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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vishu786vishu786 Posts: 1
    Before I start, I would like to mention that there is high or low price. Dealers are there to make some money off of sale so they will, and it should be okay. I bought following vehicle yesterday,

    Vehicle Specification: 2012 Toyota Sienna XLE 7-Passenger AWD 3.5-Liter V6, 6-Speed Automatic

    Options: None. Base Model.

    Color: Exterior:Silver Sky Metallic Interior:Limited two-tone leather in Light Gray

    Sticker Price: $ 36680

    Purchased for: $ 32800

    Financing: 0 Down 0% APR for 60 Months

    I also traded my old vehicle for which I got $ 7800; taxes/documentation/Registration all inclusive OTD price was $ 27060.50. I am happy with the price & car. That all matters.
  • slytekslytek Posts: 12
    thanks for the info. i also got a quote from J.J. people talk about on here for $1039 for 8y 100k. buy or not to buy that is the question.
  • gre8tw8llgre8tw8ll Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    Looking to purchase a 2012 Sienna SE in white. What NorCal dealers would you recommend and what price should I be aimming for?

    Also is it with getting the Display Naviation w/Entune?

  • bdn2bdn2 Posts: 1
    curious to know where and how you got 0% financing on your 2012 thanks
  • atfa1234atfa1234 Posts: 1
    Hi there... I want to buy new Toyota 2012 (XLE w/premium package or Limited) I went so far to one dealer In seattle WA .. He gave me an offer of 46.000 $ for the limited !!! I know that is not a good offer
    First, would you plz help me decide for which one should I go? Am I going to save some money between the two? what are the good offer (for both) that I should go for it? Do you know dealer in Seattle area that gives good deals? How does Costco membership's discount works and how much gonna be?
  • akabanroshakabanrosh Posts: 8
    I bought a Red Salsa Pearl Toyota Sienna 2012 XLE with XLE Premium package (Nav, Entertainmnet, keyless start and Onstart like service) for $37135 + Doc fees ($129) + 4 yr NJ registration ($470) + 7% NJ Tax. Also financed the whoole thing with 0% for 60 months. yesterday.

    I also considered the Limited, but figured that it did not buy me anything that I wanted.

    i wil get another $750 mail in rebated from Edmunds (you have to be invited for this). Keep looking for rebates on Edmunds website and the link for the rebate might show up.

    Good Luck.
    Hope this helps.
  • srs98srs98 Posts: 1
    I am planning to buy a Sienna - LE V6 model. I live in MI. I visited 2 dealers, one thru Costco program and the other just a walk-in.
    Dealer 1 - Costco program - $29,117 + tax and title- $2000 trade in allowance

    Dealer 2 : neg price - $28,827+ tax+title- $750 incentive - $2200 trade-in, so close to $27,900. And also adding all weather carpets for free as part of my deal.

    I am planning to take the 2nd deal. I think I got a good deal, but folks here can respond and let me know.

    BTW I also looked at an ODY-EX and really liked it, but the dealership I went to did not want to come down from pricing of $29,999, so I just walked out. But I got an Internet quote through Costco program for ODY-EX at $28,872. I am sure can bring it down if I go there in person, nevertheless not going to do it.

    I am going with Sienna. Hopefully I will not regret. Curious to get some feedback from others.

  • Im looking to buy a XLE w premium package and remote engine start. I have a 2011 XLE w premium package & 100K warranty. If I do find a dealer with a good price on the new vehicle, they will offer a lousy deal on the old one.. anyone know of a HONEST dealer in NY or NJ ?
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    Why don't you add remote start on your current 2011 Sienna? You are surely going to lose a lot of money if you trade it in. It is not clear why you are looking to upgrade from your 2011.
  • bbasubbasu Posts: 1
    All I have a quote from a dealer in Gaithersburg MD for a 2012 Sienna XLE 8 passenger with Navigation, DVD, push start, keyless fob, rear sonar for $3550 (Tax and Tags extra) with 0% financing.
    In the opinion of this forum is this a good deal? Personally I believe it is but I am not sure (this is the first dealer I have been to).

