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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • The General Manager at the dealer where I purchased my vehicle is now involved with trying to fix my squeaky brakes. He gave me his BMW, they are joint dealership, to drive while they worked on my vehicle.
    I noticed that my C240 rides better and is quieter.
    The trunk opens and all other things seem to work well. If I had not had the brake problems, I would be writing rave reviews about this vehicle. For one thing I feel really safe driving it. It is a sturdy auto.
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    That's what we've got and we're more than happy with acceleration and overall performance. I drove both the 240 and 320, and I thought the difference would be more noticable. Don't get me wrong you can tell the difference, but the 240 is plenty peppy. It's about equal to the new 325 BMW, and I'm sure the new 170hp A4. It all comes down to money and how you plan to drive it, if it had been primarily for me I'd have gone for 320, but being it's mostly for the wife it's great and she loves it, if only the trunk would open!
  • Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is in your trunk. Have you noticed any strange odors??? <:-)
  • I'm getting my C240 in January and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile (& money) to get a 36 month extended warrenty?
    Since I have never owned a MB prior to this I'm not sure what to expect from a reliability standpoint.

    Any feedback or comments greatly appreciated.
  • mtroymtroy Posts: 45
    Last week I reported my luck of landing the C320 I wanted two days after leaving my deposit (with a different dealer). On arriving home, wife noticed scratch on hood. (View car under lights to check for scratches.) So I drove it back to dealer and they did a quick and completely effective buffing out of the scratch. On arrival home from work later that night, the CHECK ENGINE light went on. Only 150 miles, and no it wasn't the gas cap which I hadn't touched. I took it in to the nearby MB dealer where it sat all day Saturday. Problem code involved the fuel injection system, and they couldn't pinpoint the problem, so I had to leave until Monday. So today, they reported to me that they replaced the fuel pump and some other significant sounding parts I don't know, and they still have the car. This is my worst nightmare, shelling out a fortune for a problemed car. Dealer says there's nothing they can do - yet, but wait and see, and then if the problem can't be fixed, they;ll support me in my dealings with MB. Service dealer says, we'll find and fix the problem eventually, that it's like a computer that crashes. "My two HONDA computers have NEVER crashed!" Now, instead of enjoying my beautiful new, fricken' expensive car, I'm completely discouraged and demoralized, and frankly, I think MB should just give me a new car. Instead of convenience, I have to begin contemplating going to war. So I pose to his sharp and thoughtful group: Would you insist on getting a different new car if the check engine light went on on your way home from the dealer?
  • dennettdennett Posts: 332
    I hope they've at least given you an ML or some other nearly new MB to drive while you get yours staightened out! I don't know about getting a new car, it's most likely some minor problem that they'll get cleared up. Be careful and don't burn any bridges with your dealer, and give MB a chance to make it all right. If they don't, then by all means go to war! We still can't get our trunk open, but we still love the car, and we're very confident that we'll be taken care of by both MB and our dealer. If not then all the stuff they told both you and I about the experience of owning a Benz will be lies won't it! Try and think positive!! Let us know what happens with your situation, we'll be pulling for a positive resolution!!!!!!!
  • no3onno3on Posts: 7
    Hi all. I over heard someone saying the other day that the old C(MY2000) had more room than the new C. Is there any truth to this ?
  • nfotxnfotx Posts: 15
