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Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



  • kimbracrowekimbracrowe Member Posts: 9
    follow the my new battery was dead, only 2 weeks old. I had disconnected my amp after reading that it would stop the battery drain. But it did not. I have now removed the fuse that governs the radio and ac controls.

    I have to find a place that I can trust to fix this for less than the dealer. I is a fine car otherwise. Just can't afford much these days. If anyone in Atlanta knows of an independent mechanic that works on infiniti let me know.

    i need to replace the audio finisher and the bose stereo.
  • tara9tara9 Member Posts: 1
    Can you give the address and phone number of this place in orlando? By the way, how much did you pay??
  • nickdecarlnickdecarl Member Posts: 16
    Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc.
    1987 Corporate Square Suite 159
    Longwood, Fl. 32750
    PHONE (407)830-0777
    I think it was around $200 but can't remember for sure. That included removing the radio and re-installing -- amazingly involved on a G35 (and I've taken many radios out of cars in my life). I can't say enough as to how professional these guys were in every respect -- I know enough about electronics "to be dangerous." Just top-notch.
  • nualnual Member Posts: 1
    Anyone know any place in toronto, Canada that can fix this problem?
  • kimbracrowekimbracrowe Member Posts: 9
    After speaking with and independent repair shop-- He said to go and plead my case in person to the Infinity dealer where I purchased the car. I printed out the recall notice for 2003 and went. The audio finisher was replaced in 03 under that recall. So it lasted 5 years.... anyway the repair at the dealer for rebuilding the audio finisher and replacing the bose changer was going to rum almost $1300. I asked if there was anything they could do to help me out. The sevice manager gave me the card of the place where they outsource the work. I had it repaired there the next day for $425. Master Electronics in Duluth is a great place. The owner has experience with this exact problem, says he fixes one a week at least. He rebuilds the audio finisher (power supply) and replaces the CD changer. He believes that the CD changer is the root of the problem. Seems when it goes bad there is a chain reaction of electrical issues. Always starting with the CD changer and progressing toward the ac and radio controls. Then the battery drain begins -- and he has even seen it progress to ignition problems. So we shall see - It has been a week.
  • stavesacre80stavesacre80 Member Posts: 2
    I live in the Orland area and I am having the same problems with my radio/ac controls. It is on day 4 of totally not working. I would love to know the name of the place that you went to here to have it fixed. I will drive over to it tomorrow.
    Mat, Orlando, FL
  • nickdecarlnickdecarl Member Posts: 16
    I already posted the business information (Orlando). Go to the previous page in the thread. As I've said, they do an outstanding job -- extremely professional.

  • stavesacre80stavesacre80 Member Posts: 2
    I just called them and they said they deal with the problem so much that they wanted me to try a few things to fix it before bring it in. I was instructed to do a reset by disconnecting the battery. It was very kind of them, but at the same time very upsetting that Infiniti has not stepped up and taken care of the problem. We bought this car used and love it, but I am worried about buying a second one. I guess that its good for Factory Car Stereo Repair, gives them a lot of business. Thanks again for the info.

  • fjcrusinfjcrusin Member Posts: 1
    Nick can you post the info for the radio repair place in Orlando. I'm in Greenville,SC so it wouldn't be bad for me to send mine off.
  • nickdecarlnickdecarl Member Posts: 16
    Look back at response #117, I put in all the contact details. Nick
  • veatonveaton Member Posts: 1
    I am so glad I found this message board. Although I must admit, I am about a year late. I am on my second battery, have had too many jump starts to count, and have been dealing with all the symptoms for over a year now. It started with the 6-disc changer and the CD err, the battery drain issue, and then the ac and radio blanking out on me. This has been extremely frustrating and I am amazed that my dealership has not just told me what the issue is versus recommending all this stuff that did not address the issue. Anyway, I will now look for a new radio which seems like it is the source of the problem as well as address the circuit board issue behind the radio while they are in there. Anyone know of a reputable technichian in Chicago (BESIDES Orland Infiniti!">)
  • steve215steve215 Member Posts: 1
    Thanks Kimbracrowe! Just had the same experience with a 2003 G35. On mine, the orange audio/ac lights (and controls) would turn on and off intermittently. Sometimes they would flash on and off, other times on for a few days and off for a few days. I asked the dealer (Roswell Infiniti) if they would do anything, but they said it was $100 to look and $600-$1200 to fix. I went to Electronics Master and they seemed to fix it for $300 (it's just been a few days, keeping my fingers crossed). They said some of the resistors on the back of the audio control had burned up (this is a plain stereo - not the Bose). While I was there, another G35 pulled in with the same issue.

