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Toyota Sequoia Accessories and Modifications



  • ar15ar15 Posts: 58
    Since I didn't get the optional package that gives you the leather steering wheel cover on my SR5, I looked to the aftermarket. I am very pleased with the leather steering wheel cover from . It is fairly easy to install (took about an hour), and looks almost as good as a factory cover. I have the charcoal leather interior in my SR5 and the charcoal Wheelskin is an exact match. If you order one, the correct size is AXX.
  • I just got a bug deflector for my SR5 and set of four window vents. I got them from TRUCKSTUFFUSA.COM. I am very happy with both products the bug deflector by EGR and the window vents by WEATHERTECH. The bug deflector is smoke color,contoured,slim and easy to install . It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, you will need a phillips screw driver and 10 mm socket or wrench to loosen up the grill, and the deflector snaps right underneath the grille. You will also install two clear peaces of tape close to the ends for a set of clips provided. No drilling needed. The window vents are slim, smoked and easy to install. They snap into the window chanel. I believe they also come in light tint color that matches our windows. But please ask them before you buy them. Don't get ripped off at your local dealer. They wanted $180 for the bug deflector and $450 for the rear spoiler whe I called the here in NorCal. By the way my rear spoiler is coming from THESPOILERFACTORY.COM for $239 shipped and prepainted color matching my DESERT SAND MICA. Good Luck.
  • Anyone interested in a 304 stainless steel tail pipe tip (exhaust tip) can order it from Brandsport.Com. I got it for approximately $50.00 while the dealer I talked to was asking $65.00. The sweet part is it is warranted by Toyota. The folks at Brandsport responded very quickly to my questions. The tip should arrive next week and it will make the Seq. very beautiful.
  • Which deflector by EGR did you get, Superguard, Aerowrap or Hoodguard Wrap?

    I'd like to see some pictures, of both the bug deflector and vent shades. Can you post some on the photo board?
  • I got mine for $44 from
    Shipping was $7.95
  • Thanks Robertbick. There is no shipping charges for orders above $50.00. No taxes either. By the look of things, mine came out $2.00 cheaper.
    We will both enjoy the upgrade.
  • mine for $36 at my local dealer. Had to order it, but I'll post back when it comes in.
  • That's a good price if it is the one from Valor Manufacturing Inc.
  • Has anyone purchased and installed the Sport Pedals by OBX Racing? I like the look but was wondering about the price, how easy they are to install and how they feel under your foot. Are they larger than the stock pedals, are they slippery under your foot, etc. Thanks.
  • redfox5, I got the Hoodguard Wrap. Unfortunately , I can not post pictures of my vehicle at this time. I wish I could. Anyway , it looks very close to the red chevy picture they have at Also , yesterday I installed the rear spoiler from They prepainted the spoiler and it matches my suv color exactly .Now my Sequoia 2WD looks like or better than a Limited Edition. I have the following options: leather,foglights,running boards, I link, floormats, cargocover, 6cd/10 speaker JBL system, rear privacy glass, tow package, 17" wheels pus my additions.
  • Your Sequoia 2WD can't look like or better than a Limited Edition. You don't have those "Limited" emblems on the side. ;)
  • Does anyone have a website to point me to for (a) a grille guard for Sequoia 2004 and (b) a remote camera with small monitor mounted near or on dashboard to assist in backing up (I have arthritis and can't easily turn around to completely cover the rear window).
    Thanks for any ideas.
  • ROBERTBICK: alright alright! I did not think or have intentions to hurt anyone's feelings. But taking in consideration what I have paid & spend on the vehicle it gives me such a great feeling that I have saved thounsands of dollar and still my SEQUOIA will look like yours ,maybe not better than yours ( If that makes You happy & no hard feelings please).
          2004 2wd Sequoia with the options listed priorly $33500
                                                             taxes,lic.fees,$ 3630
                                                        total out the door $37130
                                                       hood/bug deflect. $ 70 truckstuffusa.
                                            4/pc window /ventdeflect. $ 99 truckstuffusa.
                                      prepainted rear wing/lighted $ 240 spoilerfactory.
                                       DVD/ 10" fold down monitor $ 1300
                                                               grand total $38839
    And I still believe mine looks like yours and I for sure feel better than You with the money spent. OH , I forgot to mention, " no finance charges".
  • I think you took it wrong, oslol2. I was only joking around with you. There were posts on one of the other Sequoia boards here talking about getting an SR5 with all the options like a Limited and paying less, so I was reffering to that.

    Of course your looks like mine, and you also have a DVD player which I don't have. You did very good with that price and should be proud of yourself. I paid a bit more, but I also have 4WD which I need here in Upstate NY. I was planning on getting the SR5, but my wife wanted the grey color and neither of us liked the two tone paint scheme on the SR5.

