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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • sirus32sirus32 Posts: 55
    No problem Tarik, I now have more information than I did before.

    Does anyone know if MB has vechical production tracking on the web like BMW?

  • jamesa4jamesa4 Posts: 22
    Hey guys. New poster/reader. I am moving to LA and thinking about leasing a new mercedes. Looking at the ck 320 convertible and the slk 320 convertible. What have people here leased these cars for? Thanks for your help!
  • hvan3hvan3 Posts: 630
    I find it really laughable that MB dealers charging full MSRP price for C240 or C320. Do they understand that the US is in a near recession? Luxury items are the first thing consumers cut back (unless you're absolutely rich). With so many high tech companies laying off left and right, MB will eventually feel the pinch. By then, they'll be begging you to buy their MB vehicles.

    No thanks to MB.
  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    for the MB dealers to charge MSRP as long as possible. It really is simple supply and demand. For more amusement, go to the MDX forum where they are griping about dealers forcing them to pay *over* MSRP or charging MSRP and forcing you to buy their $2-3K "value" package of accessories that are mandatory for purchase... At least MB dealers have more class than that.
  • nycanyca Posts: 232
    It's true, it's hard to find any visible effects of the Nasdaq crash. I would have thought, for example, that Ferrari prices would have collapsed and waiting lists would be short. It ain't happening. Anyone live in the Bay Area or Silicon Valley, are real estate prices collapsing? My guess is that alot of "rich" people already got out of tech some time ago.

    As for the C Class, demand will exceed supply until enough cars are put into the hands of the early "must have it now" folks. Be thankful they aren't selling for over MSRP. It will be interesting to see what happens after this initial demand bubble is popped, will MBUSA simply import less cars to keep the MSRP price? I think this is likely to happen, they won't just flood the dealer lots with uncommitted cars and let them cut each other's throats on price, they value their dealer network too much to do this (probably a good move from their standpoint, bad for us as customers). So unless a customer for an allocated car backs out (which many posters here have reported), you can't get much of a discount from MSRP. They will probably be able to stick with this even if demand slows due to the economy, supply chain mgmt is such these days that they know exactly how many cars the factory should be cranking out, and if they have to slow production they will.
  • glaxglax Posts: 10
    Prestige Motors are not "straight shooters". Their lease quote came out to have a money factor of .0046 in January. I had already seen the money factor/residual sheet at the dealer in Nanuet and the C money factor for Tier 1 (no finance rebate to the dealer) was .00399. Prestige would get a rebate from MB Finance if I signed a lease for what they quoted. They came down $15 as I was walking out the door but I kept on walking.
  • tariktarik Posts: 344
    Thanks for the reminder re the chat, but I am even reluctant to post here since it's supposedly an owner's forum, let alone partcipate in an MB chat... :-(

    As to MotorVision, today I caught it (wife and son are in Germany to see family, therefore the remote is all mine ), and the Lorinser CLK really made an impression!!! Did you notice that one time when the ESP light flashed like crazy, it looked as if the driver had fun...
    If he really had problems getting the CL55 around the road course appropriately, may be he shouldn't have turned the ESP off!!! Amazing what such a big and heavy car can do - Porsche-killer it ain't, but it was not conceived as one IMHO.

  • glaxglax Posts: 10
    Prestige Motors are not "straight shooters". Their lease quote came out to have a money factor of .0046 in January. I had already seen the money factor/residual sheet at the dealer in Nanuet and the C money factor for Tier 1 (no finance rebate to the dealer) was .00399. Prestige would get a rebate from MB Finance if I signed a lease for what they quoted. They came down $15 as I was walking out the door but I kept on walking.
  • c320buyerc320buyer Posts: 17
    Before the Nasdaq crash and all the layoffs the dealers were acting like they were doing you a favor even ordering one for you at MSRP. Now if you check with sales managers at misc. dealerships you will find they have many cancellations and they are discounting the car. If they say they are not then they YOU must not look like a buyer. I was offered $1400 under MSRP for a Comand C320 that someone had cancelled, and two other offers for 320 sport that were all of the sudden available. Take a walk if the dealers say MSRP only. For Christ's sake don't talk to the sales guy at all! Get their web site and speak with the internet sales person. They save so you should too.
  • lepinlepin Posts: 13
    It's really cold out there now. I really want to wash my car by myself but...
  • mga3mga3 Posts: 51
    I leased my 320 from Prestige Motors in NJ. Dealt with their internet specialist,Doug Tucker. It was a relatively painless experience.
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    I have taken my black C320 to the "hand" car wash several times. It survived the experience very nicely. Of course, I always wipe up after the car wash to clean out the areas that trap water.

