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    There is a TSB for the fuel cut problem... It remains to be seen if it works.

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    The Blazer's 0-60 time is 9.2 seconds not the 7.8 seconds that someone is quoting?? Here's the link to Edmunds review of the Blazer. If you take a look at 6-7 paragraphs down in the review it goes on to say "The sloppy execution sealed the fate of the seventh place Blazer".

    It is clear that it would only be a waste of time and gas to run against a Blazer.


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    I haven't yet seen the TSB for the fuel-cut problem. I'll have to check on it tomorrow. The only problem I see with it is, not all have ECU's that can be reprogrammed. Maybe the others will be replaced...we'll see. Thanks again !

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    Typical Japanese car owner response! Did you know that the Blazer could be ordered with 3 different rear axel ratios 3.08, 3.42, 3.73 and 3 different size tire combinations that affect overall ratios and acceleration? In other words, it is difficult to compare American made truck and most cars unless you know the facts. They simple are not made like cookie cutter cars! This is one reason I think American cars have overall lower quality. I have no reason to lie about the 0 to 60 times and measured it for myself. Not many people in these rooms can do that. Now, on to the new Max.

    The Max 5 speed problem discussion on Edmunds is rather large. I had a lot of warranty work done to the Blazer and just do not want to go through it again. Do people really like their 5 speeds? There is not many sold. I was told less than 5%. That is a lot of complaints for so little cars.
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    The reason for the low 5 speed sales numbers are easily explained. Nissan only builds 3% of all Maximas with 5 speed trannys. And yes, most with the 5 speeds owners love their cars. They're simply a different animal entirely than the automatic.
    LOL...And under 8 sec to 60 ? Might wanna have that "G" thing checked...LOL..sorry...not happening.

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    I have a 2001 SE and a Chevy Blazer, and believe me the Max wins hands down in every category.
    Enjouy the Max!
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    Regarding post #1355 by blackmax, I also found sand in my gas fill cap. I looked in the wheel
    well and guess what, no splash guard. you could see the fuel line exposed going to the gas tank. am going to the dealership Friday.

    Also , I have noticed if I leave the car for 1 to 2 hours and then go to re start, it doesn't turn over on the first turn of the key,I have to crank it again and it turns over on the second try. It is fine when the engine is cold 1st thing in the morning or going home at night. It is also fine if I re start after only a few minutes. Any one else have this problem ? Any ideas what it may be ?

    Some people are having trouble with starting the car on cold or hot days, I read in the 2001 owners manual page 5-7 that you may have to give the car gas to help the engine start. I confirmed this with a couple of Nissan service people. never heard of giving fuel injected cars gas to get them started but it is true with the Max.
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    My '01 GLE hs 4,100 miles. I changed the oil and filter after 3,000. I used a Nissan filter with 5w-30 Mobil One oil. When the engine is hot, and has been standing for a few hours, I notice on startup that the oil light goes out when starting, then flickers on once then goes out again. When the is cold - overnight, for example - this flickering does not occur. Has anyone noticed this on their new Nissan? Is this normal?
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    I am one of those 5spd owners that love their car - had since mid november and it still makes me smile every time I drive it. And yes I have complained about the "fuel-cut" issue but it is a quirk that I can live with - prefer not to have it but with everything else about this car - I'll deal. Final thought - most 5spd owners (like me) tend to be car enthusiasts and many of us mod. our cars, etc. and are also extra critical (guilty as charged). Just got to and you'll see what I mean. But funny thing is when all is said and done we all love our cars!
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    The problem you are having with restarting after 1-2 hours sounds to me like your engine still needs to be broken in further. A new engine with less then 5000 miles will expand from heat build up. After you turn off the engine all the internal parts expand further which makes the engine very tight and hard to restart until the engine starts to cool. After the engine cools it should start without any trouble. This hard starting problem if I am correct in assuming that you have a new Maxima will slowly go away after your engine breaks in further and loosens up.
    Now if you do not have a new Maxima with less then 5000 miles then what I just said would not be the cause of your hard starting.

