Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



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    There is one thing i forgot to meantion in my previous post. I have a custom alpine dvd/radio installed. therefore; i believe that that's why my radio is still working but a/c + heat fans are not...
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    I would check the connection between the hvac controls and harness. Make sure there are not bent pins.
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    G35 = :lemon:

    I love the power train, but the electrical system leaves a lot to be desired.
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    I would like to have the name of the place in Orlando that repairs this as we have the same problem with our 2003 G35 Coupe.

    Just email to: [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.......
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    will do.. thanks
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    Look back at response #117 and you will find the name of the place in Orlando.
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    I have read many of the posts and am getting conflicting information. My AC went out last summer, then the CD player. 3 weeks ago, the amber lights on the control panel went out - I cannot control fans, blowing constant 90 degree air. I can only control the radio from the steering wheel. Dealership says replace the stereo unit (they think). Dealership cost is insane. I have no ac/heat/defroster. Help!
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    Forget about Infiniti and anything that they want you to do through will cost you at the minimum, approximately $700 (to get started!!!), and up to $2500-$3,000 possibly at the end, with no guarantees that this expenditure will be the final fix.
    You have got to go back through this thread re: G35 electrical problems.....and read "all" the posts so as to educate yourself...and learn from everyone else so far.
    In the final analysis, in my opinion, do not even mess with a manufacturer's remedy, but instead, find a well-qualified Car-Audio expert in your area, and get the after-market "Metra" brand AC/Audio module, (under $200), and have a new radio/CD deck installed....all for well below $1000 bucks by your local audio genius.
    The AC will work independent of the radio, correctly, and the audio will do what it's supposed to.
    Stop crying and start trying,
    2003 G35, and happy again,
    BigMurth :P
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    Thank you! I talked to Car Toys yesterday. I'll keep looking around.
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    I have same prob w/my '03 g35 sedan. ac stuck on blowing air, buttons not working, radio controls only works thru steering controls. I live in BLOOMINGDALE IL. IS THERE ANYBODY HERE WITH SAME ISSUES FIXED? Where did you take it to be fixed and how $ it cost? Thanks
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    Hi Angara,
    I had the exact same problem and many others also are having the same problem, so you are not alone :)
    I got mine fixed under extended warranty so the blow was softened a bit. The total bill was close to $700 but most of it was paid by the warranty.
    According to the problem, you are looking at anywhere between $300 to $1200 to fix it. I am not from Bloomingdale so I dont know any place there, but for the starters, you can call any local car stereo repair shops and see if they encountered the same problem before. The problem is with the Stereo, so if you get it repaired all of the a/c controls and stereo controls will spring back to life.
    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, Kunal.
    hello all, questions for the fixed one. is the radio control on steering still works after the after market radio install???? what else need to be replace besides the METRA KIT, RADIO, WOULD I NEED TO ORDER THE WIRE HARNESS, FOR THE AFTER MARKET RADIO. HOW ABOUT FOR THE STOCK INFINITI AMP? :) FOR THE PEOPLE THAT HAD THEIR PROBLEMS FIXED. PLEASE LIST ME THE PARTS THAT I NEEDED TO REPLACE :shades: .. I THINK FROM READING TO ALL THE POST AM ALL OVERWHELM....THANKS IN ADVANCE TO ALL.
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    thank you all for the out put.... my problem fixed! bought the metra kit, antenna harness, radio harness, pioneer 1100mp,harness for the stock bose amp, that only cost to fix $400. and thats $1100.00 less than hoffman estate infiniti dealer charging me. but if youo want the steering audio controls to work just add $120. for the kit. Anyone that lives in northwest suburbs. I highly recommend CAR SMART hanover pk. look for Art, everything is there & for the metra kit next day delivery from where his shop order it from. :shades:
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    Thanks to all, I have the same radio/AC symptoms.

    For those who have gone the raio repair route (in Georgia), has the repair lasted?

    As to the replacement, is there a 2 din radio that is safe to leave on the street, and not get broken into?

    Also is there a reputable repair place for either in LA?

