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    That question would best be posted in the 2011 Kia Sportage discussion. :)

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    Do you have any other information, diagrams, instructions for this type of fix? I have an odor (like burnt gas) when the vehicle is first started which the mechanic can't find.

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    After running for 30 minutes the a/c no longer cools. I turn it off for 10 mins and it works for another 20 to 30 mins then quits cooling again. Is something freezing up?
    Is this a condensation/drainage problem? Can it be fixed?
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    Have a problem with 2002 sportage. when driving and release gas peddle and step on clutch engine revs up instead of idleing down. Have found that if a/c or defrost is tuned off dont experience problem. Any ideas?
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    Hi I just towed my kia 1000 miles on a tow dolly in neutral...when the went to move it again the did not put the kia in now the hold light flashes and it will not shift into reverse or out of 1st gear...please advise?
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    sounds like low reverse band is broken think youll have to take it to a tranny shop. itll be spendy good luck jim
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    My 2008 Kia Sportage reverse lights wont shut off unless engine is off. Couldnt find anything in KIA forum. Online articles say there is a switch to check. Is this something I can do myself, if so how or do I need to take it to a mechanic. Any help is very welcomed.
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    Wow. I had the same problem with my 2001 sportage. I wish I would have known this before I spent over $1500 get things fixed and then the problem still remained.
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    remove steering colum cover, locate key switch on side of ignition switch wires were red and black, Ct and join together eliminating the switch. this should cancel the alarm, the only drawback is the chime will always sound when you open the doors.
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    tell your mechanic to check the top of the fuel pump hanger assembly mine was doing the same thing and it was leaking fuel through a tiny pin hole under all the rust replaced the fuel pump hanger assembly (around $300) and now fine it also gets much better gas mileage
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    Ive had my car for 3 weeks so far and it has spent more time parked in the garage then it has at my house...

    my car will rev up all on its own. first time I noticed it, I was stopped at a red light and all the sudden my car felt like it was going to take off on me. I had to push down on the brake with all my might to keep myself from rear ending the car in front of me. It happens often, but not all the time. Its very sparatic. My husband thought I was over reacting, until one day we went to walmart, we were only inside for maybe 20 mins. We came out and when I started the car up it started revving up to 3500 rpm with out me touching anything....

    So my issue is, that it revs up when im stopped at a red light or stop sign, and that it revs up to 3500 when im in park. But not all the time...

    I took it to the garage 3 times so far and they cant figure it out. First time the cleaned the Throttle Body, then the next two times, I have no clue what they did... Except that the price goes up $150 each time and the problem still isnt fixed... :mad:

