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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Does this include rebate?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587

    In MD, the way they do it is you calculate the sales tax on the pre-rebate price.

    The no-haggle e-price was $25,247, plus $100 processing fee (Fitzmall has a $99 fee as well). But the state of MD calculates tax on that plus the $1250 rebate, so 5% of $26,597 or $1329.85 in state tax.

    That plus 2 years' registation and title brought the out-the-door price to $26.8k with the rebate included.

    I had called and asked for this, to make sure the prices made sense. I took a cashier's check for that exact amount, to avoid hassles at the dealer. Their estimate was accurate to the penny. :shades:

    I cross-shopped 3 dealers locally and honestly didn't want to go in and haggle for hours, so I compared internet/e-mail prices only. I'm fine paying a few more bucks to save many hours of aggravation haggling. ;)

    Bonus - they had the exact color combo I wanted, in an 8 passenger LE package 3, exactly the model I wanted. Score!
  • theodrandtheodrand Posts: 3
    I am considering a 2005 LE, no package; has one power sliding door. 12k miles; certified with extended warranty. Dealer is asking $21,700. Is this a good quote? Doesn't sound like a huge savings to me over a new 2007 CE, and apart from the power door, not sure what other perks I get from this LE.

    Please let me know what you think!!!
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I got $28864 quote for XLE package #2 Indy area. This include $1500 rebate.

    I don't this is the best price, what do you think?

    Toyota doesn't sell package 2 in my area (go figure). So, I have to go to IN or IL.

    I'm also told that 2008 are coming late August, early September. Is this possible as 2007 did not come until jan or so.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Circuit City is adding a Jensen DVD player in our brand-new Sienna. Get this - 12.1" screen! :surprise:

    $900 installed. It comes with 2 headphones (extra cost $40 each) and an FM modulator if we want to play the sound via the car's stereo.

    Also picked up a 2nd Garmin, since my wife stole mine. :D
  • practicalpractical Posts: 53
    Bought mine in NJ.

    $34,430 including destination, 0% APR.

    Deduct $1,250 if cash.

    GL option is the one has DVD player, heated seat. Now, for Frost White, there is additional $220.

    Lesson learnt,
    - don't take the $170 window etch.

    It's too late when I spoke to my agent for insurance coverage as anti-theft already gives me 15% discount. The etch thing is five marks stamped by dealer. Yea, five only.

    So, routine should be
    - broadcast emails to at least 3 dealers, specify your confi clearly including color.
    - forward the best to others, let them fight.
    - be patience with your closest one, they sometimes take more than usual to get back to you.
    - make sure what's included in the best offer so far, and availability.
    - if it's not from your nearest dealer, drive up there let them realize you ARE going away, they should be willing to compromise, but you don't.

    When it comes to the purchase contract, make sure
    - you don't want is not there.
    - you deposit is 100% refundable if ... (you list out the conditions, such as delay, pricing or trade-in value changes).

    You win! :)

    Now, my wish list for Toyota,
    - All 1st and 2nd row seats must have a seat back pocket like Odyssey. Don't understand why only the driver has it. My other child sits behind the passenger complaints why it's not fair. Storage at the sliding door is great, not as large and safe as INSIDE :confuse: . Since we have two DVD headphone sets, don't know where to put them. Toyota designer, please use your brain!!!
    - please make the rear turning signal to yellow!!!
    - keyless start/stop, very convenient.
    - HID not to be bundled w/ any option.
    - more agile like Honda.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Has anyone heard about June rebates??
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I'm about to finalize $29714 plus TTL. This does not include rebate. This for June delivery. I'm hoping that the current rebates will continue..

    Package #2 seems hard to find :mad:

    Is this a good price?

  • toyvan1toyvan1 Posts: 1
    #1 Anyone with recent buying experience in the Chicagoland area or elsewhere for this vehicle? I can buy for $500 over invoice for the color I want without any more effort.