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    My $0.02. Massmaz, when you say turn over, do you mean the engine cranks but doesn't start until the second try? If so, I wouldn't worry, especially if you have oxygenated gas like me. But if all you get on the first key twist is nothing, I'd believe the starter, switch, battery, or solenoid needs work.
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    The Maxima is a flat out dog with an automatic. I test drove a 2000 SE and a 99 SE with auto. It was painfully dull - no get up and go, no gumption, nothing. Then I got my hands on a 99 and a 2000 Max with a 5 speed. That's the way this car should be. Good heavens the engine is alive, powerful, fun and freewheeling. It's as if the Max has two different personalities. Too bad it's such a big car now. Otherwise, I woulda bought the 2000.
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    After my first winter (a very snowy one here in Mass), I can report that my GLE handled the snow very well. I can also say that i never had a problem turning the key and starting it right up! I did notice a few specks/chips the size of a course pepper grind on the front of the hood : ( I'll get a full count when I clean and Zaino my black max on the next warm day.

    I would disagree with the writer above, I think the auto has plenty of balls, and I used to drive a '92 SHO 5 speed, so I have a good reference point!
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    There is a gas leak. There is a small, rubber fuel line (near the thermostat) that connects the 2 fuel rails. It is also possible that there is a fuel leak from a bad injector (there was a recall on some of the Maximas for this, but I don't think it went up to '94) The smell is strongest at start-up, becuase the fuel pressure is high. If the mechanic doesn't see it, at idle with a warm engine, have him pull the vacume line from the fuel pressure regulator (this will increase the fuel pressure.
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    No offense but I would not put much stock in the readings of the G-Tech Performance Meter, as they are known to be quite inaccurate, and not necessarily in a way that is consistent from vehicle to vehicle. They sound like a neat idea but all anecdotal testing I have heard of has revealed them to be little more accurate than licking your index finger and sticking it out the sunroof to test acceleration times.
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    ronin - I think you are ready for the new Altima since the new Maxima will likely to compete against Avalon and such.

    Hmmmmm... the only trucks from GM that I think would badly burn the Maxima are the Typhoons and Cyclones. Too bad that they don't make those anymore. That Blazer must be heavily mod.
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    We have proved the Gtech meter with side by side runs. The Blazer actually WALKS away from the Max during take off. At about 35 mph the Max starts to come to life and starts to catch the Blazer. From 35 to 60 the Max is accelerating faster then the Blazer. In fact, if we went beyond 60 the Max would start to walk all over the Blazer. Yes, the Blazer has some slight mods, air filter, changed all 90 weight gear oil to lighter weight synthetic, and added friction reducing agent in diffs and engine. Engine and software is stock.

    The real problem is why some (me too) think the Max automatic is sluggish off the line. It is possible the three 2000 SE Maxs I drove were defective? One did have the automatic transmission rebuilt at 10k miles. Or, is it that I am used to "American cars" that have tons of low end torque and run out of steam at higher rpms?

    As for the Gtech meter, I have found it to be right on the money. My 2000 Silverado runs 9.4 sec 0 to 60. Friends Saab 9-5 turbo 4cyl automatic run 8.4 sec. My old Frontier was about 12 sec (SLOW). Friends Yukon is 8 sec. 2000 SE Max auto is about 7.8 sec.

    I have driven all these cars and the 0 to 60 time does not equal how these cars actually feel. The Blazer and Yukon seem to be the "fastest". These trucks leap off the line with little wheel spin (locking rears). The slower Silverado feels like it fast and spins the wheels on take off. The Max feels very sluggish off the line then starts to really kick. The Saab made me sick with turbo lag and felt the slowest. I was not even able to power brake the Saab because of the computer.

    Possibly because the Max and Saab are very smooth and quite they feel slower. I also think things would look much different if I did a test form 60 mph to 100 mph. I would expect the Max to be the fastest followed by the Saab.
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    your time for the auto Max is about right, according to mags. Now your story is more believable since you mod your Blazer.... even lightly. We have a 96? Max. Even though the engine has less horsepower than the current Max, it does feels a little sluggish in city traffic. However, the Maxima's engine has broad torque and can easily be rev.

