Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues

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Hi all,

My 2003 G35 coupe at time would turn off all electronic while driving. Headlights are ok, but A/C, radio, CD and all the buttons on the console do not work. It happens once awhile. My warrantee has expired. Does anyone here have similar issue and how were you resolving it.


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    My wife has a 2003 G35 sedan with this exact problem. We are also looking for a solution. Infiniti dealership wanted to replace the entire controller board for $300 - $450. They also referred us to an electronics repair shop. After my wife spoke with the repair shop they immediately knew what the problem was and quoted $300 and wanted to keep the car for an entire day to do the work. I have not spoke to them myself yet but if this is a matter of swapping out parts, I'm completely capable of doing this myself. If this involves circuit-testing and sauldering then I may be recruiting a friend. I want to find out what the exact parts are from the dealership/electronics repairman and what is involved in replacing/fixing it before we commit to either of these solutions. Was hoping somebody else had a DIY solution for this as well.
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    I got a G35 Coupe Auto.I can't run the car. Engine cranks but is not running..I replace the Engine Computer ,Body Control Unit and fuse box...i dont have any ligths in the Speedometer..the Radio and AC Controls not working any help let me know..Thanks"> :confuse:
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    Does anyone know if there is a history of electronic problems with the Infinity cars? We have a 2004 FX35 and have started having problems with the doors locking / unlocking automatically, the alarm (horn honking) will set off without reason, while driving the central display indicates that the rear hatch is open... If anyone can help, please advise. Thank you.
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    Low battery in the remote maybe?
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    When the doors started locking and unlocking, I changed the battery in the remote... when the alarm started going off, I changed the battery in the car. I have not taken it back to Infinity yet, but I guess that's my best option. I was just trying to get some info. Thanks.
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    I've had a recurring problem for the past year - and I've already spent too much on false leads. It's an '03 sport sedan with automatic. Only 33K miles. I love everything about the car, but this!

    I have a substantial parasitic drain on the battery. If the car sits for more than 24 hours or so, it drains the battery completely.

    I've been told the battery was too old and not holding a charge. Replaced the battery - w/ no effect.

    Later told there was a short in the trunk release switch. Replaced switch - to no effect.

    At this point - my CD exchanger failed. It seems to have developed a mechanical problem - and a microprocessor in the system burned out. Replaced the microprocessor and CD exchanger. At first, we thought this might have been related to the electrial problem, but after the repair, the drain remained. [Note, the work on the CD exchanger was quite involved. Not even the dealer would touch it. Had to disable the airbags and remove the dash to get at the system.]

    The drain was tracked to the circuit which controls the radio, HVAC etc - but we've tested all the lines shown on the schematics that run off this circuit. Now at a loss - where else to look. I presume their are additional lines off this circuit - but without knowing where to look - its like finding a needle in the haystack.I've seen references to another radio circuit board - but not sure if that is my problem. All systems on the car seem to be functioning.

    I'm taking the car back to the dealer next week and would appreciate any further guidance to help direct them in the search.
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    I (thank goodness) haven't had to deal with issues of this sort lately, but back when I did, there were repair shops that specialized in "auto electric" problems. If there were still reliable Yellow Pages, that would be the category.

    Point being, a specialist in tracking this stuff down will trump the dealer most times.

    Google "auto electric city state" for your location and see what comes up.
    '08 Acura TSX, '17 Subaru Forester
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    hello i am having the same problem with my 2003 g35 sedan. but A/C, radio, CD and all the buttons on the console do not work. wouldl ike to know if anyone had found out the solution for it. If you do hit me back thanks
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    There is an Infiniti service bulletin for this that replaces a control board. I had it done on my car (back in 02 or 03).

