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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Sounds like a red flag to me. I'd investigate further.

    Did the dealer sell the car, and then the buyer return the car? How many miles are on it now? Maybe they found something wrong and then exchanged it for another, if so don't get stuck with the dud.

    I'm not sure if CarFax is 100% reliable, but the dealer should have a clear explanation for that.
  • It has 130 miles and dealer told me this is because they drove from other dealer. Checked Carfax and it only shows record for manufacturer delivery to dealership in Jan 07. When I asked if anybody drove it before or used it , the answer was 'No'. I am not sure what else I can investigate.
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    Excellent Price! Although one could argue the tire fee and doc fee are "toyota costs" used to inflate the price. I mean, does it really cost $200 to have someone submit paperwork for the title and registration? The floormats list at over $100, so that makes your price even more favorable. It's still 800-900 cheaper than I'm getting!

    As far as security system - the base LE with Pkg 3 comes with an engine immobilizer. That counts for something with the insurance company. The remainder of the security system is an upgrade that has the beep and alarm. You can purchase that as an add-on by the dealer. Not sure how much the extra "noisemaker" saves you with the insurance company. Have them run the numbers with engine immobilizer alone and see if the difference pays for an alarm upgrade. I wouldn't be suprised if it's a very small number like $20 every 6 months.
  • Anybody knows if a new car can be returned or exchanged within a certain period of time?
  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    The only brand that I know of that allows that is Saturn, where I believe that you can return a new car within 30 days and 1500 miles, but you can't get your money back. You can swap for another Saturn. You should verify this independently with Saturn, of course, before you make any purchase.

    No one else that I know of allows a return, unless you have problems and get your money back under the "lemon law."
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Maybe that's it - it's a dealer swap so it changed ownership from one dealer to the next? :confuse:

    Tell you what, go ask in the "Real World Trade-in Values" thread, since a lot of dealer employees frequent that thread. They'd know.

    Click this link: thenebean, "Real-World Trade-In Values" #32474, 25 Apr 2007 10:12 am
  • Yes. I asked them and its a dealer swap. They swapped it with another dealer and it sounded from them that it does not make any difference from customer prespective. Seem that swapping is normal due to customers at different dealerships wanting different colors etc.
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12
    I'm looking to buy a minivan for the wife. We have looked at both Oddy and the Sienna. Wife really likes ride and steering in Sienna, but it definitely is more expensive.

    I can't seem to get dealers to provide what I think is a competitive quote. Lowest I have been given is $32,700 (before taxes, title, etc.). I don't want to pay any more than $32,000. They say they can't even get close to my number. Anybody seeing anything close to this? I haven't seen too many prices on this forum for an XLE w/ Pckg 5.

    Also - both KBB and Edmunds show invoice for this vehicle/option pckg @ $32,229. I've had two dealers tell me invoice is over $33,000 (while listing same MSRP as these sites). What gives? Is this just dealer gimmick to make their offer seem better than it is?

    It's hard to accept a Sienna @ $32,700 when I can get an EX-L for $30,050. If it had a power lift gate, we would have already done a deal.

    At this point, we'll probably hang tight and see what May brings with regard to incentives. I've read Honda did not have a good March for Minivan sales.

    The Toyota dealers in Central Ohio don't seem to have much inventory on hand, while plenty of Oddy's to be found. Maybe that's why there's no movement on price.

    Comments appreciated.
  • Go for Honda. Bought Sienna day before and its interior really sucks. My old 1996 Dodge has much better interior.

    But steering is smoother than odyssey and is quieter. But would still suggest Odyssey. Sienna seams finishing is just horrible (esp on lighter colors) ...brushes are clearly visible on all joints ..had me thinking that its been restored for sometime. Went to dealer and all vans had same thing. Salesman said this is all part of cost cutting measure from Toyota in competeion with GM.... :confuse:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If you are bargain hunting check out a Hyundai Entourage Limited. It has the power tail gate and comes pretty much loaded for a street price under $25k.

    Add a moonroof and a DVD player for the kids and you're still well under $28k.

    Then get a portable GPS, like a Garming Nuvi 660, and you basically have it all well under your budget.

    Sienna and Ody are the segment leaders but you definitely gotta pay to play in their league.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I understand this rebate is expiring April 30th, correct?

    Does anyone knows if you can get similar pricing after April 30th, or the price just goes up by $1250 starting May 1st???

  • ody07ody07 Posts: 9
    Check my post number 7215 earlier in this thread....reasons why I am going with Odyssey. One of them is that the interior sucks. And another one of course price sucks.

