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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • not a problem had an 03 Highlander bought in Orlando, Had it serviced in Tampa and when I traded it in earlier this mo. the dealer sold it as a certified pre-owned.
  • jm38jm38 Posts: 27
    I bought my 2004 Limited from dealer A in Feb. 04 and never took it there for service in the 3 years I owned it. I took it to a dealer B which was close to my home for all service needs during these 3+ years. They have been very good to me. I think they appreciate the business even though I didn't buy the van from them.
  • hikershikers Posts: 10
    for a base LE model with only CF option, I'm offered $23100 + TTL. Rebate has been included.

    Hayward is offering us a LE + pkg 1 for $23500, rebate included.

    How's this price?
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    a dealer just told me that they are now offering sienna at zero percent for 36 months.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Is that in addition to, or instead of, the $500-1000 rebates they had going on?

  • hikershikers Posts: 10
    usually, that's an either or. But yes, please confirm. thanks!
  • hikershikers Posts: 10
    Trying to be more specific:

    Sienna LE

    MSRP: 25680
    option c: 214
    destimation charge: 645
    total: 26539
    price offered after 750 rebate: 23100

  • dugguduggu Posts: 6
    What zipcode are you in ? because I checked my zip and there are no current incentives. No rebates and no APR incentive in socal.

    BTW I got 2007 XLE Ltd with option #3 and 4, spoiler, floormats for $37.6K + TTL here in southern cali. Also did the 3.9% APR for 36 months just before the offer expired.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    I didn't ask about rebates because I'm more interested in the zero pct. I got this info verbally from a local dealer.
  • dugguduggu Posts: 6
    I checked on and I don't see this incentive for zip 11767 ????? Better double check with that dealer.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    incentives thru april 2 are on the toyota website, which shows zero for 36 on sienna in 11767 or a $1k cash rebate, also 2.9 for 48 and 3.9 for 60.
  • hikershikers Posts: 10
    Got a lot of helpful info from this forum, so here is our buying experience. Got the car from City Toyota, bay area, northern california.

    Sienna LE + package #1, blue mirage metallic

    $25680 (base LE)
    $994 (AM + CF)
    $645 (destination charge)
    -$4201 (dealer discount)
    = $23118
    didn't take $1000 cash rebate, took 1.9% for 36 months instead. So subtotal:
    = $24118

    $55 (doc fee)
    $8.75 (tire fee)
    $220 (DMV registration fee)
    0.825% sales tax
    some minor charge don't recall
    OTD: $26501

    Called around and even stopped by Fremont Toyota. Won't match the price.
  • dugguduggu Posts: 6
    Well that effing sux. I just got the Sienna Limited last week and hurried the deal because I was afraid I'll miss the deadlline for 3.9 % special. In just 2 days after I buy the damn thing, APR went down to 1.9 % in socal. But what can you do ? You win some and you lose some, I guess. I just lost about $1100 in 2 days and it sucks because I really wanted to enjoy this van.

    My aplologies to you. You were right all along about the new APR offer.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    No apologies necessary. I'm sure you will still enjoy the new van - it's a beautiful vehicle. Don't beat yourself up over missing the lower interest rate, because it could easily have gone the other way.
  • dmwongdmwong Posts: 7
    Got my 2007 LE-8 with pkg#1 AM ( right power sliding door ) from Sunnyvale Toyota.

    $27xxx MSRP
    $25xxx invoice
    - $500 discount
    -$1000 rebate ( month of March )

    $23638 selling price. + TTL.

    It was the first quote from the direct sales person there. Decent price. Did not negotiate. The more important part was the experience. Very happy about the buying and after sales experience. Email me for contact info. of the sales person.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like a good price, better than I see here in MD. I think our rebate is just $500, though.

  • Hi,

    Very new to car buying scene in Austin,TX. on the lookout for a Sienna 7 Passenger CE 2007 model. Not a very enthusiastic bunch of dealers there! Here's the best quote that I received so far:

    $ 23500 plus Fees(Title). The $ 750 rebate or the 1.9% APR(36 months) is in addition to the price.

