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Nissan Pathfinder Maintenance and Repair



  • blawsonblawson Posts: 19
    I had a similiar problem with my previous Pathfinder. Everthing on a circuit would blow and I would lose power to several things at once. I began turning things on and off to figured out what would cause the circuit to blow. With mine, everything effected was on the same circuit. Check your manual to see if everthing affected goes to the same fuse.

    I looked at the fuse box and followed the wires from that fuse. On one of the wiring harnesses there was a cover that had pinched a wire. It didn't take long to find and fix. Hopefully your problem is as simple to find. I can't imaging how long it would have taken a dealer to figure this out.
  • okbowlerokbowler Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info - I was leaning that way (blown fuse) but can't understand why it would work fine for 2 days (with all other power accessories being used) and then nothing. It's as if the dimmer switch is stuck in the "off" position - but I never touched it.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Ok, finally found a site to interpret the ODBII DTC codes.

    I have two DTC codes, P1135 and P0160.

    P1135 is the Intake Valve Timing Control circuit on bank 2 (not throttle sensor in my previous post).
    P0160 is O2 circuit No Activity Detected bank 2, sensor 2.

    Does anyone know if I can just replace the IVTC sensor myself easily or does the Dealer need to diagnose all IVTC related parts?

    dieselone and pathstar1, could you help me with this since you both had previous posts on this issue? How did the dealer fix the IVTC issue? For the O2 sensors, are they covered by the TSB @ 48K miles?

    2001 LE w/48K.
  • pkurtispkurtis Posts: 1
    Swaying 1997 Pathfinder/Replacement of Upper and Lower Rear Trailing Arms

    I had the typical "Swaying Pathfinder" problem due to worn bushings on the rear upper and lower rear trailing arms.

    My extended warranty (AAA Master Care) only authorized 1.8 labor hours for this repair. Nissan claims that it is a 5.0 hour repair (3.1 hours plus an additional 1.9 because of "rusted bolts"), and of course I had to pay the difference.

    Is this reasonable for this repair? Nissan claims that it is impossible to make this repair in 1.8 hours. I don't have access to any of the labor guides. What do they say about this repair?

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
  • deebardacdeebardac Posts: 23
    I too have experienced codes P1135 and P0160 on my 01 LE. With regards P1135 it has not reappeared ( I have an OBD2 scanner) since the engine computer was reprogrammed with a software update. As for the P0160 it has reappeared twice over a thousand miles, once while pulling a light trailer with overdrive off and on reaching a long downhill stretch engaging OD turned the SES light on immediately. The second time the light came on after passing at higher speeds with sudden acceleration. Having checked things out as per manual I suspect the sensors will have to be replaced to solve the problem.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190

    How did you(?) reprogram your computer to get rid of the P1135 code? Where can you get the software update and how do you install it?

    Actually I tested the SES at Autozone again and the P1135 code did not show up(I previously unplugged the battery to reset and retest). I am afraid DTC P1135 will reactivate when I travel highway speeds again.

    Now I am still left with DTC P0160 O2 sensor inactivity code. Will borrow a voltimeter to test O2 sensor and wires next week.

    How many miles on your 01 LE? Keep us up to date on your issues.

  • deebardacdeebardac Posts: 23
    The software was installed at the dealers for about $40 CDN. See posts 304, 306 & 311 under Care & Maintenance. Mileage at the moment is 63,000 with absolutley no problems except that pesky SES light.
  • derekpderekp Posts: 3
    Well after a few trips the check engine light dissapear .Also I check the full cap .I think there was nothing really serious .
    If for any reason anybody would like to check car computer readings from sensors , check whats wrong with check engine light , read the codes plus other things like resetting check engine light I recommend
    to go to web side .This diagnostic tool can save a trip to dealer or repair shop and most important money for
    just reading codes or reseting check light .(cost about 40 -80 $ to pay dealer )
  • bobnot1bobnot1 Posts: 5
    I have a 2001 Pathfinder SE with a Bose CE108 6-disk/Cassette changer. The CD portion of the stereo has stopped working. When I try to play a CD the unit just keeps switching from CD to CD, but never plays anything. What makes this particularly annoying is that since 2001 I have hardly used the CD player. I listen to the radio most of the time.

    I called my dealer and was told that the stereo is not covered under any warranty and that a replacement would be $450 plus labor! Has anyone else had this problem? Can you buy the CD potion of the stereo directly from Bose?
  • jiaminjiamin Posts: 556
    That doesn't sound right at all. Ask your dealer what "bumper-to-bumper" warranty means. Nissan replaced my 96 Maxima radio with a new one because the paint on front panel peeled off.

