Infiniti G35 Electrical Issues



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    What did you do to connect the rear sub. The installer at best buy said he didn't by pass the amps because I bought the amp harness but he doesn't know what to do to connect the rear sub.
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    They must have not aligned the kit right because my dials work well. The sub doesnt work still because the guy at best buy didnt know how to hook it up. You can talk to different best buys because the employees vary on familiarities in cars.
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    I came across this forum last week and thought I would chime in with my experiences. I had the both the "Bose" stereo and the audio control board replaced in my 03 G35 back in 2005 (the control board for the inoperative front panel buttons and the stereo because there was no rear speaker output). Both were done under warranty at a dealership in Oakville Ontario. During the past couple of months the problem with the A/C and front panel controls not working started up again. It was an intermittent issue until this past week when it went for good.

    After reading the Infiniti service bulletin and all of the posts here I figured it was the control board again. I pickup a new board the other day for about $100 from a dealership that had one in stock, put it in and it worked for a bit then went out, then came back on later in the day then went out again.

    I considered getting the aftermarket kit however I have navigation and heard mixed reviews of using those kits with the Infiniti nav. One of the more helpful posts here was the one that mentioned about the Clarion Service center in Oakville.

    This morning I went out and pulled my dashboard apart again and went to the Clarion office. For $225 I left my unit there and walked out with a rebuilt unit. They guy in the office said there were numerous improvements used in the rebuild that most likely weren't in the one the dealer put in back in 2005. He didn't know the specifics though which is too bad as it would be nice to know.

    Any ways, to make a long story short, its in and seems to be working fine. I have had the car out 5 times today and it hasn't crapped out yet. It appears that it was more of an issue with the stereo unit and not the control board after all.

    Thanks for all of the helpful info here. It really helped me out.
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    hey folks... here it is 2010... almost two years since you all posted here. i guess i have had the misfortune of purchasing an infiniti with all these same issues... i bought the car a few months ago and am just now seeing issues with the AC/radio malfunctioning. whatever did you all find out about it? in all these posts about people saying they called infiniti consumer affairs etc... that is what i have spent my entire day today doing. researching all of this and reading all of these complaints... hundreds of them. now i have so many suggestions of what is causing the problem ... does anyone actually know? consumer affairs said there is still no recall, which is making me think if after two years there is no recall, there probably still won't be. is it the finisher, the circuit board, the radio, the stereo, the ignition switch? what is it? the person who sold this car to me says they wish they wouldn't have sold it to me... should i offer it back to them? (i told them about this issue) or do we know for sure what i need to get fixed to have this problem go away? i do not want to fix the wrong thing and just continue this... someone please help and let me know what you all wound up doing ... i know it's been a long time, but any advice would be GREAT. thanks!!!
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    there are so many posts here that i cannot even keep up with what is what, but to the person who spent $12 to fix the problem... in a nut shell, can you explain what a person who has no knowledge on removing their own stereo or any other technical insight on speakers and woofers and circuit boards etc would do to have this all fixed in the least amount of time and money?
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    I live in the bahamas and i have an infiniti g35 as well 03 and i am experiencing the same problem with the dashboard. I have been quoted about 1800 to get the problem fixed... some one also recommended that i just put an after market cd player in it which is less expensive and it will fix the problem. Joe 2285 which type of aftermarket player did you put in? and does your aircondition work?
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    Hey I used a sony Xplod ( Sony - Xplod 52W x 4 Apple® iPod®/Satellite Radio/HD Radio-Ready CD Deck
    Model: CDXGT640UI | SKU: 9448421
    They only thing is my steering wheel controls dont work or my rear sub. You can have your sub hooked up but cost extra. I would talk to best buy some installers know more then others. My AC and everything works great though.
  • annex35annex35 Member Posts: 8
    I used the advice of the people on this forum who recommended Electronics Masters in Duluth, GA and my system has been working perfectly so far, for a week.
  • castroocastroo Member Posts: 14