    Any one have this problem??
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    I have a problem with starting after filling up with gas. This problem only occurs after re-fueling,
    the engine will crank and try to fire up, and will eventually. Any suggestions?
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    Having issues with sportage. Will not stay running. I filled the gas tank and 15 minutes later driving i heard a pop in the right front area. No throttle pressure and the kia died. Since that i have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, compression test all cylinders at 155-165. Took both catylatic convertors off. Still can not start. Cranks over and ifit does start the rpms are at <100. I have spark at #1 and #3. I can not find the Shrader Valve to check the fuel pressure. I just ordered a Fuel Pressure Regulator. Any suggestions would be very helpful.Thx
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    Disconect the battery and remove and replace main engine relay and fuel pump relay same time . They are under the hood in black plastick box .Reconnect the battery and your car will start up.
    Kia have a security switch and if you hit a bump it will disable your 2 realays.
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    I had a guy put my kia on computer because I have no reverse and will not shift out of gear...also the hold light on dash flashes....the codes he got were P0750-Shift Solenoid A, P0650-Mil Control Circuit, and P1624 Manufacturer control, and then he reset it. so now the light quit flashing but it still won't shift into reverse or any higher than 2nd gear...what do I do now
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    when i turn on either my air conditioning or anything in the unit nothing comes out. all the lights go on such as defogger and air condition but no air comes out. i also checked relay fuse and it is ok.
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    We're having the same problem with our sportage recently and today it wouldn't start. It sounded like it was stalling and then died, so its now in the garage, no word yet though.
    Any news???
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    it was my spark plug wires. i replace them and my kia is running great.
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    You need to remove the battery to get to the fuel filter.
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    Having the same problem with my '05 Sportage; research points towards a valve in evap system? Finally going to dealer for their help. Meanwhile, driving to closest station and fueling after car cools down. Car runs great otherwise and has over 150K miles. Please reply if you find solution. Thanks!
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    I bought my Kia from my father for $3200, which I know is more than its worth with 94000 miles and the issues its had. When I idle for more than a few minutes (IE sitting in line in a drive-thru) it starts to overheat. My father told me he just replaced the 'clutch fan' (think he meant the fan clutch) and I noticed that when I turn off the AC it doesn't heat up as much but given time still does. He also told me that the brick in the catalytic converter was loose and makes a rattling noise and he had it checked by a mechanic who supposedly told him it wasn't an issue. However I really think that's crap .... it used to be that the noise only happened as I let off the clutch in first gear. However I now hear the rattling occasionally while idling and around every time I let off the clutch after shifting. It gets obnoxious around 3K rpm and I know at some point its been worked on cause everything from the rear catalytic converter back is GONE .... looks like someone just took a cutoff wheel and chopped it off for whatever reason. I know technically the car could run without the rear cat. but I really don't want to just chop it off cause other issues would be sure to follow. However the rattling continues to get worse and I'm afraid the whole darn thing's eventually gonna come loose. Any suggestions? I've graduated from an automotive school and though I don't have access to all the tools the school had I do have my own set of tools so if anyone knows of something I could do to help fix this please tell me.
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    I am having the same issues and i was wondering if you had gotten it fixed or if you even found out the what the problem was.
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    I just purchased a 2001 kia sportage and was having issues with power, when I read your post I got thinking and I had the same problem with the insulation. I cut it away and now I got some pep out of her and also shift great now too. thanks
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    Signed up for 2010 Kia Sportage LX 4x4 A/T (46K ml), but decided to sleep on it before finalizing the deal.
    Can you guys just give me you quick sense on the following:
    In general, is Kia Sportage approximately as reliable as (or in a reasonably relative terms as) Toyota RAV4 or Honda CR-V - I'm just asking strictly reliability-wise, no other comparison. I see Sportage most often compared to these two makes/models; they seem to play in the same niche.
    And, more specifically, at 45K miles (2010 model) is it "over the hill" or still has a whole bright future ahead of it? -- Would appreciate any feedback from those who are on their 50K, 60K, 70K, or even 80+K. What is a generally expected "sun-down"/"max-out"/"get rid of it, if you don't want to deal with repairs all the time" mileage threshold for Sportage -- what's your expectation and/or experience? How far would you be comfortable stretching it?

    Thanks a LOT for ANY advice!!!
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    My Sportage started misfiring about 40 days after I bought it. Check engine light came on. i checked for a cause and tried the remove gas cap and reseat it and the light went off. Two days later it came back up and I started feeling a misfire, found it was #4 (P0304 code). i was having the valve cover and plugs replaced and after that it ran fine though the light was still on. When I started it again 7 hours later it started misfiring again, but so far only on warmup and initial moving of the car from stops, otherwise it so far appears to not misfire. Any suggestions? :sick:
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    4 wheel drive works in drive but not in reverse also trouble shifting into 4 low
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    4 wheel drive works in drive,but not in reverse,also trouble shifting into 4 low gear
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    Had a complete tuneup done as they could not tell exactly what was the issue, $400 later vehicle is running fine.
    Now on to the delayed shifting issue into drive when it is cold.
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    i had th sam problm it was the computer that was going bad come to find out i had a bad ignition control modual(thing on top the spark plug there are 2) and it was shorting the whole thing out.replace the wires and moduals lik a norm tun up and if some othr coad pops up try th com.
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    i dont get it i have fixed everything on my sportage no special tools required the tune up is aser in it than my girlfrinds van.for tune up pull off intake unscrew the plastick cover then change the 2 moduals 2 wires 4 sparkplugs then put it back togeather tho only special tool u will need is a small sparkplug socket with the ruber boot in it or a magnat on a stick to pull the plugs out and set them back in
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    I have a vehicle with a similar issue.(losing power uphill and seems to be limited to around3000 rpm) I don't see your resolution to your problem posted. I would really appreciate you telling me what finally fixed the problem.
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    ive notice that alot of people are have sputtering/stalling with the 2000 kia sportage . mine has just started to sputter and stail out when i come to a stop sign or leave it in park . i want to know if anyone has solved the problem. if so comment thank you
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    I have a 2001 Kia Sportage and I replaced the head gasket. I'm now trying to put everything back together and I have no idea what the part in the picture is. Any ideas?


