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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    All they need is some different chrome badges and about $10k more on the sticker price.
  • Had to negotiate at several local Chicago area dealers and received my best deal of $24,358. This price includes the $1,250 rebate. Good luck to all
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Does that price include freight? Any other fees?

    In the DC area I'm finding prices about a grand higher, that's why I ask.
  • I am in central corolina (willing to drive to raleigh, durham, greensboro highpoint and surrounding areas), and
    looking for information from others with your experience of lowest prices offered for LE+pkg3, and XLE+pkg2.

    I am getting LE+pkg2 for 26,127+3% tax, 398 doc fee and 74 registration.

    XLE+pkg2 is around low 30K.
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    I am looking in Austin and San Antonio - here in Texas. Deals are not very good. Contacted via e-mail 8 dealers. Only four replied and only two interested in working with me.

    Pkg 3 is rare and hard to come by around here. All they have is Pkg 2 or a Pkg 3 with leather. They have to "obtain one from the Port" for me.

    All the quotes were for 26,850 to about 26,990 before the 1250 rebate - making a price of about 25,700 with rebate - about 1K more than I had hoped from reading prior postings here. My take is A) The dealers are attempting to "keep" the rebate for themselves and B) Toyota is doing way too well - they don't need our business. If the Odyssey had a similar rebate, I think I might quickly switch to them - although my wife wants the Sienna. Any feedback or advice appreciated.
  • ody07ody07 Posts: 9
    Guys, after my preliminary research I think Sienna is 2-3K expensive than Odyssey (comparing similar models with simila add ons). Do you all agree or I am wrong somewhere? I am still trying to decide which way to go and any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • ody07ody07 Posts: 9
    I am in the same boat. I want Sienna but Sienna seems to be expensive to me comparing to Odyssey. Not sure if someone has done this exercise earlier of price comparision between the two for similar models...
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    There is no doubt that Sienna is more expensive. I see no reason to buy the Toyota if you don't have a particular preference for the Sienna. Comparing the Pkg 3 LE to the EX, they're very similar in price without the rebate, but the Odyssey gives you many more standards including power seats, dual auto climate, floor mats and a couple more.

    What surprises me is that Edmunds says you can get the pkg 3 for 26,400 but no one offered me less than 26,850 -despite hard negotiations. Bottom line is Toyota is creating an artificial "tight" market by sending so few of these to my region. They know only an idiot would pass on traction control if they can afford it. (no offense to those who can't) What they're trying to do is force me into an XLE. Keep this up and I will buy an Odyssey!
  • malonimaloni Posts: 9
    For what its worth, this is the best deal we got in Central and SW FL.

    The LE Package 3 (7 seater) add leather and toyoguard: Price of vehicle.$26,694.67, Dealer Fee: $498.50, Battery and tirer fee State of Florida: $6.50,
    Tax: $1681.98, Transfer of tag,registration and title: $38.35, Total out the door price: $28,920.00. I will sell out the door price for $28,700.
  • I was negotiating with the local toyota dealer (here in Research triangle park, NC), and he offered me LE+pkg3 for 27100 +tax/tag/regist. Since I had got offer for honda Ody EX at 26,257+tax/tag/regis, I just gave him my offer of 26,127 (as mentioned by edmunds), and you know what,he agreed to that but wanted me to buy today, which i was not able to, so the deal didn't work as such.
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    I need to correct my previous post - the pkg 3 does come with power driver's seat, so the Odyssey does not have an advantage there. Despite all my complaining, the pkg 3 is less for me than the Odyssey EX with the current 1250 rebate. Once that expires, the Sienna will definitely be at a disadvantage. If Honda puts up an incentive, I think they could recoup market share.
  • Those of you in the South/South central states know that Toyota uses a distributor in those areas? They're just a middleman between Toyota USA and the dealers.