    #2 Any ideas about rebates for June timeframe? Any educated guesses about whether better to buy now with $1500 cash back versus next month?

    Thanks for your responses.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Cash back stayed at $1250 for a few months. Seems like it just went up to $1500. I seriously doubt it'll increase for July.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    Did anyone buy/price 2007 Sienna LE FWD with Package #3,
    CF (Carpet Floor Mats/Door Sill Protector) options with
    48 months 0% financing on May 31, 2007 or close to that date?
  • daye21daye21 Posts: 8
    Hi, everybody, I searched different Toyota dealers about Sienna pkg#3. The lowest price they offered is $29200 with special rate (like 1.9, 2.9 and 3.9). That price is much higher than emnds and other people got. Is it true? Thanks.
  • bbcakes25bbcakes25 Posts: 1
    Just got the car two nights ago and we love it! Got preapproved through our credit union and were told we could get a lower APR if we went with this service they offered (some lady we called got us a fleet deal quote). She quotted us $26 OTD with TTL she claimed it was a basic LE with no package (although we think it did have the #2 because the MSRP on the car that we did buy was the exact same). Took the quote to the local dealer on May 31st, they had one slate mettalic LE with pkg #2, at first they just wanted to give us the deal we already were quotted but after a few minutes we ended up at $25,750 OTD with TTL and with the $1K rebate they are offereing until 6/4. MSRP was $27.8. Anyways we love the car and so far have nothing but great things to say about it. Hope everyone else has a great car shopping experience like we did. My tips would be to walk in with as many price quotes as possible and try to work out a fleet deal then take it to another dealership to see if you can get a few hundred off of that.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    Did anyone buy/price 2007 Sienna LE FWD with Package #3,
    and CF options with 48 months 0% financing (instead of $1,250 rebate)recently in NJ or PA area?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I got that, 8 passenger model, in the MD area, on 5/22 for $25,247.

    Prices have actually dropped a tad because the rebate went up, I think. Check for a quick reference, then get e-prices from your local dealers to see if they can beat those.

    Fitz has an 8 pass. LE3 for 25.1k and change right now, and I was able to beat their price by a couple hundred. The 7 passenger model is even cheaper, so you might get the price to dip below $25k, which is an incredible value IMO.
  • mrmagoo12mrmagoo12 Posts: 1
    Just checked Toyota's and Edmunds website, it looks like rebates and special financing are gone this month. Say it ain't so Mo!!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Can't be, I'm seeing street prices a little lower. They probably don't have the details yet.
  • cgjacobscgjacobs Posts: 6
    The May rebates run from May 1 - June 4. The new rebates will likely be out by mid-week.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    In mid-atlantic it went from $1250 to $1500. And 0% financing f0t 48 months.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I'm wondering if one should have checklist when getting delivery of new vehicle. Or just look over as you would rent a car that there is no visible dents etc.

    I suppose, one should check it more thoroughly for scratches that would be really difficult. Or should you take it to a body shop? How about mechanical stuff.

    Is there a checklist on any web site that I should take with me to make sure I'm covered.

  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    Seems fitzmall price does include 1,250 cash rebate. That would up the price for LE3 to 25,979 (24,729 + 1,250)
    for 0% financing? I got quote of 26,200 in NJ with 0% financing.Considering r/t to MD would be 420 miles,
    and a possible overnight stay so the dealer can prep the car.Local internet quotes are 26,546 or more. Any thoughts?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I heard that now you get both the rebate and the financing, but maybe call Fitzmall to verify that first.
  • hum3hum3 Posts: 19
    Just closed on a le2 (23.9 plus TTL) are there any addons that are worthwhile? How about the alarm? Does the dealer install and doesnt it already have some security system? thanks!
  • Hi,

    I am getting a quote of 28019 for 2007 Sienna XLE with no options. My calculation is like this: 26810 (invoice) + 645 (destination charge) + 132 (floor mats at invoice) + 1862 (6.75% tax) + 58.48 (doc fee) + $25 (CVR) + 143 (new plates) -1500 (rebate) -500 (below invoice as he agreed) = 27676

    Anyone has any idea what the extra charges could be? How much is the advertising fee?