  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    Has anyone used Klasse? It was one of the many courtesy gifts I received from the dealer. I am sure everyone knows all about it, but just in case -- "It is an all-in-one non-abrasive cleaner, polish, and protector, invented by a German scientist. With an easy one-step application, it removes oxidized paint, old wax build up, road tar, surface scratches, swirl marks, gasoline and insect stains It polishes to "Wet Look" shine and locks into the paint, seals and protects with an elastic non-chip, shrink-proof, heat and scratch resistant acrylic finish. Provides 6-8 months protection again salt water, sun, industrial pollutants and corrosive elements."

    My car was spotted from last weekend's rain and I needed a quick fix.
    I lightly dusted the car with the California Duster to remove loose particles that might scratch and applied the Klasse. It was quick, easy, and the car looks amazing.

    Is Klasse used in addition to the two or more times a year waxings, do you think, or is it used instead of the wax, or in between waxings?

  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    ..both hand and car wash.... i always get either place... but so far so good..
    insofar as prestiges negotiating position on lease..price etc.. its all business.. theyre there to make as much money as they can whether its from vehichle price,, or if its an mb lease.. but if..after negotiating can't get the best deal from your salesman.. by all means walk!
    but you cant blame any business for not letting these cars out the door without maximizing profits!. its their job!ours is to find the best deal.
  • fedssocrfedssocr Posts: 90
    I think a big part of whether you get a discount has to do with options and model. I'm not surprised a 320 with COMAND can go for $1400 under MSRP. And I'm not surprised that 320 Sports are also being discounted. These are cars that the majority of C buyers are not looking for. These are models that have a lot more profit built into them, so they can afford to discount them somewhat, especially when they know that demand for them is not as great. Now, if you want a relatively basic 240 you're going to pay MSRP. Supply and demand will always certainly apply.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I bet a loaded 320 with either Command or Sport at $1400 below MSRP has about the same amount of profit in it as a 240 with with free changer, probably more.
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    officially.. there is no recession... was talking to y salesman when i went in for"a" service last week.... business is brisk(showroom was very busy).. still long waiting lines.. mostly for the 240... there are many good cars justbelow the price of an mb (eg.acura 3.2tl,infinti ..and more!)... mb has their customer,their niche.. and they wont change the mb corperate image
  • c320buyerc320buyer Posts: 17
    You guys are perfect MB buyer's. You make excuses for the amount of money they charge for these cars. You actualy defend the fact the MB buyer expects to pay more! Strange to me. MB sales are slow and don't let anyone tell you different, they are lying. THAT is the only reason for discounting this car with or without equipment. Wake up.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    We're awake and driving our Mercedes Cs. If you're planning on low balling some dealer, I think you're the one who needs to wake up. Maybe you should go by a domestic dealership, they're the ones hardup to sell cars, not MB. Good luck to you and by all means let us know how it all works out. I've been loving my C for over 5 months now and I don't regret paying MSRP one bit. The car's worth it!
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    My friend just purchased a LOADED C320 (EVERY OPTION) and it was a cancelled order at Ray Catena in NJ. They are probably the largest dealer in NJ. There are tons of unclaimed E's and S's on their lot. My friend who LOVED the car ended up paying full list. I bet he could have gotten a discount. At least they gave him 36k for his 2000 Vette.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    The C is definitely worth paying MSRP because it's just a FANTASTIC car. Don't let the stock market fool you into thinking our economy is tanking. That's far from the truth. Go to the malls, departments stores and people are BUYING! Go to the MB dealer and there are BUYERS not browsers. It is incumbent on the individual to get a good deal but let's not fool ourselves. We become so impationed with
    the car and don't think straight and get suckered into paying full list. If you have the patience, you can make a good deal. I don't think anyone should be ashamed if they paid MSRP. Enjoy your C's!! Oh... one last thing... my dealer got a CLK55 in and gave my friend the option of buying it. Within two days it was sold... so much for the BAD ECONOMY.
  • c320buyerc320buyer Posts: 17
    OK you're driving it, enjoy it. You paid more lax, sales, and other fees based on the price you paid. The only way to eliminate some of the ridiculous depreciation when you drive off the lot is to buy at the lowest price possible up front.
    As far as the market goes anyone who can afford a
    55 could always afford it. I am talking about the entry level luxo cars, 320, 240 that compete against much less expensive cars.
    When is the last time an E55 sold for MSRP and stayed at the dealership as long as they have. This is what I mean about wake up. The signs are all around you what a pit the economy is in. Sep.
    for luxo. cars. Take advantage of it or go in the hole.
    The comment about the optioned car having more profit is ridiculous. Of course the amount of the profit will be more but the percentage is the same from a strippy on up.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    ....the average consumer. I was fortunate enough to get $2,700 off sticker for my C320 Sport. If there was NO room for negotiation I still would have paid MSRP. I truly believe there still is a shortage of C240's but C320 demand is probably lighter. Same goes true for the 3 series BMW. They're a hot commodity in a still very active economy. Don't believe what you read about the economy slowing!!!!!! That's BS!!!!!!!!!!
  • bubba3007bubba3007 Posts: 38
    What do I know, I'm just an Old Fart, retired, livin' on welfare (social security), spending my daughter's inheritance, etc, etc. However, my nickels worth sez that I really enjoy my new C. I get much more pleasure driving it than counting the money I spent to buy it. I suppose that there are many of you that got a Better Deal than I did. Congratulations! That must mean that you are the smarter, more virile, and better endowed one in the group. Or perhaps you haven't let the thieving corporate bloodsuckers at DC get at your horde, and are just trying to teach the rest of us a lesson in economics. Thank you. Now if you would just take your financial musings to your banker, broker or someone else that cares and let the discussion get back to the Mercedes-Benz C-Class automobiles please.

