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    I vaguely rember seeing the name Avanti. I think it was written in like script type lettering. I just don't remember what the car looked like.

    Okay, I decided to visit that Avanti website and see it for myself. Yes I do remember the car. How could you forget those headlights.
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    Also NOT to beat a dead horse but . . .

    One last time. Everybody that has the built in garage door opener in 1995 has a sunroof right??

    I am asking because I looked at the roof of my car, and I don't think it is possible to have the empty garage door opener compartment and a sunroof together because of the size of the cubbyhole. The cubbyhole would extend into the area for where the sunroof needed to be placed. Therefore, it is elementary dear Watson, that the roof and the integrated garage door opener had to come together.
  • OK I think I bought my classic backwards I bought it now I am reading everything I can on it. Let me tell you about it, it is burgandy and leather interior with garage door opener but it has a full spoiler kit including a wing on the trunk I also have the autobahn package I have met the 125mph challenge the weird part is the spoiler I have not seen any with this option the dealer assured me that it is all factory installed? HELP I know not to believe the dealer I have seen none with this spoiler kit
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    What year is the car?

    I am not aware of any factory installed spoiler for the car. I think the same is true for the coach top Classics. I only saw one with the coach top (i.e. fake convertible top).

    I pass the question to Zinc, Joe and VWBUS. You guys ever hear of this??

    Canada - I think all of the things you said about your car are true for the US market also. However, I am really not the man for 2K1 questions.
  • Well how do I start of saying this. I love the aurora i dont think there is a car out for the price is any better. I LOVE IT ! . Now ive only had this car for about a year its a 1997 fully loaded and i take it in to the dealer for repair 2 times a month at least for the past year. I ve had the engine replaced engine coolant system trans seals gaskets. and so on.....Does anybody suggest anything about possibly getting my money back or hiring a lawyer or even getting oldsmobile to buy it back are there any laws that protect me in this situation. ANY RECOMMONDATIONS
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    When fully optioned, there are no differences between Canada and US Auroras (of the same build date) save for the dash symbol requirements of the two countries. The base models differ (traction control, engine block heater, gold on the AV8, etc.) GM tends to increase base content on Canada cars to minimize build complexity for the lower volume market. DRLs are standard on ALL GM cars, US or Canada. The 2K1 Aurora only comes with leather. Early models (before mid July 2000) did not have Onstar or the rear center shoulder belt. I am not aware of any other running changes (maybe others are). I have the GM service manuals, so if anyone has any 2001 specific questions, I can look them up.
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    Joeolds has one and can probably fill you in on the car for that year.

    IMHO 95 and 97 are the years that seem to have more trouble in general. However, I have a 95 and have not found it to have unusally high repairs. Joeolds will tell you the same about his 97, but since he has that year, he may have some insight.

    Besides isn't it still under warranty?

    As far as buying back a nearly four year old car, it will depend on your state's lemon laws.
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    Thank you for your information. I knew that when fully optioned, the cars are identical (although I don't think that the gold package was an option- I didn't see it on the sheet when buying).

    Can you clarify the point about build compexity- wouldn't it be easier for GM to make the base cars the same for both the countries? Explain Lucy.

  • Henry: You've got me confused with VWBus. My Aurora is a 98, VW has the 97, but has had very few problems.

    Our car gets to make its first trip to dealer (since we've owned it-less than 8 weeks) on Thursday. Service engine soon light came on. Temp & Oil pressure are fine, and car is running well. Service person said this light is usually emission related, probably a sensor. Warranty will cover,but its still a hassle.

    Im taking car to a dealer that sells Caddys as well as Olds. The thinking here is that the classic is probably more Cadillac than Olds.

    Henry-I will ask them what needs to be done to adjust the window washers. I was informed that adjustments are not covered by warranty after first year of service. This means that there are a few fit & finish issues I will just have to live with, ie. rt side of trunk lid sticks up a 1/16 inch or so above flush (but it doesn't leak), The gear indicator light in console doesn't line up perfectly. Too bad original lessee was not as picky as I am!

    One final question. What kind of oil pressure is everybody getting with car warmed up, in drive, foot on brake at idle (like your sitting at a stop light). Ours reads between 17-24 lbs, which seems low to me.
  • I've seen a couple of what I call "light mist green" classics running around town. Material Henry sent me calls this color Silver Teal Metallic. Don't know the year of the cars, Is this the "rare" color mentioned in previous posts?

