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Jaguar X-Type



  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I'm sure you will enjoy your XType as much as I am enjoying mine. I hope it was worth waiting for.
  • Welcome to the ownership experience tincup47! As desertguy noted, it is a very enjoyable car to own and drive, and in my experience, the car gets better with time as the suspension, engine linkage, and other little things just seem to refine over time. Congratulations!
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    Welcome Tincup47. You will love the car's ride. Everyone is correct..the car gets better with age. Somehow the car's mileage is improving after 3,000 miles. The suspension is a dream, as well.

    It is not a chore to deal with Jaguar like it is with other manufacturers. There will be a Jaguar in my family for life!
  • This article was discovered by a Jaguar enthusiast at another site - he deserves credit for finding it; I'm just posting it here as it is the most informative article I've read regarding the upcoming X-type Estate. It is an autoexpress article as you can tell by reading the link so if you aren't registered with them, it will be available only for one viewing and one chance to enlarge one of the accompanying pictures. If you click the picture showing the new rear chrome plinth which is very similar to the revised one on the new X-type sedans, you can get a glimpse of the new trunk/Estate cargo door opening button.

    The cargo area is supposed to be one of the best designed in the sport wagon/shooting brake/estate class offering more space and real utility than rivals, and the wagon also looks to be the introductory platform for two six-speed transmissions into the X-type range: an automatic and a manual.

    The Estate will also be available with all of the new engines such as the Jaguar/PSA Peugeot-Citroen 2.0 D that have been introduced all the way up to the big powerful petrol/gasoline 3.0 liter.

    Some Notable Quotes:

    "While the front and central sections of the car may look similar to the standard saloon, the Jaguar is virtually all-new from the A-pillar backwards. The wheelbase is unchanged, but there's a revised roofline, new back doors and modified side skirts. Fresh light clusters have also been designed, while the rear bumper has been revamped to take account of the extended overhang."

    "The exclusive detailing doesn't stop there, as the X-Type Estate will also be equipped with roof bars and discreet badging. At the rear, it's obvious Jaguar has decided to produce a practical load-lugger, rather than a lifestyle estate. We can't show you pictures of the interior load space and don't yet have details of the exact capacity, but it's worth pointing out that the cargo area seems generous compared to class rivals."

    "In a further nod to versatility, Jaguar has developed a rear windscreen that opens independently of the tailgate. The rear seats also fold separately to offer a wide range of storage options. However, until the car's debut at Frankfurt, Jaguar is remaining tight-lipped about precise technical specifications."

    "The introduction of this car is a significant step for Jaguar, as it has never produced an official estate before. Historically, load-lugging Cats have been a treat for the wealthy enthusiast, as the cars were available only on a bespoke basis through exclusive coachbuilders. Lynx was one such company - it built the XJS Eventer in the mid-Eighties. However, this was a limited production run for the well heeled only - the new Estate is a far more affordable vehicle."
  • nferrnferr Posts: 32
    Yesterday I put a deposit on a 2.5 manual. I had driven a 3.0 sport manual and was worried that a 2.5 would be underpowered, but I drove one last night with the stick and was very pleasantly surprised. I wish it had the sport package but 2.5 sports are impossible to find right now.

    It came down to leasing the Jag or an Infiniti M45. The Infiniti was a great deal also but of course was substamtially more than the x-type. At 340 hp it was almost worth the difference but the overiding factor was the AWD on the Jaguar. Last winter here in Connecticut a car like the M45 would have been parked for plenty of days.
  • jeff5302jeff5302 Posts: 15
    Thanks for your postings of late June. I had originally had discounted the X type for my next car, which will be purchased in the next few months. Your writings helped convince me to do a test drive (I'm taking home an Infinity G35 tonight for a test ride.) At this point, do you (or other posters) think it is smarter to buy an 03, or just wait for an 04. My leaning is to do the latter. I would be looking for an automatic transmission and the 3.0 engine, etc.

    Thanks, Jeff
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Jeff -
    If it was me ready to purchase, I would go after the '03 because of the great dealer incentives being offered. There is no guarantee these will be held over for the '04 models. From everything I have read, there is little change in the '04s.
    I have a 3.0 auto which is now about 20 months old and I love it and have had no problems.
  • kssodkssod Posts: 37
    Dealer incentives are huge on remaining 03's with sport package. $6k with auto and $8k if manual. Tried to trade my 02 but was unable to locate an 03 that had all the toys and was adriatic blue. The changes seem subtle for 04. Improved stereo, seats with memory and suede, new switchgear and subtle styling changes to the exterior. I have not been able to find out if any engine changes are planned. Rumors have a high output 3.0 being availablebut when is anyone's guess
  • msisengmsiseng Posts: 369
    I have both the Infinity G35 (loaded) and the Jaguar 2.5.