    Thanks much!
  • daye21daye21 Posts: 8
    Did anyone could help me to estimate the reasonable or the lower price for Sienna LE, pkg#3 in Houston? It is possible that I pay $28000 as TOD with special rate? Thanks.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like it's not really $500 under invoice. Either that or they are passing on whatever fees they have to pay, which are often legit.

    I bet they're calling it a TDA. You can look on and find the amount for your zip. I've seen them around $600-700.

    They probably include that in the "invoice", then subtract $500.

    Since they aren't quiet where you want them to be, ask another dealership to beat their deal. That's what I would do. Communicate via e-mail to keep it simple.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I got an 8 pass LE pkg 3 for less, what's the tax rate in TX for car sales?

    MD is 5%. I paid $25,247 for the van plus 5% MD tax, tags, and $99 processing, so it came up to $26.8k.

    You should be able to beat $28k easily. The rebate went up by another $250 since I bought mine. And I do think you get the rebate *and* the low rate financing now, but I'm not certain so verify that.
  • The problem is that the dealer is not telling us the breakdown of his invoice price in email. He keeps saying that 28097 is the invoice and that he can show us the print out if we come to the dealership. I am not sure if I should even waste my time going there, if we are not agreeing on invoice price.
  • daye21daye21 Posts: 8
    Thanks for your reply. The sale tax in Texas is 6.25%. The problem is the invoice price is for LE, pkg#3 is around $27200 to 27600 in Texas. I was told this price was offered from Gulf Five Region Toyota Whole Sale Dealers. I have tried to contact with several dealers and OTD price with special rate is just around $29000 or more. I don't know if you got the special rate at the same time.
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    I am trying to find a XLE Limited with pkg #4. Thats all I want. Now, if I do an inventory search, all the dealers' websites in the Dallas area come up with the same inventory list (listed as available), and they all have the Vehicle Shield package (Lusterizing sealant, sealant cleaner, sound shield and rental car - for $349) and the Extra mile option A pkg (Tape stripe, cargo net, floor mat, first aid kit, door sill protector, etc. for $575) installed.

    From my research on Edmunds, I believe those options are useless for me. Firstly, I do not not want them and secondly, I don't understand why they are selling fabric guard for a vehicle with leather seats.

    Questions: How should I approach the dealer about it? Are all you Sienna buyers forced to shell out nearly $1K if you want to buy the car off the lot? Do I need to order the vehicle if I do not want these stupid packages? Thank you, - MS.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    Did you buy from NJ or PA? Rebates and pricing varies by region. For NJ area for LE (FWD) with pkge 2 23.9 seems good.
    I assume it does not include 4 yr registration. Did you get 1250 rebate or 0% fin? Yes, #2 comes with engine immobilizer.
    Your key is equiped with computer chip which signals engine to
    unlock and start, you also save about 15% on comp coverage on your Ins for having it.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    Find another. It's not the last one out there.
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    Thank you. I just sent out request for price quotes to 4 local dealers through the Edmunds system. Lets see how they respond. Regards, - MS.
  • hum3hum3 Posts: 19
    I bought in MD, 23.9 is basically what I saw at fitzmall (they actually have a little higher) and carmax toyota laurel. So basically I got a no-haggle price from a haggle dealership.
    I did not yet fnalize though, since he had to get the car from another dealership, I am going in on Mnday. we'll see if they try to add anything. I expect only to pay 4 other things, tax, tags , license, and $99 processing. Any idea what these total?

    I took the $1500 rebate, I have read on this board that you can now get both rebate and financing, but they offered me one or the other. If anyone can confirm this PLEASE let me know immediately.