    Also, who told you Ody EX-L is 30,050? Ody EX-L you can get for 27,600 + TTL as far as I know...that's what I am targeting. I think 27,600 includes destination...add taxex, title etc and it would be around $28-29K total.
  • ody07ody07 Posts: 9

    As I said in one of my earlier posts #7215 that I am going with an Odyssey instead of Sienna due to various reasons in that post but I thought it is beneficial for everyone that I atleast share my dealership experience, so here it is:

    Bad One - Sansone's Route 1 Toyota, 100 Route 1 North
    Avenel, NJ 07001

    - Never go to this dealer. When I went there to take a test drive (my first visit to any Toyota dealership in my life), I was loittering there for almost 40 mins trying to find out who can help me. But whenever I would look at any salesman, he would take his eyes away from me just so that I do not call him for help. And on top of that the whole entry door was all the time blocked with salesmen, managers etc al (meaning the whole crew) doing nothing but chatting/laughing etc. After waiting for 30-40 mins, finally my wife was able to get hold of someone, who finally sent a salesman. We said we want to take a look at 4Runner and Sienna both since we haven't decided on the vehicle yet. He let us test drive a 4Runner for less than a mile. Then at the end of it he asks are you ready to close the deal today. I said no...I don't even know which vehicle right can I spend over $30K in next hour without thinking. Then he said ok and said he wil bring a Sienna key. And guess what...he never came back. We left cursing Toyota. And mind you that I was not alone there...I had my wife as well as my kid along with a stroller.

    1) Toyotaland
    170 Route 22 East
    Springfield, NJ 07081

    Excellent dealership. The sales man was is unfortunate I won't doing business with him. If I was buying toyota I would buy from him. He never even took my number to call me and bother me...just asked for my name as introduction. Absolutely no pressure at all. Did not ask if I want to buy today or tomorrow or whenever. I test drove, he answered all my questions very patientlly, spent as much time only with me as I wanted, allowed me to test drive as long as I wanted.....I mean it was exceptional service. If anyone needs, I can send his name/number.
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    Finally got my Sienna with package 3 after 2 weeks of wrangling and searching throughout the state to obtain one. All the VSC vehicles seem to be shipping to the Northeast. I'm under the Gulf States Toyota Distributor monopoly and they are incompetent criminals - at best. Very frustrating experience buying from Toyota. Paid more than others. Here was my price:

    25,995 after rebate but before tax, tags and license.
    MSRP was $29,175
    I was forced to buy (already on vehicle) Floor Mats & Door Sill Protectors for $199 and Auto Shield Window Tint for $495. That comes out to an MSRP of 29,869.

    I estimate my pre-rebate price to be 27,245, if you throw a wild guess and say the tint and mats are worth about 350, that puts me at 26,900 before rebate. As I said earlier, prices for Pkg 3 here in San Antonio/Austin suck.

    In the end I'm sort of happy because the vehicle is nice, I really need the window tint and floor mats anyway and they gave me about $500 more on my trade then I was offered by other dealers. At the end of the day, there's so much smoke and mirrors, I'm not sure how much I actually overpaid for the vehicle compared to other posts.

    The new engine is fabulous by the way - as powerful as my Lexus LS430 that I traded for the minivan. Drive is super smooth. The Pkg 3 comes with alot of nice features and with the rebate I stayed under 26K. At the end of the day, the price is not too bad. Once rebate goes away though, I can't see how anyone could justify this over the Odyssey EX-L.
  • lwilson1lwilson1 Posts: 1
    I just signed paperwork in NC for $33,600 for XLE package #5 plus carmats but before rebates. I had been working on price with 4 different dealerships and that is the best that I found.
  • axel2axel2 Posts: 12
    the $30,050 price on the Ody was for an EX-L with RES.
  • getavangetavan Posts: 2
    I am trying to get one LE+Pkg3 too. Contacted several dealers here in Houston. One thing I feel strange about is that each of the van has the option of The Extra Mile Option Package A! If every one has to have it, why even make it an option? I am wondering if this is the same in other areas. Try this link and see:
  • getavangetavan Posts: 2
    Hi, Mitch,

    Don't want to do the math again. What's your drive-out price? Thanks.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I faxed six dealers yesterday in my area. None of them responded. How long do the normally take for them to respond?

  • Does anybody know if trunk door is auto in this model?
  • In my case , response was immidiate from couple dealers. Normally they are all over you once they know you are a potential buyer. :)
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I just gave my fax number to response. Unless, I faxed at the wrong place. I got the fax numbers from the Toyota web site.
  • Emails are better.
  • Mitch,
    Do you know if trunk (back) door open automatically (i.e. if it lifts up & closes via remote)?
  • Does any one know is there any rebate for Sienna in May 2007/

  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    What is this charge? Dealer is adding this to the invoice price. Isn't this included in the invoice price to the dealer?

