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GMC Acadia Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
How much did you pay for your Acadia?


Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs



  • SLT 1 FWD
    power liftgate, remote start
    convience package
    115 volt outlet
    captain's chairs
    carbon metalic, ebony interior
    trailering package and XM radio

    This is as ordered to the best of my knowledge at 34,000 before TTL.
    This is in Lafayette, LA at Courtesy GMC
  • kegelskegels Posts: 20
    Where can I post Acadia lease questions? I posted this earlier but no response, perhaps posted on the wrong forum. Can I post it here?

    I got the following lease quote for an Acadia SLT w/ Nav, DVD Pkg, 19" wheel, HUD and trailer pkg;

    Term: 36 months, 15K mi/yr
    Price: $40,844($500 over invoice)
    Residual: $23,201
    GMAC Rate: 8.05%
    Drive-off Due: $1,454
    Monthly Lease Payment: 785(including insurance)

    Is this a good deal? Pls advise. Thank You
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    Started a new discussion...

    GMC Acadia: Lease Questions

    You can copy/paste your post over there, as well..



    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Just ordered my Acadia with:
    SLT-2 AWD Carbon Metallic/Titanium Leather
    19" alum tires
    cargo audio
    HID headlamps
    Heads up display
    Trailer package
    for 41,129 after 1,500 of dealer rebates
  • SLT-2 - loaded except trailer package and rear audio controls. MSRP of $44,390. Final price depends on rebates and incentives upon delivery. $41,690 is locked in and I anticipate the $500 rebate + $1,000 conquest cash for a final price of $40,190.
  • I purchased my Acadia from dealer inventory in Atlanta at $300 over dealer invoice (which included advertising fee). This was a straight up purchase, no trade, and the $300 over price was before any applicable rebates.

    Dual Sunroof
    DVD System
    19" wheels
    8 passenger seating

    MSRP - $38,900
    Edmunds Invoice - 36,126
    Dealer Invoice (with regional advertising) - $36714.78
    Sale Price (before rebates) - $37,014.78

    Rebates: $1,000 conquest & $1,000 GM Card Bonus and 4.9% financing for 36 months (just missed out on $500 bonus cash)
  • That does not look like a good deal. I just leased a 2007 Audi Q7 3.6 Premium (MSRP of $55,000) with all of those options and more for 36 months, 15,000 miles per year for $730/month with no cap cost reduction ($1700 due at lease signing)

    THe killer with your lease is the interest rate. The residual isn't great, either, but that's a brand new model for you. Does GMAC offer Multiple Security Deposits? If you are unfamiliar, this means you can make several fully refundable security deposits and buy down the money rate. It can save you $30-50/month or more and equates to 10-15% tax free guaranteed return on your money.

    My father just bought an Acadia, beautiful truck. But don't pay a lease price equivilent to a car $15,000 more expensive.
  • sssfegysssfegy Posts: 132
    That is not fair to do!Audi has a better rate than GM, and a residual also.The Acadia is a brand new model in a different segment than the Q7. The Q7 must have a strong lease while a cheaper car does not need it yet. I do not think that applies to his question. LOVE the Q7!
  • Thank you! I think the Acadia is a great truck. It has virtually all of the options that my Q7 has. Very similar in size as well. My point is why would you pay the same monthly lease payment for a car that is $15,000 less expensive? A Money factor of 0.0033 is very high. The Audi lease factor for 3 years 15k miles is 0.00038 (0.91%) Makes a tremendous difference in monthly payments. Makes the Acadia unattractive to lease. Same thing with BMW right now. There are no lease incentives on the new X5. Same price as my Q7, almost $200/month more expensive right now. Just not worth it right now. Buy the Acadia rather than lease it, with the way things are right now.
  • Does anyone here know (especially some of the dealers posting) how long it takes to receive an Acadia after ordering? The dealer told me it would take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks but that seems excessive. I've read in other places that a domestic vehicle order should take 5 to 6 weeks tops. What's the real story? I know the dealer is trying to cover his bases in case of delays, but can't they get a little more specific? I ordered a Liquid Silver Acadia SLT-1 about 2 weeks ago now.
  • I'm wanting to get more info on the deal you got with Courtesy GMC. We've worked a similar deal for an SLT-2 ($33,939, but a bench instead of captain's chairs in 2nd row), but would really like to get the sunroof and DVD. Can you give me more specifics (i.e. VIN, or other info that would help that dealer, Courtesy GMC, look it up)? Any other suggestions would be most appreciated!