    Good luck with your Sequoia and no hard feeling please. I had no intentions to offend you. Sorry.


    p.s. I just installed the Weathertech Weatherflectors last night. They were a [non-permissible content removed] to get into the window channels in the front windows, but they look great.
  • Robertbick, You are a Gentleman! I am sorry I did not take your joke but for sure I am taking your apology. Robert you have a lucky wife and so do I , at least you got her the vehicle She wanted. A the beginning I did not want an SUV , considering their mpg, use etc. But my wife
    had falled in love with the Sequoia and every time she would see one one road, she would tell
    me to look at them and see how nice they were. Finally, months after, right on her birthday our 6 years old minivan broke down. That is when I gave up and decided to get one, with the only condition that it did not have to be a 4WD. I reality we did not need it considering that we live in the Bay Area and we do not have snow or mountains nearby. Now , she is very happy and so am I. Now that we own one I think that The Sequoias are nice and reliable vehicles. Robert, I think you folks made a good choice purchasing the 4WD. Good Luck and Happy Holidays. Sincerely, oslol2.
    When installing the weather flectors. I would advice anyone installing them in the future. To put at least two layers of masking tape to protect the paint from scratches near the mirror area. Because, it may be sratched with the end of the deflector also if it is neccesary, slightly file the end/corner of the deflector ending by the mirror side for easier access into the channels. I learned the hard way with the driver's side.
  • Check out for a backup camera system. Audiovox also makes different camera systems with monitors integrated into the rear view mirror.
  • Has anyone ordered the QA Rear load leveling suspension? The dealer said he's never seen a Sequoia come in with it.. Just wondering who's got it and if you use it or not.. Is it worth the extra $288.. Thanks!
  • I have the rear load leveling system and I'm not sure if it's worth the money (it comes standard on LTDs in Canada). It's not an actual air bag system where you can control the height.

    From what I understand it's just a set of cargo coil type springs with a different shock absorber. Supposedly there's an internal valve that will allow the shock to "pump" itself up based upon the load you're carrying.

    I haven't towed anything yet, but I have carried heavy rocks in the back and I can't tell if the load leveling system is working or not.
  • katzatkatzat Posts: 45
    Steve, once again your post has hit home with me. The load leveling rear suspension is exactly the option that has delayed the delivery of my (my wife’s) Sequoia. It will end up taking 4 months to get the truck. I ordered it with the rear suspension before she informed me that I wouldn’t be using the Sequoia to pull be boat (unless she and the little ones are with). Had I known that it would have delayed receiving the truck by 6-8 weeks I probably would have forgone that option.

    I am interested to know if it is no more than just special shocks that will have to be replaced at additional expense on a regular basis as the previous post seems to indicate. Anyway, if you are interested in purchasing it, I happen to know that that particular option is currently in a production run in Indiana at this time, so you may not have to wait so long to get it.
  • I ordered the QA last year from a dealer in NC after all the NY dealerships said it was not available (and brought it by to show them after). I had to wait the 10 weeks also. The system is actually a different pair of shocks and possibly springs. I went through the factory service manual and describes exactly how they work. The shock has extra fluid reservoirs internal with a high pressure / low pressure setup. It works when you are driving by the action / position of the internal piston. It does work and I have tried it. You will not notice it when you put the trailer on (the rear end will drop) but within a short distance it brings it back up to std ride height. the increased load forces the piston past an internal valve allowing the extra high pressure fluid to move the low pressure side where it is needed to increase the ride height. Once the load is removed, it extends past the valve in the opposite direction releasing the pressure and letting the ride height drop to normal. Actually a very smart, reliable system with out all the compressors and sensors to possibly fail. Many friends have Expeditions and Navigators and all have had issues with the factory load leveling. With the Toyota setup I'm not worried. Technically it "should" be able to be added after just by upgrading to these shocks. I called the dealer with my VIN and my Aunts VIN (she does not have QA) and the part #'s were different for the rear shocks but I forget the price. I was disappointed originally when I found out that it was not a compressor setup but after reading about and trying it and knowing everybody elses problems, I'm glad for long term that I have this setup instead. Long post hope it helps you (and ease your mind)
  • Hey Katz.. Is your wife's name Fran?? I was going to surprise my wife and decided against it so waiting the 8 weeks to get what "she" wants is worth the wait. I'm making her test drive everything else so she can understand what she's getting.. Right now she's going off of what I'm saying (which is 100% right of course. 8-) The problem with my wife.. oh does that open doors.. is that she turns her nose up at options. I don't need side air bags or running lights.. and what do I need that rear spoiler for anyway.. I know it would save me money going her way BUT she's doing it just to save the money.. not a bad intention but looks come into play when paying this much money.. an extra $500 or $600 isn't going to break the bank.
  • bp3959bp3959 Posts: 156
    For all of you who hate not being able to disable traction control, here's an easy solution(this is temporary and will not harm the truck). On the side of the brake fluid reservoir(clear plastic with fluid level markings on the side and a filler cap on top) there are two wires, simply pull out the connector(you should tape the end of the connector if you are going to do this for any extended period of time to keep out water). Check your dash lights and you will see that traction control is turned off. If you do this with the truck running, it will stay disabled until you stop and restart the engine. Surprisingly this does not disable ABS as I first expected. I've confirmed with my local dealer that doing this will not harm the brake or traction control system in any way.

