Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



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    Bigmurth - you are awesome for helping us all! One more question. I found a reputable audio guy, gave him the info. He said he's happy to do this for me but the Metra rep told him that buying the Metra kit and changing out the radio will not get me my heating controls back, it will only give me radio function. Is this true? Do I still need the circuit board? Please advise.
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    Did this work for you? I found a reputable audio guy but he tells me that the Metra rep told him that this will not fix my heating and ac contol problems, it will only fix the radio. I'm so confused!! Thanks, Mary
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    Howdy y'all. Apparently I'm not the only one with this little radio a/c problem. We have an '03 G35 Coupe. It started with the cd changer about 2 years ago. Currently, the radio is frozen (on our favorite station:) We were lucky to set the a/c on defrost on one of the rare occasions that the controls actually worked. The temp is frozen at 60, so we just have to bundle up when cold, but at least don't have hot air blowing on us, and don't have the fogging problem that many have mentioned. Can anyone recommend a radio/electronics person here in Southern California? The dealer quoted $600.00-$800.00 to repair. Hmmmm, I think not. Thanks :sick:
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    It did work for me..heating is working but i will test the A/C and let you know..
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    The Metra kit worked!!!! I am so happy to have a fully functioning car again!!! No more cold mornings without music. I got my car fixed at Preston's Performance Audio in San Diego. Call Shane at 619-433-0330. He is my hero right now!!
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    Just curious, how much was "everything" after installation, including all parts inc. radio?
    congratulations on your car getting back the way it's supposed to thanks to Infiniti! :shades: BigMurth
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    Hey, I have a 03 G35 Cpe and I had the same problem and I just got it fixed for $148 today. And this guy is located in Los Angeles, CA. I highly recommend this guy. Here is his link: 0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem35a664acbeQQitemZ230424882366QQptZCarQ5fAudioQ5fVideo

    He repairs the actual defective unit.
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    joshg35: Do you have a phone number for the guy in LA that fixed yours? The link didn't work.
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    I spoke with a woman C at infiniti consumer affairs today, just a pro forma opportunity for them to come to Jesus, or alternately, to amuse me with their intransigence, perhaps blame the victim, call me names, etc. Unfortunately, I got neither.

    C told me that my G35 had already had the service recall done. When I suggested that the service had been to replace one defective part with another, C said that defects were covered by the manufacturer's warranty, no longer in effect. She was polite but unyielding, like many of my former girlfriends.

    Does anyone know of a good audio repair shop in Charlotte?
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    Hey. I have a G35 coupe as well and unfortunately dealing with the same problem. My air is stuck at 60 degrees. I clicked on the link you posted but it is no longer posted. Could you please give me the number to the guy who fixed your car. That would be great!! Let me know please. Thanks
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    I am the original owner of 03 G35 I started having problems with circuit board and radio in 05. I have had 3 circuit boards and 3 radios which the dealership paid for because it was under warranty when the problems happened. My car was at the shop from 11/20/09 thru 12/28/09 at which time they claimed they fixed the problem. Last week a experienced unintended accerleration of course a Nissan tech. claims he could not find any problem with the vehicle. I am wondering if I am the only one with this problem. I am now at the consumer affairs North American Nissan in Canada. I am lucky to be alive.
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    OK, I have the battery drain problem and confirmed it is the radio circuit.

    I have read all the previous posts.

    I have a friend who is an electronics fixer guru who can help.

    What we need to know is the information related to the bug on the board.

    We need to know what goes wrong and what needs to be fixed.

    Is it a component, bad solder joint, etc????

    If these radio shops can fix them so can we.

    Who has the knowledge? Who can help us out here.

    I am in Canada and really don't want to send to Florida if we can fix here on site.

    Thnxs, hope someone out there can pin point the bug.
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    If you look at the earlier post the fix that doesn't rear it's ugly head for the lights, heat/ac controls and battery drainage is the stereo replacement and metra kit.

    I had multiple problems and changed out the stereo with a 2 dinn (that's the size of it) Clarion that I'm not real happy with and a a metra kit that changed out the heat/ac control. That fixed the dash light and heat/ac issue.