    Anyways, thanks for the tip!
  • kimbracrowekimbracrowe Member Posts: 9
    So glad it worked out for you... Mine is still running perfectly.
    Electronics Masters is great - so easy to deal with.
  • rmanguerarmanguera Member Posts: 6
    I am having the same issues as everyone else here. The cicuit board in my car was replaced under the recall back in 03, and yet here I am. I called the dealer and was told that since the board was replaced once I would have to pay for it myself to replace it a second time. I decided to buy a kit and install an after market radio. You can find kits on ebay by searching "G35 RADIO INSTALL DASH KIT". I refuse to give Infiniti/Nissan any more of my money and will definitely never buy another Nissan vehicle. I've owned two Maximas and this is my second G35. Good luck to all of you. You will need it when dealing with such a dishonest company. Inifiniti knows there is a problem and choses to do nothing. Even the cheapest radios should be expected to last at least 10 years (and they do). :mad:
  • lovetocooklovetocook Member Posts: 5
    What type of radio did you purchase?
  • rmanguerarmanguera Member Posts: 6
    I'm going with the Sony CDXGT630UI. I chose it because it plays music from my iphone and charges at the same time. My estimate for the whole thing is around $400. The good thing about this is that the faulty circuit board gets eliminated.
  • greg59greg59 Member Posts: 8
    So did you ever figure out what the problem is, I to have an 2003 G35 and my entire console has just just shut down while driving today. I have disconnected the battery a few times however it just happens again and again.

    If you know what the fix is and don't mind sharing this with me, I to am very handy with cars and will fix it myself.

  • greg59greg59 Member Posts: 8
    are you having issues with the radio, a/c etc..???
  • norbert44norbert44 Member Posts: 8
    yeah, what I did was to go to work not knowing what my speed was nor accumulating mileage during the trip. About two hours later, I did go back to the car and started it normally. Everything was back to normal.

    Later I noticed that when I pump a full tank of gas, the gas gage does not go a little beyond full as it used to. I also am not sure if everything is working all right but have no tangible evidence except this gas gage to support my feeling.

    Cheers ... Norbert
  • jimstyle311jimstyle311 Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem as everyone one else with the loss of function with the radio and ac controls. I took my G35 coup in to the Cincinnati Infiniti dealer and they told me I needed a new radio finisher to fix the problem. the Total cost would be $1,350 plus $100 for labor. Does any one have a solution to this problem? Would a new after market radio installed fix this? please help thanks
  • nickdecarlnickdecarl Member Posts: 16
    Try reading the previous posts.
  • missrobertsmissroberts Member Posts: 1
    I had the same circuit board problem with my 2003 Infiniti G35 that has been discussed by lots of folks. I took mine into Electronic Masters in Duluth Georgia and they repaired the board problem, installed a new 6-changer CD Player all for $450.00. Everything is working perfectly now. All radio/AC and other electronics are 100% repaired! The closest Infiniti dealership was going to charge me $1,250 plus tax. I am thrilled that I saved over $800. I
  • glassjoeglassjoe Member Posts: 1
    Same G35 2003 Infiniti problem with AC and radio.
    Took it to dealer in Cleveland and he wanted almost $1600 to fix the problem. He was willing to soften the blow by waiving the $60 diagnostic charge.......wasn't that nice of him.
    I mentioned the ITSB by Infiniti and he said that the replacement had already been done once...a month before I bought the car from the dealer
    I took a pass on the dealer fixing this.

    I had someone local take out the stereo (amazingly involved) and I am currently driving around with an empty dash. I am sending my stereo into Factory Car Stereo Repair people in FLA. for them to fix it. They have been nothing but nice on the phone and I have the expectation that everything will go well.
    The local guy will put it all together when they are done.

