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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • PLEASE HELP; my 2002 honda rear hatch glass will not latch and I can't see why.Nothing is blocking it but there my be a small plastic piece missing from the latch,is there any where to get a picture of this assembly to see how it is suppose to look.Yes the lite is on on the dash and the release button works ok.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Try the Honda CR-V Owners: Problems & Solutions discussion instead; we're focusing on the A/C in here.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Thanks for the quick reply. I was thinking of the person who said that they only got about 10 days of A/C per year and theirs failed. I thought maybe I was onto something, because Honda is probably the only manufacturer, at the only on I know of, that requires for the A/C to be run once a week on a regular basis.

    As far as reprogram goes, yes, the A/C still comes on when you select DEFOG, along with the light, but I can manually turn it off. In the OEM program, which is mentioned in the OWNER's MANUAL, the A/C comes on but the light does not, and there is no manual over ride.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "Actually, on mine, the compressor still comes on.... the re-programming just allows me to turn it off manually... something I couldn't do before re-programming.."

    Right, I reprogrammed mine also. However the point is that the A/C compressor always comes on when "Defrost" is selected. I can be turned off, but it always engages.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 177,118

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  • I run my A/C all the time and it still failed (38,000 miles). It did not explode like the other posts state - the compressor was just cycling more rapidly and not cooling. There was a pressure build up which vented out the relief valve though. Fortunately the only item needing replacement was the compressor - not the entire system. I think what may have helped was that I added an oil charge a couple of years ago. Sounds like maybe Honda has some issues with their compressor supplier?
  • I have 2002 CRV ex, in june my ac worked one day and then the next day it did not. It was taken to the dealer for a drivebelt and water pump change, I requested that the ac be checked.... since it seemed to be blowing warm air. The car has 120,000 miles on it, mostly highway, and I care for it.

    I was told that the compressor had shattered, along with some other new parts it needed...the estimate was aprox. 1800. I declined to have it fixed. I called American Honda Corp. in June, because i read on the net that other people were having the same problems. The representive denied that there was a problem with the air conditioners and did not offer any assistance. I didn't see there was any choice but to go the summer without the ac because I do not have the cash for that type of repair.

    If anyone is able to give me some advice on how to proceed at this point, it would be appreciated. I copied the fax number down and will send a fax out to them tomorrow. Any advice on what to write in the letter. :mad:
  • Bottom line -- BE PERSISTENT! :P The same thing happened when I called -- and I asked for the fax number -- I then proceeded to contact them via fax (did not mention the fact I had called) -- and put in the fax about the fact I knew it was a problem -- (our vehicle is a 2001 with 87K and we bought from an individual and it was fixed a couple of weeks ago). I put in the letter that we are loyal Honda customers - and have been very satisfied until now - and expected them to take care of it through the Good Will Warranty. I received a call almost immediately from a "case manager" -- she advised us to get an estimate from the dealer (the only cost to us was the estimate and that was $81) - the total cost of repair was covered through American Honda -- and it would have been about $1,700. I was also contacted as it appears the Washington Post is planning to do a story about this - or have already! There are a lot of people out there who don't know about this site -- and, a lot of people whom have taken the "first no" for an anwer. :mad:
  • my AC compressor went out 2 weeks ago. I'm a little peeved because I sure don't have to money to be paying for a new one. we found a remanufactured one on the internet for $380 I just have to find someone to replace it. I took it to the Honda house and they wanted to put it on the diagnostic machine...But I already knew what was wrong with it. being in texas I have to run the AC daily. maybe I need to go back there tomorrow and talk to them again.
  • I faxed a letter to both numbers that I found on this site.....any idea how long it should take for me to hear something from honda, and if i don't hear anything back, should I then call them????
  • To my knowledge, all the '02 and '03 CRv's are still all being make in Japan.
  • I was told by a mechanic at a Honda dealership that the Element has the same problem.

    I was told by my local Honda Shop (Honda-Dr) that the CRvs and Element are having A/C problems. Quoted 1700 to replace complete A/C system on 2002 CRV.
  • the OWNER's MANUAL, where it recommends running A/c for a minimum of 10 minutes per week, even when you don't need A/C.

