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2013 and earlier Lexus ES 350 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    Toyota won't touch Lexus in my area except for an oil change. Beyond that and if that is their policy, plan to drive 100 miles. Btw, what do you mean by "obligation under the service maintenance?"
  • jano2jano2 Posts: 141
    I probably did not word that right. I have had other vehicles that if you did not follow their routine maintenance they would not honor the warranty (or would try not to do the work under warranty). The preventive maintenance had been done but at an independent garage and was not logged into the service book - had to show the paperwork.
  • Dino,

    I was at Norwood today ... who handled your transaction? Did you get the premium package plus or were you simply saying premium package (+) I got these additional items ....

    Please email me.

  • zekeman1zekeman1 Posts: 422
    The only thing I've ever had done at Lexus is oil changes or warranty work; have the 20K, etc checks done at an independent repair shop. I've never heard of that voiding a warranty nor has it affected my warranty. Same has held true for Toyota's, Honda's and Infiniti's I've owned.
  • slanaslana Posts: 1
    The invoice price for your car was $33,911, but you paid 33,739, $172 less then the invoice, plust doc fee of $259. Means the dealer only made $123 of profit!

    I know the invoice price since that's exactly what I've got (except, mine is black, cashmere).

    I paid 34,500 but was able to waive $249 of doc/processing fee, ending up paying
    34,500 + TTL.

    I thought I had a good deal, but you have the best one!!!
  • Thanks - you made my day!
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Specials........Rate of Interest!!!


    Last year it was 6.29% and in August it was 5.99%.
  • Unless we know how much you paid over invoice the post is meaningless. To say he got a bad deal when he paid around $500 over invoice is simply not true. If all your car had was the premium package and no other options, then you may have paid more over invoice than he did.

    After doing lots of research and buying a 08 myself, I can tell you that I am convinced that paying 500 over invoice for a Lexus is a good deal. I think dealerships are making more money on financing and service than on selling new cars.
  • The transmission problem is described as a flare. Think of going down the road and your engine reving up, but the car not going.

    I now have 400 miles on my es 08 and I have not had a flare. I took it for a test drive in 20 degree weather last night and it perfomed beautifully. (some people have talked about a cold weather knock in the valves, I have not had that problem either). My hope is that these problems were corrected in the 08's, that's why I bought one instead of an 07. All 07's do not have the problem, based on what I have read.

  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    Thanks to all for replying. I have my car for almost a year with 6,000 miles and never experienced a flare as described above since 2 weeks, not sure if I have experienced one before, I hope not. I have not yet tested in cold as it is still 80 deg in Arizona but will keep checking and will post in a few weeks. BTW, my car was built in Sept 2006.
  • I'm about to purchase an '08 Lexus ES 350 the with premium package and additional options, no nav. The sticker price is $37,700, the agreed upon offer is $34,990, which is $2,710 below sticker. Is this a good deal? I live in Southern California, and getting the car from Crown Lexus in Ontario.
  • Savsens,

    Your quoted price is fair, but ideally I'd have them knock another $700-$1000 off.

    Invoice on this particular vehicle is ~ $33,700.00. Make an offer of $34,000.00 + ttl and hold firm. That's ~$300 over invoice on their "volume seller", during one of the slowest months of the year for auto sales.

    I wouldn't go any higher than $500 over invoice on this vehicle the way it's equipped.

    Good luck, keep us posted.
  • Dang! I had a feeling, but I wasn't sure. My initial offer was $500 over invoice which they didn't accept. think now I'm stuck because I agreed on the price and will be going in to sign the paperwork. At this point, is there any way to get them to come down any further or do I just suck it up?

    Let me add that I have a trade in: 2000 Camry w/ 178,000 miles. They're giving me $2500 for it, which is what it was appraised for at Car Max. They only wanted to give me $1500, but went ahead with $2500. I don't know if that matter.
  • There are tons of Lexus dealers that sell the same car you're looking for... it's a competitive market out here in socal. You haven't signed any papers yet, so there's no deal yet.

    If you want to renegotiate with your dealer, just tell him that you've done a little more research and that you think his price is too high. You have to show no emotional attachment to the vehicle. Let them pursue you, not the other way around.

    Call a few other dealers and ask to speak with a sales manager. Ask them if they have the vehicle you're looking for in stock. Tell them you're ready to buy and let them make the first offer and then counter with your offer.

