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Mazda Protegé



  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    "This time I am keeping this car till it dies.." I'll believe it when I see it.
    How much did you save on insurance? Nissan truck vs Civic EX.
  • HKchan: I saved about $200 over months, but lost all that was VERY VERY VERY stupid of me. I just wanted a truck for some reason. And yes I did get around 8.5%....My payments are $429 a month VS $375 for my truck...It is worth it....I could not see paying another year on a truck that I would not be keeping. I need to stop wasting money on cars...I am very happy with the protege and will not switch for another 5 - 6 years. Just think of all the cash I have wasted on cars...It is crazy!!!
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Just to rub it in, the $200 you saved on insurance over months probably was not enough to cover the extra fuel you bought to feed the truck.
    BTW, even without the 0% financing, there's still a $750 rebate. So you paid $17,449 (includingTTL but before the rebate) for a car whose invoice is $15,092 and whose MSRP is $16,095. How much was the TTL?

    Providing that the S Plan is available, you would've paid $14,873 + TTL - $750.
  • You sure know how to spoil a good thing...My truck was not bad on gas...I got 22 mpg. It had a 4cyl 145hp engine. After dealing with 4 dealers, My credit union was the only one that could finance 4k worth of negative equity...the good part of all this is that I have had a chance to own a few cars and have learned a lot. I just need to stick with this protege.
  • Just my 2 cents. I bought a Protege LX 2.0 with the comfort package + auto tr. + Keyless Entry for invoice price @ 15,172 plus taxes etc. I got some great tips from this and the other discussion groups abt the Protege. Thanks eveybody! I'm the proud owner of a zoom zoom that really zooms!
  • Earlier post about why Corolla/Civic fuel economy much better than Protege. My only guess is transmission gearing. Automatic LX at 60 mph is rpming about 2600. 99 Corolla same is 2000 rpm or so. Don't know about the Civic.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Hey, yours is the exact same car as unmarkedcar's plus keyless entry. It's a great deal but only if the price was before the rebate or you took the low-rate financing.

    unmarkedcar, there lies your "potential problem". You buy a new car every six months to a year to make yourself feel good. It's a good thing as long as you thought the deal was good. BTW, don't just accept what the dealer tells you as facts without verifying them.

    You said you save $200 on insurance over months. I assume that's the whole six months of your ownership of the Frontier. The EPA estimates on the Frontier 4-cyl with auto. is 20/24. It's 15/19 for the 6-cyl. It's 28/35 for the Civic. Assume yours was the 4-cyl. It would be 22 mpg vs at least 30 mpg for the Civic. You drove the Frontier 9,000 miles in 6 months. That's 410 gallons. The Civic would've used only 300 gallons. That's a saving of 110 gallons or $165 assuming $1.50 a gallon. So I was wrong. You saved more on insurance than wasted in gasoline. That's assuming the Frontier was a 4-cyl.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    I doubt very seriously the Corolla's turning at 2,000 rpm (too low) at 60 mph even with an automatic. I need to check on that.
  • sfratsfrat Posts: 205
    vocus: No problem, happy to help. That's too bad that you find the seats uncomfortable, I wonder if there is a difference between the seats in the LX and the ES. I didn't even look at the LX myself, because I read so many good things about the ES. I'm 5'4", and find the seats to be very comfortable, with lots of adjustment.

    Also, question for all. Has anyone ever considered setting up a Protoge owners distribution list? I know there is one for the Miata, and for other cars as well. I'm finding that posting and reading messages is a bit cumbersome, but hopefully I'll get better at it. The big drawback would be losing this forum to convince possible protoge buyers.
  • FYI:
    I read today that the FOCUS will be redesigned in 2004, and the Protoge will share the body.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    SF: I am 6'3, so there's a bit of a difference. My best friend is about the same height as me, and the seats poke his back too. But my roommate is 5'11 and the seats are very comfortable to him. I don't get it. Of course, I have a bad back too, and none of the other people mentioned do.

