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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    Thanks - good to know about the rebate. Why cant dealers be upfront at least about the rebate amt?!?!?!
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    24400 looks good! which dealer?
  • sanu1sanu1 Posts: 3
    Ira Toyota, Tewksbury, MA

    What do you think about the below price? Please post your comments asap..

    Sienna 07 - 8 passenger - LE
    Option1-mfr code:AM
    + CF(carpet)
    + cargo net
    + door sill protector
    + first aid kit

    Ext Colour - slate metallic
    Int fabric - stone interior

    Total price = 24400
    rebate = 1500
    Final Price = 22900 + tax(5%) + doc fee(195)+85(reg fee inc state insp sticker)
  • dmhodmho Posts: 7
    I am also trying to find the best price for a XLE with pkg 5 and maybe 6. Basically want leather and dvd but want to know how much it will add to include a nav. system. Has anyone else gotten quotes on these options? I'm in the Austin area. Thanks!
  • hum3hum3 Posts: 19
    It is an excellent price, I would bet when you get there they tell you it has been sold or doesn't include the rebate etc.
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    Is there any rule that the rebate is applied after sales tax is taken out? Thats what a dealer tried to do, and I dont see why it cant be the reverse, so I can sve a little extra. What happened in your cases? Thanks
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    In the state of MD, by law they tax the full amount, then you get the rebate.

    In other words, they taxed me on the $1250 for the rebate, even. :mad:

    One way around that is to offer dealer incentives instead of customer rebates, because the dealer can just lower the transaction price and the customer does not pay state sales tax on that amount.

    Then again, you may not know the amount or the dealer may not choose to give it to you.
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    Im trying to come up with an offer that I can explain to the dealer. Here is a shot in the dark: What is a reasonable % of profit that a dealer could expect to make?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    For a Sienna, the holdback, basically. Seems like the median price people are paying is pretty close to invoice. A few do even better.
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    Am I correct that the holdback is 2% of MSRP? Are there likely other dealer incentives that we dont know about?
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12

    See my post #7286.

    We brought XLE w/pckg 5 in mid-May for $32,700. We took special financing, so the rebate was not in the mix.

    Factoring in the current rebate of $1,500, you are slightly better than what I got. I was dealing with 4 dealers and couldn't get any of them to go lower.

    I was looking for Desert Sand - which no one had - you might be able to do better if the dealer has inventory in what you want.

    good luck

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    From my research there actually may be other charges we don't know about, like advertising fees.
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    Is it normal to lump it in with the sales price? Shouldnt it and the other fees be added on after sales tax?
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    any idea what true invoice is? Can I get a price under 26000 before rebate, do you think?
  • Do you think Toyota is going to lower the APR to 0.0% when the '08 models are coming out?

    Currently 2.9% for 5 years is pretty good. I bought my Camry in July '02 at 1.9% for 3 years. A couple months later, Toyota lower the interest to 0.0% ... bummer.

    It seems like XLE and LTD trims are pretty scarce at my local dealers. How is everybody's experience out there?
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    I think TDA is some kind of advertising fee.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's exactly right, I couldn't remember the name.

    For folks shopping, find a local no-haggle dealer to establish a "base line" price for other dealers to beat.

    In my area, I like and Check their prices for reference.
  • the actual dealer invoice with holdback, TDA, and other such line items filled in for a Sienna LE with exactly the following options is $25,518:

    LE Package# 3
    Color: natural white
    options: rear spoiler, car mats, first aid it, grocery net

    true dealer invoice: $25,518
    retail invoice: $27,0xx

    that's about $1500 for the dealer if he sells at retail invoice. that not including any other incentives he's getting from Toyota that we don't know about.

    I got it for 26,400. They basically kept the $900 in holdback ($5xx), and one other line item which I'm forgeting right now.

    Dealer is in Virginia.

    Happy Negotiating!
  • How does 25275 for an LE + pkg #3 + pkg CF (door mats/sill protector) sound? (dest charge and rebate included)
  • jrdpeljrdpel Posts: 1
    I just signed the paperwork on our 07' Sienna XLE with package 6 and the floormats. We talked to every dealer in the DC metro area and none could find the XLE with package 6 in the color we wanted. Finally we found one who had one coming in the end of June. We put the deposit down in early June.

