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Honda CR-V AC Compressor Problems



  • Did anyone notice your gas milage decreasing before you're A/C went out?
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    Mid July driving around DC, air just started blowing hot, gas mileage was the same as I check it between each fill called it "black death problem, entire system needed replacement". Drove the car for the next five hot August weeks waiting for the back-ordered parts to come in since so many are having this problem. Received 100% cost replacement the first week of Sept., dealer kept the car for two days to get it fixed.
  • hi808hi808 Posts: 3
    I have an 2004 crv with 34k miles on it and my AC compressor just "BLEW UP"......Since its still under warranty honda is covering the repair...But what happens the next time it happens ....I only have less than 2k miles left on my warranty....Can still get the extended coverage?...Does anyone know?....If they're so many problems with the "AC" WHY NOT DO A RECALL!!!!!
  • hi808hi808 Posts: 3
    Just wondering when you guys mention "BLACK DEATH" are you guys talking about the compressor blowing up.......
  • sgpsgp Posts: 13
    You should still be able to get an extended warranty if you are still within the original warranty period.
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    "BLACK DEATH"...the entire system, all hoses and parts are contaminated with metal shards from the compressor. Anywhere the freon flows has to be replaced, not just the compressor or the system will fail again with the remaining metal shards that were not removed. I suspect some second and third failures are caused by the complete system not being replaced.
    Will never be a recall, not a safety issue, and most of the failures occur after the warranty period, in my case four years and 60,000 miles.
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    In my case, the compressor did not actually blow up, just shaved the metal shards through the entire system causing the failure.
  • Believe me, when the compressor does that, it is "Blown Up"!
  • I just happened upon this thread, and since I'm not a CRV owner, my wife is and I was wondering if she should expect the same thing maybe happening to hers when it gets around four years old? Is the same AC/ Compressor in the 2006 models as with the earlier ones that are just now starting to have these major problems? One good thing is that in about four years she will probably only have around 27,000 miles on the thing.
  • The compressors were countermeasured and the replacement parts were improved. The 06 CRV will not experience this problem
  • whew63whew63 Posts: 19
    It is to my understanding that recalls are generally only "forced" if the problem is a safety related issue-in other words, someone has to DIE or get seriously injured in order to force a company to step-up to the plate and be accountable for their defective equipment.
    Our only avenue at this point is to contact the FTC and if they get enough reports of the same problem they will have a team of attorney's follow up on the problem...So if any of you who have had your A/C replaced either free or otherwise and want the repair covered partly or in whole when it does happen again, you need to take the initiative, be proactive, and make a phone call-Please see my message #286.
    You've taken the time to contribute here and the information is very helpful. Now please take a few minutes to possibly contribute to resolving this costly problem. If this forum is only an avenue for you to vent, plan on coming up with another $2000 (more or less) in a year or two.
    We all need to contact the FTC-Federal Trade Commission-I spoke with a rep and told him about this site and how many people are reporting the same exact problem with their a/c systems and how regardless of whether people are in or out of warranty that Honda will initially deny they've ever heard of this problem and then either pay all, part, or none of the repair.

    All complaints are entered into a data base and the rep said if they get enough complaints,that they have lawyers who will further investigate the claims. So, now it's up to all of you-even if you've been partially compensated, they need to know.

    Call the FTC-Federal Trade Commission-Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-877-382-4357. I'll even give you the prompts to talk to a real person. Press 4, then 5, then 2, then 3 and you will be on hold for a rep.

    Keep this forum posted if you've made the call
  • What years are having the problems? I have an '05 CRV. Thanks
  • whew63whew63 Posts: 19
    It seems the reports of failure are on 2002-2004 Honda CRV's or else it is just taking 2-3 years for the compressors to blow. As stated in message #320:

    "The compressors were countermeasured and the replacement parts were improved. The 06 CRV will not experience this problem."

