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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • My AC just went out, and a preliminary check indicated that the compressor is most likely the problem. I'd like to contact Honda America to see what can be done-- my CRV is a 2003 with 33,000 miles on it. What is this 'good will warranty' that's been mentioned, and what does the 8/18 deadline refer to?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    The 8/18 deadline was just for a press request for a reporter doing a story on failing compressors.

    KarenS, "CR-V: AC Compressor Issues" #178, 11 Aug 2006 5:50 am

    I haven't seen any news articles about the CR-V compressor ... yet. :shades:
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    my CRV is a 2003 with 33,000 miles on it.

    Are you still in warranty?
  • I'm not sure if I'm still under the 3 year-36,000 mile warranty. I bought the car used 1 year ago, and this is my first car, so I'm a little unsure about how the boundaries of the 3 year period are decided. 3 years from when the original owner first bought the car? I'm not sure if I'm actually within that timeframe anymore. And the warranty expires as soon as you hit 3 years OR 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, as I understood.

    I'm just thinking I should prepare for the worst-- if they somehow tell me that the warranty period is over, etc., when I take it to a Honda dealer tomorrow, then I'm thinking I'll need to contact the Honda corporate office.

    Also-- thanks for the clarification on the deadline. Sorry to ask silly questions, but this is new to me, and I'm glad this forum is here.
  • Cristina:

    Don't be afraid. Honda will help you somehow. My 91 CRV has 90,000 and does not have warranty, my compressor is busted and after much bickering, Honda will cover everything, except the labor ($314), which it's a good deal considering the total cost which is over $2,000.

    My suggestion is that you first call Honda and get a case #, and then give this to the dealer and they will work it out among themselves.

    Your car is newer than mine and with less mileage, so they will cover all expenses....hopefully. good luck.

    I have to say, thanks to this forum, a lot of people are saving lot's of money on a problem that Honda has, but don't want to divulge to the public.
  • spimbyspimby Posts: 14
    Clearly faxing and/or mailing has some weight because it's in writing. If/when the eventual recall/technical bulletin comes out, they will have to deal with those customers who have documentation. BTW, the "local" paper was the Washington Post. The article has yet to appear.
  • The 8/18 deadline was to provide feedback re: compressor problems with CRV -- I believe the Washington Post may be doing a story. Anyhow, make that first phone call and don't take no for an answer - if you need to send a fax and mention your loyalty to Honda and the fact you know that this has been a problem "defect" -- and that you "know they will come forward and take care of it for you - that's why you stand behind Honda" -- we get our vehicle back today -- 2001 Honda CRV with 86K - and purchased from an individual. Am sure there are many others who have not received the information from this site and have paid the full charge on their own.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798

    Don't be afraid. Honda will help you somehow. My 91 CRV has 90,000 and does not have warranty, my compressor is busted and after much bickering, Honda will cover everything, except the labor ($314), which it's a good deal considering the total cost which is over $2,000.

    My suggestion is that you first call Honda and get a case #, and then give this to the dealer and they will work it out among themselves.

    Your car is newer than mine and with less mileage, so they will cover all expenses....hopefully. good luck.

    I have to say, thanks to this forum, a lot of people are saving lot's of money on a problem that Honda has, but don't want to divulge to the public.

    FYI: Honda CR-V was initially sold in Japan in 1996. There was no Honda CR-V in 1991.
  • You are right.....I meant my 2001 Honda CRV. Anyway, my car was fixed yesterday and paid $314 for the labor, Honda covered the Compressor, Clutch and coil. My advice to all facing the same situation.....keep pushing Honda America, they know they have a defective part and will cover damages.
  • crlowcrlow Posts: 3
    My 2003 CRV AC comprssor also just "exploded." I have a $2800 repair bill. I have seen multiple people requesting information on how to go about obtaining a refund. I plan to use this forum to track my progress about Honda for future frustrated customers. First off, I did respond to the reporter writing the article. Today, 8/23/06 I called Honda America at 800-99-1009 and spoke with a customer service rep and explained my problem. I informer her that I had beeen a loyal customer and if this problem was not resolved, I would not be back. I also told her about this forum and about the newspaper article. She took all of my information, gave me a case number, and informed me that a case manager will contact me in 1-2 business days. I also told her that I am keeping a paper trail of this and would like to fax a letter to Honda America with my request. She gave me this fax number 310-783-7890. I promise to continue to report what happens.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    I informer (sic) her that I had beeen a loyal customer and if this problem was not resolved, I would not be back. I also told her about this forum and about the newspaper article.