    Sorry for the rant, but constant grousing about money is so low class.



  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    For C320buyer --I am quoting from the Spring 2001 newsletter from my Mercedes-Benz dealer:

    "Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) reported record-breaking year-end sales of 205,614 in 2000 -- setting an all time record for MBUSA. The 2000 sales volume is the highest in the company's history and represents an 8.5 percent increase over the last year's previous high of 189,437 vehicles sold in the U.S. in 1999.

    'Sales for the year were led by the award-winning M-Class sport utility vehicle, which recorded its highest year with 52,764 vehicles sold. E-Class sales trailed closely behind with 49,592 sold.

    'A significant portion of the 2000 volume came from the all new C-Class -- the C240 and C320 -- which went on sale in September. The C-class model line increased 16% to 34,600, and is expected to play an even stronger role with the upcoming debuts of the coupe and wagon models. At the high end, the S-class also achieved a record-breaking year, as did the CL-Class, the CLK family of coupes and cabriolets and SLK roadsters.

    'At W.I. Simonson, the year 2000 saw a record 1,172 new Mercedes-Benz sold. Of those, 261 were M-Class, 270 E-Class, 236 C-Class and 169 S-Class."
  • tclawtclaw Posts: 23
    It's fun, and educational, reading about people's experiences with their new Cs, but the endless debate over a few hundred dollars seems pointless. I'd like to save money as much as the next person, but when we decide, as I did and the rest of you owners did, to plunk down $40k, give or take a few, for a car that won't provide any more transportation than a Honda, we've already declared that this purchase is about more than dollars. So just buy it, and if a few hundred dollars is going to limit or enhance the pleasure you get from the car, maybe that Honda should be looking better. Or skip a few restaurant dinners to make up for it.
  • c320buyerc320buyer Posts: 17
    I don't think I will ever get rich enough to say "What's a few hundred dollars" especially when it amounts to 1400 dollars. I don't care what you guys pay for your cars and I hope you enjoy them I'm just making a point you don't have to pay MSRP anymore, that's BS. If you do then you have more money than brains, good for you! MB has dictated to the consumer for years what we are going to have to pay to look at their hood ornament through the windshield. That's why before now I was never going to consider a Benz.

    Who was that that said there is nothing wrong with the economy? Are you nuts? Do you get out much? Read the paper? Listen to the radio? Watch TV?
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    Your arrogance does not belong in this forum. I happen to be the one who made a comment about the economy. Aside from the stock market, all economic indicators show that we are STILL in a growing economy, albeit not like the growth of the previous quarters. Unemployment still stands at LESS than 5%, Capes are still going for a bit under $400k in Ridgewood, NJ, and Cheesecake Factory still has lines out the door on Tuesday night. Get real putz..... open your mouth on the Corolla board. We don't like idiots like you mouthing off at people who are happy to pay MSRP.
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