    I've also seen a classic with a rear spoiler. I assumed is was dealer or individual added.
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    I have decided to get the woodkit. However, the one I have information about does not have a piece for the climate control panel or the cupholder. I remember a posting where someone was talking about their passengers feeling the wood on the cupholder and how well the pattern macthed the pattern form the factory. Could you PLEASE pass this information onto me? I would scroll back and serach for what I want, but the new system makes searching a lot more difficult when you have to do it 20 postings at a time.

    Also, someone also gave me information about getting the Aurora logo on my hub caps, I would be interested in doing that also.

    Thanks Aurorians

    P.S. I have decided to buy the temptress a few baubles. (And yes _______, this last comment was for your benefit. Its still my favorite posting.)
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    I know that Olds has been killed, but do you think there will ever be something similar to the autobahn package for the 2K1 aurora? Most of it's competitors have a special sports model, so wouldn't it be fitting for Olds to introduce one.

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    Henry, http://www.autodash.com has three different wood kits fot the classic Aurora models, perhaps one of them will strike your fancy.
  • Well folks, I guess the Aurora is just to high tech for a simple man from Kansas. My service engine soon light was a result of a loose gas cap. If the car is this sophisticated, why can't there just be a warning light that says "loose fuel cap", kind of like "door ajar" For those of you who are not aware of this be sure your gas cap is properly secured after each fill up, and if your service engine soon light comes on check the gas cap. The service advisor said that after about 50 start cycles the computer will clear the code. Also the service engine light soon is usually related to emissions, so if temp, oil pressure, and performance is OK you can drive car without harming.

    Speaking of oil pressure. Apparently 17-24 pounds is normal for warm idle in gear, It can even drop down in the 12-15 pound range occasionally. The warning light comes on at 8 pounds

    The window washer nozzles are mounted on what appears to be a slide with a phillips screw holding them into position. However, the hole is not slotted-IT SHOULD BE-then you could move the nozzel assembly up or down the slide to adjust.

    I guess I'm just an idiot.
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    I think it is a dumb idea to have a loose gas cap trigger the "check engine" light. And then not have it go off for 50 start ups. It makes you think their could be something seriously wrong with your car. My Jaguar does that all the time. But riddle me this- it has a message warning for when your attenna is dirty, but the "check engine" light comes on when I don't properly tighten the cap- those are the brits for you. But that's another discussion.

    If GM can make a tire pressure monitor message, surely they can make a loose gas cap message. Sometimes they aren't the brightest boys!
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    On the 2K1 Aurora, GM has finally included the gas cap problem as one of the DIC messages. Message #36 "CHECK GAS CAP". The 2001 also says which door is ajar in the DIC (not just that one of them is). My point is that they are getting better, just not as fast as any of us would like them to. Oil pressure ... the 2001 4.0L V8 has a minimum warm idle oil pressure spec of 5 psi and a 2000 RPM warm minimum of 35 psi. The numbers on the 3.5L V6 are 8 and 29 psi under the same conditions.
  • Zinc-What was RPM at 139 mph?

    I talked to a GM parts manager, who is also a friend, and he said that according to his computer the module is adjustable. In other words the autobahn package got the same module(he was looking up for my 1998 model). A tech, who has a clue, can go in and set the limiters shut down point. Does anyone have any info regarding this?
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    I've got the 2K1, and I know about the door ajar ones, same with trunk, low fuel, low washer etc... I haven't encountered the gas cap, or oil one yet, but that's good to know. You learn something new everyday here!~A.R.
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    Have set of 4 wheels and tires off a new 2K1 aurora for sale, if interested email me at [email protected]
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    Could anyone let me know of any common problems that Olds Aurora owners have had? I am looking to purchase one and want to know if there are any major things to look for. Thanks in advance.
  • A spoiler was never an option for the Aurora.

    It should say on the gas cap that when it is loose it may cause the light to come on. It has something to do with pressure. when putting it back on, you should turn it until it clicks three times.

    Henry.. My dad had a 95 with a sunroof, and no integrated opener... it was a cubbyhole thing.

    Has anyone else seen a cloth seated Aurora?

