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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Go to and get the value for a used Lexus. The value will depend on the mileage and what kind of options are on the car. I think you can get a brand new one for $3-$4k more.
  • pmaupmau Posts: 8
    Thanks. I have contacted them for a quote.
  • liew888liew888 Posts: 1
    Hi. You got a very good deal. I am looking for a ES350 in the Bay Area. May I know which dealer and the sales person you got the car?
    Pls email to
  • Sfranchise,
    For another $2,000 I would buy a new one.

    I followed this web-sight in buying a car and it absolutely works: How to save money buying a new car in 5 quick steps.
    The key is to get a internet quote from the Dealer through Kelly Blue book, or Edmunds, this will cut out the middle man (the salesman) and you will save by not paying commission to the salesman. Internet price will always be far less than walking through the door and getting a price.

    Please see my post #743:

    Bought on 07-28-2007

    I paid $34,500.00 for my ES 350 at Sewell Lexus Dallas. The only thing it did not have is Navigation, High Intensity Headlamps, Mark Levinson Audio, Park Assist, Panoramic Sun Roof and Chrome Wheels.

    Sewell wanted $1,700 for Chrome wheels, I got the same wheels for $750 shipped to my door from L.A. Wheel and Tire.

    My experience with Sewell was absolutely wonderful; I did all my negotiating by e-mail with both Park Place Lexus Grapevine and Sewell Lexus of Dallas. Park Place also offered me the same price of $34,500.00 but did not include Window tint, Hand painted pin stripes and All weather floor mats. Park Place did include the plastic stone chip hood protector though, Sewell did not.

    E-mail me if you want the sales managers name, he was fantastic, it only took one hour to sign all paper work and purchase the car. My interest rate with Lexus was 5.99%.

    Things I don’t like about the car so far: Engineer who designed interior lights should be fired (Cannot see a thing, very dim), driver side Ventilated front seat works better than passenger side, ceiling is a little low, not much head room (I am only 5’-10”). Other than that I love the car, my previous car was a 2000 E320 Mercedes.

    Package I – “Premium” - $38,157
    - Premium leather trim interior with real wood accents
    - Heated and Ventilated front seats
    - Driver memory: Seat, Steering Wheel, Outside Mirrors
    - Power Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel
    - Bluetooth Compatibility
    - 6 Disc, Single feed in dash CD player in the console
    - Rain-sensing Wipers
    - Driver Seat Extender
    - Carpet Cargo Mat
    - Wheel Locks
    - Power Rear Sun Shade
    - Body Side Moldings
    - Smart Key

    They also threw in the following:
    - Window Tint
    - Rear Spoiler
    - Hand Painted Pin Stripes
    - All Weather Floor Mats

    Total list price of car was $39,100.00……….I only paid $34,500.00.

    Sale Price - $34,500.00
    Sales Tax - $2,156.25
    Dealer's Inv. Tax - $80.07
    Documentary Fee - $50.00
    Deputy Fee - $5.00
    License, Trans, Title - $103.80
    Inspection - $23.75
    Sub-Total - $36,918.87

    Good Luck, John
    E-mail – jm_proe

    P.S. I followed this web-sight in buying a car and it absolutely works: How to save money buying a new car in 5 quick steps.
    The key is to get a internet quote from the Dealer through Kelly Blue book or, this will cut out the middle man (the salesman) and you will save by not paying commission to the salesman. Internet price will always be far less than walking through the door and getting a price.
  • Hello:

    I am trying to purchase an ES350 in the Cleveland OH area and am running into a roadblock negotiating with the two dealers in the area.

    The dealer in Cleveland tried to push me to buy it at 36,625 and at my second visit a couple months later for 36,925. I was annoyed and haven't gone back.

    The second dealer I've only dealt with online quoted 34,998 and then 34,588 and they're not budging. gave me a verbal quote of $33,400. But are they credible?

    I am going to NJ for a week in early September and was hoping you can pass along some of your contact information when you were pricing out models. I may purchase one and drive it back. I am looking at the ES350 with the premium package with additional items MRSP 37,387.

    I can be contacted at

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Best regards,
  • I need advice on 2 offers I've been given.

    1st offer on ES350 2007 with Premium Pkg in Georgia is 33,400 plus dealer fees of 430. The advantage to this deal is that they are close to home and I will be servicing the car there anyways.

    2nd offer on ES350 2007 with Premium Pkg in Florida is 31,900 plus dealer fees of 599. The convenience of this deal is obviously the price which will be saving us 1000+ but on the downside there is the one way flight to fl and driving it to Georgia 600 miles plus.