    I didnt have to do anything extra to connect the sub.. all i did is use the
    harness and adaptors i got from Crutchfield and it all worked.. p/s there is
    no sub output on the head unit the bose amp splits the frequencies so if
    your sub is not working it has beeb disconnected from the factory amp or is

    as for the temp button either the connection was not made right or u have a
    faulty one.. what brand of dash kit did u buy?
  • castroocastroo Member Posts: 14
    i got a dash kit and a double dine aftermartket radio and installed everything myself on one saturday for a few hundred problems since
  • castroocastroo Member Posts: 14
    you have to buy a dashkit online or from infiniti.. i chose double din and the aftermarket radio of your choice..if you can get a double din with navigation and bring the car up to 2010 tech..the dash kit is cheaper online i got mine from and got 50% off the price coz i also bought the radio
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    Joe I did exactly what you did with my 2003 G35 Infiniti. First I took it to the dealer and they stated that it was my Throttle Body Sensor that needed to be replaced so it can start, and my radio and ac had to be fixed through them. I got the throttle body sensor replaced which cost me $540. I then ordered the Metra dash kit from for $150.00 (make sure you order the antenna with the kit b/c Best Buy do not carry the antenna that goes with this kit). I went to Best Buy and purchased the radio which cost me $110.00.. Best Buy put everything on for a total of $118.00. Thank you for this Joe I appreciate it. My radio and a/c is working fine.
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    Well my G35's (03 sedan) central console just shut down recently and I've read the whole thread. Thanks for all the insight everyone, I'm confident that this will be an issue I will be able to resolve. Just ordered my Metra kit and will start looking into different head units. My question is, was the battery drain issue also resolved when the Radio/AC problem got resolved? Several months ago my battery would constantly drain with ease, but ever since I got a new battery that issue was fixed. My concern is down the road, the battery will act up again and it'll be another headache. I echo what everyone else has said so far, i love the car but these issues will prevent me from buying Nissan/Infiniti again. thanks
  • psychomotifpsychomotif Member Posts: 3
    Since you got the Metra kit and aftermarket stereo installed, has the problem ever come up again?
    My car has started acting up.

    Were you able to get the steering wheel controls back with the aftermarket unit ?
  • psychomotifpsychomotif Member Posts: 3
    how long has it been since the ac/stereo was solved with the aftermarket stuff?
    has it ever acted up again?
  • psychomotifpsychomotif Member Posts: 3
    since you got the ac/stereo fixed with aftermarket, has the problem ever come back again?
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    Hey its been 6 months and knock on wood no problems. The steering wheel controls do not work nor does the rear sub. But if you get an exp tech ask before the install to make sure they wire up the sub.
  • annex35annex35 Member Posts: 8
    i had the AC/radio issue fixed about a month ago at electronic masters in duluth, ga. haven't had that issue again, but yesterday, for the first time, i went out to take off in my car and the battery was completely dead. since it was jumped it is working okay, but i went to walmart today to have them test my battery, which they said is fine and exceeds standards of performance or whatever, but when i drove off, now my airbag light is flashing, something i have never seen before today. i am just now working my way back through these threads, but what a headache. i have no idea yet, what i am going to do about this.
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    I never experienced the battery drain problem. But as for the Air bag light that can be reset if you look up online how to. I did it twice.
  • annex35annex35 Member Posts: 8

    Here's the info I found. And so far it did work.... I just did it and it did indeed turn the light off... I haven't driven the car anywhere yet though, so I don't know if it will stay.

    Ok I can help you. Follow these directions carefully.

    1. Turn ignition switch from OFF to ON.
    2. Within 1 second after air bag warning lamp is on for 7 seconds and turns off, turn off ignition switch.
    3. After ignition switch is turned off, wait for more than 3 seconds.
    4. Repeat steps 1-3 two more times (3 OFF to ON sequences in total)
    5. Turn ignition switch to ON.
    6. Turn ignition switch OFF and wait for more than 1 second then turn it back ON.

    The blinking airbag light should stop.
  • jayveedubyajayveedubya Member Posts: 3
    Just want to double-check that I've read everything correctly. I don't know much about cars/electronics or stereos. I'm having same issue as others - stereo is completely out and temp controls are gone.

    It seems there are 2 viable fixes:

    1) remove the stereo unit myself and ship it to be repaired (approx $300)

    2) have the stereo replaced with an aftermarket stereo (requires purchase of Metra kit and few other parts to maintain AC controls, etc).

