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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Sienna Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,458
    This isn't a recommendation, as I've never done business there... But, if you go to Columbus, Toyota West has the reputation of having the lowest prices in town...

    No idea of the sales experience, etc..

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • msrp is 38819, 2500 rebate, can buy the car for 33400 plus tags, tax. What say?
  • Not enough info to give an answer: xle or xle limited, options, and is price before or after rebate?
  • tal3tal3 Posts: 2
    I have been trying to purchase the 06, LE in Gulf State Region. Came across one with option 2 and floor mats. This is what being offered.

    MSRP 31,600
    Offered by a Dealer is 28,600
    My home work say the invoice is 27500 (TMV, KBB and Carmax)
    I want to avail the 0% financing over 60 months.

    What should be the price of this vehicle, What would it be consider a good deal?

    Thanks in advance.
  • It's a 2006 xle fwd limited with dvd. price is 33400 after the 2500 rebate, less tax and tags.
  • The dealer told me yesterday that Toyota is giving a 2500 rebate in lieu of the 0% for 60 months. In other words, the 0% deal is no longer available. I'm in NY. Just curious as to if your dealer told you he could still do 0%?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Good time to snap up any leftover 2006s, then.

  • according to kelly blue book invoice is 34267 with the rebate i would try to get him a little lower. I bought a xle not limited for $750.00 over invoice before the rebate last wknd. here in the south east we are only getting 1.9 or 2k. And by the way I really like the car.
  • hdboyhdboy Posts: 1
    Could you please let me know from where you received this excellent quote?.

  • I bought my 07 LE with BZ package (details found at for Sienna options) My van also came with an auto dimming mirrow and carpet floor mats. There were also some dealer add-ons: Extra dark window tinting and perma plate ext. protection.

    The original msrp was 30,229
    after the add-ons $1100 more.

    I figured just the van and the BZ package invoice at 26,126
    I was not expecting the dimming mirror, floor mats or darker window tint. All things I decided I needed.

    I figured all this added a few hundered to the invoice, maybe 26,500.... so that is what I offered.

    I was able to seal the deal at an even $27000. I figured the dealer made $500 off me before dealer hold back. This is exactly what I was willing to do.

    If it helps, I bought it in Phoenix, AZ. And yes I love the van. It has great power and a nice ride. I have about 3500 miles on it in 3 weeks (vacation) so far I am averaging 23 MPG. I figure I can get 1-2 more if I go easier on the gas off the line.

    Only complaints: not to happy with the sound quality of the stereo. My van as the 6 cd in dash changer. I will live with it, but am used to a much better aftermarket stereo. Also, the rear air fan speed can be controled from the front, but not the temp. You have to reach behind and adjust the temp from the rear control.

    I love the van and believe I got a great deal on it.
    I hope this message helps you.
  • I have been offer $37,200 (after $1,000 rebate) for a 2007 Sienna, XLE, Limited, AWD with package #2 (mainly navi and dvd plus some other small options). This is $80 above invoice ($37,120). What do you guys think of this offer? Any opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Where are you getting $1,000 rebate? I have seen $500 in Baltimore region.
  • caravan2caravan2 Posts: 198
    Thanks.... it shows $500 :)
  • my screen says $1,000 .... ???
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,458
    Zip code dependent?

    EDIT: Yup..I put in a New Jersey zip and got $1000

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • 575/mo for 36 months with 4500 down and 12k mile a year. i left without doing the deal because i'm still shopping around, but before i left dealer told me he could do closer to 500 if that would close it. i love the nav system but i really want the hid headlights in addition to the #2 and dealer doesn't seem to have one. he's now claiming they're not avail in my region, which is nonsense, of course.
  • cbekcbek Posts: 1
    Guys ,
    I just got quote on a used 2005 sienna LE with 18K miles , toyota certified with options like remote starter , alarm , rear curtain airbags and powerseat.

    the dealer is quoting 18,600..after some very fast negotiation. Do you think this is a good price???