    I then still had a battery drain. I had the tech disconnect the rear woofer...didn't help the drain. I then took it to the dealer and they changed out the stinking starter.

    I haven't had a single baterry problem since.

    Don't know exactly where the problem was. Just wanted everything out that could have caused it.

    If you are having just a battery drain issue it may not be the stereo. Check out earlier posts by Big Murth since he seems to be the man.

    Good Luck
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    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did it, I put my car n the shop in kansas for the radio and the curcuit board. they wanted $2200 for the radio so just had them change the board bn my warranty paid for it. 3 months later im in lafaytte la. and the board went out again so i took it in. Infiniti had no history of ever changing the board. Infiniti in lafayette told me that they can give me that same radio for $350. i called kansas and told him if my car would not get fixed rite i would take the next step. he then told me about something called goodwill with infiniti. he got me a new radio and got it changed out for free, my car is an 03 with 90k miles so dont let them tell u that your car is to old are has to many miles on it for the goodwill program. BTW the boards dont have to b changed out the radio only' infiniti in lafayette La. is the best by for. They REALLY go out there way To help you. no matter where i am at when i need my car worked on i will call them first
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    Quote: "If you are having just a battery drain issue it may not be the stereo."

    Because I have a 1/2 amp drain problem and pulling the radio fuse restores the draw to normal amperage it is highly suspect the problem is in the radio circuit bd.
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    You dont have to pay for anything to fix this prob. infiniti wont tell you this but there is a thing they are calling Goodwill, they will give you a new radio and it fixed all my prob i had with my car. its an 03 g35 with over 90k miles on it. so this goodwill plan will work on any year and even with all the miles. Infiniti of lafyette La really help me out
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    The "goodwill fund" is there but it is reserved for the preferred customers. The customers who spend $1,000's of dollars a year on regular maintainance and mechanical services at the Infiniti dealer.

    I do my own service and repairs so it is doubtful Infiniti will want to find dollars to help me out and I understand that.

    My bet is that there is a $2.00 component on the radio bd that is the bug and all that is required is that it needs to be replaced. I want to find out what that component is and fix it myself.
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    that was the first time i ever took my car to Infiniti and they fixed my car with the Goodwiil fund so that info you or givin is wrong
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    Actually my information is correct and you were very fortunate to have the fix covered.

    If Infiniti offered your positive experience to everyone then there wouldn't be pages of posts here of upset owners complaining about the issues.
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    For the record I dropped by the Infiniti dealer here in Oakville Ontario to see what they could do for me. As I expected they danced their way around anything that resembled a good will or helpful solution. They said all they do, and can do is replace the radio at my expense. Typical Infiniti attitude and response.

    I also stopped at the local car stereo installer to pic his brain. They didn't know much about the issues but admitted to installing the Metra 99-7604 kit on a G35 but they did not seem that excited about getting involved with it and helping me out.

    The most promising solution seems to be is to send the board off to Florida for repair although I would still like to have a wack at repairing the board myself if I could just get a bit more info on what the issue is with the board.
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    We have a Clarion service center">link title here on Ontario Canada about 10 minutes away from the Infiniti dealer. Out of curiosity I dropped by to see what they had to say about the issue.

    Interesting.... they know all about the problems and offered two solutions. I asked for assistance with a fix for the problem and they offered to sell me a $12. service manual for the radio/cassette/cd player.