    Here in New England there is no middle man and a bit less markup along with other areas. Subaru has a similar arrangement here- Subaru Of New England- where Boch's real money is from. Granted he also sells over 1200 Toyotas a month from one store as well.(His Honda store is #1 in America in volume- right next door to Toyota)

    I too have noticed that most dealers here in Boston really don't use their internet sales very well. They just try to get you in the door. What frustrates me even more is some dealers list their inventory, some don't. My closest dealer to home does not list their inventory on their web page. It's on vehix. Most make it hard to determine the package installed.

    I'm interested in an LE with pkg 3 as well. I did find one, but we're not ready to talk numbers just yet. My wife has never been in one either.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm also finding the LE pkg 3 for slightly less than the Ody EX here in the MD area.

    I use Fitzmall to get Toyota prices, and Browns Honda Arlington to get the Ody. Both are no-haggle. I can vouch for Fitzmall's prices but have no experience with Browns.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    My experience with on line inventory here in NY is mixed at best. Some dealers don't regularly update their inventories. Others list vehicles but don't indicate what options are included. Conicelli in Philadelphia appears to have an accurate and complete inventory. I bought my van from a NJ dealer who located it at a dealer in Pa because Toyota apparently is not shipping vans with the #4 package to the NY metro area, for some strange reason. Had a little bit of a wait but it was well worth it.
  • hsamanthsamant Posts: 8
    I was able to get an offer for an 8 passenger LE, with pkg 3 (BZ), for 26,600 in PA (Devon), and 0% apr. Is this a decent price?

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Price sounds about a grand higher than I'm seeing here in MD, but then again you may be getting the 0% in leiu of the rebate, so that makes sense.
  • I also got an offer on LE+Pkg3 for 26,100, with 0% for 24 months in central NC. Even though by looking at the price offereing on this list, I might have have pushed for 500 more.
    when u say 0%, 0% for how many months?
  • hsamanthsamant Posts: 8
    0% for 48 months.
    ($ 26,600, 8 pass, LE pkg 3)
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    zero for 48 is great, only got zero for 36 in the ny region.
  • jbug2jbug2 Posts: 7
    hi there,
    we live close by to you and we called an visited many dealers. we found that team toyota in langhorne, pa had very good prices. we did all negotiation over the phone, they did not play games with us. we saved an extra $1,000 over all other dealers "best prices". it is worth a try for you. call them and tell them what you want to pay. I would say, "I wan't to get an LE with Package #? for less than $26,000." nothing to loose! they are the #1 in the the area.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    thanks, I already have my van. got an xle ltd awd with #2 and #4, pretty nice vehicle.
  • bhornsbybhornsby Posts: 3
    Was just quoted $32,350 for a Sienna XLE with package #5 in Virginia. Does anyone have experience with pricing on this package?
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    You got me on this one. I guess different regions have different packages. What's a #5? Never heard of it.
  • bhornsbybhornsby Posts: 3
    Option #5 is the same as Option D on the Toyota website. It includes the following:

