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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jsmith2007jsmith2007 Posts: 1
    We have been looking for 8 passenger CE-options cruise control, roof rack(placed on all sienna in Southeast region)in florida

    I have received quotes for
    $20995, &20797-includes rebate(1500), as well as everything except for tax, and tag fees. :surprise:

    Is this a good price??
    They also quote price as $20995+++, what does the +++ mean??
  • soflo1soflo1 Posts: 3
    As far as I know, "+++" usually means +tax, +title, +tag but I've heard of other fees being thrown in last minute. I always insisted on an out the door (OTD) price from each of the dealers I was working with so I could easily compare them no matter what fees they added or what each dealer called them.

    By the way, if you're in SE Florida I'd highly recommend emailing the Internet department at King Toyota in Deerfield Beach. It was by far my best car buying experience ever - closed on the van in less than an hour and a half at the dealership and had no pressure to add anything or change the deal we agreed to by email. Edie was my salesperson and Phillip was the finance guy.

    Good luck, you'll love the van!
  • hymasundarhymasundar Posts: 2
    Hi All,

    I am one of the prospective buyer of Sienna LE with #3 pkg.

    I have added rare DVD entertainment system of 10.4" size as i have two young kids.

    I spoke to a dealer who agree to give a deal on edmunds invoice price.

    base price -->23,100
    #3 pkg --> 2,236
    DVD fitting--> 1,100

    Total 26,436 + Taxes is the OTD price( no application fees,tag,etc..)

    I asked for both cash incentive($1500) and 1.9% apr for 36month finance.

    The dealer is not ready to do both.

    What i had asked is reasonable or not?

    Any one got both cash incentive and toyota rebates(apr) or just one only?

    Please share your experience.
  • md1md1 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have experience with purchasing an XLE with Pakcage 3. The best price I have so far is $30,400 before TTL.
  • md1md1 Posts: 2
    Was the the OTD price, or base price prior to taxes and fees?
  • greytautumngreytautumn Posts: 38
    It's standard practice that you get either the low rate finance or the rebate. Typically at the top of the disclaimers. Along with financing through Toyota Motor Credit etc...

    You need to decide which is better for you.

    I love many of the dealer ads here in Boston- they tend to show the price of a car as excellent, then you read the fine print- rebates to dealer, $4500 cash/trade etc. Laughable IMHO. Just show me the price for the vehicle, then lets go to the OTD.

    I dunno why they still tend to to business in such a vague way, wait I do. Confuse the consumer so that you do not know what you're buying or paying for.
  • kwhartonkwharton Posts: 6
    I am also in the market for an XLE package #3 and there seems to be $1,00 dealer cash incentives until May 13th, I do not know where you live, but Alexandria Toyota in Virginia is offering an 07 XLE Package #3 for $28,857. Here is the link ilterMake=1
    I think it is a great deal, maybe your dealer could match it.

    Good Luck
  • shekisheki Posts: 2
    Hi ,

    We are planning to take Toyota Seinna LE BZ Package . Did you get the deal for 24,358 ?

    thank you!!
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Could please share the name of the dealer?
  • shekisheki Posts: 2

    Seems to be good deal.. Can you please give me more details about the van.. is it AWD with DVD ?

  • buikjebuikje Posts: 8
    That was a very good deal...but that included the 1250 rebate instead of the 0% for 48 mos...

    I took that to two dealers today in South Jersey and they couldn't come close to it with the 0%.

    Cherry Hill Toyota was pretty tough...and the sales manager was a gold chained Italian tough guy who tried a little bit of intimidation. When I didn't go for his "final offer", he told the salesman to "let me go to VA". That kinda sealed the deal for me there.

    Did settle on one dealer cause they worked with me...Toyota of Runnemede. Finally got a Nautical Blue XLE for 31,829 OTD after getting them to bump my trade up to 2350. I don't have my paperwork in front of me, but I think the car itself was 29949 or something like that. Exhausting experience, but happy now.

    I don't know...I was able to sneak a peak at the invoice my salesman had (he really wasn't the brightest bulb, but he was a nice enough guy), and after all the taxes and fees invloved and dealer holdbacks, I think their cost was they made 1222 off me or like 4%. Seeing that invoice gave me the impetus to push for that last 1%.