    This includes the following options:

    Cargo Net : (MSRP $ 49)
    Carpet Mat Set (MSRP $ 199)
    Security System Upgrade (MSRP $ 249)
    CE Package# 1 (MSRP $ 470)... Invoice price is 377

    Based on Edmunds, the Invoice Price is $ 22383+All of the Options listed above(probably about 700 or so).Which would be about 23100 or so as the Invoice Price.

    I could not find the relevant invoice price for the first three items.

    Any information is more than welcome!!
  • bladexbladex Posts: 2
    Purchased an 07 XLE FWD with package 3, auto-dimming mirror, and carpet mat set.

    I got it for $32K before TTL, which was around $800 below the edmunds TMV, and about the same above invoice. The dealerships in SE Michigan said this is a very hard van to find, and I agree the dealers that had them, only had 1 on their lot and would have had to ask for one delivered from somewhere else outside the region.

    Did I get a good deal or could I have bargained with the dealer more? I did take advantage of the 0% financing for 36 months. Honda offered me 7.9% on the EX-L Odyssey, so pricing would have been around the same with that, and liked the Sienna better anyway so it made the decision pretty easy.
  • swdhasswdhas Posts: 7
    I am new to this forum and car buying Please any help is greatly apprecited .i live in WA state and got an offer of 28704+ tax +lic from the dealer for toyota sienna LE AWD with package #2 and mats /carpets. Is this a good offer ? or should i try checking out more? I know there is rebate going on but i want to go with the financing. Thanks, swati
  • swdhasswdhas Posts: 7
    :confuse: I am new to this forum and car buying Please any help is greatly apprecited .i live in WA state and got an offer of 28704+ tax +lic from the dealer for toyota sienna LE AWD with package #2 and mats /carpets. Is this a good offer ? or should i try checking out more? I know there is rebate going on but i want to go with the financing. Thanks, swati
  • swdhasswdhas Posts: 7
    :confuse: I am new to this forum and car buying Please any help is greatly apprecited .i live in WA state and got an offer of 28704+ tax +lic from the dealer for toyota sienna LE AWD with package #2 and mats /carpets. Is this a good offer ? or should i try checking out more? I know there is rebate going on but i want to go with the financing. Thanks, swati
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Is there an echo in here? ;)

    Avoid the Refresh button, it creates a duplicate post. Click on Last instead, which shows you the last page.

  • real123real123 Posts: 20
    I am looking at the 06 LE-8 and the options list, as I have it look confusing. #3 includes side bags but I thought that ws standard for all rows. Also, how can you easily tell when looking at a car which package it has? I'm most interested in the vsc.

    Any chance to get a 'new' one off the lot or are we looking only at used (rentals?)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    All 2006s have side curtain air bags.

    To see if an LE has VSC, check the rear brakes. Package 3 bundles VSC with rear disc brakes and alloys rims.

    You can buy the alloys seperately, but not the rear disc brakes.

    So peek through the rear wheels - if you see a disc brake, it has VSC. You're looking for an LE with Package 3, basically.

    Even on the XLE you need to get Package 2.

    The XLE Limited makes VSC standard. It should be standard on all models!

  • jsb5jsb5 Posts: 3
    I am looking to lease an 07 Sienna LE (7 Passenger) AWD model with package #5, which has the DVD option. The lease will be for 36 months at 12,000 miles per year.

    If anyone can provide the money factor and residual amount for this car, or what you have paid for this vehicle, it would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks.

  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    I am buying Tuesday in SWest MI and getting an XLE with package #5 at invoice 32174, with the 0%. This is about $150 under invoice and they bumped up the value of my trade by 150 from what I wanted.

    there is no TDA in this invoice price as they are using a $750 coupon to erase it.

    Here is the deal

    Vehicle including eqpt 32,174 includes ($750 coupon)
    Sales Tax MN 1659.06
    License and Title Fee 10
    Net Trade Allowance 6650
    Unpaid to be Financed @ 0%/36mo 26683.06
    Deposit 500

    0% 36 months financing

    South west Michigan dealers tell me they can get whatever I want, lots of inventory. this is exactly what we wanted and I am from MN. NO 0% in MN and I do business in MI so this works for me
  • bwf3bwf3 Posts: 6
    Can you mention where..? and also how did Twin Cities pricing compare to MI? I'm also in MN and looking for a Sienna w/ DVD & Nav. which to my understanding limits me to the Limited. Looking for best price w/ financing.