    I could not go by edmunds TMV or KBB because the price looks much lower than their suggested I think those numbers are a bit skewed...for example 2005 LE base model comes standard with one power sliding door and AM/FM/CD but edmund's shows those as options when you try to do a customized appraisal on a LE. So its not clear if their LE base price includes these options or not.I think the appraisal tool should automatically remove all the standard options from the features list.

  • The power passenger door was an option in 2005 just like it is an option in 2007 model. My personal take is this price is high considering you can pick up a brand new 2006 LE for couple of grand more.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    In 05, the RH side power door came with an option package.

    For 2007, though, I believe the RH power door is std on the LE, and the LH side power door comes with that same package.

    Confusing, I know.

  • Actually I have been in the market for an '07 and I know for sure RH passenger side power sliding door is also an option. It is part of LE option # 1 (AM). It is too bad because I prefer manual sliding doors !!

    I agree with you about Toyota's packages being overly complicated. Honda has much better trim levels and fewer options per trim level.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Pkg 3 adds the other power slider.

    So then it's like this:

    Base LE: no power sliders
    LE pack 2: right side power only
    LE pack 3: both sides power


    I still don't get why they group a safety feature (stability control) with alloy wheels. You're forced in to an expensive option package just to get a safer vehicle. :mad:

  • This is an internet quote that I just received from Atlanta. Can this be real? Would there be a catch? Is this a good price?


    Year: 2007

    Model: Sienna

    Body Style: XLE Limited 7 Passenger, Automatic

    Additional Options/Accessories Include: Limited Package #3 Includes: DVD Rear Seat Entertainment System w/2 Wireless Headphones, Two 115V Outlets, DVD Based Navigation System w/Touch Screen and Back-up Camera, JBL AM/FM/4-Disc CD Audio w/10 Speakers (Replaces Std 6-Disc CD Changer) and Power 3rd Row Fold in Floor 60/40

    Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail $ 40,490.00

    Your Internet Sale Price $ 36,073.00

    Tag/Title Fee $ 18.00

    Lemon Law $ 3.00

    Doc Fee $ 395.00

    Your Total Cost $ 36,489.00

    *(Plus applicable Sales and County Taxes.)
  • Hi, I am in the market to buy a 2007 Sienna, since my 95 Ford Contour just died on the road yesterday in a snowstorm. I want to buy it quick, best within two weeks.
    I saw Boch Toyota at Norwood, MA advertise 2007 Sienna CE for $20,000. That is a very attractive price. Did anyone actually buy Sienna from Boch with such a big discount?
    However, I prefer LE, mostly for its privacy glass, and partly for its roof rack and cruise control. I wonder if it is possible for me to get a Sienna LE with a similar discount.
    The MSRP for CE is $24,155, and $25,680 for LE. If a CE can be had for $20,000, similar discount will put LE to $21,500.

    I went to and was referred to another dealer. That dealer told me that LE's MSRP starts from $27,105. I do not know what happens there. Perhaps that dealer simply does not carry LE without expensive options.
    Any suggestions and comments?
    Thanks in advance
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Keep in mind that what they call an "ad car". Stripped, possibly even a demo, and you have to qualify for every rebate known to man, plus add freight, processing fee, advertising fee, etc.

    It's a teaser, basically. They use it as bait to draw you in, then switch the price to probably over $21k plus taxes once you add those things back.

    I would e-mail them for a quote, and ask them to include freight plus any fees they apply to the actual sale.

