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Infiniti G35 Sedan 2006 and earlier



  • totalnettotalnet Posts: 67
    Even the headlights looks like they have combine from the 350Z and G35 Sedan's headlights. They also use the door handle from the Z, but turned it 90 degrees. It looks better that way to me. You know some people will made comment how it being a Infiniti version of the 350Z. Which what I was hoping for, a 4 seater 350Z.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Yummy. Great lines, and lots of space. It's a good 10 inches longer than the Z and it has backseats. Probably not livable backseats, but good enough to shove my smaller friends back there.

    The style and rake reminds me somewhat of the last Gen SC. Too bad Lexus abandoned the coupe market for its boat-like hardtop.

    Seems that the G35 Coupe with its six speed and 280 HP will be the top of the sports-luxury coupe segment...unless Bimmer lowers the MSRP of the M3 by 10k (one can always dream!). CL? LOL it's FWD. MB doesn't make a legit luxo-coupe under 40k, so really the only comp is the Bimmer. While it's nice looking, the new G coupe can't touch the lines on a bimmer, so hopefully the engine and chassis can make up for the car's rather bland appearance when held up to the only competition.
  • I am in love with the G35 coupe! It resembles a more elegant, four-seater version of the Z350.

    blueguydotcom, they recently announced production for a C-class coupe. Not the hatchback, but a proper coupe based on the C... I wish i knew the letter designations they would give to it. We already have an SL, a CL, a CLK, and and SLK. How about a C/K? The pricing for the coupe should be under $40K, but will only have that 3.2 engine and probably not be as able of a performer.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I love the G35 coupe! And the rear is beautiful, reminds me of something like an Alfa Romeo.

    280HP... one would need the Holden Monaro/Pontiac GTO to avoid being beaten by this Infiniti.

    The Murano's grille looks like it would be at home on a Cadillac. And the rear would be at home on the Lexus SC430 :)
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120
    Apparently at the NY Auto Show Inifiniti will be introducing, besides the G35 coupe, a new rear-wheel drive model, slotted between the G35 and the Q45.

    What is this car? New Yorkers, details please!
  • dafreakdafreak Posts: 154
    already announced...its the M45