    On some model year 2003 G35 Sedans manufactured through August 21, 2002, the audio and temperature controls may not operate as expected. When using the audio equipment or the temperature controls, the unit may become inoperative. In some cases, this can be corrected by turning the ignition switch off and back on again. In other cases, the unit remains inoperative and requires service by an Infiniti technician. To prevent this condition, Infiniti has initiated a Voluntary Service Campaign to replace the audio finisher circuit board on these vehicles. Use Infiniti Net to confirm if a specific vehicle is affected by this service campaign (P3104).
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    Where does one find these service advisories?
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    I have been experiencing this exact problem for 2 months now. When I hadn't started my car all weekend, then my car won't start on a Monday morning. I had the battery replaced twice, but the problem still persists. How long have you had the problem? You 've ruled out alternator already? I have a 2003 G35 sedan. Other than the gas mileage and this problem, I love this car...
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    I copied that from, but they require some sort of registration to get the full details now. they do have a free registration, but I didn't look into it. Possibly also at
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    Ok i was working on my 04 infiniti G35X sedan. I am fixing all the rattles and all the vibrations. I really love this car and take extremely good care of it. This was an accident. this is what happened. I opened up the front passenger door panel unscrewed it and lifted it up and away. i didnt disconnect any wires. i got a wrench and was tightening the bolts. as i got to the bottom of the door i saw a little blue light go from the wrench to the bolt and all the interior lights the vanity mirror lights, the map lights, the door lights, and rear door overhead lights went out as well as the trunk light. I replaced the fuse in the fuse box. Can anyone please tell me what the problem is i want to fix it without taking it to my INFINITI DEALER. They will charge me a fortune. PLease tell me if i can repair it myself. And how much it costs to do so or if you have any tips. I live in miami FL, so if you know any good cheap auto lighting places please let me know. Thank you.
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    There are threads on the Forum referring to 2003 and 2008 electronics freeze-ups. I discovered today that Infiniti is shipping a large number of control boards for 2008 vehicles experiencing nav, audio, and climate freeze-ups. There are so many dealer requests for the control boards that there is a production/shipping backlog of about 4 weeks. The freeze-ups may be effecting cruise control and outside temperature readings, as well. Check with your dealer about a possible Service Bulletin on the freeze-ups. While waiting for the replacement part, you may be able to re-boot the system by turning the ignition off and on a couple of times. This isn't a permanent fix, but restores the system to temporary operation.
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    I am having the same problem and the dealer is positive it is the Audio Finisher, but says my serial number is not included in the Voluntary Service Campaign. My problem is intermittent -- the dash lights, a/c and stereo go out. Sometimes I can restart the car and it will work. It will cost me a minimum (with a refurbished stereo) of $1200 to repair. My Boss stereo was just replaced with a new stereo in 7/06. Does anyone know of anything I can do to get Infinity to cover my costs?
    Also, I was told by Infinity dealer that I absolutely could not put an after-market stereo in my car because the a/c controls would not work. Does anyone know if that is true?
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    I have that same problem of the ac controls and the radio buttons not working. What do I need to do to fix the problem for free or cheap. I thought of getting a new CD player would that fix the problem? What is the web sit for infiniti's service, or problems that are discontinued?
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    We got another opinion from an expert in Tennessee and he says it is the ignition that is the problem. He said they saw where replacing the stereo did not fix the problem. He said to try giggling the ignition switch when it failed to see if it would work, and it did.
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    Add me to those with the continuous battery drain problem (03 G35 sedan). I was also starting to have problems with the 6-CD changer, but thought it was unrelated. This week it went into the shop (Nissan specialists) and they determined it was the control module. $730, and they said the CD player was definitely not working right and they'd order a new one next week. Problem was the thing continued to click continueously even after the ignition was turned off. It's Friday at 5:30, so I take the car anyway (I've spent $200 on a rental for the week while the G35 was in the shop). So I get home, and try pulling the audion fuse -- clicking continues. Try a few other fuses, one at a time, just to see -- put them back one at a time so no mixups. I disconnect the battery and leave it for a couple of hours. I go back out to try a few more things -- I reconnect the 12V, and now the car will crank strongly, but not start!!! What in the world? The fuses are all fine. Now I have to wait until Monday to start his process all over again. And now that I'm reading more of these posts, I'm starting to wonder if a repair is in sight, and at what cost. I love the car, but this kind of electrical problem can be a deal-breaker -- might have to start looking for something new... While I see others with the same problem, has anybody gotten this problem FIXED???
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    LOL, look on the bright side, at least you don't own a *$LEXUS!$*
    I spent enough money on repairs on a Lexus the last year I owned it to put a nice down payment on a new car!
    They're money pits!
    Nothing but problems!
    The Dealerships must love them, real "money makers" for them!
    Count your blessings!
    I drive a Mercury Grand Marquis now for 2 1/2 years and haven't had *any* problems with it! A great car!
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    Was it a 10 year old Lexus with 200,000 miles on it? BTW, your profile shows that you signed up today and browsed G35 forum and commented on Lexus when you currently own a Mercury. Also, if you are driving Mercury for 2 1/2 years what was Lexus for? Just kidding......
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    I'm experiencing the same problem. My radio and dash goes out and my ac comes on very high and I can't do anything to turn it down. They told me at the dealer that it was the circut board. I repaced the circuit board for over $1000 and then a month later it happended again. I took it back and now they say I need a new radio because my radio is draining the circuti board. I called the Infiniti head office and got nowhere. :mad: I was extremely dissapointed because this is a manufacturer's problem due to their error in assembling the car. They told me that they can't help me. I'm geting rid of my car and will never buy anothe Infiniti/Nissan car again because they have major electrical problem.
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    We talked to a service tech in Chattanooga and he said it was the ignition switch. He said that when the problem happens, try giggling the key in the switch and sure enough, the dash lights and air came back on. I talked to the Infinity head office as well and they said "oh, well" -- not their problem. We are still experiencing the same problem, but we just keep giggling the ignition switch and so far it works. I guess we'll fix it when it breaks completely -- with no help from Infinity. I am very disappointed with Infinity as well!!! I'll buy Honda cars in the future.
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    Did you ever figure out why your car would not start?