  • Decades ago I got my Ford Contour 95 at an extremely low "ad price", without any extra fee, any gimmick, through Quirk Ford. The "ad price" for V6 plus power package was the same as the negotiated price I got for a 4-cylinder. Afterward I drove 4-cylinder Contour as a rental car. God, how I enjoy the power of V6 and how lucky I am that my wife saw that obscure ad on a copy of thrown-away Boston Herald on the subway, one day before I scheduled to go to the dealer to pay for the 4-cylinder.
    It is a pity that Quirk, the volume dealer in Boston area, does not carry Toyota nor Honda. I am ready to bias toward Toyota or Honda based on the price and service from a dealer like Quirk. My friend got his Nissan Altima through Quirk at a very attractive "ad price."
    I saw that Boch Toyota claimed to be a large volumn dealer of Toyota and Honda. It is possible for Boch to achieve the volume benefit if it is really as big as it claims, and sells cars as far as it claims. Another question is whether boch has the intention to share this saving with the customer, and whether it is honest in this process.
    Well, Toyota is a much widely desired brand than my Ford Contour has even been. But I can hardly imagine Toyota to milk the reputation of its cars and extract the last penny from the customers, and losing some sales in the process. BMW is a brand more likely to sacrifice sales number for profit. Well, I may be able to find out in this President's day's sale.
  • My local Toyota dealer found a XLE AWD Limited with Option package 1 (HE), and Carpets (CF). I have a copy of the Vehicle Report that shows the HE and CF codes. It shows a price for CF as $214 vs. Edmunds showing $196. OK, no biggie on the $18 difference.

    Edmunds shows the dealer invoice as $35,590 and a TMV of $40,015. The dealer says his cost is $36,222 and he needs to make $500, so that puts me at $36,722. I'm confused by the difference in "dealer invoice" vs. "his cost" (which I did see on his computer screen). Should I be happy that it beats the TMV significantly and take it, or should I be upset that his cost is $632 higher than what Edmunds shows?

    I see other posts with quotes significantly lower than the TMV, so can this be trusted?

    BTW, I noticed that won't let you configure an XLE AWD Limited with Package 1. They have "option B", which has Packages 1 and 4.

    None of the above figures include the $500 rebate (zip 18411).

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We had a Mazda 626 with an ad price of $18 something.

    To that we added freight, a college grad rebate we were not eligible for, an owner loyalty rebate we were not eligible for, a processing fee, and taxes, and the car came out to $21k.

    Just be prepared, get quotes from competing dealers.

  • I just learned that privacy glass can be mimicked by tinted class, an easy operation costing about $200. That makes Sienna CE an acceptable choice.
    I do not like power sliding door. I can live without stability control or cruise control. That is just me. Every minivan owner around me craved for all these gizmos and gadgets, and paying $35,000 or more for their Honda Odysseys or Toyota Siennas. A friend with $26,000 Toyota Sienna was considered a penny-pincher.
    Well, I saw $20,000 for 2007 Sienna CE from Boch Toyota at Norwood, MA. Is this a good deal for CE? Did anybody heard of CE with the option of Vehicle Stability Control and Traction Control?
  • I was ready to buy an '07 Sienna XLE Limited (with no extra options)from Pat Lobb Toyota in Frisco Texas. I told the salesman the color I wanted and when he called tonight, he informed me he could only sell me an XLE LTD with option#4, mud flaps, running boards, emergency first aid kit, vehicle shield package, window tinting, glass break sensor, wheel locks and the world famous "Extra Mile Option Package A". I told him all of this was thousands of dollars of stuff I didn't want. He explained I HAD to take these OPTIONS because the people at the port of Houston put them on whether I want them or not. After arguing that the word OPTION does not mean MANDATORY, he said he could probably drop about half of them, still keeping Option #4 (halogen headlamps and dynamic cruise control for $1115.00). Are you kidding me??? I DON'T WANT DCC or special headlights! Can dealers get away with these kind of scams in this day and age? I hear Siennas are good minivans, but so are Honda Odysseys and Hyundai Entourages. I also know dealers try to stick buyers with sealers and rustproofing for a little extra profit, but come on? Is anybody really stupid enough to go for this? Is there really a mafia at the port of Houston that "forces" Toyota buyers to take all of these "mandatory options"? Or is this a dealer who will do anything for a buck? If you don't want extras rammed down your throuat, stay away from Pat Lobb in Frisco!!!
  • Most of the XLE AWD Limiteds with Pkg 1 also seem to include Pkg 4, which I also do not want. I told my dealer and did a search and found a vehicle with just Pkg 1. He gave me a price and printed the info sheet, including the VIN. I haven't decided on a color yet, so we didn't purchase that one.

