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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Walked into the local dealership my wife on a whim. A month earlier I tried to bargain with the Honda Dealer down the street on a 2007 Honda Odyssey with leather and DVD. They were giving a great price for the Odyssey, but they did not want to give me enough for my trade in, so I walked out.

    I walked into the Toyota dealership knowing how much I wanted for my trade in, however I could not remember what the invoice or TMV for the Toyota Sienna XLE with package #7, however I was shooting for the 31,000 to 32,000 dollar range for the van. I had a pre-approval from my bank, and I knew how much I had to get for my trade in AND pay for the vehicle in order to make my payments reasonable.

    I was trying to negotiate both prices separately...what I was going to receive for my trade in (a 2004 Honda Odyssey with leather and DVD) and how much I would pay for the Sienna. However they kept trying to throw both together and make me look solely at the monthly payment.

    They eventually threw me off my game when I qualified for the 0% financing (something I wasn't expecting).

    I totally forgot about the fact that they were not doing me any favors and once I qualified for the 0% that I was still in the drivers seat and could have negotiated prices down some more (I actually could have achieved my goal of keeping my payments the same or slightly higher than what I was currently paying).

    The fact that I had my pregnant wife who was tired and heavy with child, as well as a grumpy tired two year old did not help either. I was not in a position to think straight and deal.

    To make a long story short I paid about 2,000.00 more than the TMV (34,000 MSRP was 36,499.00) and I only got 16,300.00 for my trade in.

    After I got home and saw the TMV I got some SERIOUS buyers remorse (especially after I realized a new improved Sienna was coming out in 2007!)However I am okay now.

    The Sienna had all the features I wanted and I like the styling of the new Sienna and I like the smooth luxury ride as compared to the Honda. I know the Honda's handle better, but the traction control and VSC will keep you out of trouble even if you don't have as much fun on twisty windy roads (plus my wife always made me slow down anyway). I drove some twisty windy roads yesterday in the Prince William Forest Park near Quantico and the Sienna did okay.

    I saved more than if I would have bought the 2007 Honda Odyssey with the interest rate my bank was giving me, and the Odyssey did not have all the features I wanted unless I bought the Limited which was out of my price range. The features I wanted were: trip computer with MPG, miles to empty, outside temperature, and the wood [yes I like the "fake cheesy wood"]).
  • $24309.00 2006 Sienna LE7 PKG#2 (AP&CF)
    -2000.00 REBATE (BOUGHT ON 12/4/06)
    1450.09 SALES TAX@6.5%
    50.00 DOC FEE
    318.00 REG TAX +PLATE

    24154.59 OUT THE DOOR PRICE

    All dealers around Twin cities quoated approximately 200-600 more
  • Wife wanted leather, I didn't want to pay for XLE. I wanted VSC and roof rack - that was it.

    So here we go...

    2006 Sienna LE Silver Pine Mica + Pkg #3 + Aftermarket Leather

    OTD 27,800, 0% 60 Month financing. Present Value = $23,966


    Shopped 3 dealers. One wouldn't do after market leather and so I let the other two compete. Winner was willing to exchange with another dealer 100 miles away to get me the exact color I wanted and was still $300 under the best deal the other remaining dealer was willing to go.
  • Hello everyone,

    My family has been looking at vans for the last month or so to replace the Subaru Forester we have on a 36 month lease with 8 months left to go,and we are way under the mileage.

    We went to a local Toyota dealer last night,and finally test drove a Sienna which we liked.The dealer was pretty high pressure,and had us pllaying the monthly payment game.The worked out a deal for $379 a month on a Certified pre-owned 06 Sienna CE with option package#1 in Nautical blue w/2900 miles on it(it was a loaner car for them).We said okay with a little trepidation,put down a deposit,and returned tonight to work out the numbers,and such.They were offering the 0% financing even as a used car,but the price they were charging was too high.Let me know what you think.