    The other deal I have is for the 2012 XLE with Navigation and entune (?) with speakers as opposed to the 10 on the loaded XLE for $32,790.

    Cant decide between the two, Approx $3000 seems a little high for DVD and other bells and whistles.

    Please let me know how this compares to the deals you have received?

  • jwhwmwjwhwmw Posts: 1
    For those looking for the V6 base (non-Lexus :-) ) version of the Sienna: Fitzmall in Pa; $24953+$129 Fee+Tax/Tags. Great value. Did the deal in a few emails and 20 minutes of signing paperwork on-site.
  • pennycali1pennycali1 Posts: 1
    I just got a Silver XLE with Entune for $32.5K and 0% APR in the SF Bay Area as a mother's day surprise for my wife.

    The MSRP was $36K.
  • luis1985luis1985 Posts: 1
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  • solaris72solaris72 Posts: 15
    I'm in look for a second car, i currently own Camry 2000 which is a 12 years old. I basically started with 1. MDX 2. Highlander (hybrid). I saw both of them. Since its my first SUV type, i feel like i didn't see much space on MDX as expected. so i went to a Toyota dealer for highlander. He didn't recommended cost that i'm paying for hybrid, and the dealer recommends Sienna as i have 2 kids (no more kids).. less than 6 years. I see Sienna as well and its better space etc... But only thing i concerned with that Interior wise i feel like its Camry (cheap)? compare to the rich MDX (Tech+Ent) interior. Price wise MDX is about 4k higher than Sienna XLE (Tech+Ent).

    What do you guys recommend for me..I can go with Sienna or so confused...
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    I highly recommend you check out Honda Odyssey. It is much closer to quality of MDX and will be about same price as a Sienna. MDX is ok as long as you don't need to use the third row whereas a minivan will have much more room and provide better fuel economy.
  • thechig2thechig2 Posts: 2
    Hey guys. Looking for some input. Last year I bought a 2011 Rav4 for my growing family. I thought it would be enough room, but with the double stroller in the back, large car seats, and other miscellaneous junk, it feels very small.

    I am thinking of trading in the Rav and getting a Sienna AWD. I know I will take a hit as I just ate all the depreciation but think if I am going to do it, now is the time due to the 0% offer for Siennas.

    So, I went through CR car buying service (powered by truecar) and got costs for the AWD LE of 2,600 off MSRP, which is about 30K. After looking at recent posts in this forum, I am seeing prices of about 33K for XLE AWD. When I ran the XLE through CR, it was coming back like 1,200 off MSRP, which is more like $35k. Is it worth it to go for the XLE and deal with the negotiation for days, and deal with the back and forth on the awful offer they will give me on the RAV, or stick with the LE and just use the no negotiation price?

    Thanks in advance for any advice
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    Because there are significant design compromises. I studied this in great detail and cameo the conclusion that I am much better served by a FWD van with a second set of wheels with Blizzaks for half the price Toy charges for AWD.

    As far as getting a good deal, you've got to do your homework and take your time. Send an email solicitation to 3-4 dealer's telling them exactly what you're looking for and that the successful bidder will be below invoice. Go see them one at a time starting with the worst price. Walk if they don't meet your target for the difference. Check several websites for the value of your trade because that is what will make the deal. You will find the dealers close on the new car but with wide latitude on your trade. You have all the time in the world. As long as you hold the money, you are in charge. And when someone gets to your target, pull the trigger. I love our new XLE FWD.
  • gordonh7gordonh7 Posts: 1
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Was that for a AWD model? Thx.
  • thechig2thechig2 Posts: 2
    My wife drives 80 miles round trip daily and is very scared driving in the snow, which is why we have a Prius and a 4wd vehicle. I agree with not getting the AWD, as it seems to be a lot more money, I don't like the replacement cost of the run flat tires and have heard its not as nice of a driving experience.

