Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



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    Hello. I am having a similar problems. All the lights on the control panel are off, the buttons and radio don't work, and the A/C controls itself. The Infiniti dealer quoted me around $700. I'm a student, is there a cheaper fix that will fix the radio and the air conditioning.

    Also, I am located in Columbus, Ohio. Has anyone gotten this problem resolved in Ohio?
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    I've been experiencing this issue for the past few years. A/C would go full blast, the radio would only be accessible through the steering wheel. It would do that for a few minutes/hours, sometimes even a day. Then it would go back to normal. Recently, it hasn't.

    So I started strolling the "interwebz" for solutions. I did the obvious and changed all the corresponding fuses and still nothing.

    I called Infiniti Consumer affairs and gave them my VIN number, unfortunately, they told me that this wasn't covered under a recall at least for me and my extended warranty has expired.

    So I bit the bullet and called the dealership. They were aware of the problem but quoted me a price of $600 to repair it. Now my car is almost 10 years old and wasn't really looking into putting $600 minimum to replace it.

    So I looked around New Jersey for places that could possibly repair it. Each place wasn't necessarily aware and were hesitant to do any work on it.

    It then dawned on me, what if there wasn't an issue and I just wanted to replace my radio? So I called the dealership again and asked what the $600 covered and was informed a new radio and that the wiring for the AC ran through the radio. I then pressed them, well, what's to stop me from just purchasing a new radio from Best Buy. Then said, if they wired it through the stereo, there shouldn't be a problem.

    So I called Best Buy, and they said, they could replace a radio in a G35 and were cognizant of the AC wiring. However, I would have to purchases some additional materials, wiring and a new face plate for my stereo.

    I purchased the Metra Kit, antenna adapter, and the amplifier integration harness through Amazon.

    I bought a $90 stereo from Best Buy. Cost $50 to install it. With the previous purchased and a couple of new parts, it totaled a little over $325 for everything.

    Air conditioner is controllable again and the stereo works great.

    Only think is the new buttons for my air conditioner look a little "cheap" from the Metra kit.

    Otherwise, I'm happy. I paid about half of what I would have paid going to Infiniti.
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    So Do You Think I Will Have Electrical Problems After I Install My Doublin Din Interface with The Double Din Radio For My Infiniti G35 2003?
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    I have the same issue with my G35. Can you please share with Best Buy you went to? I live in NJ as well. Thank you so much!
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    Hey do you have the actual number for this mechanic?
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    I had a center stack inoperable problem (off and on) for years. The dealer was no help. They wanted $150 to tell me how much the repair would cost. Crazy, right?

    I finally found a guy on eBay who would fix the problem for $160. All I had to do was remove the radio and send it to him. But, as it turns out, we're both in LA so I drove to his shop in El Monte and he fixed the problem for $200. ($160 for the repair, $40 to remove and re-install.) In and out in under an hour. No aftermarket parts needed.

    Before I left I asked what the problem was. (I'd heard it was a bad audio finisher board, but that's not right.) According to John, the guy who fixed it, some solder connections fail and kill the power. Which kills the power to the HVAC controls as well.

    I had it done today and so far so good. It came with a 90 day warranty.

    You can reach John through eBay (member xw1600) or [email protected]

    Or, if you don't live in the LA area, you can probably find a competent radio tech to do the same thing.

    I hope this helps.

    BTW, I just read the message a dozen replies up about the same guy.
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    thanks for your information. I have the same problem. my ac turns on by itself and I cannot turn off the ac neither can I turn on the radio. hey can you give me the info of the shop that did the repair. I would like to bring my car in to get it fixed.

  • vonbunnvonbunn Member Posts: 1
    What year is your G35? I am considering buying a 2006 G35, what is your take on this?

    Thanks, if you are still available on this site.

  • beemerbeebeemerbee Member Posts: 8
    I have a 2003 G35. I lile the vehicle but Infiniti does not stand by their products.
  • smithmarksmithmark Member Posts: 1
    I think there's a problem in your battery.

    Female electrician
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    I have a 2008 g35x and I have a problem. Nothing on the screen. Cant turn on radio. Ac stays on and I have no controls. I can see everyone had that problem with the older ones but has anyone had problems with the newer ones?
  • beemerbeebeemerbee Member Posts: 8
    Contact John Huang @ (626) 454-1645
  • relaxtimerelaxtime Member Posts: 3
    It sounds like a lot of us have the same problem. I also have a 2003 G35 infinity. The controls went, the ac is stuck on. I can only control the radio from the steering wheel. I found that there is/was a voluntary service campaign ITBO3-007b, Audio Finisher Circuit Board. It costs $1,500 to repair at the dealer. When I dropped the car off at the dealer, he said it wasn't covered. I call Infinity's consumer affairs line 1-800-662-6200. I was told that my car's vin was not listed. There was nothing they could do. Now, I see this is an ongoing problem for a lot of us. It would be great if you all could call and report your issue, maybe infinity will take notice. I feel that infinity still has a problem with the Audio finisher circuit board, Infinity is aware of it and will not correct it. Anybody have any other suggestions for me?
  • beemerbeebeemerbee Member Posts: 8
    Contact JohnHuang in message 443.
  • johnk1234johnk1234 Member Posts: 2
    Hi vfr0092,

    I need to repair my 2003 G35 which now has the AC on full blast w/o any way to control it nor the radio.