    I picked up my C320 on Friday afternoon. Currently have 415 miles of which 240 were highway driving in a thick fog. During that time I have been thinking about the extended warranty offered by Mercedes. Everything I have read in books and the internet says "No" to extended warranties. and, that's the position I took on the purchase day. In fact, what made me so suspicious was the extra emphasis they placed on the warranty. The salesman tried to sell me the warranty, one of the service writers tried to sell it to me and so did the finance manager when I signed the papers. That's three people in a two hour time period all emphasizing the extended warranty. Sounds like a racket to me. On the other hand, I have heard a MB owner thank this same service writer for talking him into buying the extended warranty. Evidently, he had a problem car and would have spent thousands trying to get the problems fixed.
    I was told I have a one year period in which to buy the MB extended warranty. With 12 months to make up my mind, I will see how the car's multiple options and functions are behaving at the six month period. Now if I was the guy above who had the engine light illuminate on the way home from the dealer . . . I would buy the extended warranty.
  • Regarding your previous question about size: I have a 2001 C240. The 2001 C cars are one inch longer than 2000 C's. And MB slightly changed back seat angle, so that rear seat space is a little larger. I believe the only thing that's smaller on the 2001 C is the trunk, by an inch or so.
  • I'm deciding between these cars, and I have asked the same question on a Volvo forum. The general knock on C320 is that it is not built to sturdy MB standards. 'Thin metal or thin car' stick in my mind. Have you multiple Benz owners detected a drop in quality in this latest Baby Benz? I travel rough dirt roads every month or so and don't want to shack the thing apart.
    Feel free to "discount" the S60. Neither cars have been crashed so feel free to speculate on safety, too. Thanks
  • diwc240diwc240 Posts: 172
    4murphy: I mentioned this to my Salesman (he started as a Technician with MB 26 years ago) that the C 240 6 speed test drive on Saturday, the brakes squeaked = better technical term = Harmonic Singing. He said this can/may occur on any MB if you lightly apply the brakes. Just like when you run your finger (after dipping it in water) around the rim of a crystal wine glass.
    A similar effect is occurring when the brake discs/calipers close on the rotor. When I applied firm brake pedal pressure it did not occur. I will be interested to read your post once the Dealer has returned your C 240 to you. Maybe the discs need a fine adjustment ?
  • cgwcgw Posts: 7
    I'm in the same boat, but leaning towards the C320. Safety is not the tie-breaker for me; I assume that both are safe, esp if you add the DSC to the Volvo. The Edmunds "Volvo S80 Reliability" board suggests that the geartronic has had problems; these may have been fixed, but it is hard to tell. That board also indicates that Volvo of NA has been unresponsive or hostile to owners with significant problems. Then there is the issue with toys - no rain-sensing wipers, passenger seat memory, or xenons on the Volvo. I sat in the Volvo, and while it was comfortable, it felt a bit more cramped in the drivers seat. Interior is sort of a tie - the wood on the MBZ looks better than the plastic on the Volvo, but the leather seats on the Volvo look and feel better than the standard C320 seats. In favor of the Volvo, it looks great, especially with the available 17" wheels (I think that the stock C320 wheels look cheap), I have heard nothing of the poor throttle response issues associated with the MBZ, and you can get navigation and still have a cassette player and CD changer. Also, fully loaded, it costs around $5k less than the C320. I haven't driven one yet. Nice to have such a problem.
  • ny74kny74k Posts: 1
    I am happyly driving my '00 C230K in NYC and taking it to Long Island for pleasure during weekends. Since WINTER is knocking at my door, I would like to ask fellow New Yorkers that what I should do on my baby for this winter. Any tips are welcome!
  • I have a '99 230 and last winter we did not have snow tires on the car... that was a mistake..the car does not handle very well in the snow at all. Just put 4 snows on the car last Saturday and also have 2 50lb. bags of sand just in case it get's really deep.We are in Ct. so we share some of the same weather.... if anyone tells you one does not need snow tires on the LIE there crazy.
  • mb320mb320 Posts: 3
    I just ordered my C320 Saturday and will be taking delivery in approx. 2 weeks as the vechile I speced out happened to be in port! (lucky me!!)