    What I can't understand is, if Honda is not aware of any problems, as they repeatedly claim, with the A/C systems in the older models, why would they opt to change this in the '06 CRV's?! :confuse:

    GOOD LUCK!!!
  • And another 2003 CRV with a failed compressor.

    Off to the dealership with it Friday where the service rep mentioned that they had seen a few blowen compressors recently when asked if AC system failures were common.

    update to follow...
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I ended up getting the AC compressor fixed, but with numerous issues....first had scheduled the appointment....I brought it to the dealer....they didn't have the lines, and then I have to drive all the way back again the next week.....second....The second time I took it to the dealer I asked the service man what the estimate was again on the labor...he says 350.00 hmmm thats much lower then I thought, I ask him again..."are you sure about that, I thought it was different price" he says "Yes we are sure, I diagnosed the problem myself" he says. He even types it in on the I leave the car there and overnight and of course I get a call in the morning. The other service man says you know we quoted this price back in May. I argue and say the man told me 350.00 last night....of course lose the argument because I am at work, I am school nurse busy with issues and have no time to argue over this on the phone, especially during work hours, I am fed up and just want the car fixed, so I ok the repair, he takes another 50 bucks off the bill. He should have stuck with the last quoted price, I even think it may be legally binding that he typed it on the bill. So I paid in total 583 to have fixed, what in my opinion, should not have broken in the first place. The car is about 4 years old regardless of mileage I think it is still unacceptable. I brought my car to Lia honda of Albany and I will not be bringing it there for any more repairs. I am done. I will drive south or further north. I really think they could have done better for me. And I will be writing american honda regarding them quoting me two different prices, and the insensitivity of the american honda representative. Does anyone know if this job actually takes 7-8 hrs to complete? and why there would have been such a difference in quotes two different service people? I won't be buying another honda either. In the long run I think 350.00 would have been a fair deal for the repair, ironic how honda and lia will lose me as a customer for all of 230.00 that they couldn't eat.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    The replacement is, as mechanics say, "involved".... :sick:

    I wouldn't say they over-charged you hours.
  • [QUOTE who="rogerbob"]My air compressor blew after 39k miles. I've heard this may be a 2004 problem. Anyone else experience the problem?[/QUOTE]

    I bought a used 04-CRV in september and the dealer (Indy Honda) did not tell me that the A/C was bad and made me sign the As-is document. When I went home I suspected that the A/C is not getting cold so I made a check from the dealer and found that the copressor had blown and metal contaminated. The dealer said he wont do anything as I have signed the as-is document. then I called up american honda and they investigated the case and the dealer told them that I knew the a/c is bad still i bought the car (which is a lie. why shd i buy a bad a.c car) american honda declined to give any kind of assistance. i called up dealer 100 times but they are not ready to take up the expenses and neither honda is. what should i do now? i have been decived by the dealer. should i file a law suit against the dealer? what do u suggest?
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    This, unfortunately, falls under "lessons learned". Since you signed the "as is" sales contract, you have no action. :(

    If someone wants you to sign a "as is" document, never buy that car. There is a reason they want it signed, and always it has something to do with repairs needed, and a big cost....
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    "Some states do not permit used cars to be sold "as is"." (link). See the FTC site too.