    MSRP was $25086 I believe when it was new,and according to Edmunds the Invoice is $22,5xx.They wanted to sell it to us at $23580 as a USED car which is $1000 over invoice NEW.Now I realize we would be getting a better warranty on the drivetrain as a certified car,but there is no way we are paying over new invoice for a used car.They would not budge,and they were insisting we come up with $1000 out of pocket to get the payments where we wanted.By my estimates using edmunds TMV the van is really worth in the neighborhood of $21k as a certified car,and they wanted 23.5K.As you can see we didn't do the deal,even with them willing to give us $14500 for the forester that has a payoff of $13200.

    I told the guy that we could get a Kia for $20kish with my own financing which is 5.74%,and get the same powertrain warranty,and a better bumper-to-bumper for around teh same payments a month.Now granted we are paying more in interest,but less for the car with more options,and a better warranty.Now I know a Kia isn't a s quality as a Toyota.

    What do you think?

  • ALL,
    F.Y.I. - Following purchase was made in January-2006. One stop shop. Did not even test drove the car.
    OTD = Out the door (including all taxes and fees).
    Also, at that time 750 Cash back was available or 0% Financing.
    In my opion prices are about 1500-2000 less outside or GulfStates.
    ===============HOPE THIS HELPS TO TEXAS BUYER==========
    I paid 24K OTD. Sienna CE, 7 Seat, pkg#1. Houston, TX.

    Most junk items included and those are
    Win tint
    Door edge Guard.
    Color - most selling one and I wanted

    Only one stop shopping.
  • roburgroburg Posts: 4
    24K out the door is a "fair" price for a CE, but I hope you took the financing over the cash or else you really spent too much.

    Chris -
    I too negotiated a $24K for a basic CE, then I decided to go to LE. Keep in mind what you are buying is a new car, not a certified used car - regardless of what the dealership is telling you.

    Bottomline is you should be able to get $23,500 OTD and you should finance all of it, that will save you another $4K in PV $.
  • Well the dealer called today,and said they could do the deal without the $1000 down they were requiring we put to get the payment to where we were comfortable.I still think $23.5K for a certified used car is high.


    They told us the van was a Certified Pre-owned car with the 100k warranty,so I disagree that it is a new car.I know the miles are low,but still I am not paying much,if any over invoice for a van with 2900 miles on it.The van was titled to them before,and therefore not new.They also claimed they didn't have the invoice on it when I told them I knew it was $225xx give or take according to Edmunds.To insist they get more than at a minimum invoice is crazy.Do you agree?Also I have found another local dealer with an LE package#1 with 18k miles as a Certified car for $21xxx which seems like a better deal,because it is more van at a lower price.Granted it has a lot more miles,but the car seems to be a better deal.

    The first dealer is still insisting on $23500,but without us coming up with the $1000 down.Still too much I think.


  • roburgroburg Posts: 4
    I am surprised Toyota Financial will give you 0.0% for a car that is considered used - thats why I said that. For $24000 like I said before you can be OTD with a 2006 with no miles.

    Listen, you REALLY need to consider the 0.0% financing, if you quality. OTD $24K is really $20,690 in present value dollars, so regardless of what you do if you are buying a 2006 you need to get the financing.

    Going back to your first car, yes I think a couple hundred under invoice is good. Ask for $23.5 - 24K OTD and stick by it. If they say no, I am confident you can go out on Tuesday and find a new CE for that price. (Remember though, financing special ends tomorrow so you need to wrap this up by tomorrow)
  • Another follow-up on this.I believe that Toyota is offering 0% on 06's as new,or certified pre-owned.

    We just found a 06 Certified LE 8 passenger with option package#1 at another better dealer local that has 18k miles on it,and a price of $21995 listed on their website.It is listed with 0% financing,and we plan to go look at it tomorrow(they weren't open today),and try to strike a deal.Edmunds values it at $22xxx as a pre-owned,so it looks like a pretty good deal even with the higher miles.Would buying an extended bumper-to-bumper warranty be worth it with a Toyota?I know the powertrain warranty is allready 100k,but the bumper to bumper is only the remainder of the 3/36 right?

