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  • tecknoteckno Member Posts: 30
    Any ideas on how multiple drivers may affect the "learning curve" of the onboard computer?

    Any recommendations on speed, rpm and/or mileage during engine break in period?

  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Cowtown, nothing but favorable comments on this color from toll collectors to friends, neighbors, family and complete strangers. I'm really glad that my wife chose this color. I'm just thrilled with my truck, and the last tank filling on Friday, I reset the overhead computer to zero. The elapsed mileage now agrees with the digital odometer, and this morning showed an average exceeding 20 MPG if it is to be trusted. I will confirm on the next fill. When I filled the tank I was on route 72 in NJ and set the cruise for 60 MPH. Whatever, the mileage seems very good when compared with the Expedition.

  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Multiple drivers may have an adverse effect on the computer's ability to learn what is going on. If the two (or more) driving styles are significantly different the computer may struggle to figure out what is going on - in much the same way as most problems tend to occur in manuals because there is greater fluctuation in shift points etc.

    The computer will still settle down as it learns, either close to the setting for the major driver or in some kind of compromise setting.

    Break in, well common sense rules. I think that the manual gives some pretty good advice, one of the key things I would mention is that there is nothing wrong with some spirtited acceleration (and revving) for brief periods during break in. In fact it is a good thing. I wouldn't consistently cruise at much above 55mph for the first 300 miles or so, but by 500 miles in a modern vehicle you should be able to drive in a 'normal' manner (that doesn't mean red lining on every gear change).

    By about 1000 miles I would be happy getting to red line and by 3000 miles the synthetic would be in there.
  • iwantmyquadiwantmyquad Member Posts: 17
    Gsu1 and Raptor01:

    Thanks for the kind words and reassurance that I should wait for my Quad. Luckily, I won't be waiting much longer. See below.


    If you want a Quad now, have your dealer exhaust all possibilities to find one for you. Mine checked again this weekend and found one to my liking. I pick it up Wednesday.


    Finally!! The dealer checked again and found me a Quad that I liked - very close to my original order. I had to delete the 4-wheel ABS and the Power Seat, but picked up two-tone paint, sliding rear window, and skid plates for about $300 less than my original order.

    My New Specs:
    Patriot Blue Two Tone Quad Cab 4x4 SLT
    3.55 Limited Slip Diff.
    SLT Plus
    Leather Steering Wheel
    Overhead Convenience Group
    Fog Lights
    6" x 9" Mirrors
    Towing Package
    HD Service Group
    Skid Plates
    Sliding Rear Window

    I am psyched. They are going tomorrow to pick it up in Maryland - I live in Hampton, Virginia. I'll pick it up Wed. and get the Line-X spray-in and the Leer fiberglass tonneau put on Saturday. I am also going to pick up the door sill guards from the dealer's shop Wednesday. Thanks again for all of the great info, and I will post again after I have had a fair few jaunts in my new Quad!!
  • engine16cengine16c Member Posts: 18
    You mentioned that you have the security alarm system on your QC. Do you have a 5-sp or automatic. The shop manager mentioned that the Durango's on the lot had the security light that blinks. I'm wondering if the transmission may dictate the type dash.
  • colbatescolbates Member Posts: 37
    Well, after my wife telling me how small the cab felt to her I was wondering if I made the wrong choice. I could have had a F-150 XLT supercab for less with almost the same options. Then I look on the web and see my local Ford dealer has the F-150 XLT CrewCab for a couple hundred more than what I paid for my QC with almost identical options. However, thanks to edmunds, I compared the two and I feel I made the right choice. Then Sat. night I went to the supermarket and parked towards the back of the lot (to avoid door dings and cart). And to my surprise when I came out a new F-150 was parked next to my truck! It was an ext. cab, but that didn't matter. From the size comparison, I am positive I made the right choice. The F-150 is just too big for my needs and my comfort level.