    Best time to get a great deal is on Tuesday or Wed. when the dealer is slow. Plus, you're at month-end. Be assertive and hold firm and you should get the deal you deserve.

    You can e-mail me if you want to discuss further.
  • Savsens,

    ES350 is also one of the car I'm looking to get.
    I've received some quotation on the internet from Glendale Lexus. Without bargaining, they are already quoting me $33k without Navigation and $36.5 with Navigation.
    I'm not sure if this they are good price. But, I do know the dealers invoice cost from Manufacturer (Lexus) should be around $29,889 (basic model from MSRP $33,720). It never hurts trying to get as low as possible...Let me know if you get lower pricing, perhaps I will need that info too. thanks.
  • Hi,

    I just purchased my ES350 today! I ended up getting a good deal from Crown Lexus in Ontario. Premium package without nav for 33,500. Invoice on this car (with destination of $765) is about $33,260. Newport Lexus who quoted the $33,500 and Crown matched it since I was already working with them. Also try Riverside Lexus. I think all the dealers are participating in the "December to Remember" campaign, so you'll probably find a good deal. Also see ocautoseeker's replies to my post. They were very helpful. Good luck! By the'll love the car!!! I do already!
  • Hi Ocautoseeker,

    First, thanks a bunch for your info. It was really helpful. I happened to get a call from Newport Lexus yesterday (before I signed papers at Crown) offering $33,500 for the ES350. That's about $300 over invoice. As you suggested, I contacted Crown since I was already working with them & they offered to match that. I don't think they were thrilled about it but they did it! They did give me $500 less for my trade in (which was still $500 more than what they said the car was worth to them...$1500), but I still came out ahead. So, I ended up getting the car for $1400 less than our original offer of $34,990. I'd say that's pretty darn good!

    I picked up my car this morning and I love it already! So, recap:

    '08 ES350 w/ premium package with bluetooth, without nav
    Invoice: $33,258 MSRP $37,700
    Paid: $33,500 + tax/license

  • Congrats! I'm so happy I could help!

    Enjoy the new car!
  • Where are you guys in Ontario getting your MSRP numbers. The Lexus site has a MSRP of $42,9, vice the $37,xxx you guys are mentioning.
    I am in BC, it can't be that much of a difference?

    My wife is warming up to this model with the UL package, dispite me putting other manufacture's offerings under her nose.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • espo1espo1 Posts: 27
    Hi ocautosseeker
    Just picked up on your post.There seems to be a lot of people who are told that invoice prices that are posted on several web site are wrong and it looks like some of the deals i've seen are more like $2000 over invoice and said to be only $1000, Did you see the invoice that showed the whole sale to the dealer when you purchased? And what dealer in SO Cal did you get the deal from?
  • espo1espo1 Posts: 27
    PS what was on the car and did it include Sat radio? I'm going to be in LA for a job starting this Thursday and maybe would like to visit the dealer and see what he can do on a GS hell i might get one and drive it back to the east coast.
  • Hi espo1,

    Most dealers participate in a regional advertising campaign. Those are the general commercials you see on TV that talk about visiting "your local Southern California Lexus/Toyota dealership, etc." Every region is different, but typically the ad fee can be anywhere from 1%-3% of the MSRP (usually minus destination $). In most cases though, it is typically around 1.0%-1.5%. It's a regional fee and therefore why sites like this don't track them.

    On Lexus/Toyota factory invoices, you'll see it listed as TDA. This is an actual cost to the dealer and thus it is billed to them and itemized on the invoice.

    In the case of the ES 350 recently purchased, the TDA was listed as $422. Therefore, if you built the vehicle on this site or KBB etc and saw the invoice, Toyota's factory invoice would be higher by $422. Make sense?

    They're not trying to smoke-screen you on this charge, it's legit. Now, if on your contract, there was a line item expressing a charge for an additional ad fee, that would be bogus and you should refuse to pay it.

    This particular ES was purchased at Newport Lexus. If you'd like the name of the contact there, e-mail me at and I'll tell you who to speak with.

    I can tell you that on an ES with the UL package (unless it's a hideous color or a demo), that $1000 over invoice is a great deal. Lesser equipped ES's should be had at around $500 over, or in some cases less.