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    If enough of us complain, Infiniti will have to issue a recall. The inability to control the defroster is a major Safety Issue, especially in the winter!

    Please let the NHTSA know about your problem:
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    Ever since I got the problem, researched it and it's possible and best remedies available without Infiniti's assistance/support... and then fixed it on my own dime--I've found myself trying to figure out who's driving down the road in an '03, vs. an '04-05.....wondering if :sick: have they also, been cursed by this crappy engineering flaw that Infiniti-Nissan has chosen to ignore, after having full knowledge of it's flaws in the first production runs of the'03 class, and then, like Ben Bernanke the other day, declaring the problem, solved ..... and all cars that came after their "cure" were no longer subject to any assistance (stimulus).
    Note to Infiniti, and while we're at it, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, Ben Bernanke: Hey you dopes, the problem with the interface of the audio and AC is still a time-bomb that has exploded or will explode for those who were your vanguard of first G35 owners, and with 10% un-employment and the Treasury Department predicting another tsunami of foreclosures in 2010, the recession is "not over".
    Big Murth
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    I got mine fixed for under $500. I had car toys uninstall the complete console and sent it to a guy in CA. He fixed it and replaced the circuit board. All now works (CD/Stereo and fan controls) - the only thing that does not work is my AC.
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    They (Infiniti Customer Svc. Reps) all play dumb, and then proceed to advise you to have the problem "officially diagnosed" by an Infiniiti dealer's service department. My dealer told me I'd have to pay $700 to order the audio finisher circuit board, and if the radio was the culprit (usually is), it would likely blow up that board, too.

    Their handling of this significant problem is beyond description. I can't believe there is anyone who is responsible for this abhorrent lack of response and accountability. As I've mentioned in a previous post, they will have driven me back to Toyota, for my next auto purchase.
    Big Murth in Albuquerque :mad:
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    I called Infinity of Cincinnati and they weren't much help.Just wondering which course of action you took.. Thanks in advance
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    Good morning,
    You need to go back and read all the posts re: this issue --- and it will inform you of what I and others have done to alleviate the problem and more importantly, provide a permanent fix at a fraction of the cost you would encounter by dealing with an Infiniti Service Department.

    In a nutshell, there is an aftermarket audio/AC circuit interface and control panel (for the center console/dash) that replaces the garbage that resides currently in your car, thanks to the lousy engineering and quality control that's built-in. I believe the brand is "Metra" and although they won't sell their replacement product directly to you as an individual, they sell it to wholesalers and distributors in the auto-electrical part of the industry, and some of those outfits will sell to you direct via Ebay (Google or straight to Ebay), at a stated/no-haggle-bid price. You then need to find a well-qualified auto-audio technician, who can dismantle your dashboard and swap it out, with the various modifications to get the new circuit board to work in sync with the existing amplifier -----including a new (and better radio with Ipod/MP3 inputs like Kenwood or Pioneer), you should get everything done, parts/labor, etc., for $800-$1000, instead of $2500 by going with Infiniti and their re-installation of the identical components that are likely to fail again.
    Like I said earlier, take the time to read "all" the previous posts and jot some notes, and get yourself informed on what others have done. There's a way to fix this and enjoy some more life in this otherwise nice automobile, until you're ready to trade it in, for something that's non-Infiniti, down the road.
    Big Murth
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    my bad. I didn't check this forum until after I ordered the part from the dealer. anyone have success with the Voluntary Service Campaign?

    love my G, but no fun without heat and tunes

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    Sorry about that. Ebay seller now fixes the cd changers which cause the problems. First thing is did your call fall under the recall for the board and was that fixed, then you can check out ebay item no 250495097171. He fixes the CD changers, we originally bougth a refurbished one from him and it has been fine. He also gives you the instructions on how to take it out of the dashboard. It works!

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    Nissan/Infiniti is known globally for bad radios. They're locked into a sub-standard supplier. Better to get an aftermarket 3rd party radio. There are radios that can connect to your steering wheel controls
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    Now i know a boat load of people had the problems with their console (AC/ radio circuit board frying) but i have a slight different problem. Now i did have that exact same problem, and i ended up just getting a new console and getting it installed and everything; but it was pretty pricey. A new problem has come up that i have yet to fine anyone with a similar problem or solution.....HERE GOES.....

