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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sure, call them up, or better yet try to find their web sites and request a quote that way.

    Locally, I shopped,, and, all within 15 minutes of my house. With 355 you had to request a quote to your e-mail address, but the other two had prices listed on their web sites.

    Hopefully by dealing with the E-business folks they'll know you don't want the mess of haggling and last minute surprises. My experience was the opposite of yours - in fact I got an accurate-to-the-penny grand total and took a Cashier's check for the exact amount, no surprises.

    If they are unresponsive when you ask for certain things I'd look somewhere else. Nice to have 7-8 dealers near you.
  • vuthyra1vuthyra1 Posts: 1
    I bought mine in Woburn, MA, here is the breakdown prices :

    MSRP : $38,310
    Invoice : $34,678 (with $1,500 rebate taken out)
    add all these options:
    package #2 : $2,954
    package #4 : $892
    prefer premium accessory package : $187
    total MSRP : $43,297
    total Invoice : $37,461 (with $1,500 rebate taken out)

    (Price paid $ 37,000) + ($1,850 tax, $92 Title and plate) + ($195 dealer fee) = $39,131 on delivery

    Was this a good price
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    I think thats a very good deal - you got $1252 below the TMV price, just $300 over (Edmunds) invoice. You guys in the NE get all the nice deals! Congratulations. Enjoy the vehicle, - MS.
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    Uh huh, found the car (or rather, the lot)!

    All the Toyota dealers in the area have their web site with an eerily similar design for inventory search. You pick the year/model/trim level and it lists all the cars, some as "In Stock" and others as "Available", depending on which dealer's web site it is. "Available" means the car is sitting on another dealer's lot. This is why I was getting the same inventory list from everybody.

    So today I started scanning the web site of every dealer, and found the one where it is "In Stock". I am thinking of driving down there, test driving the car, and making them an offer. Question is, should I go now, or wait for 2 weeks, till the end of the month/quarter?

    tx_ice: Thanks for the car buying tips. It made me locate the dealer who has the car on his lot.

    axel2: I am not in a blazing hurry, but would like to get the car in a month or so. This thing is dragging on for too long.
  • I live near Charlotte NC, and my wife and I are shopping for our first minivan. We have pretty much decided on the Sienna and are now considering different trim levels and option packages. We have an offer for an XLE with option package 4 (alloy wheels, leather, rear disc brakes, stability control, sun shades, moonroof) and an aftermarket DVD player for an out the door price of $33,311. This offer comes from the internet salesmen after we met with him. I've emailed other dealers in the area and there is no response. Any comments or suggestions?

    GG in Davidson
  • dblkmandblkman Posts: 6
    I am trying to find out what invoice price for an LE with option pkg.3,plus mats and sill protector (CF) plus maybe the rear spoiler. I show $25,900. My dealer tells me $26,765 is what they paid. When I mentioned "holdback" I was told it was not negotiable, period. I am trying to work my way up from invoice, not sure what I should offer. Any ideas?

  • daye21daye21 Posts: 8
    Hi, everyone. I just bought a Sienna LE, pkg#3 in Houston. The OTD is $27600 after rebate, including an extra mile package. I tried to contact different dealers and found out they have almost the same price. This price might be the bottom line which they could make the money. Because I need this car in urgent, I could not wait anymore. Hopeful people live in Houston could buy the same car with lower price. Thanks for reading it.
  • dblkmandblkman Posts: 6
    What do you mean by and extra mile package. Is this an extended warrenty? How much did that change your price by. Also curious what options you purchased.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    I think on Toyota website they have real spoiler for $485, installed. I am not sure if it has any other function besides
    looks, a rather pricey for that. What area/state are you shopping in? rebate and holdback varies by area. On edmunds for LE FWD base invoice is 23,110 + 2,236 for #3 pkg,+ 132 for CF and 645 for dest, comes to 26,123 as invoice.
    I am not sure how did you came up with 25,900?
  • dblkmandblkman Posts: 6
    I used CR bottom line price of 23,241 + 2,236 for pkg.#3 + 132 for CF and 297 for the spoiler. The holdback info I have is 514. The dealer gave me thier best price of 28,265. It seemed about 1000 too high for me. what do you think? I am in Idaho.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    I assume that your numbers from CR are correct then true dealer invoice is 25,906 (23,241+2,236+132+297). Are you going for 1,500 rebate or 2.9% 60 month financing?
    What is your TTL? Dealer Doc fee if any?
  • dblkmandblkman Posts: 6
    It looks like CR bottom line price is the invoice plus delivery, minus holdback. I would get the 1,500 rebate. Our taxes are 6%, and dealer doc fee of 195. I'd have to check on the other fees. I thought 1500 over thier invoice plus the forbidden holdback was alot of profit. I don't expect anyone to give a car away, I just don't want to feel like I got screwed in the process. Must be why it's been 12 years since my last car purchase!
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Who is the high volume dealer and possibly eager to give better deal in or near Chicago?
  • hum3hum3 Posts: 19
    Ok, finished it up yesterday. Here's what I got in MD. LE 8 pass with option two, 23,850 (including 1500 rebate) plus TTL and $100 proc. fee.

