: 24
    If I want limited slip, for the two-wheel drive and extra towing capacity, I have to have manual trans. The limted slip gives me a cheap mans version of something between a 4WD with LS and a 2WD (without LS).

    With the 5.4, it comes standard with 4.30 LS. I give up manual trans. but it's a truck right? It looks like most F250 SD owners are going with a manual trans. vs. auto. Yes?

    I'm thinking of changing my order (ordered yesterday) from a auto. trans to the 5spd manual. I'll save almost $1,000 anyway. I don't think I'll mind the manual shifting. Again, it's a truck right. Can anyone convince me to keep the auto. trans. and forget about the 4.3 LS & a little extra towing?

    I live in Southern California and visit the mountains on occasion, some dirt roads and some snow.

    F250 SD CC Lariat (Auto or manual 4.30 LS ????)

    HELP HELP --- Thanks, Goleta
  • jraskejraske Member Posts: 131
    A little more on what on what mac24 told you, he is right about the limited slip, but even with out it you do have two drive, and equal traction at both your rear wheels, but with out limited slip if one of your wheels starts spinning because of ice, mud, or whatever then all your power goes to the wheel that is slipping and one to the wheel that still has any grip, this is when you end up with only one wheel drive. As mac 24 told you the ls compensates for this. If you can get the LS you will be glad you did.
  • dwucherdwucher Member Posts: 79
    If i'm not mistaken the 4.10ls comes with the 5sp 5.4l. If you move up to the v.10 you must take the 4.30ls with the 5sp. With the automatic on the v.10 you can get the 3.73ls. I'm not sure what the automatic ls combo is on the 5.4l but i think you still have to go with 4.10ls. I have the v.10 4.30ls and it is geared really low!!!! I've always been a stick guy, but this is one big truck. If i had to do it all over again, and did not tow much at all, i would get the automatic. I'm going to be pushin some snow in the future, so i figured my setup was the correct one.
  • koakeykoakey Member Posts: 109
    myers8, you frequently have more bargaining power on a vehicle that's ordered. Vehicles on the lot are starting to chew into the profit margin and many dealers aren't as thrilled to come down in price on the lot. (Plus, they usually have a better changed of an uneducated buyer who will pay MSRP for a stocked vehicle). :)

    goleta, the biggest reason I can think of for an auto in So Cal is traffic :). Stop-and-go in a manual tranny was never my idea of fun (I lived in the LA area for many years). If you are up in Goleta traffic probably isn't as big an issue but it would still be something I'd consider.
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    Not Yet! I am staying calm! Should be any day. Have insurance, have cash, all I need is a truck.
    Stay Tuned..... 00 F-350 SD SC XLT V-10 Ordered 12/11/99 Never scheduled, Cancelled, dealer found same config. through a truck body company. Built
  • summitxsummitx Member Posts: 25
    Drove the beast to Billings on Saturday - About 130 miles each way - On the way down, mileage was 11.8 - That didn't seem right to me and, sure enough, the dealer had left the front hubs locked in! My fault for not checking! At least I know they are broke in! A nice even 14mpg on the way back. The computer said 13.6 but I calculated it right at 14. Not to shabby for brand new!

    What a SWEET ride! Anyone out there pondering whether or not to get the Leather, or the Crew Cab, or the V-10 - DO IT! You won't regret it! Nothing compares to the feeling of looking DOWN at all the full-size pickups while you pass them on the highway! I've yet to find anything I don't like with this truck. I haven't heard any funny noises with the engine or drive train and, believe me, I've been listening. Just a nice little flutter and roar when you step on it!

    Now I just need something BIG to pull with it!
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    No need to panic, you'll get lots of help here, or at least we'll attempt to help.

    Rear end ratio:
    I don't think on an F250 you can even get a 4.30 with the 5.4L, the only options were 3.73 or 4.10.
    This isn't a problem for you because you probably don't want the 4.30 anyway..
    I thought the default was the 3.73 no LS. But there really is not a 'default' because the dealer is forced to put in an axle code anyway, so what did they order? (XC1, ...)

