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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hey out there! :)
    First time here, just wanted to ask for any positive or negative 411 on the Toyota Sienna. I'm considering purchasing one and wanted some input from Sienna owners as far as performance,comfort, etc.......
  • samrus1samrus1 Posts: 11
    Champion Toyota of Austin.
    I talked few dealers in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. Finally I found the reasonable price.The TTL was an extra $1660.
    The finance guy tried to add some extra fees but I debated to get them to remove one of them.
  • samrus1samrus1 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info.
    They are charging quite a bit ($145+$9=$155) for mats and $140 for cargo liner and $100 for window defelctor.
    Did anybody tried the ebay or other discount web sites for lower prices?
  • samrus1samrus1 Posts: 11
    Thanks for the info.
    How does the "clear" mud guards look? Or should I get the color-coded ones.

    Also, how is the all weather floor mats from this site look? They are different than the ones from

    I also wanted the door-sill and edge protectors. But they are charging quite a bit. Did anybody get somewhare cheaper?
  • I am looking for a 2004 Sienna FWD XLE-#14 with spoiler, mats, auto dim mirror. Dealer wants $33700. I think that's too much. Also, can I buy an extended warranty at a different dealer if mine won't give me the $795 price?
  • xiaoxiao Posts: 1

    That sounds very good! Where did you get it? I only get a quote for the same thing for $32169, plus doc fee.

  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114
    I want to wait but probably will buy before end of December. I'm in a Gulf States area and am beginning to think that the Toyota prices here are so significantly higher than in other regions that I would be willing to purchase in another state. Does anybody know which states or which dealers would likely sell me a 2005 limited Sienna for the best price?
    I think I heard somewhere that if I buy a car in another state, somehow Gulf States can affect the price that I pay for it as a resident in the Gulf States region. Or maybe that was something about paying double taxes. Any info out there?
    I'm waiting to see how quiet the 2005 Odyssey Touring really is. This Gulf States issue bothers me.
    Thanks in advance for any answers!
  • gtahobegtahobe Posts: 42
    Hi there. Here's how I basically found an out of state dealer. First you must know exactly what vehicle you're looking for. I wanted an XLE#5. Dealers in my area would only go about halfway between Invoice and MSRP, plus they needed a few months to fill the order because that package (#5, CZ) doesn't normally arrive in Ohio.

    I then found this neat ZIP Express utility to find the ZIP codes for state capitals in neighboring states "" With the zip code info, I then used the Toyota web site and entered different zip codes to find out what option packages were available. I found that my package was available in two neighboring states. I then used a combination of the Toyota's site "Find a dealer near you", and Yahoo Yellowpages. In Yahoo, you'll need to change your location to the correct zip code, then do a search for toyota dealers. I then contacted several of them, and found one willing to deal. I ended up getting my vehicle 5 weeks after placing an order, and paid about $400 over invoice. Much better delivery time and cost over my local deals.

    $123 one way flight and a 250 mile drive home. A fun 250 mile drive home :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Find Toyota Dealers in your area:


    Play with the zip codes for other areas.

    And see Online Car Buying Revisited

    Steve, Host
  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114
    Thanks for the pricing answers!

    Now I just have to decide which minivan to buy. Needing to test drive the '05 Ody before seriously shopping prices is making me kind of frustrated. I keep coming back to these forums because I'm trying to sublimate my desire to get this minivan purchasing thing done already!

    The reason for needing a test drive prior to finally deciding is to assess the '05 Ody's noise level. Interior noise is a big issue. My kids voices don't project much and I'm a survivor of too loud music--bad hearing.

    If the '05 Ody is still pretty noisy on the test drive I'll probably buy an '05 Sienna...except I'll be wondering how much quieter the Ody could have gotten with sound deadening mats under the carpet.

    By the way, does anyone know if the Sienna and Ody have casette players? During my work commute I listen to books on tape. Even though more and more of our library's new audiobooks are on CD, I surely don't want my choice of books cut by 75% because of no casette player! Does anyone know what the cassette situation is? I forgot to look when I test drove the '04 Ody and Sienna!
  • mstmst Posts: 2
    Where did you purchase your LE-8 in Texas? Any dealers you recommend? Did you have any trouble finding LE-8's? They seem somewhat rare...
  • mathaimathai Posts: 1
    Brought home our new XLE Option#16(GJ) $32700 + tax

    so, what do you think?
  • doug889doug889 Posts: 60
    Siena may have the cassette player. My wife's Lexus 2004 RX 330 has both CD and cassette players.
  • Seems destination charge will increase from $540 to $575. In fact, most dealers are already charging the $575 destination charge on all (2004) Siennas they have on the lot. Base prices of 2005 models seems to be the same as 2004 models, appears that most dealers will have the 2005 Siennas available by 9/21/04. I don't have any other information ( body style, packages, etc.) available. Check the big city's dealer's websites, some are posting their 2005 Siennas, with invoice and MSRP prices.
  • gadomgadom Posts: 16
    I'm looking in GA and would appreciate any current (say last 30 days) purchase info or leads for a decent dealer. I have tried the email approach and so far get back:no price (come in and talk),MSRP,no reply, or I get a quote and when I follow up it is not the drive out price I asked for and ends up being close to MSRP.