    It is about $120 more than my other lowest offer, but it was more local and he threw in two oil changes.
    I found an absolute lowest floor at 23,725. No one would go quote lower without me coming in.

    I found that you will get a better deal if they have it in stock than if they say 'we can get it for you."

    I was not happy with the process though, two examples- at the last minute he said 'price I quoted did not include floor mats" I could have walked out, but it was a dealership
    convenient for me, and in the end I did not pay.

    Also, he said he's going to fill up the car with gas, but as I'm getting in to drive away, I noticed it was half full, he said "Oh, can't imagine how that happened, I filled it up." Didn't get away with that either.

    And in the end he asked me to give him a good report to Toyota!

    Good luck to all!
  • daye21daye21 Posts: 8
    The extra package included toadside asistance(3 Yrs/36,000 miles); The extra mile service rewards program(5 Yrs/60,000 miles). This package is free to me. Actually it is worth $364. I just have pkg#3 for my LE. I guess if you buy is in August or Sep, you might have more space to deal with dealers.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    Believe me I know the feeling!!
    In our area it's 1250 rebate or 0% for 48 months.
    If you have to pay 2.9%, rebate seems better but good to
    run the numbers.
    But now you know the true invoice. Now call DMV and figure out
    other fees, many times dealer pads misc charges and labels them as doc fees.
  • mxylplik21mxylplik21 Posts: 18
    Too good to be true - probably rolled back the odometer or something. Saw other Sienna's with higher mileage for more money. What gives?

    2004 Toyota Sienna
    5dr LE FWD 7-Passenger (Natl)
    3.3L Engine, Automatic Transmission
    Price: $21,988.00
    Special Price: $19,988.00
    Exterior: Silver Shadow Pearl
    Interior: Stone Cloth
    Drivetrain: Front Wheel Drive
    Body Style: Mini-van, Passenger
    Mileage: 15,996

    Dual sliding doors;
    Power, heated side mirrors;
  • dblkmandblkman Posts: 6
    I guess what I am really wanting to find out is how much to pay. Invoice, invoice plus 2%, 4% ? What seems to be fair to both parties, and what are other people paying. Is the Edmunds TMV price accurate?
  • Was 23,850 and 100 produc. fee your bottom line with tax?
  • samksamsamksam Posts: 9
    Hey, I'm in the market to buy a Sienna LE, 8-seat with Leather +DVD+OptionB package...Right now the lowest quote I have is for pricing of $27,900.
    what should be the pricing I should look at ?
  • hum3hum3 Posts: 19
    23,850 plus 100 fee plus tax(5%, tax the rebate also) tags and title in MD. Total was about 24450 or so. Had option two, 8 pass, mats, and I see there is also a cargo net I did not ask for. Price is a little less than I saw on and carmax laurel. I think you could even do better since I did get an offer for 23,725.
  • Hi daye21,

    Could you tell us the dealer name and who you worked with (first name is fine). That sounds like a better deal than what I got quoted.
  • matthew22matthew22 Posts: 2
    Picked up our 2007 Limited AWD in Butler, PA (one hr N of Pittsburgh) June 20 @ Diehl Toyota; options included nav/DVD/HID headlamps/DLC cruise/running boards. MSRP $43.6K with a sales price of $39K even (plus tax, title of course). We opted for the 0% for 48 mos financing (over the $1500 rebate).

    Diehl was awesome!!!!! The Limited AWDs are VERY hard to find to say the least but they located one (in our 1st color choice).