    Check for air compressor problems, rear window seals, ABS sensors, rusty washer resovoirs. Any others anyone could think of? My dads 95 also had the spark plugs foul at a young age, anyone else?
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    Hi Henry,

    VEry nice of you to be thinking about a gift for your

    Here's what I think...I don't really agree that this
    car will be a "classic", because there are too many
    made and the car is still way too new. Maybe, many,
    many years from now, there will be some "special
    interest", as there is for ANY old car that is an
    orphan, but I don't see this car as appreciating in
    value as time goes on. Look at say, a late 50s 4-door
    Studebaker or Nash...it's worth very little today, and
    that's nearly 40 years ago!

    So I don't see the dashboard modification as having an
    impact one way or the other. I'd consider it a
    "neutral modification" on a car like this.

    This is a very nice car you and your son should drive
    and enjoy and use to the fullest, in my humble

    best wishes,

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    the famous "Shifty" aka Mr. Shiftright, wise and respected host of several boards around Town Hall? :-)

    Sedans and Women's Auto Center Message Boards
  • Evilgreco, I bought a 1995 plum colored Aurora with 41k in Milford MA in summer 2000 for $12,600. The retired couple had the original sticker for 33k on the window! She only drove the car in summer, spends winters in FL. It took me about 2 seconds to love the color and sleek look! I also had the winshield washer rust problem, thought someone put antifreeze in there until I saw the post on rust colored washer fluid!

    Just drove 40 miles to Boston and back in record time, with Bose blasting!

    Thanks for the warranty info, just bought one for four years for $1,300.
  • Zinc-how difficult is the wood kit install? Do you just lay it over the existing plastic, or remove those panels and install new ones with wood?
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    My father's 95 Aurora will also tell you exactly which door is ajar, but it won't tell you if the trunk is ajar. Anyway, as for other DIC messages my old car(89 Toronado) had some good ones. For example, if you had the Twilight Sentinel turned off and it got dark outside, the message center would chime and read "Headlights Suggested" and as I found out when the A/C system sprung a leak the display read "Low A/C Refrigerant" and then once it had all leaked out and the low pressure switch locked the compressor out it read "Very low refrigerant". I don't know if the Aurora does those or not. Funny thing about the Toronado is it only had 4 warning lights(Fasten Belts, Service Engine Soon, Brake, and ABS) all other warnings were handled through the driver information system. Not bad for a 1989 model year car.
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    ABS sensors, heating ventilation, water pump, don't drive too long with the gas needle in the red zone. It will scare you how fast it gets to empty if you are not close to gas stations.
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    Today's paper had 2 separate 98 Auroras(at dealers) for $18,900. Both said they had sunroofs and were in excellent condition but didn't list mileage. Private owner had a 97 for $12,900 and again, no mileage. Any ideas what a 98 with under say 40K will cost these days?
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    The one thing that has been added to the 2K1 DIC is message # 28 "Trunk Ajar". Since the reviewers missed it, maybe it was us "real people" that made it happen. I know what you mean about the fob (remote) making things happen, twice on my way back from the mailbox, I have hit the panic button (lots of horn) while putting the keys back in my pocket. BTW, FYI, looks like the total bill to fix "2K1 OLDS" will be about $3000. New tire, new chrome wheel, new fender, new bumper (plastic cover, not the real metal thing that lets you hit stuff), lots of plastic sound covers, paint, etc. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow, and I miss the car very much. The 2000 Taurus rental sucks. Loud, uncomfortable, harsh shifts, I should have MY V8! 2K1 or Classic, the Aurora is one of the most "personal" cars on the road.
  • As discussed earlier it really depends on your local market. I would think a nice 98 with say 36K on the clock could be had for 15-18K. Of course this depends on market conditions and how motivated the seller is.
  • As you probably know by now, Dale Earnhardt Sr. died today at the age of 49 from the injuries he suffered in his last lap wreck.
  • joeolds... I saw a 98 today to back up your conclusion... 37k miles for $18,990
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    A 1998 Classic with sunroof, autobahn package, Bose stereo system and chrome wheels with 38K on it sold for $12,500 at an Olds dealership here in Ceder Knolls, New Jersey. I had the checked tha car out myself and there were no blemishes on it that were not consistant with it being a used car. In other words it was in very good condition. Zinc, you know for a fact that the limiter is at 139 mph. I really need to be driving on the roads you do. 139mph and no speeding ticket. God Bless you. God bless your little slice of America's highways.