    Am I understanding this correctly? Any guidance on which option I should chooose?
  • annex35annex35 Member Posts: 8
    If you live anywhere near Duluth, GA (near Atlanta), go to Electronics Masters. They fixed mine in about an hour and it cost $300. If they have to fix your CD changer too, I believe the price is $450. Their work has a lifetime warranty, so if anything messes up again, they fix it free. My issue hasn't not come back since they fixed it though. I am not sure exactly what they do, but they said they "rebuilt the power supply". I still have my steering wheel functions and everything works as it should... I didn't have to get a new stereo or anything... and they fixed it while I waited. If you aren't close to them, then yes, it sounds to me that the two options you've listed are what you'll have to go with.
  • mcarthlmcarthl Member Posts: 3
    In response to all the previous posts, I just wanted to let everyone know that my 2003 G35 was having the same issue with the radio going out, the air sticking on whatever the last temp was & losing all control of the center panel & stereo wheel controls. This went on & off for about a year & finally this summer it went out for good. I went to Prestige in Tallahassee Fl, where the diagnostic test showed I needed a new radio. I am very pleased to be able to tell you that after calling Infiniti customer service & asking about their "good will program" they asked me to send them a copy of the diagnostic report with the quoted prices & they would see what they could do. Within 3 weeks they reimbursed me $375 to cover the price of the new radio & all I had to do was cover the labor cost. I was VERY happy to walk out of there with only the labor fee. seeing as how my car had 110,000 miles on it & was out of warrenty. The lady I talked to at Infiniti customer service was extremely nice. The lady at the car dealership repair shop said that she wished my people would contact consumer affairs & hold them accountable for this problem. I have now bought a 2007 G35 & gave my 2003 to my daughter for graduation. Repair shop at Prestige in Tallahassee Florida is awesome. Btw, they gave me a 2010 model to drive while they had mine in for repairs. Can't ask for better than my Infiniti!!!!!!
  • builder2builder2 Member Posts: 7
    edited August 2011
    Basically told me they could do nothing for me. Pay the money or drive around without a radio or heat/ac. "Good will" didn't mean ****.
  • roadrulerroadruler Member Posts: 10
    For sure. Infiniti needs to get their act together. Way to much inconsistency with this issue. Just read the "290" posts if you don't believe this. Head office should have addressed this years ago with a plan, one directive. For the money we paid for a problematic, high end vehicle they could have afforded a recall on this problem and fixed the cars right.

    There is a very nice 03 low mileage Infiniti for sale just around the corner for sale. Would like to pick it up for as the price is good but no way. I'm am just turned off with Infiniti's head office and their lack of concern with their customers. Hey customers are their biggest asset. Why not give the customer the respect they deserve. Sounds like they just want to shoot themselves in the foot and hope for the best?!?!? Dauh.
  • jayveedubyajayveedubya Member Posts: 3
    I've been looking online for the Metra 99-7604 kit. It looks like many folks that purchase this kit also purchase Metra 40-NI10 antenna adapter and Metra 707551 Turbo wireharness. Do I need to purchase all 3? Also - what do I need to purchase to maintain steering wheel controls? Does it depend on the stereo that I purchase?
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    I bought the antenna adap and the wiring harness and the metra kit and was good to go. As for the steering controls and powered sub in the rear you have to tell them you want it to function otherwise they won't work. Yes the guy at best buy said it depends on the radio for that stuff to work. I would consult with one before you purchase a radio.
  • jayveedubyajayveedubya Member Posts: 3
    Thanks - I appreciate it.
  • g35poltergeistg35poltergeist Member Posts: 1
    So I have the same dilemma as most of you have posted.
    I decided to work with the dealer, even after hearing your posts.
    This was the 2nd radio replacement as my 03 sedan was bought in Feb. 07. w/ about 40k on the odo. at Infiniti Of Tyson’s Corner, VA.
    The 1st time it was just a jammed CD, and they replaced the unit free of charge.
    Now with about 85k I have experienced jammed CD and error code, cassette does not work/errors, AC/Climate control with a mind of its own, and finally battery drainage.
    Fortunately, I only paid for the unit ($420) but after 1 week I get a call saying the wrong radio type was installed? Seems they swapped the wrong radio to begin with?
    Anyway, I return again and they install yet another unit last Friday 9/24.
    The car sat until today 9/27 and would not start this morning!
    I intend on making noise about this in a public way, if possible.

