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Jeep Cherokee



  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    Very little difference between the '00 and '01's. Mainly options/packaging. I believe the '01 had a different intake or something to help with emissions.

    The tranny on the Cherokees is a Aisan-Warner (japanese built) 4-speed auto that is extremely reliable. Not the best shifting thing, but a good package. I bought my '01 new in December of 2000 and sold it with 75k miles in November of 2003. I had very few problems in that amount of time, mainly just drove it and bought gas. I sold it to a neighbor girl, so I see it regularly. She hasn't had any problems with it and last I heard it was approaching 90k miles.

    ABS is rare because it was a very expensive option. I'm thinking it was way over $1,000 and only sold as a free-standing option so no package discounts. When my dealer was searching, there was only a couple withing 200 miles that had ABS.

    The 4.0L will easily haul a boat/jet ski. It's a very torquey engine and moves pretty well. If you have a hilly area, it won't stay in overdrive much because 4th gear is very tall on these trannys. I towed around 3500# fairly regularly with no issues.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    so models that have between 20k and 40k. they need a 30k service i assume? what fluids should be replaced right away on a used one? oil, transmission, differential?

    there are a couple of them at my Jeep dealer, but honestly, don't trust them to tell me exactly everything about the vehicles....
  • sebring95sebring95 Posts: 3,238
    I don't remember what all is required. The tranny fluid is due either 30k or 60k, transaxle fluid too. Not alot of maintenance on them really. You should be able to find an '01 with some warranty with those miles. Most you'll find at the Jeep dealer are lease returns though, likely 36 month leases (so out of warranty). Most leasors do as little maintenance as possible. You might find a private party sale if you can do that. I avoid dealers if at all possible!
  • mhall02mhall02 Posts: 38
    Our 2000 Sport with the 4.0 Liter and automatic is at 92,000 miles, bought it new in Nov. of 1999 and have had few problems. Change the oil and filter every 3,000 miles, drain the transmission pan and transfer case and top off every 30,000 miles, and drained and flushed the radiator twice. The most expensive warranty item so far I have had fixed (have the six year 100,000 mile warranty) is the evaporator coil. I hear that this isn't too uncommon of a problem with the Chrysler products, the evaporator coil for the 134a AC systems is much thinner than the old R12 units, thinner metal = more likely get a hole in it for whatever reason, would have been in excess of $700 w/o the warranty ($300 part + labor). The AW-4 automatic is solid, whines a little now and then (always has) but I don't think this is uncommon, shifts great. Great power out of the 4.0 inline six, gas milage is 16 city 20 stricly highway, very pleased with this vehicle and plan to have it till it drops.
  • I bought and drove a '90 Laredo for 6 months before buying a '95 Country. The Laredo has been parked in my garage for 2 months. Now that I have decided to sell the Laredo, it has some sort of electrical problem.

    It starts up and runs fine, however the voltage meter is low. When the AC is turned on, the voltage gets lower. If the headlights are turned on, the voltage will decrease until the Jeep dies and has to be jump started. The battery and alternator have been tested, and both are good. What else could be causing this problem?
  • idntnvuidntnvu Pulaski, VirginiaPosts: 254
    A friend of mine has a '93 Sport, and on his way home tonight, when going up a small hill, his Jeep quit accelerating, and just as he crested the hill, he lost power steering, and the a bit later, his power brakes...he used the emergency brake to slow down and pull over on the side of the road, and once he got down to a crawl, the engine died. He turned the key off, and then started it back up, and didn't have any other problems for the remainder of the drive home. My guess is either something in the fuel line or the computer. What do ya'll think?
  • Thanks for the info about the dual fans. I believe that was the problem. Replaced the temperature sensor but I think the on/off switch is the culprit. Bypassing the problem at the moment by driving with the fan turned on. I guess my Cherokee is at that age where a lot of stuff is coming up. Now I'm having a stalling problem. Started cutting out at highway speeds, now doing it more often. Got a check engine light flash code of 32 which indicates the EGR valve but the '95 Cherokee doesn't have an EGR valve. Anybody know what the 32 code means on a '95 Cherokee or what replaced the EGR valve on that model?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    You might visit our Technical Questions discussion to see if one of our technically-gifted members knows what that code could mean.

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  • donsaddonsad Posts: 1
    I recently bought this vehicle. Can any one tell me how the alarm works. Turn off an on, adjust chirps, horn blowing etc...
  • maybe it's the voltage regulator
  • I just bought a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo and the vibration while idling is driving me insane. My Jeep service center said it is typical of this model and the computer says there is nothing wrong with it. This is my 2nd Jeep Cherokee and the 1st one did not do this. You would think paying $30,000 for a luxury vehicle that you wouldn't have to vibrate so bad your hands feel like you've been operating a weed eater.
  • Recently, my 98 Cherokee Sport as been giving me problems when I try to start it. Every time I turn it over, I have to turn the key twice (on the first try, the car turns but doesn't fire) and on the second try, it starts right up. I have changed the battery recently, just changed the spark plugs last week and I am not sure where to look next. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.
  • i recently purchased a 2001 jeep sport in june . problems ever since. now i have a noise coming from the rear end when i first pull out. it stops after a few minutes. the only way i can describe the noise is, a bird chirpping. what is this? plz help !!!!
  • The heater core seems to be clogged and changing it is a pain. The fan blows fine, the AC works well, there are no leaks, but there is no heat. A mechanic I know said it would run about $800 (in NY metro area) because of the labor involved. Does anyone know of a way to unclog the heater core? I know there is a special brush made for just this purpose but I can't it anywhere.