  • skomanskoman Posts: 24
    Hey Ben, I contacted several Western Michigan dealers in Grand Rapids and Holland, you could even try kalamazoo. I specifically went to MI as they were the closest to Chicago where I do some business and they had 0% 36 financing, which as you know we do not have in MN. I am doing the deal with Crown Motors of Holland. Toyota of Grand Rapids was in the game, but they just kept screwing around with extra charges when it came time to sign the deal. Kool Toyota pretty much said they would find the car I wanted and match/beat my best deal also. 0% ends on April 2 in MI. If you do a deal this weekend, I can give you a ride on Tuesday to Crown Motors in Holland, departure 730am and we can split the gas and tolls. send me an email if you are interested. skoman

    As for pricing I really didnt shop the twin cities as I knew they did not have financing. I was looking at a sweet limited '06 at Walser with DVD no NAV but they have set pricing and would not budge.
  • Hi, there:
    Can you kindly enough let me know which dealer you are buying from? I cannot even get them down to invoice price. Thanks a lot.
  • skomanskoman Posts: 24

    My guess is they are working with me since living in MN this is a deal they normally would not get a chance on. Where have you tried? What research have you done?
  • Boch sells over 1000 cars and trucks /mo. At least he did when I worked for the parent company 5 years ago. He's probably higher now. He has consistently been top 10 in the USA in volume for a long time in ONE location!

    They're a real churn operation, but they move cars. You'll probably get the deal you want, and the Honda store is essentailly on the same lot.

    Car buying tip- go on a bad weather day (rain or snow) They're pure volume, NOT gross margin. A bad day benefits the buyer.
  • bwf3bwf3 Posts: 6

    I believe MN has 1.9% for 36, 2.9% for 48, and 3.9 for 60, however, I believe that they offer financing based upon residency, not sure if you having a business would allow you to qualify for the MI rate.

    I'm not sure if I can pull the trigger this weekend, but thanks for the info and the offer. I will keep checking to see what deal you pulled and I'll post mine if I decide to purchase.

  • wsurfwsurf Posts: 15
    where can i read more details on VSC (Vehicle Stability Control)?? I have been reading that this is a very much recommended feature but i do not understand the benefit/performance improvements that it provides.

  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    I think the incentives are based on where the dealer is located and not where the purchaser resides.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It basically takes ABS to the next level. Instead of just acting while under braking, it works all the time, whenever a skid is detected. They measure inputs from the driver, as well as yaw and pitch sensors plus wheel speed sensors to measure the intended path vs. the actual path taken by the tires.

    I don't have specifics on Toyota's system in particular, but so far they're finding that VSC does more to help your safety than ABS does. :shades:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 143,299
    You might try this discussion: Stability Control, are you ready for it?

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • bwf3bwf3 Posts: 6
    I finalized paperwork to purchase a 2007 Toyota Sienna XLE Limited w/ pkgs 3 & 4 & floor mats, MSRP 41,769.....for $37,295. Not rock bottom, but close and he is paying to bring it in from 300 miles away. I was extremely happy w/ the experience and would certainly refer others to the dealership.... Denny Hecker Toyota, Inver Grove Heights.