    2002 New York Auto Show - Infiniti Presentation [Mar. 28, 02]
    - Infiniti M45 and G35 Sport Coupe Debut -
    Mark McNabb
    Vice President and General Manager
    Infiniti Division
    Good morning. Infiniti launched in November 1989 with two products - the Q45 and the M30. Today, we're proud to bring back the "M" designation - but this time with the power of the Q45 under the skin.
    This new M45 performance sedan is another important step in the total transformation of the Infiniti lineup as we introduce four new products in less than twelve months - four all-new models that are distinct and unique to Infiniti.
    In the first 12 years of Infiniti's history we've delivered a true performance luxury experience to over a half million buyers. But over the course of these dozen years the luxury segment in general has changed. Lineups have expanded and diversified. We've seen our competitors add model after model keeping their owners within their brands.
    Well, now it's our turn. Infiniti is in the middle of a total transformation of our product lineup, the scope of which is unprecedented in the luxury segment. The sum of these new parts - starting with the introduction of our flagship Q45 last spring, followed closely by the new I35 this fall and continuing with the powerful new products you see in the room here today is not just greater than the whole - it's a powerful new Infiniti presence.
    Earlier this month the stunning new G35 Sport Sedan joined our lineup to strong media reviews and tremendous consumer interest. The new G35 and the reinvigorated 2002 I35 combine to give us a powerful one-two punch in the $30,000 price range. With the addition of the new M45, along with our flagship Q45, we'll have an equally strong duo of V8 performance sedans.
    But here's the real kicker - when the M45 goes on sale in November, it'll be priced in the low $40's. That's V8 performance at a price where many competitors offer only six-cylinder cars. I'm not talking optional V8, either. Every M45 comes with the same industry-leading 340-horsepower 4.5-liter V8 found in the 2002 Q45. Not a bad place to start.
    The M45 also features an advanced 4-wheel independent suspension, a leading edge braking system, 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode, and Vehicle Dynamic Control.
    In terms of premium features, the new M45 also reflects Infiniti's high level of advanced technology and luxury features: a central information system with large LCD monitor, Sojourner leather seating, Bose 7-speaker premium audio system - items that are not even offered on competitors' sedans, much less as standard equipment.
    The M45 also features technology that truly benefits the total driving experience, such as Voice Recognition, climate control seats, DVD navigation and Intelligent Cruise Control, to name just a few.
    The M45 promises to deliver an exceptionally rewarding experience for both driver and passenger. It gives us a powerful entry in the competitive $40,000 luxury sedan segment.
    In Detroit, we gave you a preview of our "Bionic Cheetah," the FX45. And, we've previously announced that Infiniti will be adding a full-size luxury SUV for the 2004 model year. The other new vehicle we debuted at Detroit is also critically important to our product lineup, the all-new 2003 G35.
    The G35, which went on sale March 11th, sets the tone for the Infiniti of the future with class-leading performance, style, roominess and premium equipment. It has European driving flavor, but without the typical ride, comfort and roominess trade-offs.
    Initial response to the new G35 has been outstanding. The G35 sends the message to a whole new audience that performance is key to the Infiniti brand. But this is a message that we don't expect the G35 Sport Sedan to carry alone. We think this will help.
    Now things are getting interesting. By the way, this is the production G35 Coupe, not a show car.
    With a car this stunning, not a lot else needs to be said. The G35 Sport Coupe will be available in November with pricing expected to start under $30,000. We understand, however, that great looks will only take you so far.
    The other key motivator in this segment is performance. I'd like to ask Jack Collins to come up to tell you a little more about what lies under the G35 Coupe's seductive skin.
    Jack Collins
    Vice President, Product Planning
    Nissan North America, Inc.
    Thanks, Mark and good morning. While the G35 Coupe's elegant styling draws you in, it more than delivers on its promise once you slip behind the wheel.
    There are two key elements that set the G35 Coupe apart from the competition: use of the spectacular FM platform and our state-of-the-art VQ series V6 engine. Both are also found in the G35 Sedan, but for use in the G35 Coupe we dial things up a bit.
    The standard 3.5-liter V6 has been tuned to produce 275-plus horsepower and 260-plus foot-pounds of torque... and that's not just at peak rpm. There's tremendous torque available across a broad power band, making the G35 Sport Coupe a pleasure to drive. With the Coupe, we're offering a new close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, which we'll also make available for the G35 Sedan. Of course, the Coupe will also be available with our state-of-the-art 5-speed automatic with manual shift mode.
    The G35 Coupe uses 4-wheel independent multi-link suspension and "ripple control" shock design, with suspension tuning slightly more aggressive than the Sedan. Aggressive 17-inch wheels and tires are standard, with 18-inch designs like these also available. The standard brake system is state-of-the-art, and Infiniti's advanced Vehicle Dynamic Control comes standard on every G35 Coupe.
    The Coupe's wheelbase is the same as the Sedan -- 112.2 inches -- but the Coupe is four inches shorter overall and its height is three inches lower. The Coupe is also 2.5 inches wider.
    Though Mark said the styling speaks for itself, we think the G35 Coupe's design is dynamic, emotional and distinctive. In other words, it's gorgeous. The designers sought to create harmony of speed and style, as you can see in the bold, powerful and graceful front-to-rear character line, its sleek, personal cabin, extended, rounded fenders which emphasize the sporty wheels and the unique grille, which changes its light reflection as you view it from different angles.
    The rear of the G35 Coupe is composed of concave and convex shapes, combined in a manner that expresses sportiness and grace, while the dual independent exhausts give a strong visual intention of the Coupe's high performance character. And, we've given it an exhaust note to match.
    The coefficient of drag is 0.29, 0.28 with the aerodynamic package of rear spoiler and underside fairings. Like the sedan, the Coupe features zero degrees of front lift, greatly enhancing its high-speed stability and solid road feel. With the available aero package, there's also zero rear lift. Xenon headligh
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    Here's the link to the photos:

    It will have 275HP not the 280+HP we have been speculating. Still good enough for me!!