    Strictly personal preference. Sure, in theory the books say the f250 w/5sp has a slightly higher towing capacity. If your approaching the max towing capacity w/ 5.4L, it will feel sluggish regardless of the tranny choice..
    I (and 50% of truck owners) prefer the extra control, feel, power, mpg and price of the 5sp. The other 50% enjoy the flexibilty and ease of use of the automatic..
    Get what you prefer, you can't go wrong..
  • hubrex2hubrex2 Member Posts: 24
    I just ordered a rig very similar to yours, and I went with the 5-speed. In fact, the reason I went with the Superduty in the first place is because I actually wanted a stick--sick of slushbox performance--and the F-150 with manual was incapable of towing as much a a kid's coaster wagon. The tow rating on the F-250 was well within my needs, and I could have the manual transmission I wanted. I am winding up with a truck that is, for the most part, bigger than what I need for day to day driving, but will meet my towing needs. If you prefer driving an automatic, go with it. If you like the increase in responsiveness and slight extra usable power with the stick, order one. As earlier posts noted, you probably won't be disappointed either way.
  • mainecowgirlmainecowgirl Member Posts: 103
    I'm here! I'm here! Just a silent observer for the most part. My truck is due in this week. I'm am just bursting to get it. Don't worry I'll be making the big announcement as soon as it arrives. Went into the dealer today to get the final bottom line so I can start transferring money. I am not really counting on it actually being here this week as you can see. My bottom line was $7.75 (yes, $7.75!) different from what the dealer had quoted. He was upset that it wasn't exactly as he had quoted me. (Is that an honest salesman or what?) It ended up the destination charges had gone up and to our big surprise the gas charge had gone way down from $46.40 to $20 something. I said I was very happy to pay that extra change.

    I went to look at the local Rhino dealer. He was putting in a custom color bed liner in a dark maroon Toyota Tundra(same color as mine.) I was glad I saw it. The match was just off enough to make it not look quite right. This Tundra owner had also opted to have his rocker panels covered. It really took away from the good looks of the truck. I have decided to stick with plain black, and I probably will go with the Rhino. The dealer seemed to do a good job. He showed me one of the first trucks he had done, and he really had improved over time. He's been doing it about a year.

    Thanks for the thoughts. You won't be able to shut me up once this beauty arrives! 00 F250 SC SB V-10 auto 4.3LS 4X4 Lariat Tow pkg plus other goodies Dk. Toreador Red.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    Good choice with black. I've heard that the color sprayin's usually fade over time losing the color match of the truck and just end up lookin like a 'nice try'.. So always go with a contrast color or black..
  • canoescanoes Member Posts: 20
    How bad is the fade? I have a Island blue W/ gold and was thinking of having it sprayed Island blue but hadn't thought about fading. And I guess gold would really show I guess it might have to be black. I will have to carry stuff in the bed before I get it sprayed. How bad is it to do that? or would stratches make any difference? Just been enjoying the ride too much to give it up to the 'Spray Man'.
  • adubahbiadubahbi Member Posts: 24
    Picked up Tues, got ~11mpg for first 200 miles. This thing is awesome - Great power (though kind of taking it easy for first 1000 miles), great room and view of the rode. This beast is a disaster to park!!! I need a tug boat, any tips??
    Got Ford splash and bug guards installed at dealer. Got appointment for Line-X spray in liner, undercoating/rustproofing and Roll N Lock bed cover.
    2000 F250SD, CC Lariat, LB,v10, auto, 3.73ls, 265s,tt, green/gold, etc.
  • goletagoleta Member Posts: 24
    Thank you all for your responses. The axle for my F250 5.4 2WD CC SB auto. is the standard 3.73. (X31) Limited slip is NOT an option with the 5.4L in a California emission (Code 422) vehicle. I'm not sure why but since it's a California truck we're just soooo special. (I just want to gag)

    I'll be very happy with what I get and can't wait. I'm going to stay with the automatic. I just wonder if the V10 is worth considering. The V10 sounds like a real gas hog. Can anybody justify a V10 for me? I wonder if that will slow the order down....