    I guess people don't put much stock in to the idea of being non confrontational related to this. If you've read the posts, people are getting resolution. IIWM I wouldn't start the process by being antagonistic. You reap what you sow.

    Read message #171 about Volvo's lack of response for the same issue. Honda could easily do the same, but they are not. People should give them a little credit.
  • No need to take such a "cup is half empty" attitude towards this problem. I am sure your case manager will get back to you and Honda will take care of your repair. Honda is standing behind their customers and their product. Most manufacturers would just give you the "I'm sorry but your warranty period has expired" or run you around until you got tired of calling. My guess is that even though this seems to be a big problem, it is acutally a very small percentage of customers that have some aboration causing this problem.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Back on the tranny issue in 02 on the 00-01 AT it was said that 2% were affected but look at the posts you would have thought it was 50%. . Your right if it was Ford or GM you would be S.O.L at best with no paddle or boat.>>> M
  • spimbyspimby Posts: 14
    Today I was to go to the Honda dealer and pick up my 2006 EX (silver moss metallic) due to this problem. Coincidentally, a friend recently had a compressor blow out and found out the damage today (out of warranty, $1600 repair at a non-Honda shop). That's just too close to home. I called the dealer and told them why I was canceling. He said that Honda was aware of the problem, but that it only affected the 1998-2003 models. I wonder if that's true. Anyone know? I suppose you could compare the compressors on a 2003 and a later model.

    Anyway...I'll be looking at a RAV4 now. That's a lost sale for Honda. They should be stepping up to the plate rather than making people play customer relations roulette.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Wow a little harsh in that case you should look at the Toyota SLUDGE issues during the same years before your done shopping you may be looking at a KIA ;)
  • spimbyspimby Posts: 14
    That may be true, but at least Toyota (eventually) stepped up and covered it. My concern is not that there appears to be a problem with the CR-V compressor, it's Honda's response. Some people's claims are still being denied in spite of the number of 'unusual' failures.

    If they can change that in the next few weeks, my faith will be restored. Toyota eventually said that they would pay for sludge related repairs for 8 years from the date of purchase for all 1997-2002 Toyota and Lexus vehicles with the problem engines. Honda needs to look at that as a blueprint and get on top of this before the Internet gets on top of them and their reputation.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Your right (Eventually) they did but not after many of engines were replaced and many of loyal customers were told unless you had RECORDS of every oil change and did not go over a little bit otherwise it must be there fault. We are talking about Engines not to take away from the seriousness of the compressor issue that is very serious in its own right. Your right I do hope that they come forward and resolve the issue and not wait as long as Toyota did hopefully they leaned from them. This coming from a loyal Honda and Toyota owner so no Toyota bashing here.

    1990 4runner sold after 289,000 miles
    1998 Civic Sold
    2000 Accord Sold ( 04 Forester)
    2000 Lexus RX300 ( Current)
    2006 Crv (Current)

    All purchased new
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    I guess you don't read the other "problem" topics on Edmunds or even this one closely (message #171 anyone???). If you are not happy with Honda's response----replacing parts in six year old vehicles well past warranty seems pretty respectable to me----best of luck with whatever brand you choose.
  • drb73drb73 Posts: 1
    I was so happy to find this thread a few days ago when our '03 CR-V's AC died on us after 44,000 miles. All I said to the service agent when I dropped off the car last night was that Honda's corporate department would probably be covering the repairs if the damage was as extensive as I anticipated (I cited this thread in passing).

    The problem was just like you guys said it would be, and the response was wonderful--all costs covered, including the diagnosis. How we all survived without this series of tubes (yes, the internet), huh? :shades:
  • spimbyspimby Posts: 14
    I do read the other problem topics on Edmunds. And for those CR-Vs that they're covering the repairs on, that's great. But there are several (Msgs: 55,88,127) where people aren't being covered, and there are several more where Honda is at first denying the claim then covering it only after a lot of frustration and time on the owner's part. That's the part that I think looks bad. It's clear that this is a 'known issue'. Why do they pretend it's not?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Please just say "customer service rep" or similar when you talk about your case with Honda. The reps may not want their names or phone extensions bandied about on a public forum. Thanks!
  • There is a huge amount of turnover in the customer agent business and some of it could even be being done by a third party call center supplier. My guess is it takes some time to know how to respond to different issues.
  • Hi,

    I have a 2002 Honda CRV and just love it - I have a little over 72,000 miles on it and at 62,000 miles it started using oil - 2 quarts in 500 miles - to make a long story short - Honda basicly rebuilt my engine at a cost of $6,100 which they paid for most of - we paid a minimal amount.