    Transmission rebuilt? You might want to add a cooler for that transmission.

    As far as feel, quiet cars like Lexus won't feel as fast as loud cars like a Celica.... just a comparison. I remember that my brother's RX-7 does not feel fast accelerating to 100mph because it is very stable at speeds way above that and it is fairly quiet for a sports car.
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    The emissions light in my 95 Max (which has just over 140K miles on it) came on yesterday. When I took it to the dealership (have had all my work done there & feel that they are being honest with me), I was told that they could replace two O2 sensors, two "nok" sensors (spelling that phonetically as I don't know what they are) and some wiring harness to the tune of $650. But there was no guarantee that those fixes would solve the problem. The only other option was full engine harness replacement for $2400.

    When I asked the service manager if it would hurt the car to just drive it with no fixes, he said there would be no problem. The only "problem" would be that the emissions light would stay on - he jokingly suggested that I could put some tape over it.

    My concern is this - is he right in telling me that not fixing the problem (they don't really know what is causing it!) won't negatively affect the engine? I have a 1985 Ford 150 that I did do just that - taped over the emissions light - and it didn't seem to affect it. But I fully expect to get at least 250K out of this Max - have babied it since it was new. However, on the other hand, I don't want to put $2400 into it if it's not necessary.

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    I've encountered this, too, on my 01 GLE. However, the first time it happened to me was after the car had been sitting in the parking garage all day. The starter was grinding away but the engine just wouldn't catch. I let it sit for 10 - 20 seconds and then it started right up.

    The second time it happened was after the car had been driven 25 miles and then left to sit for 20 - 30 minutes. I got mad at it & depressed the accelerator. It finally started but it felt like the engine wasn't running on all cylinders. When I took it to the dealership next day, the car's computer told them that I flooded it! Well, maybe I did - but it shouldn't have refused to start! Since then it's acted a little balky a couple of times (won't start on the first turn of the key) but it's never again flat out refused to start.

    If anyone has an answer, I sure would like to know what it is.
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    Yup, it's the rotors. Often they come from the factory over torqued. I think this is covered by TSB or warranty.
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    Can you Maxima experts tell me whats the brightest lightbulbs by law for the foglights and headlights for a Max you can buy..that won't burn the car down....Thanks Joe D.
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    I know this is a pretty basic question, but the common opinion is that oil changes should be done every 3,000. The Max manual, like most car manuals, suggests every 3750 as the minimum. Since many posts, including Joe, often refer to the manual - ie Octane recommendation - as the way to go, why not for oil changes? (talking about normal, non-synethetic oil here)

    Also, have any other Mass residents had good/bad experience with Crest Nissan. I'm considering switching to them.

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    I'm thinking of upgrading the 16" rims on my 2000 SE to either 17's or 18's (leaning toward the 17's because they are more practical). I'll keep the 16's for winter driving (snow and ice).

    Is there anything I need to be aware of relative to speedometer calibrations, brake cooling, etc, etc, etc???

    Thanks in advance.
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    Sorry if this has been addressed previously but I have to ask, can you hurt the Max by not using premium gas? I haven't gotten mine yet - but gas prices around here are supposed to sky rocket this summer and I might be forced to resort to the cheap stuff but don't want to hurt my new baby.
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    Let me're in the midwest?

    Using a lower octane gasoline probably won't hurt. Your max's engine electronics will compensate, but your engine performance will suffer a bit. If I were you, I'd alternate (i.e. use premium every 3rd or 4th tankful) but try to use at least mid-grade...esp on hot summer days. Luckily, premium gas near me is about $1.39/gallon (and that's full-serve)!

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    1.39 for fullserve?? where do YOU live? i'm moving there!!
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    Looks like other people also are having issues with starting. Thanks to george2kmax and wg45678 for their responses. I should have been more specific. The engine cranks fine but it won't turn over. It is not a starter or battery problem. It is a 2001 SE auto with only 550 miles on it. will give it time to break in some more.
    My gas station(Mobil) did switch to oxygenated or reformulated gas 2 weeks ago. Why would this be an issue ?? I put in 1 tank of 91 and 1 89 since getting the car.
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    If you live on the north side of Chicago, check out Rosen Nissan in Milwaukee which is about 75 miles from the near north suburbs.