  • Wanted to share what we just paid for a 2006 Sienna LE 7 passenger with package #2:

    $21139 vehicle price
    +$45 doc prep fee
    +465 surface protection ( we have a 2 year old, thought it wouldn't be a bad idea)
    +$1677 sales tax in southern CA
    +$28 DMV electronic filing fee
    +213.75 TTL
    Out the door $23568.55. With 0% financing :D
    The lowest internet quote we got from two dealerships in San Diego was $23700 plus TTL.
    When we arrived to the first one they said that the vehicle quoted was in the shop but that they had others for a "bit" more.
    Left the place disgusted by the "technique" and went to the second dealership where after having us fill all the paperwork they refused to honor the written quote by saying that it was a mistake and couldn't go that low. :mad:
    I will be happy to provide the names of these 2 people to avoid if anybody is looking in the San Diego area.

    Things really happen for a reason though. The next day we got a better price and great service at a dealership in Hemet, CA ( NE of Temecula). Although we had to keep our trade in because the amount offered was unacceptable :(

    I love this minivan. :shades:

    Is the surface protection worth it?
  • I have a quote fo a new 2006 Sienna XLE AWD with the following options installed:

    XLE Pkg #9 (dvd system, heated seats, 2 outlets, nav system, 4 cd disc change, sunshades, power moon roof)
    Capet Mats

    It is blue mirage metallic with stone leathe interior, wood gain, etc.

    Here's the quote:

    Sales Price $32599.82
    Rebate (2,000.00)
    Tax (3%) 917.99
    Tags 89.00
    Doc Fee 399.00
    OTD (?) $32,005.81

    TMV says invoice is 31727 dealer says invoice is 32659.03 will check out today at dealership.

    Also has 942 miles on it - was driven to dealer from another state.

    I think this is a good deal but I am hesitant. Based on my comparison I would be paying 715.82 over TMV which doesn't seem bad??

    Dealer Sales Price TMV Price
    32599.82 31884.00
    -2000.00 -2000.00
    20599.82 29884.00

    What do you think?
  • What's the dealer name in Indy ?? thanks
  • Where is this dealer located ?? Looks like a good deal. If you can get him to TMV price, that would be great. Pls. share the dealer details as I am looking for one too.
  • Hey guys,

    We just worked out a deal at another local dealer that was much more friendly.It is an 06 LE 8 pass certified pre-owned with 17000 miles on the clock,and option package #1 in a blueish grey color.The sale price of the van is $21495,and they are giving us what we owe on the Subaru we are leasing as a trade-in.What we need to do now is determine how much we want to,or can afford to put down to determine the payments.The financing is 0% for 60 months on this as well.

    My question is should we wrap the sales tax,and reg fees into the financing,and also should we opt for the wrap-around bumper-to-bumper coverage they are offering to us to bring the warranty in-line with the certified pre-owned powertrain coverage?Is it worth buying a extended warranty with a toyota?Is $1200ish too high to buy this coverage?Thanks in advance,and oh yeah what do you think of our deal?

  • I can't comment on the sales price since these are not comparable models and the model that we are considering is new (yes with the exception of the 900 miles that the dealer tacked on by being cheap on the transfer)and I don't know the feature you are receiving however if I could afford to pay the sales tax straight out I would do so. On the warranty issue - would you have a couple thousand dollars on hand to make a major repair? If so then depending upon the price of the warranty I would probably also skip the add'l warranty since based on my research Toyotas are realiable vehicles.
  • Reposting (noticed my own bad math:)
    I have a quote fo a new 2006 Sienna XLE AWD with the following options installed:

    XLE Pkg #9 (dvd system, heated seats, 2 outlets, nav system, 4 cd disc change, sunshades, power moon roof)
    Capet Mats

    It is blue mirage metallic with stone leathe interior, wood gain, etc.

    Here's the quote:

    Sales Price $32599.82
    Rebate (2,000.00)
    Tax (3%) 917.99
    Tags 89.00
    Doc Fee 399.00
    OTD (?) $32,005.81

    TMV says invoice is 31727 dealer says invoice is 32659.03 will check out today at dealership.

    Also has 942 miles on it - was driven to dealer from another state.

    I think this is a good deal but I am hesitant. Based on my comparison I would be paying 715.82 over TMV which doesn't seem bad??