    Down here in Texas, we run the a/c pretty much year round. LOL
  • We are dealing with the A/C compressor issue at the moment. We got the "no" from the Honda case representative assigned to us. Just a couple of weeks ago we had to have a new motor put on our driver side window to the tune of $350.00. Three months ago, the transmission needed replaced - Honda DID NOT cover the entire cost - leaving us to pay $900. This latest compressor issue will cost us $1300. We DO NOT have the money to keep putting into this car. We will NEVER again buy a Honda - we had a Ford Taurus station wagon for 13 years and put NO serious money into it at all. Ironically, 2 different friends also had Fords (one a 1989 and the other a 1995) that they are still driving. What does that say for Honda?
  • My compressor went blew up in August and luckily I found this forum. I calmly called Honda Corp. to tell them which dealership I'd be taking my car to. I told her I had found this website and that there appears to be a defect with the CRV compressors. The rep would not give me case number, but noted the dealership info. I went to the dealership and of course, they'd never heard of a problem.
    This forum is up over 100 posts from when I originally posted myself and if Honda Corp says they have no knowledge of the problem it is a flat out lie. They paid for my repair-in full, but have wised up and I guess realize especially in the summer, we all need our A/C fixed yesterday and will go ahead and pay for all or part. The fact of the matter is, I was out of warranty and Honda accepted my claim because the system is defective. As far as I can see, their decision not to cover everyone to save money is just a short term solution on their part. It's unfortunate for them that they are so short sighted as in the long run and from what I've been reading in the posts of late, they have lost many return customers.
    As far as that Washington Post article, I had sent my info in a long time ago with no contact-so much for help of that sort. Again, I ask-Does anyone know who can be contacted with an issue such as this?
  • What about a class action suit? If enough people are interested that could be one way to head? When I mentioned all the complaints on the Internet to the representative at Honda he dismissed all the information saying Honda had no idea of a problem. I told him what was on the Internet was TRUE - real people with real Honda problems - and Honda was in denial.

    Also, after having to spend $1300 on the car, when it was picked up from the dealership it was NEITHER washed nor swept. Walmart sweeps the car for a $16.00 oil change!
  • I got a call from the dealer the other day offering to cover parts, which would leave me with a bill of over 600 dollars, this is pretty unacceptable because I am reading how many other have had it covered in full or at a much lower cost. If they had offered this to me in June when my ac compressor went, I may have taken it, but not after going thru the entire summer without A/C, (and it was brutal in that 110 heat index we had)....

    I asked why I was not contacted by Honda corp....just said they requested the dealer call me.
    The person at the dealer stated that because of my mileage, that I should take some responsibilty for the labor. What does an AC unit have to do with Mileage?!?!?! I sure didn't run it for every mile I drove. Also, these compressors have failed on cars with much less mileage. If I don't hear from Honda corp on Monday, I will be giving them a call. This is becoming frustrating....I pay for repairs on the car, I don't expect Honda to replace everything that breaks.... this is obviously a defect with the part, why are they not stepping up and taking care of it for me.
  • "What about a class action suit? If enough people are interested that could be one way to head? When I mentioned all the complaints on the Internet to the representative at Honda he dismissed all the information saying Honda had no idea of a problem. I told him what was on the Internet was TRUE - real people with real Honda problems - and Honda was in denial."