    P.S. I also let my wife run errands in my truck this weekend. She loves it now. :-)
  • dannoclaydannoclay Member Posts: 1
    I have been looking at getting a Dodge Dakota for a few months, but I am hesitant because I heard that the 4.7 liter engine is the same one as in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have been told that the Jeep engine is fairly unreliable. Is it really the same engine? Has anyone had problems with their Dodges? I really like the Dakotas, but these rumors have me a little worried. I would appreciate anything anyone has to say regarding this subject. Thanks in advance.
  • themacguythemacguy Member Posts: 417
    zach - check the ebay offerings on Dakota wheels; I've seen 16" chromed 6 spoke customs go for about $250 for a set. Stock 5 spoke 15's go for about $200 - one set was chromed. Add about $80 shipping to sets of four and that's the typical deals you see there. My 17X9 R/T's (with new tires) went for $825 + $80 in the winter. Now, they sell for about $1300 and up (way, wayyyy up).

    joyjr - I've got a half dozen black vehicles - 4 of which I show from time to time. The black Quad (Sport) I bought in Dec. is the only one I've bought new. I do lots and lots of paint work, generally avoiding the black cars and leaving them to 'experts.' What I've gotten back from high dollar jobs to low are all excellent. And lasting. And show winners. Don't worry about the paint touch up on the Quad at all. What I'd worry about is the dealer attitude, although I agree that they don't want to eat the repair. Of COURSE they wouldn't notify another buyer of the repairs, AND they'd pocket the delivery defect fee(s) they'd receive from D/C - or tap an insurance policy. Whatever. Anyway, paint technology has come a long way in just the past decade; don't worry about it - just make sure the ZONE REP is TOTALLY involved!

    dannoclay - Don't know about the Jeepsters' opinions, but mine (ours) I assure you, is STRONGLY positive about the 4.7, and very few of us are Dodge types. In fact I'd go so far as to say you'd be making a mistake (though the other choices are fine) by buying any other engine choice in one if this is your first Dodge purchase. Why? It's the new corporate engine and D/C has a about half a billion invested in it. I don't believe for an instant that D/C would let this product come to market 'tarnished.' I (and others) can't seem to voice an accurate description of just how good this engine really is. And I personally think the 4-spd auto that is mated to it is fantastic, though others here are worried and will disagree (for some very good reasons); however, same situation (4.7 auto tranny) applies to the auto (on the 4.7 only) as applies to the 4.7 itself: new corporate image product, lots of investment, yada-yada. FYI

    a_j - I know the feeling. I missed three days and had to spend 4 hours reading the posts! Imagine what it's going to be like running the owner's group deal.

    BTW, Edmunds, Knock - Knock: HELLLLOOOO, we're reeaaadddddy... send us a little post card or something... soon would be really great, cause the posters are driving a_j and me crazy with little hints (soon to be threats) in their e:mails...
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Quark, I have the same experience regarding the fuel light and its accompanying ringy-dingy. That is not the only problem. My wife feels that if you don't stop right then and there, that you will run out of fuel and be stranded forever. It's
    a "girl" thing. I try to tell her that we have sufficient fuel to continue, but it falls upon deaf ears. Darned bell! You are correct that it takes only 18-19 gallons at that time. BTW, if my mileage (average) is close to what the computer indicates, I will be thrilled to pieces.

  • colbatescolbates Member Posts: 37
    Filled up my quad last night for the first time. Wow! I'm not used to putting gas in a pick-up. :-) Anyhow, guage was at 1/8th tank, no low fuel bell, and it took 19 gal. MPG worked out to be 15.5 mpg. I don't have the trip computer, so I figured it out via calculator. :-) Again for comparison I have a 4.7 auto with the HD group, tire group and the towing package.
  • colbatescolbates Member Posts: 37
    Any recommendations for online purchase of black nerf bars for the QC? Most sites that I've visited either didn't have any listed for the QC, or were over priced compared to local sources.