    Dave: SAY IT ISN'T SO!!! Focus merging with Protege? One of two things could happen with this venture. Either the Protege will go down in quality (hope not) or the Focus will go up (don't care). We shall see though.
  • I own a 2000 Focus ZX3. I'm going to trade very soon. Some history: I owned a 323 in the late 80's - maybe the best new car I've ever owned. At the time, I compared Acura, Honda and Toyota comparable models and the 323 had all of 'em on features/value. Mazda just made it better when they introduced the Protege. I introduced my future wife to the Protege in 93 when she was shopping...the 93 LX has 160K plus on it and has survived two teenage drivers ( just barely). Yes, you can get 200K. Back to NOW... The ZX3 is going to be a great car in the future-maybe I just got a near lemon. Less than 9K on the car and it has had to have the steering rack replaced and a NEW dashpod ( the entire instrument cluster) plus all the recalls ( I've lost count). We almost bought a Mazda 626 last year(wife) - ended up with an Altima - good car.
    My question to you folks... (I know some of you live in the sloppy Northeast weather, just as I live in the great sloppy freeze/thaw of the upper Midwest)...I can a 01 Focus with traction control, stability control and ABS for roughly $15.6K , why should I go out and get a 01 Protege? ( Which I just may do)
  • curt3curt3 Posts: 101
    Well, I am a happy owner of a 2000 Mazda Protege LX with A/C and 5-speed. I must say, however, that I have gone through a few cars in the last few years. I have actually kept the Protege for 15 months now and I have no plans for dumping it. I have well over 30,000 miles on the odometer but I just like it too much to trade it.

    Here goes my list of (impulse) purchases:

    1991 Nissan Truck King Cab--bought used in 1993

    1993 Ford Festiva--bought new in early '94 (great car, by the way).

    1980 Toyota Corona--bought way used in 1994 (neat looking but a real money pit)

    1995 Ford Aspire--bought new in 1995 (good car!)

    1979 Buick Century Wagon aka "The Brute"--given to me by my brother, passed on to charity--great vehicle but I already had two cars.

    1996 Nissan Truck King Cab--bought new in 1996 (become very troublesome, emissions problems galore, baffled mechanics, bought back by dealership--perhaps the only bad Nissan made in the 90's, I still miss the looks of it)

    1998 Nissan Frontier--bought new in 1998, I love this truck and my wife still has it, only 4,700 dollars left on the payments.

    1999 Kia Sephia--what was I thinking? traded in at a moderate loss on my current vehicle, you guessed it---

    2000 Mazda Protege LX--great car, bought new in November of 1999.

    Like you, unmarkedcar, I have blown a lot of money and have lost a lot more on trades. I am only 30 years old and have owned more cars than all of my brother combined. I think I have come to my senses now, even though I get the crazy itch to buy my wife a Miata. Good luck fellow Mazda owners, I hope that I post good news about hitting 100,000 miles in the next two years.
  • I own a 92 Protege that I bought new in Jan. 93. It now has just over 125K on it, and has been a good car. I drive about 50 miles daily, get just around 30mpg (DX, auto). The main problem that I've had is numerous exhaust and brake repairs, more than my fair share. I've also replaced the front drive shafts, and just replaced the rear struts ($300!). I've sworn that this is the last coin I'm putting into it, and was set on buying a new civic. But the more research I do, the better the Protege sounds, with depreciation being the major drawback. The car has been a good one, with a great engine and tranny - no problems at all! I'm considering the civic LX or the Protege LX with the smaller engine, and probably the 5 speed. I'm sure I'll keep the car 3 years and maybe more, depending on how large my family grows. Both cars look good, and I'm looking to decide this next week. I guess I'm looking for some testimonial persuasion. Any help?
  • Are you going to keep the car as long as the '92 protege? If so, then the depreciation factor is nill to none if you have normal miles (100+). Then, it's probably fun vs. gas mileage. To me the Protege is just too much fun (while being a very reliable car) for the civic's better fuel economy and good reliability to overcome. They are both great cars, but (I guess what do you expect as this is a protege board) I'm a much greater fan of the Mazda.
  • My '00 ES (AT) has around 14,000 miles on it. Within the past 2 months my city driving average was 16-18 mpg range and I was wandering whether there was problem with the car .. however this past weekend I took it on a 850 miles trip and the average mpg turned out to be 27.5 (I was driving at 65-75 mph range).
    Couple of days ago my wife hit an iron bar in a parking lot while backing up. The left side of the rear bumper was badly scratched! I hate to drive the car with all these visible marks on!
    Since my deductible is $500 the insurance claim
    will not help.

    Has anyone had a bumper painting job done on their Protege?? I am curious how much it would cost to have the bumper re-painted?!?

    One other thing is: the door panel right under my left elbow started to wear out ! Seems like I have
    the habit of resting my elbow on the door .. but I have been driving various cars for the last 12 years and never had a problem like this ..
    I am thinking of asking my dealer to take a look at it .. and we'll see ??
    Besides these typical problems .. think my '00 ES
    is a great car that is fun to drive.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    ")...I can a 01 Focus with traction control, stability control and ABS for roughly $15.6K , why should I go out and get a 01 Protege?"