    I recommend Diehl to anyone looking for a Toyota in the Pittsburgh area, especially north of the city.
  • bnibni Posts: 6
    XLE leather seat with DVD entertainment system: the dealer is offering me 30012(I believe dealer quoted on xle front WD), which includes the dealer incentive of 1500, but does not include taxes and license etc. I am in TX. Is this a reasonal offer?
  • bnibni Posts: 6
    It is 2007 sienna. This price offer is close to the price on with package 1(which does not include DVD entertainment system). My understanding is the price on does not include the taxes and other fees(liencese etc).
  • bnibni Posts: 6 shows that model with package 3 is: 25525. I think you are overpaying.
  • I'm interested in a Sienna XLE Limited with the
    configuration options as detailed below:

    XLE Limited 2WD or 4WD drive with these options:
    Limited Package #3
    Limited Package #4
    Preferred Accessory Package

    I got 3 dealer quotes: 2WD


    All includes any discount and the 1500 national rebate promotion.
    Can I go lower than 35,995...or is that the best deal?
    This is in Southern California.
  • daye21daye21 Posts: 8
    Harry in Mike Calvert Toyota. Good luck and have a lower price than I got.
  • daye21daye21 Posts: 8
    Actually, my pkg#3 is $2236. The only thing is that the dealer's "import" price is $27200 around for Sienna LE. Customers could not how they charged and then add title, tax, and your option. I have tried several dealers and found out they have the almost same price. That might be the bottom line in our areas.
  • greatvisgreatvis Posts: 3
    I am getting the Sienna XLE Limited AWD with Package 2&4 loaded for $37300 after the $1500 rebate. These are running very very low in stock and the dealer is doing dealer trade to get the vehicle from 150 miles away. So the vehicle will have about 150 miles on it when it arrives to the dealer. The second option is, I can go to WI where I found a dealer who has the vehicle for $37,500. Any suggestions? Is this a good price? This is $5000 more expensive than the Odessey Ex-L DVD\Nav edition - is it justified? :confuse: :confuse: :confuse:
  • Just picked it up in Woodbridge, VA. Here's the breakdown:

    2007 Toyota Sienna
    LE 8 passenger FWD
    Package# 3
    Plus: Spoiler, carpet floormats, grocery net & first aid kit

    $26,400 (NOT including $1500 rebate). I took the special financing rate instead. This price is $600 below retail invoice (the numbers the dealer shows to you as if that is what they paid for the car)

    b/t/w: I wasn't supposed to see this but I saw the invoice with ALL the dealer numbers (holdback and all). The dealers TRUE cost for the above trim & options is $25,518

    Bargin hard and you shall receive!
  • plamplam Posts: 10
    Am also looking for LE 8 w/ #3 (plus leather upgrade) in Houston. what was your drive out price? [email protected]
    Am getting $28.8K. Is this a good deal?
  • daye21daye21 Posts: 8
    If your price is OTD, just take it. I think your package will be worth $31 to 32k, OTD. Good luck.
  • fairdealsfairdeals Posts: 3
    Was $26,400 your OTD price. Can you email me the name of your salesperson. I'm looking for the same vehicle,8 passenger LE pkg3 and I live close to woodbridge.You can email me at [email protected] Thanks
  • plamplam Posts: 10
    The deal was too good to be true. We arranged a babysitter to watch our toddler and drive 40 min. only to have the dealer played games w/ us. First they couldn't locate the key, then they finally admit that they sold it to someone else who would pay more for the vehicle. I had an email w/ confirmation of agreed price $28.8K and promise from the salesman and his new car director that they would hold it till the evening. Apparently, promises from car salesmen mean nothing when it comes to profitability. I would not recommend anyone to shop at Champion Toyota Gulf Freeway in Houston, TX.
  • mxylplik21mxylplik21 Posts: 18
    Just bought a 07 LE 8 passenger, Package # 3 (BZ) with Floormats and carmats (CF) for $26,300 (before tax, tag, doc fees). said invoice for this package is $26,259 but for some reason, their website indicated a $464 higher sticker ($29,548) and invoice ($26,723), which I presume is some built in advertising fee that Toyota charges the dealer.