    Not sure what 4 year registration you are refering to.

    If they are offering an alarm on top of the immobilizer, this would probably not save any more on the insurance, just make noise and bother the neighbors.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    I checked edmunds, they say Rebates and Financing are either or. you can't get both. To be sure ask toyota, there may me certain regional incentives, and sometimes rebates may be from dealer and not toyota. You may come out ahead, if you take 0% for 48 months vs rebate based on your tax bracket(Fed+state+local taxes). Must run the numbers first.
    Then assume a rate-of-return, say 6%, on the total amt you finance, see what you get. Then subtract taxes you would have to pay on your investment return. Make sure to add extra cost if any if you finance (by the dealer), there is none from Toyota.

    (TTL) usually are based on your resident state. NJ has 4 yr registration on new car and fee is based on the weight of the car.
    For MD see the following links.

    Almost forgot, So far the price for LE FWD with only option #2 I am coming up with best price of 23,207 with 1,500 rebate. But if you get for 23,500 or so that would be a great price. Let me know how you did.....

    Good Luck!!
  • hum3hum3 Posts: 19
    Thanks. Where does one get 23,200 or even 23.5 for the le-option 2. I agreed to pay them 23.9 but we didn't actually sign anything yet. He just copied my credit card number for a "deposit". Not sure at this point if there is any way to get them down more.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    You have to add the variable TTL cost to the numbers as they are state and region specific. Per Edmunds invoice is 23207 national avg price paid is 23528 both with 1500 rebate. The only other charges should be Title, registration, new plates or transfers, state taxes and dealer doc fee which are usually not negotiable. If they all add up to another 400
    you have your 23.9. If less, you have room to negotiate.
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    Last time I looked there was an excellent calculator available on the BANKRATE DOT COM website which would allow you to determine whether the rebate or the low financing was the best deal. You'll need to know what the alternative financing rate is as well - in other words, what interest rate will you pay if you take the rebate in lieu of the 0%.
  • hum3hum3 Posts: 19
    Looking at Edmunds TMV, I am getting the 8 pass and floor mats, it is a little more than for the seven pass I think you are referring to, it is 23,800, I am getting 23,900 plus TTL, so it seems pretty fair.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If you can't agree on what invoice means with a dealer, or there is any doubt about what their price quote really means, simply ask for an OTD price (out-the-door).

    Tell them you will bring a Cashier's check for the exact amount. Even if you don't, I'm sure you can get financing on the spot, the point is to get the price down to an exact number.

    I did that and the actual final price matched the quote to the penny. No surprises. :shades:
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    Car: Sienna XLE Limited 7 pass FWD with pkg #4 (HID+Adaptive Cruise)

    Research (Edmunds, Invoice)
    Car: 31,562
    pkg #4: 892
    Dest: 645
    Rebate: (1,500)
    Total: 31,599
    Add 6.25% ST: 33,574
    Reg+Profit+rounding: Offer $34,000 (OTD)

    Car: 30,499
    pkg #4 892
    Dest: 700
    Advertisement: 991
    Holdback: 709
    Dealer charge: 350
    Preparation: 150
    Rebate: (1500)
    Total: 32,791
    Add 6.25% ST: 34,840
    Dealer OTD quote: $35,200 (Car to be ordered, available in 3-6 weeks)

    So we are $1,200 apart on the OTD price. Only the cost for pkg #4 matches that of the Edmunds' Invoice. What do you ladies and gentlemen think? Regards, - MS.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Holdback is a credit, not a charge. The dealer gets money back from Toyota. They don't pay it.

    So that 2nd half doesn't make sense to me. :confuse:
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    Holdback is a credit, not a charge. The dealer gets money back from Toyota. They don't pay it.

    So that 2nd half doesn't make sense to me.