    Wonder If it'll do any good if you try cleaning the laser head with a cleaning disc. Or take the fuse out then put back in to "reset" it. Something like these only cost you a few dollars...
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Had my whole Bose stereo replaced under warranty at 30K miles on my 01 LE. I had the ERR2 display on my CD changer. Service told me the whole radio/cd unit needs to be replaced or exchanged. It is covered under the 3yr/36K mile warranty. Actually almost everything is covered. Check your manual or warranty booklet.
  • al_santosal_santos Posts: 2
    Hello fellow Pathfinder owners. I'm a newbie poster on this message board. However, I've been reading this board for the last 4 years.

    Anyways, I've scanned the board reading up on problems with the SES light. Do you guys bring your PF to a dealership to fix SES light problems when it is past warranty coverage, or to and independent shop? I've had two O2 sensors replaced on my 2001 PF SE. First replacement was under warranty, second was not. The second replacement costed $345 from a dealership.

    The SES light came on again. I have about 54K on the the PF. I took the PF to an independent shop, where they charge $65 to perform a diagnostic (dealer charges $87). The code the the scanner returned P1145: intake valve timing control position sensor. The tech who performed the diagnostic said that the sensor is not responding. The shop gave an estimate of $212 to replace the sensor. That's on top of the $65 to diagnosis. The dealership wants $250 for the same repair plus an $87 fee for diagnostic. Should I go with the independent shop?
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    $60 difference between shops is not that much. I would go with the dealer on that one. They would be more knowledgeble and accountable for your repair. Consequently, you have sunk the $65 with the indep. shop already.

    I heard and read that it is a easy sensor to replace. I have the Hayes repair manual and it tells you how to test and replace the IVTC sensor and solenoid.

    I had the p1135 error which is the same IVTC sensor but on the other bank of the engine. I did not notice any degradation in engine performance so I disconnected the battery(reset the computer) and that SES P1135 error code is gone. That is not to say it won't come up again when the conditions are right. Previous post mentioned software upgrade solves IVTC SESs. I will replace it myself when it comes up again.

    Scan the codes at Autozone for free after you reset the computer. Copy them down and look them up on the web. Autozones here refuse to clear the DTCs for me, says it is illegal. I still have the dreaded P0160 DTC O2 sensor inactive (post-converter) SES. I will wait couple weeks on this one cause it will not hurt anything if I do.

    Didn't believe IVTC and O2 sensors where so problematic until I finally experienced it. Should be a "out of warranty" coverage TSBs on these issues. Unfortunately, I don't see any. But, still love my pathy and it is otherwise bulletproof (knock on wood).
  • al_santosal_santos Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice Ibinh. I will leave the repair work to the experts. I too still love my pathy, eventhough I get these pesky SES lights coming on.
  • jpp5862jpp5862 DenverPosts: 1,093
    I have a 2002 SE 4WD, since I have had it there is a fairly loud rattle coming from the defroster vent. I can put my hand up there, wiggle it around and the rattle will stop temporarily, but a few minutes later it is back. I had the dealership look at it, they "said" they reinstalled the vent, but still rattling. Has anyone else had this annoying problem? My warranty is up in about 2,500 miles so looking to get it fixed before that.

    Has anyone else noticed this and if so were you able to get it fixed?
  • land2206land2206 Posts: 3
    Regarding Hesitation problem: I have tried a gas dryer to eliminate possible water in the fuel system. I also run 93 octane in the truck already. This hesitation ONLY happens at highway speed 60-80mph, while the vehicle is in overdrive. If the transmission downshifts, the engine revs rise and the hesitation stops. The dealer service manager can duplicate the problem, but they have no idea what the issue could be. (Their first suggestion was to reduce the tire pressure! I laughed for 30 minutes.) He says it needs to get worse before they can diagnose it.
  • pathstar1pathstar1 Posts: 1,015
    Only other thing I can think of is one or more coils are going bad. They are known problem areas on Maximas, but I haven't heard too many complain about them on the Pathfinder (same basic engine design).

    60-80 MPH in fourth gear gives you high cylinder pressure, which translates to a requirement for a good spark. Lack of a good spark will cause a miss, which would show up as a slight hesitation with an automatic.

    I don't recall you posting the mileage on the vehicle, but it wouldn't hurt to pull a sparkplug and have a look at it. It may just be old plugs.
  • bobnot1bobnot1 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the advise. Unfortunately I have 53K on truck so it is out of warranty. I do have an extended warranty, but the stereo is not covered.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Well, my story has a happy ending. After reading on the web that you should give SES lights some time before you get it fixed. It worked. The codes and light cleared out in about a week.

    What led to SES light coming on:
    1) drove on hot Texas I-10 freeway for about 4 hours.
    2) filled up w/quarter of tank of 89 octane from small rural gas station.
    3) hard accelerated passed a semi on freeway
    4) five minutes later the SES light came on.
    5) Autozone pulled DTC P1135 (IVTC circuit) and P0160 (O2 sensor).