    ((((P.S. -- Yes I licked myself when the owner of the dealership told me how much he sold the car for. At that price, I would have brought it myself.))
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    I'm not a big Nascar fan myself, but am very saddened at the death of Earnhardt. What amazes me is that his accident appered minor compared to the one earlier in the race when the guy went airbound and skidded across the entire track. Anyway, these 98 Aurora deals are tempting. Here in East TN, I don't think there is a big market for them as everyone here seems to buy Camrys and Accords in droves. If I can find a 98 with sunroof, heated seats, Bose, and hopefully the autobahn package with under 40,000 miles for $18K or less, I may just buy it. And it would have to be the right color. I had been leaning toward a new Intrigue as I have a 98 right now and the lease is up this summer and with the extra $1500 off and the low rate financing and extended warranty, I was really leaning toward a loaded Intrigue as I have enjoyed mine. But I have a weakness for luxury cars and V8s in particular and seeing some of these prices, I may just have to look at a used Aurora. Anybody know what good extended warranty(i.e. GM major gaurd) will run on a classic. My father got a Major Gaurd extended warranty to 75K on his 95 as part of the deal when he bought it back in 97. He's been very pleased with the car, but the warranty did come in handy one time when the A/C evaporator coil had to be replaced only 2K out of factory warranty. BTW, I would seriously consider a 2001 Aurora, but even with discounts they are just barely out of the price range I am comfortable with now. And that is a very bad feeling as the deals on one of those are bound to be good as well.
  • Looks a lot like a much cheaper version of Cadillac's Imaj concept vehicle ... somewhat weird lines, the Bulgari(-like) instrumentation ... I think I heard someone say that both the OSV and concept vehicles from Olds have been canceled so you must be seeing an old page. I think they should clean up their site ... I have found too many pages talking about features their cars don't really have.

    By the way, if you want to see a great concept car from Cadillac (since the Imaj sort of blows) ... search the web for "cadillac evoq"! It's their 2-seat roadster that will come out some time between 2002-2003. It'll be around 70K but well worth it and a luxurious version of the Corvette (which is very lackluster). Engine: Northstar ~4.5L, supercharged, 425HP! 0-60 will be sub-6. The moment this comes out, I'm dumping the Aurora on the wife and getting the Evoq (don't worry, they'll change the Cadies' names to three-letter monikers and this one will be CLR for Cadillac Luxury Roadster - yes, I know, it sounds a lot like a calcium-lime-rust cleaner out there ... argh!)
  • I think I'd rather have the Corvette with the sub-5 0-60 times for much less money!
  • I thought it was weird that they have a "new" car in a retiring line.....
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    were to build it, I would buy it.

    Have a tall teenager who has no legroom in any vehicle we have found so far, except the DHS, which is too expensive and the Toyota Avalon, which is also problemmatical.

    Don't think any domestic car has over 40" of real leg room for under $45-50K.

    This is ridiculous. No wonder the American manufacturers are going out of business. They don't know what a family sedan is supposed to do. And if the Japanese can do it, within CAFE requirements, surely Americans could figure out how to get a couple of inches of legroom to rear seat passengers.

    Even the SUV's have a fixed location rear seat, with less than adequate legroom, while towing around a usually empty cavern behind the seat.

    Such lack of attention to basic needs deserves extinction.

    Sorry for the rant. This vehicle has 40+ inches of legroom.

    Does anyone know for a fact that Olds will not build it? I have heard runors of Aurora going to a Caddy badge. What about tho Profile after an Olds intro?
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    I don't know if the cassette player on the Y2K1 does this but the Classic does. After about 50 hours of use the radio display will flash "Cln" to tell you to clean the cassette player.

    Question - After you clean the tape player, how do you reset the tape player so that it does not flash "Cln" ??
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    delrick::I can understand what you're saying about the legroom. However, I can't sympathize with you. I'm 6'8" and it's almost impossible for me to find a car that I can fit into comfortably. As a driver with no children, I honestly don't care if the people behind me aren't uncomfortable. The Japanese don't do a better job than the domestics in this regard. In fact, they're worse. If I had kids, they'd probably be in the next NBA draft and I'd be in a similar situation as you. I actually commend GM specifically for the room they offer. If the front passengers are fairly "average" height, I've found rear seat passengers have a lot of room. But at the same time, GM tends to allow more seat travel for the driver and front passenger resulting in reduced legroom for rear seat folks.