    I also was hoping to find something at since they have a 1st time customer promotion of 33% off first order that ends on the 31st. However, I'm not an "auto person" and I'm getting confused at all the options unless it say specifically "00 Dakota 4-dr" :-)

    Any recommendations would be appreciated. Feel free to send advice off list to my email listed in the profile.
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Colbates, here is a good place to purchase according to bigal in Syracuse, and others. The prices are good, as is the service. Just hit the link. I believe that Allen mentioned Holly (at the 800 number) as being very efficient and accommodating. Good luck

  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Member Posts: 552
    Quad 4.7l 5spd 2wd 3.55lsd tire handling pkg
    1st tank computer said 17.5 calculator said 17.21
    2nd tank computer said 18.3 calculator said 17.99
    (2nd tank included pulling a small trailer 60 miles or so.)
    Changed oil and filter at 620 miles, seemed like a waste, oil was still clean but don't know what kind of crud was in the filter from the motors' creation. The filter was on so tight it seemed the first time I tried to turn it the whole truck rotated. Kind of interesting, filter was stamped on bottom "factory Installed" Used Purolator pure one filter and Castrol GTX 5w30. Also installed a K&N air filter.
    I thought the waiting was over when I finally got my Quad but I ordered a set of wheel flares and I'm told they are on "back order". If anyone has a 2wd with the tire handling package the flares are almost necessary. The tires are so wide they extend at least 1/2" beyond the fender, if you run through a puddle it throws crap all over the sides of the Quad.
    Over all I think this is the best truck I've ever owned. It feels considerably quicker than my Dak 5.2 auto 3.55lsd and is getting about 3mpg better. Rick
  • texaszachtexaszach Member Posts: 119
    Greetings All, I trust everyone had a safe holiday weekend.

    Themacguy - Thanks for the ebay tip!

    Dannoclay - I had no reservations about purchasing the 4.7L engine. The problems with the 4.7L in the Grand Cherokee, which concerned me, were with the automatic transmission. I was unable to get a 5 speed ordered, due to the May 5th cutoff date for QC orders, nor could I find a 4x4 with the manual in dealer stock here in Texas, unless I would buy a black one. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and buy the automatic. I test drove 3 different automatic equipped trucks during my search and all 3 performed flawlessly. My truck is only a week old but I can tell you that I am extremely happy with it. As previously suggested, buy an extended warranty for extra peace of mind.
  • tpmillertpmiller Member Posts: 45
    Many posts back someone noted I had them send me a sample and check on availabilty for Quads. This stuff is 15oz. polyester non-woven mildew resitant marine carpet 3/4" closed cell poletheyne foam pad that does not absorb moisture. Sides floor and tailgate custom fit part # BR-K00QC-K velcor mounted. It's formed to provide a flat bed cover -can garden hose or vaccum clean. Lifetime warranty for original purchaser.
    They have local distributer's, one 60 miles from me, that will ship, 397.00 plus sales tax - free shipping, however I will order through their web site and save the tax. The Quad cab form-fit they just issued about a month ago, with cutouts for tie-downs etc.
    I'm just a lttle leery of drop-ins and spray-ins.
    Will let you know how it works out.
  • tpmillertpmiller Member Posts: 45
    managed to lock herself in the cab and activated the auto-horn. When she realized she was in total control, she had a lot of fun with parents and aunt/uncle till she unlocked, after I offered her a ride and the pink slip. When she later asked what a pink slip was, I told her it was something one puts under a white dress.
  • tpmillertpmiller Member Posts: 45
    it's 379.00 shipped free.
  • texaszachtexaszach Member Posts: 119
    I too am leary of drop in liners, however am a huge fan of the spray in, having owned 2 trucks which I had Rhino's sprayed in and will be having another sprayed in my new QC next week. I happen to be leary of the bedrug and am most curious to read your upcoming experience with it.
  • tpmillertpmiller Member Posts: 45
    also refuses to seat. Push it in, release, comes back up about an inch.
  • zonkzonk Member Posts: 208
    Many postings on this subject. My question is: is this stalling "problem" associated only with manual trannys or have those with the 4.7/auto combination also had them?
  • zonkzonk Member Posts: 208
    I know you guys have talked aboout this before, but I went back 150 or so postings and couldn't find what I was looking for. Do most of you get wheel flares from the dealer or from another source? (I looked at the atatlantaauto address and saw their prices.) Is the atlantaauto price typical? Thanks!
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    The stalling problem is associated with the engine learning the behaviour of the driver in different conditions. As such it is common to both automatic and manual trannys.