    If you wish to do something like this on a regular basis, you can simply hook a toggle switch between either wire going to the connector. When driving down the road simply hit the switch and it'll disable traction control, and then restart your engine when you wish to re-enable it.
  • I was wondering if anyone had an opinion as to whether grille guards are just for looks, or if they actually protect the vehicle and passengers if, for example, you hit a deer? I found a manufacturer (ECU Industrial Manufacturing) that makes a custom grille of 1.32" steel tubing, using cold bending and 2.39" 3-piece shaped cross bar which he says is actually protective, but costs $925 (black powdercoat) + shipping (which I think is from Europe). Sounds like a lot, but if it really protects the car and human contents, it may be worth it.
  • I just hit a deer with my K2500 Diesel Suburban.. Deer jumped off enbankment and never touched the bumper. $4K in damages to hood, grill, lights, radiator, etc.. $200 comprehensive deductable and insurance fixed it. I was able to drive home but the radiator was empty. I've heard people hitting deer with grill guards that pushed the guard into the hood but not puncturing the radiator. Still had to get the truck fixed but not as extensive damage. I personally don't think they are worth it.. don't like the looks..
  • arslanarslan Posts: 36
    I think I'm going to purchase WAAG bumper guards for my Sequoia. I live in the DC area and have had my bumpers hit by other vehicles attempting to parallel park so many times I lost count. In other cases, my fender flares have been swiped. In fact, I'm missing a section of my fender flare. And just yesterday, someone side swiped my driver side doors. Of course, no driver bothered to leave a note behind.
  • I'm currently lloking at new SUVs. I also currently have an SUV (MDX) with NAV and rearview camera and love it. Very disappointed that the Sequoia does not have NAV as an option. Anyone know if a good NAV with rearview camera could be installed in the Sequoia as an aftermarket item? I'm also considering the 2004 LC which comes with this, but much more expensive than the Sequoia.
  • gagirl1gagirl1 Posts: 17
    I recently bought a 2003 Sequoia, however I elected not to pay $1700 for the DVD system that they offered. I decided that was waaaay too much money. I'm looking for a dropdown DVd player that is less that $700. Can any player be installed in the Sequioa or will I need to buy one that is specifically for my new SUV. I'm you can tell. Thanks for any info.
  • I just went down this path as well.. A friend said he going to buy personal DVD players for his kids from Circuit City for about $100 each. That way they can all watch whatever they want. I've also heard about DVD in a bag systems. More money but it hangs between the two front seats. One thing I haven't been able to find out is if the DVD in a bag and play back via the vehicle sound system. With the drop down DVD's you tune in a radio station to hear the move over the system. Can't understand why the DVD in a Bag wouldn't do the same.. Anyone have any input on this?
  • yickwoyickwo Posts: 54
    I agree with Steve Koz. I recently purchased a '03 Limited and had the same delima. After much research, we ended up with a Toshiba 2500 Portable DVD player with a 9" screen (the best pro-scan player and best picture quality out there) and a MITO Suspension Theather and we could not be happier. The set up cost me about $550. Plus it is truly portable as we use it at home/away for the kids to watch their DVD/VCD's. I'll be happy to email you where I bought the stuff if you want.

    With respect to playing the DVD player's audio through the car's sound system, you can use a device called audio bug or some type of wireless FM trasmitter that will allow your car radio to pick up the sound. It is about 25-35 bucks. I personnally do not want to listen to the kids video/music while I am driving, so the player on low volume for the kids in the backseat works just fine. When my kids are old enough to use headphones, the Toshiba player has two headphone jacks. No problems for me.
  • gagirl1gagirl1 Posts: 17
    Well I already have the video in a bag and it's just a hassle, takes up too much room in between two front seats. With it in between the seats it is difficult for me to reach anything in the back seat (two children- 3yrs old and 7mos). While the portable DVD player might be a good idea for some, I seriously doubt that would work for my 7 month old and I don't think my 3 yr old would be able to hold it herself. The dropdown DVD system is just more practical and convenient for my situation. I would plan on getting the wireless headphones so that I wouldn't have to always share the radio with them. So I'm still looking for a dropdown system....
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