    This is our 5th Honda - we have driven nothing else since 1980.

    Now my air conditioner has died - it goes in Wednesday for a diagnosis.

    What do you all think my chances are that Honda will pay for at least part of the repairs if it is the compressor?

    Just 8 months ago they shelled out a chunk on this car.

    This is the first Honda we have had that has given us any trouble.

    Thanks for your replies.

  • Not everyone is being taken care of by Honda. I brought in all the service records as requested but could tell that they hadn't been reviewed. I paid for two inspections. (The A/C blew out of town)and then O'Daniel Honda - Omaha charged me again when I returned home - even though I
    showed them the initial inspection. I started out like honey but turned to vinegar after my experience with Honda Consumer affairs. My case manager reminded me of the SNL customer service skit with Cheri O'Teri snapping "Simmer down". Her response was that Honda has no responsibility once the vehicle hit 36,001 miles, and the browbeating didn't end there. My response to Honda if they'd listen
    is to remind them that there was a time when GM was the "Mark of Excellence" before they handed their market share over to Japanese brands. As a previous GM owner (in the 80's), Honda reminds me of their arrogance.
    It'll only be a matter of time before Honda hands their market share over to the Korean makes - with their 6yr/60,000 bumper to bumper warranties. I'm disappointed with Honda and wont be back. :lemon:
  • WE OWN A 2002 CR-V WITH 110,000 MILES AS OF AUGUST 2006.




  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Read past posts on this form and follow but be careful since you may not hold all the cards keep your tone down when stating your case and dont yell ( as in caps on your post). Yes Honda should take care of you more so since the history of your AC . State your case get all your ducks in a row good luck.....>>M
  • dwightedwighte Posts: 5
    My wife reported she was driving on the freeway out here in Northern California. Temperature was about 102. She heard a loud bang, as if she had run over something, and the air conditioning stopped working. She pulled over but saw no damage and returned home. There was a white film on the front of the vehicle, starting where the compressor is--no other symptoms, except AC doesn't work.

    I researched over the weekend and found this site. Thanks! I called the dealer today, mentioned the failure. He was not surprised but said he had heard that Honda was only paying "part" of the cost of repair. He told me to call Honda myself, since "you can help you better than I can help you." That made sense to me, so...

    Called Honda this afternoon and got a case number. The only questions I was asked were the VIN and mileage (96k). The rep said that I should have gotten the diagnosis first. Rep was pleasant and seemed not at all surprised at the failure. Anyway, I then called for an appointment. I will report what happens.

    I had Honda motorcycles all my life and loved them. This is my first car, and I bought it for reliability. We have had some part of the suspension fail ($370) and some computer chip ($420); otherwise, all is ok. But I must say it is not the most reliable vehicle I have owned.

    Car was assembled in Japan, by the way.
  • I agree, but it's a two way street. Some of us are assigned to case workers who aren't very helpful. I received a follow up questionnaire from Honda and here is my reply. At this point, I done with Honda and will probably be looking at a new Kia Sorento.

    I took the time to complete your survey.
    Please extend the courtesy by taking a moment to read the following.

    The A/C compressor in my Honda blew on the way to Grand Island from Omaha earlier this month. The Honda dealer in GI (where I purchased the car) told me that their service department is closed on Saturdays. I then took the car to an independent repair shop and was charged for an inspection - and also surprised to learn that I was facing an expensive repair. I called back to the Honda dealer in GI who recommended that I contact O’Daniel Honda once I returned home. The following Monday, I stopped in to O’Daniel and explained that I was charged for an A/C inspection in GI and was wondering if Honda is willing to provide some kind of “Goodwill” assistance. They asked me to bring the car back on Tuesday with all the service records. I did and later on Tuesday, they told me that Honda declined to help and that they’d repair the car for $1,800. I declined and was surprised to learn that they charged me $85 simply to ask Honda for Goodwill assistance. I asked to speak to the Honda rep that made the decision and was refused. With no confirmation that the call even took place, I paid the $85 dollars to get my car back (with greasy smudges on the exterior finish and interior carpet). I could also tell that they never bothered to review the service records that I provided.