    My dealer placed my order (Priority 10) on Saturday. I'll get more info. from the FoMoCo by Friday or Monday. The dealer also said it's possible to get the vehicle in 5 weeks !! Yes, that's what he said. But they wanted to tell me 8-10 weeks to be on the safe side.

    BESS -- DO you have the V10 or 5.4 ???? Thanks for your help.

    HUBREX2 --- Exactly what did you order and what is your expected delivery? What area of the country are you in? Did you go V10? If so, why over the 5.4L ?

    Thanks all
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    I have the Y2K F250 XLT SC 4x2 5.4L 5sp 4.10LS.

    My towing needs are relatively light and not often.
    So far I get 15.5mpg with mixed city/highway, and got 17.4 when doing mostly highway.

    I would expect your city mileage to be 1 or 2 mpg less on average because of the auto tranny and CC.
    On the highway, the 3.73 will probably keep you even with mine.. I'm just guessing some..

    If your towing needs are light or not often, and if you don't mind if some sports cars can pull away from you at stop lights, then the 5.4L is fine.. If you 'just gotta be first', then a V10 is for you..
  • hubrex2hubrex2 Member Posts: 24
    I ordered a 250SC in early March, it arrived four weeks later. I was out of the country when it came in--just got back and I will pick it up on Saturday. My choice was for the 5.4l, with 5 speed and 4.10ls axle. I need to tow a racecar to 6-10 events per summer (approx 5000 lbs total), and will use the truck for daily needs beyond that. After much research and test-driving, I felt the 5.4 offered the best combination of performance and efficiency. The v-10, while offering gobs of power, was just a bit beyond my needs and I couldn't justify the fuel expense. I live in Colorado, and my dealer's allocation figures indicated 8-10 weeks wait, but the combination of the 5.4 and 5sp apparently helped speed things up a bit--you may have a similar experience. Can't wait 'til Saturday!!
  • sdmansdman Member Posts: 65
    Took a 500 mile trip last weekend, up over the mountains to the "dry side".

    The PSD is really pretty nice on the highway. Still louder than a gas engine, but not loud enough to be annoying. My wife and I were able to comfortable converse and listen to tunes. The leather captains chairs are really comfortable and improve the driving experience.

    Did around 75MPH most the way over and back. I have to say, I continue to be *impressed* with the power of the PSD. It climbed the steepest grades up and over the pass without a complaint. Can't wait to hook my camper up and see how well it pulls that up the hills.

    My gas (diesel) mileage is right around 16.5 MPG. It's been climbing ever since I got the truck. Outside of my trip last weekend, almost all the driving has been to and from work (about 15 miles, lot's of city and some highway). Pretty impressive mileage for something this big.

    For those of you thinking sprayin liners, I continue to be impressed with the Line-X sprayed into my truck. I've been hauling rocks and wood from my various landscape projects, and the liner does not show any marks at all. Shoveled out a load of gravel a couple of weeks ago, and the shovel did not leave any marks. Highly recommended.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    I find its much easier to back into parking spaces rather than pull in forward. Practice this some and you'll see what I mean, its easier to have the front swing around straight, than having to make a wide entrance to get it straight...

    Also if you don't have TT mirrors, buy one of the little blind spot or convex mirrors. This not only helps with the blind spot, but you can see the side of your truck and the rear wheels when your backing up.
  • cowpokescowpokes Member Posts: 33

    The shop will normally or should blast, sand, rough up the bed, so that the spray in liner adhered well.
    So scratches really don't cause any concern, folks in this forum have talked about letting their bed get scratched up and then having it sprayed before they resell. To each his own, I am not a fan of possibly covering an angry rust spot with an impermeable covering. But a good shop will sand and get rid of the rust.
    Have to say we don't have any of that kind of problem out here in the arid west ; )
  • wildside1wildside1 Member Posts: 77
    Received in the mail yesterday a very nice looking blanket with pictures of Ford pickups on it. Ordered SD 9/25/99 and took delivery 12/29/99. Sounds like most folks get a duffle bag or a blanket. Only problem is that I need three more to sew together to make a cover big enough for Murtle Fay.