    Just my 2 cents on this amazing Infiniti debacle
  • djgray2yalldjgray2yall Member Posts: 1
    are the audio board in the 03 g35 and the 04 g35 the same?
  • ktelangktelang Member Posts: 7
    I also have a 2003 G35 Sedan and have the similar problem of the AC/radio controls not functioning. I have seen this problem about 2-3 months ago when suddenly the stereo used to stop suddenly while playing. Then after few days i saw all the lights on the ac/stereo panels to turned off automatically. They would go on and off intermittently. Initially when the lights go off, i could not control the stereo with the buttons, neithr i could change the temperature or could not turn on the defogger. But i could control the stereo by the remote on the steering wheel. But since past month, even that option is gone. I can see from the previous posts that this problem is related to the Bose Stereo which probably needs a replacement, but what I need to know if anyone knows any place in Seattle area who can do this. I dont even want to go to the Infiniti Dealer in my area after reading the experience people had after taking their Infiniti there. Does anyone from Seattle area facing such a problem and seeking a reasonable (not costly) solution? Does anyone know any place here who can fix this problem?" :confuse:
  • soups725soups725 Member Posts: 1
    Hello...I also live in the Cleveland area and am experiencing the same radio and a/c problems.I cannot control the radio from the dash and the a/c runs constantly. I spoke with two local dealers and was told I would have to pay 115.00 to have a known defect diagnosed!!!! NO way...Just curious as to what you did or are doing to fix the headache...the cd player has never worked since we had the car ...about 4 years now....I did speak with Infinit Corporation and they could care less..Idid receive a qoute for 1600.00 also...thanks for listening and any input would be geatly appreciated...Jim Campbell
  • kimbracrowekimbracrowe Member Posts: 9
    Find a really good car stereo shop -- preferably one that the dealer subs their stereo work out to... You will need to have your cd player replaced and the amp rebuilt. The amp is the problem. It pulls to much voltage and shorts out everything in the console. It can even drain your battery as it gets worse. I ended up getting mine fixed for $400.
  • ktelangktelang Member Posts: 7
    hi kimbracrowe
    So what you are saying is, the problem of Stereo/AC controls not working is actually a Stereo/Amp problem. After reading previous posts I was drawing that conclusion, but just wanted to confirm. Also, where did you get this fixed? I have a third party extended warranty on my car. I wonder if it will help me out here. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for reading.
  • ktelangktelang Member Posts: 7
    Hi All,
    I just wanted to know if any Infiniti owner in the Seattle/East-side area facing the typical radio/ac blanking out problem. If you are facing this problem and know where to fix it please please reply to this post.

  • rmanguerarmanguera Member Posts: 6
    I own an 03 G35 sedan. The radio went out for the second time about a month ago. I decided to order the Metra kit and installed an after-market radio. Probably not as nice as the original, but at least I won't have to deal witht the HVAC issue and non-working controls. The radios in these cars are nothing but a cash cow for Infiniti. In my opinion Ford Escorts have better radios. At least they work.
  • ktelangktelang Member Posts: 7
    Hi rmanguera,
    Thanks for the reply. I thought of doing that too, but when I called Car toys, they said they will not touch the Factory installed radio. They said, since the radio and AC are integrated, it might mess up more. Is your AC/climate control working fine when you put the after market radio? How much did you pay to get it done and did you do it yourself? Sorry for so many questions, but I am worried about the cost of repair, and worst thing is, you have to get it repaired, as it is becoming a safety issue.