    Whats a girl to do?
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    Tell the first offer you got a better deal and ask if they can match it. They don't have to know it is in Florida. Just out of curiosity does your premium package include the navigation system? I think in different parts of the country they have different packages. Good luck! Let us know what happens.
  • novanova Posts: 135
    I live in south FL. Can you tell me what dealer is offering you a price of $31,900 .

    Thank you from hollywood FL.
  • Hi drbutterfly,

    I agree with Jano2, get the 2nd offer in writing, and then show it to the 1st offer.

    If the 1st offer does not budge then you will save $1,500 minus about $300 for plane ticket, food and gas to drive back, so your total savings will be $1,300. The down side is the dealer closest to you will probably not come get your car and drop off a loaner. I would talk with the service manager at the 1st dealer to see what exactly they would do for you if you bought from another dealer. Usually the service manager could care less who you buy from they just want your business. Depending on what the service manager tells you I would than make my decision.

    I would probably go with the 2nd offer……$1,300 is a good chunk of $$$$.
  • Ok so I gave the local dealer in Georgia a second chance and he met me half way after I calculated what the flight and transportation costs would be if picking the car in FL I bought the car for 32,500 with premium package no navigation. The dealer that quoted 31,500 is Lexus of Palm Beach. If you email me I can send you all the information sujo 007 at (no spaces)I hope this helps anyone looking to buying this car. I absoulutely love it so far and I've only put about 20 miles on it. Good luck to everyone.
  • adeasonadeason Posts: 2
    I'm planning to buy an ES 350 with navigation (not Mark Levinson)...MSRP of approx. $41,000. Can anyone tell me what they paid for this car...or what I can expect to pay?
  • sksjedisksjedi Posts: 21
    Dear All,
    We are considering an ES350 in Houston, I was wondering what people are getting for prices in Houston, and what the current finance rate is for the summer sale that ends on september 4th. (i have read all the previous posts)

    I have heard that the "December to Remember" sales event is similar, but I doubt that any 2007s will be left by then.


  • I purchased a ES350 nav + prm plus pkg. for 36,300 before taxes and fees. Black and grey interior leather. about $5,000 below sticker... :)
  • adeasonadeason Posts: 2
    Which dealership (or city) did you purchase your Lexus from? You got a great price...the best I've found in Fl is $37,500 (no dealer fee). Thanks!
  • ncsouthncsouth Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a lexus ES350. Has anyone had a good experience with any of the dealers here. I know there is one in raleigh, greensboro and charlotte. Who gives the best price? Or what do you think is afair price for one. I'm looking for PP with nav
  • ncsouthncsouth Posts: 2
    where r u from? where did u get this price?
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    New sleek side rear view mirrow and rear reading lights beside the handle on the roof and no UL package. Check this out...
  • where did u buy it from? CAn u give me contact please?
    Thanx Paul
  • Anyone have an idea as to how much of a price benefit there should be on the 2007 at this time. I'm trying to decide if it makes sense to wait on the 2008's.
  • I am wondering the same thing. Any idea when the 2008s will be out?
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    From where?
    I'm in Los Angeles.
    Very interested
  • 4barbara4barbara Posts: 46
    I'm in Valencia, Ca in SoCal
    South Bay?....duh

    I'd love to get the number and address to this place.
  • drattandrattan Posts: 3
    What was the MSRP and Invoice price. Where did you buy it from? Please email me @

  • I recently bought my ES350 Ultra Luxury. Package Includes: Perforated Leather Trim Interior w/Memory Driver & Front Passenger's Seats, Outside Mirrors, Power Tilt/Telescoping Wood Steering Wheel, Panoramic Glass Roof, Heated and Ventilated Front Seats, High Intensity Headlamps, Power Rear Sunshade, Rear Seat Side Airbags, Driver Power Cushion Extender, Rain-Sensing Wipers, Bluetooth, Full Size Spare Tire, Generation 5 Navigation System with Rear Camera, Bluetooth, Voice-Activation with Destination Input, Mark Levinson Premium Surround Audio with 14-Speakers, In-Dash 6-Disc DVD/CD Changer and Cassette Player. This vehicle has an MSRP of $43,489 and our Internet Selling Price is $39,264 plus tax and license.I paid $38500.Is it a good deal?
  • Hariom123, Is that an 2007 or 2008 ES350 that you purchased?
  • drattandrattan Posts: 3
    Herb Chambers Lexus in Sharaon MA is a very good dealer ship. We got a very good deal there for ES-350.

    Sales rep Brain Woodcock is a nice guy.
  • pfrosenpfrosen Posts: 3
    It is my understanding that there will still be a UL package even though it's not listed on the Lexus site. If you tried to build one last year, you would remember there also was no UL choice. :)
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    You may be is listed in their feature section "".
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