    The ONLY advantage the Infinity has is the engine power. The car is a literal rocket....almost scary fast. Funny how the coupe has 280hp and the sedan has 260hp when they use the same engine with only one minor modification. The Nissan 350z (same engine) has 287hp while the 3.5 Nissan Altima has 240hp (same engine). Great Japanese marketing?

    The '03, G35 appointments are cheap and the finish is lacking. The front brake pads wear within 12K miles and the rotors warp. The ride is harsh and RWD makes it impossible to drive with snow. The CD changer jams CD's and many customers are on their 5th CD changer in a year. The driver's seat becomes dislodged from the seat track and rocks. Moreover, many a/c units need replacement and there is a serious brake switch recall. Customer service is downright terrible if you have a problem. It appears the Japanese do not give a darn about customers once they purchase. Check out the Edmunds G35 Problems and Solutions Board or the regular G35 Board.

    Now, this is the '03 Motor Trend car of the year? What are they smoking?

    The '03, 2.5 Jag has a lackluster engine (at best), but I love everything else. Your choice of the 3.0 is far superior to the 2.5. A stock Nissan Sentra out raced my 2.5 Flintstonemobile the other day. I needed to bore a hole in the floor and use foot power to keep up with the Sentra.

    The X-Type cornering is fantastic and the ride is so smooth. Service after sale is wonderful. AWD and elegant styling put icing on the proverbial cake. In my humble opinion, there is no comparison between the two cars. Forget what the Edmunds Editors say about the X-Type and listen to the people who own the vehicle.
  • Welcome to the Jaguar club! It doesn't have 340 horsepower, but what the 2.5 lacks in brute force, it makes up for in its natural agility and balance; it should still be an exhilarating drive every day, while at the same time being completely confidence-inspiring and comfortable with sure-footed AWD. The M45's a really nice car, but it won't outhandle an X-type and the current M is meant to be a place-holder in the model-line until a new one can be designed, so its lifespan will be significantly shorter than that of the current X-type, if having a new car that also looks new is important to you. Have a fantastic time with your new car!!!
  • First off, I'm glad I could be helpful to you in some way, since that's what these boards are all about. Thank you for taking all the time to read what I post, as I know going through my massive messages is a lot of work.

    Now to your question. A lot of other posters have given good input, and I would say that the choice between a 2003 and a 2004 would be one made based upon your wants and needs, especially in the gadgets category and when you need to have your new car. For the most part, the current X-type and the new 2004 are generally the same car, though the 2004 does still have the bolt-on-front-end and other structural changes that could make it less expensive to repair in the event of an accident than the current model. The 2004 is also supposed to be lighter than the current car because of the structural enhancements and more aluminum and magneseum used throughout the structure. I don't have weight numbers for the new 2004 cars, and while some sources say the weight loss should gain the car some more performance, from what I know so far, it is not a massive weight loss that occured, though it may have been enough for added performance when coupled to the other updates.

    The engines have been slightly refined for 2004 from what I know, so they may be more responsive (which is difficult to imagine with a nice broken-in 3.0 liter!). We also know now that with the introduction of the new Estate models also come two new six-speed transmissions for the entire range, though I don't believe they will be available on the earliest 2004's until at least the Estates make a production debut later into that year. The current five-speeds will also still be available alongside the new 6-speeds; in Europe they will still be used on entry-level X-types, so the new transmissions are not making the current ones obsolete in any way. They just offer the purchaser more choice.

    Those enhancements to the structure, engine, and later the transmission (aside from the extra gear), may or may not be very aparent to the driver of the car over a 2003 model, but if they are enough to make one wish for a 2004, I would suggest waiting for the 2004 so that you can have the perfect car for you.

    If those differences are not enough to sway you from the attractive lower prices on the 2003's and the Jaguar Sales Event that is going on to clear the dealers of 2003 models before 2004's arrive, then the new features that are available on the 2004's might. Everything from foreward ultra-sonic sensors to memory seats and new headrests with more positions in more directions to trim options everywhere from real racing XK180-like aluminum, carbon fiber, piano black, to the traditional woods should be available. There are many more features for 2004, but the current options available on 2003 cars are still very plentiful, and running changes such as the new dual cupholders, etc. are available now on current 2003 cars. It all just depends on what powertrain options you want, and which features you want. If you feel that you really must have and really want some of the features and options and new structural enhancements and drivetrain changes found in the 2004 models, I would suggest waiting for them simply so that you can have the exact car you want to exact specifications and be the happiest you can be with your fantastic new car. If the 2003's have all the features and options you want already - at least for the most part - and their lower prices and the sales event are factored in, then I would definitely suggest going that way. In the end, it is really all your choice, but I hope that perhaps looking at the factors this way helps you decide which way to go. Either way, you are getting a really great car that is as fun and exciting to drive as it is just to look at, and one that offers tangible luxury features and timeless styling that cannot be touched by anyone, not to mention standard AWD handling. It's all just a question of whether or not the current cars have all the features you want and how long you are willing to wait if you feel you must have features only available for '04, and whether or not the current low prices are a factor. If a 2003 has most everything you want and it has the great prices right now, then go get one! If you just must have memory seats for some reason, then wait.