    It doesnt make sense to me, either. I was trying to tell him that Toyota sends you the holdback, why are you charging me for that? His answer: "Where do you think Toyota gets the money to pay me"? After some more exchange - this is where he stands - "$35.2K OTD, no questions, no breakdowns". Where I stand - "My pricing is around $33.6K, I am willing to give you $34K OTD, slice the pie any way you want".

    LoL. The salesman had a few choice words to tell about Edmunds, too. But now I am without the van and he is without the money. Question: Can I talk to Fitzmall or some similar place, and have them ship the car to my door, so I can drive down to the County clerks office and pay for the TTL myself? I am certainly able to get the license plates and put them on the car by myself. Just not sure what is involved in applying for the Texas title.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's probably not worth it. I'm sure it would cost an extra $500 to ship it, plus insurance. And you'd never get to test drive the actual car you are buying (important, IMO).

    How many Toyota dealers are nearby? There's gotta be more than one.
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    Oh, there are a bunch of dealers around. I sent the request for quote to 4 of them. This was one of them. The second dealer wants MSRP - $1500 rebate + TTL. I wrote back to him, asking him to recalculate the price as Invoice + AdvtFees + Dest - $1500 + Dealer Profit + TTL - no response from him. No responses yet from the other 2 (in 2 days). Do you think I should pick up the phone and call them all one by one? There are about 7 or 8 dealers in town. Regards, - MS.
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12

    In my opinion, your dealer is trying to inflate the invoice price to "hide" the amount of his profit. The holdback is based, I believe, off of MSRP, so if you negotiate off of his invoice, you potentially are doubling his profit....

    I posted my details back in early, mid May. I just bought an XLE with pckg #5 in Central Ohio.

    I had two dealers "show" me the invoice details which included the holdback and the floor plan financing as dealer "cost" items. Not without coincidence, these two amounts made up the difference between their invoice number and what both KBB and Edmunds were showing. No one could give me any reasonable explanation for why Edmunds/KBB were wrong (because they couldn't).

    In spite of what some people post, at some point you will probably have to ask yourself how much do I want this? However, never show the salesman that you can't live without this or you are dead...

    My initial bottom line number was edmunds invoice, but ended up settling for $500 over. I had quotes from 5 dealer's and they all eventually came down to $500 over (most started with $500 over "their invoice") but none would come down lower, even after multiple trips- so I figured I had reached the bottom of my range and was happy with that price. I also had a trade to deal with, so that factored into my decision, although I negotiated the sales price separately.

    In the end, I reached a point where no one wanted to do the deal I wanted (because of trade- in value). I kept at them and let them know that I was going on vacation and thus was looking to close the deal that week, otherwise my interest was going to wane (as we wanted to drive it on the trip) if we didn't get it done before hand. That sparked some activity and it got done...

    Don't be afraid to haggle/argue in a respectful manner. It's your money and only you know what will work for you. Believe me, they won't sell you a car that they aren't making money on - it's just like Vegas (that place wasn't built on winners...)

    Good Luck!
  • msindallasmsindallas Posts: 190
    Did you go to those dealers in person, or communicate via e-mail/phone? What I hate about this car-shopping is the deceit and price inflation. If they just told me - Here is my price, and I want $500 profit, adjust for rebate and add TTL, I'd have agreed. But no, they want to play number games, try to make $5-7K for a single car, and selling stuff at exorbitant prices like

    (1) Window Tint, Cargo Net, Mud Guards
    (2) Carpet Mat Set, Carpet Floor Mats, Door Sill Protectors, Vehicle Shield Package
    (3) Lusterizing Sealant, Sound Shield, Sealant Cleaner, Rental Car Assistance (How is this factory installed?? :mad: )

    No wonder most people consider car shopping a pain. I am glad you got the exact car you wanted. Have to go back read your post. I was more active in the Crossover forums, but after reading everybody else's posts, thought a minivan would suit my needs better.