    The car did not come with sat. radio.

    Hope this helps!
  • The 07 model had a invoice price under $30k
    Am not sure about the newer model.
    I've mentioned that anyone should seek the INTERNET dept not the direct sales floor when inquiring about a price. They usually give a lower price since they know you're shopping around.
    Call Oxnard internet dept for the gal that works there. Tell her Mark & Barbara from Valencia, Ca told you to call. Maybe she can help on pricing.
  • Do any of you have any insight on what buyers can expect in the way of discounts if a person were to buy at the end of December? It seems like most buyers can get $300 or so over invoice today, I wonder if we can expect to see better pricing later?
  • espo1espo1 Posts: 27
    Thanks for the reply. Yes you answered my question but what about the invoice? Did you see it and the $1070 was what you paid over the invoice? What I'm seeing in some cases and what was offered to me was $2000 over. and being told it was $1000 over. I have not seen the invoice but hey invoices can be printed with anything on them. Sorry I'll be in Santa Monica. Newport is a little bet of a trip or I would visit them.
  • Received the following quote on an '08 ES 350 FWD, list with accessories (principally Premium Plus package, HID adaptive lights, NAV, and rain sensing wipers) is $41,912. They are offering at $38,100.

    Lease arrangements as follows for 39 month, 12K miles:
    Residual 57%
    MF .00230 with no additional buy down of the factor.
    Monthly lease is $539.

    Looking to close the deal before month end. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

    rc in NJ
    DCV920 TIME: 07:20
    Model Number: 9000A SERIAL # :82173228 Check Code: 5

    Model Description: ES350 4-DR SEDAN Category ..........: F
    Year ............: 2008 Current Dealer ....: XXX-XXXX
    Interior Color ..: LB25 LB25 Wholesale Dealer ..: XXXXX
    Exterior Color ..: 0212 OBSID Previous Dealer ...: XXXXX
    Body ............: 4-DOOR SEDAN Invoice Date ......:
    Number of Cyl ...: 6 Ship Date .........:
    Allocation Number: 095 Retail Date .......:
    Engine Number ...: 0429739 Date of First Use .:
    Vessel Number ...: 194 LDRC ..............: NO
    Vessel Name .....: NEWCEN2 V147 Damage ............: NO DAMAGE
    PDI ...............: NO
    Fleet .............: NON-FLEET
    Port PDS Complete .: NO

    VIN .............: N/A
    Ignition Key.....: N/A

    Factory Installed Accessories: PA UL VN
    Port Installed Accessories ..: Z1

    Retail Dealer
    Vehicle Base Model ....................: $ 33720.00 $ 28888.00
    Total Accessories .....................: $10327.00 $ 8303.00