    Go and test drive an '01 Focus. Then go test drive a Protege. When that is complete you will be a welcomed Protege owner.

  • Hey guys, I have noticed that on start up, the engine will rev up and down. Has anyone seen this. My 2000 celica will do the same thing sometimes. Is this the way the car warms itself up?
  • abyezabyez Posts: 1
    I am looking forward to test the protege-5 wagon coming out this May. I dont want to go thru the endurance test of reading the past 260 messages :)
    So here goes my questions....

    1) is the new 2.0L 130hp engine in any way related to FORD Focuses'? I know that it is from 626 but i am afraid of reliability problems like all Fords have.

    2) I heard that Ford is gonna put Focus into the 2002 protege. is the new protege-5 wagon the initial transition? compare the protege-5 wagon with Focus wagon - I see some similarities in both their engine and exterior. I just dont wanna drive a focus-in-a-Protege.

    3) for those current generation Protege owners! Please share all your complains about your car - please honestly share all the defects or short comings of Protege. honestly and without exagerations please :)

    4) I did read the first 20 starting postings in this forum but was too tired to continue...Some owners complaint about tranny deffect...has this been fixed?

    5) are the low-profile tires too noisy? I know i cant expect an econ-car to mute noises like a Lexus.

    6) any rattles and squicks?? I know Honda manufactures cars with complimentary squickie and rattlie interior - free of charge :D

    7) is it true that Ford is going to reduce the number of Mazda dealers from some hundreds to about half in the future? I worry this bacause i wanna have the convenience of near-by authorized staff to take care of my car. I admire Honda of it's network of dealers....overwhelmingly!!!

    8) any other things that a prospective buyer should know about?

    thanks in advance, i know these are a mouthfull please reply as much as u can. :]
  • I recently got a feedback survey though mail on my recent purchase of a 01 LX... I've heard that some dealers have bribed the buyer for a good mark. Is that true and if so how do I go about in getting my dealer to benefit me? (eg. free tune up, fog lights... etc)
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I think what you are asking for is a summary of all the posts on all of the Protege boards. I won't tell anyone who is considering a Protege to get a life, but do plan on reading the previous posts.

    As far as your general Ford/Mazda theme: Don't read more into it then there is. The current Protege and Focus are completely separate; no shared components/engineering. Same with the Sport Wagon.

    As far as future plan for the Protege/Focus, we may have seen a preview of this arrangement in the Escape/Tribute. HOWEVER, the Protege will continue to be built in JAPAN and the big issues on Tribute come from assembly quality and supplier problems. With the majority of content being sourced locally and Japanese assembly quality, the Focus/Protege might not be so bad. I for one will wait for more details before I cast judgment.

    Last one - Dealer Reduction. Nothing to do with Ford, more to do with dealer/Mazda proffitability. It's expensive to have a bunch of small dealers moving 4 cars a month. It's like having a Wal-Mart in a town of 300.

    Keep reading....
  • regarding low mpg for city driving...I have averaged between 20 and 21 mpg the last 3 fill-ups on all city driving. I attribute this to the weather here in Syracuse and the fact that I live in a part of town called "Onondaga Hill" and whichever direction I go I must drive up a rather long and steep incline to get home.

    btw, I also have a driver side door panel that is worn from resting my arm there.
  • My wife and I are looking to purchase a left over Protege ES with an Invoice price of 16,658 (Premium Package, Auto). I'd like to negotiate a price of around 15,800 but I don't know if anybody has had experience with left-over Proteges. Am I short changing myself here, or being completely unrealistic? I looked for hints on target prices on several websites and the only thing I can find is the KBB price of 16,100 for a 2000 with 100 miles on it. Any experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to add that after a lot of shopping, this seems to be the best compact out there, so Kudos to Mazda.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    D-man, if the your Mazda dealer had a practice of giving a perk for a "PERFECT" score on the Customer Satisfaction Survey, the sales manager or sales person would have made you aware of this dwindling practice during the delivery or sooner.

    MY 2 cents:
    First, dealers who offer "spiffs" for top box CS scores are dishonest or shady at best; if they cheat on the customer feedback ratings, can YOU trust them for warranty work, etc.? However, I am not judging the new car owner if he accepts the perk, quite frankly a free oil change or detail job is not going to send me to the confession booth on Sunday, lol!

