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Acura RL



  • josheeljosheel Posts: 73
    59.00 should be the most you have to pay.I pay 21.95 for oil changes at my dealer 49.00,if I let them do my tire rotation. Usually I go to discount tire every 5K miles and they rotate them for free.If you have discount tire where you live I suggest you buy the road hazard protection for your tire i had to replace on and it was 230.00.
  • acctprofacctprof Posts: 41
    JJ, I have another question about your Cingular service. I would like to get the data link, and Cingular has several plans. The best plan depends on how much data you transmit per month. Any idea how many KB the Acura Link service uses a month? I can buy by KB used ($.01) 1 MB $5, or unlimited for $20. I hate to spend $20 a month if the data transfer is very low. I don't plan to check email or surf the web on my phone.

  • I have a 1999 RL in which the tilt steering wheel is stuck in a position that is too low. I can hear the electric motor when I move the switch to adjust the position but it will only move in and out and not back up.

    Any ideas on what is wrong or what needs to be done to fix it?
  • johnhaydjohnhayd Posts: 11
    i have a v551 and it pairs well with the RL too. (cingular)
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    Can't help you with that one sorry my friend... only use my cell phone to make phone calls.... When I first bought the phone I was sending e-mail with photos attached and connecting to the net and downloading info but finally realized that it was just TOO much unnecessary usage while in my car. I like the bluetooth connection for the hands free talk feature only. This may be too much info but I am retired for a few years now otherwise the other cell phone options would be great in business and I could write the whole thing off as a business expense or get re-imbursed for most of it. In addition I would probably use a Treo if I was still working.
  • acctprofacctprof Posts: 41
    Can't help you with that one sorry my friend...

    JJ, thanks for the reply. I'll try to find out from Acura.

  • I bought the first 2006 RL that my dealer recieved on the lot last fall and couldn't be happier. I added on the ipod adapter and the rear camera. I agree that the ipod adapter could use a better interface. My friends drive AUDIs and BMWs and they are happy with them but I wouldn't trade them even it they paid me.
  • tonyinoctonyinoc Posts: 23
    I'm thinking of upgrading my Motorola E815 to the Treo 700W with Verizon Wireless, because it has more features. Anyone tried this phone with the RL yet?


  • blexannblexann Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2002 RL and my wife is finding that the passenger seat is uncomfortable - it's too low. Does anyone know of a way to rectify this? Maybe add a seat cushion?

  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    Hey Honda, listen up. Your cars are LOUD inside. They should not be. I own a 97 BMW 528 with 144k on the clock and it is MUCH quieter than the 06 RL I test drove today. I told the salesman that I would not buy the car because of this noise (this is not just tires). BTW, this seems to be an issue for Hondas in general. My suggestion: buy a couple of Toyotas and find out why they are more silent than your cars. Believe it or not, this MATTERS to more people than you seem to care about.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    BTW, I agree. I have owned the car for 6 months and this is my biggest complaint. The noise. Coming from a Lexus LS which is dead silent, this is a huge difference.
  • dsm05rldsm05rl Posts: 12
    I agree- the RL is a great car - but too loud, too many creaks and rattles, and not very fuel efficient either - so all in all I'm probably going to be shopping in the next 12-24 months and likely head over to Lexus or Volvo - but for now - I definitely dig the Bluetooth, XM, Bose, and AWD systems.
  • blerner1blerner1 Posts: 12
    The "B" service is oil change, tire rotation and also a visual check list.

    Equivalent to 15000 mile service.

    I just hat it done and paid $150.
  • mack99mack99 Posts: 6
    I had the same problem on a 1994 Acura Legend. It turned out to be a battery going bad, even though it was less than 3 years old. I put a new battery in when I was preparing it for sale, and a number of small electrical problems went away!
  • so how did you get the updated disk at no charge? did you just call the dealer where you purchased your car?
  • xando05xando05 Posts: 42
    Everytime I look at the new RL I try to convince myself it is an expensive luxury sedan. It looks as luxurious as a Maxima or Altima. The car's design doesn't have that "wow" or "Oooh" appeal factor that some other luxury nameplates have.

    Although Acura builds a great automobile, Acura lacks important design features to help set 'em apart from other high end makes. Acura is supposed to be the Luxury division of Honda but I'm not convinced. Look at Infiniti's designs throughout the model lineup and you'll clearly see the vast difference in future design clues. The Acura TL has a flat back off the trunkline. Is it a Scion or or an Acura?