    Check out the aluminum pedals in the last pic of the interior. Nice!! Also, the price will be under $30K. Nice again!!

  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    Lookers from New York: Infiniti shows G35
    coupe and M45 sedan

    If you already like Infiniti’s G35 sport
    sedan, chances are you’ll love the next
    idea from Nissan’s luxury division: the
    G35 coupe.

    Based on the same rear-drive platform
    as the G35 sedan that went on sale in
    the United States in mid-March, the 2003
    2+2 coupe gets an extra 15 horsepower
    (275 vs. 260) and an optional six-speed
    manual transmission that isn’t offered on the sedan. Infiniti gets
    extra horsepower from the same 3.5-liter dohc V6 engine
    primarily through exhaust tuning.

    While the coupe shares the sedan’s 112.2-inch wheelbase, it is
    shorter overall (182.2 inches vs. 186.5 inches) and lower (54.9
    inches vs. 57.9 inches), but wider (71.5 inches vs. 68.9 inches).
    Seventeen-inch wheels are standard, with 18-inch wheels on the
    “sport” model.

    The coupe goes on sale this fall, starting at under $30,000.

    Filling the gap between the G35 sedan and the flagship Q45,
    Infiniti adds M45, with the same 340-hp V8 as the Q. M45 also
    goes on sale this fall starting in the low $40k range.
  • dafreakdafreak Posts: 154
    and LED taillights, like those on the G35 Sedan, are standard.
    Inside, the G35 Coupe combines a driver-oriented cockpit with an exceptional level of premium amenities. It offers 2+2 seating with a fold-down rear seat, an available Bose audio system with eight speakers, and an optionally available Infiniti Navigation System with a 6.5-inch retractable monitor -- though this is one of those cars that it won't matter where you're going. It's enough just to be out driving.
    The G35 Sport Coupe is a car with no real equal. We expect it to establish the new benchmark by which all other sport coupes will be measured.
    There's one other quick "product announcement" I'd like to make before turning the stage back to Mark. Along with these two new models for 2003, we're also pleased to offer our owners state-of-the-art "Infiniti Communicator" Telematics system, offered as standard on every 2003 Q45, M45 and G35 Sedan and Coupe.
    The Infiniti Communicator, connected with Wingcast, features flexible technology that can be adapted to the owners' personal preferences and enables safety and security services -- including a portable, hands-free voice-activated phone and information portal.
    For 2003, we're also pleased to be partnering with XM and Sirius in offering 100 channels of digital quality music and information through satellite radio systems -- available this fall on Q45, M45, G35 Sedan and Coupe and I35 models.
    Now I'd like Mark to come back up for a few closing thoughts. Mark...
    Mark McNabb
    Thanks, Jack. As I said, G35 Coupe pricing should start under $30,000 when it goes on sale in early November. When we introduced the G35 Sedan we said we wanted to make a statement and I think we have. The G35 Coupe makes the same statement -- squared.
    Both G35 models will obviously have a big impact on Infiniti - in terms of sales, image and momentum. We haven't forgotten the other elements that have gotten us here, the Infiniti Total Ownership Experience and the best collection of premium dealers in the country. Our facilities upgrade program is well underway as our dealers get their stores ready for our expanded product lineup.
    But the future of Infiniti is clearly in the hands of our new, invigorated, product lineup.
    Four new products in less than twelve months. Enough said.
    Thank you.
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    The M45 looks butt ugly IMHO. Already looks like a dated design (I guess because it is from the Japanese domestic Nissan Gloria). The G35 sedan and coupe look infinitely (no pun intended :-)) fresher IMHO.
  • tiger8tiger8 Posts: 120
    The new Infiniti is not even out yet and it's being panned as your grandfather's Oldsmobile by us online critics. A huge car with a big V-8, wonder what the gas mileage is.
  • bobbyknightbobbyknight Posts: 121
    Now I know why they reintroduced the M. Both the M45 and the M30 were over the hill Japanese market cars that Nissan slapped the Infinit badge on. I thought Infiniti was trying to become established?
  • pbhattipbhatti Posts: 87
    "The G35 is not that new. It's been out in Japan and Europe for about a year."