    XLE Package #5-includes leather-trimmed seats with manual second- and third-row window sunshades, heated driver and front passenger seats, 17-in. aluminum alloy wheels with P225/60R17 All-Season tires, Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) [5] + Traction Control (TRAC), rear disc brakes, windshield wiper de-icer grid, Daytime Running Lights (DRL), power tilt/slide moonroof with sunshade, rear-seat DVD entertainment system with 9-inch display, two 115V outlets, two wireless headphones [21] and rear intuitive parking assist (FP)
  • ody07ody07 Posts: 9
    I agree with you that Sienna LE + Pkg #3 and Odyssey EX are almost same. But if you move up the trim level then Sienna seems to become a lot more expensive. I am looking to get DVD and Navigation both. So on Odyssey side I have EXL+DVD+Nav which I believe I can get for less than $31K+TTL. But when I try to get same on Sienna, it seems Sienna will not be less than $34K...isn't it?
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    You're absolutely right. At that option level, the Honda will definitely be cheaper. Toyota is making everyone pay $2K or more for any package that includes stability & traction control - this for a $110 control module! There's a method to their madness - they are the wealthiest car company on the globe after all! I think it's reprehensible. I've spent 2 weeks locating a vehicle with VSC without all the other options and it will cost me an extra grand because of supply demand mismatch. My salesman told me less than 5% of Siennas available to him have stability control. Consumer Reports states that it's the greatest invention since the seatbelt and may save 10,000 US lives per year! I hope everyone reading this post either pays the extra money to put it on their Sienna or buys an Odyssey! My Pkg 3 Sienna is supposed to arrive by truck next week. I'll post my final sales price once the deal is completed.
  • I am also looking for LE + package 3 but am not sure what should be a good deal. Can somebody advise about the price that I should pay. Minimum and maximum will help and if you can post with breakdown that will be best as I am just starting. Thanks in advance.
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    Depends on where you live. Folks in Chicago or the Northeast seem to have the best luck finding these for 26K. Someone got as low as 25.5K before rebate and before TTL. The prices I'm seeing in Texas have been about 26.8 to 26.9 before rebate and TTL. Seems to me they're inflating the street price to recoup the rebate for themselves. But perhaps the bottom line is Supply/Demand. If they're available in your region, try to negotiate sub 26 with destination. If not, be prepared to pay up to 27K with destination and fees but before TTL and rebate. Also, many of these are prepackaged with unnecessary "fluff" designed to increase dealers' bottom line. May be difficult to obtain a vehicle without these. Hope that helps!
  • Thanks a lot Mitch. I am in NJ, do you have any idea about NJ? Also what is TTL?
  • malonimaloni Posts: 9
    We ordered the LE Package 3 add leather ($1764) and toyoguard ($699)with the offer below-

    Price of vehicle.$26,694.67, Dealer Fee: $498.50, Battery and tirer fee State of Florida: $6.50,
    Tax: $1681.98, Transfer of tag,registration and title: $38.35, Total out the door price: $28,920.00. I will sell out the door price for $28,700.
  • wsurfwsurf Posts: 15
    2007 Sienna LE with pkg3 + Leather + carpeted floor mats + door sill protectors for $28650 (OTD). Package 3 has the VSC & TRAC, both side doors automatic, and 8-way power adjustable driver seat. I am in South FL.
  • Hi Maloni, Did you take 1250 rebate or 0% financing. I guess I am trying to ask is if this price is after deducting 1250 or you did not take rebate. Also for my edeucation what does this mean " I will sell out the door price for $28,700. "

    What is TTL?

    Pleae pardon my ignorance.
  • It includes all fees including freight. The only thing it doesn't include is sales tax and transfer of plates.

    Also this was for an 8 passenger vehicle with the extra second row middle seat that pivots forward.

    Good luck
  • Just got out the door quote for $26,900. I took 1250 rebate. Is it good, ok, excellant?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    You can do a bit better at without haggling, if you're near MD.
  • Ateixeira ,

    I am in NJ and thought this is an excellant deal based on some posts here and now I am in second thoughts. Can you please advise what would be an excellant price (out the door after rabate).
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My suggestion would be to go to that web site, print out their price, and ask your dealer to match it.

    You can always take the train down, then the subway to the White Flint Metro station, and the dealer will pick you up. Then drive it home.

    Can't be more than a couple of hours away, right?

    Just let your dealer know you are willing, and watch how quickly they match that price. ;)
  • Thanks buddy. I just spoke to Their price of $25,339 does not include sales tax & title. But price I got here includes everything (sales tax, title etc.). So considering that 26,900 seems very good. What's your opinion?
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Do you when is this rebate expiring?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    OK, missed that important point. If that's truly the out the door price then it seems great, yes. :shades:
  • bhornsbybhornsby Posts: 3
    Does anyone have pricing experience with package 5? I was recently quoted $32,350 in VA. That price does not include the 0% or $1250 off.
  • ody07ody07 Posts: 9
    Thanks Mate. Below is my final thought on Odyssey/Sienna comparision and why I am now decided and am going with an Odyssey.

    1) Sienna is plain expensive compared to Odyssey
    2) Sienna's option pkgs are hell of a lot confusing at least to me compared to Odyssey options. Sienna may be providing more flexibility but it confuses the hell out of me whenever I try to compare with any other van.
    3) Sienna's interior sucks. I hate that artificial wood trim that comes with XLE. How can they make such an ugly interface for a $35K machine?
    4) Not that important but it seems Odyssey has more interior storage space ie. Sienna does not have that underground storage space between Front and 2nd row seats.

