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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Sedans



  • rs64rs64 Posts: 64
    They do offer the maintenance, but it is for 4 yrs, 50,000 miles.
  • ny74ny74 Posts: 15
    Have you guys received this email from MB?

    Sounds like fun. They have cities other than New York. You should reserve one ASAP....

    I will let out my road rage at the Nassau Coliseum in July.

    Here is the body of the email I have received:


    As any true Mercedes-Benz enthusiast knows, there's only one thing better than feasting your eyes on a shiny, new Mercedes-Benz: driving one. That's why we'd like you to join us for the Mercedes-Benz PowerTrip event in

    New York, July 6-8, at the Nassau Coliseum.

    It's your chance to enjoy some one-on-one interaction with a wide range of Mercedes-Benz models* - all free of charge. Fuel your passion for Mercedes-Benz with hands-on experience on one of our three driving courses. And bring a friend to share excitement.

    Our sales people are friendly and remarkably knowledgeable. And they won't be around, which means you can drive, study and enjoy our vehicles in a sales-free environment.

    Be among the first to experience the tenacious new C-Class Sports Coupe. For a taste of the sublime, surround yourself in the luxury of an E-Class. If speed is what you crave, take an electrifying ride with a professional racecar driver on our AMG "Hot Lap" track. Or if a gutsy ride is more your style, get behind the wheel of an M-Class. Whatever you seek, there's a course and a Mercedes-Benz to satisfy your passion.

    We've even invited BMW, Lexus and Audi so you can take them for a spin, too. Compare and contrast over a gourmet snack. In the end, we're confident your passion for Mercedes-Benz will only be stronger.

    Space is limited. So click here or phone toll-free at 1-866-845-7045 to reserve a spot for you and a friend today!


  • bubba3007bubba3007 Posts: 38
    My wife and I just returned home from our first real road trip in the C240. We drove to Chicago for the PowerTrip 2001 and I don't know which was the most fun, the trip or the event.

    The trip: Very smooth over the usual mix of road surfaces, good to awful. Quiet, comfortable, and serene. Cruised at about five over and got 28+ MPG. The car was flawless with a few pleasant surprises, like the fact that the cooling function in the lower arm rest compartment really will keep soft drinks, water, fudge, etc. cold, really cold! Performance was very good, can get to Big Ticket Speeds very quickly and very smoothly. (I don't like to linger near tractor - trailer rigs and accelerate when passing them. 90+ MPH is just a toe - tap away.)

    The event: Mercedes-Benz puts on a first class event, caterers, exhibits, presentations, the cars, Oh my Gawd, the cars, the demonstrations, the cars, the test tracks, the cars...
    The first test track was to compare the Cs with the competition, they had a 320, a 240, and a couple of C Coupes to compare with a BMW 325i, a Lexus IS 300, and an Audi A4 Quattro. Choose your car, get in line, drive. The only instruction from the starter; "Have fun!". I had considered each of these before ordering the 240, what a way to confirm that I made the (for me) right choice.

    The second track was the rest of the lineup, ML, CLK, SLK, S, and CL. I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven. Dante had it all wrong, Paradise is living in a M-B PowerTrip.

    The Third track was the Hot Laps on the speedway with the M-B Pro drivers in a selection of AMGs. I missed out on this one because I couldn't take time out from driving. I sort of regret
    not going on a Hot Lap, but I just couldn't get enough of driving for myself.

    Please excuse the too long post, but if you get a chance to go to one of the PowerTrip presentations you won't regret it.


    ". . . My friends all drive Porsches, I must make AMENDS. . ." J. Joplin
  • michhalamichhala Posts: 375
    >What I do know is that my sales person left a message around May 19 >stating the ship had docked and the vehicle was due to clear customs >within a couple of days
    >Sounds like they kept each other company on the >ship. Maybe we will >see each other in LA traffic >one of these days :)

    I remember that two Obsidians were scheduled for here -- but that was when I thought you lived in Ghana :) My dealer called me, too, around May 19 and said the ship came in earlier than expected -- this means the "kids" did make the voyage together.