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    I need the manual to correctly set up all the vacuum lines and everything else. I removed the head quite a while ago to have it repaired and now ity's back but I don't remember how everything goes.
    Can you help me out with pictures and diagrams of the engine bay setup?
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    The links in the Online Repair Manuals discussion may help.
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    I bought my Kia Sportage 2001 at a third party auction. Big mistake, you cant drive it around. The mechanic said the engine light was the Crank Sensor, I couldnt even make it threw a street light. I had to put my leg out and give it a shove just to make it to the gas station. The mechanic replaced the Crank Sensor, I was told not to take it to the dealer right away. HA! Little did I know. I went straight to the dealership, and I spent another 2300 on melted catalytic converter among other items and labor. I had only drove it less than 100 miles. Now, I still have the same issues, I added gas treatment(s) and that only made things worse, after I have drove it less than a 1000 miles. Sometimes i cant even get out into the intersection from a dead stop. If I get it to run, by putting it in LOW , then 2nd, and then drive to get it up to 45 miles an hour, then I can get up to 55-65+ miles an hr. But, if there is an incline i creap up by putting it in 2nd. Sometimes, it does not work in LOW nor 2nd, its like the fuel isnt getting in somewhere. I hate to spend anymore money into this Kia Sporate 2001, but I have no choice at this point. Next, I am doing all the suggestions off this site, and possibly changing the fuel filter and maybe the fuel pump to see that helps. I have to call back to the dealership who worked on it since the work is not itemized to where you know what was done.
    Any suggestions would be great.
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    engine is probably out of time check timing belt first by compression test as the engine was built by mitsubishi details are vaguge compression is the only way to tell it doesnt take much a couple of notches and your out of luck this would explain the catilist failure i have one and have had little failures
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    Service repair manual for 2000 Kia Sportage EX refers to "BOB pins" in the troubleshooting procedure section of emission control system. For example: "With engine idling, measure voltage at BOB pin 41 (0.9v to 1v)." Where are the "BOB pins located?" Is it a separate, specialized tool from Kia? Thank you for your assistance!
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    i own a 2002 Kia Sportage 5 spd manual trans. bought in May 2012 with 92,000 miles on it. Said to have 2 previous owners and it was in damn good shape. I bought it at a dealer that is Buy-here Pay-Here, since im young and dont want a 500 hundred dollars a month car note, that would be financed for 7 years, the insurance alone would have buckled my spending bubble.... but i bought my kia for 6 grand, $750 down, and a Dealer Warranty which has now saved my butt big time. I will have it paid off in a little less than two years from the time i got it, and with weekly payments. Ran great at first, Beautifully acctually......., atleast until the 3-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that the dealer offered expired and i was unable to trade it in for another car. The dealer offers a warranty for most parts under the hood, all major and some minor for 5 Months or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. Had the car 5 days, and I stalled out in the parking lot of my job close to midnight and I couldnt get her to crank back up.. No lights in the dash came on, no check engine light, no nothing.... Battery wasnt dead, had a full tank of gas, and the motor still had compression, just no fire, she acted like it was starving, like it wasnt getting fuel, but when id turn the key on accessory, i couldnt here the hum of the fuel pump. So i checked my relays and all connections that i could find, and still noGo..... I let her sit a short time while I waited on my father-in-law(Pops) who owns a Service Center and is my personal mechanic when i cant figure it out myself... Tried again and she crunk right up, but immediately died 3 seconds later. Tried again and again, and it seemed like the motor would turn over a little less every time I turned the key over. Pops said it could be the fuel pump burnt up, but if it was the fuel pump, the motor would still have enough fuel in the lines to atleast run for a few seconds after stalling out. So we sit down on the curb for a lil while and let our minds twist around this lump of crap. I let her sit bout twenty minutes while we swapped out relays, fuses, and checked all the fluids. Everything looked perfect. So before Pops was ready to tow just yet, i got in, turned the key over and she started beautifully, and she stayed running, so i put in gear, no fail yet, hit the gas and off she went, until i got about 1500 ft. to the top of the hill and was almost stopped looking for traffic and she stalled out again, crunk right back up but died before i could ease off the clutch, i immediately tried 3 times, then it became a no crank zone again.... I just let her roll on back down the hill to level