    If anyone from Ford is looking at these posts .... Thank You!!! ... the blanket was a very nice jesture!

    My .02 for those trying to decide on which engine and transmission to buy for a SD:

    PSD -
    -if you know you are going to be pulling a lot of weight, often
    -plan on keeping the truck for many years
    -don't mind paying $50 at Walmart for an oil change every 4,000 miles versus $25 every 3,000 miles for a gas truck (plus some other periodic maintenance not needed with the gas engines)
    -get better fuel mileage than either of the two gas engines pulling or empty
    -love a diesel and just want one

    V-10 -
    -will be hauling heavy loads or pulling heavy trailers.
    -not pulling heavy trailers now but may want to in the future,
    -need a lot of torque but don't want a diesel
    -don't mind having the lowest fuel economy of the engine choices
    -just want a V-10 with lots of power

    V-8 gas -
    -good for pulling lighter trailers
    -good for hauling any legal weight load
    -never plan on pulling heavy trailers
    -get better fuel mileage than the V-10
    -plenty of power for most pick-up duties

    Automatic transmission -
    -don't like to shift
    -plenty strong for all applications since some modifications to torque converter in mid-99
    -frees up room between front seats
    -will cost a little in fuel economy.

    Stick Shift -
    -more economic than the automatic
    -after having clutch problems in early 99 models, they appear to be OK for pulling heavy loads now.
    -better feel for road surface conditions than an automatic
    -just love to shift

    Hope this stuff helps .... Happy Motoring!
  • psmith13psmith13 Member Posts: 32
    Thanks all for the responses a couple of weeks ago. I have been on the road since the end of March.

    I do have the truck I wanted after the fight. Flew down to Seattle WA. from Alaska to pick up my truck. Talked to the dealer a week and a half before purchasing the ticket to fly and he assured me there would be no problem, my truck would be there for me to pick up on April 3rd. I recieved the VIN# to give to the insurance company and all was well, so I thought. I decided to use FMC for my financing because the dealer said they could beat the current rate I have by a 1/4 %.(greed on my part) Here goes...I took the red eye from AK and arrived at the dealer around 9:00 am. Handshakes and how are yous but NO TRUCK!!! The start of a very bad day. To calm me down they gave me a loaner car and a room at the local motel and said they would call when they heard anything. Needless to say I was pissed. After a few hours I could stand it no more and called Ford Customer Service with the VIN# they had given me. Sure enough the truck had left the ramp and was due to arrive at the dealer on 4/9. The clincher was the dealer it was being delivered to is located in Alberta, Edmunton Canada. Called the dealer in Canada to find out the story. He said he had this truck was sold and had never heard of the dealer I was talking to. With this info I went back to my dealer and requested to talk to the sales manager, owner or anyone that could give me some answers. When I told them what I had found out the sales manager just said hmm...looked down at his feet in despair and immediately offered my deposit back with no explantion at all. I took the deposit and asked him about the airfare and motel. He said that was out of his control. Fortunately a friend was with me and shoved me toward the door before they called the police. The dealer is GIG HARBOR FORD in Gig Harbor, WA. I have a lot of phone calls to make to people at Ford. I doubt I'll recieve any compensation for the lies that cost me so much but I'll try to let everyone know about the tactics they use. Once I found out about the truck going to Canada they wanted me to leave and wouldn't even think of trying to make a deal on another truck, not that I wanted to deal with them anymore.

    I know I've rattled to long now...there's more to the story of dealers trying to make trades and lying to me to make a sale but I won't elaborate now. The info I have learned from this site did help me to finally find the truck all the dealers where trying to locate. A dealer in Woodburn, OR had what I wanted. The only one in the Northwest!! Called those guys, he rattled the keys on the phone, we made a deal($1000 more than my original deal but he had a truck), and I drove three and a half hours to the HILLYER'S MID CITY FORD. Within two hours I was driving my


    Drove nonstop 3000 miles to AK and can't get over how great a truck it is. Got 13.8 mpg avg for the trip.