    Thanks for answering... I started with a question about this issue to my local BBB-Has anyone tried that? I know when it's hot, you just want your A/C fixed. There is an auto department on the BBB website dedicated to car issues-I started filling out the form, but Honda did paid 100% for my repair even though I was out of warranty, so the form really didn't apply to me. I don't know why I was one of the lucky ones, maybe there have been just too many repairs since and they just say "no" and if you persist, they throw you a bone-like parts, but not labor. Honda has to be aware of the problem. Almost everyone on the forum has mentioned they've call headquarters-so that's a flat out lie to say they've no idea of a problem.
    It's just not fair that we as consumers should have to pay for Honda equipping their vehicles with defective components-we've already committed to purchasing their vehicle with the idea that they are dependable.
    I also put a question onto about a class action law suit-I think only the lawyers win with that deal though, but maybe if approached that way, any future repairs would be covered...I don't know how that works.
    Good Luck to you all-I will update if I get anything worthwhile, but will everyone out there hop on the bandwagon and contact the BBB if that idea pans out? I don't know if it would have helped, but I was ready to go to an attorney if they had turned down my claim or expected me to pay even for part of my repair. I don't think it would have even cost much for a local attorney to contact them-probably as much as Honda's "diagnostic" fee:}
  • Hi all, I'm glad I found this page! (or I hope I am). The compressor blew yesterday on my 2002 CRV, with 9,000 miles on it (yes, 9,000). I took it in to Brown's here in Arlington where I bought it, and was quoted $2100, with the usual 'flush the system and replace hoses' spiel. It's interesting to see the wild difference in price quotes for basically the same repair. I approved it and came home. Then I found this thread.

    I went ahead and got a case # at Honda, and put in a call to my service manager, who has yet to call back. Hopefully armed with all this and the FAX number, I can get some reimbursement.

    Thanks everyone for posting!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Let us know what happens!

    tidester, host
  • We were totally happy wih Honda taking care of it for us and very efficiently -- and we bought a brand new Honda Pilot yesterday. Loyal customers :)
  • Terry DC again from earlier today. I called Honda, got a little resistance from the front-line woman, but got a case #. I emailed the service manager with the info (web site link and case #, that I was a loyal Honda owner 3 cars purchased, 2 leased, the last three from this dealer) and asked if they could get Honda to cover it. I soon got an email back from my service manager saying he had already called Honda on my behalf (I wonder if he really did on his own initiative or if it was after my call) and that Honda had agreed to pay the parts ($1300 for compressor, clutch, hoses) but they would call the Regional Representative and ask to get it all covered.

    The Service Director called a little while ago to say that the RR did indeed agree to cover everything, and my car was ready. So yes there is definitely a pattern, and it seems like getting the dealer on your side can help. I paid $0.

    Picked it up and it's blasting cold air. I forgot to ask if it was the next generation compressor though.

    Thank you all, this thread saved me $2100! :)
  • I contacted the BBB in Omaha and explained my situation and experience with O'Daniel Honda. They forwarded my complaint on to them for a reply. They responded stating that they were willing to repair my vehicle for $2,000. I followed up stating that I was not satisfied with their response referencing this site. The BBB sent my response to O'Daniel Honda and they did not respond. Several weeks later, the BBB sent me a notice notifying me that although I was not satisfied, they (BBB) consider the issue resolved because O'Daniel is willing to repair my vehicle - at my expense!
  • Hello,

    I'd discovered my A/C compressor problem just this past Saturday. Made an appt. for Monday the 18th. After taking it in I decided to check the internet to get an estimate of the part cost(s), etc. and LO AND BEHOLD I happen upon this wonderful information. I am so thankful to all. Honda took care of everything to my satifisfaction.

  • Now - why, after reading all of the postings, did you contact the BBB? That will solve NOTHING -- you must contact American Honda! Your objective is to get a case # and they likely will tell you NO the first time -- you must be persistent -- again, the BBB venue will not be to your advantage. :confuse:
  • Okay, I did my homework and found out the following info-I filed a complaint as well and if everyone does this there will be enough people to warrant an investigation into the CRV compressor issue problem.

    We all need to contact the FTC-Federal Trade Commission-I spoke with a rep and told him about this site and how many people are reporting the same exact problem with their a/c systems and how regardless of whether people are in or out of warranty that Honda will first-deny they've ever heard of this problem and then either pay all, part, or none of the repair.

    All complaints are entered into a data base and the rep said if they get enough complaints,that they have lawyers who will further investigate the claims. So, now it's up to all of you-even if you've been partially compensated, they need to know.

    Call the FTC-Federal Trade Commission-Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-877-382-4357. I'll even give you the prompts to talk to a rep. Press 4, then 5, then 2, then 3 and you will be on hold for a rep.

    You can additionally call the Consumer Protection Bureau in your state.