    That said, it will be more pronounced in manual transmissions because shifting is less consistent. An automatic transmission will always shift within a range of rpms, and will always shift at the same rpms in the same driving conditions. A manual obviously doesn't work like that, with the driver having complete control over shifts, and hence being less consistent.

    As a result the computer will inevitably take longer to learn what is going on when the engine is bolted to a stick shift.
  • tpmillertpmiller Member Posts: 45
    let me ask a stupid question, having not purchased a new vehicle since 1973. What are the practical benefits of the computer learning process? Will they someday take a written profile of our driving habits and pre-program, or does such already exist in the aftermarket?
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    A little respect will always get an attempt at a helpful response ;-)

    There are no practical benefits to the computer learning process - the process is a necessary evil of the computer management system - and that does have a number of advantages.

    Essentially what the computer does is seeks to maximize the fuel efficiency, minimize emissions and keep countless other measurements within specified parameters. This it can do straight from the factory. The problem that the computer has is that some guy (or gal) keeps playing with the controls when it is trying to do these things so it has to work out what that idiot is doing so that it can get on and do its job.

    It also has to watch the idiot's right foot because it has to react when that foot moves - no throttle cable on this engine - fly-by-wire all the way baby!!!!

    It takes a while for the computer to learn how to react in different situations - all joking aside this thing is monitoring temperature in various parts of the engine as well as outside, gear, revs, speed, rate of acceleration / deceleration etc, etc, etc.

    This will not ultimately lead to a single profile because all vehicles are different - your truck reacts differently to mine because I drive differently and live in a different place (with different atmospheric conditions).

    Hope this helps a little - and for anyone, there is no such thing as a stupid question.
  • bsparxbsparx Member Posts: 84
    To you wondering 5 speeders, my 4.7 auto, 4500 mi has never stalled or shuddered...
    Running the Leer shell, MPG went down 1 or so with it on...
    Carls5, what bay area dealer do you go to? Mine (in Oakland) is lame...
    One of the common threads in this forum, besides the overriding courtesy shown posters, has got to be all the people saying "I wasn't a Dodge/Mopar Guy". Same here, lifetime Ford driver. Guess they made something so good it pulled us all in...I really liked the stories about the QC parked at the Chevy dealer's lot...

  • ahasherahasher Member Posts: 236
    OK heres my latest: (Forrest green SLT+, Auto, 4.7, T&H, 3.92, K&N filter, Tonneau) 75% highway, 25% light city, A/C on most of the time (New Orleans area , and it's hot!!), the ocassional lead foot to keep my ego happy... todays calculation was: 17.25 MPG. no complaints here! Also. not a rattle, squeak or whistle. tight body lines and virtually smooth idling. No stalls. Still get compliments and questions about the QC. LOVE THIS TRUCK!
  • zonkzonk Member Posts: 208
    To Sir Andrew (would have said St Andrew, but golf (and Scotland?)already has one of those), Duke of the Dakotas - many thanks for your patient explanation and help again, your royalness (and I sure hope you know I'm pulling your leg and retain your sense of humor!).
    to yank2 - many thanks to you, too. Do you know if the flares made by Venture are more expensive than those from the dealer?
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Actually Zonk, Andy does like us "little people." How can you be a feudal lord without "serfs?" Ever
    since I questioned him about a rebate, he has taken a new tack. Whatever, I continue to wait for
    the rebate. This might be a longer wait than for
    the Quad.

  • yank2yank2 Member Posts: 49
    I got got mine for 204 with tax
  • brookziebrookzie Member Posts: 5
    Ordered my QC on 3/28, shipped 5/12, and arrived at the dealer today. Will pick it up tomorrow after work. I can't wait, 4x4, 4.7, auto, Sport Plus, Fire Amber Pearl (awesome color Boo!), LSD, 3.55, HD, Trailer, etc. Sounds like things are well with the new quads. What else should I look for besides the following when picking up the truck?
    - Weatherstripping
    - Bed alignment
    - Paint problems
    - Door alignments

    Thanks to all for your help while waiting. I'll keep everyone posted on the mileage updates and any problems that arise (hopefully none).