    All that being said, the '01 Aurora's rear seat is limited. Today I took 20 minutes adjusting the seat to make sure that I can fit comfortably. Anyone behind me is gonna be hurting. My Intrigue has great legroom for the driver. Rear seat is tight when I've got it all the way back. But when my wife drives it, even I can get behind her comfortably.

    Sorry to sound coarse but it really ticks me off to hear about the lack of rear seat legroom people don't have. Unless the car is chauffeur driven, I could care less about how much room people in the back have. They're not paying the note.

    Case in point: the DHS may have good rear legroom but I can't get under the wheel. If I'm paying that kind of money, I expect to fit comfortably.
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    Actually they did build it and called it Alero. I was going thru some of my archived mags and found the June 99 issue of Automobile. The car you linked was the conecpt for the Alero. While I like the Alero, I think the concept you referenced would have been a better choice.

    I don't know what is wrong with the folks at GM but they have a history of making bad decisions. Think of how well sales would have been if they used that concept instead of stripping it down. Instead, to show how much of a risk they're willing to take, they bring into production unchanged that butt ugly Aztek. I guess that does show that GM is serious about taking risks.
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    The reset question you are thinking of was how to reset the oil indicator life. I answered that question, this one is about the radio.

    Anybody know about reseting the radio's cassette clean message???

    By the way, I shuld have mentioned that the 1998 Classic that sold for $12,500 had set on the dealer's lot for nearly a year and he just wanted to get rid of it. Please do not get the idea that $12,500 is the going price for a 1998 in northern New Jersey.
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    Check out a base Deville if the DTS is too pricey. Just as rommy and pretty impressive as well. Also, check out the rear seat room in a Buick LeSabre and Park Avenue, Chrysler LHS, and Ford Crown Vic or Mercury Grand Marquis.
  • Gosh Henry, I don't even know if our cassette works. Our classic is the first car we've ever owned with a CD player. We either listen to radio or a CD.
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    If you look at what GM offered in the '60s-80s those cars had a lot more rear legroom. The full size GM front wheel drive cars had all kinds of rear legroom. I think about 40".
    I have yet to find a car that is as comfortable in the front seat as my intrigue. I agree with you on the caddy. I can't get my leg under the wheel, the knee bolster is too close and the console is in the way.
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    Henry, on most GM (AKA Delphi) radios, the clean message will clear if you press and hold the tape EJECT button for 5 to 10 seconds. BTW, I'm with joeolds, my 2K1 AV8 is 6 monts old, and has not had a tape in it yet.
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    after about an hour of continuous play,of the cd player or tape player the cd player starts to skip ,when I eject the cd , its hot to the touch the tape player will also stop working as if over heated.
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    Have had feedback on other sites as well. Another vehicle that, amazingly has over 40" of rear seat legroom is the PT Cruiser. If it only had an engine....

    Okay, if I can justify the rear seat space, I really like the Aurora. Will be coming out of a 1999 Intrigue and am really hooked on the 3.5 Short Star.

    Has anyone experienced this in the Aurora? Am somewhat puzzled by the comparitive performancve between the 3.5 and the V8. I had assumed that The Aurora V8 was the North Star. Is this incorrect?

    Anyway, if the 3.5 can move the heavier Aurora anything like it moves the Intrigue, and with the Olds agressive discounting, it looks like the replacement for my Intrigue.

    Anybody gone this direction yet? Will there be a 2002 Aurora? Any changes in the wind if there is?
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    The Aurora V8 is a 4.0L motor. It is a small bore version of the 4.6L Northstar motor. Since the iron cylinder liners are cast in place in the aluminum block, this makes the engines different, but from the outside they are the same. The current Northstars made their debut in 2000, the Shortstar (3.5L) in 1999. The only concerns I have seen on the 3.5 Aurora are slight torque steer (because of the layout of the 4T65E transmission), and slight front end lift under hard accelleration (probably because the suspension is designed for the 200+ extra pounds of the 4.0L V8 and 4T80E tranny).
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