ground. Tested the waiting for 20 minutes theory again, but a BIG noGo whatsoever.... Pops is convinced its the fuel pump now for sure.... I asked about popping the clutch, and Pops said Naww, she aint gonna crank, but have a go and try it, just to ease that stubborn, bullheadedness of yours, but she aint gonna crank, oh and just in case IT DOES CRANK, hit the gas and dont let them wheels stop turning or slow down till you get her to the shop doors. So we pushed her and got a good speed on level ground, popped the clutch, but a noGo, 2 more times, still noGo. Then i told Pops just one more push and ill let you tow me back. So with no motivation, and neither one of paying attention to the slight up hill roll we had going, I popped the clutch and sure enough she turned over, perdy as could be, i took one spin roun the parking witch is just like a bowl, slopes on all sides, then i heard Pops holler "Better get her to shop while ya got a chance!" and i sped off like a bat outta hell, never once did I have to stop or slow down with it being 2 a.m., till i got to the bay doors at the shop 7 miles away. She sputtered a little bit at the door after being stopped for a few minutes in neutral with me slightly hitting the accelerator, just enough to keep her over 15K RPMS. As soon i put her in first and tried to ease off the clutch, she stalled out. we pushed up in the shop, and put the small computer to her brain, and it said "No Communication", so we tried the fancy new computer, hooked her up, and got absolutely nothing except the computer telling us that nothing is wrong. So we give up for the night, get some rest, and come back the next day around lunch time(it was the weekend so the shop was closed.) Get in, put the key in, turn it over and she cranks right up like the night before had never happened, and she continued to run to till i shut her off a half hour later, and put a pressure test on the fuel lines. No problems whatsoever. Went ahead and did a tune-up, oil change, balance and rotate the tires, and do a front end alignment.. test drive after test drive.. then with the car completely inspected and finally approved by A very confused and completely stumped ole Pops. Said he never had seen anything like it, not from that extreme of the motor starving so badly to it not missing a lick the next day, with it not being touched by a soul!!!! She ran perfect for two weeks, then one night half way home, the check engine light came on. Pops was out of town and the shop locked up, so i went to AutoZone and had them hook up their computer. Its came back the o2 sensors, both of them. They printed out a list of possibilities that could be the problem with the sensors, which was no help at all.... but still the car ran smoothly. Took it to the dealer and they sent me to their mechanic, some real old man, he put his fancy computer on it, said the o2 sensors were fine, what the problem was, was that the o2 sensors were showing numbers on the computer that read around the same numbers (for example... Left-328 Right- 416, then, Left-856, Right-924) where as normal o2 sensor numbers on a car that runs right, the numbers should be running opposite of each other (EX.-- Left 352, Right- 986, and vise versa) The old man said that it was my catalytic converters that were messed up, that they werent clogged up, but that the centers were burnt out!!!! He said that the ethynol in gasoline is what causes this to happen, the fumes will acctually get soo hot in the exhaust pipes that it will burn a hole thru them. I had told the old man my story Ive just told you and he said that my little fiasco in the middle of the night sounded like my cats had been stopped up partially, causing the car to stall, cause it couldnt breathe, in turn making it seem like it was starving for fuel, and that was the incedent that just so happened to burnt out the middle of them for good, making the problem never resurface itself in that manner, but now the exhaust is just pumping a few more fumes out of the car than what was meant, causing the o2 sensors to scream at you because there is too many fumes, or the fumes arent emmitting evenly throughout the system. The mechanic told me i could spend the money on new cats, which are a pretty penny, or i could just keep driving it until a
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    My kia will not start, I replaced almost everything, new plugs and coils, fuel filter, computer, reylays, starter scener, and today I put a new fuel pump in just like everrything else, after I changed it ran for a short time and shuts off, don't know what else to do?
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    The door alarm is going off all the time, where is the fuses for this on a 2001 kia sportage. I found two fueses boxs one under the drive side and one under the hood. But no fuses is listed as door.
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    I Drive a 95 Sportage and one day my breaks and clutch both went out, turns out i had a hole in my Master Slave Cylinder and all my Break Fluid leaked and was gone. I replaced the part and refilled the brake fluid tank (the clutch uses this fluid also) and you will need to bleed your brakes and clutch. Hope this helps, Good Luck.
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    BOB refers to a breakout box.
    It allows the technician to test any circuit to which it is connected.