    Hmm...come to think of it, maybe he LET me see the invoice! Maybe he was stupid like a fox...anyway, I feel like I did get a good deal, and I guess that's the bottom line.

    I did buy the 7/75k warranty cause the L&I guy said it was fully refundable if we don't use it. I really don't expect to use it, so that was a pretty big deal... It also covers blowout on the tires, and gives you a $30/day rental car for any covered repairs. It started at 2195, but I "stole" it for 1495...LOL! I'm sure they got me on that...but I couldn't find too many postings on Toyota extended warranties so I didn't know what to compare it to. The fact that I get that 1495 back was a big deal if I don't use it 7 years from now.

    Thanks to all for their posts...they helped. I hope this helps someone else.
  • kwhartonkwharton Posts: 6
    Great deal on the van, I have not taken the plunge yet on a new XLE, I am holding out for May incentives and crossing my fingers that they bump up the financing to 0% for 60 months, if not, then I will take the 48 months. I feel pretty confident that there will be some XLE's around for me to buy.

    About the warranty, if it is fully refundable now you might want to take it back and save yourself some cash by going through a dealer mentioned on He is offering them for $750 and you have until 30,000 mile to purchase it. Check it out and congratulations on the new car!
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12
    After 45 days of negotiations, finally pulled the trigger last night on XLE w/ #5 in Desert Sand.

    S.P. $32,700 (no rebate - took special financing)
    Doc 250
    title 25.50

    sales tax added another 6.75% but had a trade so effectively paid at 2%.

    Went back and forth with 4 dealers. Selling price of van was never an issue - settling for the best price I could get on my trade was what kept it from getting done sooner.

    All in all - very exhausting - but love the van - and, more importantly, the wife does too. Turned out to be a good mother's day present!
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I'm wondering if I'm correct that following extras options are in XLE package 2 which LE package 3 does not have:

    1) Sun/Moon roof
    2) HID
    3) Tri-zone control

    Am I missing something else here? The price for XLE package 2 is about $3,500 higher than LE. I'm trying to decide if XLE is worth the extra $3,500.

  • buikjebuikje Posts: 8
    Thanks kwharton...
    I did have second thoughts on the warranty, even before I read your post. So I left a msg at the dealer Sunday night stating I didn't want it, and left another message today. Finally the L&I guy called me back and told he would cancel it, I just need to sign some new papers. I hadn't given them the downpayment yet, and am doing so later this week....and was paying for the warranty up front, so I think I had a bit of an advantage there. If I had paid them the downpayment on Saturday, it might have been a problem.

    Thanks for info on Sienna club, I'll look it up. And good luck with your purchase. I hope you get the 60 mos, 0%. Let us know.
  • buikjebuikje Posts: 8
    we liked the leather in the XLE...I think fog lights are standard on the XLE as well. We also wanted a moonroof, but it wasn't available without bumping up to the DVD in our region. (We didn't want the DVD). Package 4 is what I wanted, but had to settle for packages 3 or 5....5 with the DVD/moonroof and 3 without. I'm pretty sure the 3 zone climate control is standard when you go to XLE, no?

    The packages are frustrating... if they were going to have so many, then they should be available in every region.

    Oh, and if you haven't done so already, configure your Sienna from you put in your zip, it will let you know what packages are available in your region, and what they entail....Edmunds also lists what's in each package when you configure with them. I went around the country inserting different zips and seeing what packages were available where.
  • buikjebuikje Posts: 8
    Right on....we got our XLE van on Saturday, and my wife loves it! She said it was great mothers day present too!

    good deal on the van....what state are you in? Just curious as to where since some options are only available in certain areas.....we got our Package 3 in NJ....
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12
    We are in Ohio.

    Not too many XLE's w/ pckg 5 in our area. You typically see them with #3. I think our package choices are the same.

    Enjoy your van. We are driving to Florida this weekend, so I know we will enjoy ours...
  • buikjebuikje Posts: 8
    Thanks....heading to Maine in the'll be a much more comfortable trip now...

    enjoy your van as well...have a safe trip!
  • dmv2and3dmv2and3 Posts: 2
    Perhaps you've bought already, but the price you were quoted ($26436+taxes) is about what we just paid for an LE w/ pkg #3 plus CF (carpet mats and sill prot.). Our price OTD which already did include EVERYTHING (like taxes and fees) was $26,800. We did not get the DVD, but another person who posted recommended against getting the manufacturer-installed one and to get a portable one instead for MUCH less ($300). I'm guessing your taxes with this price will be around $1500 at least, which brings your total price up to just about $28,000. And if you take the DVD player off of that, then it's back down to $26,900 ($100 over what we just paid).