    I contacted Honda Customer Service and shared my concerns with a polite individual who then mentioned that someone would be contacting me in a couple of days.

    Two days later [case worker] left me a message to call her. I tried to contact her leaving a couple of messages that weren’t returned. Finally I mentioned to the person answering the phone that I was unable to reach her. She put me in touch with [case worker].

    [case worker] was hard to understand, partly because of how her voice comes across over the phone and more importantly, her lack of understanding over concerns I expressed with Honda on my initial contact. Somehow the information I provided didn’t get communicated properly. When I tried to explain, [case worker] snapped back saying that she can decide whether Honda is going do anything at all. She continued with the browbeating explaining that Honda’s responsibility ends at 36,001 miles. Finally she said that Honda would reimburse me for the 2nd inspection performed by O’Daniel.

    I checked back with [case worker] a week later leaving a voice mail message requesting an update. She never returned the call. Later that week, I spoke with the first person to take my call and got the simple question answered.

    I’m surprised and disappointed that my Honda is requiring expensive repairs so soon. My question to Honda is, “How long should an A/C compressor last?” (The A/C still works fine in my other car - a 1990 Mazda Miata).

    Up until lately, I had been very satisfied with my Honda and was considering the redesigned Civic. My recent experience however has prompted me to rethink my choices. There was a time when GM was the "Mark of Excellence" before they handed their market share over to the Japanese brands. As a previous GM owner (in the 80's), Honda’s behavior reminds me of GM’s arrogance. I predict that it will only be a matter of time before Honda hands their market share over to the Korean makes - with their 5yr/60,000 bumper-to-bumper warranties - if they don’t get back to the values that once made Hondas worth the higher price.

    Ps. Go to Forums and type in Honda AC Compressor Issues. There, you’ll find hundreds of others who are experiencing the same problem that I’m facing. What’s particularly upsetting is Honda’s inconsistent Goodwill assistance.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    If your interested in a KIA you may want to go over to the KIA SORENTO board and read a little on there issues first. Kia has came full circle over the years but there not with out issues and if you decide to go that route plan on holding on to it for a long time as the resale value is very low. The truth is there is no guarantee or perfect car just some better than others. You have to go with the odds and as seen even the best have issues and some with bad history have none. Good luck with what ever set of dice you decide to roll with.. >>M
  • I recently had my compressor replaced for rapid cycling on/off and then quitting alltogether. I have had a chance to drive for a couple hundred miles so far and have noticed some changes in the CR-V's performance. My gas mileage has dropped by 1.5 miles/gallon and my engine seems sluggish to accelerate with different shift points. Could the new compressor be sending different information to the computer or would a simple reset by disconnecting the battery allow it to re-learn itself? :confuse:
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    A good letter, although I probably would not have made the GM comparisons (calling Honda arrogant won't do much for your cause IMHO) and the Korean manufacturer's prediction.

    Hopefully Honda will respond to your satisfaction.
  • crlowcrlow Posts: 3
    It doesn't appear that Honda is helping everyone the same way. Also, I was very pleasant with the person I spoke with, but clear that I was not happy. Anyway, I recieved a call last week that they were "looking at my case" and have not heard anything back. I called today but only got a message. I'll post more info when I get it
  • dwightedwighte Posts: 5
    Outcome of my case:

    The diagnosis was that the A/C system needed complete replacement: $3300. Found this out yesterday afternoon. Service mgr. said he would contact Honda (using my case number)

    Got a call around 2 PM today. Honda will cover parts--about $2600--and I will pay $700--labor and diagnoistic fee. I agreed.

    I think this is probably fair. The car has a lot of miles, and Honda certainly didn't expect the compressor to fail any more than I did. So a shared cost is reasonable.

    So I am pretty happy and will continue to support and purchase Honda products. Oh, a factor, the service mgr said, was that we had been having the car serviced there regularly. That seems to be a standard comment.
  • h_thurh_thur Posts: 3
    My gas mileage has gone down over the last few years. I've noticed a huge difference since my AC has been having problems. I'm having the same problem with it being slow to shift into the next gear as well. And I just got a tune up last week! The gas mileage has gone from 27 mpg on the highway to about 20-21 mpg on the highway. It's gown down from 23 mpg to 20-21 mpg just in the last week. I've got a 2001 with 87K miles on it.

