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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • where is this deal at ? i'm looking at pkg 12, fr

  • steve_HOST,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I guess its a good starting and ending point for my "walkaway" price.

    I was looking more for a LE or XLE with a GL and C7 package. Should I expect a much smaller inventory towards the end of the year now for a 2004 Sienna?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    My guess is that Toyota is ramping up the '05 production or will soon, and the '04 inventory is shrinking.

    Anyone know?

    Steve, Host
  • Raydahs,
    Got your message and would love to receive any info. pertinent to purchasing in So. Cal. Unfortunately, I am not sure what you mean by "making my email public." Can you either be more specific or at least direct me to any particular dealers?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You can make your email public in your profile (the profile link is at the upper left). Clicking on someone's name will open their profile, and if they don't mind being contacted, the email will be public.

    Posting your email in the discussion itself is a sure guarantee of spam.

    Even better is sharing info for everyone to benefit from - we don't spend all this time and effort maintaining an email clearinghouse!

    Steve, Host
  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    Steve, my dealer will start receiving the 05' 2wd Sienna’s on 9/22, the AWD versions start coming in @ 2-1/2 weeks later.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    9/22? - that's supposedly the official release date for the '05 Odyssey.

    Funny how that works :-)

    Steve, Host
  • we had our first 05 in a week ago
  • I'm in the market for a 2004 Sienna and I'm trying to get the best deal I can. I would think the dealers would sell at or below invoice in order to clear out 2004 inventory but my experience is showing dealers still want $800 - $1000 above invoice. What deals are others getting?
  • It does seem that way. What invoice are you working up from? Which model and packages? Lets take a 7 psgr FWD XLE. Invoice with holdback and resale built in is $25,150 with tda maf doc $26,188 msrp is $28,260. Seems dealers want to work from the 26188 price which includes all these fees. Then they want to take on an above invoice price on top of that. Holdback + Wholesale is about $850, so really the starting invoice should be more like $24300. Has anybody been able to work from the invoice price without the tda and maf? Even further down without the holdback? I can understand the dealer wanting to get paid back for those fees, despite them being additional revenue generators in my opinion.
  • I went to the toyota dealer in SI and got the best deal . Go through the on line guy if you need his name and e-mail let me know he was wonderful . i got an xle ltd with the works except the nav for far less then any other dealer in the area at the time everyone was paying sticker or better he came down to 34,400 which everyone said was a steal. Don't just walk in there they tell you do everything on line it is the best place to get a deal.
  • I'm currently negotiating a deal with a dealer for the sienna. This van has extra's like spoilers, alloy wheel locks, paint charges (white). Is it factory installed ? Can i ask them to remove it ?
    Help me
  • I'm shopping for a LE with package #4. I went to a different dealer today and he had one 2004 LE on the lot with package #4. It had leather which I didn't want. I haggled a bit to see if I could get the leather free but no luck. It's been my experience that buying a 2004 Sienna isn't going to save me much over a 2005 like I thought it would.
  • I just bought a 05 Sienna LE today. It has power driver's seat,
    rear audio system, and side airbag. The price I paid is
    $23,4xx+Doc+title+TAX. $23,4xx included the destination fee.
    I thought it is a good deal because the 04 does not save that
    much money as I expected. Your experts can comments on
    the deal, and any suggestion on finacing. The dealer offer 5.5.
    I paid $2000.00 deposit, and need to find a loan in five
    days. Further, I wonder whether I should buy the extended
    warranty with $1000. Wait for suggestions.

    One thing is for sure, the 05 Sienna hit the lots few days ago.
    05 Odyssey was on the lots. This is ture for Atlanta area.

    My negotiation follows the experiences posted here. Great
    appreciation to this forum.
  • Bought today 2004 Toyota Sienna CE 7 Passenger + CE Package #2 (PM, Cruise, roof rack etc) + floor mats. I paid $21750 + Tax + Doc Fee. Did I get good price or I over paid as 2004 model year is ending?

    Thank you.
  • I negotiated a price of $32,400 for a 2004 XLE AWD with options FE and GK. Sticker price is $35,369. How did I do?