    Installed a 6" Skyjacker lift and 38 X 15.5 X 16.5 Super Swampers once I arrived at home.

    A long post I know but I had to vent a little, sorry!!

    I think I going to have to take out another ins. policy because someone is going to break their neck looking at my's a beast :)!!!!!
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Member Posts: 262
    Got a coupon in the mail the other day for doing this, since I bought the truck between the dates, had the dealer sign the card. (had choice of receiver mounted bike rack, 24/24 extended warranty, or $300 barnes & noble gift cert.) took the $300 gift cerf. Plus I test drove a ford last night to use the other coupon (went to differant dealer)this coupon was good for a cold/hot cooler that you plug into your power outlet. Test drove a SuperCrew, boy are they small after driving & getting used to my SD CC.
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    Not quite sure I get it, RE: the survey. There are a few Ford sites, not sure which one you are refering to. Maybe I missed a previous post. Sounds like some nice Goodies.

    Adubahbi; New truck sounds Very Nice! Wondering where you found Line-x liner? I have family in Flanders NJ and thought I could kill 2 birds with one stone. Anywhere close??? GOOD LUCK!!!
  • vintagebldrsvintagebldrs Member Posts: 25
    Some story Guy! I don`t trust these guy`s as far as I can throw`em! I am glad you found another vehicle! Good Luck. Keep us wanna be`s posted!!
    Happy Trails...
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    If you can find the e-mail address for anyone at that bogus dealer, let me know. I'd like to send them a letter to confirm that now many folks know exactly what type of dealership they run, a very poor one..

    Also, I think you mentioned before, but be sure you let FoMoCo know what this dealership did.. FoMoCo may not be able to help you, but FoMoCo can control who's allowed to represent Ford. At least some sales manager maybe looking for a new job..

    This has the sounds of a 'dealer trade' gone bad, and I'm sure theres alot of CYA and finger pointing going on, but those are only lame excuses.
  • craigwilliamsocraigwilliamso Member Posts: 13
    I just got a build date (week) from my dealer here in Virginia. May (week of) 2. I would be interested to hear of a typical time line from anyone still reading post who has recieved their Super Duty here in Va. or another Mid-Atlantic state. How long after build date to delivery to dealership? I have heard that 2 weeks is standard but would appreciate any input from "have's" who have been through this excrutiating wait. Thanks in advance.
  • bessbess Member Posts: 972
    I'm in Raleigh NC. Thinking back, my wait was over 2 weeks if I remember right. Maybe closer to 3. I'd have to check back at all my previous posts to see for sure..

    In my case, it was transported via truck directly from the factory, (no rail involved). Which is one reason I don't have any rail dust issues. :)
  • sherwoodforsherwoodfor Member Posts: 52
    psmith, you are a better person than i would've been had i flown from anchorage only to find no truck. i remember telling you earlier that you don't want a lawsuit, you want a truck. well, thankfully you have your truck (albeit @ 1k over your "deal" price).

    most states have a consumer protection act statute which protects people like you from exactly what happened. those statutes also provide that if you prevail (and you will on this one), the bad guys have to pay your attorney.
    by way of example, i just won a trial for a widow i represented against a shoddy builder. i didn't charge the widow for my services, but now the builder (who could've settled for some relatively inexpensive figures)has to pay a sizable judgement and my fee on top of it. you can bet that guy gets the message now. sounds like your would-be dealer needs to get the same message. hope i haven't offended you by suggesting a lawsuit, but you have a righteous beef and in civilized society, you can't punch the guy in the nose, so do what you can.
  • adubahbiadubahbi Member Posts: 24
    Thanks for the parking tips. I will need lots of practice (hope no one is watching!)

    Nearest LineX dealer I could find to NJ is in Long Island. The LineX web site ( shows two dealers. I've heard the one in N. Babylon is better....
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