  • bigmurthbigmurth Member Posts: 14
    I can confirm everything that's been discussed on the previous 15 pages of posts regarding the problem. What's encouraging is that there seems to be a sollution, but tragic that it doesn't come from the corporate/national level they are staying the company line, with well-rehearsed responses and answers to common sense questions...and a face-to-face at the local dealer here in Albuquerque doesn't offer up any help or creative thinking on their part, either I am fortunate that I have an expert and local audio technician, who gives me the confidence to plunge in and attempt the after-market fix. I will report on what gets accomplished, but in the meantime, cross your fingers and say a couple of Hail Marys.
    By the way, I love my G35 and have since purchasing new in Febr.03. I've just put new rubber on it at 80Kmiles (2nd set since originals wore out), so I'm invested for awhile, and the monthly payment is perfect (0). This problem isn't so bad when it's 95 degrees out, but will be untenable come November. Infinit's handling of this issue will push me back into Toyota's arms when my tread-wear indicators say it's time for new skins! :mad:
  • lovetocooklovetocook Member Posts: 5
    Does anyone know where to get this fixed in Clearwater, Florida or surrounding area?
  • nickdecarlnickdecarl Member Posts: 16
    Best place is in Orlando, I swear by them -- read through the previous posts and the information is there at least twice. I drove down from Gainesville and they did it while I got breakfast. Totally worth the time and the drive to solve this problem, that will not go away by itself. Call them ahead of time and schedule an appt.
  • vietnam4lifevietnam4life Member Posts: 2
    my G35s radio and AC controls blew out just a couple weeks ago. ive been cruising with full blast AC and operating radio from steering only. when i turn my headlights on, speedometer lights turn off...vice versa. LOL it blows nuts. my pop up nav still works and i put in a TOMTOM gps that tells me the MPHs when driving at night. it all started with my 6disc changer going out a while back and i didnt think much of it until reading these posts. well it eventually fried the others. FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU.....

    anyway, i live in austin, tx and was wondering if anybody knew of a good factory car stereo repair shop nearby. any places in houston or dallas would be cool. thanks guys.

    2003 Infiniti G35 - caribbean blue sedan
  • vicky12vicky12 Member Posts: 2
    My Infiniti G35 2003 sedan exhibits all of the symptoms of the electrical problems described, for about 5-6 months now: AC stuck on, with fan cycling on its own, defroster works (but its light on button is not on) only when outside temp is below AC temp setting (which is stuck at 72), no radio, no CD player, no climate control lights, NO CONTROL! The thing just does what it wants! I cannot stand this, and the Infiniti Dealer in MD claims that they have never heard of this problem!

    Does anyone know a place that could fix this inexpensively in the Harrisburg PA area? I do not need the radio working, just the AC/defrost controls. Or if I try to get a part from a junkyard and installed by a local car audio place, what part do I go looking for?

    Also, if the radio is unplugged, will this solve the problem? I am not that electrical, so I am not sure if some of these questions make sense, but this problem is the most maddening thing!
  • triblkgtriblkg Member Posts: 7
    I purchased G35 new approx. 1 year ago, after about 12k miles I started experiencing (ramdomly) what can only be described as an extended crank problem. It has not yet failed to start however, it is scary when you are away from home and your car takes several seconds(more than 6) to start. I know it is not bad gas as I have switched to several different brands and the problem still happens. There are no error codes generated and the dealership has replaced several parts to no avail. I have been attempting to get Nissan/Infiniti to step up and address the problem however, all they seem to want to do is continue swapping out parts. Has anyone else had a similar problem with a starting hesitation or extended crank?

    Thanks for your replies!
  • vietnam4lifevietnam4life Member Posts: 2
    i shipped my whole radio/AC unit to a place in california. its funny bc the unit looks like it is iron mans torso. anyway, i shipped it monday morning. my dad has friends that own auto shops nearby so we took it out ourselves there. apparently there arent many factory car stereo repair shops in the US, so the best way to go about this is by shipping it to one of these places and hoping they do the damn thang.

    i will make another post after we put the radio back in...
  • vfr0092vfr0092 Member Posts: 4
    Hello All,

    I just fixed the A/C controls,dead radio issue. I read all of your posts and setttled on one persone that had the same symptoms and posted what he did to fix the POS G35 elec system.

    1. 2 years ago CD err appeared. CD changer inop. Screw it I don't care.

    2. 9 months ago the amber lights on the center console buttons (AC, Radio) started to go out once in a while. The frequency of the outage increased. Often turning off the ignitionwould solve the problem for a little while.