    I have the same problem with my 2003 coupe. Car turns over strong but does not start. No code from the computer. Checked all the fuses and relays that I could find. Can hear the fuel pump prime. Sprayed starter fluid into the intake. It did not try to fire on it. Act's like it's not getting any spark. Changed the crank and cam sensors. No help.

    Thanks, ~Scott
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    Babijol, did you find out anything or get any help from Infinity. We're still having same problem, but don't want to waste $1200 for stereo and circuit board and still have problem.
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    The issue of the car radio and air conditioning controls going out along with some other dash lights is a well documented issue. I had a 2003 where the unit was replaced under warranty as a known defect. The replacement unit lasted about a year and a half and started showing signs of going out again. I have since traded the car in on a 2007 which is totally awesome. The service manager said that he feels the problem is caused by a lack or loss of contact. If you have the issue I would see about working a deal or getting a discount due to the fact it is a known defect.
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    Checking back in (my car had the slow battery drain problem). I've had my control module replaced, and had the radio repaired by a Bose repair outfit, that says they do one a day for the nearest Infiniti dealer. Following that: first my interior lights failed to work. My repair guys did something to the unit to reset it and now they work. But the dead battery issue is back. I had to jump start the car three mornings in a row this week; now I'm disconnecting the battery at night. It goes back into the shop on Tuesday to have a new control module installed; they believe my "new" module was defective. I'm starting to seriously think about trading the car in, even though it's paid off and I love it otherwise.
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    In Feb, 2008, I bought a new 2008 G35. Since then, I've taken it back to the dealership 3 times for the same problem. I start the car and none of the functions controlled by the center console/computer work. It's frozen for about 10 minutes. The nonoperating functions include heat/air, all stereo functions, blue tooth phone connection and the satellite clock (not the manual clock). The clock will be stuck at the time when I last drove the car, which has always been several hours or less earlier. I assume the problem also affects the navigation system, but I haven't yet used my nav system so am not sure. The car itself drives fine. Windows, door locks, etc. work. After about 10 minutes, and before I can make it to the dealership, everything starts working. Dealership keeps my car several days and then gives it back to me saying they can't duplicate the problem and there's nothing they can do. My car is still under warranty, but that doesn't seem to matter. The dealership is indicating that it's not going to do anything, and from reading other posts, I'm not too optimistic about Infiniti. For now, I'm just going through the motions that my warranty book says I have to. Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I bought the audio finisher board from the parts department from Gwinnett Place Infiniti. I followed the voluntary recall replacement instructions. The new board worked for about a month and then the same symptoms began. I eventually fixed this permanently myself by trading the POS in for a Honda. Will never ever buy an Infiniti or Nissan again. And it's a shame too because we absolutely loved the G35. After 5 years of faulty circuitry - they still can't get it right. I feel your pain folly - you're going through all the same BS I went through. Honestly, if it wasn't for the audio finisher board - we would still own the G35 today. It became a driving hazzard. The air would spontaneously come on and fog up the windows and we would not be able to turn the air off or change the temp. And they wanted 600-800 to fix a known problem in crappy engineering. Oh well, problem solved - we love or Honda Pilot. :)
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    jthoman: you didn't actually say what model year your G35 was. Was in an '03 or '08 (or something else)? I just got my replacement to the replacement computer module on Tuesday. Now I guess I'll see what happens. I've already been thinking about whether I need to trade the car in. Like you, I'm kind of mad about that -- car is paid off and drives like a dream. Short of this electronics nightmare, I couldn't be much happier with a car. The reason I ask about the model year, is that I've had some indication that the bulk of the problems were with EARLY '03's, which were actually manufactured during the Summer of '02 (the case with mine).