    I believe we got a good deal. I spoke with a friend of a friend who is an actual independent auto broker and does sell Toyotas, and she coached us in how to get the best deal. She said we got a very good deal and was quite surprised that we got it.

    Good luck.
  • dmv2and3dmv2and3 Posts: 2
    We bought the LE - 7-pass w/pkg #3 + CF today. We liked our salesperson and felt he was very straightforward (Suburban Toyota in Troy, MI). Prices paid here in Michigan appear to be several hundred dollars more than other regions (especially toward the southern states - seems like Florida has got some good deals going on), according to Also, rebate is less in MI.

    Our OTD price (which included everything - the $1250 rebate, taxes, doc fee and plate transfer) was $26800. We were originally given $27,142 as the OTD price. We returned with $26,600 (though I really wanted to pay only $26,300 tops). They countered with $26,800 and "manager says 'take it or leave it'." I let my husband make the decision, and he decided to take it. As my husband was filling out the paper work with the F&I guy, he apparently muttered, "wow, you got this under cost. this is a good deal."

    Looks like we could have gotten this same deal in FL for $26417 (lowest I've seen).

    I feel pretty good about it considering I was given a quote from a different dealer for LE w/pkg #2 for $27,129 + tax and plates! And the price increase for pkg #3 is almost $1300 more than the #2.

    Very happy to drive off in our new van. Though, it took about 30 seconds for my kids and I to instantly make ourselves home in it and clutter it all up!
  • steeltagsteeltag Posts: 2
    GoodDay all! I"m a new owner of a '04 Sienna LE w/36,069 miles. I got it for $15850, then added a 4yr/60k warranty. I don't know if I needed that but read some posts discussing Toyo problems. I bought it from Bankston Nissan in Lewsiville Texas. It was a good experience overall....just too long. :shades: It was back-n-forth over the Odyssey and Sienna but the Toyota won due to the transmission problems of '00-04 Ody's ( motor mounts and electric doors too).

    I only received a valet other keys nor any remotes. So I ordered some remotes off Ebay but was stunned and shocked at the price that a local Toyota dealer quoted me on a new key (transponder key and programming)....$300! Thats outrageous in my opinion. Where could I go to get a master key for a much lower price? Any ideas any of you could offer?

    thanks so much
  • Purchased LE with Z1 package (carpeted floor mats, 1st aid kit, cargo net) on May 11 for $22,999 OTD ($24,145 - $1250 rebate + $89 processing fee + $15 temporary tag fee) - price does not include TTL since we bought out of state. Very few dealers seem to be carrying an LE w/out an options package.
  • tsw2tsw2 Posts: 3
    We're looking for a Sienna with an option package that is supposed to be available in our state but apparently no in-state dealers have it in stock, so a local dealer said that they could have one transported from another dealer who's in a nearby state.

    We haven't done this before, so had a few questions:

    (1) Should we have the van trailered to the local dealer or have one of their porters drive it there and incur some miles on the van? Not sure of pros and cons for either method.

    (2) Who usually pays the cost to have it trailered in or driven in? If it's driven in by a porter, should we ask for a lower price due to the miles incurred?

    (3) We don't want to sign a purchase agreement before we see the van in person, so what would be reasonable/customary for us to agree to in order to have the van moved to the local dealer so that we can see it? For example, should we be willing to put a refundable deposit on our credit card for say $100-$200 (although we're not sure if they'll even ask for this)? If there are defects on the van that we don't like when we see it, we would want to get the deposit back.

    (4) Is there any due diligence that we can do before asking for the van to be moved to the local dealer? For example, should we ask for a vin #? And would a vin # tell us what option package comes with the vehicle (just want to make sure we have the right van before going through the trouble)?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  • kwhartonkwharton Posts: 6
    Well we took the plunge last night and finally purchased an XLE package #3 with mats in Silver Shadow Pearl. We went to Mechanicsville Toyota in the Richmond area, we received great service and what I think is a great price. Here are the details.