    I'd check with your local state's consumer affairs department or attorney general's office for advice.
  • Sorry to hear your bad luck with that dealer, but I am amazed that you didn't check out the used car better when you examined it. I would suggest that you look at the cars much more closely before you buy your next one. When it comes to used cars, you can never take anybodys word for anything, there is NO word. Here's a few tips that might help next time. You have to check everything yourself, right down to the very last detail. The best thing to do is go with a comprehensive checklist on a clipboard and check every thing item by item and mark each item either good or bad. It is better if you take a friend, you can get through the list faster. It takes me at least an hour to thoroughly check out a car with my wife helping, and that does NOT include the 30 minute or longer road test and final assement. I check all the engine and mechanical stuff, and she checks all the doors, windows, lights, interior, paint and stuff like that. Myself, I must be very careful, as I am buying a 5 or 6 year old car that I must drive for 6 years. I don't know how many cars that I have checked and found that the spare tire or jack or lug wrench was missing or even the Wrong ones! Check all the electric windows and electric mirrors, operate each one, open and close all doors and hatches, check interior, carpets, headliner, door locks and all accessories, including AC and Radio/CD. Check all the lights and signals. Check the engine and drive train out completely. I put on my coveralls and I get all over and under the car. Check all body fit, paint, finish, tires and wheels. Check all fluid levels, checking color and smell of the fluids, look for any fluid leaks. Check everything under the hood with great care, like the AC. Check the suspension and shocks for operation and any noise by bouncing the car at all four corners. Then take it for the famous test drive, but check all the indicator lights and gauges when you first turn on the key, before you start the engine, and again after you start the engine. Have someone behind the car watching for excessive smoke when it starts. On the road, check for proper operation of the engine, transmission, brakes, any noises or sounds, suspension and instrumentation. I have a checklist in my computer that I print out several copies when I go car shopping, it has over 200 items to check. Check every item that you can think of and mark them all down and make an assessment of the car, looking at all that is good about the car verses whatever you have found wrong with the car. Write the Car Year, Make, Model, Style, miles, engine, color, features, asking price AND the DATE at the top of the list. Make a complete report like this for each car that your are seriously interested in. Then compare all the reports and go back and bargain for the cars you liked the best. Use all the negative things you found about the car to beat the poor salesman down on his price. I've gotten some really good deals this way. In fact, I don't buy a car unless it's a really good deal. My last vehicle I bought was a 2000 in excellent condion in March of 2005 for $8,500 plus tax, when the same Year, model and type vehicle was selling for $10,000 around town. Kelly Blue Book Private Party excellent condition value was $9,500, KBB Retail was $11,650. I had to search the internet around the State of Florida and drive 100 miles to go get it, but it was well worth saving over $1,000, and it has been a wonderful and reliable vehicle up to now. One of the things I used to knock down the price was the fact that the tires did not match, the fronts were good, the rears were a size too small. I threw some good used tires on the back, and I was good to go.
    Hopefully this might help you and some others next time you go looking to buy a car. Remember to check those compressors and AC Systems before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Thank you for all your replies.
    I have opened a case with FTC as stated in message #330.

    If Honda knows that they have a problem with the A/C which comes up after the warranty has expired they should do a recall. (but they deny this fact that the a/c has problems inspite of so many complaints) . We should all open a case with FTC so that in future this is a lesson for the companies.
  • whew63whew63 Posts: 19
    THANK YOU!!!
    That's what I've been saying for a few months now. I know some of you have done so, but I am so glad to hear someone else say how important it is for the lot of us to push this issue-I think going via the FTC is our only recourse at this time-hopefully if everyone else takes just a few minutes to open up a case, even if they've gotten their repair partially or totally covered, it may protect many car buyers down the road.
    I've noticed a slowdown in the number of complaints, but when the weather heats up again, I suspect the numbers will multiply...

    Call the FTC-Federal Trade Commission-Bureau of Consumer Protection at 1-877-382-4357. The prompts to talk to a rep. are: Press 4, then 5, then 2, then 3 and you will be on hold for a rep

    Good Luck!!!
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    Recalls are mandated by the government, typically for safety related issues. I don't think this qualifies.

    A company could issue a voluntary recall or they could do goodwill repairs. Honda appears to be doing the latter.

    Check out other problem forums on Edmunds to see how they treat their customers when they have problems with an out of warranty vehicle. There are owners of so called premium brands (Volvo for one) who have received no assistance with similar problems.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I bought a used 04-CRV in september and the dealer (Indy Honda) did not tell me that the A/C was bad and made me sign the As-is document.

    I think it is illegal to force people to do something they don't want to do. So, what kind of a gun were they holding to your head when they made you sign the As Is statement? :)

    I think you should report them to the police. :)
  • whew63whew63 Posts: 19
    If you had read post #331 correctly, it states:

    "We should all open a case with FTC so that in future this is a lesson for (all) the companies."