    Update: I called up Fitzmall to order a Sienna and have it shipped to me. (Yeah, I know, its way better to test drive the car I actually buy). The salesman was nice. We talked about ordering a car, because I want the XLE Limited with HID+Cruise (pkg #4) and no extra package. He calls back to say I need to order DVD ent system (in some other pkg) if I want HID. [sigh] They have at least 5 vans in the Dallas area with that HID and without the DVD but with all or most of the garbage I listed above.
  • tx_icetx_ice Posts: 22
    Holdback is 2% of MSRP and Wholesale Reserve (i.e., floorplan financing) is 1% of MSRP.

    There is nice spreadsheet at that should help identify target pricing.

    Good luck!
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12
    As with most posters here, I started the process by e-mailing. I also took the time to investigate websites to see what the inventory levels were for what I was looking for - in my case not very good due to color/pckg combination (although I wonder how accurate these really are).

    We then went to a particular dealership and test drove the van to make sure it was what we (my wife) wanted. In this case, we initially went to Toyota to rule it out, but wife liked it much better than Honda.

    Most of the negotiation for the purchase price was done via e-mail or over the phone. In my experience, the salesmen weren't necessarily very responsive to e-mail negotiations, they much preferred to talk live time.

    Without throwing all car salesmen under the bus, I agree with your assessment, it was a painful process for us, and we felt like we were babies (albeit well informed)in a pool full of sharks. I had a much better experience last year when I bought my Acura. Didn't even meet the salesman until we went to sign the paperwork. That dealership clearly gets that the dynamics have changed.

    With so much information available to buyers, including sites like this, dealers do have to work much harder to sell more cars than in the past since they typically don't make nearly as much as they used to on a per/car basis. That's good for us, but it also means they are under pressure to juice the profit wherever they can and they do try. I've heard the F&I office is where much of the profit on a new car can come from... The finance guy sure tried with us.

    I agree, Toyota's option/model line is confusing and typically more expensive than Honda (at least on the higher-end models). But I suppose that is done on purpose to build in more profit.

    Some of what you list, I think comes on the higher end models. I haven't seen any XLE or higher without window tint, for example. Carpet mats are an "option" although it appears most posters are getting their dealers to throw it in. The rest is clearly extra profit.

    My response to those items is "I'm only willing to pay $X for this car". "If you don't want to sell it to me, I'll find someone who will." Believe me, if you have more than one dealer in town, they will fall all over themselves to steal the deal.

    We had one dealer actually call another dealer to find out the deal we had going with him. The other guy gave him an inflated price. The first dealer e-mails me and says he is "rescinding his prior offer" because he found out that I was working off a higher price with the other dealer. Meanwhile, dealer B calls my cell phone and says he "convinced" his used car manager to give me my final number on my trade if we can get it done that day. Unbelievable!! In the end, we went with dealer B, as we had been there in person before (never to A) AND we bought the van we originally test drove at Dealer C, but who wouldn't sell it to us for anything less than $500 over their invoice (this was the only van in town at that time with what we wanted - had 100 miles, so I figured we could live with it).

    All told, our search process took 45 days from first contact to driving off the lot... If you have the luxury of time, you definitely have the advantage. If you are desperate and need something today, I think that probably plays into their hands.

    For some reason I like watching "King of Cars" on A&E... We definitely felt like the dealerships we dealt with were in the same category. And then when the deal is done, they tell you that they hope you'll give them all 5's on their survey!

    Make sure you post your final details so others can benefit.

  • hum3hum3 Posts: 19
    The saga continues, he promised the car would be there, went in special, it was not there, I started looking elsewhere, got quotes for $150 less, told him it was not right to have us come in for nothing, he said "I don't want to lose your business" and said he would match the quote we got. SO we should be at 23,750 for LE 8 pass with option 2. If I could lower quotes that would be great, but the dealers don't seem to want to put too much in writing.

    But it ain't over until... so we'll see if he's got it today.
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