    3. A few months later the lights went out, and only came back once for a few minutes. While the lights were out the AC would default to the last temp I had set it to. THANK GOD because I live in Arizona.
    ALSO during the time that the buttons would stop working, I was able to control the radio with the steering wheel buttons. Those worked up until last week. I listen to Howard Stern on Sirius, and when I no longer could control the radio I had to do something.

    4. Dealer told me that to fix it they would need to replace the circuit board that is right behind the buttons of the radio/AC. AND the radio unit behind that. They wanted over $1200 for this. A-holes.

    WHAT I DID TO FIX THIS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    1. I read up here in this AWESOME forum. Several of you had already found a fix. I choose Electronics Master in Deluth Georgia 678-957-0686. I called them and explained what was happening. He told me to pull the radio out and send it to him for repair. $300. I pulled the radio I DIDN'T PULL THE CIRCUIT BOARD BEHIND THE BUTTONS. HE ASSURED ME THAT I DIDN'T NEED TO. I overnighted the unit to them and called the next morning. I asked him if I could please get it fixed that day. He said he could send me another alredy fixed unit and he did. shipping included priority mail. I sent it to him on Wednesday, he shipped back on Thursday, I got it today, Saturday and installed it again. EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECT. I love those guys.

    2. Removing the radio. Some kids took a video of them removing the radio STEP BY STEP. It was easy because I had a laptop running their video while I did it. I searched in my browser for "removing G35 radio" and found them. The link takes you to But just do the search and you will find it. Love those guys for doing that.

    My total cose was $300 for the fixed radio, and my $80 to overnight it to them. Return shipping is included. If the admins remove the Ph# for Electronic masters just search for their name in Georga. Guys name was Nahhed Abdulnabi. Great Guy totally hooked me up.
  • bigmurthbigmurth Member Posts: 14
    I am having my fix performed today. My guy here in NM, Crystal Clear Audio....feels strongly that the culprit is the lousy Bose-badged radio that sets up the whole breakdown in the system by causing the shared circuitry with the AC controls to go haywire/inoperative. I have all the same systems and thankfully up to this point, I have had continuous radio/Sirius operation through the steering wheel controls and no interruption of my beloved Howard Stern broadcasts....hey now!
    We're installing the Metra brand aftermarket panel and AC interface, and a brand new Kenwood radio/deck. New tweeters in the doors, and a new transformer network to step-up/step-down power from the stock amplifier located in the rear of the car. With the new deck, and the mods/tweeters, etc., plus getting a radio that has the ability to pump out the satellite directly from the unit for better clarity of sound and having an USB/and Ipod's well worth it and I'm still under $700. The dealer wanted me to pre-pay for a special order of the audio finisher, with no guarantees that it would work, probably have to yank the radio for a re-build of dubious quality, and have to wait for two weeks with no sounds or AC...and a probable outcome that won't likely fix it permanently, for $1500-$2000...on a car that might be worth $6K-8K right now. I'm trying to wring another 40K miles out of this....and thanks to Infiniti's arrogance at the corporate level and disinterest at the local.....I'll be back in the arms of the Toyota Corporation for my next wheels...which is a bloody shame----as this car is one I've enjoyed owning on every other level.
    BigMurth in New Mexico, USA ;)
  • vicky12vicky12 Member Posts: 2
    I have never done anything like remove a radio from a car. It looks complicated from the video. Do you recommend that someone who has not done this before try? Also, can you/how do you drive the car with the radio out? Do you partially put it back together?
  • vfr0092vfr0092 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Vicky,

    This is the link to the removal process I wrote about. Its in the DYI (Do it Yourself) section of infinityhelp .com , check it out and see if you think you can pull it off. No special tools required. I needed a wrench to remove my car battery terminal, and a phillips screwdriver for most of the removal.

    I can't remember if I drove it during that time. I could have though no problem. Following those guys I had the radio out in 1 hr,, but I was busting my [non-permissible content removed] to get it out and to Fedex on time.

    Watch the movie and maybe have a buddy with an extra pair of hands.