    Please keep the forum informed as to whether you've called and any additional info you may have-This is the contents of the email sent to me after I made my phonecall:

    This is in response to your recent complaint. The Federal Trade Commission acts in the public interest to prevent unfair and deceptive practices in the marketplace. Letters such as yours help us monitor activities and identify problem areas.

    The Commission does not resolve individual complaints. However, the information you have provided concerning the practices of the company will be considered to determine what, if any, action should be taken by the Federal Trade Commission in the public interest.

    Again, thank you for bringing your experience to our attention.
  • I have a 2004 CR-V, I took it into the dealership back in early March when it was still under warranty, complaining of a terrible odor coming from the AC and telling them that since the odor it hadn't been blowing very cold. The dealership looked at it and told me that unfortunately they couldn't find anything, that if it wasn't broken, they couldn't fix it. Last Wednesday it just blew up, my RPM's just dropped and smoke started coming out of the vents.
    I took it into the dealership this morning and asked them about the "after warranty assistance" so I'm waiting to hear back from them. I am so fortunate to have found this blog and can let Honda know how many others this has happened to.
    Thanks for all the info that everyone has posted.
    Yeah, just heard from the dealership, honda will cover 75% which will leave my cost at around $600 or less and it will come with a 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty. I did however find out that they are replacing it with the same compressor, honda hasn't made a replacement part which I believe they should.
  • I was the person to post message #1 on this site. I left the next am at 5 for a 10 day trip down into the Grand Canyon. When I got home, my job immediately took me to south Louisiana in the hurricane affected countryside. It was raining frequently and there were West Nile mosquitoes, and I couldn't keep my windows open. I needed my AC. Messages indicated that I made a mistake buying a non-Honda corp warranty,(Warranty Direct) that was a sponsor of this site. My dealer quoted me $2700. to repair, and wouldn't work with the warranty. She did make an unusual remark, when I asked why they had to replace all the parts, and not just the condensor..she said "In our exprerience this is what is required in the long run." Obviosly they had encountered this before.
    Thus I probably didn't have much of a chance with Honda, so i found someone to repair my car, using the warranty, for $500. I would have preferred Honda parts. I kept up with my service schedule, all being done at the dealership. I will call the FTC. By the way, I am female, and none of my friends know about, so there are quite a few people out there getting repairs we don't know about, some covered with an extended warranty, some shelling out the bucks, some going to other places. I don't know what percent is represented here, but I bet it's less than 1/3.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    If you're going to be a rabble rouser (unnecessary IMHO) at least spell the vehicle's name correctly. I'm sure they know what you mean but you'd have a little more credibility if you could spell the name correct.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Heh, we have at least 7 discussions here talking about the "CRV." It's sort of like typos in the forum - if it's clear what you are saying, no one much cares.

    Even the various Honda country sites don't agree on whether it's a "Compact Recreational Vehicle" or a "Comfortable Runabout Vehicle"
  • I took my car to the Honda House that I bought it from this morning. They called back this evening to tell me that he had bad news and some really good news. First is that the WHOLE system is going to have to be replaced. that was the bad news...but the really good news is that they are going to do it for free, like it would be under warranty even though it isn't. They were the first and only people I spoke to. I never even called American Honda. I figured I would see what they had to say and if I didn't like the answer I got that I would elevate it to a high authority.
  • Hi CRV owners, my wife posted message #287 about our CRV and the compressor problem. I thought I would add a few things, First I'm so glad we found this site because it gave us some good information before we talked to our service representative. Also I have learned a few things. Before we brought it to Honda we had a mechanic friend look at the vehicle who immediately said compressor had blown. I called Honda parts department just to get an idea of what this was going to cost and I quote the guy in the parts department said OH
    you must have one of the exploding compressors. So the fact Honda claims they have never heard of the problem is complete pucky. the price for parts alone totaled $1600 and I found it odd that the smallest Honda dealer in town stocked all the parts. So I called a second Honda dealer and talked to the wholesale parts department and flat out asked if these cars go through compressors or what? Yes they do was my answer. So why has Honda not issued a recall on this, Hmmm if I had to guess it would probably be that it is not a safety issue. Were getting off good with a $600 repair but I think it does not say much for Honda that they have a $400 compressor that can do so much damage. We will contact FTC and Honda America and post how it goes. Until Honda offers a revised compressor were all at risk for future repairs.
  • I am 100% in "accord"ance (LOL) with bill104's post.


    marymaryquite states:
    "My 2002 CRV needed a new compressor in 09/05 at 69,000 miles, and because it was out of warranty, I paid for it. Yesterday, eleven months and 24,000 miles later, the SECOND compressor went out...
    Am I supposed to break down, get towed, and pay $1,000 a year, just to keep my AC running? I don't think so!"