    * 3.5 Liter 272HP Four Cam 24-Valve V6 Engine
    All-Aluminum Engine Construction & Dual VVT-i
    * 6-Speed Automatic Transmission w/Sequential Shift
    * Front Wheel Drive
    * Dual Exhaust with Chrome Finished Tips
    * 4-Wheel Independent MacPherson Strut-Type
    Suspension with Gas Pressurized Shock Absorbers
    Front and Rear Stabilizer Bar
    * 4-Wheel Power Assisted Ventilated Front/Solid
    Rear Disc Brakes
    * 17" Aluminum Alloy 7-Spoke Wheels
    * 215/55R17 All-Season Tires
    * Dual Front Airbags, Dual Front Knee Airbags, Front
    Seat-Mounted Side Impact Airbags, Fr & Rr Side
    Curtain Airbags, Supplemental Restraint Sys (SRS)
    3-Point Safety Belts for All Seating Positions
    * Fr & Rr Outboard Seat Belt Pretensioners with
    Force Limiters
    * Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) with TRAC
    * 4-Wheel Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with
    Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)
    * Energy Managing Crumple Zones, Side Door Beams
    * Theft-Deterrent System w/ Engine Immobilizer
    * Projector-Bulb Headlamps w/ Integrated Foglamps/
    Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
    * Variable Intermittent Wipers with Mist Control
    * Tire Pressure Monitor System
    * Tool Kit and First Aid Kit
    * SmartAccess with Push Button Start/Stop
    * 10-Way Power Adjustable Driver & Passenger Seats
    includes 2-way Power Lumbar
    * Electrochromic Auto-Dimming Interior Mirror
    * Heated Outside Mirrors
    * One-Touch Open/Close Pwr Tilt-and-Slide Moonroof
    * Automatic Dual Zone Climate Control
    * Automatic On/Off Headlamps
    * Lexus Premium Audio System w/In-Dash 6-Disc CD
    Player Automatic Sound Levelizer (ASL) & MP3
    Player Connectivity (miniplug) & 8-Speakers
    * Power Front and Rear Windows with Auto One-
    Touch Up/Down and Pinch Protection
    * Power Door Locks with Anti-Lock Out
    * Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering Wheel w/Audio &
    Display Functions & Column-Mounted Cruise Control
    * Key FOB-Integrated Multi-Function Remote Entry Sys
    * Rear Glass Imprinted Antenna w/FM Diversity Sys
    * Front Cup Holders with Adjustable Holder Ring
    * Rear Arm Rest with Cup Holders
    * Heavy-Duty Rear Window Defogger with Timer
    * Scheduled Maintenance Indicator Light
    * Lexus Personalized Settings
    * LED Interior Lighting
    * Carpeted Floor Mats
    Retail Dealer Total
    Vehicle Base Model ..........................:$ 33720.00 $ 28888.00 $ 33720.00
    Intuitive Parking Assist ................... 500.00 400.00
    Luxury Package Includes: ................... 5380.00 4378.00
    Perforated Leather Trim Interior w/Memory Dri
    & Front Passenger''s Seats, Outside Mirrors, P
    Tilt/Telescoping Wood & Leather Trimmed Steer
    Wheel, Panorama Glass Roof, Heated & Ventilat
    Front Seats, High Intensity Headlamps (HID) w
    Dual Swivel Adaptive Front Lighting System, P
    Rear Sunshade, Rear Seat Side Airbags, Driver
    Power Cushion Extender, Rain-Sensing Wipers,
    Bluetooth, 10-Spoke Graphite Wheels with Full
    Spare Tire .................................
    Navigation/Mark Levinson Premium Audio Packag 4250.00 3408.00
    Voice-Activated Navigation System w/Rear Came
    Bluetooth, Mark Levinson Premium Suround Audi
    with 14-Speakers, In-Dash 6-Disc DVD/CD Chang
    and Cassette Player ........................
    Preferred Accessory Package: ............... 197.00 117.00
    --------- --------- ---------
    Total Accessories ...........................: $10327.00 $ 8303.00 $10327.00
    Destination Charge ..........................: $ 765.00 $ 765.00
    TDA .........................................: $ 422.00
    Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 674.00
    Whsl. Financial Reserve .....................: $ 337.00
    --------- ---------
    Total .......................................: $ 39389.00 $ 44812.00

    This is what a dealer factory invoice looks like, and as you can see, the selling price of $40,459 is $1070 over invoice. I don't know where you're getting your numbers, but depending on where you live, there will most likely be an ad fee (TDA) which is the main reason why internet websites will never match a factory invoice. They simply give you a ballpark.

    Again, some ad fees are higher than others. For example, just did a deal on GMC Yukon Denali, and SoCal GM dealers participate in two ad campaigns (regional and group), which adds nearly 2%. I think it's a bit extreme, but it's what they are billed and it's itemized on the invoice. In that case, I simply negotiated $1000 back of their invoice.

    So, YES, it is very possible to see a difference between $400-$1000 on factory invoices from what you'd see on Internet invoices like Edmunds. The invoices on the Internet do take into account the dealer holdback, so other than the regional ad fee, they give you a good idea. No site is perfect.

    If you go to the dealer, ask to see the factory invoice. If they won't show you, go elsewhere... it's that simple. Dealers need the business more than you need the car, so it behooves them to cater your requests.

    Good luck!
  • rcole714,

    If your tax rate is 6.25%, then their quote is right on the money.
  • Tax rate here in NJ is 7%. Thanks for your input.
  • Hi. Thanks very much for the info. I am in NJ. It appears that base markup is about 17% and options from 25% and up. Are the following negotiable at all, or are they simply charges that must be endured?

    TDA .........................................: $ 422.00
    Dealer Holdback .............................: $ 674.00
    Whsl. Financial Reserve .....................: $ 337.00

    Thanks again.
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