  • benz747benz747 Posts: 91
    I have booked 2002 C 240, and supposed to get delivery in July 2001, but dealer is saying MB has not come out for a 2002 Pricing, is anybody in this forum have booked 2002 Models and have some insight about pricing and delivery schedule?
    I have also put down $500 to be on LIST, any information is highly appricaited
  • jamrock4jamrock4 Posts: 53
    Thanks for your input on Liquid Glass. Was hoping that it would reduce paint chipping. But ales there is no such thing...
  • gsesmartgsesmart Posts: 6
    I've owned my C320 for 4 months now, and generally I'm satisfied, apart from glitches associated with the seat/mirror memory function which were fixed by the dealer (and other little problems - i.e. when I close the roof, the sun shade is dragged partially closed).

    However, I've had a nagging problem with the car's auto. transmission. In particular:

    1. the car kicks into 2nd gear (doesn't shift smoothly);

    2. car doesn't come out of gear when braking or when foot removed from gas (esp. going downhill when, in fact, the car upshifts even though the gas is not pressed - not disengaging as it should);

    3. when the car does come out of gear while coasting, and the accelerator is again depressed, there is a lag between the time the accelerator is depressed and the gears engage (causes the gears to kick in, not engage smoothly);

    4. car seems to lack power at speeds 40mph+, feels sluggish;

    5. difficult to stop car smoothly -- transmission will downshift rapidly as you stop (rather than disengage), particularly as the car's speed is reduced from 10 mpg to 0 mph; and

    6. car pulls when in D and stopped.

    These problems are particularly acute when the transmission/engine is cold, but occur even after warm-up. I've had the electronic controller for the tranmission replaced, which seemed to have resolved the problem temporarily - but the car had gone back to its old ways (I'm wishing I could have my old A4 back at this point - a great car).

    Has anyone had a similar problem? What was the cause/remedy?

    (As an aside - people tell me it must be great to have a MB. I respond, yeah, it's not a bad car had I paid $24K for it, but given what I did pay, I'm not very happy with the car overall - I'd caution people wrt to this car and ask them to seriously consider the new A4 or 3 series over this car)
  • wolfxwolfx Posts: 72
    have noticed similar transmission problems, but it appears to be one of those things where not all the 320s have them, and you may be the unlucky few :(

    I'm hoping by getting the C32 with entirely different transmission, I wont be subject to the prospect of these difficulties.
  • ecc1ecc1 Posts: 11
    I just looked at a parts content info page for a 2001 C-class C-320 and it said it was assembled in Brazil. Is this for real?
  • gsesmartgsesmart Posts: 6
    I read an article in USA Today, in which the journalist was describing a similar problem with the transmission of the C320 which he was testing. He said that problem didn't manifest itself in another C320 he tested equiped with the sports package.

    This is comforting news, somewhat, since it appears that the defect relates to my transmission, not to a defect in the transmission's design.

    reviews of other 320 models... by wolfx Jun 20, 2001 (12:58 pm)
    have noticed similar transmission problems, but it appears to be one of those things where not all the 320s have them, and you may be the unlucky few :(

    I'm hoping by getting the C32 with entirely different transmission, I wont be subject to the prospect of these difficulties.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    As the certified Old Fart [can I say that here?] on this board, my first reaction to the list of transmission symptoms is that is sounds like a defective valve body in the trans. The hanging shifts used to be [before electronic computerized controls] a classic symptom of a main valve body that was not opening properly. But this is probably ancient history / campfire tales...I'm sure their diagnostics will reliably trace the problem...sooner or's not encouraging that they already took a whack at the electronics, and it failed again. Which does happen, by the way...on the BMW board, there are lots of reports of radiator fan failures, sometimes cases of one bad part being replaced with another. Looks like BMW finally figured out the problem, and is conducting a recall, but not before some owners actually had the failure more than once.
  • cticctic Posts: 291
    Since we on the topic of transmissions, what do you think about this? I have a 99 C280. Ever since I got it, when I need rapid acceleration, like merging or overtaking, I will stamp on the gas. I see the rpms go up, but the car doesn't speed up. Once the rpms get to about 4-5K then the car will accelerate. I keep think the clutch is slipping, but it happened even when the car was new and I've taken it in twice to no avail.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I had a 2000 C280 and it had the SAME problem you had. Quite annoying and frightening at the same time! I believe it truly is a design flaw of that particular transmission. I traded mine in February for a C320 Sport. I've been one of the lucky ones. I have 6,500 trouble free miles. I've NOT been back to the dealer ONCE. BTW... it's an early build one too.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Uh, it doesn't have a clutch ;-) I think it's just that the engine doesn't have as much power at low revs. The torque peak is about 4000 rpms, so that's probably why the car starts speeding up more significantly when you hit those revs.