    Does anyone have any info?
  • jeeperjeeper Posts: 4
    try to disconnect the heater inlet and outlet hoses. connect air pressure or hose bib to blow out core.try to blow it out from outlet side ,in reverse. if you can clear enough to allow flow , you can proceed with more common chemical cleaners from auto parts stores to flush system. if there are no leaks then core should be sound enough for the pressure. i have had it work in past. it's just gunk and the low pressure in the cooling system wont push it through.
  • gmattgmatt Posts: 1
    2000 Cherokee - The fan speed control and temp control work, but the vent system is stuck in defrost mode. Is there any other possibility for the problem other than a bad heater/AC control unit? The Haynes manual I have is worthless, and any tips on troubleshooting the problem would be appreciated.
  • I would like to find out how i can remove the radiator. I have managed to remove the water pipes, but cannot remove the oil pipes leading to the gearbox. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • To give an update on the '90 electrical problem, it turned out to be the internal voltage regulator inside the alternator.
  • Saturday night while driving my '95 Country with the defogger on, I began to smell an odd odor, like burning plastic. I pulled over and couldn't find anything smoking or the source of the smell, so I assumed it had come from the old car that was driving in front of me. I turned off the defogger and cracked the windows, and the smell went away after a few minutes. Later I turned the defogger on again and smelled the odor just briefly.


    Sunday morning I started the Cherokee to let it warm up, when I returned 5-10 minutes later it was full of smoke and I could see an orange glow on the dashboard by the passenger side. The fire spread quick, and the Cherokee was fully engulfed by flames within minutes.


    I am wondering, as the fire appears to have started from an electrical problem, is there anything I should try to get Jeep to do about it? Is anyone aware of any similar incidents or relevant recalls?


    Here are some photos of the fire:
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Wow, I guess it was fortunate that the house didn't suffer worse damage.


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  • ed96ed96 Posts: 20
    sounds like a vacum problem or the vent door is stuck in closed position
  • Just bought this car and noticed that it doesn't always like to start in Park. It is a 4.0, A/T, 4WD. Asked prev owner about it and he said that he just put a new NSS in it and that I should push the gear selector all the way forward; I have and it doesn't always work. I've seen this problem addressed in previous questions, but no answers. Any clues as to a fix out there? Other than that, we love the Jeep! Thanks.
  • My 97 did the same thing when i bought it, A new fuel pump fixed it right away. Your symptoms are identical to the ones i had and basically indicate a fuel pump that is getting tired and can't build up enough pressure at first to get the thing to turn over. Try turning the key to the "on" position, not cranking, just so you can build up pressure, do this a couple times and see if it starts right up. If it does, and possibly if it doesn't, it's likely time for a new pump. Sadly you have to drop the tank to do this job and a new pump is not cheap but if you do it yourself, try to buy one that does not include the housing, just the pump itself, your mechanic/auto parts clerk will know what i'm talking about. Give or take $200 and 3 hours or so.
  • I started getting this loud knock in the front left tire area that only happens occasionally. It goes away if i apply the brakes even slightly then will start up again when i take my foot off the brake.Then it will just go away totally only to mysteriously return again another time??? any ideas thanks
  • jeepbuffjeepbuff Posts: 2
    RE: 1360 - Thanks for the feedback. I'll file that away for future use. I guess that I wasn't clear enough in my description. The car does nothing in Park when it does this.At other times, it will start fine. When it does it, it doesn't turn over at all. But if we put it in Neutral, it always starts. One of my buds came back with an answer from a mechanic who said that the NSS needs to be moved just a smidge counter-clockwise to fix it. He said that this is a common problem when the NSS is replaced. I have since pretty much homed in on the 'spot' that it seems to like to start. It also bugs me, tho, that it does not always like to go into the Park position at all and stays in Neutral until I move it around to find the right spot. As soon as the snow and cold pass by here, I will get under it and do some linkage checking. Remember when you could change a fuelpump in the parking lot and then go home?? Another improvement. Thanks again for your response. Jeepbuff
  • 34phord34phord Posts: 1
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • Careful with the overheating engine - My 2001 Cherokee Sport 4x4 is in the shop now being repaired because suddenly I got a crack in one of the cylinders due to extreme overheating. I was not towing anything, the car is well maintained, and just a month ago had an oil change. My mechanic was surprised to see this problem but he says he has seen it before in 2001 Cherokee's. Chrylser is not being very cooperative. I am looking for people who had engine overheating engine problems. Knowing I took very good care of the car and at 2001 60k miles vehicle should not be having such major engine problem.
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