    Not a single one has even quoted the Carsdirect price (one "agreed" to match it but would not quote it) they have all been higher. BTW Carsdirect does not include the DOC fee in their quote. This seems strange since they work thru speific dealers in a given area they should know the doc fee. They also do not tell you the DOC fee is not included until they contact you after you have submitted your personal info and contact info.
  • samrus1samrus1 Posts: 11
    I purchased fro Champion Toyota in Austin. I basically negotiated through emails.
    I wanted LE-8. I ordered and waited for 6 weeks. If you have kids, an extra seat really helps because you can fold down the rear seat entirely and take bunch of camping gear.
  • steve8steve8 Posts: 4
    which dealer in the Twin Cities did you work through? Was it a good experience? My wife and I will be in the market for either this or the Honda, albeit not until later in the year. We live in Mpls. area
  • What dealer did you get this offer from?
  • vinsonavinsona Posts: 13
    Hello All,

    We got a great deal on a Sienna LE and wanted to see what type of Extended Warranty deals people are getting.

    I am not sure if we are really interested in the Extended Warranty (depends on the price), I need some numbers for reference if the "pitch" is thrown.

    I am sure that they will hit me with the high numbers because I got the mini-van for about $200 over invoice.

    I think something in the 7/75 or 7/100 range would fit our needs

    Thanks in advance!
  • Where did you get this deal?
  • fdogs1fdogs1 Posts: 6
    Thank you Wildred, I finally took delivery of my pkg 12 Sienna, paid 500 over invoice, no problems everything was straight forward. Even the F&I guy was no pressure. Would highly recommend. My experience in south bay in regards to pricing was sticker or $1000- 1500 above invoice. The Sienna is selling as soon as it hits the dealerships. Good luck and thanks!
  • Any hints on buying a Sienna in Georgia? Does anyone have any factory-to-dealer incentive information?

    I'm trying to get this model with only the DVD Ent Unit installed - no other options and no leather or anything.

    The dealer (Mall of GA Toyota) said they could give me a price of $28,819 (with the options),
    dealer fee - $499.50 and then Sales Tax is 7% - so a total drive out cost of $31,391 (which I think is too high).

    Did anyone get something like this for less - invoice is only 25k so I think they are adding too much on - the DVD unit is only $1499.

  • vanquestvanquest Posts: 14
    found $500 for a 7/75 and $795 for a 7/100 from kc summers in mattoon, illinois. that is the best i've seen.
  • wildredwildred Posts: 43
    Congratulations fdogs1! And welcome to the owners' club!

    It's truly my pleasure being able to help. I'm so happy that you got what you wanted at a very good price. Enjoy your new Sienna!
  • mathai1mathai1 Posts: 2
    Grand rapids, Michigan...Its with the only dealer who has these on stock...I am sure you can look it up
  • gabbygabby Posts: 2
    My husband just brought home our new sienna xle with package #19...awesome toys, we paid invoice. What a great experience having edmunds to help. We had to fight for the invoice price and only found one salesman who would do it. One actually said he would not sell a sienna right now at that price to his mother- glad he is not my kid, and I pity her. We bought at Toyota of Grapevine and it took too long to sign the paperwork even though the deal was made over the phone, they pushed add ons but, just say no! We are really happy with the sienna and will be making our first road trip tomarrow to Florida!! Thanks to all!
  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114
    Thank you gabby. Please tell which dealer in Grapevine. You can name the dealership, just not the salesperson. I think the only way you can name the salesperson is via private email. For now, I'd just like to narrow it down to the dealership. Thanks again!
  • Great deal. How did you negotiate at-invoice pricing?
  • skinnytonyskinnytony Posts: 121
    gabby, do you mind detailing/itemizeing what you paid? By this I mean not just the total amount but the components. Thanks.
  • texasmomtexasmom Posts: 114
    Please tell us which dealer and itemizing when you're rested up from your trip. Thanks!
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