    XLE with package 6 and floormats - $35,400+taxes & tags. Destination was included in the $35,400.

    We took the 0% financing for 48 months in lieu of the rebate.
  • luther5luther5 Posts: 1
    I have a Quote on a Sienna LE, 8 passenger,
    options package #2 with CF (carpet mats)

    $23,593 + $299 (DOC) + Tax & Title (Including $1500 Rebate)

    This seems pretty good right?
  • meandwb1meandwb1 Posts: 3
    Great to hear! We're hoping to finalize tomorrow ...
    What was the sticker for this?
    Thank you!
  • sanu1sanu1 Posts: 3
    1) I got a quote on a sienna LE 8 Pass - option 2 +CF for
    23300 + + doc fee(195)+ tax(5%) +85(reg fee inc state insp sticker)
    2) Also I got a another quote from the same dealer for
    Sienna LE 8 pass- option1+ CF(carpet) +cargo net + first aid kit
    Final Price = 22900 + doc fee(195)+ tax(5%) +85(reg fee inc state insp sticker)

    I ended up choosing the second quote because of the colour.

    Let me know your final negotiated price..

  • dongliudongliu Posts: 15
    I deeply appreciate this forum and help from kind people here, so I would like to share my recent experience about Sienna LE #3.
    First, all dealers I went to in Boston area have very good service. I have not been hassled even once, not at Toyota, not at Honda, and not at Kia. Also, I was not charged any exotic fees.
    On the President's Day this year, I went to Boch Toyota and Honda. Up front they offered me Toyota Sienna CE for $20,700, and Honda Odyssey LE for $21,500. We like Sienna better, and would prefer stability control, so we kept on shopping.
    With the advice given on this forum, I tried e-mail attack. Another dealer gave me a very competitive quote, when rebate was $750. Benefited from historical information from this forum, I waited patiently for $1,500 rebate.
    Two weeks ago on Father's Day Sunday, armed with all the numbers I started the first trip to Ira Toyota at Danvers, just to test water. I wanted to set a very low but possible price level, and see dealer's response. I was fully prepared to leave on that day, and return several weeks later. I was prepared to give in after two months, or go to Boch Honda to see if I can get Honda Odyssey LE for $20,000.
    With all the actual price posted on this forum, I set my price to $23,400 after $1,500 rebate. I really do not want to pay more with Odyssey LE below $21,500. The excuse I gave is that Sienna CE was advertised at $19,777. The Sienna LE #3 lists at $29,122. With the same discount in absolute number like CE, LE #3 should come to $23,400. I am "generous" because I use absolute number of dollars. If using proportion, the price should be even lower.
    On that day, I drove into the parking lot. There were half a dozen salesmen waiting in the parking lot to greet us, and no other customer in sight. Inside the sales floor there were only two to three groups of customers. The salesman was very knowledgeable and very nice. He helped us choose the right van with our choice of color, from a dozen Siennas in the lot, 4 of which were LE #3. Somehow the list price became $29,488. I was offer $1,500 discount plus $1,500 rebate, so the dealer's quote was $26,488. After a long discussion, I had another thousand dollar off. At this point I was really surprised, and told the salesman honestly that I did not expect a Sienna with stability control, a mandatory feature in my view, would come so expensive. So I started to dis-engage in a nice way, and plan my dealing with Honda dealers. I understand it is their car, they are entitled to ask a good money. Just not my money at this price.
    The salesman went inside, and came back with a final price of $23,988 for that day only. With $200 documentation fee, small amount of license fee, and 5% tax, I came away with a Sienna LE #3, and there was only 12 miles on the car.
    Later I dealt with other people in the dealership. Everyone is very nice and helpful. I was never even offered any other equipment, or any other service. It seems that everyone just wish to see us leave with their car as soon as possible.
    I could not believe that I got this deal at first try. Last week I read an article on Wall Street Journal saying that Toyota has built too many factories in US and has over-capacity problem. Another reason is the empty sales floor on that day (Sunday noon). I simply could not understand this. On the President's Day, Boch Toyota was so crowded that we could not find a seat. Even three months ago on a raining Wednesday evening, Ira Toyota was half full. The only reasons I could think of is that the interest rate increased from 6.2% to 6.8% (30 year), and unemployment rate in Massachusetts increased from 4.5% to 5.1% (US average stays at 4.4%).
    I was a little embarrassed to post this number, but I really wish that people can get the car they want, and the dealers like Boch and Ira can sell the car they have already paid for.
    So happy negotiation!
  • luther5 and sanu1..

