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Oldsmobile Intrigue



  • ickesickes Posts: 82
    1997 on the Cutlass Supreme. What exactly is a Cutlass Supreme anyway, a really fancy sword?
  • ickesickes Posts: 82
    As you can see, I'm rather bored today at work. Anyway,given that many here seem interested in future GPs as replacements for their Intrigues, Pop Mechanics has the following sketchy info. I think the car in the picture looks alot like the two photos they have of the up coming Cadillac CTS. Check it out:

  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Well for those of you who are Canadian or live near the border and may be in the market for tire replacements, Canadian Tire is now selling Goodyear Allegra tires. They look a lot like the Eagle LS, maybe slightly wider for the same width, and are T-rated, fairly long wear rated tires. They are dirt cheap on introductory sale right now, at about $180 Canadian a pair for Intrigue size 225/60R16's..
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    ickes: what country are you from? I don't recognize the flag.

    I do believe the cutlass name would have helped recognition. People would have come into trade their old cutlasses (cutli?) and moved right into the new one without a thought. It could have been named cutlass without the Supreme, and would have built on the history of the name going back to the sixties.
    The perfromance version could have been called Cutlass GT or better yet, W-30.
    "But that's not important now." (Airplane 1980)

    I still feel like my next car will be anaother intrigue. The Grand Prix is interesting, but its interior is too boy racer. What is up with all of those identical sized buttons all over the place?
    Pontiacs are from the more is better school of design. I think i am past all of that now. Maybe 10 years ago, but not now.
    Don't see how i can possibly go back to a pushrod motor in a sedan again. I have been spoiled by the shortstar and after having lived with it for two years, i see why everybody likes a OHC motor.

    My car is two years old today. I purchased it March 22, 1999. I put some amorall on the tires in celebration. We have had the worst weather for the last 5 days so i wasn't able to wash it.

    I read in the car rags about the styling being bland. What are these people thinking about? It is my belief that they hire kids fresh out of journalism school who have no experience or point of reference. Or maybe their only experience is asian cars. Maybe they think the honda accord is actually good looking.
    The intrigue is probably the best all around looking wbody car, although the grand prix has some angles.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    While on vacation last summer i bought a cd by STYX. It is called "Extended Versions", but it is in fact a live concert cd. It rocks hard! They have a new drummer and he is completely over the top. Highly recommended. It can be purchased at best buy or wal mart for $5.99. Sounds great on the intrigue system.

    Diana Krall put out a cd called "Love Scenes" a few years ago. It is recorded incredibly well.

    Keb Mo' is great too, but turn down the bass if you have the dimensional sound system. This cd is a little bass heavy.

    A DVD too avoid is, Paul Simon the "Graceland Concert", below VHS picture quality is the reason.

    Talk at you later.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    DTS music CD's are a nice find for those who have stereos that can play them at home.. Search for DTS as album title at Unfortunately can't play these in the car..
  • vezinivezini Posts: 38
    I have a 1999 Intrigue XLS with the standard factory radio. Today I upgraded the factory speakers in front to dual cone speakers; wow, the sound is great! I only spent $150 with a professional ins taller... what a difference.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    99 GLS-std radio setup--volume control is able to override noise level of operation--not too shabby!!!

    The 400 mile trip to Buckeye land and Asian factories saw 342 miles netting 27.20mpg.. Not bad for 75 miles was stop/go; balance btw 2250/2500rpms..Saw about 25 miles of 90+ with a Dodge Durango sporting a manufacturers license plate with a female driver.

    Spent 3 hrs in the business meeting and returned home filling up with gas south of Toledo at a new station off I-75..I paid $1.23/gal and then I went across the street for a cup of coffee at the new Tim Hortons; I glanced at the revised gas pricing of $1.45/gal where I had been five min. earlier..

    OPEC loves spring and summer in the USA; the camel jockeys sure enjoy the game.. God bless the liberals and the enviro whackos who put us in this mess. We are being held hostage, once again!!!!
  • ketchketch Posts: 217
    Enjoyed a bit of humor, a small bit, this morning. Went out to the Intrigue to go to work, started her (all cars are her i suppose to me), went inside while it warmed up, asked my wife 'who' s new silver car is that out there", she, right on cue, "its yours", and I respond in kind, "it is isssn't it!"....ok, so I thought it was funny, as is the Kia Optima commercial I ripped it off from ( I love these, get me laughing every time). Now if only Olds had a better ad campaign like that....
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    1415 : It's amazing how many Tim Horton's there are in Michigan and NY these days. Gas prices go up and down like a yo-yo here on a weekly basis also. Drives me nuts!