    Generally, the car's PCM (Powertrain Control Module, or computer) is disconnected from its wiring harness, and the breakout box is plugged in between them.
    (NOTE: Battery must be disconnected before any connectors to the computer are plugged in or unplugged in order to prevent computer damage.)

    Breakout boxes are not usually sold to the public, and are fairly expensive.
    A Kia dealer or a repair shop specializing in Kia repairs would probably be the only ones to have one.
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    I have a similar problem. My OBD test pointed to gearbox setting, and some electronic devices causing weak air/fuel mixture.
    Can someone show me where I can locate the following devices on the KIA Sportage 1998 4x4
    1. Fuel Tank Pressure sensor
    2. Oxygen sensor HO2S
    3. Knock sensor
    4. Fuel control sensor
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    My 1998 KIA Sportage 4x4 is giving similar problems. My OBD says the gearbox requires setting. It also says there is air leaks making the fuel / air mixture too weak. It says the following electronic parts are defective.

    Can someone show me where they are located on the vehicle?
    1. Fuel tank pressure sensor
    2. Oxygen sensor HO2S
    3. Knock sensor
    4. Fuel control sensor
    Thank you
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    I just bought 2013 Sportage SL. Live 4 miles from nearest pavement, on a rough road on small tropical island in British West Indies. The dirt here has the same salt content as the ocean.

    I am trying to find real mud flaps to install behind the wheels, front and rear. It's difficult, because I think a lot of suppliers call the little tabs in front of th wheels splash guards. I am looking for something different than the little tabs that came on the car.
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    Check out

    They have some universal fit flaps that might work..

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    We have a 2013 Sportage SL, from Korea. It came with the electric door locks, and two of the 'switchblade' button key fobs with the buttons to lock/unlock the doors. Is it possible for me to get just a normal key without any electrics? Of course we have the key code, a tag that came with the car. But there are no locksmiths or KIA dealers in the country where we live. This is a new car from a local auto rental company. They are no help.
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    Just put a head gasket on it, almost have it back together however need help on routing hoses. There is a nipple at the bottom of the intake body, does the hose from the evaporator box go to this point? There are two other hoses that look to be vacuum as well, same side of engine, I think both of them go to the front of the intake housing, but alas I am not sure, any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    pics welcome
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