    They also said I could bring the unit to them and they would install an upgrade kit that would improve reliability and performance and would probably fix the drain problem. Cost for this service was about $225. I took the service manual and at this time PD is being done and I will update soon.
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    It's 2010 and have the same issue with my 2003 G35 sedan, audio unit / AC unit have blanked out completely for over 3 months. I agree it;'s a driving hazard. I tell you this is a way for Infiniti to make money, or a way to make sure people trade their cars for new ones. I am DONE with Infiniti or Nissan, how can they have so many issues with a little circuit board!!! This is just like Toyota's recall about the accelarator, in this case the windshield gets blurry especially when it snows or rains - and I experienced that first hand this winter in DC area with 30" snow!! And my AC is set on auto at 75F but it still doesn't clear the windshield and rear window.
    If anyone has any ideas how to fix this, or knows some cheap technician who can do it in the DC area, email me back please.
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    actually the "most promising solution " is to replace the radio with the metra kit or jdm I have a 03 g35 sedan and started having the same issues last dash would die my cd changer failed and started having issues with the a/c controls..Last month i went ahead and got the metra kit bought a new radio and installed it cost was $ 400 (coz i bought and expensive kenwood head unit) the metra kit was $100 and now my car sounds great..i no longer have a/c control issues and can now drive without worrying whether my cd player will work or if my heater will function on a cold morning..

    alot of pple have had the board fixed but the issue resurfaces each your best bet to save time and energy and at the same time upgrade your car is to get rid of the radio
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    just got back from Orlando (longwood) (see117) $345.00 and $65.00 gas from Tallahassee. Back to normal... in and out in 45 minutes, 1 year warranty.
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    As I said before Oakvil** Infiniti was not much help. All they could do was offer to install a brand new radio for me. I explained to them there was a place in Florida that could repair the radio logic bd for me at a cost of a few hundred dollars, a fraction of the cost of replacing the radio. I asked them if there was a place locally that could do this? They said there was nothing.

    I made some more inquiries. Clarion's main office and service center was an 8 minute drive from the Qakvil** Infiniti dealer. I thought I would drop by Clarion and pick their brains about the issue.

    Bingo!... They said they were well aware of the problems and would be happy to sell me a service manual for the radio assembly or for $225. they would install an upgrade kit to the assembly that addresses the issues. Nice! Friendly folks with multiple options and solutions at a reasonable price.

    Now we are getting somewhere!

    For now I have the manual in hand and will update the progress as we proceed.

    Once again Infiniti was no help and without a doubt knew all about the Clarion offerings.

    I took the radio assembly out last week.

    I forgot to take the CD's out of the deck so took the unit back to the car and plugged the three connectors back into the back of the unit to see if I could get the CD's out.

    ... As soon as I inserted the last connector the radio/CD unit comes alive and out pops a CD????

    There is no key in the ignition and the car is off! Interesting to say the least and the first clue to locating the bug.

    I could not figure out how to separate the top and bottom units which would allow access to the board in question.

    I then handed the unit over to my pal would wanted to have a stab at it.

    He called a couple days later. He figured out how to get at the board and was doing a full PD on the board. He discovered something interesting. He had me take some voltage measurements at the car here (he is in another city an hour away).

    Well what do you know..... Looks like he may have found the bug, the cause of the parasite drain.

    The bug appears to be a manufacturing error on the board. My pal made a change to the board. I got the unit back from my pal and installed it last week.

    I did some amp checks and confirmed the battery drain problem is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The reading between the -post and ground was about .55 (with the battery drain issue), and is now sitting at .07 With the radio fuse out it was/is .05 so a huge improvement.

    The only issue I have now is I have lost one feature. If the radio is on when I turn the car off, it is off when I turn the car back on. I then have to physically hit the radio on button to turn the radio back on. May be a memory support voltage or line issue.

    Will do some further checks to see if this issue can be corrected. I may have put this bug on the vehicle when taking it apart and reassembling.

    Will let you know what I find out. Need to wait for a warmer day as the car is outside and this is

    So far the cost to fix has been $12. for the manual.
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    I fixed the problem with my heat stuck on and radio out. I bought an aftermarket Sony Radio which I got at a great price on sale $149.95 CDX-GT640UI (best buy) Had to buy the Metra dash kit online for $159.00 at sonic electronix, also from ebay Metra amp harness 70-7551 for $17.99 and Antenna metra 40-NI10 $9.99 Best buy charge $70 to install. Beats paying $1500 from infiniti especially when the same prob happens 2 years later. The only sacrifices are steering wheel controls wont work anymore along with the stock rear sub.
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    Hi Joe2285

    Wow I didn't know Best buy can install the metra kit/harness for us. I am really interested in doing the same with my Infiniti and then selling it. I have a G35 2003 sedan. If you can please email a link to the Metra dash kit and Metra amp harness then I can order it online. I will go to Best buy and get the CD/radio that can fit an Infiniti. It seems this is the best solution. I have been send around in circles by the dealer about fixing this, and they told me $2000 bucks to replace a simple dumb circuit board! Currently my CD/Radio and Heating/AC is stuck at the last channel setting.