    RE: "Possible hidden recall" on the doors:
    I spoke to a mech I know at MBZ and he said they had been alerted to rear door lock problem and that at the port they were fixing/replacing the fusebox. I'm not sure if the problems are related but it seems likely.

    Can anyone add anything to this??
  • I guess the fuses regulate the elctronics, so this might make sense. Could this also be the cause of the trunk not opening troubles? Seems like a related sort of malady.
  • mb320mb320 Posts: 3
    Very possible that they are related!!!! Maybe the fuse box is the real problem and these are just symptoms!!

    I drove both and, don't get me wrong the BMW is a very nice car! Very fast Very Very responsive but it was too much towards to sports car end for what I was looking for.
    The BMW standard seats, although they look great I thought they left a bit to be desired on comfort (no or uncomfortable leg support) and the drivers area was tight.
    The Tiptronic shifting was nice in the sense that you move forward and backward to manually shift (MBZ is left and right) but it slipped in and out of the Manual and auto mode too easily for my liking. Even though the MBZ doesn't even change positions to manually shift it seemed to stay in position better.
    Just an opinion, what do I know coming out of a Blazer!!! I'll never buy American again!
  • mb320mb320 Posts: 3
    Has anyone noticed the time is incorrect here?
  • it's Pacific Standard Time
  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    BMW 3s are nice cars too, but if you're concerned by problems on the C reported here, check out the E46 forum on There's some serious crap being reported there, much more menacing than the things on this forum. My conclusion is that anything posted on the Internet (including this) is not particularly reliable. Better to check the statistically significant reports (JD Power, Consumers Report), in which both cars get good reviews. Enjoy your new car!
  • The dealer was told by the technical people at MB to put new pads and rotors on my new C240. I must admit that I was surprised at how quickly they came to that conclusion. What do they know that we don't know?
    The brakes did not squeal on the way home this time. Hopefully, the problem has been rectified.
    MB responded quickly and forthrightly in this case.
  • limanliman Posts: 32
    I would be interested to hear from anyone who has purchased the mb cargo tray for the c-class trunk. How difficult is it to install or remove? Is it worthwhile? I have the 60/40 rear seat, so I would probably want to remove the tray occasionally, plus for battery access,etc.
    I'm concerned that I might scratch the car while removing the tray. Also is the tray light enough for my wife to remove without trouble? We don't put messy stuff in the trunk, just a few grocery bags, a suitcase, stuff like that.
    Any input would be appreciated.
    Also a reminder - topic 4145 is out there for folks wanting to talk about the 1994 - 2000 c.
  • I live in Maryland. My dealer told me not have snow tires as normal tires will be okay. Should I believe him.Where can I have snow tires installed?
  • See post #205... I do not know how much snow you get in Maryland....but here in Ct. you need them.
  • The Xenons essentially cost $850 + $800 (C2 package) + tax, ie about $1,800. Are they worth it in your opinion? I'm a little bit concerned about getting speeding tickets, because with Xenons, the cops can single you out better. What if you use the fog lights in addition to the standard headlights? Isn't that as good as the Xenons? Thanks.
  • I'm looking for input from anyone that can help. I'm comparing the C240 vs. Lexus IS 300 vs. BMW 330i. Price wise, the C240 is the front runner, but I want to make sure that I'm happy with my purchase. I've heard various pro's & con's about all 3 cars. If anyone owns 1 of the 3 or made choices between these cars, please give me your input on what helped you decide on your purchase.
  • Hi all,

    Post # 217: I have just received the latest issue of Automobile magazine (January Issue 2001!) and it has an article entitled "Closing In" that might be of great help to you.

    Their man question was --I quote-- "Is the Mercedes-benz C320 or the Lexus IS 300 poised to overtake the BMW 330i as the best sport sedan?

    As one could tell, the question was framed in a way that assumes that the bimmer is the benchmark of sport sedans in its segment. Not that I necessarily disagree with such an assessment but it comes down to an issue of taste and logic.

    As for your choices' dilemma, are you considering a C240 rather than the c320 purely because of pricing? Because the other alternatives are fairly compared with the latter rather than the former.

    My personal opinion is to wait until Spring where you can get your C320 for a reasonable discount or go with the bimmer.

    According to the article you get more for IS300, a BMW 330 than for the C320.

    Prices of the three similarly equipped vehicles is $34,635 for the IS300; $38,430 for the BMW 330i; and $43,390 for the C320.

    After all it is your money and it is your taste.

  • I wouldn't expect any discounts on the C, reasonable or otherwise, until well after Spring. MB seems to have reduced the dealer profit margins to a point where the dealers feel like they have little room to offer much off of MSRP. Maybe once initial demand is finally met (and since order waits are still on the order of 3-4 months, that may not be for a good while) you may be able to get a few hundred off here and there.

    I think what you need to do is drive all three and see which YOU like best. I think it's all pretty subjective really and each person has his/her own criteria. I personally don't much care for the styling of the Lexus. I like the way the BMW looks, but did not drive one. I've had enough bad experiences at BMW dealers to make me very leery of going to one again. For me it came down to the fact that I've always wanted a Mercedes and I love the styling of the new C. I also like the way it drives, albeit only in two relatively short test drives. If not for the new C I wouldn't even be considering a new car just now.

    Obviously the people in this forum are mainly people who have bought or are in the process of buying the C, so our opinions are likely to be in its favor. The other car I would probably consider if I were really out there shopping today is the Volvo S60.
  • I had my C for 3 weeks now and I am getting 18MPG city driving.. I's pretty low.. what do you think about 18MPG and what's yours?
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    Which C do you have?
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