    Honda is going to pay for half of my AC repair costs (I'm guessing mostly parts), so I'll only be out of pocket about $450. Apparently I caught it early before my whole AC system was destroyed. Only the compressor, coil, clutch, and dryer have to be replaced. Overall, I'm happy that Honda is helping to offset the costs, even though I see a previous poster with about the same mileage and year model got his/her AC system repair fully covered by Honda.
  • iggy4iggy4 Posts: 1
    A big thanks to this forum. Our 54,XXX CRV, bought used from dealer at 11,XXX, blew its compressor over the weekend. Honda shop closed, wife needed it Monday, local Firestone fixed with a $12xx.xx billing. While the work was being done, I Googled Honda CRV+Compressor Problems and boom! found this site.
    Followed some of the advise and called Honda Corporate, explaining the problem and stating the web site. We had owned 2 other Honda's prior to this one, but had ALWAYS gotten service from Firestone, since I have always had a good relationship with them.
    Wife just informed me that Honda just called, and is going to pick up $8xx.xx of the total. Better than paying it all ourselves.
    Thanks again.
  • I'm glad I found this forum. My A/C compressor & dryer unit went out a couple of weeks ago. Took it to two places to diagnose & all were within ~$2500 to replace the whole system. Finally, just took it to Honda and they once again diagnosed it for a fee & replaced it for just as much. I have a 2002 Honda CRV with only 45,000 great condition up until then. I only got a 10% discount from the dealership, but I thought 45,000 is way too early for an air conditioner to go out...and no recall, ugh. Well, I've placed my call into Honda Corporate for my case....hoping to hear back within the next 2 business days.
  • Sounds like something is drastically affecting your fuel mixture or putting an extra load on the engine. Wonder if the air filter is plugged or there is a bad sensor somewhere? Other thing I read on older posts is that the valves on the 1st generation CR-Vs need to be adjusted. Not sure at what intervals? My city mileage with the bad compressor went up to 20MPG and the highway up to 26MPG. With the new compressor city is 18MPG and highway is 23MPG. Before the compressor went out city was 19MPG and highway 25MPG. I have an '02 and overall the A/C has been my only real issue. As far as the tune-up goes, I went back to the dealer and bought OEM spark plugs. Those ran around $100 for 4 since Iridium tipped. Fuel system cleaner makes my mileage go down even further. Wonder if the gasolines for Summer have a different mixture than the ones used for Winter? Honda paying half of the repairs seems pretty good at that mileage. I ended up paying labor only which was around $300. I initially thought it was cheap on their end since I only had 34K miles on it. They seem to be acknowledging that there is a problem on some of the compressors.
  • jam8jam8 Posts: 22
    My wife's 2002 CRV compressor blew a few days ago with only 38,800 miles! Luckily, we purchased the Hondacare warranty and it will be covered. One part, the condensor is on backorder. Since the warranty covers rental reimbursement, should it cover it due to the delay in getting parts? The car is drivable without A/C, but not by my wife in Central Florida. ;)
  • My mechanic did adjust the valves when he did the tune up (he told me that they needed to be adjusted periodically). I did use a fuel cleaner a few months ago; maybe that's the problem. I'm going to try the middle grade gas since gas prices are finally falling now. Still, maintenance-wise, this car has been great.

    I picked up my car last night. The AC is working much better, although it was 102 degrees yesterday and 99 when I left the dealership. I noticed this morning that the car was shifting much better. Maybe the gas mileage will pick up with higher grade gas. Still, 20-21 mpg highway is decent for a car it's size and year model. If the gas mileage continues to go down, I'll take it in to get it diagnosed.
  • I have a 2002 Honda CR-V with about 50K miles. It lived it's entire life in San Francisco -- which means we only ran the air conditioner maybe 10 days a year. Last November we moved to Tucson, Arizona. The winters here are great so we didn't use the air conditioner until late May. In Late June the air conditioner experienced 'black death' to a tune of $2300. I asked the local Honda dealer, "What's the deal here? The AC should be almost new. He took my information and said he would get back to me. The next week he basically said, "Stuff happens. Too bad." Being in Tucson in July, I had to pay to have the AC fixed. Then a month later the AC sensor went out -- $250 in labor and a $24 part.

    I've been a Honda family for 20 years, but my next car will not be a Honda. All it would have taken for me to be happy was token cost sharing, but the attitude of the dealer was so poor that I'm turned off Hondas for good. There are plenty of well made cars around now -- Honda is not the only game in town.
  • It's not too late to appeal to Honda America, and the contact info is all over this website. Dealers' attitudes vary, but Honda America has the final say. Go for it!