    Sale Price: $29,508.07
    Dealer Fee: $249.00
    Tax: 892.71 (it is 3% In Virginia)
    Tags,etc: 49.50
    OTD: $30,699.28
    We took the 0% financing
    We also added a 6/100K platinum warranty for $880.00 plus $22.00 tax; which we just rolled into the 0%.

    Like I said, it was a great experience with the dealer. Just used the email method with several dealers in the area. Love the van, but who knew it would be so much work to spend $30,0000; it is exhausting. We certainly can never be accused of making an impulse purchase.

    Thanks to everyone on the forum for all of their input it was invaluable!
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12

    Your questions are valid ones. Everything is open to negotiation (if one dealers say no, move on to the next). I just went through this, and while we ultimately got one from in town, I did experience both sides of your issue.

    If you insist on trailering, I would suspect the dealer will charge you for that. Most of the time they are doing a dealer trade, so the porters are driving a dealer car to make it happen. With a trailer, that's probably not the case.

    Ask the dealer to get the invoice for the target vehicle and provide you a copy. That way you can confirm it has what you want. Also, have them confirm how many miles are currently on it, prior to transporting. That will help you determine whether it was used as a demo or is just off the truck (or somewhere in between).

    I had a dealer tell me that they typically won't drive to get a van if it is more than 200 miles away since customers don't want that many miles (both on the one he is getting for you, and the one he is trading). In which case they would trailer. The potential one we looked at was 170 miles away, so it was never an issue (and we were ok with anything less than 200 miles total on the odometer).

    Here was our experience - one dealer told me their policy was to not even try to locate a vehicle from another dealer until we had a firm deal (we didn't buy with him).

    Another dealer was more than willing to figure out who had what we wanted and arrange to secure it before we had a deal. He initially talked about requiring a deposit - but backed away when I explained that we would only do a refundable deposit, and since we were coming in that night, if it didn't happen we would be getting our money back. We were willing to take the risk that the van would still be available.

    I could only see putting up a refundable deposit to secure what you wanted if there was a risk of it being sold - for all of the reasons you stated.

    Remember, knowledge is power. Know what the inventory levels are of the local dealers for the model/pckg you want. There was exactly 1 van in our area with what we wanted (color/pckg). Sienna's in general are selling pretty well - especially when compared to the Oddy's. So any grief they give you about trading for something they might not be able to sell, could very well be b.s.

    Good luck!
  • sudha22sudha22 Posts: 12
    Hello all,

    I recently bought a Toyota Sienna LE 8 passenger with opt pack #3 for 26,600 OTD. The option pack included the Daytime running lamps.
    My experience with day time running lamps is, it would glow dimmer when outside light is bright and turn brighter at night automatically.
    It is not the case with Toyota Sienna. One has to turn on the headlight in the night as the DRL will not turn brighter.
    I was shocked to see this behavior. I also confirmed the same with dealer and Toyota customer service.

    Did any of you see this behavior odd? Please share your experience with me..
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12
    I can't speak for the LE model, but this works in the XLE. Do you have it on the proper setting (auto)?

    I observed this first hand the other day when I had the van outside and pulled into the dark garage. The lights were on low and then after about 10 seconds popped up to full brightness.
  • sudha22sudha22 Posts: 12
    There is no such option in LE model I guess. Infact Toyota customer service asked me to check the same thing.
    I have only two option [ rotation switch type ] on the left lever arm of steering wheel.
    Off - Daylight running lamp glows dimmer.
    Switch 1 - Daylight running lamps + an orange or yellow lamps glow.
    Switch 2 - The head light comes on. Daylight goes off.
    Do you have an extra AUTO option or what?

    Please confirm and thanks for replying.
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12
    Yes -

    Same arm - we have one more position labeled "Auto" on our XLE.

    So must not be on LE.

    It was a nice feature to discover. Also, the lamps turn off automatically about 30 seconds after parking. Not sure if you have that option on the LE or not.
  • grscasgrscas Posts: 2
    Does anyone know the Manufacturer invoice for the Toyota Sienna seven passenger LE with the # 3 option package. I live in Tucson AZ and am in a market with only two local dealers. Most prices I have been given is 26,500.