    You may call your local Radio Shop and ask them how much to pull it for you. rocedure.htm
  • bigmurthbigmurth Member Posts: 14
    It sounds like there are some of you out there that have had success with re-soldering/re-building the audio finisher board, coupled with re-built CD changers, resulting in a sub $500 fix. More power to you and I hope it's the cure, once and for all.
    I have just gone the other route in trying to avoid the "stealership's" solution that might ultimately cost upwards of $1500-$2000, and was no guarantee of it lasting!
    I had my guy here in Albuquerque NM (Crystal Clear Audio 505/892-5684), install the Metra 99-7604 Dash Kit (available on Ebay-ships immediately @ approx. $179--specify correct color to match dash!)--this gets the interface between climate control and audio circuits into the dustbin of bad memories. He installed a Kenwood KDC-X493 AM/FM/CD that has aux./USB inputs for IPod, etc., added some sort of transformer/modulator between the radio and the amp in the rear, to effect the proper speaker bias and adequate volume levels, tucked it all underneath the console (totally out of sight) adjacent/under to the shifter---and probably did some other things I probably don't need to know or understand....but what I've got is a superior sounding system, AC/heater controls that work the way they're supposed to....for about the same amount of money that the Infiniti people were going to charge to "order" the audio finisher...before any installations and hopes of a fix. And it all looks great to me, and I can now play my IPod through the radio, and my Sirius Stiletto is wired directly into the radio, providing even cleaner sound. Hey now! Thanks for everyone volunteering ideas and answers and best of luck to all who still need to get wired right! :shades:
  • jwatkinsonjwatkinson Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and am looking for a repair center in So. Cal. Can you tell me where you sent your unit?
  • vfr0092vfr0092 Member Posts: 4
    I sent mine to Deluth Georga.

    Company is Electronic Master

    Nahhed Abdulnabi


    $300 return shipping included.
  • lynna56lynna56 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2004 G35 sedan in Raleigh, NC. Just recently my cd player stopped working and shows a ''check disc" message. I've also heard the unit operating after the ignition is turned off. Am I right that this is electrical (sorry, I'm a girl), and
    what should I expect to happen next. Any advice is much appreciated. I've read through many of the posts and fear I'm headed for trouble. Does anyone know where to take my beloved car other than the local dealership?
  • vfr0092vfr0092 Member Posts: 4
    read my post earlier. Mine started with the CD error,,then within a yar progressed to everythign going out. Go to a local car radio shop,, Have them pull it and send it to Electronic Master in Deluth Ga. phone # 678-957-0686. yes mine used to make noise after car is shut off too,, but just for a few seconds.

    1st CD error,, then lights on buttons go out. somethingabout the CD failing causes everythign to fail becasue the databuss from the A/C buttons and radio buttons go directly through the radio.
  • scooby51534scooby51534 Member Posts: 1
    Help, my infinity's battery was drain since light was left on. Had someone jump it but to no avail...We tried 3 different vehicles to jump start. Doesn't start at all but the dash clock is running. What's up. Can someone help.
  • roopacroopac Member Posts: 3
    All of a sudden my a/c and heater fan just stopped working. on the computer it still reads that its on and blowing on max or whatever i set it to but in reality it fails to actually blow air. My radio is still working and dealer said it may be a problem with circuit board which can cost up to 1200$. i have only 56,000 kms and really doubt that this is the problem. If anyone has any idea what is going on or of solutions please help. it would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you
  • rmanguerarmanguera Member Posts: 6
    I think it is clear by now that the factory radio in the G35 is a piece of crap. This is one of Nissan's cash cows. I had the radio in my 03 G replaced three times. The last time I installed the Metra kit with a 2 din Pioneer radio with GPS instead of another factory radio (originally installed a single din first, but did not like the look so go with 2 din). Not only does the Pioneer look great, but the sound is better too. I now have hook ups for iPod and other accessories that I did not have before. I will be installing the adapter to add radio functionality to the steering wheel so I won't be missing anything. The only thing that I would like to improve in the Metra kit is the hvac buttons. They look a little cheapish, but they work. Do the research and deside for yourself. Chances are that if you keep your car long enough the radio will go out again. There is a reason why nobody will give you more than a few months of warranty on the factory radio repairs. Good luck!
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