    Well after i replace the whole console everything worked perfectly. A few months later i notice a new problem; this only happened when im in CD mode and driving, apparently when i step on the brake (while listening to a CD) the music would sound muffled as it was being covered up, or the music would shift to the right speaker or vice versa.

    Anyone have any suggestions/ tips on how to solve this? it would be greatly appreciated...

    i can be contacted via email at [email protected] thanks a bunch
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    If you have not done so yet, then my first instinct would be to call the place where you got it repaired. These places generally provide some warranty which should cover such after effects.
    I have also got my AC/Stereo unit repaired recently and have been very happy. But looks like i will need to give it some more time before I get comfortable with the repair.
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    Hello sports fans.

    If you're here in this forum we all know why. It is the POS that Infiniti installed in the G35 called a Bose.

    My fix cost $825 and included a Clarion CX609 2 dinn CD, a "beige" Metra kit and a steering wheel control kit.

    I know that I could have saved money by doing myself but I was tired of messing with it and Crutchfield doesn't sell a beige Metra kit for my 2003 G35 interior which is titanium. They did have black and silver but was afraid it would look like poop. The metra kit looks and works fine...almost dead on the original. They must have improved since I've seen other posts bitching about the complaints here.

    Dicks Autocoustics in Cincinnati did it and they can be reached at 513-531-7590.

    2 days and counting with the symptoms gone. Keeping my fingers crossed. I really like this car but Infiniti can kiss my fat white butt before I give them a red cent !!
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    yup...did the Metra kit, and got a great Kenwood radio w/CD...USB, etc., plus most importantly, the Metra component, keeps the audio and climate functions separate---the inherent problem being that they had a crappy audio that would fail/short-out and end up disabling screwing up the heat/vent/Ac the previous post.....truly a POS.
    The shame of it, even in it's earliest conception and production, the 03 G35 is "still" a great car as far as driveability and handling, certainly----are concerned. Powerful, sure-footed, and beyond the crap related to this nightmare...a driver with few other complaints (brakes, yea....maybe).
    Do not go to the dealer if you've got a 6+year old 03 g sedan/coupe!! Find the most able-bodied person/shop, who know what they're doing, and have them put in the Metra kit and a new radio for under, likely $900("total" expense)...instead of running the risk of spending $1500-$2500 thru Infiniti...with no guarantees.
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    Strange - I just got a call from my dealer here in Socal that my radio's internal circuit board went out and they have to replace the whole unit, but the cost is only $595. Is that anyone else's experience? Symptoms are the same as described: basically my whole center console lost functionality (aside from nav system).
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    Here in Albuquerque, they want $700 for that circuit board (called the "audio finisher).....paid up front through the parts department, and when it comes in they'll dismantle your dash, install it over the bad one coming out, and if your radio or CD player unit have crapped out (which is likely), it will short out your finisher circuit board again, and they'll have pinpointed your problem and tell you that you need to have the radio/CD pulled out and sent off for a $350 re-build. Two-three weeks with no climate control or audio...and when it comes back, it's the same old piece of crap that probably won't last. Estimated headache moneywise: $1500-$2500, depending on amount of thievery going on at your local stealership.

    Read "all" the previous posts in this thread, and you'll get an idea of what others are/have been dealing with. My recommendation...find the best audio guru/geekoid guy or gal in your area, share all the data with them and assuming they're up to the task, order the Metra AC/Heater interface (aftermarket replacement that separates climate and audio electronic functionality...order through eBay), and then get a nice Kenwood or Panasonic radio with USB ports, etc., that will work twice as well as the old POS. You should be able to get your G35 of old, better than ever...for under $800, total...everything installed.
    Steve :shades:
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    What year is you G35?

    If it is a 2003 bigmurth is dead on. Infiniti knows that this is a POS. My G35 has a "titanium" interior and the beige Metra kit matches dead on. The quality of the Metra kit is fantastic also.