    A lady in my office just bought a 2001 Maxima. I was talking to her about it and I told her I looked at the Maxima but decided on the Intrigue for a number of reasons. She looked at me and said.. "who make the Intrigue"? Just another example of Oldsmobile's marketing failure.
  • mrblinkymrblinky Posts: 4
    I think the board is giving GM credit for having any sort of coherent marketing strategy at all. Honda/Toyota have clearly demonstrated a successful strategy by continually designing automobiles for a specific age demographic, then continuing to design and market as that group's preferences modify (generally with age...). Sell 'em the Civic DX in college and they'll be buying the 3.2 TL when they're fat and forty. Ditto the Corolla/Avalon. Aside: does anyone else think the Toyota Avalon is one of the most hideous vehicles on the road today? That huge chrome grille is ridiculous.

    GM, on the other hand, persisted through the late '80's and '90's with mediocre designs reminiscent of the glory days of the '70s and early '80's. GM was not only unresponsive to a new customer base, they were completely unaware that it existed at all! The Cutlass' and Eighty-eights of the nineties are one of the reasons that Olds tanked at the turn of the century. Continuing with obsolescent designs for a dead-or-dying demographic turned out to be the sure formula for loss of customer-base and prestige; and eventually the entire division

    I rented three different Oldsmobile's during business trips in 2000: 1999 Intrigue, 1999 Eighty-eight, 2000 Alero. I drove the Alero for a week in Reno, the Eighty-eight for five days in New Mexico, and the Intrigue for three days in Seattle. I honestly could not believe that the same company manufactured these designs! The Eighty-eight epitomized everything mediocre about American sedans. It was offensive in the sense that it was completely inoffensive; GM could have marketed it as "the generic alternative to stylish automobiles: the Oldsmobile SEDAN (in generic block font...)." Sell 'em to the AARPs while they can still sign the checks!

    When GM finally developed a decent product the apparently felt they didn't need to tell anyone about it. The marketing of the Intrigue/Alero wasn't just bad, it was virtually non-existent. With the exception of the X-files campaign, the Oldsmobile was the stealth division from a marketing perspective. The only reason I ended up test-driving and purchasing an Intrigue was the fact that I'd driven the rental. GM certainly didn't intrigue me (bad pun intended). Putting the Cutlass name on the 98 Intrigue would have turned off both the established AARP Olds market and the younger, import-buyer demographic. Although, frankly, even BAD marketing is better than no marketing at all...
  • ketchketch Posts: 217
    As mrblinky said "Putting the Cutlass name on the 98 Intrigue would have turned off both the established AARP Olds market and the younger, import-buyer demographic"
    EXACTLY. Its humored me those who push here that the car's name (i.e. not Cutlass) was one cause of its sales failure. Go buy a Buick as that fits your demographic.

    Anyone know Leo Burketts(sp?) email address, the folks who are the ad agency that never copped a clue that they had to know the product they were marketing? Love to send them a oiece of my mind on this issue!
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    One of the reasons for the success of the Pontiac GP series is the connation of a performance car with GT and GTP series. With the Intrigue; the cheapy one initially performed the same as the high end GLS; same engine, suspension, and gear ratios. When the 3.5 came out, it was 3.29 axle ratio across the line. Now they sell you the PCS pkg for the speed rated tires and the 3.29 axle..They have less exciting ratio for the plain jane Intrigue..

    The Regal line offers a better presentation of distinction between the models ranging from the sublime to the GS/performance version. The main idea here is to show that the GTP/GS has a different suspension and different engine to push the performance level upward..

    With the Intrigue; it's the trim levels that count--nothing else.. In the process of developing the Intrigue, the Olds people should have swallowed a little pride and recruited some Pontiac cats.

    Olds did a better job on the Alero by offering several engine options and a performance suspension option..At least there is a vast mechanical difference between the bottom and the top-end..