    Dealer Sales Price TMV Price
    32599.82 31884.00
    -2000.00 -2000.00
    30599.82 29884.00

    What do you think?
  • dbettshemby:

    Where is this dealer located ?? Looks like a good deal. If you can get him to TMV price, that would be great. Pls. share the dealer details as I am looking for one too.

    Waiting for your reply..thanks
  • Well we thought so too until we arrived at the dealership.
    The dealership is Bobby Murray Toyota in Rocky Mount NC but I would advise (my opinion only) to steer clear.

    The salesperson presented us with an EXL that DID NOT contain the dvd/nav package that was listed as part of the installed optional features on their website. The only option installed was leather seats. He and his sales manager then commenced to become agitated with us when we immediately informed them of the "missing" options. They then blamed Toyota and stated that Toyota erroneously listed the features on their dealer website. Never mind the 2 minutes it would have taken the internet salesperson to walk to the vehicle on the lot and verify the features of the model that he produced a quote for. They then offered two free tanks of gas for the trip over and the hassle HOWEVER they withdrew the offer when they could not convince us to purchase another vehicle with the features for 4k more and wait for transfer.

    To sum it all up - they were rude, refused to accept responsiblity for the content on their websited (insisting that we need to call Toyota because it was their fault), and dismissive when they realized that we were educated buyers.

    I did make a compaint to Toyota Customer Relations but don't expect it to go anywhere since they send the complaint back to the dealer. Toyota did however state that they DO NOT control the content of their dealer's websites.

    We did however purchase from Marc Jacobson Toyota in Durham, NC. In the end we purchased a '06 Limited that was fully loaded with every feature (nav, dvd, light kit?, power 3rd row, etc) for 36k.
    This lines up with the kbb value and we won't have the 900 miles to contend with that were already on the "deal" that we set out to purchase.

    I do think Toyota should have more control over the dealers who sell their product. We have experienced more than one episode of rude and arrogant salespersons at the various Toyota dealerships that we have shopped. Our opinion: Good product + bad salesforce.
  • sie06sie06 Posts: 3

    Your price sounds really good to me. What does surface protection cover? Consumer Reports says rustproofing, fabric protection, paint protectant, or VIN etching are not necessary. (see below)

    I just got a similar quote for $24,500 with carpet floor and auto-dimming mirror options in Phoenix, AZ for a 2006 Sienna LE 7 passenger with package #2. With 0% financing for 60 months.
    Another one is a base model for $24K.

    Can you share how you managed to get $21,139 for the final price? What was their first quote and what was your first offer? And what color do you have?
    Edmund's TMV for package 2 would be $23,624 + $832 = $ 24,456. Carsdirect invoice is $24,697

    Congrats and thank you.
    Consumer Reports advice on buying unnecessary extras.
    Dealerships often try to sell you extras that boost their profit margin but are a waste of you money. They can include rustproofing, fabric protection, paint protectant, or VIN etching, in which the vehicle identification number is etched onto the windows to deter thieves. Don't accept those unnecessary services and fees. If you see those items on the bill of sale and you haven't agreed to them, simply cross them out and refuse to pay for them. Vehicle bodies are already coated to protect against rust. And recent CR reliability surveys show that rust is not a major problem with modern cars. You can treat upholstery and apply paint protectant yourself with good off-the-shelf products that cost only a few dollars. If you decide you want VIN etching, you can buy a kit to do it yourself for less than $25, instead of the $200 that some dealerships charge. Also think twice about an extended warranty. It can cost hundreds of dollars. But if you buy a model with good reliability or if you expect to have the vehicle only for five years or less, it often isn't worth the cost.
  • mubeenmubeen Posts: 5
    You did a very good deal. I had quotes of Base Model 2006 Sienna LE only upto $23000 with 0% finance. No one in IL area was willing to go below.

    How did you negotiate a price that low....
  • sie06sie06 Posts: 3
    Did you get additional accessories for $23K Base Model? And did they waive the advertising fee? I'm going to several AZ dealers to get their best deals tomorrow. I'll keep you posted if I get lower quotes.

  • So we picked up our new Sienna on New Years Day. Loving it so far.

    Here are the details of our deal...