    Thanks! :confuse:
  • We have been told 6-8 weeks, because they're still new and not in mass production yet. What you were told sounds accurate to me.
  • SLT-1 (Liquid Platinum)
    - Sunroof
    - DVD Entertainment
    - Trailering Pkg
    - Pwr Liftgate
    - XM Radio
    MSRP: 37,964.00
    Price Paid: $500 over invoice - $35,919 less $1000 Conquest and $1000 rebates/incentives. Total: $33,919.
    Excellent buying experience - dealer gave me highest trade-in allowance compared with 4 other dealers and CarMax. I am very happy with my Acadia - it's a great upgrade from a minivan!!!!!!
  • timotheus, where did you purchase? we're trying to decide whether to take this slt-2 we've negotiated or order one with the dual sunroof and dvd. please help! we've negotiated $34,839 (already including rebates) + ttl, and they'll install a single moonroof (after market--does anyone know if these are problematic?).
  • kworman. I purchased mine in Columbus OH - Dan Tobin GMC. Personally, I wouldn't recommend an aftermarket sunroof. I work in insurance (claims) and over many years I've seen firsthand the problems that can come up with them. That's not to say they're always bad, I just personally wouldn't put on on my new Acadia. You should be able to buy any Acadia for $300-$500 over invoice less rebates. Not sure what your invoice was, but I'm guessing you could do better on the deal.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    What is the best deal?

    An Outlook at MSRP (- incentives) or an Acadia at Invoice (-incentives).

    Interesting dilemma.

    If you ask the Saturn salesperson and they will tell you that the Outlook will give you more car for money, while GMC states that Acadia has more option configurations and is the best deal for the money.

    Who is right?
  • seloo- it's probably pretty close to a wash. Just decide which vehicle you like best and go for it. The best deal is the one that you walk away from feeling good about. I personally liked the Acadia's option flexibility, and interior trim. I priced them both six ways to Sunday and ended up with the Acadia. I believe the salesman should be your last resort for information - during my buying experience, I knew more than any salesman I was dealing with (because I spent hours on the internet before ever entering a showroom). When it was time to purchase, it was pretty no-nonsense. I definitely recommend working a minimum of two dealers for each brand and let them know that's what you're doing. They are competitive and they will do a lot to earn your business. Good luck !
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    I agree, with invoice pricing and better GMC incentives, the Acadia is $800-$1500 cheaper than the Outlook.

    Why bother with a 'no hassle' Saturn deal?

    Does anyone else have a perspective on this issue?
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I just looked at a comparison sheet I did for myself comparing Outlook and Acadia pricing. An SLT2 AWD Acadia with no additional options has an MSRP of $38,105 and invoice price of $35,676 (both numbers are before incentives). A similarly equipped Outlook XR AWD w/leather, memory seats, captains, convenience pkg and 6-disc changer is MSRP of $36,600.

    You can get the $1,000 Conquest cash on either vehicle, so I'll ignore that. However, there is a $500 bonus cash available in my region ($1000 in certain other regions) on the Acadia that apparently is not available on the Outlook. So if you could really get invoice price before incentives on the Acadia (which I doubt you can - yet) you would be paying at least $1,424 less than the Outlook in my example. But, even if you paid $1000 over invoice, you'd still be $424 ahead with the Acadia.

    I haven't mentioned that my Outlook example doesn't include dual exhaust, which is standard on the Acadia but you need to buy the Touring pkg with 19" wheels to get on the Outlook. Also on the Acadia, you can get the head-up display (at additional cost of course) that is not available on the Outlook (and not included in my example above).

    If you have any GM Card earnings to use, the Acadia starts becoming a lot cheaper because you can't use those on Saturn either.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Great example! Why pay more for the Saturn and get less.

    As for invoice pricing, aggressive buyers from other forums state that $500 above invoice is a common deal, but some claim to be getting the cars at invoice (then minus the incentives).

    Very interesting.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I have seen some of those claims of buying at invoice, and I suspect that some of these people actually think MSRP and invoice mean the same thing. I trust the postings that show the actual numbers and options a lot more than someone who just says "I bought at invoice".

    Most of the seemingly credible posts I've seen tend to be between $500 and $1,000 over invoice before incentives, with some claiming to be lower and some even admitting to paying MSRP.
  • I contacted my local Internet sales manager via and their first price quote was $500 over invoice, plus $400 dealer fee. After some negotiating, they added thier dealer fee back to my trade value, which was fair (but not great). They also honored all the current incentives - I paid around 33K at 0.0% for a nicely equipped SLT2 in Red Jewel after those ($1000 in conquest cash, $500 in bonus cash, $1000 in GM card earnings, and another $1000 in GM card bonus earnings (if you have the card, be sure to send away for literature and/or contact a dealer through - it increases your odds of being included in the quarterly bonus points marketing campaign...or so the Redemption Center told me.)