  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I also found that wholesale financial reserve is added to the invoice price: TDA+Wholesale financial reserve= 456+354= $810. oouch...

    This brings LE package 3 invoice price = $26736

    Is this charge for all regions?

  • crestonavecrestonave Posts: 209
    Probably won't know this until after the current programs expire at the end of April.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    What is history about Toyota about rebates? They had $750 earlier and now $1250... One thing that probably drive, how were their sales in the month of April, does anyone knows?

    Maybe someone from Toyota inside shed some light here also ;)
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    No, the door does not open automatically. What the pkg 3 has is a power lock. What that means is two things: For opening, you press a rubber "button" and it "power unlocks". You still have to lift the tailgate, but it's very easy. For closing, you have to pull the tailgate down, but if you close it gently such that the latch doesn't catch completely, the power lock pulls it closed and latches it. I had the same feature on my Lexus LS430. Not a big deal, but a nice luxury car feature.
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39

    My drive out price is misleading. I wrote a check for about $3450, BUT, I had a 23,000 trade in which saved me about $1400 on tax, so my drive out price is misleading.

    Here's what came off the bill of sale

    Vehicle 25,995 (Pkg 3 with tint, floor mats, sill protectors and rebate)
    Trade In: 23,000
    Difference: 2,995.00
    Dealer's Inventory Tax: 62.70
    Sales Tax: 187.19
    License Plates: 72.30
    Title Registration: 33.00
    State Inspection: 21.75
    Deputy Fee: 5.00
    Document Fee: 50.00
    OTD: 3,426.94
    Add 23,000 and sales tax on that amount would be 1437.50

    For comparison shopping, my OTD without trade should be

    Hope that helps!
  • mitchcmitchc Posts: 39
    I just want to give everyone some final user feedback after my purchase last week. I realize this is the prices paid and not the "Ody vs Sienna" discussion, but hopefully host will let it slide in interest of helping people make the right financial decision for them as far as package selection:

    Drove the Pkg 3 with all 3 kids aged 1 to 6 from San Antonio to El Paso and back this weekend (1200 miles). The pkg 3 is very luxurious and comfortable. Prefer the cloth seats to leather. The new engine is unbelievable. Smooth and infinite power. I was passing Ford Mustangs and V-6 Accords/Camrys at 80+ MPH going up mountain grades. Doubt the Odyssey can match that.

    Bought a dual screen portable 9" DVD player at Best Buy for only $300 instead of doing the $1500 Toyota built-in. Works beautifully, played movies from my I-pod video in addition to the DVDs. The screens weigh nothing. Highly recommend passing on the built in DVD player - which looks small sitting in the third row.

    Favorite features on the pkg 3 - dual sliding doors, alloy wheels with rear discs and VSC, power locking tailgait and trip computer.

    Only features I miss from not spending 33K+ for an XLE - programmable driver's seat memory and perhaps the color keyed folding mirrors instead of black plastic would be nice. The external antenna on the LE works better than many "in glass" antennas. I just don't see what the 6K extra gets you in the XLE that's really worth it? I can afford all the options. I'm really glad that for once, I was a little frugal and only bought what I really needed and would use. Unfortunately, that's something you need to do when buying a Toyota. My final recommendation: This is the best compromise between the excessive fully loaded XLE's listing for 40K and the unreasonably stripped CE.
  • Southeastern States have a distributor for the vehicles and parts- they add in their own junk (options) and useless fees just to pad their own bank accounts.

    It's how they make their money. Every car and part passes through them from MFG to dealer.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Are you saying, TDA and wholesale finance is only in Southeartern states, which states are those?

  • sudha22sudha22 Posts: 12

    I just thought I ll share my buying experience with you guys. Today I took delivery of a Sienna for $26600 OTD + plates.

    The forum was very helpful. I started with $26,000. One dealer contacted me and offered $26750. Since I already test drove in March with a dealer, I had a sales contact. I spoke to the sales contact and offered $26000. He said he cannot do that rate, but something between 26k and 27k he can try. He asked me to bring all the quotes that I got so that he can talk to his manager. So I went to him. He initially gave a quote of 27,300. Then I showed the quote I got and I told him that he has to beat it. I was thinking of 26,300. But then I had to settle for 26,600 [OTD] + plates. Includes $1250 rebate.
  • tx_icetx_ice Posts: 22
    Anyone looking for a Toyota in Houston should avoid Champions and especially the Internet Dept. Very deceptive and misleading, hesitant to quote OTD prices and then call you "greedy" if you push for lower price. It was a terrible experience. :sick:

    They quoted me $25,730 OTD for a Sienna LE Pkg#1 which is $23,987 + TTL and includes the $1250 rebate. OTD is 6.5% tax and dealer inventory + $182.50 tags/ title. But Champions was offering "Double Rebates" which seemed to indicate the price would be $1250 less and OTD would be $24,397. I called to confirm that a check for $24,397 would allow me to take the car home and was given a "Yeah, when can you come in?" response. And at the dealership, a similar response from the same Internet saleman. Then he conveniently had to leave though he was supposed to be there till 9pm when I talked to him on the phone. It was 7pm when I arrived.