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    I bought a used 2003 G35 sedan. I've had it for about 2 yrs and began having the temp/audio control issues. Initially it was doing it intermittently but now the dash is completely dead. I have not gone to the dealership yet, but I'm dreading it after reading everyone's posts. i luv this freekin car, but this is driving me nutz. the a/c stays on constantly and no radio is certainly the pits.
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    Here's the latest. Several days ago, I used a multi-tester to measure the drain with the car off, at the 12v battery. The ONLY fuse that makes a difference when pulled is the 15A fuse in the block right by the battery. With the fuse in, it ranges from 0.8 to over 1.0 A. Pull the fuse and it drops as low as 0.02. I've gotten the vehicle service manual and examined the schematics closely -- that fuse only covers the radio/CD/AC controls (it would cover the NAV if I had it; I do not). The 15A fuse in the kick panel block is only for the (optional) Bose amp in the trunk, under the upper deck, which I do have. I did try pulling that fuse with no change. I also pulled the harness plug out of the amp just to be sure; no change in draw. My radio was repaired by an outfit that does many, many of these G35 radios per WEEK. I'm going to be back in touch with them tomorrow morning to see what my next step is. I'm all but convinced there is something left in that radio needing repair, and then my troubles will be over -- for at least a little while. BTW, I did look into the aftermarket center dash console solution -- it has AC controls, and allows you to put in a different radio. By the time you're done, I think you could easily spend a grand. And the plastic only comes in one of the two interior colors (not mine, "willow" -- of course)... But it may come to that yet. I've been driving with the aforementioned 15A fuse pulled for a week now -- the car has started each and every time. The AC is on where I left the settings before pulling the fuse. The radio/CD, of course, is out... But at least I can drive and no dead car in the morning...
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    I checked into an aftermarket dash console/finisher and spoke with the service manager at Infinity and he said that an aftermarket finisher/radio ABSOLUTELY would NOT work in Infinity autos. He said I would be wasting my money. We're still having the same intermittent problems. I'm hoping Intinity still step up to the plate and make a recall for these vehicles.
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    Even though I'm not heading down this path, these aftermarket dashes clearly must work -- Crutchfield is one of several reputable dealers that sell them, and have for a few years. They wouldn't if they did not work. I can see where a service tech, not having seen one, would figure that you'd lose your AC control. But the aftermarket console HAS the AC controls and circuit board/harness built in. You can see it at Crutchfield's website. Also, somebody sells them on ebay -- same unit. The downside to me is twofold -- first, the color does not match my willow interior (they sell the more titanium interior color), and second, between the consolde, harnesses, steering wheel control adapter module, new stereo, etc. -- it's a lot of money to put into a car actually manufactured in the Summer of 2002. For my own situation, I'm going to try again to have my Bose repaired, and hope to do that this week. I will be able to see the drain go away (or not) on my multitester before I drive home!
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    I was looking on and if you use the above link, you'll find aftermarket dashkits which allow you to change to an aftermarket radio. Is this possibly a fix for the radio/ac audio finisher board problems?
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    I also found this response to the radio/ac control problems:

    AC controls are dead, stereo does not power up, no functions work. This is not a front face problem like the dealership may lead you to believe. This may be one of two problem, a bad ribbon cable connection pointed out in our removal instructions or most likely a stereo problem. Repair rate will range $185-295.


    This is only one repair service, but a very popular one.

    The repair could involve the ribbon cable connecting the audio system components together or a problem inside the cd player itself.

    Being and Infiniti is means the cost of repair will be little more than a less luxurious automobile.

    I suggest you take it to a local car install/repair shop and get an estimate from them. It should not be so expensive as having to pull it out and send it off to a far-away place.

    And, if it is the ribbon cable the repair might be nothing more than pulling the cable off, cleaning the contacts and carefully reinserting the cable ends to get good contacts.