  • lmeyer1lmeyer1 Member Posts: 215
    Listen for a rear end whine at 40-50. Some folks over at the Dakota Mailing List (by no means all) are complaining about this, particularly with the 3.55. It's on the list for my pre-delivery test drive
  • carls5carls5 Member Posts: 62
    Ben I went to Negherbon Dodge in Oakland. Dealt with Mark O'Neil their fleet manager. No problems so far with Mark or the Dealership.

  • 2drive2drive Member Posts: 90
    I have the 4.7L, 5-speed, 3.55, 4x4 and getting about 18-19 mpg overall.

    No squeaks, rattles, whistles, whines, stumbles or stalls here! Only problem I had at delivery was a light coat of finish paint on the bottom horizontal underside of the right side doors, which the dealer quickly refinished.

    Just got back from a 500 mile trip. What a smooth, comfortable and fast ride! At one point, for about 50 miles, my red QC was leading convoy for a black Dakota CC and a black Ram QC across Wisconsin's countryside at 70 mph! (Fortunately, there was very little oncoming traffic).
  • impy2impy2 Member Posts: 50
    I have the Dakota club cab 5-speed with 4.7 liter engine 4x4. I run 87 octane in it because that is what the owners manual says to run. It also says use of higher octane fuel may actually hurt performance. I notice that I get a little bit of spark knock (valve ping) when climbing a hill or pushing the pedal to the floor to accelerate. It is very slight and goes away quickly. (especially if I downshift.) The owners manual says that it is normal. I was wondering has anyone else heard their engine ping a little. I know if I run 89 or higher it will get rid of it, but the owners manual says not to. Bpeebles.....if you read this something the truck can learn, and will it eventually go away. Like I said It only does it slightly when climbing a hill. I do know that severe spark know is not good for the engine, but what does Dodge consider severe.
  • bja4bja4 Member Posts: 67
    I used to hear a whine when the truck was brand new. The whine seemed to be coming from the transmission (5 spd.). I could push the clutch in at any speed and the whine would go away. I have totally forgot about it. I don't even remember when the whine stopped. This truck it very quiet now with 1700 miles on it.
  • spike50spike50 Member Posts: 481
    engine16 - I have the factory system on a 5 speed 4.7 and when armed (sounds ominous), the word "SECURITY" does blink off and on in the instrument panel. Since I use the keys to open the doors and not the electronic fob, I've set it off twice. Guess I ought to read the book.

    impy2 - I noticed a slight ping on hills after filling up with the cheapest 87 octane I could find. Haven't tried any 89. I did read an article that noted a coolant cavitation problem in the heads of the 3.9L V6's that sounded like a muffled pre-ignition ping. Wouldn't go away no matter what octane used. Said it could be solved by running a cooler thermostat in the summer heat. A 180 degree F rather than a 195 degree F - might be a little off but you get the idea.

    Do have a friend that changed thermostats on the V6 and he said its a horrible place to get the old gasket off. BTW - It did solve his "pinging" but he'll probably need to put the hotter thermostat in for winter - Central Pennsylvania.
  • spike50spike50 Member Posts: 481
    It must be all of that flat land in southeastern PA and NJ giving you that great mpg's or those "B-47 rudder muscles" keeping that right foot steady. You need some hills to break it in right. tpmiller probably has some off road opportunities for you along with the hills. My best mpg was on a run to Balti-Wash Airport (200 miles round trip) and I got 17+ mpg.
  • bookittybookitty Member Posts: 1,303
    Spike, drove down to Philadelphia today to visit my mom who is in the hospital. Read mileage on the way home (tough traffic both directions) and it read 19.2 on the computer. The computer is on the money when synchronized with the odometer, but
    I have not yet checked on fill up. I will have to buy fuel two times in succession in PA, because I
    can do my own fill and have a more well controlled
    standard for "full." But, I am back and forth to the shore a great deal so that may not happen for a while. Love this truck. You are correct about us
    "flat land foreigners" in that driving to the shore, the road is relatively flat. I use cruise control set @ 60MPH and the instant read out on the computer averages 24-28 MPG.