    Those do sound like really good deals. Can you tell me which dealer? Thanks...
  • Boch is really easy to understand- he wants volume. He wants to be #1 in volume, period. (I used to work there in a back office role) He's top 5 in the US at Toyota, 1 or 2 in Honda.

    I built that Honda dealership :) In the first month of Honda (20 days IIRC) he was #1 in New England. 2/3 of a month.

    I'm looking at Siennas too this Summer, and it's either an LE #3 or an XLE for us. I know that Boch won't mess with us, but I know the game a little better than most. I also know that best time to buy too :) (bad weather day when it's slow is best- hey have daily numbers to meet, not just monthly).

    I'll need to travel 45 minutes to get there and they'll be my last stop. If I get the deal I want closer to home, then that'll do. Copeland is pretty close to home, and Route 44 closer, but they have no interesting inventory.
  • meandwb1meandwb1 Posts: 3
    How are you doing with this offer?

    Which package is it?

    I'm pricing the XLE - with leather and DVD - I'm shooting for package #6 - with the navigation and such too - it's coming in around $35 ...

    Please keep me posted!
  • Does anybody know that time frame for the '08 Siennas?

    I'm guessing September with little or no changes of the 2007.
  • dongliudongliu Posts: 15
    Thanks greytautumn for the inside information.
    For a long time I suspected that the cost could be much lower for those cash-paying, early-ordering, and large-volume dealers. It is also desirable for Toyota to offer big incentive to those dealers that pay cash for confirmed orders ahead of production. It will enable Toyota to adjust their assembly line, parts ordering, and even shipping schedule. Every step is not trivial for such a big manufacturer to organize such a huge flow of money and merchandise.
    I have good experience this time at Ira, and at Quirk Ford last time. Both have really large inventory of cars parked behind the sales floor. I can always feel the intense pressure to make a deal and move the cash flow. That make the salesmen nice and customer happy. That is why I feel reluctant to go to smaller dealers.
    Now looking back at dealers, I would think that it is only fair that these large-volume, eagerly-negotiating dealers are rewarded with lower cost.
    Anyone has more concrete information?
  • Hi - I appreciate everybody who shares their buying price information. However, it's a little hard to figure out what's the general guidelines for a good deal.

    Can someone tell me how much above or below invoice is considered a good deal?
  • go $500 below dealer invoice. this number should NOT include the manufacturer rebate. Dealers like to confuse customers into thinking they are getting an awesome deal by throwing in the rebate as part of the negotiation. the truth is that the rebate is YOUR money, not the dealers. therefore all negotiations on the price of the vehicle should NOT include the rebate. Once you arrive at the negotiated price, then subtract the rebate to arrive at your final price.
  • lojefflojeff Posts: 29
    I would like to get into a minivan by the end of August. Any thoughts on how much the rebates and rates will move during the summer months?

    My last buying expereince was a few Julys ago. Turn out the deal I got the end of July was just as good as those in Sept. (carmax, no haggle)

    I am in a position to wait but don't want to miss out on the combination of packages and/or color.
  • You can still negotiate another $400 to arrive at the best price. My car has all you options plus cargo net and first aid kit (I think another $90 - $100) and I got my car for $26400 (not including rebate). A dealer looking to make a deal during the end of the month will give you that price.
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    Can anyone tell me what 500 below dealer invoice is on a LE #3?
  • Can anyone tell me what 500 below dealer invoice is on a LE #3?