  • mcjazzzymcjazzzy Posts: 62
    Does anyone know approxamately how much it cost to replace a tire on the 06 Sienna Limited AWD? The mechanic at the dealership showed that I had a nail in my tire which was not fixable and I had to buy a new one for $300.00. I purchased in in December 2006 with just over 13,000 miles and they sold it to us as new because it was only used by a representative of Toyota. I went to get an oil change today because we're taking the car to Florida on Saturday and they said I needed a new Air Filter, a cleaning on the fuel injectors, a tire rotation and the new tire. I only had the car for 3 months and I would think they had already inspected the vehicle for those things (except the tire) but my bill was 560.00. My husband was PO'd. I called the sales manager and he told me that the vehicles are inspected prior to sale, he asked me to come down tomorrow morning to speak to him and the service director and to make sure I bring my bill. I think they should reimburse me for everything except the tire. My concern is that everytime I get a nail in the tire, I have to replace it and pay 300.00. Also, I was told that my model sienna doesn't have a spare, is that true?...Thanks.
  • mcjazzzymcjazzzy Posts: 62
    Does anyone know approxamately how much to replace a run flat tire on an 06 Sienna AWD Limited? I went in for an oil change today because we're driving to FLA on Saturday and they come back with I need a new air filter, a tire rotation, a cleaning on the fuel injectors and a new tire because I had a nail in it..The mechanic said that they are not fixable, so basically, everytime I get a nail, I have to pay 300.00. That's what I paid for my tire today. Also, I purchased the vehicle in December 06 w/ just a little over 13,000 miles. They sold the car to me as new because it was driven only by a representative of Toyota. I called and complained to them because I only had the car for 2 1/2 months. Shouldn't the filter, and the cleaning of the fuel injector and the tire rotation should of been done prior to selling the vehicle. The sales mgr said that they do inspect the vehicles, so I guess mine slipped through the cracks. My husband was PO'd when I told him the bill came out to be 560.00. The sales mgr told me to come in tomorrow morning with the bill and talk with him and the service director. I think I should be reimbursed for everything except the tire...but if they over charged me for the tire, I should get something back right?
  • mcjazzzymcjazzzy Posts: 62
    Also, I was told about the tires on the 06 Sienna AWD LTD that there isn't a spare tire, is that true?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 143,299
    One of the main reasons for going to runflat tires is to eliminate the spare tire.

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • wsurfwsurf Posts: 15
    thanks for the info on VSC. About how long has this feature been available as an option on US cars??
  • anchor13anchor13 Posts: 13
    I've seen tire prices for run-flats from $250 to $500... i also hear not every tire installation company can put them on... in fact some toyota dealerships don't even have the equipment to put them on...

    so start checking around for tire prices so when you need them, you know where to go...
  • jbug2jbug2 Posts: 7
    Hi- I am planning on buying a Sienna xle Limited with options 1 & 4 (just NOT navigation). I have visited a few places in the area but am not excited to deal with them. Can anyone recommend a dealership for me? I really want a good deal with people that want to sell at a discounted price... everyone does! I am willing to drive several hundred miles away if I have too.
    Thanks a lot,
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    Toyota is not currently shipping cars with option #4 to the NY/NJ areas but they are shipping to the PA area. If you go outside of PA you may have problems finding a car with #4. I know because I just went thru this. I am waiting for my Sienna to be delivered. Still, you might want to give DCH Toyota in New Brunswick NJ a shot. They're pretty aggressive pricewise and may be able to "locate" a Sienna elsewhere for you. Good luck.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    My Sienna was shpped from Princeton, Indiana on 3/25. Anyone know where it goes from there? Direct to the dealership? Where do they install the "port installed" stuff? My dealership is in New Brunswick NJ.
  • anchor13anchor13 Posts: 13
    It's difficult to recommend one dealership... what they do for one person, they might try to make up on another... My best advice is to use the Internet to your advantage... determine what you want to pay, then shop around and see who will give you that vehicle close to the price you want to pay... that will save you lots of time...
  • I work for the largest Toyota dealer in Wisconsin, and have some answers for you. Your vehicle was probably built on that day, not shipped then. It can leave the factory in as soon as a day later, though up to a week is the norm. It goes straight to the dealer. There is no port installation for vehicles made in the U.S.; therefore, post-production options are also installed at the factory. I expect you'll have your Sienna this week. Your dealer should have documented info on the window of expected arrival. I'm surprised they haven't told you those dates.
  • malonimaloni Posts: 9
    I'm in Southwest Florida and am looking at a new Sienna. Like the XLE but probably don't need all of the bells and whistles. Probably looking at an LE with leather and package 3. Does anyone have any advice or suggested dealers? Is the XLE really worth the extra $4k? Thanks.

  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    I am afraid LE doesn't have any package with leather. You will need to go after market for leather if you stick with LE otherwise you will have to go upto XLE and then pick appropriate option for leather (i think it's option 1). I am also in same shoes and i don't like Toyota's options game a bit. I am actively thinking of considering the Odyssey for this very reason.
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