    We're being screwed!
  • jlivsicsjlivsics Member Posts: 3

    I’m having a very weird problem with my 06 G35 Sedan. When I turn the car off the parking lights turn on and stay on until the battery discharges. All the light switch settings are set to OFF and I do not have any “auto” settings. As soon as I turn the car back on the parking light turns off (because the light switch is set to OFF). Two more weird things – when I try to lock the car with remote the alarm goes on and stays on. The only way to turn it off is again to start the car. Also “VDC off” and “SLIP” lights occasionally turn on and stay on but not every time I start the car.

    I had a small accident last week – a car ran into me from behind in traffic. Nothing major at all, just a bent bumper. Didn’t even break the taillights. And this problem occurred a week after the accident. Body shop that I took it to said the problems are unrelated.

    If anybody heard of similar issues or has ideas – please please please help!

    Thanks in advance!
  • jlivsicsjlivsics Member Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply. I was also told that it might be something wrong with the car’s alarm as it has stopped working and has access to all the lights. Do you think there is any truth to that?
  • madpoochmadpooch Member Posts: 1
    Hi mcarthl,

    I have a 2003 G35 that is having the exact same problem you mentioned above. Do you have the number for their "good will program." I'll also appreciate any other advise you can offer regarding how to resolve this problem.

    If you don't mind, can you send it to [email protected]?

    Thanks in advance,
  • jlivsicsjlivsics Member Posts: 3
    For future reference - the issue turned out to be a faulty fuse.
  • alang4alang4 Member Posts: 40
    Hi All,

    I have a 2008 G35X with 29K, and lately the "VDC OFF" and "SLIP" lights have been coming on while I'm driving and staying on. I will sometimes stop the car and restart it, but the problem persists.

    Any thoughts on what could be happening here?

    Thanks. :confuse:
  • ms619ms619 Member Posts: 6
    I had this problem earlier this year. My Check engine light would come on too, in addition to the VDC and SLIP. It turned out to be just the Cam sensor. The entire repair cost me $250.00 (Not at the dealer). The install was really quick, the majority of the cost was for the sensor itself. I'm glad I consulted an outside mechanic because the dealer told me I needed several sensors replaced and their estimate was close to $800.00. Good Luck!
  • alang4alang4 Member Posts: 40
    Thanks....isn't that something that ought to be covered by the warranty?
  • drummergirl61drummergirl61 Member Posts: 2
    I am in SHOCK!! because the very same thing happen to me. I bought a 2003 in February after owning a 1996 I30T for years. The problem started appearing a month later. I researched the blog sites and found out that there was a recall on this matter. However the previous owner had this recall done in 2004. I then got in touch with Infinite customer service, I wrote a letter to the President, sent them a diagnostic report that I paid $125. They replied saying that since the car was out of warranty there was nothing they could do about it. The car at the time only had 48k miles on it. I was so out done with the department and Infiniti because my family takes pride in owning these cars for years. Can you please give me the department phone number and lady that you spoke with at Infiniti. I was thinking about writing a letter to the Attorney general about this matter, because Infiniti does not want to help me with this problem that is obviously their fault. Please email or reply ASAP. Thank you
  • n3tton3tto Member Posts: 13
    I have an 07 G35 and over the weekend my center console stopped working: No nav, radio or climate control. I had to turn the car off and on 3 times before it all started working again.

    Took the car to my dealer and they said it is a known issue with infinitis. The issue could cost upto $2000 to fix if out of warranty. I have 15k miles left on my warranty should I look at an extended warranty? Has anyone had similar problems with their nav, radio and temp?
  • annex35annex35 Member Posts: 8
    I don't know where you are located, but Electronics Masters in Duluth GA rebuilt my power supply for $300 and I haven't had a problem with it since. If your CD player needs to be replaced, it's $450. Definitely recommend them. Acutal customer.
  • n3tton3tto Member Posts: 13
    I am in GA.