    ANY help would be great.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's high, but I'm nowhere near you. In the Mid-Atlantic I'm seeing prices a grand lower, even more.

    Try this - go to, price it out. It's low $25k range. Print it out and ask them to match that price. Say you have an uncle out here and you'll visit him if it means saving a grand.

    That might motivate them. ;)
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Has anyone ordered CR reports? If so, how close is the invoice price listed on They claim that publish invoice price is not the real price?

  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I went to local dealer and he has offered me: $30,509 (not including rebate) plus TTL. According to him, it is $400 over invoice, he showed me invoice which includes:
    Base $25907
    XLE package #2 2012
    Carpet $132
    Dest. 645
    TDA $500
    Gasoline %10
    Dealer Holdback 602
    Whsl. financial reserve: $301
    Total invoice: $30,109

    But he said, if I find lower price anywhere, he'll match it.

    So, could you please post XLE package #2 and dealer and salesman's name.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    See the red lettering above the post-a-message box - no salespeople's names, please!


    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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  • csksisyscsksisys Posts: 3
    Just put a deposit on an xle with package 5 in artic frost for 31900 with zero percent financing. The closet anyone else came to this was 32500. I hope the dealer is being legit when I pick it up.
  • myreallifemyreallife Posts: 1
    I am also thinking of the same config. Is this price before tax/fee? Does it include the rebate? Thanks.
  • csksisyscsksisys Posts: 3
    The cost is not including tax. I've turned down the rebate in place of the zero percent financing. I hope this helps. It is very difficult to get the Artic frost with package five. The price was well below what anyone else would give.
  • dano257dano257 Posts: 3
    Central NJ at Dayton Toyota MSRP $29334 price paid $26200 + 1834 tax(7%) + 129 doc + 342 new reg + 7.50 tire disp. = $28512.5 - $1250 reb = $27262.5
  • markatlmarkatl Posts: 5
    nah, get the CR and u will see.. it is worth the 14 if you are set one model.
  • markatlmarkatl Posts: 5
    I getting an OTD for 33745 w/rebate. Is that a solid offer?
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    "it is worth the 14 if you are set one model."

    What do you mean it is worth it? Do they have something new which could help getting better price which is not widely available at etc....
  • minivanguyminivanguy Posts: 85
    Is that a limited with nav&res or w/o nav&res, cause either one is a steal. If you get the one with nav&res, you also get the power third row seats :shades:. Try to get them to come down a grand lower, cause it doesn't hurt to try :D. Also are you getting the laser cruise, btw I paid $35,249 OTD and that's without laser cruise :cry:.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I'm told that XLE pkg 2 is not available in 800 mile area. I'm in Kentucky... Could this be true?

    Is this hard to find package?
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I think this includes rebate. Without rebate fitzmall prices are couple of hundred over invoice.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198

    Where did you get this quote... seems good price. Does this include destination and other charges?

  • minivanguyminivanguy Posts: 85
    That's a steal, :surprise: you need to jump on that. Don't forget to always try to come down on the price. Or try to get the dealer to throw in mats, spoiler, carpet, or any extras ;) . I'm sorry I thought you said $ 35,000, but your better than that. That is some good negotiating, but the fight is not over yet :shades:. Get the most you can out of the deal,"IT'S YOUR MONEY". :)
  • ordord Posts: 4
    Can you break down the pricing? What's the MSRP? What package is included in price? Thanks!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Picked up an LE model, package 3, in light blue with gray interior, plus floor mats and a first aid kit.

    Paid $25,247, 5% MD tax, tags (2 years in MD) and title brought the out-the-door price to $26.8k.

    Got it from 355 Toyota, i.e. DARCARS. Their e-price quote was $202 lower than Fitzgerald Toyota.

    So far so good. Haven't noticed any thing wrong at all, only the tire pressure was too high (40psi all around). Guess they forgot to air them down. Gas tank was full, and the vehicle was spotless inside and out.

    Took the dealer a while to do all the paper work, but for some reason they were very busy that night. The process itself wasn't too bad, though they offered the extended warranty one time too many IMO. I kept telling them that even if I do get one, I'll get it in 3 years so I'm not paying interest for nothing.
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