    Honda resolved her paying 1/2 the bill for a third compressor-how kind and generous.

    Most of us can't afford to run out and purchase a BRAND NEW Honda Pilot or the like, but we purchased our CRV's because they are Honda's and we were comforted by the reliability reputation that the company holds...
    For most of us, if we had not happened upon this site, we would have likely had to pay for the total repair of our A/C's. And for most of us, as well, $2000.00 or more is a lot of money to spend on any auto repair, but when the repair is because of a manufacturers defect and the company repeatedly denies of ever hearing of the problem-what kind of "loyalty" to their customers is that?
    Sure, for those of us who had our repairs paid in full, it offers satisfaction, but how can some discover this site, be happy that it help THEM, and not be a bit disheartened by the treatment many other people on this forum are receiving?
    I am happy I was taken care of, but I took care of me, not Honda, because I was informed about this defect and approached them pleasantly, but confident that they would take care of the repair.
    No, at this time, I would not purchase another Honda and as I continue to read post after post of consumers being denied replacement, I feel my decision is warranted. If any of you out there care about how OTHERS are getting treated, call the FTC and report this problem so that the repairs are covered and our confidence in Honda can be restored.
    Hope I spelled everything correctly as I type quickly-
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Hope I spelled everything correctly as I type quickly

    We do have a spell check feature and, best of all, there's no charge for it! :)

    tidester, host
  • tidester-
    Best of all is this forum!-I am so grateful that I found it-It truly has helped a lot of people save a lot of money and with no charge at all-What a wonderful, informative service the whole website provides. My husband is in the market for a used luxury car and I told him, "Make sure you check before you buy anything." Thanks so very much!
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    It's sort of like typos in the forum - if it's clear what you are saying, no one much cares.