    I guess I will save my money on the extended warranty.
  • hcghcg Member Posts: 1
    There was a Service Campaign for this same problem, but it only covered the 2003 G35 built between Jan-Aug 02.(go figure, i dont understand the timeframe given here) I have a G35 that was build Jan 03. They wanted 1500.00 to replace the radio and the radio finisher circuit board. It is a known problem, but they will not extend or fix it without you paying for it. I wont to the CEO, I dont believe he even bothered to read the letter. I received a letter from the consumer affairs stating that it wasnt under warranty. I even sent a copy of the service campaign. They will not stand behind their own products. My car was build 5 month after the date in the service campaign. They should fix their product and stop taking peoples money. Yes, it is a known problem FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be taking this as far as I can to get it replaced at their cost not mine
  • brew411brew411 Member Posts: 1
    My G35 too. and many many more, I bought mine new off the showroom floor in 2003 and it was one of the first ones out. The problem with the radio/cd head tied into the AC/Heater controls (outrageous) malfunctioning has been well known by the dealer since way back then. But because the car was popular they have simply chose to not fix it and make repair money off the hapless. There wasn't many options the first two years and the dealerships wanted to rip your head off (still do) with a repair bill that should have been faulty equipment (but not covered under warranty) I was pissed and still am and will NEVER buy a new Infinity off the floor again because of it. Fortunately the radio after market industry has recognized the problem and came out with several aftermarket designs that will fix it. Be advise you will lose your 5 CD changer ability but this is circumvented with a more up to date a USB/MP3 port. DO NOT let the dealer bend you over a second time. Go to any reputable Auto Audio store in your area and ask first first. They are aware of the problem. Prices start at 400.00 but thats way better than giving another 1500.00 to Infinity. There is no excuse that this problem made it passed the 2004 model year and why does the fricking radio/cd player tie into the heater/ac controls in the first place!?
  • castroocastroo Member Posts: 14
    did you recently change the tires on your car..most common cause is replacin one set of tires only e.g only front or back tires..the tires will rotate at diff speeds as the new ones are slightly larger than the old tripping the computer hence the lights.. if you did change tires or rims u have to turn off the VDC till u buy similar tires of equal size..hope that helps
  • castroocastroo Member Posts: 14
    the answer is YES to all your questions and an adapter is needed for the steering depending on radio selected..
  • castroocastroo Member Posts: 14
    sorry for the far the problem has never come up again the after market radio is fine and the ac controls still work no glitch sisnce the switch,,not bad for a fix i did myself one weekend..if i cud i would post pictiures
  • canes69canes69 Member Posts: 1
    Well it started out that my remote/alarm went out, now its seems that sometimes car wont start for about 5min... the alarm light came on and stayed on, cd deck made some kind of grinding noise before it went out...what the heck is going on? any ideas would help cause i dont have the money for a dealership fix..
  • m4k4v3l1_mamim4k4v3l1_mami Member Posts: 1
    i have the same exact problem with my car and i took it to the infiniti dealer because i thought it wus my car key that wouldnt let me turn on my car. when i took it to them they automaticalli said that it was my battery which they charged me $180 for...then literalli 5 days later it happened again and for me to start my car i have to keep gettin it jump-started. so obviously its not the battery issue....did u find out what exactli it was yet? if i do i will let you know im supposed to take it bak to the dealership 2day actualli
  • joe2285joe2285 Member Posts: 12
    My problem I had was the circuit board in the radio fried causing the ac/heat to get stuck on with my radio not working. The dealer is a rip off too wanted $1500 to fix and I was reading on forums that the problem usually happens again.
  • poochenpoochen Member Posts: 1

    I have the same problem with my car as well. It was manufactured in Sep 02. I spoke with Infiniti Consumer Affairs and they said I need to pay for a diagnostic at a dealership first ($300) and they call back and they may be able to help with the repair. Has this worked for anyone? I'm hesitant on paying $300 to find out I need a new audio finisher circuit board (which I already knwo) and then don't receive any help from the consumer affair group. Has anyone had any success in getting Infiniti pay for this repair for cars that are out of warranty and manufactured later than Aug 02?
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