    Thanks for your help buddy!
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    the stock sub should still work unless the audio is not wired right I installed mine myself and the stock sub works perfect as i still connect to the Bose amp ..if it doesn work then best buy bypassed the amp and connected directly to you new head unit
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    I have an 06 coupe with a Bose that recently went on the fritz. Called Bob Moore Infiniti of OKC, and AS USUAL, they were of no assistance. The service manager Dustin said "yeah, usually when that happens, we usually just have to swap out the whole unit" so this told me that they KNOW its an issue. So I ask how much and how long. He says $500.00 including labor, but they are on back order and it would be close to 3 MONTHS! So he refers me to a local car stereo shop that he says they "out-source" to. So I call the shop, he has me bring the car in, he has it for over 5 hours last friday, calls me at 5:30 to tell me that it was some sort of power switch for the cd unit, but after replacing and re-installing, it blew out the circuit board and he had to order a new one. It is supposed to be in this friday (April 16th) and its all going to run about $550.00. I asked him while I was there if I should just go ahead and install an aftermarket system and he told me that it couldn't be done on my car?!??!?! He said it could on the older G's but not mine. Wonder why? So now, I'm nervous that I will spend all this money for it to crap out on me again. This is my 2nd Infiniti, and my fourth Nissan. Normally I have had great luck with their products, but this coupled with the MASSIVE paint chipping issue, I may be done... :mad:
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    Just this past weekend I went to Best Buy and they replaced my old f**ed up G35 Radio/AC unit with an aftermarket iPod ready CD receiver for $49. I had ordered the Metra kit ( from Amazon last week for $158, then ordered the CD player from Best buy for about $100 bucks which they installed for me. It took about an hour to install, and total cost to fix this supposedly $1500 dealer issue for merely $300 bucks! And now I have a stereo which plays my iPhone without the freakin FM trasmitter!, and my A/C is not stuck on 75F any more yesssss!!
    I love my G35, but I still think I should sell it now :-) done with Nissans and Infinitis
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    I pulled my radio and CD player - sent it to Factory Car Stereo Repair Inc in Florida on Monday - got it back on Friday - reinstalled it and everything works perfectly (AC controls, Bose stereo, CD's etc.) Repair has a 1 year warranty. While I was at it I installed a PAC-NIS2 AUX adapter that connected to the SAT part of the radio to play my iPod - Total Cost - $370 for the Repair, $15 ground shipping, PAC AUX adapter - $60.
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    I am in the same spot as post #225 bookmarks in Canada . I have a 2003 G35 , all the same issues with the radio not working, air conditioning on full blast and it seems every time we start the car there different things coming on or not working at all . Oakville Nissan/Infiniti quoted over $1500 to repair . As well the driver side window goes up and down never stopping at the top for the third time, the pillars between the doors are rusted through and the headlights are full of condensation . They claim that if I change the radio I will still need a board for $800 or it won't work. I am currently going to Nissan Canada as well . How did you make out with Nissan Canada ? My first contact wasn't at all hopeful. The 370Z we were contemplating isn't going to happen after this
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    Thats crazy the circuit board I want to say is in the actual CD player Cause I was told the same thing, and after I put in an aftermarket radio good as new, besides my steering wheel radio controls dont work now. But I'm content.
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    Hey everyone. Hope someone can help. I have an 2006 G35 coupe, bought in 2008. I programmed the universal link then to work with my craftsman garage door opener. It has worked flawlessly until this week. It WILL NOT open the garage door from outside, not even if i am directly in front of the door. Once I get the car inside it will open and close it in the garage and it will even CLOSE the garage door outside. I just can not seem to get it to open the garage door from outside. This has been happening consistently the last 4 days or so. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be the transmitter in the car? The battery it runs on? My garage door opener unit? Would trying to reprogram help? Any help would be appreciated!!