    I do care how a vehicle's name is spelled, it's a proper noun. Mispelling a word (as in my misspelling misspelling) is a bit different IMO.
  • I spoke with American Honda twice since my last post, I am really not getting anywhere.... they are basically willing to cover parts and nothing more. They do not want to know what I have read on the internet etc etc. not interested in what has been done for other people....(well I sure am) Claiming they decide this on a case by case basis. I think the dealer has alot to do with it. I basically have a time frame to decide what to do with my AC ...either suck it up and pay the labor cost or continue without AC...I asked if I would be reimbursed for the labor charges should there be a recall, don't think that will happen unless it is within 30 days. I also asked to speak with a district manager and was told not at this time. Anyone willing to offer any more advice on what to do. Am I being unreasonable here???, I mean if you fix it for others, why not for me, and what are they basing their decision on?
  • I DID contact American Honda - See my earlier posts. Honda refused to help and no one at Honda will answer my question, "How long should an A/C compressor last?" I contacted the BBB primarily regarding O'Daniel Honda in Omaha. My experience with them was awful as well. :lemon:
  • We have an '02 CR-V with about 90,000 miles on it. We took it in on Fri. the 22nd because the a/c had ceased to cool and were told that a component in the system had failed contaminating the entire system with metal shards. Compressor had failed, but because of metal shards, simply replacing it was not sufficient. We would have to replace every component of the system through which freon flows! One of service reps at dealer has acknowledged that there is a problem - am in the process of seeing what they'll do about it. It was implied that they are doing something unofficially.
  • I had the same experience with my Honda dealer. The service adviser told me that the only A/C issue they had seen was with an older model Odyssey. You think he was saying that the problem may be with other Hondas as well? :confuse: Anyway, they contacted Honda Corporate on my behalf and replaced the compressor under a good will warranty but did not cover the labor. When I contacted Honda directly, they asked me what the service manager said. My impression is that the decision on repair work is left up to the local service manager. The labor only cost me $300 because only the compressor failed. Funny though, the dealer managed to sell me an additional $300 work to replace a CV boot because there was grease on it. Their methods work because when they offer assistance on the job, the customer is more likely to pay for other "repairs."
  • dmr1dmr1 Posts: 1
    Here is another instance of the same problem. My wife and I have been driving around for 2 weeks with no air conditioning (in GA!!) because of this seemingly recurring problem. The compressor in ours had "internal components fall apart and damage the lines." (per Dealer's svc rep) Our dealer is requesting $3,100 in repairs (Hennesey Honda in Woodstock, GA-for those keeping score). My first CAR did not cost that much! Why Honda America has not stepped up to the plate and issued a recall on this obvious defect is beyond me. They have called Honda America to see about covering at least a portion of the cost. I will certainly keep you all posted. Thanks so much for opening this forum. It's nice to know we're not the only ones infuriated by this.
  • Has anyone had any luck with getting them to cover the repair in full recently? It looks like most people who have gotten this done were having problems during the summer, which makes me :mad: because my compressor went in june. I was not able to get anywhere with the american honda representative, basically they will take another 10% off the labor. Which leaves me with a bill for about 600ish... I will have to see the actual bill when it is repaired. I struggled with this decision to get it fixed, 600 is quite a large repair bill for an AC...I could buy 3 ac's for my home!!! I tried to be as persistent as possible and still ended up with a large bill to be covered. I will be making some more phone calls after the car is fixed. I will be calling the FTC and also american honda again. I am hoping that with some more persistence on everyones part maybe there will be a recall and some reimbursement. This is obviously a part defect. I really can't help but feel really cheated after reading that others have had the repairs covered in full. I don't think I will be buying a Honda again and I certainly will not be going to the dealer who did not make my best interests their priority. Sad for them cause the car is nearly paid for and we are thinking of a second car when we are paid up.
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    Follow up to post #255. Each "failure customer" is rated by the dealer or American Honda as either a great past, present, or pontential future customer and a dollar amount assigned. A partial adjustment for an out of warranty problem will make most customers feel humbled to get something for an out of warranty problem, but 100% coverage is possible and I suspect most that were covered 100% have not looked at this site. Good luck to all future compressor failure owners.
  • I would go to a different dealership. you may have to go to a neighboring town but you might be able to get a better answer there. You don't have to have it repaired at the same place you bought it from.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I struggled with this decision to get it fixed, 600 is quite a large repair bill for an AC...I could buy 3 ac's for my home!!!

    Somebody beat you to that!

  • crlowcrlow Posts: 3
    Honda is going to pay for the parts, but not the repairs of our car. When I asked why some people were getting it all paid for, they told me that it's because we don't have our routine maintenance such as oil changes done at the dealership. What crap huh?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Somebody beat you to that!

    LoL! Apparently the unit obstructs the driver's view judging from the mashed in fender and broken taillight. Do not try this at home, kids!

    tidester, host
  • geeneegeenee Posts: 15
    ha thats too funny, I actually looked up information on installing a portable ac somehow, some site gave some instructions but it was a little too complicated for me, had to convert power from the battery and stabilze the air conditioner so that it wouldn't become a projectile!!! That car sure does look like a hazard, but just goes to show what people are willing to do to avoid overpriced repairs.

    I am surprised it's a lincoln and not a honda ;)

    As for not getting oil changes done at the dealership....thats ridiculous, why would I drive my car 50 miles to the dealership and then 50 miles home to have them do something my boyfriend can easily do. That just does not make sense, the dealership has to realize that an oil change is not that complicated, I wouldn't mind the dealership doing the oil change, its not even expensive, its the driving distance that's not practical.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    600 is quite a large repair bill for an AC...I could buy 3 ac's for my home!!!

    I assume you are talking about window a/c units because I doubt you can get a central system for that amount and certainly not three of them. With three window units your house will look almost as good as the car above. LOL.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Here's another option that costs about as much as a window A/C and it heats too:


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