  • spike50spike50 Member Posts: 481
    I guess its true - no self-serve gas pumps in NJ.

    I can see now why your mpg's are better by being able to get into cruise control ASAP.

    Let us know how the Quad does in the sand when you go surf fishing on a remote 4WD only beach in NJ, DE, MD, VA area. Probably not safe to eat the fish anymore but its always been a reason I would think of for a 4WD.
  • snowcountrysnowcountry Member Posts: 15
    250 kilometres on my 4.7 5spd - very little rpm hunting at idle normal 600 rpm - hunts maybe 50-100rpm if any.
    A couple questions...
    I noticed when I engaged clutch while in cruisecontrol the rpm climbed from 1750 to over 3000 - almost like the computer sensed the drop in spd and adjusted throttle. This only happened once other times it dropped to near normal- is this normal?
    Would the speed of the guy shifting cause the computer to vary the rate that it allows rpm to drop? Does it sense -for example- a 3rd to 4th shift at 4000 rpm/60mph and slightly pause the drop at the appropriate 4th gear rpm (2850rpm/60mph) for the shift?

    Has anybody peaked inside the engine compartment, near the back of the headlights or where the air intake snorkle is? My paint job just sort of runs out in both front corners, and you can see a healthy sized section with greyish primer. I've never seen this on any other vehicles, but of course the Dakota has a unique hood/front end/enginebay design.
  • quark99quark99 Member Posts: 136
    The strip at the bottom of the driver's door (attached at door bottom) failed and half-fell off during 1st car the rear door (driver's side) has the same looks as if the machine that installs these tape-backed strips was not adjusted properly...(both doors on passenger side have strips mounted correctly) These strips are actually l-shaped to grab the bottom edge of the door, and when mis-applied create a gap so water collects underneath and starts the degradation process. It's a small problem, but another dealer trip for acknowledgement and parts order is in the cards.
    You'd think I'd have been smart enough to check all the doors the first time...or that the mechanic should have...I also have a transmission dipstick that doesn't seat all the way down-push it down, and it backs out about 1/2 inch. No leakage, but it does make you wonder if contamination can enter the transmission through the opening. Also, I guess the oil filter "trap-door" is a 4x4 thing only, mine's easily accessed from underneath, although weird angle and small clearance makes for some difficulty. Since all new cars have the factory filter installed by Godzilla, I have the first oil change (1500 miles) done by the local "oil changers". Last thought:
    No "crud" observed at oil filler spout end. Maybe I'm just lucky.
  • themacguythemacguy Member Posts: 417
    For what it's worth, you might try to use some Chevron fuel (87's fine / with Techroline) if available - try two tanks worth. If not, buy some (specifically) Chevron Techron additive at an auto parts store or service station (expensive stuff) and put it into your Quad's near empty tank. Don't use other stuff unless the Techron is absolutely not available (or a tank or two of fuel). If you use the Techron by the bottle, you should see a definite improvement in a half tank or less. It sounds like whatever fuel you guys have in your area (base stock + additives) may be 'wrong' or a bit mismatched for your climate, etc. It happens here in oil country all the time. In fact Fina's the nearest refinery to my house (30 miles) and the worst fuel I've EVER seen in this area. It could be something more severe but this is most definitely the simplest thing to check/change 1st.
  • ozarkozark Member Posts: 124
    Mileage after 8,000 miles averages about 17.2 mpg. I think once I might have gotten 18mpg but that was rare. We're talkin' 4.7 5spd 3.55 4x4. Much of the driving is Interstate 70-75mph with the rest rural hilly roads. Bookitty are you really getting 20mpg+?