    Did the "fix" from 2009 work long enough for you? I am considering that same fix versus a new car stereo.

  • dungster1dungster1 Member Posts: 3
    I got my fix over a year ago and so far no problem. And I got it fix for $300.
  • rhard49rhard49 Member Posts: 226
    Yes join the infiniti auto xclub our motto "ONE AND DONE"

    Another happy G Owner
  • beemerbeebeemerbee Member Posts: 8
    I have no problems since my repairs. See post #443. Good luck!
  • johnk1234johnk1234 Member Posts: 2
    Hi Dungster1,

    Where/who fixed it for you?

    I am in Dallas and don't know if there is any G35 gurus to do this. I did see the Florida outfit (Factory Car Stereo Repair :

  • relaxtimerelaxtime Member Posts: 3
    Hi All,

    My electrical problem with the radio/AC controls is Fixed! WOOOHOOO! All for under $225. Compared to the dealer's quote of $1,500. I went with the fix on post #153. My husband removed the radio, with the help of you tube. I sent the radio to Nahhed at Electronic Masters in Deluth, GA. (Need to send a money order) Received the radio back about 1 week later, installed and is working just great! Great timing since the weather has changed and I don't need the A/C cranking in my face anymore.

    Many thanks to all you, I couldn't have done it with out you. :)
  • relaxtimerelaxtime Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for sharing. My car is all fixed. I got the radio back today, installed and works beautifully. It cost me $225, Naheed went down on the price. He must have so many of the g35 radios in stock! LOL. I am so happy especially since the dealer quoted me $1,500. Thanks again.
  • jim590jim590 Member Posts: 2
    I am new to this forum so possibly this has been asked and answered before.

    I am having the same electrical/AC problem with my 2003 G35.

    The solution in Post #452 sounds great. Does anyone know where I could get this done in Canada?
  • canadag35canadag35 Member Posts: 7
    If you are in the Toronto area, I know where you can get this done. I had my done for $300 in one hour while I waited. I need to check my invoice as I don't recall the name of the place at the moment. If you're not in Toronto, it might not be that helpful.
  • jim590jim590 Member Posts: 2

    I don't live in TO but I go there a few times a year so if you have the time I would appreciate the name and address where you got your car fixed.
  • canadag35canadag35 Member Posts: 7
    DanMax Electronics
    They are in Mississauga, near the airport.
    2311 Anson Dr., Unit B
    L5S 1G1,
    (905) 673-0090
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    People keep referencing post #'s, but even while logged in, I don't see any post numbers anywhere. Can you please tell me where to look or do I activate them somewhere? thanks

  • vidro1vidro1 Member Posts: 2
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    Question - for me I have the issue of both the center console (navigation/radio) that froze the other day, therefore debilitating the air and radio feature. I turned my car off and back on and it went back to normal. But... prior to that i'd first noticed the speedometer area's lights had started flickering and turning off in areas - so the combination of things really started to worry me. Does anybody knows if replacing the radio solves both the console AND flickering dashboard lights issues or are they separate problems? Thanks!!

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    when you hover over the QUOTE/LIKE/LOL, there's a post# in there. Otherwise, if they're referring to a different post count, I think there's ~30 posts per page.
    vidro1 said:

    People keep referencing post #'s, but even while logged in, I don't see any post numbers anywhere. Can you please tell me where to look or do I activate them somewhere? thanks

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    So, my 2003 g35 sedan only started experiencing this issue 2 months ago. I have less than 50K miles on it because it was driven very infrequently prior to 4-5 years ago.

    My dealer quoted me $1500 to replace both the audio board and the radio (refurbished).

    Anyhow, I've read through all these 15 pages worth of posts ... is the replacement choices below any different if the car has the NAV system?

    I see my options really as being the following:

    OPTION1 - replace with unit from john huang for roughly $250 before crediting the return (xw1600 on ebay) --

    Question - has anyone who's replaced it with one of his units had any issues if you've had it 1+ year?

    OPTION2 - Get the metra kit (PN 99-7604), Amp Integration Harness (70-7551), Antenna Adapter (40-NI20), PAC ROEMNIS2 (2003 model only, factory premium sound interface) and a radio/deck of my choosing. I see this as the most expensive option ($500-700) but it should fix the issue once and for all.

    Question - Does my built-in NAV require a different metra kit or anything? I couldn't see anyone definitively talk about it in prior posts. Or is the NAV completely separate from the radio/ac control/etc?

    OPTION3 - bring the unit into a Clarion service station and have them replace it with a refurbished unit as someone else mentioned which has upgraded electronics to fix this issue.

  • foxx2foxx2 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe I had some engine work done and now the mechanic can't get the car to start ...the car has NO SPARK but turns over strong! Crank sensors cam sensors all replaced.

    Has anyone experienced this problem PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks in advance Foxx2
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     I need help to solve my light problem.i have a g35 2003 Infiniti and when use turn signal all back lights start blinking need help.
  • pcasarez13pcasarez13 Member Posts: 2
     I need help to solve my light problem.i have a g35 2003 Infiniti and when use turn signal all back lights start blink.nee help.
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