    I would really consider the RL in the near future, but it doesn't make sense in the dollar and cents catagory. No real bang for the buck. Just my two SENSE/CENTS.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Would like any 2000 RL owner to comment on their experience with tire wear and offer replacement recommendations. Original equipment Michelins' went to 38,000 with tire rotations at 6000 mile intervals. Replaced with Continental Extreme Contact 94V. At 15,000 miles of wear and after two rotations, Acura dealer at the time of a service appiontment indicated the tires were down to 4/32. Now at 60,000, they recommended immediate replacement. Vehjcle is driven in the upper midwest.
  • wythanywythany Posts: 1
    Gosh, I'm so glad to know it isn't just me. Drove an RL today for the first time and I was SOOOO disappointed in the road noise and audible engine noise, along with a really UNcomfortable ride! I actually asked the salesman if the car had a sports suspension package. (He said no.)

    It's such a great car when you sit in the parking lot and look at all the amenities and layout of the controls. (Though it's pretty cramped in the back seat . . . howcum it's the SAME interior size -- look at the Edmunds stats -- as the TL but bigger on the outside and $10K more expensive?)

    Sadly, two miles of driving (50 mph on a highway, then 40-45 mph on a twisty road) convinced me this car is NOT worth the money.

    I'm still on my search for the perfect AWD sedan.
  • jjacurajjacura Posts: 808
    You sound pretty whiney...The audible engine noise is a classic v-tech sound ...most Acura owners enjoy it. My son drives a BMW M3 and comments that the one thing he misses in the Bimmer is the engine sound he once had in the Acura he owned. As to comparing it to the TL... apples to oranges. 20,000 miles on the 2005 gives us total satisfaction...and minimal road noise doesn't bother us much...good luck in your search for the perfect AWD sedan. We've found it in the RL. :D
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Don't even try it. :( I've driven an '04 Accord EXV6 w/ VTEC (no H, v-tech is a toy company) and it was much quieter than the RL. That noise has nothing to do with VTEC and is not "classic". VTEC ruckus doesn't come into play until the engine actually hits the VTEC RPM band.

    The RL does have excessive road noise compared to its competitors. It's almost as noisy as a new 330i w/ Sport Package.
  • psychhpsychh Posts: 6
    We have had our 06 RL now for 3 months and 5,000 miles, and could not agree more with you. We looked at usual suspects (BMW/ES/M/A6)and found the RL to be the top choice in its class...and at prices well under $45,000 a fantastic bargain. Road noise is not a problem -- others must have some REALLY bad roads in their part of the world. Also, decibel tests by neutral assessment centers have found the RL quiet...although with the RL's terrific sound system I will admit I seldom have it stone silent. This car simply drives so darn well and is so solid… and highway gas mileage at 29…much less around town (18). I guess we also think we have found the perfect AWD sedan.
  • 10sfan-
    The original Michelins lasted about 27k miles. Wear was still good on all four tires, but I hit two potholes during a winter storm and both front tires developed bulges in the sidewall. If not for the potholes, I am sure they would have lasted atleast 40k miles.

    I replaced all four tires with Dunlop Sport 4000 A/S. They are fantastic. Much, much quiter than the original Micehlins and also lower priced. Traction in all conditions, dry, wet and snow/ice have been fine.

    Have had Continentals on other vehicles and always got poor mileage before needing replacement.