    Air conditioner drip and sizzle. Here in the humid South the AC just stays on about all the time.(yeah I know that probably affects my mileage) Lots of condensation and after stopping you can hear the dripping hitting something hot and making a sizzling pssst .......pssst. Has anybody else heard this?
  • spike50spike50 Member Posts: 481
    With the hood up, I noticed that the AC operates "all" of the time except when you turn the control knob to "OFF". Never had a vehicle that wouldn't let you just bring in unconditioned outside air. When in "OFF" position, the rpm's drop and the engine's "noise level" decreases too.

    Onto the drip. Hear it all of the time too but more when I've actually placed the control knob on a "snowflake" setting. Must be dripping on the exhaust system.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    Let's get the important things out of the way first:

    Bookitty - the rebate is, err, in the mail, yes that's it - it's in the mail.

    Zonk - I'm not talking to you - creep all you like, if you call me Andrew you are off the Christmas card list ;-)

    Now the owners club.

    Macguy (Jack), Bonnie and I had a very positive e-mail conversation yesterday, we should see some progress this week. One of the reasons for the delay is that Edmunds are trying to get the brand manager or equivalent to become involved.

    Let me say that again. Edmunds are trying to get the DC Dakota brand manager, or an equivalent person to be a part of the owners' forum. WOW!!!!

    I don't know what progress has been made so far, but if this isn't a sign of the commitment that Edmunds has then I don't know what is.

    So now we are close to getting our own club, and we are close to having a voice that will really be heard where it matters. This is our opportunity, I am sure that the oft referred to respect and helpful attitude taken by posters has helped out cause, but there are other views out there that need to be heard.

    This is a call to all the lurkers - come post on these boards, you know from reading that you will get a great welcome, and if you haven't yet signed up to Edmunds then that will help their statistics - so come on in guys and gals - the water's lovely!!
  • zonkzonk Member Posts: 208
    aj - I mean, Mr. Jordan, sir. Please accept my most humble apologies and allow me back in your good graces. I promise I won't ever call you the dreaded "A-----" word again! Seriously, that is great news about the club, especially if the QC brand manager joins in. That should help everyone who gets a QC and DC itself (PR- and quality assurance-wise) as the company can hear first hand the good stuff and the problems quadders have with their trucks. In all sincerity, ya'll should be commended for your efforts.
  • zonkzonk Member Posts: 208
    aj-In all seriousness and all joking aside, in looking at my posting #49, someone without knowing the context of our earlier conversations might think the "A" word I put in quotes referred to something other than the proper name you do not wish to be called. (Well, you probably don't want to be called the other word, either. But for the eyes of everyone but andy, the A-word in quotes was "Andrew".) Again, it seems that I have the extraordinary ability to put my foot in my mouth very easily even when trying very hard not to. So, andy,and everyone, please accept my apologies.
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Member Posts: 764
    I thought I heard someone twittering - oh well maybe not.

    Zonk - my sulks never last more than a minute - and no Dakota owner (or waiter) could ever make me sulk.

    Oh by the way - if the lady with the identical truck to me who gave me the double take on the 404 north the other night is on this list - I want your phone number (just don't tell the wife).

    Incidentally, I suspect that the company rep would be a Dakota brand manager rather than a QC brand manager, we don't all drive 4 doors you know!!
  • guannerguanner Member Posts: 31
    Found a comp. this morning, read all the posts that I have missed.(wife is not too happy with this she said that we are on vacation and that I'll get the truck when we get back home.) Got our rental car a 00 dodge neon. o power but overall comfort. Question is does the QC have the same graduated ac controlls as the neon? like the ability to adjust the amount of air to the floor or panel. Hope all of you had a good weekend!

    Aloha and Mahalo

  • tpmillertpmiller Member Posts: 45
    and themacguy. After "go to" EdmundsTownHall is the third word out of me when discussing Dakota's.
    And if my B&L Dealer, Bob Leffler Jr. in Shamokin PA is reading, I told you:
    1. catch these threads
    2. the check is in the mail
    3. we'll be talking about the tranny dipstick
    4. there's a bunch of coverted Dodge owners that are also real intelligent, nice folk here.
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