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Lexus ES 300/ES 330



  • texas83texas83 Posts: 107
    I'll look into it. I'm still somewhat debating buying an SUV (RX300), but like the ES300 and want to conisder it as well.

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  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Can I have RPM numbers for 70 MPH? I apologize if I have asked for this already.
    I could use one from last years model too. I just wanted to compare the 5-speed auto vs. the 4-speed.
  • ianhianh Posts: 8
    some dealers said: every 60k, some said: 90k. what does the book say?(i lost it) can anyone look it up?

    i have 82k on mine......with original timing belt.

    thanks much.
  • Book says check at 60K. Inspect at 60K miles. The book doesn't say it's necessary to change it at 60K. I have 105,000 miles on my 95 Es300 and still have the original timing belt.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    My 02 ES300 has 2200 RPM at 70. The gas consumption is around 23 MPG to 25 MPG for 50% city/50% highway driving. On the freeway, it can reach 27 to 28 MPG at 70 MPH.
    So far I have put 1500 miles on it over 3 weeks, the new 5 speed transmission is NOT as smooth and responsive as my 00 RL 4 speed, but it is getting better. I will post it when it reaches 5K miles.
    One thing I really like about the 02 ES300 over the 00 RL is the quietness inside the car. Last night I was listening to a large scale orchestra on my way home on the freeway, the only thing I can hear is the MUSIC, each of the music instruments were so well laid out inside the car , I didn't hear any wind noise at all, the road noise is minimum, and I can say the ML upgrade is better than the BOSE in my 00 RL.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    My GPS sign will not appear on the NAV screen until it receives the GPS signal, and it will stay on the screen as long as the GPS signal is clear.
    So far I haven't had any problem to receive the GPS signal anywhere in the Bay Area.
  • If the timing belt breaks, does it damage the Lexus engine?
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Does the new 2002 ES300 have a timing belt or chain?
  • ianhianh Posts: 8
    if timing belt broke, any engine will damage, not just lexus.

    that is why i want to know what the book says about timing belt replacement
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    '02 ES has timing belt. One of the Camry models uses a timing chain. Beats me why.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Lexus owner's manual (for my LS) says to inspect timing belt at 90K and every 30K thereafter. Nothing about replacement at a certain mileage.
  • I spoke with the Lexus service dept today. They recommend changing the timing belt at 90k. If the timing belt breaks the only thing it could damage is the idler pulley.
  • Very little, if anything, will get damaged by the timing belt breaking in the ES300. In regards to timing belts, engines fall into 2 categories: Interference design and non-interference design. Non-interference engines do not sustain damage if the timing belt snaps. Majority of engines are non-interference designs.
  • texas83texas83 Posts: 107
    Hey Man!!!

    Talked with Don and got the deal made. I plan on flying in next Friday and picking it up. Looks like a good deal. Thanks for your posting. Don seems real straigtht forward. That's refreshing.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    All four cylinder versions (of the three trim levels) of the Camry have a timing chain, and the engine is non-interference. This is because the 4clyinder is brand new (more or less) in design and application. The V6 is uses a timing belt because it is an older design, dating back to 92.
  • Just wanted potential buyers, at least in my area, to have a heads up. Just purchased a new ES (haven't taken delivery yet). I got prices from 4 dealers, three through the internet. They all offered around $1,000 off MSRP (fully loaded with Nav). The lowest dealer offered $1,500 off. My local dealer met the price, so TMV in my area on a fully loaded car is $37,815 against an MSRP of $39,315.
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Thanks for the post. Finally prices are starting to come down. I wonder if they would do that though for a little less "loaded". Are the ones on the lots equipped the same way as far as options? Do they have one there with just the premium package?
    Do the dealers have a plentiful supply on hand now? Do you feel the prices that one gets on the internet are the best they will do?
  • bpdcbpdc Posts: 2
    Does anyone know where the antenna for the NAV system is located? Someone said it was under the rear parcel shelf in the trunk but I couldn't find it.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    My NAV is installed at the left side of the rear shelf in the truck. It is covered by a plastic cover with Lexus NAV letters. The antenna can be built inside the NAV box if that is how they designed it.
    I won't suggest you to open it yourself because that can void your warranty for the NAV system in case you break it by accident.
  • kreativkreativ Posts: 299
    Where is the First Aid kit in the '02 ES supposed to go?
    Mine was sitting in the middle of the trunk when I got it.

    And when you lift up the trunk mat, is there supposed to be anything in the rectangular compartment to the very right of where all the tools are?
  • lexus1lexus1 Posts: 14
    The first aid kit has a Velcro back on it. Expose the Velcro and stick on the left wall of the trunk anywhere you want. The rectangular compartment is for the fat leather manual holder they give you that is too big for the glove compartment and too big for the map pockets. Of course you can always take out the owners manual and keep it in your glove box until you are fully up on operating all the gizmos.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Actually, the big leather binder that holds the owners manual does fit in the glove box, with room to spare. In my old 1995 ES it took up nearly the entire glove box, but not with my 2002.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    I am considering a new 2002 ES300 or a slightly used 2000 or 2001 ES300 and would like your opinion on the differences in the two. I like the looks of the old style so much better. Is the 2002 so much better than the 2001? Let me know what you think. Has the mpg improved as the miles accumulate on your 2002?
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Having traded my 1995 ES 300 (which I bought new) for a 2002 (which now has 90 miles on it after one week of driving), and also having a friend with a 1998 ES 300, I think the 2002 is far superior to the previous generation (which itself is a great car). Here's why:

    1. Structural integrity is much improved for 2002. Remember, the ES 300 rode on the same platform for 10 years (1992-2001). The new car is on an all-new platform. It's more solid, partly because they got rid of the frameless doors. Drive a 2002 and you'll see what I mean -- the car feels more solid than in past years.