    I also rotate the tires every 6k. Have never had to perform an alignment and have owned the car since new.
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    jj, I don't think anyone is complaining about RL engine noise/sound. It is the noise transmitted from the tires/suspension into the cabin that is the problem. Overall, this seems to be an issue with Honda products in general. In almost any CR road test of a Honda product, they will praise the car's attributes EXCEPT for road noise. I spent a day going from dealer to dealer to drive LPS and the RL had (to my ears) by far the most "road noise". I thought the car was very good overall - except for that aspect. When I mentioned this to the salesman, he conceded that I was not the first person to bring it up. Given the overall excellence of Honda cars, I am surprised that their engineers haven't fixed this problem. It certainly is not rocket science, and can't be too costly (probably a combination of suspension bushings, tires and sound deadening material), but it is noticeable, and is enough to keep some people from buying otherwise very good cars.
  • 10sfan10sfan Posts: 136
    Thanks for the information. I will definitely check into the Dunlop 400 A/S. Believe I had Dunlops as a replacement tire on a newer Camry year a few years back that I gave to my daughter. They did wear well. Unfortunately, Dunlop was not one of the several manufacturers recommended by any of the Acura dealers or even the Tire rack. One dealer even wanted to put me in Cooper tires at $135.61 ea. w/o balance and installation. I will agree it's all part of business to them and they have to dispose of their inventory whether it is the correct tire for the specific vehicle.. However, too bad one cannot rely on the dealers integrity.
  • and.....I'm not hearing this excessive road noise that everyone keeps talking about. In fact I think the car is rather quiet! This car is the perfect combination of power, features, comfort and price.
    I've only put about 1,000 miles on it and look forward to driving it every day!
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    What were you driving before you bought the RL? Noise level is relative to what the driver has experienced before.
  • ff100ff100 Posts: 12
    I'm interested if anybody has paired the Verizon LG chocolate phone with the 2006 RL ? I've read some forums from Australia (!!!) and people were complaining about the Bluetooth connection. Of course, different software, most likely different cars. Thanks.
  • I'm a year into my 2005 RL and feel like I drove a Honda Accord with a fancy price tag.

    If I were a "yellow cab" driver, the car would be PERFECT ... what's with all the squeeks and rattles and noises .. I can't even hear the radio over all the racket...sounds like a NYC taxi cab more than a luxury car.

    Also - please tell me if its me... but my dealer really stinks... they cant fix anything. Im surprised they dont accidently put engine oil in the windshield wiper fluid thing. You bring it in for one thing, they do something else and forget the thing you brought it in for. I'll bring it in with an appointment and wait all freaking day. Or I'll drop it off and hear nothing from them, call at near 5 o clock and then find out they havent done anything and have to keep the car over to order a part, and then 2 days later they still havent done anything and the car comes back to me with same problem. Headquarters seems to think this is honkey dorey and do NOTHING to help in customer care. From what I hear I am not alone with all of this.
  • I was driving a Passat. I have no squeeks or creaks but maybe they will surface in the next year or so.....
  • pearlpearl Posts: 336
    Please don't get the impression that anyone is "bashing" the RL or Honda products in general. It is just that compared to their major competition, they are LOUD inside re "road noise". As previously mentioned, this could be a combination of tire noise, suspension bushings, overall sound-deadening padding, etc - BUT - Hondas are notoriously more prone to this problem that other marques, and this is backed up by many observations (see CR in particular). Frankly, I think that Honda would increase its sales by a notable amount if they fixed this relatively simple problem, which their competitors have long conquered.
  • I posted this in another form, but does anyone have a solution for this problem? -- In our 2006 RL, I can't pair my bluetooth phone (RAZR) with the handsfreelink system. For the second step, when you must press the talk button and say "phone set up", it always does something different, like turn the radio on. I can't get it to follow that one command for some reason. Is there any other way to pair my phone, without using the voice control system?
  • lorenzo2lorenzo2 Posts: 16
    2006 RL from the customize entry>change setting I get a message driver unknown customize impossible. Anyone know how to solve this problem.
  • gcookgcook Posts: 33
    I paired my 2 RAZR's with my TL 05 and it was fine. I used the voice prompted setup "phone setup" and "pair" and turned the razr to communication link a "search for a device" then set a code on the voice system and once they found each other entered the code into the phone and voila. If you still have a problem get the book out and follow the manual. The manual gives step by step instuctions.

    good luck but just wanted to let you know it definitely can be paired. I have 2 RAZR V3's..
  • thanks, someone in another forum told me what I was doing wrong. I was pressing the voice command button instead of the phone button... typical.
  • I bought my RL in Oct or Nov 2005. I really like it. I have had not mechanical problems. My radio station settings keep changing. I am not sure if it is my husband or the car. I keep resetting them. I even get traffic in my area now. XM radio is okay, not great. Love the Blue Tooth with my Cinular/Nokia phone. Passenger's seat has no lumbar support and not very comfortable. We still take the MDX as a family. I really, really love the MDX. No negative comments for that.

    I knew the RL got bad gas mileage when I got it. But it really is bothering me now. It gets 17-19 mpg on average and my MDX gets 17. CA gas prices are so high. A family should have at least one car that gets good gas. A car only getting 19 mpg really hurts. Not like I didn't know. I really love the car except the gas and the uncomfortable passenger seats.
  • My radio station settings keep changing. I am not sure if it is my husband or the car. I keep resetting them.