    But, this being an expensive model you should have it done by professionals. The Infiniti dealer is probably NOT the place to go unless they do have a trained audio system expert on staff (only a small percentage of Infinity dealers do have an expert)
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    The reason we sent the stereo off for repair was because this outfit fixes many G35 stereos every week for this problem. I figured the experience would make the difference. I'm not aware of a local place that has done this repair. I considered a cable problem, but that seems like it would result in a dead short. The audio repair shop indicated that a bad groud with the radio might result in increased draw, but he thinks that's unlikely because of the metal cage design. The initial repair was done in August, so it's under warranty. If it's the radio, they promised to take care of it. We'll see, hopefully this week!
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    Well... Like everyone here I am about to pull my hair out over a 2003 Infiniti G35 Sedan, which has renedered my Radio Controls/AC Controls useless. I called the Infiniti G35 consumer affairs dept yesterday and they said they know it is a known issue with the circuit board. However, there WAS a campaign after the car was released in 2003 but it was then lifted within the year (03). I was like WHAT???? I bought this car at Car Max and that was another whole experience I will not go into. All in all, I love this car, but I feel CHEATED by Infiniti as I know anyone does with this problem. There was a fuel hose recall, which I did get addressed today at the dealer however, I am stuck with a luxury car which I have no use of my radio and will not have heat for this upcoming winter as my controls are completely dead unless I pay Infiniti $2398 to fix. I have seen quotes from the dealers from other users a year ago on this forum for $300. What gives. Is the dealer treating customers fairly. I can believe that my car's value just dropped $3000 and even if I try to sell it I will be upside down in my payments because I can not get the going value for it because of manufacturer defect.

    The dealer has filed a claim with the consumers affair today and I'll wait and see what Infiniti will do this coming Monday. If they choose not to do anything, I must say that I will be VERY VERY upset and will pledge not to buy another Infiniti/Nissan as long as I live. If they can't take care of this problem, I would vote that we should all band together and make an impact at Infiniti... Enough people bringing this problem to other potential customers attention could cause enough negative impact to Infiniti's business that Infiniti might consider being responsible for a problem on their end and NOT the consumer. It is ludicrous to think I have to shell out $3000.00 to have use of my heating/air and car stereo in a luxury vehicle.

    Anyways.... I wish all the best with this. I am hoping from the best. We should all support each other in this. I will keep everyone tuned in. Please those with this problem share your experiences.
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    "I am stuck with a luxury car which I have no use of my radio and will not have heat for this upcoming winter as my controls are completely dead unless I pay Infiniti $2398 to fix" - Where in the world did you get that figure. I had a 2003 with the same issue (it's caused by a bad circuit board) and the cost of repair was only a little over $300.00
  • kmj1216kmj1216 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks so much for sharing. This confirms how much I detest Dealerships - the fact that I am quoted close to $3000 and you had yours fixed for $300.00. I think they just want to soak up money from customers. That figure came straight from the dealership. I have it on the work order. I spoke with the manager in the dealership and told him I knew about a service recall on this very issue. The service campaign is noted as ITB03-007b. It can be found by googling it. HOWEVER, the manager tells me that my VIN number falls outside of the cars that are covered. IN other words Infiniti only chooses to address a small portion of the cars that were affected by a manufacturers defect. I imagine they are quoting me that number for one or two reasons. One - to scare me away or Two - because they dont want to repair it but would rather just replace the whole audio/electrical sub system.

    Either way this is a serious problem with Infiniti, and I hope they will address it. I would love to get more information on how you got your problem resolved and where you went to resolve it. It has been very difficult not having use of my AC/Heat. I am in Atlanta and we are just starting our winter. Although, I know the winters are mild here. You do have to use the defrost, so I could say that it would be a safety issue.

  • lralra Member Posts: 13
    "HOWEVER, the manager tells me that my VIN number falls outside of the cars that are covered.."