    Just some thought items where Pontiac scores high and sells alot of cars using existing products that were in the GM pipeline..Olds took a pile of corporate money and frittered it away on the 3.5 w/o any message or slogan to get peoples attention. The sleepy division totally went into a coma with their new products; became tongue-tied and forgot what the original mission was all about.. The OSV should have hit the street quick with different wheels, suspension tweaks, and a modified exhaust for a few bucks; but they screwed around trying to promote a supercharged 3.5L or a Northstar infusion..

    Once again Olds people tried to shoot for the moon; and the GM brass got tired of throwing good money down the drain so they decided to shut down the money drain--Oldsmobile and its non-automotive people..

    You know the AARP bunch at Buick outclassed Olds using old products in the process.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    I mostly agree with you, but regal sells about the same as intrigue. The impala and grand prix sell 3 to 4 times better.
    The regal interior is just plain awful.
  • redly_oneredly_one Posts: 122
    We've got a guy at work that just bought a Yukon and is driving everyone crazy saying that line!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    What are YOOOOOU DOING?!?!?!

  • j_colemanj_coleman Posts: 143
    No he didn't!
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Hey Chad, pick up the cordless!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    bz4 : NO NO... WAAAT ARE UUUU DOING??? ;-) I don't think the interior of the Impala is much better than the Regal. I'm not keen on either. Grand Prix is ok, it's just the plastic feels a bit cheap.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    I agree the Avalon is one ugly car; however the sad looking critter beats the poop out of the Intrigue in sales volume.. It's put together in the blue grass region of Kentucky by non-union people who never complain or strike..Don't get me started on the Asian invasion!!!!!

    Ford Motor Company is requesting that their major suppliers move operations to Mexico if they wish to continue supplying in the future.. They will support assembly operations only with UAW folks.

    The days of the $100,000/yr union janitors and assembly hands is coming to an end.. The honeymoon is coming to a close for the arrogant union bosses for there will be no one left to intimidate..

    Next we must address the Asian style of business which tends to somehow escape scrutiny...There is no bidding in reality; for you as an Asian owned supplier are told what you can charge for your product and you accept, or pack up and go home. Don't forget the Japanese banks and government are insolvent big time; and the USA keeps their system alive. If their auto business takes a dive like our Big 3 is going through now---watch the Dow head South big time..

    Thanks for mentioning the Toyota Group, really turns me on... Toyota does a slick job with marketing of Camary with it's 136hp for $16k through the ES 300 Lexus of 210hp for $33k. The funny thing most of the 300 Lexus buyers know that they are getting a schmoozed Camary; but the dealer walks them through minefield and helps relieve them of their grenbacks.. I read a few of the ES postings and it is not much of a car; in fact, it is somewhat fragile!!!!! The Lexus dealer has a license to steal; but they are smooth; not like the Mercedes dealer who is somewhat uppity...

    Take time out today to be kind to your Intrigue. Just passed 1600 miles on the oil change and to my amazement it is down a pint, maybe; all depends which side of the dip stick you read!!!! Not bad on the oil for it is dealer grade--bulk whatever--low bidder type fluid..