    Also, any feedback on the following:

    1. Dealer wants $400 for license fee. What amount is typical after negotiation?

    3. I may lease from TFSC, but would expect to negotiate the lease rate, waive acquisition fee, and obtain an early buy out option at simple interest rate. Have others had success with negotiations?

  • If, by 'license fee,' you mean document or other paperwork fee, $400 is outrageous. $40 would be more appropriate. Don't pay it.

    My '04 XLE AWD stickered for $35,106-- equipped with FE, GK, V2 (glass breakage sensor), & WH (a pair of wireless headphones). Salesman gave me wheel locks for free. I paid $33,106 six months ago, so I was pleased. Your deal seems similar, considering there's been a price increase since then, and (I assume) yours lack V2 & WH. XLE AWD's aren't easy to find, and winter's coming....
  • one correction, it does not have side airbags, but advanced airbags, front and head side for front seats.
  • Good buy, I tried offering a price in the upper 23K range for a 2004 LE and the dealer never called me back :)
  • look for a 2005
    i just paid $778 above invoice
    for that i got the power seat and the newer model
    shop around
    chicagoland here
  • Where in Chicagoland did you get a '05 for $778 above invoice? Was it an LE with CF(floor mats)?
  • Dear Papowell:

    I guess there were not much 04 Sienna left. The 05 is
    reasonalbe to go. I believe that the price I got will be
    reasonalbe for many salemen. If you live in Atlanta
    or nearby, and you want to deal the same, I can
    refer you to my saleman. He is very nice. But he
    is a beginner(I am his first custermer). If the negotiation
    stage is right, you will be able to get the same price
    in other places with more than 5 toyota dealers nearby.

    I did not expect to buy one yesterday, I went there for oil
    change with a special coupon. When my car was served,
    I step into the new car department. Then a test drive,
    and 2 hours negotiation. 2 more hours paper work,
    and still did not finish my payment. I am going to try
    Capital one for finance. I just checked the deal again,
    we paid $150 more for floor mat and cargo net. But
    that's ok. I felt happy with that.

    The dealer is World Toyota in Atlanta. Many people told me
    it is an difficult dealership. My experience is the salesman
    is most important for a deal. Hurry up.

  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    I just ordered a 2005 sienna 8 pass LE with BW package from kenosha carmax. I would like to talk to you..

     I will be trading in my 2002 BMW 325 all wheel drive wagon (it breaks my heart to do so, but had to because of increasing family size) which has been advertised on ebay right now. The overall experience for me so far is fairly neutral. I know for 2004 models, at least one other Milwaukee dealer's price is about $900 less than carmax price.

    It would be probably easier for you to find me via ebay car ads.

  • stj4stj4 Posts: 27
    Which dealer? What Options? I am looking for a 05 LE with BW package.. any suggestions?
    thnaks SJ
  • How much is the invoice? Does it include the destination fee?
  • I financed my Toyota from Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU) in Feb 2004 for 3.9% for 60MO. Even banks couldn't match this rate. The current rate offered for 60 mo is 4.25 for 60 and 4.9 for 61 to 72 with free GAP coverage. Not sure if I can post more details here. But drop me a e-mail, and I will give you the details.
  • Heywood,

    Thanks for the reply!
  • 04 CE option 2 with premium acc package.
    I am from Seattle area but end up buying the van in eastern washington.
    $23000 + tax
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Congrats! Enjoy your new Sienna!
  • I got a quote on a 2005 XLE w/ pkg #6 (#14 on '04 models). Here is what the sales quoted (all inclue dest. charge & floor mats):

    MSRP: 34736
    Invoice: 31013
    Asking Price: 31813
    Doc fee: 45

    He claimed he was asking $800 over invoice. What do you think? I live in SF Bay area.

    He mentioned that 05 is $250 more than 04. I got the following from Edmunds quote on a 04 model w/ pkg #14:
    MSRP: 33865
    Invoice: 29799

    So if you add $250 to the 04 price, it would be:
    MSRP: 33865 + 250 = 34115
    Invoice: 29799 + 250 = 30049

    You see, there is $1K difference betwee the 2 "invoice" numbers. I asked him why and he said it's due to regional adjustment to the SF area. Is this really true? I thought invoice should be the same to all dealers around the country.
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