  • I realize this forum is directed at Honda CRV's, but I have a 2002 Acura RSX which appears to have the same compressor failure as the CRV. I was driving home from the airport when all the sudden I started hearing this metal-metal grinding coming from the front of the car. Once I got the car home, I realized that the A/C was triggering the noise. I have taken the car into the Acura dealership and I'm awaiting word to see A) what the problem is (officially) and B) if Honda/Acura will cover the costs. Not so lucky for me, my warranty expired about 3 months ago and the car only has 48k miles on it. Does anyone know what other Honda/Acura models may be affected by this problem? I haven't been able to find a forum specifically for Acura's demonstrating the same issue.
  • sgpsgp Posts: 13
    I was told by a mechanic at a Honda dealership that the Element has the same problem.
  • My CRV is fixed with minimal costs, and I want to say thank you!
    After fidning this forum, I went through the recommended motions of obtaining a case# and bringing it into the local Honda dealership. The Svc Mgr called and quoted me at $2,800 and Honda would pay half (our CRV was purchased used at a Nissan dealership, with no Honda service). I called corporate and spoke with a rep who forwarded my case to a case manager. The next day I faxed a nice letter (as recommended) pleading my case for Honda to cover the repair. After playing phone tag, I spoke with the case manager on 9-1, who told me that the 50% was the decision that was made. I then, sternly but politely, explained that I am a loyal Honda driver (this is my 4th in 11 years) and I expect Honda to stand behind their product. I said that I understand that my CRV is not a certified used Honda nor has any Honda service been done to it, so I would agree to paying the labor costs. My case manager agreed and I told her this is a win-win, and to tell her boss that she just saved a Honda customer. My labor costs are $800, which I am perfectly happy with, because this message board just saved me $2,000. Thanks!!
    My advice for newcomers: Get a case number. Give it to the service department at the drop-off. Wait until you get your quote, and find out who your case manager is. Fax them a nice letter ASAP explaining that Honda should stand behind their product and explain your loyalty. Your case manager should call not give in to their original offer.

    Thanks again for all the help on this board! Good luck to all who are still working on their case!
  • Just to give an update on the Acura situation: I got a call back yesterday and it is indeed the same compressor issue and the entire A/C system is damaged and needs to be replaced. I must commend Acura because they told me everything would be covered by Honda/ questions asked. They gave me a loaner for the time without the car and I must say the entire experience was handled with more professionalism than I ever could have expected. The service manager told me that was the difference between buying a Honda and buying an Acura, but that doesn't make much sense to me seeing as the same defective part was used in both brands.
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    Well known problem with my Honda dealer. Took my 2002 CR-V with 66,000 miles to check hot air blowing. Dealer called back to say bad news, complete system failure, good news he had already called Honda and gotten approval for a complete system replacement at no cost to me. After reading many of the posts here I feel my dealer went to bat for me since I purchased the car new and have had all service work done at this dealership.
    I suggest new compressor failure owners try to get a dealer on your side before calling Honda.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    To all that had compressor failures. Were the preventaitve maintenance procedures for the Air conditioning system outlined in the OWNER's MANUAL followed? I have an 06 CR-V and come from a long line of Honda cars and a bike. I always follow the OWNER's MANUAL recommendations for severe service. but, Honda has one perculiarity in the OWNER's MANUAL, where it recommends running A/c for a minimum of 10 minutes per week, even when you don't need A/C. I know that A/c comes on automatically when you select DEFOG mode, but I have reprogrammed mine not to do that. So, I usually run A/C on my way to work on Monday mornings even in the winter. I have yet to have A/c problems with any of the Hondas. I still have a 1988 Honda Prelude, which makes her 18 years old and the A/c works fine. I did have to re-charge it a few years back, and convert it to R-134, but the compressor never exploded.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I know that A/c comes on automatically when you select DEFOG mode, but I have reprogrammed mine not to do that."

    I had thought that the "reprogram" only turned off the "AC" light, not the compressor.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 177,234
    Nope... it turns off the compressor...

    Actually, on mine, the compressor still comes on.... the re-programming just allows me to turn it off manually... something I couldn't do before re-programming..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • I run either the AC or the defrost at least once a week (if not every day), even in winter. I live in Texas, and it is very common to run the AC during "winter" months. I still had an AC problem. But Honda covered half.
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