    Above all, the website provides valuable information. Yet without this forum found within this site, most of us would never have known that there were other CRV owners who were experiencing the EXACT same problem on vehicles only 2-3years old.
    It's a big blunder to any automaker that an a/c system only used seasonally for most, fail in such a short time, regardless of miles. But for a company to deny that there are any problems reported (when one does exist) and then require their consumers pay any part of the repair is unethical.

    I think it would be monumental if this forum were a catalyst in protecting auto buyers of ANY make vehicle, via the FTC for example, the opportunity to come together, become informed, and fight back against companies who equip their product with faulty/defective parts.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    I did read the post correctly.

    You said:

    If Honda knows that they have a problem with the A/C which comes up after the warranty has expired they should do a recall.

    I told you that this issue does not warrant a recall.

    Best of luck with your case.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    It should also be noted here, running the AC only during the hot months, and not running it for a few minutes every month or so, can lead to seal failure, and worse. It is, or used to be, recommended in the owners manual of all cars, that it be "exercised" monthly, to keep the seals and bearings lubricated..... :)
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    It is, or used to be, recommended in the owners manual of all cars, that it be "exercised" monthly, to keep the seals and bearings lubricated.....

    Still is. Some just never open that book.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 176,650
    Where I live, that isn't a consideration... You use the compressor every time you defog the windows.. I guess if you live in Phoenix, you wouldn't need to do that.... but, in that case, you are probably using the A/C for a lot of the winter, anyway..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    That's just a rumor, Walt. ;)
  • inkieinkie Posts: 281
    I called the FTC and spoke to a rep. and told her about the A/C problem. She asked me if it was resloved and I said yes they fixed it but I am calling to catalog the problem to protect myself. She said they only take complaints when the problem is not resolved and I should contact Honda to see if they give extended warranties. What's What.
  • THANK YOU!!!

    I make this comment because without this website, I would not have received nearly $1,000 back for the replacement of my A/C compressor (from Honda North America). Note- I had already received a discount from my dealer, so the additional money covered ~2/3 of the cost. I could not get a complete recovery of my money, since the CR-V has over 80,000 miles on it... nonetheless- I am grateful. This website has been MOST beneficial.

    To those who have A/C compressor problems... definitely contact North American Honda and tell them about your problem... then mention this website!

    Brian Davidson
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    since the CR-V has over 80,000 miles on it... nonetheless- I am grateful. This website has been MOST beneficial.

    I would be grateful to Honda for covering a repair on a vehicle well out of warranty. Cruise the threads here to see how Ford, or GM or Volvo, etc. handle similar problems. Hint: they don't. Honda stands by their vehicles.
  • AC failed on 2002 CR-V last month. Mileage just under 74K. Japan made. Took vehicle back to Honda dealer where I purchased it. Dealer originally gave me a quote of $1875. When I mentioned that I was aware that AC failure was a problem with the CR-V, the service writer said he would talk with the service manager. Upon completion of the repair (told them to repair, regardless of who was going to pay), dealer said American Honda would cover the parts and I would just have to pay labor.

    Main components replaced were compressor, clutch, and condenser. Total parts around $1100 (no charge). Total labor just over $500.