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    Hi Angara. Did you ever get your probs with the G35 fixed. I'm actually in Bloomingdale too. The radio/AC hasn't acted up in a couple of months but I'm having battery issues now. Thanks much. Robert
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    Hi everyone,

    So like many on here, I have had the unfortunate situation the last few weeks of no radio controls and AC blowing. Fortunately, it is not on max blast right now, so that is okay... I have a Navi on my 2003 G35 sedan and doing some research on the web, i read that it is more complicated to go the aftermarket route.. I really rather not go to the Infiniti stealership. Has anyone with a Nav solved this with some of the aftermarket solutions?
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    I have a Navi and the Metra kit worked well. It took my installer about an hour extra (which cost me $65)because he had to shave the kit slightly to get it in but it looks good now. It does stick sometimes when you push it down and try to get it up again but it's minor and I wouldn't let that dissuade you. I would still go this route vs. The dealer. Good luck!
  • danielk015danielk015 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks!!! I definitely prefer this route than going to the dealer. I will look into this and hopefully get it installed in the next few weeks. Thanks again.
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    I appreciate users sharing info (very helpful), so I thought I would share my experience with a battery drain issue. Background: 2003 G35 Coupe, 56K miles. No problems before. Nice car. In February 2010, car very difficult to start. Bought a new battery (even though battery was only two years old). Did not use car for eight days, car would not start. Jumpstarted car, no problem found with alternator or battery cells. Did not use car for another four days, car would not start. Replaced battery with another new one. Did not use car for a week, battery completely dead. AAA truck could not jumpstart car (battery fully drained) after trying for 45 minutes. Called my Infiniti dealer. They knew about audio unit problem (they told me usually the battery drain is either the audio unit or some some security device that I do not have--similar to lojack I think). I asked if goodwill would cover audio unit replacement. Received a call back a few days later that goodwill will cover and that it would take two weeks for part to arrive. It arrived. I took car to dealer, they replaced the audio unit. However, it did not resolve a draw of 300 milli-amps (MA) when car was off. Spent a few hours diagnosing, had not seen this problem before. Found problem on fuse #21 that has 10 systems on it. Found loose terminals at body control module (BCM) causing BCM to not go to "sleep mode". Removed BCM and repaired wiring. Amp draw went from 300 MA down to under 50 MA. No real parts to replace, but it cost over $400 for labor. Hopefully, this can save you labor costs if you find a 300 MA draw when car is turned off.
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    That was a good piece of detective work you did there. Electrical problems like that are a bear to find. Most service techs would just start replacing parts. Nice job, and thanks for sharing your results.
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    AC full blast at 67 degrees all the time I just couldnt' take it anymore.
    I purchased Metra kit ($159.00) since it has its own AC control. By doing this, there is no radio that can mess up my AC. ( I found out that there was a recall on this issue. However, it only applies to G35 that was manufactured before Aug.21, 2002 which tells me that factory radio will fail again. ) I had big concern about my Nav because I didn't want it to be just a decoration. 2 screws that I remove from original panel had no place for metra thus making the Nav unit unstable. Also nav button was a tight squeeze that it requires shaving. Since I didn't have the right tools, I installed the unit back into the car as is. Navigation, MPG, and everything works except audio. Once I press the nav unit down, it needs some banging on the side panel for it to pop out slowly. Working in slow pace, the process took 3 hours. It shoud take less than an hour second time around. I received confidence by watching radio removal video from
    Since then I have puchased metra harness (70-7551) and antenna adaptor (40-NI20). I am debating on what head unit to purchase... but when I do.. I will probably fix the Nav unit as well. I will let you know once I fix everything.
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    Did you finally get the problem resolved? Because I am in hamilton and I want to get mine fixed somewhere reputable.
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    Hey Best Buy stands by their work. I had a good experience with them at a decent price. Make sure you tell them before the install you want your rear sub to work and also your steering wheel controls.
  • aleem1aleem1 Member Posts: 4
    are you in the toronto area? and if so,which best buy did you go too?
  • roadrulerroadruler Member Posts: 10
    Good day jmemrick

    The battery drain problem is fixed but I have not had time to look into the memory store issue. using the car daily and the memory problem is very minor and I can live with it.