    I also called another dealer because they had a Pkg 1 and 4 van, and asked about just Pkg 1. He did a search of all Toyota dealers in a 500 mile radius and also found one with just Pkg 1.

    Bottom line is that they can find what you want. If not, you should be able to special order from Toyota.
  • this package (hid lamps and dynamic laser cc) is not readily available in the NY region but dealers should be able to "locate" in a nearby region such as Pennsylvania.

    surprised that toyota is not shipping cars with hid to the ny area because this a very worthwhile option.
  • Any dealer who tells you that his vehicles come equipped with such nonsense as pinstripping, running boards, spoilers, and other add ons is full of it. take your business elsewhere.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Last year, the CE package 2 got VSC, so you can probably get it.

    Just noticed something, too, that package costs a lot less then the VSC option on an LE model (includes less, of course).

    Nice thing is that means you can at least get the safety stuff without spending a fortune.

    Check out prices at for a reference point. The internet price includes freight. We bought a car there and it was "no surprises".

  • dugguduggu Posts: 6
    Guys this is the quote I got.

    2007 Sienna XLE Limited with the HT package, including rear seat DVD
    entertainment system, navigation system, and power fold down rear
    seat, rear spoiler, Laser Cruised control, pearl paint, and floor mats
    for MSRP $ 42,552
    Our Price $ 38,205 + fees, after Rebate

    We have $500 rebate in socali. I want to do 3.9 % for 36 mo instead of cash back. So I offered $37K + TTL but he replied saying that was his best offer. Is that a good offer ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • It is funny that Toyota gave out $400 colleage graduation rebate, and the dealers used it to announce a fancy "ad price". It is also funny that the dealers add "mandatory" options to the car, and not have these options included in the "ad price." With all the fine prints, the "ad price" of $19,000 for a CE with $475 cruise control and roof rack and $240 carpet and mats turns out into a little more over $20K.
    Well, I have to admit that $20K for a CE is still a very attractive price. Just the surprise and the inconsistence with the "ad price" gave me the hesitation to sign the deal right away.
    Anyone has similar experience?
  • with 12k miles a year, 500/mo incl gap, 4500 down plus tax and tags, residual is 20600. car has option packages 2 and 4.
  • A long time ago I started to wonder about why there is so little interest on Sienna CE. Most Sienna owners I know choose much more expensive version like LE with alloy wheels. Just today I read on Boston Sunday Globe about NHTSA's pending regulation on mandatory Electronic Stability Control ( ESC), and Ford and GM's decision to install ESC on all vehicles by 2009 or 2010. That made me feel very bad to choose a CE or LE without VSC. Just like nobody today will select a car without ABS, even though millions of drivers live happily without ABS, I simply do not feel comfortable in leaving out this safety feature claimed to be the most important after safety belt.
    Study after study indicates the effectiveness of ESC/VSC, and NHTSA estimates the cost of ESC to be $111 on top of ABS. All these information cast a negative image on Toyota, which bundle this crucial and inexpensive technology with other non-safety features, forcing customers to pay two thousands more. CE Package #2 with VSC is reasonable at MSRP $1,345, Invoice $1,077, but has never been available at dealers. LE Package #3 (or above) has VSC, but costs MSRP $2,795, Invoice $2,236.
    I understand that Sienna is excellent all-around. Even compared to its closest competitor Honda Odyssey, Sienna has an interior much more pleasing and luxurious. It just beyond my understanding that Toyota is willing to play such a low-class marketing tactics to announce a seemingly price-competitive model (CE and LE without VSC), and use such an important safety feature as ESC/VSC to block any intelligent customer from actually buying these models. In my view, that is bait-and-switch on a global scale.
  • All of these are very worthwhile safety features, in my opinion. My wife loves her minivan even though we're no longer toting kids around in it. The six or seven passenger capacity still comes in handy for road trips to Atlantic City and the like, and she likes being "up above" much of the other traffic.

