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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    That is one heck of a deal, the price on the SE model here is higher than what you got on the EX model. Just goes to show that location does make a world of difference
  • bensulbensul Posts: 12
    SE V6 for $18671 from Norm Reeves includes destination charge but the taxes and other fees have to be added. Usually you're looking at adding 9.75% to your purchase price to get your out the door, that is if you're in the Los Angeles area. my LX V6 OTD is $22758.
  • louisnlouisn Posts: 110
    I wish you would answer my original question--How can a dealer sell for $1700 under invoice w/o the expired incentives--especially on a MSRP 28,000 car. Even with giving up his holdback, the dealer is still a 1000 or so in the red. Maybe, the financing aspect is the key! Thanks.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Yes, the dealers can make money from other things such as financing, trade-ins, extended warranties and so on.
    Are there really no incentives now?
  • johnwangjohnwang Posts: 3
    This is the first time for me to buy a new car. Who can recommend a good dealer around phili? I am interesting in Hondar Accored SE v4. Currently what is the best price for me and acceptable for dealer?
    Your response will be appreciated.
    My e-mail is
  • johnwangjohnwang Posts: 3
    Who can recommend me a good dealer around phili? I am looking for 2007 Honda Accord SE V4 deal.
    Thanks a lot.
  • louisnlouisn Posts: 110
    That's my understanding. No incentives as of 7-5-2007. I could be wrong but Edmund's doesn't list any--BTW, the Acura cousins, Tl's and RL have 1500 and 3500 incentives repectively.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,648
    hmmm... i guess you are right. i found a few places selling a "V4" replacement engine and people calling them "V4"s, but looking at the pics on Ebay, it is obviously not. I guess my buddy and his father made the same common mistake others do and said it was a V4 when it wasn't.

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  • pszengpszeng Posts: 1
    Any purchasing experience in Houston TX shared with me?
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    hmmm... i guess you are right. i found a few places selling a "V4" replacement engine and people calling them "V4"s, but looking at the pics on Ebay, it is obviously not.

    I would shy away from those places. The other vehicle I was thinking of was a Subaru, which uses a horizontally opposed flat 4 (like an old VW). If you can have an I4 a V6 or an I6, would that be an F4?
  • cyrusdcyrusd Posts: 25
    I don't know exactly how they could. The fact was I ordered quotes from different dealers in my area from Edmunds and KBB. After getting the lowest one, I forwarded it to the others and get the new lowest one. $24,981 was the current lowest quote from McDavid Honda and it seemed nobody could beat it. I guessed it was really a good deal, so I posted it here and asked for your opinions. I planned that if this guy wanna play tricks with me, I still have a backup solution. Gillman Honda offered me $25,221 for the same vehicle (EX-L V6 AT).

    My next step should be making an appointment for a test drive. I'll keep you guys informed.
  • 12bdriving12bdriving Posts: 24
    I have seen similar quotes back in the Wisconsin/Minnesota I think there must be something out there cooking.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,648
    Its called an H4. :)

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I signed a purchase agreement on 9 July 2007 for a 2007 Honda Accord Value Package (VP) with Manual Transmission (MT), 4 cyl engine (there is no VP V6).
    The price is:
    $16,185 car including destination charge
    + $ 300 dealer "documentation fee"
    $16,485 total excluding Massachusetts sales tax (5%) and registration fees set by the state ($86 for new plates)

    Reference prices:
    $19,220 MSRP
    $17,392 Dealer Invoice
    $16,833 CR "Bottom Line Price" (subtracting the Dealer Holdback they know of)

    Since I paid ~$350 less than the CR Bottom Line price ($650 less excluding the "documentation fee" CR doesn't calculate in), I think there are additional incentives the dealer is getting that CR doesn't know about, at least yet.

    The 2nd best offer I got was about $280 higher than this.
    These 2 offers my wife and I got through email quotes after initial dealer contacts through and also's list of dealers with Internet sales. 2-3 other dealers said they couldn't go below $17,000 (plus they'd add on their documentation fees). The little negotiating we did was over the phone and via email, basically just asking if they could do better prices. It was nice to have the price all set at $16,185 + $300 + tax + registration before I went to the dealer.

    One infamous dealer who's salesman didn't return my 2 voicemail messages left on his cellphone for three days gave me verbal offers of an Accord LX for $16,000; however I don't consider those credible since they had done a bait-and-switch on me before ("that $13,900 car is gone, the best we can do now is $16,988 + documentation +..."). The 2nd sounds-too-good-to-be-true offer on the LX only started too late -- after I told them I was ready to buy at another dealer.

    Test driving impressions of the car:
    1st I've always driven a stick shift so I don't mind the manual at all. Test drove a 4 cyl Automatic with a car full of people and kids and it actually felt as responsive as the Manual. Responsive enough that if an AT was less expensive I would have gotten one of those.
    I generally drive cars 10+ yrs and 200-250,000 miles so I don't care about a Manual being harder to resell.