    Note that Jaguar makes running changes to its cars all the time, so 2004 model year changes such as the dual cup holders actually appeared as running changes in 2003 models available now. The current 2003's are almost like 2004's in most every respect but with fantastic prices on them. Jaguar also always upgrades the programming of the cars at every service, so no matter what year your car is, it will have the latest codes and work like the newest cars. You can't go wrong either way, but the prices and content in 2003 cars look pretty attractive right now. I've had my 2002 X-type since March of 2002, and even though it is not a nice new 2003 or a 2004, I have been nothing but completely satisfied and ecstatic about it in every way. I'm sure the same experience will be had by you no matter which model year you get if you choose to get an X-type. Have fun car shopping!
  • bft4x4bft4x4 Posts: 12
    Has anyone leased an X type for the National Ad price of $1,999 down and $279pm for the manual transmission. Need some feedback, as I went to lease one today and of course there was only an automatic available which is fine, however the payment more than doubled. I was paying $500 over invoice. I am aware there is not the $2,000 dealer cash on the auto, however that does not constitute a $300 per month jump. I am ready to purchase today. Thanks all. BTW this dealer had an 02 left over - any wonder !
  • bob550kbob550k Posts: 148
    I just started looking for that $1,999 @ $279 per month to. I will post if any dealer stands up to the ad.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I don't think it is the matter of whether a dealer stands up to the deal, but rather if they have the car in stock to make the deal. When I bought my XType at the end of 2001, similar deals were being advertised. It was $2499 down and $289 per mo. It got my attention and we went to the closest dealer the next day. The car turned out to be a 2.5 manual with no options. This is what the fine print says of course. This dealer did have a couple in stock but my wife didn't want the manual and I didn't want the 2.5, I wanted the 3.0 and I wanted a sunroof. Well I ended up leasing the 3.0 with everything we wanted and have been happy ever since. Of course my payment was about $160 more per mo than the ad payment but the ad worked. It got me into the dealer and test driving the car. I'd rather have a loaded VW Passat then a stripped down 2.5 anyway.
  • bft4x4bft4x4 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the post. You still got a good deal on your 3.0. I see you are in CA, what dealer did you purchase from ? Of course, Ads do a great job getting us into the dealership and many times we buy something else. It's just a comparable deal we are looking for. I was quoted $635 with tax for a vehicle with an MSRP of $33,520 selling for $31,659. I could purchase at a low APR for less than that. Our credit is excellent so it is not a case of "not all buyers will qualify". I figured their profit was probably around $4,000. I will continue my quest on Monday by calling some Fleet Managers to locate a Jaguar I may like.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Yes, that sounds very high. My car stickered at $41K and the dealer knocked off 5K and my payment was still $440 plus tax for 39 months through Jaguar Credit. I bought my car at Alverez Jaguar in Riverside. They had a great selection and the owner was very customer oriented. The Internet/fleet sales mgr. is Paul Johnson. Very easy to deal with. Of course I don't know where you are in Calif. I have excellent credit too and you should definitely get a better quote than you have so far.
  • bft4x4bft4x4 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the post. I am in San Diego where there is only one Jaguar dealer. I received a call from Galpin. Quoted $3,000 down $370pm plus tax for 36mo. MSRP $33,320 selling for 3% over invoice. They have the color I want BRG/tan auto with moonroof. Shame I have to drive so far to buy a car. Anyone in So Cal that wants the ad $279 per month, they have several in stock.
  • njp5njp5 Posts: 2
    Hi all, I am looking at an 2003 X Type 2.5L with Auto Package, Moonroof and X1 Premium package.
    The dealer quoted my $ 413 month with no money down at all. This seems to good to be true. Is it?
    Also, the sound system is not great, but the Alpine Premium Package is over $ 1,000 is it worth it?
  • "Also, the sound system is not great, but the Alpine Premium Package is over $ 1,000 is it worth it?"