    Wrong!!! The g35 is not available in Europe yet. Japan got it first and then North America and Europe will get it next year. The only Skyline you can get in England is the GT-R.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Straight up, Autoweek is wrong...this is directly from Infiniti's press release:

    "The standard 3.5-liter V6 has been tuned to produce 275-plus horsepower and 260-plus foot-pounds of torque"

    I recalled reading a UK review of the G35 and for that reason I assumed it was out there:

    Of course, re-reading the review I noted they had no idea what the release price would be. My bad. It's been out in Japan for quite awhile though. Sorry.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    Coupes are supposed to be impractical and sedans are supposed to be practical. So why does the coupe have folding rear seats while the sedan does not?

    That M45 is sure ugly. They will probably have to offer some big discounts on them. Which is not bad. That's a big powerful V8 after all! :)`
  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    So are you implying that you are still expecting the coupe to come in at over 275HP? Because Autoweek did state 275HP, so how are they wrong?
  • I have to admit the M45 is slightly disappointing looking. I really like the front and rear but the side profile looks like a stretched Es300 from 1998.
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Does the line directly from Inifniti "produce 275-plus horsepower" not make it clear enough? Infiniti clearly states the G35 will not have more than 275 ponies under the hood. Autoweek incorrectly states the car will have 275. The final number isn't out, but the actual source of the car mentions a higher number. I trust the source over a car mag any day.
  • With G35 sports sedan and coupe, Infiniti took two large steps forward. Now, with the Cedric/M45, it takes one step sideways

    Hopefully they would NOT introduce any 350Z based RWD model under the Nissan name badge. THAT would really mess up Infiniti's up scale image.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Coupe looks sharp. The rear styling looks better on those. The whole design seems more consistent.

    We need 4 doors, though.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Aack! That M45 is just raunchy! Yikes!

    Looks like an 80s car with a new grille smacked on the front. And that's probably what it is!

  • 68bullitt68bullitt Posts: 177
    OK, now that we've seen it, how many here will buy the coupe over the sedan?
    I'm strongly leaning towards the coupe.
  • gandhim3gandhim3 Posts: 191
    Looks like the sedan will not be getting the six speed manual? Unless the G35 sedan comes with that CVT transmission, I would have to say that the G35 is off my list.

    Too bad, it is a good car - just needs a manual.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If and only if the sedan offers a 6 speed manual, we will test drive one. A coupe won't cut it for us (2nd kid on the way).

  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Where did that come from? Infiniti's pretty consistently stated a manual's coming. Why would they refrain from plopping a manual in it if the coupe comes with one? Doesn't make sense.
  • aftyafty Posts: 499
    Look at the speech dafreak quoted in message 3610. It says, "With the Coupe, we're offering a new close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission, which we'll also make available for the G35 Sedan."

    So the manual will be available in the sedan.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    *sigh* (of relief). Thanks.

  • lsclsc Posts: 210
    Once again, as much as I like Infiniti...

    It looks like they need a couple of tries to do it right. The G35, finally, after 2 iterations of the G20. The M45 looks horrible!!! They should have continued the G35 design and stretched it out with slight changes.

    Oh well, I guess on their next try, they'll get the M45 right. This one looks like a temporary marker until they get a new model.
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