    If I had to do it all over again I would take the radio.deck out myself and take the unit to Clarion's repair shop in Mississaga. For a few hundred dollars they will work their magic. I would not got to Infiniti for a new radio. What a rip off.
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    Just some information, guys...

    About a year ago, I found a thread on some site and wish I had saved it. An electrical engineer had explained that there is an overload diode in the radio that can't handle the amps from all the systems (radio, A/C, Nav, etc.) and consequently, it breaks. The result of this failed diode is that the radio will continue to draw too much current (can't remember the exact amperage) when the car is not running instead of a minuscule amount, as normal. If the car sits for more than like 24 hours, the battery will be dead. If you do drive the vehicle daily, you never do notice this battery drain. I went through 2 different batteries and other trouble shooting before I found his thread. The first time, 2 days after I bought a battery, it was dead and I was pulling my hair out. To get to the issue...

    He suggested pulling the radio fuse out of the fuse box when you know you won't be driving the vehicle for more than a day. I started doing that and I never had any drained battery issues EVER again. The only downside to this is that you lose all station memory locations and while the fuse is out, you have no A/C controls... but at least your car will always start. I know it's a hassle, but I wasn't going to spend $1800 for a dealership to replace the radio nor around $800 for them to fix the diode with labor and parts, etc.

    What I am working on finding now is a way to attach a switch to that fuse and run it into the cabin so I can just flip a switch and know that the fuse is basically removed from the circuit. Overall, you would think with such a nice car, this wouldn't be such an issue. But I don't care removing a 25 cent fuse now and then instead of spending thousands of dollars.

    I hope this helps all of you out there with the same problem. Mine is a 2003 Sedan.
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    Yes, it was THIS thread. Not refering to you, Danielk015 when I say this -- and I know there are 260+ posts -- but I see people asking questions long ago answered on THIS thread, without taking the time to go back through the thread to see what problems people have had, or the numerous solutions. There are basicaly two ways -- have the unit removed and repaired by an audio specialist, or replace the entire radio and console with aftermarket stuff. Both can be good solutions. Forget Infiniti, they'll be of no help, or if they are of help, it will be 2 or 3 times the expense. I opted for repair of the original unit about two years ago and it's still fine -- used a top outfit in Orlando, and I've posted their information more than once. The reasons for the problem are just as DanielK015 remembered.
  • roadrulerroadruler Member Posts: 10
    I too thought of this switch idea and see no reason why it wouldn't work.

    My electronic wizard pal solved the battery drain problem by swapping two wires on the board, not replacing a diode.

    If anyone has anymore info on this diode issue I would sure like to hear about it and investigate further.
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    Basically, a diode is either allowing current through or not allowing current through in one direction. If this tiny device isn't working...guess what? It's allowing current through (if it's shorted). This is the problem that most of us had with the battery draining. This failed diode still allowed the radio to pull basically full amperage. Sort of like the same thing as when you were a kid and pulled the car up at a party and played the radio and then a few hours later when you wanted to leave, your car was DEAD. Granted, the radio isn't pulling all the amps as when it's playing music and running the speakers, etc., but it still pulls way too much than it was supposed to and we all had dead batteries when the car sat for over a day or so. I didn't opt for anything aftermarket basically because mine is a second vehicle and it's a 2003 and almost 8 years old. I will continue to pull the fuse and tune my radio to ESPN every morning, when needed. You all have to LOVE Romey, Mike & Mike and Van Pelt, right?
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    I went to best buy and the installer didn't know how to connect the rear sub any suggestions. The kit is working but the temperture button doesn't adjust.... Any suggestions?
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