    It was all down hill from there. They did finally give me a great "now or never" price of $25,230 OTD, but I was insulted, lied to and called "greedy". No way I would buy from them. Stay away from Champions Toyota Gulf Freeway!!
    Ron Carter in Alvin has been one of the best to deal with. No pressure and fair priced.

    Good luck to all!
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I just heard that $1250 rebate is continued for the month but 0% finance is gone... lowest is instead 1.9% for 36 months.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Does invoice prices include hold back included in it?

    I got a quote for Sienna they have line item for hold back and added it the base price. Are they adding it twice?

  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198

    Where did you buy this van?

  • mike_zhumike_zhu Posts: 2
    Learned a lot from this forum and would like to share my experience. I am in bayarea, which doesn't have pkt 3, only 4 with DVD etc.

    - the nearby dealers are tougher to negotiate, especially when the $1500 rebate expires yesterday on April 30.
    - they don't reply email quickly and they keep some room to lower down their offer after email quote
    - I have to talk with each dealer over the phones for availability, price adjustment etc.
    - finally, I drove 30 miles to buy my sienna because they are more flexible in price.

    2007 Sienna LE + pkt 4(DVD, JBL, sonar etc)

    Dealer invoice $28,860, including destination, advertisement, car mat etc.

    My final price: $27,000 after $1500 toyota rebate. I know it's not the lowest. But I need the car and don't want to risk to lose the rebate. I never care the "dealer invoice" and
    believe they make big money by selling every car close to "invoice price". But this industry is super secret about their real cost.

    I got that price over the phone, and just went there to pick it up. The salesman was very nice since it's a real deal for him.

  • haneefhaneef Posts: 2
    Hi Mike,

    Will you let me know the dealer name? I'm also looking for LE with option 4 in San Jose. Also like to know the dealers you have talked with.

  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    I think your price is pretty good. Was TDA $600?

    The rebate is $1250 or $1500? The rebate is continuing through at least May.

    I assume taxes, doc fees are extra?
  • mike_zhumike_zhu Posts: 2
    The dealer name is Dublin Toyota, at the cross section of 580/680. I remember capital Toyota was willing to offer same or a little lower price. But they don't have the color I want.

    It's good to know the $1500 cash rebate continues.

    I don't remember exactly the TDA although I did look at his "dealer invoice" paper. It's in that range.

    Yes, tax/doc are extra. With that, total is around $29600.

    I did buy extended 7year/100k warantee for peace of mind for $900, which should increase their profit.

  • DCH Brunswick Toyota, N Brunswick,NJ
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198

    I've not seen price close to you. They say, the MSRP 29334 and invoice: $26,600

    Do you remember your breakdown. Even Fitzmall which are pretty competitive have the same price.

    Your price is about $900 less than their invoice according to them. I'm thinking of contacting DCH. Could you please email me the salesperson's name, [email protected]
  • Breakdown
    Price 25750 + Tax 1802.50 + Tire Fee 7.5 + Title/Registration 354 + Doc fee 199 - 1250 rebate = 26863
  • caprovocaprovo Posts: 7
    What is the current money factor and residual % for the 07 Sienna LE FWD 36 month lease with 12k miles per year? Thanks!
  • soflo1soflo1 Posts: 3
    King Toyota in Deerfield Beach, great hassle free buying experience w/ both salesperson and finance. All negotiation by email with Internet dept. No pressure for financing, extended warrenty, etc.

    New '07 Silver LE w/ package 3 in South Florida purchased 5/4/07:

    Selling price 25817
    Dealer fee 598.5
    Electronic filing 16
    Waste tire fee 5
    Battery Fee 1.5
    Sales tax 1406.28
    Tag and title 127
    Rebate -1500
    OTD 26471.28

    Note: Includes Sienna floormats from parts dept., not port

    I know there are a couple of questionable fees in there but I negotiated for OTD and didn't really care how they got there. For not wanting to spend a lifetime tracking down the best deal, I'm very happy!
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Is there different rebate amount in different regions? Here it is $1250... I have seen couple of posts here getting $1,500 rebate.
  • soflo1soflo1 Posts: 3
    I remember reading that the rebate does differ by region but I can't remember where - probably the Edmunds rebate info pages, maybe Toyata's website itself.
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