    What I did:
    1) reset the codes (unplugged neg. battery term.), SES light still present.
    2) retested at Autozone and only DTC P0160 came up. Also got my battery quickly tested using voltimeter(main tester equip. was down) and it was OK(didn't trust them). DTC P1135 no longer present.
    3) continued driving for about a week and close to quarter of gas tank left.
    4) decided to look at my battery closer and opened the maintenace fill holes. noticed 3 out of 5 was low in water. filled them with water.
    5) next day the SES light was off.
    6) SES light no longer active after a week since it came on.

    No cost invloved except for time and frustration. Problem could of been with poor fuel quality (used it up) and/or low battery (filled up).

    Leads me to believe that it may be a ECM software programming issue in the 01 pathies. Moral of the story: Test, reset, retest, check your battery, fill with quality gas, and then give it some time before needlessly spending on repairs. I will post an update in couple months or if the SES light comes back.

    Hope that saves some heartache out there. Here is the OBDII web resource I used: - - 8607808be27e442f2e&lat=1091462943&hm___action=http%3a%2f%- - - 2fwww%2eautotap%2ecom
  • konekone Posts: 19
    i have opportunity to purchase loaded 97 pathfinder SE with 100k miles for $5500 cash. sounds good to me. needs tires and alignment done now but the shocks are weak and the axle seals are weeping - everything else looks ok. Any estimates on how much can i expect to spend for shocks and to fix the seals?

  • choganchogan Posts: 2
    I own a 2001 Pathfinder LE. Cigarette Lighter outlet stopped working on dash panel. I'm assuming it's a fuse, but I cannot figure out which one it is. Any help would be appreciated.
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Try A1 Shocks in Houston, do a Google search. They will ship. Call your local service shop for axle bearing repack and reseal service quote. Take that and deduct it from the sales price. Good luck!
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    have you tried the fuse boxes in engine bay. I will check my 01 LE. Might want to carefully take out the lighter socket to check the wiring harness behind it. Also check the other 12V sockets in your pathy if they work. Center console and rear hatch. Power is only on during key in ON ignition position.
  • choganchogan Posts: 2
    Thanks lbinh. The other 2 sockets work (center console and rear hatch). Tried a few fuses in the fusebox in the engine bay, but they all looked good. Was hoping the socket on the dash panel was on another fuse.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    There is a fuse for the cigarette lighter on the fuse panel behind the coin tray. Pull out the coin tray and look at the diagram printed on the back of the drawer to see which fuse to check.

    Example from a 96 Pathfinder:
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Shocks should run in the neighborhood of $40-$60 each. Struts run about $100 a piece. Installation of shocks isn't too hard, but struts is more difficult, especially for the do-it-yourselfer. My local Pep Boys Auto Parts charges $40 per strut for installation, which is a pretty good deal.

    I advise that if youre replacing the struts, also replace the upper mounts (part 13) and the strut bearings (part 11). You can get pretty good prices on OEM parts at aaanissanparts or
  • lbinhlbinh Posts: 190
    Check out this website for the DIYer on Shock strut replacement and front end leveling adjustment.

    The site is pretty detailed on that topic. All pathies have the front end sag on the drivers side. Should be about 1/4 - 1/2 " sag that Nissan says is w/in factory specs. Probably due to engine and gas tank placement balance or "Off" balance.

    Good Luck.
  • millarmillar Posts: 17
    I have a 2001 Pathfinder LE with 53k on it. The Bridgestone Dueler HT original tires have an unusual wear pattern. They are wearing on the outer edges much more quickly than on the rest of the tire. In my past experience with other vehicles, such an unusual wear pattern meant some type of problem, for example, that the vehicle was out of alignment. However, our local Nissan dealership tells me that this unusual pattern is "normal" for these particular tires on the Pathfinder (i.e., yes it is an unusual wear pattern, but they see it often and it doesn't mean anything is wrong). The local dealer, imo, is trustworthy, but this sounds strange. Does anyone else have experience with this? I intend to replace the tires with 4 new Michelin LTX M/S before the winter, but don't want to do it if they are going to wear quickly and strangely as did the original tires.
  • 94path94path Posts: 1
    Wow, after reading these posts I'm feeling pretty lucky. I have a '94 Pathfinder that has never given me any major problems, unless you count having the stock Nissan battery fail just last year. However, my power windows have all slowly stopped working from the main driver control panel. They all still work from their own switches, but I can't operate them without having to lean over to push the buttons. It seems they're getting slower, too. Any ideas? Also, I have a little lake on the front passenger floor from using my A/C; this just started several months ago. I'd like to fix these things myself if it's possible. Looking for advice...
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