    I've purchased two maximas from them (95 GLE & 00 SE) and had the same choice as you for driving a while for the best deal.

    It would be way too far if your south. I was able to get right at invoice on both cars, fully loaded with virtually no hassle. Both were cash purchases, no trade which no doubt makes things easier.

    (IMHO, be very careful of Star Nissan)
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    I agree that the Maxima automatic and 5 speed are like two different cars. You can always tell an automatic Maxima because they can't even keep up with my 7 year old Sentra SE-R ( I've noticed this repeatedly). I'm waiting for Nissan to put the 240 horse Pathfinder engine in the Maxima before I start shopping.
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    Those of you with 5 speeds, and the fuel-cut complaint...The TSB's reprogramming of the ECU WORKS ! Although I've never had a problem with it because I drive all highway miles, I reprogrammed mine, and the around town 1st gear on/off throttle lash is gone.

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    Great advice, funny you should mention Star Nissan since I was just there tonight! It's the closest dealer to me. I've been there a couple of times "just looking" but none of the salesmen seemed to impress me much (do they ever?) I will definately check out the dealer you suggested when I'm ready to go (another 2 months *sigh*) Is there anyone in particular you think I should talk to?
    Thanks a lot~
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    According to Nissan, the new Altima will fly from 0-60 mph in 6.3 seconds!!!!....that is a helluva lot faster than a Maxima folks.

    here's the official specs from Nissan

  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    that's great, but I have a feeling that the new Altima will probably cost more than the current Maxima when equipped with the 3.5L V6. Class leading... definitely in terms of performance.
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    maybe you should clarify that the 0-60 in 6.3s is only for the 5spd V6 SE Altima; the vast majority of the Altimas will be with a 4cyl 2.5L engine, capable of mid 8s 0-60. Also, I read that the EPA highway mileage is rather unremarkable, some 360 miles between fillups (20gal tank).
  • kyleknickskyleknicks Member Posts: 433
    that car sounds really nice.. especially the indash cd changer, the dual exhaust. wow..if i were to shell out for the top of the line ALTIMA, it would be nicer than my 2000 MAXIMA!

    ya, the fuel mileage looks like it sucks! even with the 4cyl, it only gets 20mpg on highway..that's not acceptable for a CAR... for SUV's i could understand
  • speedracer3speedracer3 Member Posts: 650
    The 0-60 times are with the 3.5L 240hp Altima. Let's see when Nissan releases the pricing, but since the Altima will be made in TN not in Japan (like the Maxima) pricing may up to par, or even better than the current Max.
  • ineto6ineto6 Member Posts: 161
    Nissan just unveiled the new Altima today - the new Altima will have a choice of 2.5L I4 or the top of the line 3.5L V6. The current Altima has a 2.4L I4 engine - not 2.5L.
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    LOL...I still can't understand Nissan stepping on their flagship "Maxima". Even if the Maxima were to get 260HP, that's not enough to beat 6.3 secs to 60. And, at over 103 cu ft of interior space, it's also larger than the Maxima. Maybe they'll offer a twin turbo Maxima !....LOL...wishful thinking.

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    Don't get me wrong -- behavior like you describe might be the result of a problem.

    I've always found Oxygenated fuels made every car I've owned harder to start if the car has been set idle after getting a good drive, for a short period. Don't know why but it seems more pronounced with ethanol blend oxygenation is used and we have a hot spell. Here in Phoenix, the gas is 10% ethanol in winter and 15% MTBE in summer. (hello carcinogens). I've never done any research but I've attributed it to the high volatility of ethanol causing something akin to vapor lock -- the engine cranks fine but simply does not catch -- as thought it's not getting any fuel. I understand the heat out here is the reason the oxygenating agent is switched between summer and winter.