    Not sure at this point if I will pursue this further with American Honda.
  • Yes I did experiance Engine Quit and stalled owing to failure of the compressor in my Honda CRV last month.I was at a speed of 40km/hr when this happened....suddenly loss of power to the steering wheel,no brakes and as I tried to bring the vehicle aside on a down slope steering wheel locked up and vehicle stalled at 60degree angle.Fortunately,close-in vehicles could brake before banging into my car.I would like to know if any one else to faced similar critical failure in Honda CR-V(2004) model.HondaIndia is still dodging and I found this web-site just today.
  • whew63whew63 Posts: 19
    To all of you who will continue to have problems with your A/C systems way too early in your vehicle's life and then have a good chance of it reoccuring-I WISH YOU ALL GOOD LUCK-I have kept abreast of continuing story after story and as I have said in my past post, there are fewer claims now that the weather has cooled, but I expect an upswing in complaints come summer. I decided not to live with the fear of having to go through this again as it is costly and traded in my CRV for a Toyota. I have owned Toyota's most of my life-both new and used models all with their original A/C's which honestly NEVER gave me a problem.
    I was persuaded and decided to give a Honda a try and had I seen Honda cover these repairs for everyone, I would have never purchased a vehicle by any other name. And I would have recommended, no, insisted that my children, who are just shy of driving age, buy a Honda as well. Had my vehicle's problem actually been related to excessive use or mileage or abuse, I would even be more understanding.
    Fact of the matter is, Honda really has no excuse not to cover any of the repairs I've read on this forum 100%. Most of the vehicles reported here were just out of their warranty period and none that I remember over 5 years old at the time of the "blow-up". Reliability is one of the reasons we chose to buy these vehicles in the first place. It's shameful Honda is using the "out-of-warranty" excuse for a defect in a system that is used only a few months out of the year by the majority of car owners.
    Again, good luck!
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    No one company will be perfect not even Toyota do a search on any of them. Honda ( AC, AT) Toyota ( engine Sludge) Subaru ( head gaskets) they all have had there issues but even with that they are far above the rest and with a little pushing they do take the high road. Many of others wont even give you the time of day.

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Toyota is not as problem free as you may think.
  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    To trade in a vehicle because you "might" have a problem that people have come here to complain (that's what these forums are rarely get people posting about their no problem vehicle...except the regulars of course) about is utterly ridiculous IMHO.

    You do know how many 2G CR-Vs have been sold don't you? How about how many people have had an AC problem? An insignificant percentage in the grand scheme.

    As I've said numerous times, find the problem boards for other manufacturers and see how they are treated when they have a problem. For most, Honda has done very well for them in covering a repair on out of warranty vehicles. How does your business handle a five year old problem brought to their attention? They probably don't. Most people wouldn't bother even mentioning it, but for some reason people think automobiles should be infallible, which isn't the case with such a complicated machine.

    Good luck with your Toyota. My father's Corolla had a problem with it's AC (ironic isn't it?) and a few other things as well. Hope yours is as perfect as you expect.
  • whew63whew63 Posts: 19
    Yes, I am looking forward to driving my Toyota for a long time. As I've said, I've owned Toyota"s in the past and just decided to give Honda a try. It will be refreshing for my family to actually enjoy the ride of our vehicle now as well-We can actually hear each other in this car and my husband loves the comfortable interior of our "new" vehicle. The CR-V is a nice sporty little vehicle, but definitely built for girls or smaller people like me. Great for running errands, horrible for road trips or a family outing. One thing well know about Honda's is that the seating isn't nearly as comfortable as the Toyota. But that's another thread...
    I've never taken your HO's seriously as I know you have some sort of "vested" interest in Honda. I understand it is difficult for people to see things with a proper/sympathetic perspective when their views are clouded by a green haze...I forgive you-Good Bye-Will check back here in the nice hot summer months (Maybe mid-July) to see this forum easily double in size.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "The CR-V is a nice sporty little vehicle, but definitely built for girls or smaller people like me. Great for running errands, horrible for road trips or a family outing."

    Toyotas tend to drive smoother but not have the handling of the Honda. I prefer the Honda approach.

    One either likes the CR-V seat, or one doesn't; there is little in between. I liked it.

    I and my family took a number of 2000+ mile vacations in our 2003 CR-V, and had no complaints about the seats or anything else about the vehicle. It performed well on and off road, and returned about 26.5 MPG @ 80 MPH and 31 MPG @ 60 MPH. BTW, I am 6 feet tall with long legs - hardly a "small person".