    It does NOT matter what your VIN number is. The part only cost around $300 and you just add the hour to swap out the unit.
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    I made a safety complaint about a month ago. I think I went through the site to make the complaint. I stated the very same thing, that I couldn't defrost my windows and it was very dangerous. BTW, I live in the Atlanta area as well. The dealer I contacted was, I believe, Marietta Infinity. They gave me a quote of about $3000 as well and also said my VIN number fell outside the recall. The dealer told me it was the finisher, but that I had to replace the stereo as well or it would go bad again. If you find out about the $300 part, I would be very interested. I'm sure we can install it ourselves.
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    What, $2398?
    For a circuit board?
    Are you sure it's not a Lexus?
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    Hi Kdooley....
    Thanks so much for your post.
    That is exactly the same dealer I am dealing with and I suspect I am getting the same run around. I will get an attorney involved if I have to. Infinit needs to take ownership of this. They do not want to take ownership for what is clearly a manufacturer defects. I am glad you posted. I can certainly appreciate what Ira posted, but it DOES matter according to Infiniti what your VIN is. It is on the Service Recall bulletin. You can download it off the internet. In the bulletin, they mention that only some 23,000 cars are affected. I would venture to say that is a very low conservative estimate. I am sure that there lack of Quality Control to carefully disign a circuit board for a Luxury car is the reason why this is a huge problem among 2003 Infiniti G35s.
    Ira could you please share with kdooley and myself how you managed to get your problem fixed for $300.00. That certainly is much better than the same story that both kdooley and myself have been told at around $3000.00.

    As far as the stereo having to be replaced too. I believe that is the case because I have found articles on the internet pointing to the a flaw being found in the car stereo which causes a huge current drain which eventually causes the finisher board to go out. Some Infiniti users have even had their batteries drain and go dead on a recurring basis.

    I also agree with you that this is certainly a safety issue, when due to changing weather conditions or if their is rain and I can't operate my defrost then I have a serious problem on my hands which could cause an accident.

    I hope that Infiniti will choose to address this and take it more seriously than they have been.
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    It might as well be a Lexus - the way I am getting treated from the Infiniti dealership.
    I think I should post an attachment of the service record from the dealership. Seems too unbelievable. Perhaps having an image of the document scanned would blow everybody's mind like it did mine when I saw it. I imagine the quote is to replace more than the circuit board and includes the stereo, since the dealership claims that the problem will resurface if the car stereo is not replaced.
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    I can totally understand about your CD changer, mine went out about a couple of months ago. I have the same exact symptoms. I didn't go through the troubleshooting you have done, I just made do without it (although I greatly miss having my 6 CD changer). I managed with my iPod Nano and the casette deck. I never thought I would ever use the casette deck but it is certainly nice to have for the iPod. NOW, everything is out, the whole audio stereo/climate control center. I am so aggravated at Infiniti and Bose. I always enjoyed having a Bose system. Even my 1997 Acura CL has a Bose stereo and it still works till this day. However, I have a luxury car that everyone seems to have the same problem with. Now my issue is more of a safety issue because I will never be able to use my defrost, when it rains and my windows fogs up. It looks like Infiniti skirts around a serious design flaw. I bet if enough of us banded together and made enough noise and were able to prove this is a safety issue with not having controls for the climate control, the voluntary service campaign would become more of a urgency for them to repair, like the fuel hose campaign they have on the 2003. Anyways, I can totally understand.
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    I bought a 2003 G35 in 2004. In 2007 with 58,800 miles on the car the radio/air conditioner problem happened. The dealer replaced the radio unit which fixed the issue at no charge as a known defect. I had the 60,000 mile service done at the same time. About a year and a half later it started to happen again but before it completely broke I lost the car to flooding. I purchased a 2007 G35. The dealer told me it would cost $300 to replace the car radio again.
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    Ira, the fact that the problem happened again certainly seems to point to the Car Radio being the source of the problem as I have been reading. For whatever reason, it causes excessive current drain on the circuit board which causes it to run hot and eventually malfunction over a period of time. This is definitely a poor design manufacturer's defect on part of Infiniti. I can understand these problems because I have an electrical engineering degree and something like this should have never left design and been released into production. I am glad that they replaced your circuit board at no charge and at least resolved the problem for a year and a half later. I dont seem to be getting even that far with them. I am claiming this as a safety issue. Even this morning I could not operate my defrost. Do you mind me asking what dealer you worked with?

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    This was at West Houston Infiniti in Houston, Texas. Excellent service and customer relations. My 2007 G35 is the third car I have bought from them. I believe 2003 was the first year the car came out so I would expect some little nagging problem.
  • dbrooks92dbrooks92 Member Posts: 1
    WOW! This is VERY discouraging news to read, I purchased a 2004 G35 and my 6 Disk CD player JUST stopped reading disks!! Now with all of the posts I am reading suggests that this is the tip of the iceberg. I thought I was making the best choice by not buying the Lexus, because of repair costs, hopefully, I didn't slip from the frying pan into the fire...will keep you all posted. :cry:
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