    We've owned two Chrysler products - a 1996 Town and Country and currently a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan. We'd love to consider a new Dodge or Chrysler but frankly the fact that they lack such important features at any price rules them out completely. No wonder DCX is anxious to dump them.

    Don't be too hard on Toyota for not offering those features on it's low end models. I'd venture to guess that most if not all minivans in the low 20's don't have them available.
  • I was offered a Honda Odyssey LX for about $21 - $22K, Odyssey's lowest trim. It has Vehicle Stability Control built in.
    Kia Sedona has VSC built in too on all the trims. But its engine/gas pedal response is too erratic to my preference. I feel sad that I had to rule Kia out.
    To be honest, my wife strongly prefers the interior of Toyota Sienna. I was also attracted to that. We are willing to pay more for the luxury. We are ready to accept certain amount to packaged feature for features we want. But paying above $2,000 for a safety feature costing several hundreds is beyond our way.
    Well, we are out for more negotiation and see if we have to bite the bullet.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I'm finding the exact same thing - dealers simply don't stock any CE models with VSC, and the LE pkg 3 models are pricey.

    Hyundai, Kia, and Honda make it standard. is a good place to compare, since they have both Hyundai and Toyota, and I'm finding about a $4-6 grand difference to get what I'd want.

    Try a Hyundai Entourage Limited, it's supposedly a bit nicer (luminescent gauges, more sound insulation) than the Kia and maybe the throttle mapping is smoother.

  • Can someone share the current price for extended warranty for a Toyota Sienna. My Sienna is still under the 3yr warranty and I have around 22K miles on it.
  • jm38jm38 Posts: 27
    I currently own a 2004 XLE Limited and wish to buy the same 2007 vehicle. I would like the Package 4 (HID and laser cruise). I live in western New York and according to one dealer there is no such vehicle within 300 miles. Every one has the DVD with package 4. Supposedly this is how Toyota builds them. So I can go with the DVD that I have no use for, forget about package 4 and just get a Limited, or try to order one - which could take 16 weeks or more. This dealer also quoted price at 6% over invoice - which to me is a little high. Any thoughts?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I think that's high. List price is usually about 10% over invoice, so that's closer to MSRP than it is to invoice. I'd aim for the latter.

    There's a $500 rebate in MD, $1000 in some other areas, so check that, too.

  • dugguduggu Posts: 6
    So I was all excited to go pick up 2007 XLE Ltd with #3 and #4 package in arctic frost today for $37.7K and out of nowhere I received a quote for 2006 XLE Ltd, arctic frost with FE HE PC options (DVD entertainment, front and rear sonar park assist, heated seats included, no NAV) MSRP $39K for $31.4K after rebate. Now I was looking for 2007 model but at that price it's quite enticing. I didn't think there were still 2006's available still. Any thoughts on this quote ? Decided to put it off for couple of days while deciding which way to go
  • Does anyone knows if CE comes with Power Windows ? list CE with Power windows as standard features. However, shows that CE does not come with Power windows (not even an option)
    Can someone help ? Thanks
  • That is a great deal on an XLE Limited. Is that the price for an AWD or FWD? I got an offer (not alpine white) for 41,000- out the door price in California. (where are you located?) How many vehicles does your area have with this deal. I think Toyota Co. is limiting their release of new 2007 Sienna while trying to sell the 06 (with weaker HP) and also the new and up and coming hybrids.
  • Does anyone know when Toyota is planning to introduce Hybrid Sienna ?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    My Consumer Guide magazine lists power windows as standard on the 2006 CE, FWIW.

    That 2006 is a bargain, snap it up before someone else does.

  • Has anyone ever purchased a Toyota from Dealer A but had the car regularly serviced at Dealer B? I may have to go out of my region to get the upgrade packages I really want in the car but naturally I'm not planning to go back to the purchasing dealer for service. Does anyone think the servicing dealer, near my home, will give me a hard time because I didn't buy the car there?
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