    I do think I got something a bit extra - VALOR EXHAUST TIP (PPO) - shiny exhaust tip worth the $464? So their invoice was $26,259 plus $464 = $26,723. I paid only $423 under invoice - did I get ripped off?

  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    I assume that you did not take the rebate (1,250) but went for 0% financing.
    Give me a breakdown of ALL cost for Misc changes from your actual bill.
    I.E. title, tax, registration, tire tax, doc fee etc.

    Your Tip (PIO) MSRP is $64 and invoice is $38. What is your color?
  • mxylplik21mxylplik21 Posts: 18
    Price: $26,300
    Tax: 1,841
    NJ Tire Tax: 7.50
    Doc Fees: 149
    Registr: 331 (tags, 4 years registration)

    Total: $28,628.50

    Get it over with, tell me I messed up. :cry:
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    I do not see 1,250 deducted, which dealer?
    Did you take the delivery yet?
  • mxylplik21mxylplik21 Posts: 18
    1250 was included in 26,300. Didn't take delivery yet. I was close to Edmunds price. Slate metallic color.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    You did check Edmunds before, $26,259 is close to TRUE dealer invoice that dealer paid/will pay to Toyota. This does not include Holdback or Dealer Ad fee. This price is BEFORE $1,250 rebate. Edmunds says people pay $26,043 (with your choice of color) WITH $1,250 rebate and $27,293 WITHOUT same rebate.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Which dealership did you buy from and how did you pay?

    email me at [email protected]
  • manufacturer to customer rebate should ALWAYS be calculated AFTER you negotiate the price of the car. Dealers like for you to think that you're getting a great deal when they figure in the rebate along with everything else. But the truth is Mfr to customer rebate is YOUR rebate, not the dealers. here's an example:

    Dealer RETAIL invoice: $26500 (this is the invoice number they show to you as if this is what they actually paid for the vehicle)
    Your negotiated price: $26300 (including $1200 rebate)

    In the above example, you actually paid the dealer $27500 above retail invoice since the $1200 rebate didn't come out of the dealers pocket.

    I posted this earlier but here it is again. I paid:

    $26,400 (not including rebate...i took the special financing) T/T & everything but the price of the car was paid up front

    LE - 8 Passenger, White
    Package #3,
    Additional options: Rear Spoiler, Car mats, 1st aid kit, grocery net
  • sanu1sanu1 Posts: 3
    What do you think about the below price? Please post your comments asap..

    Sienna 07 - 8 passenger - LE
    Option1-mfr code:AM
    + CF(carpet)
    + cargo net
    + door sill protector
    + first aid kit

    Ext Colour - slate metallic
    Int fabric - stone interior

    Total price = 24400
    rebate = 1500
    Final Price = 22900 + tax(5%) + doc fee(195)+85(reg fee inc state insp sticker)
  • dblkmandblkman Posts: 6
    I noticed looking at the dealer invoice there is an item listed as TDA. Can anyone tell me what this is? I also see that the holdback, and financial reserve are added to the base price. A charge of $10 for gas is even on there. Can't complain to much about that these days, might be the best bargain!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    Seems like a popular combination, LE8-3 that is. We should start our own sub-group. :D
  • mehersammehersam Posts: 3
    Hi all

    I got the quote for XLE with package 5(FP&CF) for $31,119 after the rebate and excluding taxes

    What would be the ideal number for this trim with the above specified packages.. just starting to bargain.. any inputs would be greatly appreciated. :shades:
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    Has anyone ever tried to get Toyota down as low as Honda? I am in the market for a LE with package #3 or an Ody EX. Similar features, but Ody is coming in about 1k less. Would toyota give me Ody pricing?
    Best Sienna quote I have is 27435 before rebate for LE with #3 (price includes everything except tax). Thanks
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's odd because I shopped the same 2 vehicles and my pricing was the other way around. Best price on an Ody EX was $26,883 before tax, while I got my Sienna 8 passenger pacakge 3 for $25,247.

    I'd say shop around.
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    hmmm. how long ago did you purchase? Were there any rebates? Is that pricce inclusing all extra charges?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I bought on 5/22. I got a $1250 rebate (included that in the price), but the rebate has actually increased to $1500 on June 1. So you should be able to do better than I did.

    I paid a $99 processing fee, then state taxes (5% in MD), and tags. I was out the door for $26.8k.

    That was the price of the Ody EX before taxes and fees!
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