    At the end I must say that I LOVE toyota engineering and I truly believe Toyota's engine is better than Honda's. I specially love the smoothness of the its steering wheel. But I can't live with that interface plus the other issues mentioned above. So friends, my next post you will see in Odyssey's forum and I will post how much I paid for that.
  • hsamanthsamant Posts: 8
    What rate did you get?

    I just bought one a few hours ago (LE, pkg 3, 8 seater). Here in PA we have 0% for 48 months. Made sense to take this, rather than the rebate. I also fell for the 'gold' extended warranty, but it seemed like a good deal @ $ 610 for 7 years/75 K.
    Out the door, I paid 26,600 + 1,600(tax), 610(warranty) + 100 (misc) =~ 28,900.
    Figured that 0% on 28,900 is around 3K saved on interest (assuming 5%).

    I wonder if the extended warranty is available cheaper elsewhere.

  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    TTL is tax, tags and license which generally represent fixed fees and taxes set by the government which the dealer never varies. By comparing prices without TTL or rebate, it allows people all over the country with different taxes to compare apples to apples. For example, when comparing restaurant bills, we would want to compare the bill BEFORE local taxes and service - which could be anywhere from 15 (no sales tax and 15% for tip) and 29% (9% sales + 20% tip)!!!

    Sounds like you got a fair price though - although I have no idea what you actually paid to Toyota before rebates and TTL. I'm sure you got it below 27K as the rebate is probably equal to the tax. NJ is a short ride from D.C., but I would probably want to save at least $500 to $1000 to make the trip. Not sure your dealer's offer is too far off the Fitz price. I say go with it. As long as you're within a grand of the lowest prices, you're doing well. Most folks who don't read these pages pay lots more!
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    Good luck - you definitely made the right choice. Too bad in my family the wife makes the important decisions. She loves the Toyota product - so that's what we're getting - if it comes in this week as "promised". Odyssey is a better deal for several reasons you mention.

    I don't think either interior is that exciting.

    To everyone else, here are my final thoughts on street prices for a pkg 3 LE - which everyone should buy as their minimum vehicle. They run from a high of 26.9 K here in San Antonio/Austin to a low of 25.4 at Fitzmall in Maryland. Most folks seem to be getting quotes in the 26+ range due to the rebate. When that expires, don't be suprised to see prices drop a little as the dealer can't claim you can save an additional 1000+ with the rebate.
  • Drove home the Sienna LE + Pkg3 + Z1 (Floor mats etc.) for 26865 (out the door).
    Price 25750 + Tax 1802.50 + Tire Fee 7.5 + Title/Registration 354 + Doc fee 199 - 1250 rebate = 26863.

    Question : My insurance company just told me that vehicle does not have Anti theft System so they can't give me the discount. I thought Pkg3 comes with anti theft system. Any ideas, what is going on here? I don't see Anti theft system mentioned on sticker anywhere as well.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Plucked from the web site:

    - dual pwr sliding doors, electronic rear door locking system, HomeLink, overhead console w/multi-info display, 8-way pwr driver seat, 16" alloy wheels, vehicle stability control, rear disc brakes, daytime running lights, windshield wiper de-icer

    I don't see any mention of an anti-theft system? :confuse:
  • Couldn't agree more than that, appreciate your posting.
    I am in the same boat deciding b/w sienna and odyssey, and if I would have wrote something, it would be line/line same to your analysis. But I am still getting ~400 cheaper on sienna/pkg (25700) than the odyssey EX (26057), and that's pushing me more towards sienna eventhough I am pushing hard on my honda dealer to match sienna price. both of these prices exclude tax/tag/doc fees here in triangle, NC.

  • Why would new car have one record already on carfax even though its not registered yet?
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    Ask the insurance company what their source of information is. I would think that the window sticker should mention the system if it's included in your car. What does the dealer say?
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