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  • cticctic Posts: 291
    If it doesn't have a clutch, what is the thing called which transfers rotation from the engine to the transmission?

    And how can it be explained that the revs go up, but the car doesn't accelerate?
  • zmeenowzmeenow Posts: 341
    i have noticed now.since using the AC a lot.. that there is a definate lag from 2-3..and 3-4th gear.... im not sure if its a transmission "problem" or if its just a characteristic of the smaller 6. as of now... thats my only beef about an otherwise flawless car(16000 + miles)early build
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I realise what you're trying to describe. As if the clutch is slipping on a manual tranny car and there aren't enough revs so the vehicle feels like it's lagging.

    My understanding is that there is a shaft connected from the flywheel of the engine to the torque converter (instead of a clutch). Someone feel free to correct me if I'm incorrect.

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  • 404c404c Posts: 146
    Aside from the torque converter, automatic transmissions actually DO have multiple little clutch plates, bathed in ATF, that allow the car to choose the appropriate gear. But these are internal to the gearbox, not in the bell housing as is the clutch of a manual transmission car.

    Just to confuse matters further, torque converters can also be used with a manual transmission, such as in the Mercedes-Benz Unimog 4x4 vehicle. There is, in this case, BOTH a conventional clutch AND a torque converter. It is an option on certain heavy-duty Unimogs. The torque converter allows them to do very heavy pulling jobs (such as shunting railcars) without burning out the clutch of the manual gearbox. Enough of the trivia...

    So the people with the delayed acceleration problem on the C-Classes mentioned above could be due to a malfunctioning clutch plate (though if that were the case, it'd likely only be in one or two gears). It also could be a valve body problem, assuming these new-fangled cars actually still have such things, as the old f*rt wrote ;-)

    My advice is to have the service manager review the matter, and if he ignores the problem, ask him to drive with you in another similar car to see if it does the same thing. Failing that, get the importer's regional service rep to check it out. Your symptom does not sound normal to me. You must insist on a repair.

  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Yes, I was aware of the internal clutches, but as you mentioned it's not in the bell housing like a standard tranny vehicle. The valve body certainly sounds like a possible cause. I remember of someone ('98 ML320 owner) having it replaced because of clunking with the transmission.

    I bet that while the torque converter allows the really heavy loads, it still does steal away some power :-)

    Anyone know how they use the clutch for the sequential shift trannies in Formula One and WRC cars? I know that there is a seperate clutch pedal and they use if for starting of initially only.

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  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Ctic: Your symptoms sound much more to me like a problem with the software that links the throttle and the transmission in the drivetrain computer. The difficulty here is if the failure is intermittent, or only in circumstances that will not trigger an OBD trap to be set, you / they are reduced to the old standby: replacing parts [sometimes a lot of them] until you finally nail it. It sounds like a less extreme version of the symptoms [see many posts back] of cars actually stalling in traffic due to electronic throttle problems. That's just a have already been treated to my opinion of the German auto industry's arrogance about its electronic doo-dads, so no further comment on that.