    Mine came in at $840 total with a 2 dinn Clarion (the model escapes me right now) and doesn't have a cassette or an 8 track. It does have bluetooth and so many other features that I'll never know how to work them all but they'll be there if I decide to use them.

    Lose the audio finisher board with the Metra kit. Get your new stereo and make sure they disconnect the rear amp also...they have a tendency to draw on your battery.

    Good luck and read all of the earlier post. Bigmurth seems to be the dude so pay closer attention to his post.
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    I just moved to savannah and need a good audio place to have a metra system installed. can someone give me a heads up at: [email protected]
  • echance01echance01 Member Posts: 3
    Hey everyone,

    Just moved to Phoenix, Az and am trying to find a place other than the dealer to get this problem fixed. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy place?

    The problem started a few weeks ago. I sometimes have control over my A/C and radio and other times it decides to only let me control the radio from the steering wheel. When it does go out the A/C puts itself on auto control and is pretty uncomfortable. I have been reading through everyone's responses and have already filed a complaint at: and plan on calling Infiniti's Consumer Affair Division 1-800-662-6200 (even though they will pretend like they haven't heard of the problem before). Will this continue to go in and out or will it eventually stop working all together?
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    My experience was that at first it was somewhat intermittent, and then started to occur with greater frequency, and lasting for longer spells...until such time that it seemed like it would never go back to normal---end result being, that I would end up driving around in a car I would soon come to hate, instead of like!

    There have got to be plenty of really sharp audio outfits in the big Phoenix area, but if you can't find someone who is capable and/or already familiar with dealing with this problem (and can install the aftermarket Metra AC interface along with a new radio and make the adjustments necessary to utilize the stock amplifier under rear package shelf, etc.).....then a trip to Albuquerque is what I recommend, after calling Bill Calhoun at Crystal Clear Audio (505/892-5684). Bill is an electrical engineer who used to work in Avionics for Honeywell for many years, and is the guy who helped me.
    Good luck, and don't forget to read "all" the previous posts so you best understand what everyone else has done or is doing to alleviate the problem most economically.
    Big Murth
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    I found that there is a recall on this problem but only on the Sedans, what the hell??!?!?!

    They know there is a problem, has anyone had a dealership help them out even though there is nothing out for the coupes yet??
  • bigmurthbigmurth Member Posts: 14
    From your message, it sounds like you own a coupe that has the same problem as the sedan.
    From my own personal experience, all I can say is that the dealer here in Albquerque (service department) told me that they would have to order, "pre-paid" a $700 audio finisher/circuit board. When the part came in, they would install it, and if the radio/CD player was defective, it would fry the finisher immediately, but then they would know that the radio was bad, and would send it out for a re-build for approximately $350 and two weeks worth of waiting with no tunes or ventilation system. Plus labor, of course. So starting right off, for probably $1500+, you get the same piece of junk re-built and installed in your car, the same crap that is the source of the problem in the first place. That's why they call it the "stealership".
    Get thee to an accomplished and experienced auto/audio expert in your area (or out of your area if necessary), and have the aftermarket AC/heater console interface installed (from Metra), and get a nice new Kenwood radio or the like, that :surprise: will have USB/iPod plug-in capability, for a whole lot less money.
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    This does get worse mine was doing it for 3 weeks and now the radio is out and the heat is stuck on going on 4 days straight now. Yes the consumer affair division wants me to get it diagnosed from the dealer for $125 before they will say if they can help me with the costs.
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    So Im thinking about buying the metra kit and aftermarket radio for my 03 G35. What im wondering is my radio is already out and heat is stuck on. Do I have to replace any circuit boards or anything else or can I just buy the Metra and a radio and wiring harness and everything will work again? Please help before I drop $1500 at infiniti which I dread doing.
  • tlen015tlen015 Member Posts: 6
    I replaced the stereo and had a metra kit installed for $700. Then I had to have the starter replaced also since my battery was draining.
    Your car's heater will stay on high with the radio and heating control removed. It is the default apparently.
    The metra kit has the circuit board built in for the heating and cooling.
    Look at all of the prior posting for more information. I printed them all out and some of the people went through alot of trouble posting detailed information.