    MSRP was 38,080..their price was was 36,521 + $397 dealer fee.

    Another dealer quoted invoice + dealer fee, but could not deliver the vehicle we negotiated (claimed he had assurances from another dealer to obtain it via trade, and they sold it out from under him). So, I wouldn't count that as an actual invoice deal.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    My local dealer agreed to order me an Acadia any way I wanted it for $500 over invoice less any incentives in place at delivery. With some negotiation, $300 over is certainly possible--but for $200 I wouldn't waste the time/energy. Dealer processing fee is only $75.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Thanks for the detailed post jrocco. This level of detailed information is very helpful.
  • No problem - good luck if you're in the market. I worked w/ 3 different other dealers before I found the one I mentioned.

    One would not budge off MSRP (which ticked me off a little, as I bought a new vehicle from them some years before and always had it serviced there), one offered invoice and a very nice price on the trade but could not deliver, another offered invoice + dealer fee but could not deliver (the latter two involved dealer trades which fell through). shows both current stock and those in transit. I honestly think the best way to obtain a vehicle is start there - the internet prices are usually very aggressive, as each dealer is in essence competing with all others. I took this route and agreed on the price over the phone pending their offer on my trade.

    I worked with a traditional salesman when I got there to work out the trade and paperwork - he indicated he'd been selling cars for 20 years and preffered Internet referrals, as both parties tend to start bargaining at a more reasonable price (he told me half his customers come in asking him to take 3K of MSRP before they'll even consider it...which sometimes they do, but not in the case of high-demand vehicles.

    I picked up the vehicle yesterday when it arrived. The only other Acadia they had on the lot was purchased in the same manner - if you work out a deal for an in-transit vehicle, the rest of the sales team can't fight over it. My salesman indicated they are selling them as fast as they come in, regardless of color/options. I feel fortunate to have found one that I liked:

    SLT2 Red Jewel
    8 passenger seating (bench)
    Trailoring Package
    Skyscape sunroof (which is the only thing I didn't really want to pay for...but it is nice).

    Oh, one more thing - they told me that dealer hold-back on the vehicle is 3%...which is in-line with other sources I've seen.

    So, theoretically, you can get 3% below invoice and the dealer would break even, but I doubt many would even consider going that low. The hold-back essentially represents the interest/financing costs for them to borrow money to pay for the vehicle. GM re-imburses them for this 90 days from when they obtain it (theory being it should not stay in stock for more than that)...its gravy for them if they sell them right away (no carrying costs, and they get the $ from GM anyway)...but I doubt any would put that money on the table unless the vehicle was in stock for over the 90 days, at which point it may become a liability for them.

    Heck, they had a GTO sticked for $31K that had been on the lot forever. I joked with him that I'd give him $24K for it, and he told me he'd consider it if I was serious :)
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    I will probably not be in the market for another 4-6 months, but I'm tracking this stuff pretty closely as I want to be prepared. The inventory and in transit vehicles in my area are not even close to what I want, which is an SLT2 with HUD and really no other options. My (i.e. my wife's :) ) color preferences are also pretty narrow. Most of the SLT2s seem to be loaded with Nav, Sunroof, 19's that I'm not going to pay for. I'm stuck with having to get an SLT2 because I want memory seats. I may end up having to order anyway. I buy new cars so infrequently that I'm probably not going to be willing to compromise much on what I want.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    The new March incentives are not impressive. They are $1,500 less than the February incentives.

    The smart money will be off the table until more incentives are available, but I am sure once some get the tax refund checks, that money will burn a hole in their pocket and they will be at the dealership.
  • loachloach Posts: 246
    Keep your eye out toward the middle of the month. GM usually runs "March Madness" incentives to coincide with the NCAA basketball tournament.
  • bruheardbruheard Posts: 1
    So what is "Conquest Cash"?
  • jrocco001jrocco001 Posts: 17
    Conquest Cash is a non-model specific incentive offered by GM (currently through 3/15). You can get it if you have a non-GM vehicle titled at your address (it can be your trade or your other vehicle). My dealer told me it only applied to 1999 and later models, but I hear some people have been getting it for their vintage/collector vehicles as well.

    I believe its $1000 across the board (all vehicles)
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