    2006 Sienna LE 2wd/7 Passenger
    White/Stone Cloth Interior
    Pk #6
    Carpet Floor Mats
    Door Sill Protector

    MSRP: $30949.
    INV: $27790.
    Cars Direct Price: $27555 (as of 1/06/07)
    KBB Price: $27785. (w/o Floor Mats)
    TMV Price: $27582.

    Price Paid: $27190
    Tax/Lic/DMV: $29603. - 0% 60 Months

    We had a lower bid from another Dealership but we went with this deal as they could get the car the same day. It was the only one left in Northern California with the color combo/option package we wanted.

    Hope this helps out anyone looking in the SF Bay Area!
  • I am also in San Diego. We've had a 1996 Toyota Previa (original owner) and may have to let it go-the dealer said that a "repaired" cracked cylinder(they repaired it!) is cracked AGAIN and they are quoting $4-7K to repair it. So, we're going with an independent shop to see if it is salvageable. I love the cargo space and the fact that the Previa can hold anything! I've put-4 10-speed bikes, a 10 ft. noble fir tree, etc. It's a simple van. No computer problems, etc. Changed the oil and it ran great! We have 170K miles on it. Paint looks great, no oxidation! (garaged) Lots of travel. We really don't want to buy a new van, but we need the transportation. What are the names of the dealers to avoid?
  • mubeenmubeen Posts: 5
    I just got carpts that was it. No one would go below that price.
  • tommyltommyl Posts: 6
    I live in NY and I am shopping for a 07 AWD XLE Sienna with option combination E. What is a good price for this car. I was quoted 38800 before taxes. I plan on purchasing car with cash/check. Thanks
  • sie06sie06 Posts: 3
    Finally bought the van after researching several AZ dealers

    Here are the price & buying experience details of our deal:
    1. PRICE
    2006 Sienna LE 2wd/7 Passenger , Slate Metallic
    White/Stone Cloth Interior
    Pk #2
    Carpet Floor Mats
    Door Sill Protector
    Auto Dim Mirror
    Cargo Net
    MSRP: $30949.
    TMV Price: $24838.

    Price Paid: $24418 + $62 tinting for front windows (allowed in AZ)
    Premium Warranty 7years/100Kmiles/0 deductible $983
    Declined the Gap Insurance. (Might check with my insurance provider)
    Tax/Lic/DMV: $28829. - 0% 60 Months

    The base model price w/o options ($23,230) is similar to what my sister got in the Bay area late December so I think it is quite a good deal.

    I'm not so sure about the Toyota Premium warranty. Is the premium warranty too expensive? I was ready to get the one that is refundable if not used for 6 years/100K b/w $850 to $1100 as recommended in this thread but the finance person said this one is not refundable if not used. It is still pro-rated if cancelled and has a cancel clause with $25 fee within 30 days. He also said the refundable one is not provided by Toyota. Can I get a much better deal?

    2. Buying Experience
    I agree with other members that getting quotes from the Edmunds/CarsDirect/website through the Internet Managers/Fleet is the way to go. It saves you time and gas driving around to the dealers. I informed them that I was looking for the closest quote to $500 under the TMV number.
    From the 6-8 dealers that responded, only two were very friendly and willing to work with you. The others only gave their lowest quotes which were far below the first two. I went with Big Two because their Internet manager (JN) was very accommodating, patient, friendly, and helpful in deciding our options. I would absolutely recommend working with him to others.

    Thank you for tanker and other members who helped me in knowing what to look for when buying our SiennaLE7. My wife and I love the Slate Metallic. It keeps us guessing if it's blue or gray :)
  • Just wondering if anyone can share a great buying experience/ deal in the DFW Texas area. I'm having trouble finding contacts in the internet sales depts. and edmunds price quote feature yielded only 4 dealers in the whole DFW area and only one of those has responded to me thus far (5 days have passed since I requested a quote).
  • Toyota of Fort Worth
    Scott Bolin INternet Sales Rep.

    I highly recommend them. NO BS

    See my prior post for Dec. purchase for specifics
  • tx_icetx_ice Posts: 22
    Could you share the name of the dealer in Houston from where you bought your Sienna?

    Been dealing with several local dealers and they are not willing to get below $25,000 + TTL and 0% on an LE.

    Thanks in advance.
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