    2. The "substantial" look is greater with the 2002. Park the 2002 next to a 2001. The car is now bigger and heftier, with more presence.

    3. I personally love the styling of the 2002. The car has a very expensive look to it, especially the chrome door handles. I still like the 2001, but it has dated cosmetic elements, such as the two-tone lower body and lower window line.

    4. I always felt a bit cramped in the ES, but not with my 2002. There is plenty of room, without the feeling of being in a huge boat.

    5. The 2002 blows away the old models in terms of safety. The body structure is more rigid if you get in a crash. Brake assist and vehicle skid control are available and there are now eight airbags, including side curtains front and rear.

    6. The 2002 interior is a big upgrade. The softer leather, lots more wood trim (up high where your eye sees it), gated shifter, etc. create a much more pleasureable environment.

    7. There are many features on the 2002 not even offered last year. For example (some optional), rain-sensing windshield wipers, dual-zone climate control, compass, power rear window shade, etc.

    I could go on and on, but suffice it to say this car is 9/10 of an LS 430 (one of my favorite cars). I had very high expectations for this car, and every time I drive it I know this was the car for me.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    I did a test drive for the old ES300 about one and half years ago, I didn't like it at all because the following reasons,
    1. The interior is too muck alike the Camry.
    2. The cabin space is too small comparing to Acura TL and Infiniti I30.
    3. The truck space is also too small.
    4. The handling is not as good as the Acura's.
    5. You have to pay for a premium (several thousand) for the luxury features which I don't think it is worth the extra.
    I ended up leasing a 00 RL instead which probably costs close to the ES300 with similar options.
    The 02 ES300 is a total different story. The exterior is not too much longer or wider than the old one, but it is much higher than the old one, which will give you more interior space, and the wheel distance is also longer for the 02 ES. It is also more aerodynamic (Cd. 0.28) which means less wind noise and quieter cabin, and fuel efficiency.
    The body feels more solid than the old one, you feel less body rolling while cornering. The 02 ES also has more advanced air bag system which includes the front & rear side curtain air bags.
    The carried over 3.0L V-6 engine has been refined to be certified as ULEV and fitted with a new 5-speed automatic transmission.
    The interior material quality is up to the level of the new LS430 (the leather, the wood, the plastic, and ML stereo, etc.).
    The 02 ES300 is not a perfect car either, but it is a huge step up from the 01 model, the preference of the exterior design is very objective thing for each person. For me, it is very creative and modern, and I don't think the design will be out of date in several years. Thinking about the headlight design of Mercedes-Benz E class, I didn't like it when I saw it the first time, but I start like the design when I see the pictures of their next generation of E class, very unique.
    I think the hardest thing for 02 ES is finding a really good deal since it is really hot and also at the early stage of production.
    Hope you can find the car you like and enjoy it.
  • sliangsliang Posts: 50
    My 02 ES300 windshield was hit by a small rock and cracked a little bit, I use the windshield fix kit bought at Wal-Mart, the cracked spot looks much better but still visible.
    One of the A4 owner stated that he replaced his cracked windshield under warranty, I am wondering whether any of your Lexus owners knows whether I can replace the windshield under warranty if I want to, or it is just not covered. Thanks.
  • jimervinjimervin Posts: 6
    In talking with a dealer on the East coast, I
    was told the configurations for the car that I
    wanted must be ordered. I have read on this forum
    if you want the ML audio, then you will get the
    NAV. What I didn't realize is the AVS is also available only on special order..?? The dealer told me the car is available in only two "standard" configurations;

    1. Premium Package
    Heated seats
    High intensity headlights
    Wood wheel & shifter
    Trunk mat
    Wheel locks
    MSRP - $36,355.00

    2. Navigation/Levinson Package
    Wood wheel & Shifter
    Heated seats
    High intensity headlights
    Trunk mat
    Wheel locks
    Power Rear Sunshade
    MSRP - $39,315.00

    I think I would like to have the AVS. For anyone that has this feature, is it worth making the special order to get it?
  • rebelskrebelsk Posts: 65
    I ended up with a special ordered vehicle because I wanted the Mark Levinson but not the Navigation System. Since it was a special order anyway, I got the AVS system. Its fun to change the settings but there is not that much variance unless you are going from the extremely soft to extremely sporty. If I had just wanted the AVS system, I probably would have passed on it and would not have had to special ordered the car.I will tell you that the setting I keep the car on most with the AVS is one of the more firm settings.
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