    You can check yourself at or
    Print the price list out and bring it with you to the dealer.
  • underinvoice -

    Thanks for the advice! Currently, there's 0% APR OR $1500 rebate, ending in about a week in my area. It's so hard to find the car I want (XLE Limited AWD w/ DVD & Nav). I check 6 dealers around the area. Only 2 has them. Dealer A has one unit. Dealer B has 2 units.

    Do you think I still can get $500 below invoice? I am almost ready to pay invoice, or even a couple hundred above, just to secure the car. I am opting for 0% APR (not the rebate).

    I don't know if more '07 Sienna's will be coming out. If not, there will be no 0%APR / rebate on the 08's. I hate to miss the 0%APR / rebate ...
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    I wasnt sure if that was considered true invoice. thanks.
  • ok thanks. I will keep that in mind.

    Btw, did your LE come equipped with a security system? Apparently its not standard... if so, did you have to pay anything additional for that?
  • Is any of the "protection pkg" (undercoating, fabric protection etc) stuff worth spending $$ on? if so, whats a good price?
  • It didn't come with security system. It's extra and I didn't get it. The dealer will offer you LoJack which could be goood for you. Check with your insurance company to see what kind of savings they will give you for lojack and compare to the cost of the system itself. It should about break even.
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    Who has negotiated using CR Bottom Line Price? What is the dealers excuse as to why it isnt accurate? Just want to be prepared when they balk at my offer! Do you add in a dealers profit on top of that?
  • I am about to offer invoice price for a Sienna. The CR Bottom Line basically nullify dealer's profit (holdback). It's your judgement. If the dealer has huge holdback, then you can try to offer in between CR Bottom Line and the invoice. Normal demand and supply law still applies. If your area got a whole ton of what you want (the trim & options), then you can offer as low as you want. The worst case, it's just you have to shop around.

    I don't have the time to shop around. I am happy if I can get it at invoice.
  • hey btw, did that price include TTL?
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    How difficult is it to get a 7 pass LE #3? Are they in short supply?
  • boeayaboeaya Posts: 14
    I have an offer for 2007 XLE LTD with package #4 for $32,752 with the current $1500 rebate, but I would like to take the current financing offer they have and where should I start on the price. according to edmund invoice is around $33,286 for the artic frost color. (DFW area, TX)
    any suggestion? this is the only one on his lot.

  • No. If you can get Sienna LE with the options I mentioned for 26400 including tax title and license then you're the man! The 26400 doesn't include those aforementioned item nor does it include any cash rebate.
  • Play one dealer off the other. Tell them to give you the price you want and you will come pick it up in 1/2 hour or they will lose the business to the other dealership since the other dealer is very close in price already but you want to give your business to dealer A. Be careful though. Make sure you know if the price they quote you included rebate or not. Dealers have a habit of making a "mistake" just to get you in the dealership and wear you out to the point that you submit.

    Then again, if you don't have much leverage considering the limited stock of the model you want, you can walk away with anything under invoice and be happy that you have the car you want.

    Once you get the price you want, ask them to tell you what you're monthly payment will be based on that price. Check that against your own research. if the numbers don't match, then ask why. You'll be surprised how often the monthly payment doesn't match even though you agree on a price.

    good luck. and good luck closing the deal....
  • vla123vla123 Posts: 20
    I wont be able to see the colors in person beforehand, so if anyone has or seen either nautical blue, blue metalic mirage or pine mica, can you weigh in?

    Is the nautical blue closer to navy or closer to royal blue? Is the blue metalic mirage closer to slate blue or closer to light/baby blue? Is the pine mica closer to sage or to winter green?
    I just cant tell from the Toyota website or the brochure. Thanks.
  • dmhodmho Posts: 7
    To me, the nautical blue is closer to a navy, the blue metalic is a light metallic blue not really baby or slate. The pine meca is more of a light mint or pine color. I didn't care for the it but that's just my opinion. Hope that helps.
  • ckcarpriceckcarprice Posts: 29
    I would see the colors in person. They do look different on the website, besides some of the exterior color do not have a choice for interior color.
    It's a very personal thing, just like buying a mattress you have to feel/try it!
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