    I would love to convince her to get the FWD with snow tires, but think that may be a tough sell. I will lay it on her, but most of the time, its not worth the argument.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,273
    My wife drove a RWD sedan, then a RWD convertible for 5 years, total.. with winter tires put on each November.. 42 mile round trip..

    Never had an issue (and, she doesn't know front- from rear-wheel drive).

    She was adamant that her next car be an SUV (mostly for the up-high seating and cargo convenience). The first time we got snow? "How come my SUV slides so much coming to a stop? Don't I have four wheel drive? My car didn't do that."

    It's all about the tires... AWD won't help you stop or turn any better. Granted, in heavy, heavy snow, you will have an advantage with traction from a dead stop. But, for all the safety reasons, you are better off with winter tires and 2WD..

    My wife would still rather have an SUV, but even she figured it out (lol).


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • inguy23inguy23 Posts: 2
    I made an offer on this vehicle and they countered with an offer of $37,200. The list is at a little over $40k. Is this a good deal? This is below the fair offer value on kbb but above their invoice. Thanks for your input in advance. - 8586d8f2276.htm
  • Try Burien Toyota and use to start. I used TrueCar and USAA buying program to get offers from 5 different dealer in the Seattle area all within $100 of one another.
  • worstbuyworstbuy Posts: 2
    edited May 2012
    We got the PREDAWN GRAY MI/LIGHT GRAY one today for $29900 + tax + fees = $32000 OTD. I sent emails to 10 dealers and had them to bid. Then we decided to visit the 3 closest dealers. The second dealer made the offer. What do you guy think about the price? I tried to get as low as someone posted $29490 in March but it seems YMMV. By the way, it is $1000 lower than quote to us.
  • tmac6767tmac6767 Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    I am planning to buy a Sienna LE tomorrow for my father in law. For the life of me, I can't get the pop up of $750 rebate to work. Can't find it even after disabling pop up blocker on my chrome, firefox and IE. Has anyone able to see the pop up today? I will buy you a 6 pack through paypal :) Thanks guys

    By the way, the Sienna LE V6 8 passengers is going at $28200 in Schaumburg, IL. and looks like the best I can do while taking advantage of 0% APR. What do the edmunds forum experts thinks? :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited May 2012
    You mentioned hybrid in the same post, so I would go with the Sienna. Your fuel costs will be a lot lower - it's more efficient and uses regular while the MDX drinks premium.

    A lot of my neighbors have MDXs, must be the official car of Potomac, MD. The one common theme is they ALL complain about the gas mileage and especially the price of premium gas.

    Some friends actually asked if they could ride with us in my 8 passenger Sienna to Hershey, PA, and left their MDX at home.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Beware of the run-flat tires. People complain a lot about those.

    AWD model's driveshaft goes right where the spare is on other models, so that's the only way they come.
  • wildcat22wildcat22 Posts: 5
    I couldn't get the $750 rebate on the Sienna to pop up on Sunday (only corrolla and camry), so I gave up thinking it must be over. Jumped back on the forum yesterday and there it was! I have no idea how/why it was there that day and not the other.
  • saunpatelsaunpatel Posts: 2
    I been trying to pop up that $750 rebate for week still no luck someone guide thru please would help with saving on new sienna thanks
  • wildcat22wildcat22 Posts: 5
    We're trying to buy a Sienna limited with entertainment pkg only (dvd). MSRP is $42,930. What can we reasonably expect to pay, pretty close to Edmunds true market value? We have an offer right now for invoice, $39,798, not quite 10% off msrp. I was hoping to get closer to $38,000, is it possible to get below invoice?
  • suvindcsuvindc Posts: 28
    Was quoted the following by internet sales rep. I'm in the Dallas region.

    2012 Toyota Sienna
    Model - 5348 FWD 8 PSGR
    $31,441 + TTL

    Back up camera
    power windows/doors
    AM/FM/Sirius (90 day)

    Thanks in advance.
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