    I encourage everyone to try out every possible vehicle of the type they want to buy, then decide which one fits the individual need.
  • honda crv 2003

    plain and simple the car is junk rides very hard
    the ac unit stops working two grand to fix it
    the car is so loud
    honda really messed up with this car it really is a junk box
    i hope they make the newer ones better
    i will never buy honda again
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaPosts: 405
    Why do you hope they make the new ones better your not going to buy a new one any way ? I have said this before ALL brands will have issues some brands more than others. In 2003 the Honda CR-V for the money was a good choice its to bad that you had some bad luck. Since you just joined the form you may not have read that many of owners have been taken care of on the AC. Just like Subaru owners ( head gaskets) and Toyota owners (engine sludge) many of the issues can and will get taken care of it takes some pushing at times.

    Good Luck

  • drive62drive62 Posts: 637
    I've never taken your HO's seriously as I know you have some sort of "vested" interest in Honda. I understand it is difficult for people to see things with a proper/sympathetic perspective when their views are clouded by a green haze...

    I've been around forums for a long time but am not sure what HO is. Care to enlighten me?

    Sorry you don't take my posts seriously. No problem, like I just go to the other manufacturers problem boards and see how they treat their customers when they ask for a repair on an out of warranty vehicle.

    I forgive you-Good Bye

    Thank you for the salvation, it's especially appropriate at this time of year.

    Will check back here in the nice hot summer months (Maybe mid-July) to see this forum easily double in size.

    And IF people are having a problem it could be on a six year old vehicle and Honda will most likely do the right thing as they already have been doing. Let us know how Toyota handles your problems when you are out of warranty.

    Good bye to you.
  • Extracts of Letter to Honda informing of the failure

    Dear Mr.Gurjeet,

    I had purchased this Honda CR-V RVI AT on the 30th Jan 2004 in my company M/S Sparrow Electronics Limited from Whitefield Motors Pvt.Ltd .This vehicle has hardly run 20,000Km and been undergoing regular service at Whitefield Motors Pvt.Ltd.

    I strongly feel to bring notice of the vehicle failure and seriousness of the matter to Honda as the failure had LIFE RISK at stake.Please note the brief of the incidence as below:

    I was returning back from Levelle Road to my residence after a round of golf on the 19th Nov.2006,Sunday and while on the Richmond Road at a speed of around 40km/hr I felt total loss of control on the vehicle and loss of power in the steering wheel and panic set in my self with great difficulty could get the vehicle at left side of the road since I was on a down slope.I could not do anything further as the vehicle came to complete halt and blocked the left part of the road at an 60 degree angle.

    Lot of other vehicles coming behind had to engage sudden brake and luckily I did not get banged out.People came out and started charging at me thinking of rash driving without any control on the vehicle and looking at my state of shock and perspiration.But once I could regain my temporary loss of mind I explained the problem they tried to extend help.

    I tried to restart the engine which refused to budge so closed all knobs and tried and the engine came alive and I could move the vehicle inside the narrow lane ,composed myself and started moving out and in the meantime switched on the A/C knob and to my shock the vehicle stalled again.Hence ,I could understand the problem is to do with the air-conditioning system which is loading the engine and instead of any safety circuit breaker getting engaged which should cut power to the A/C system the whole engine would get stalled in fraction's of second.

    Hope, you can understand the seriousness of this incidence and possible life risk if such a failure happens at very high speed on a highway.Definitely,I skipped heart beats and now when I narrated the incidence to my family they suggest I don't even use this vehicle ever again.In light of this major incidence I suggest a complete "FMEA" analysis be conducted on the vehicle by Honda and a report be submitted to me assuring no such incidence can ever re-occur in this vehicle or for that matter any other vehicle of Honda since I have another Honda City CTV model which my brother uses.

    I have been proud owner of HONDA as a BRAND and this incidence has shaken me totally when I recall the experience.The feeling is more scary now in retrospect as anything could have happened.I can only thank GOD for keeping me in one shape.