    Why did you remove the stereo?
  • tlen015tlen015 Member Posts: 6
    OOPS! I paid $840 per an earlier post. I had multiple problems with this used car in addition to the radio, metra kit.
  • dave780dave780 Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issues as many have described (loss of control of heat, radio etc). Has anyone got this fixed in Massachusetts and know of a good place to go?

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    okay i read big..'s posts and i figured out little bit
    He commented that i should get

    Audio/AC circuit interface and control panel (for center console/dash)

    i don't get it exactly what it is

    is it same as Metra 99-7604 Infiniti G35 Radio Kit/Harness/Ant Combo

    it contains:
    New in original packaging and condition.

    Made for 2003-2004 Infiniti G35.

    Dark grey/silverish color.

    Color matched kit to replace your factory radio with either a single din or double din radio.

    Has built in air conditioning controls.

    This is for a complete combo used to install your aftermarket radio into your car- nothing else is required.

    This combo includes the radio kit, amp integration wire harness 70-7551, and antenna adapter.

    this one is right for audio/ac circuit interface and control panel?????? this one + new radio from kenwood could be work?????

    if it isn't, what should i type on ebay,amazon,pricegrabber to get those items???
    i really don't get it Can anyone explain this clarify???????
    what is circuit interface and control panel?? nothing comes out even if i type it on ebay and amazon

    help me thank you
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    They aren't fixing the sedans under this either. They are calling it a service bulletin and not a recall. The service bulletin gives the dealer information on how to fix it but does not require the dealer to fix it at no charge.
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    Go back and look at post #157 by bigmurth. I had similar work done on my car by an audio store except for the part about the transformer/modulator. I'm currently having problems with the battery drain problem, so I'm going to have my audio guy install the transformer/modulator and see if that fixes it. I have a pretty strong feeling that's it.
  • g35suxg35sux Member Posts: 4
    Hi all,

    I have been thanks for all the details and feedback from all of you guys.

    Please reply with details of part # and brand of what to buy to fix is right.

    thank you.
  • bigmurthbigmurth Member Posts: 14
    I posted numerous messages last year on this site explaining how I avoided a $1500 to $2000 mistake by allowing Infiniti to make a non-guaranteed remedy that was supposed to have been a warrantable item..but instead, having a high quality aftermarket audio technician solve the AC/Audio interface problem, with the installation of a Kenwood head unit (radio, CD, ext.aux. f/Ipod, USB), and an an aftermarket "Metra brand" AC/Audio unit. Metra will not sell to small store installers like my genius guy here in Rio Rancho, but strangely, at least at the time....had several of their units available from their source shipping point in Texas, for under $200 on Ebay.
    Read all the posts, and then talk to to whom you'll entrust with this job, and figure out what's best for you. For my money and this vintage of car, it makes no sense to put another piece of Infiniti/Nissan Audio/AC hardware into this vehicle at the prices they charge.
    Good luck
  • g35suxg35sux Member Posts: 4
    thank you so much for your quick reply.
    I have ordered all requirement and will let you know...
    thanks again!
  • lovetocooklovetocook Member Posts: 5
    Can you tell me the exacut parts you ordered off e-bay? I just went on their site and not sure what to order.
  • g35suxg35sux Member Posts: 4
    99-7604 Dash Kit

    70-7551 Amp Integration Harness

    X493 Kenwood deck

    Good luck
  • bigmurthbigmurth Member Posts: 14
    All your sources can be found by Googling: Metra 99-7604 (Order appropriate color to match your interior).

    Have a good outfit sell you an inexpensive Kenwood Radio/CD player or similar (get something with USB and IPod jacks).....and you should be golden. I do recommend getting the steering wheel kit, which enables you to continue to use that feature which in my mind is a safety feature too (no reason to be looking down at your radio or fiddling with the controls while you're driving....same as telephone use, right?).
    Steve (love to cook, too)
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