    Keep in mind that the radio settings, along with most other settings, are tied to your key fob. You get one set of settings with Driver 1 and another with Driver 2. I'm not sure if that's your problem, but it's something to consider.
  • tonyinoctonyinoc Posts: 23
    Just returned from a road trip and got 29.6 mpg between Durango, CO and Phoenix, AZ. This almost duplicates the same trip last year with my 2005 RL, and also just turned 50,000 miles with no complaints.

    Looking for new tires now - thinking of going to the Michelin A/S's instead of the MX's for $238 and change at Costco. Anyone changed tires yet?
  • klisterklister Posts: 8
    I put the Michelin Sport A/S on my 05 last year and found them superior in almost all respects to the original tires. Grip and handling were noticably improved. They were quieter than the originals. I suspect that there might be a slight reduction in gas mileage with the decreased rolling resistance from better grip. BTW the wet handling was vastly superior. I would recommend them for the RL.
  • avatar1avatar1 Posts: 32
    That's amazing, I get about 24.5 on road trips but I drive at 75 mph, how fast were you going?
  • ff100ff100 Posts: 12
    The radio station settings are definitely linked to your fob, pay attention to what fob you grab. Mileage: I get on highway trips of min 150 miles ~29 mpg and in city traffic 21 mpg and for short distances (< 2miles) 18 mpg. Also depends very much on how you drive, my other half gets at least 1-2 mpg worse mileage. :)
  • ff100ff100 Posts: 12
    To get good mileage you need to drive a long distance. I do short highway trips daily of 11 miles and I get ~23 mpg. However, during longer trips (100+ miles) at 75-80 mph I get ~ 29 mpg (with A/C on all time and 4 people + luggage).
  • tonyinoctonyinoc Posts: 23
    I was pretty much traveling with traffic or going about 75 when there was open road. Otherwise, mostly on southern California freeways, mileage is + or - 25.

    I will go with the A/S's for replacement tires; they have pretty good reviews throughout the forums, for noise reduction and handling, but they don't seem to last as long.

    I'm going to the dealer for a free food and booze party unveiling the new turbo RDX - this will be a good look at Acura's newest technology.
  • jtsjts Posts: 15
    I just completed a trip through the rockies in Canada from Vancouver to Calgary in an '05 with 15,000 miles on it. I had two aboard and a full set of luggage etc., two lane highway and lots of full throttle passing, and speeds averaged 65 to 75 mph. My average for the trip was 31 miles per U.S. gallon.
  • ksomanksoman Posts: 676
    Sorry if i'm asking something that's already discussed. The TL-S is now 3.5 and the MDX is now 3.7, so the RL goes to 3.7 considering how badly beaten it was in the original reviews???

  • One of the tires on my 2006 RL (2000+ miles) has been slowly leaking air to the point where TPMS was alerting me about low tire pressure. I have decided to use on-the-shelf tire leak stopper(that goo in the can), thinking it'll stop the slow leak. Well, it did... along with my TPMS, which now dutyfully reports a system error. Any idea why this stuff interferes with tire sensors?
  • Yes. The "Goo in the can" has probably clogged the sensor that determines/senses the air pressure.
    Was this 'fix' in the owners manual?? Oh my!
  • Today, the dealer purged my tires of all air and refilled them with "NitroFill," refined nitrogen, which appears to be used on all USA B-2 bombers and NASCAR vehicles.
    NitroFill purportedly:

    Maintains steady pressure despite changes in temperature
    Reduces wear on tires
    Reduces wheel corrosion
    Improve fuel economy
    Improve braking and handling
    Reduce chance of tire failure.

    The cost was $39.95 for the year, including top-offs, if necessary. The website is:
    Has anyone used this product on the recommendation of the dealer?

  • Just back from round-trip Tampa to Atlanta with overall 29.5 MPG. Of course cruise control helps but we had a fair amount of city driving as well. Great car, but really wish the passenger seat had more than 4 power adjustments-very skimpy cost saver on the part of Acura.
  • I have a 06 RL. I have been using Premium gas and wondered if anyone is using regular gas. Is there any ill effect from regular gas?
  • I have a 06 RL. I have been using Premium gas and wondered if anyone is using regular gas. Is there any ill effect from regular gas?

    All the articles I've read on the subject indicate you probably won't damage your engine, or anything serious like that. However, your gas mileage will probably suffer and negate much of the savings between the two grades of gas.
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