    Secondly, if your new Mazda Protege was a slim deal for the Mazda Dealer($200 to $750 above the invoice/dealer cost) and most subcompact new car sales are "mini-deals"; your sales person will only receive a $50 to $100 commission! NOT a lot of money to pay his bills. But, top box Customer Survey scores mean some extra incentive cash to him at the end of the month. BUT, the CS Survey MUST have the top rating on All questions for him to get an incentive! It sounds dumb but MAZDAUSA holds him responsible for all areas on the CS survey. Soooo, if your sales person did a half way decent job for you, hook him up with a %100.

    Lastly, there is a hidden perk for you to score the SC Survey, with top box ratings! Every time you walk into the dealership for service, have questions answered, etc. you will certainly be treated as a "top box" customer! If you do help the sales person out with the survey, he needs to send you a thank you note or give you a call of appreciation. Nevertheless, these folks depend on the SC Survey to help them make a living, if possible take care of them.

  • My wife and I are looking to purchase a left over Protege ES with an Invoice price of 16,658 (Premium Package, Auto). I'd like to negotiate a price of around 15,800 but I don't know if anybody has had experience with left-over Proteges. Am I short changing myself here, or being completely unrealistic? I looked for hints on target prices on several websites and the only thing I can find is the KBB price of 16,100 for a 2000 with 100 miles on it. Any experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to add that after a lot of shopping, this seems to be the best compact out there, so Kudos to Mazda.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    You should pay no more than invoice, then take the rebate off AFTER you pay invoice. So it would be $750-1500 below invoice price.
  • hkchanhkchan Posts: 420
    Is the $15,800 before or after the $1,500 rebate? If it's before, you're unrealistic. If it's after, you're short-changing yourself. Try to read back about three weeks of posts and look for "S Plan". The price would be 1.5% below invoice (not including freight) - $1,500. In this case, it would be $16,178*(1-0.015)+$480+TTL-$1,500=$16,415.33+TTL-$1,500.
  • I think that it is bad for mazda to use such a scoring system. They should also make sure that the sales rep is not telling customers to give him 100% or his check will be lower. I just bought my mazda on the 2nd of this month. The rep said for me to make sure that I give him high scores. This is the same rep that also did not bother to call me back when I was trying to get approved through the dealership. The only reason that I went back to them, was that they where the nearest dealer to me. I got pre-approved through my credit union. When I went back to them the second time, the sales rep was so much nicer to me all of a sudden. I think that the sales managers should also get scored. They are the biggest scam artist. They will try anything to break you down....they also like to deal with people that do not have much credit....they make them feel as though they do not have a choice on anything. I think that car dealerships should have a sticker price that is non-negotiable. They should only be able to sell extra features for profit. God knows they make enough money on fools that pay for extra warranties. The finance departments should also get rated. I am looking forward to getting my score card. I will probably give the sales rep a high score even though I still do not like him. I just feel bad for his family more than anything else.....I will never go back to that dealership. I took my car in to have them add some antifreez, They spilled it all over the engine and outside of the car...they did not even bother to clean it up. I am scared to take my car to them for a oil change. This dealer also services HUNDAI...that is good enough reason not to deal with them.
  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    Jason, MY 2 CENTS,ONLY!!
    1.) Take the base price of the 2000 Mazda PRO-ES and write down the options of the specific PRO-ES you are looking to buy. Simply go to Edmunds at ( or Kelly's Blue book at( on the internet and calculate the DEALERS cost on the 2000 PRO-ES, you want to purchase.

    2.) Subtract the customer incentive offered in your local region and offer from $0-$250 above that price for the car. Trust me, you don't need to pay more. Incentives for a 2000 model year Protege are running at about $1,500 at present. Unless your credit rating is not so good and you are putting down a VERY small deposit, you are better off declining the low manufacture sponsored APR financing and going with the rebate.

    One last thing to consider, you might want to look a little closer at the 2001 PRO-ES for financial reasons. It is getting pretty far into 2001 to purchase a 2000 model. When it comes to re-sale and trade values, you will have already increased your depreciation by purchasing a "one year old car". To illustrate, lets say you put 15,000 miles a year on your new car, so in 5 years; you will either own a 2000 Mazda PRO-ES with 75,000 miles or a 2001 Mazda PRO-ES with 75,000 miles on the odometer. If your car is in good condition the miles won't really hurt you or help you but the 1 year older model will. This is why, I rarely consider leftovers to be great buys, unless you can save at least $1,500+, I'd go for the 2001.

  • protegextwoprotegextwo Posts: 1,265
    1.) Henry, do you OWN a Mazda Protege or any Mazda vehicle? You never talk about YOUR Mazda Protege.

    2.) Do you know for a fact, that the "S plan" is available to everyone, at all dealerships. I am just curious, what is your FIRST hand knowledge of this plan?

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