    Kindly,inform this to Honda top management and if required recall all the CRV units to set right such chance of failure because someone else may not have luck to his side on that day.


    with best wishes
    Rajeev Sarda
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    honda crv 2003

    plain and simple the car is junk rides very hard
    the ac unit stops working two grand to fix it
    the car is so loud
    honda really messed up with this car it really is a junk box
    i hope they make the newer ones better
    i will never buy honda again

    To the two bolded items: Who held the gun to your head when you bought the car?

    Oh, and by the way, at 19, I think you know what punctuation is.
  • mobeemobee Posts: 13
    To Blueiedgod and Drive62 who are obviously Honda supported, Add me to the list of disgusted Honda owners. This "great" company with such reliable cars has failed me also. Not only did the a/c system "blow up" but their response was to offer 25% repair on a less than 4 year old car with barely 40k miles on it. their explanation as to why so little when others get full coverage - well its just how we are handling it".

    A $2700 repair on an a/c system after less than 4 years is unacceptable. Their (admittedly) faulty compressor ruined the rest of the system causing further damage. A reasonable company would step up and accept that and cover each customer as necessary.

    We put up with the lousy ride and cheap interior because we thought Honda was a reliable vehicle. This is not reliable and neither is the way this problem is handled.

    We have maintained the vehicle as per the owners manual and have not put the unit through unusual use. Living in Florida the system is used periodically all winter so it's not a proble of drying out seals. And, my wife prefers not to use her a/c when it's not too hot, so it doesn't get excessive use either (unlike my Nissan which gets heavily used and finally wore out a compressor after 6 years and did not damage the rest of my system - $800 repair).

    So Blueiedgod and Drive62, what smart remark do you have for me! yes some things break on cars - but if they cause further damage, that is a major fault!!!
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    To Blueiedgod and Drive62 who are obviously Honda supported

    I wish I was Supported by Honda. But it is the other way around. I give them my money. I own a Honda Car (Prelude) Honda SUV (CR-V), Honda Motorcycle (Magna), Lawnmower, and other Honda stuff.

    As to the problem, 25% for out of warranty repair is not bad either.

    Was that offer through the dealership, or did you talk directly to Honda Corporate in Torrance, CA?
  • geeneegeenee Posts: 15
    Mobee I agree 100%. These compressors should not be breaking on so many vechicles. I find it unacceptable on my car with higher mileage, I did not ever put excessive wear on the AC unit, and I am sure you are infuriated with such an expensive repair at 40,000 miles. This is obviously a faulty part issue, in which I do believe honda should have covered the entire cost of repairs and parts. In the end after all is said and done had to shell out 550 bucks to have mine repaired. Some people on these boards think we are lucky to have to shell out 550 bucks to repair the AC, I consider myself not so lucky at all. I have friends with much older cars that don't have an AC repair bill to pay. And when people say "Not a safety issue", Try and defog the windshield without AC....not real fun in a rain and ice storm. I wish Honda would step up and cover these costs for people, it seems they are paying less and less of the costs, maybe with so many repairs, its starting to add up for them. I know that my faith would have been restored had they covered my bill in total. Hey Honda people, if you are really out there, I can send you my address if you want to send me a check for the 550 I shelled out for the repair. :P
  • mobeemobee Posts: 13
    How is it that 25% is not bad? hwen some people are covered 100%. Besides what other people get, that doesn't even cover the cost of a compressor (which is the defective part)never mind the rest of the a/c systme which was ruined by the bad compressor.

    My Nissan went over 6 years and 75k miles before the compressor went but MOST IMPORTANTLY when the compressor failed it did not ruin the ENTIRE A/C SYSTEM!!!

    I have never heard of any other cars whose compressors destroy the whole system. THAT is the issue here. I have had 7 cars over the years (I routinely get 120k+) and I have NEVER had a compressor do anything like this. I have only had to replace 2 of the compressors in the other 7 cars. Thank you NISSAN!!!
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