    Are you referring to radio reception or just the setup, number, or quality of the speakers in the standard system? I've found the normal system to be good, and while radio reception is lacking in the U.S. setting, I know a quick fix for that. The Alpine optional system is IMO, very good, and it beat out the Lexus M.L. system, taking top honors, in an independent test I read (I wish I had kept the article, but I'm more interested in the actual cars than their sound systems). If you don't like the standard system, I'd say the optional Alpine one is probably worth it, especially if you are going to be using it often for music instead of radio talk shows, etc. Spend a little extra and have the perfect car for you! You'll be happier in the longrun if the car is to the specification that fits you the best.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Could you let me know what the quick fix is? I find the standard system very satisfactory, but the reception could use some help, especially as I live out in the sticks.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Not to steal jagboyxtype's thunder, but if you will put 1399 in the "go to message" box at the top of the page you will see jagboyxtypes original post on this subject and the procedure. I have done it and found that it sure does help where I live.
  • Although the trans on my 2003 2.5 automatic seems to get better with age, occasionally when I am in Sport mode it seems to overev (RPM's go up but car does not take off immediately - it only happens occasionally. Anyone seen this behavior?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Thanks for the info. I do have another question after reading that message. Is the procedure the same if you have the CD instead of the cassette?
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    Sorry, I don't know the answer to your query. Both jagboyxtype and myself have 2002 models and they all came with cassettes as far as I know. I have the 6 CD changer in the boot. Maybe the author will see this and have an answer.
  • njp5njp5 Posts: 2
    Thanks for input. For clarification, it was the sound quality and power I was referring to. I am used to an Infinity System in my 300M and I noticed the difference. I don't need a 6 CD system, but I would like the higher quality.

    Also, the price I was asking about is a lease for 48 months @ 12K/year. Any input, I hate to negotiate and it sounds good.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I do have an Eject button for the CD player, I'll try that and see if it works the same. I'll let everyone know the results.
  • The limited edition Jaguar X-type LS is coming out in Australia (I don't know if it will appear in the U.S., Asia, or Europe). It features many extra luxury items, walnut veneers (like the new XJ's) instead of maple that is found in the standard X-types and S-types, special leather with contrast stitching, chromed exterior mirrors and grille vanes, and the fluffy lambswool rugs instead of the standard versions found throughout the Jaguar line. ms/news/newsarticle.html
  • ...the new 2004 X-type 3.0 liters have a $2975 price decrease on them, but now include over $2000 in more standard equipment such as the power sunroof, split-folding rear seats, and the wood-rim steering wheel! This is no doubt a very good attempt at lowering the significant price gap between the 2.5 and 3.0 liter versions of the car, which they have cut in half with the new prices. The X-type now features one of the lowest price gaps of its competitors between its two larger gasoline engine choices. With the introduction of the redone 2004 X-type and all of its new features and pricing, the new X-type Estates (which I've heard have a good chance of arriving in the U.S.), and a new diesel version of the X-type that is smoother than its German rivals while achieving 50 miles per gallon, and special edition versions such as the X-type LS, Indianappolis, and spied JSVO model, it looks like Jaguar is finally going at the X-type's market full throttle. Oh yeah, Jaguar also added a completely new standard sound system to the new 2004 X-type, which is supposed to completely blow the old one away and included more speakers with more power.


    The most recent edition of Car&Driver, which is on newstands today, just finished a long-term review of their 2002 X-type. Though they had some of the old 2002 issues that have all been fixed, they gave the car a sparkling review according to those who have read it (I have yet to view the article). They also conducted an extensive AWD test, taking the car through a harsh Michigan winter and give it a "very positive review," also praising the car's styling, luxury, and surprisingly powerful engine.

    Hey msiseng, if you are looking to have a 3.0 liter X-type instead of that 2.5 of yours, of which the only hinderance seems to be the lack of power in the smaller engine you've got, it looks like a 2004 3.0 could be on your list with the significant price change and added standard equipment!
  • thebandleaderthebandleader Kernersville, NCPosts: 53
    I actually started this discussion a couple of years ago. It is cool to see that it caught on.
    I'm going to Phoenix tomorrow to car shop for my new wife. We had discounted the X-type because of our budget, so we were looking at the RSX, the Eclipse and the Accord.
    ...I got this email from Jaguar mentioning the lease special mentioned above, 279 a month. I've always been scared of leases having heard negative things about them from private individuals (I know they're great for businesses).
    My wife LOVES Jaguars, as do I. The cool part is, in Phoenix there is a Jaguar dealer next door to the Acura dealer I was headed for.
    I am planning on checking it out, but was wondering if people had had any good or bad experiences with leases.
    When the concept first appeared for the X-type, I was very excited. At the time I had a decked out Mercury Mystique (also based on the Mondeo) and thought that any car which improved on that already awesome platform would be great.
  • mjc440mjc440 Posts: 76
    Does anyone know if there will be a 6 speed manual available with the 2.5 X-Type for 2004? If so will this be standard equipment (& replace the 5 speed?)

    By the way, when are the 2004s going to be available?
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