    Drew: F1 [and most similar sequential shift auto transmissions, which are showing up everywhere - Ferrari uses them in production cars, and one is available for the new C-Class coupe, though not for North America] cars use a regular clutch and gearbox combination, with the clutch electronically actuated. Pressurized fluids are involved in some applications, while others are purely electronic [depends on how you want to engage and disengage the clutch - different preferences and philosophies at work]. And there is often NOT a clutch pedal, per se; instead, they will use a hand clutch on the steering wheel so each foot has only one pedal to work with at all times [which can be necessary when you are starting to spin and need to keep it cooking, but need also to briefly go to neutral, AND need to brake, all at the same time...this is why these guys earn the big bucks].

    Eventually [20 years hence?], I think there will be but two transmission choices everywhere: CVT, and electronic sequential auto-manuals. Once the 42 volt electrical systems come online in the next decade, this trend could accelerate.
  • dvancaodvancao Posts: 13
    First off, I can manually raise/lower and flip up/down the rear head rest.
    I read the owners manual several times and still can NOT get the flip down button of the head rest to work. I have tried it with the head rest in the up and down positions, nether one works. What am I missing or doing wrong? Yes, the key is in position 1 or 2.

    One interesting thing. The car is running and the radio is on. Turn off the car, key position 0, radio is still ON. Take out key, radio is OFF. Push power button on radio, radio is ON. Get out of car, close door, lock/secure car, radio is still ON!
    Neat feature, but can drain the battery!

  • cticctic Posts: 291
    Thanks to all for the information and advice.
  • nankynanky Posts: 75
    It shouldn't take that much effort to press the switch to get the head rest down. If I remember correctly, a working switch flips them down instantaneously while getting them in the up position is done manually. It sounds as if your switch is faulty and requires a visit to the dealer.

    I read somewhere in the owner's manual that interior lights, and I believe other electrical functions, will turn themselves off after 20 minutes. If this feature works as designed, our batteries should be protected. Keep us posted on what the problem turns out to be.
  • Maybe this is old news for you... Anyway if it isn't:

    Check the URL below and see who makes what for the C-class. Alot of companies involved!

  • nankynanky Posts: 75
    Dat - Since the only time I used the head restraint release switch was when driving, I went out to test it with the key in positions 1 and 2 as referenced in the manual. Guess what? Mine didn't work either. It only worked with the engine running. Unless both of us are doing something wrong, the information in the manual is misleading.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Well, at least we now know who to blame for the rocking seats - good old Lear, USA all the way.

    On the rear headrest question - I only used the feature rarely on our W202 C, and now that I think about it, only when the car was on the road. Never had the occasion to try it on our W210 E...does sound as if the owner's manual deceives, which would hardly be the first time, incidentally. My '94 C's book had a couple of real whoppers included at no charge; fortunately, the one about correct wheel torque was so far off that you knew it had to be wrong...
  • johnny2000johnny2000 Posts: 38
    Thank you all for the informative posts on the transmission lag that some have experienced.

    As an owner of a 1999 C230 K Sport, I have witnessed the sudden jump in acceleration from 1st to 2nd gear and I have always thought of it to be normal due to the engine cold temperature. But again I also experience the same slugginesh at various speeds and when the car is warmer.

    I took notes from your posts and contacted my service manager who scheduled me for service next monday. He stated that he is familiar with the problem and that they needed to retool the transmission "clutches and fluid sensors". He added that the work should take at least two business days and it is under warranty. A loaner car has been reserved for me too.

    If anyone is interested in getting a copy of my letter to the service manager that I have sent just email me. I admit I have literally paraphrased and even rewrote your technical comments to make my case as my car is still under warranty for another 20 thousand miles.

    Cheers to all

  • dvancaodvancao Posts: 13
    As nanky stated, the rear head rest does go down with a press of the button, but the engine has to be running. The manual does NOT say that the engine has to be running, only that the key has to be in position 1 or 2.

    As for the radio, nanky is almost right again. The radio will turn off, but only after 30 minutes. The manual does say this on page 171.

    Thanks for the help.

  • gottabeegottabee Posts: 10
    you mentioned that there were the new c-coupes at the powertrip ... did you drive any? if so, any comments? i am actually trying to decide between the audi a4, lexus is300, bmw 325, and vw passat =). any comments from anyone who's driven the new coupe would be greatly appreciated.

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