    I should note that all my cars are fuel injected --and aren't supposed to vapor lock.

    I'd still probably get it checked out and you might need to drive it to the dealer after it misbehaves without shutting off the engine. Evidently some fault codes are erased after the engine is shutoff. Any comment, joenissan?
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    Exactly why the VQ engine does this, I don't know. It's been normal for it since it's introduction in 95. If started cold for a short period, then shut off and let to sit can sometimes need a throttle to the floor start in the morning. Does it have anything to do with the different types of fuel between summer and winter ?...I, for one, don't think so...only because it happends winter and summer. Unless there's another problem, you may have to live with it....sorry to say.

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    If you ask me, the Altima is Nissan's the new flagship for now. Did you check out the specs?, independent rear suspension, HID headligths are optional. This puppy is loaded with goodies...seriously considering the Altima when my Maxima lease is up!.
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    My car did the same thing last week. It took me two or three attempts to start it. That's the first time that's happened in the almost two years I've owned it. I'll keep my eye on that.

    Joenissan: Here one for you...if I drive my 2000 max, park it and shut it off for say a half hour or so...then re-start it, I hear a constant rumble (lasting 10-15 secs) from the rear of the vehicle. Sounds like the passenger-side/rear. Any ideas?

    kyle: NJ...NJ has no self-serve gas stations (its illegal in NJ to pump your own gas).

    Altima: That's gonna be sweet!

    has pictures of it. YOU SHOULD SEE THE PICTURES!!!!

    I agree with joenissan (Altima will be too good)...the Altima V6/manual will, likely, be faster than the automatic 'Z'. Go figure!
  • 92drexel92drexel Member Posts: 153
    Here's a good Nissan link (from USA Today)

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    Good evening all,I have a question I hope anyone can help me with.Where is the alarm sensitivity swith located? I want to turn it so the alarm will go off a little easier,right now you can rock my car and pull on the door handles and nothing happens.I called dealership,no help there,the guy that answered said his was under dash on driver side,but he didn't drive a maxima.I also looked in my book but can't find much about the alarm system.I really want to fix this because my neighbor had some people "checking out" his car at 3 in the morning,he already had a stereo stolen from his last car,so this really is important to me.Is there a way to do this,or do I need to get my own system put in?
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    Just picked up a used '99 SE 5-speed tonight. Looked at a number of '98 autos, but finally found a stick, newer for about the same money.

    Anyway, a few questions (car came w/o the owners manual):

    1) how important is the octane (I'm used to using regular). Is there a noticable difference? is mid-grade or alternating tanks good enough? Most of my driving is around town, rarely high speed highway.

    2) does the issue with the sticks (first gear lash) only apply to the 2000-2001? I don't recall hearing about it on the older style.

    Thats it for now. I can look in the manual for my Quest to figure out how to program the homelink.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 43,432
    One more: I have the standard SE (premium) radio, not the Bose. Sounds pretty good, but does anyone have experience with upgrading (probably only the speakers, since the head unit matches nicely and seems to have plenty of power).

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 43,432
    Last one (I promise): Has anyone actually installed the shifter upgrade that is available (I think from Millen motorsports). I've read reviews i the car magazines, but wondered if it is really a waste of money for normal driving.

    2020 Acura RDX tech SH-AWD

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    But what's going to happen to the Maxima when it's redesigned in 2003? Seems like it's been supplanted by the Altima. Sad......
  • 66falcon66falcon Member Posts: 17
    .....was thinking really hard about an '01 Max, but after seeing the pictures of the '02 Altima, I'm really wondering if it might be worth the wait and driving my '98 Avalon for another 4-5 months. Man, if the pictures really are true to what we'll see on showroom floors, the new Altima is a real beauty, and I would think Nissan would have a real winner on their hands.

    Anybody have any idea what the pricing might be for the SE edition with the V6 and if there's any chance Nissan might bring this one out early? I'm wanting to get rid of my Toyota before it goes out of warranty, and I'm at 47,500 now. Also, you think the mileage estimate for the Altima might be an error of some sort? Thanks, and Happy Easter, everybody....
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