    My current car is an economy car, 1997 Ford Escort wagon, so even the VP is a step up for me and I don't need/want the extra features in an LX, SE, or EX. The '97 Escort's been very reliable and has given me 197,000 miles, BTW. Currently get 34 MPG in the Escort with 80% highway driving, and hope to get about the same with the Accord.
  • dcdriver4dcdriver4 Posts: 6
    Just received an email with the following prices (all before delivery and TTL and doc fee):

    VP AT 15595
    LX AT 16983
    SE AT 17665
    SE v6 AT 18995

    A quick compare to invoice shows that DC dealers are getting about 2K per car from someone in marketing support. Yet edmunds still shows nothing.
  • louisnlouisn Posts: 110
    Are the coupes $500-750 more expensive or cheaper? Thanks.
  • smeezysmeezy Posts: 42
    Fantastic job, that's a great OTD price. The majority of my quotes for an EX AT is 20K+ in California.
  • adams05adams05 Posts: 9
    Honda of Ocala
  • gaggag Posts: 5
    Does anyone know of any good dealers in the minneapolis area?

    Has anyone bought an EX-L l4 in this area - if so what's the price i should expect to pay?
  • cb2kcb2k Posts: 22
    >>dcdriver4 wrote:

    Just received an email with the following prices (all before delivery and TTL and doc fee):

    VP AT 15595
    LX AT 16983
    SE AT 17665
    SE v6 AT 18995

    A quick compare to invoice shows that DC dealers are getting about 2K per car from someone in marketing support. Yet edmunds still shows nothing.


    If this is before freight/destination, you might be able to do a few hundred dollars better in the Washington DC metro area. See the excellent post by Smackldog. I bought a 2007 EX-L 4 cylinder automatic accord for $20,550 (including freight and processing) + TTL a few days ago - I had received quote for SE 4 cyl auto for just under 18K including destination and processing. This was before the published incentives ended on July 5, but from recent posts, it seems like some marketing support is still there.

    Good Luck!
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    A 4-cylinder Accord SE has an MSRP of $22,220 and a TMV value of $20,284. An LX is about $700 less on both figures.

    The Accord model hierarchy is confusing because of the SE models. In the 4-cylinder Accords, the base is the VP, then LX, then SE, then EX. In the V6 Accords, it's SE, LX, EX. So an SE 4-cylinder has MORE equipment than an LX I-4. But an LX V6 has more equipment than an SE V6. Clear as mud, right?

    In the I-4 models, choosing the SE over the LX is almost a no brainer. The $700 buys you 5-spoke alloy wheels instead of plastic wheel covers, adds a 6-disc in-dash changer in place of the single disc and adds simulated carbon fiber trim on the dash. It looks like an EX from the outside, just without the sunroof.

    The best 0-60 time I've found for an automatic I-4 Accord is 8.1 seconds. The V6 Accord is around 6.7 seconds. Take the 4 for a test drive and drive it how you normally would (merging into traffic, pulling out onto a highway, etc.) and then decide if you think it has enough power. Drive the I-4 and V6 back-to-back for comparison, too.

    I drove a '92 Accord EX I-4 for years and I am an aggressive driver. I never had any problem merging into Atlanta traffic and, with exception to passing on two lane roads, never wanted for additional power.

    Just wanted to make you aware that the I-4 is more than adequate for probably 90% of buyers, but the V6 is almost seen as a premium/upscale version. The truth is that the vast majority of those who buy the V6 never tap into all that power and pay a penalty at every fill up anyway.
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  • megankpmegankp Posts: 17
    Thanks so much for clarifying the differences for me. This is great info.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    It can all be seen here on Honda's website. The link will take you to an Accord Sedan trim-level breakdown.
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Should be somewhere between $500-$750.00 cheaper.
  • dcdriver4dcdriver4 Posts: 6
    yes, before freight.

    I've already received one quote even better for an LX by about $200.

    My challenge is what to do with my current VW Passat - sell privately or trade? I don't look forward to the hassle of a private sale, or the risk of the new owner coming back to me as soon as something goes wrong. And with a VW product, you know something WILL soon go wrong!
  • gotenjaigotenjai Posts: 5
    How are you getting you LX V6 at such a cheap price. Your OTD price is even lower then the invoice. Is there any trick to it because I really am thinking about buying one. Every been quoting be at 23,500 and thats b4 tax and doc fees and all them good stuff
  • nycarguy1nycarguy1 Posts: 8
    Hey bensul, got same sedan LX-V6 for 21,200 +595 dest +TTL.
    Prob can get similar in CA?
  • 12bdriving12bdriving Posts: 24
    Email me back using the email in my profile...I've got some great info for you.
  • mjtianmjtian Posts: 48
    Hi all,

    I am looking to buy an Accord SE V6 in the STL area. Any suggestions on a good price in my area? I've gotten a couple of quotes already:

    1) $20,995 (Cash) $21,775 (2.9% for 24 months, 3.9% for 36 months, 4.9% for 48 months, 5.9% for 60 months)

    2) $20,154 including destination charge. Add'n $159 documentation charge will be added on.

    What do you all think? Do I have more room to negotiate? I am also looking at Passat 2.0T and the 07 Camry. But I have read about the recent problems with the Camry and well, we already own a 04 passat so I am aware of the "problems" that it brings, but its a fun and very safe car to drive. Please weigh in thanks!!

  • mei7900mei7900 Posts: 4
    I want to buy 07 accord LX 4dr seden (2.4 l 4cyl 5A) in San Diego. Could you give me some suggestion about dealer and price. Thanks
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