    May do the Niagara Falls run next week to check out my Canadian supplier..Get ahold of the Canadian $$$$$ and go wild!!!! Wife likes to stay at the White Oaks Inn, Niagara-on-the-Lake for the tennis and exercise areas..great eating place..
  • tlc125tlc125 Posts: 14
    Yeah, Avalon is an "acquired taste", but that ugly grille reminds me of Buick! There is nothing uglier to me than those big "classic" chrome grilles on modern Centurys and Le Sabres. Of course, there are those that would say there is nothing modern about them!
  • redly_oneredly_one Posts: 122
    I couldn't resist
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    1415 : Niagara-on-the-Lake is a very nice place to go. My wife and I like to go down there to buy wine and walk around. A lot of good wine made in those parts and it's only an hour from home. Also usually stop at the Casino Niagara.
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    I'm glad you mentioned the Camry and ES300. You think Olds gets bad press now, imagine if the 2001 Aurora was simply a fancier version of the Intrigue rather than a totally different design. It would be just like the Cadillac Cimmaron fiasco. Yet, people will buy ES300s in droves and pay the sticker price, while a far superior car like the Aurora has to be discounted to sell. Look past the nameplate people, look beneath the cars a bit. The ES300 shares it's chassis with the cheapest most basic Camry you can buy while the Aurora shares it's chassis design with the most expensive Cadillac you can buy. But the masses will never understand. They say "Oh it's a Lexus, it musy be good" or "Lexus can do no wrong."
  • etharmonetharmon Posts: 399
    Okay, we've beat around this until we are blue in the face, but after today I really honestly don't understand why the Intrigue does not sell at least 1/2 again it's current rate before Olds was cut. As for today, I stopped by the Olds dealer early this afternoon just to look around and see if they had any more new Intrigues in and hopefully a 2002 Bravada to look at. No luck on the Bravada, but they had a couple of new Intrigues. Anyway, I got to talking with a salesman who was ready to let me break my lease and get a brand new one today. Only problem was, he didn't really want to deal and the 60 month finance rate is only 3.9%. However, he did offer the let me keep the car for the afternoon and see how I liked it. So you know I jumped at that opportunity. It was a Ruby GLS with the PCS package, gold emblems, and Bose Audio system. Sticker was over $29K. The car drove great. It was a virgin, so I did go easy on the engine, but I did get her up to 4500 rpms and it was so smooth and was sounding so good. The Bose sound system had pretty good kick too, although it could use some help on the low end. A sub would do nicely. The 2001 did seem quieter than mine on the freeway, but again mine has worn out tires. Everything about the car felt great. The leather seats were very comfortable and the extra features of the GLS made it rather upscale feeling inside. After returning it to the dealer and driving off in my 98, the old 3800 sounded much louder and unrefined than I had previously noticed. It is still a good engine, but the 3.5 clearly has it beat in my opinion. Which brings me to the question of why this car does not sell better than it does? The 29K is a bit steep, but a moderately equipped model will sticker for much less. And besides, loaded top of the line Camrys and Maximas hit the $29K mark and I just don't see how they can be that much better than this car. As for marketing, all Olds should have tried to do was get people in the dealers to test drive the Intrigue. I'm convinced the drive itself would have sold more cars. As for me, I'm going to wait another couple of months, then seriously start the dealing process. I'm hoping Olds will run the 0.9% for 60 months financing deal. If they do, I will be at the dealership Monday morning when they open. If GM really is planning on dropping the 3.5, they are really pathetic. While the overall Intrigue package is pretty good, that engine is the icing on the cake.
  • 14151415 Posts: 249
    At least those ugly chrome grilles are homespun and 100% USofA.

    Nissan went belly-up and the French had to bail them out...can't give everything away and stay in business..

    Avalon is pure ugh!!!! it has the shape of an aircraft carrier..

    etharmon::::::You are right about the Lexus spell; just keep the low production and some of our folks actually believe it's next to hand-crafted.. The liberals have really dumbed down the educational process.. Olds just had a $120 price increase on the Intrigue..At least the accounting dept is working!!!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Sales of the Lexus LS400 have fallen drastically over the years. Lexus came out with the LS430 and they now have a 6000 order waiting list.

    Avalon ain't much to look at, The front has got way to much chrome, The rear is just butt ugly (pun intended). The side view is actually quite godd.

    The avalon is expensive, while the highlander is very reasonable.

    My dealer still has the no option blue intrigue.
    He just got in 2 more auroras, bringing his total to four. I think he sells the auroras to people who don't want to spend money for the cadillacs.

    I had pretty much settled on another intrigue, but the mercury marauder will be out about the same time that my lease runs out.
    300 hp and rear wheel drive is the ticket for me.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    going to the Avalon. What a pity - the prior style was very attractive but this thing just has "homely" written on both ends. Interior is very nice though - and at least from that vantage point you don't have to look it in the face!

    I enjoy reading your Intrigue experiences and share the chagrin over losing Oldsmobile. You have a great car - enjoy it to the maximum.

  • jg28jg28 Posts: 257
    I think that came from Nissan design people on drugs.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Aztek is beyond ugly. In fact I think there will be a new phrase invented. "That girl is as ugly as an Aztek."
    "The Avalon is so ugly, Toyota should have called it the Aztek."
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