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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 Owners



  • Hello everyone... I have an '05 Chevy 1500 4.3L (2WD) that consistantly has low oil pressure and rough idle at operating temp. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator or dampener per my mechanic's advice and it worked for a day and the problem returned. Im also recieving a code for an open circuit on my TCC and was wondering if that might be causing the low oil pressure or should i replace the distributor cap?
  • There have been a few complaints and a bulletin about frame vibration from GM. I will see if the leaks return then look into the lemon law. I talked to the Service Manager about this and he indicated he would not write up the claim..whatever that meant..I have never filed for the lemon law but most likely I have to do the writing up. Picked the 1500 up last night and all vibrations with it.
  • Sorry to hear bout the bad luck.. I've decided that before i do anything to drastic I'm going to take my truck back to the mechanic and have him do a tune up. it hasn't had one since it left the plant floor. I will let ya know what happens from there. I read up on several possible issues for the vibrations. Everything from faulty fuel lines to gunkked up filters and spark plugs.
  • I now have about 5,000 mi. on my Silverado. Just filled up AGAIN with 21.2 gallons of gasoline. My gauge showed 321 miles since last fill up. My Active fuel management won't work above 60-65 MPH, therefor I don't get the benefit from the Active Fuel Management at normal highway driving around 70 mph. GM has looked at it and assures me that it's operating normal dispite their misleading epa window sticker 15 city 21 highway.
    I get about 15 city 16 on level highway above 65 MPH. Not loaded and I don't have a heavy foot. gas - Shell, Exxon, Chevron

    321 miles divided by 21.2 gallons gas = 15.14 MPG city miles 50% highway 50%

    Since the Active fuel Management is not designed to work above 65 MPH on level highway, I can't get the fuel savings at the highway speed of 70 -72 MPH. I don't know why they designed it that way, but GM says that's normal. Are they lying to me ?
  • well i drive an 07' 4.8L silverado bought it brand new,a week after i bought it the tansmission blew. then since i notice that rear end clunk people talk about i thought i had done something to my truck but i guess almost every one has that problem.sad they dont recall.k well that was 07' now its 2012 yesterday noticed my oil pressure was like 20 at alwas has been 40 at idle and while crusing only wen hammering down it would jump to 60 or so.i would like to also add that after about a month after i bought it also my battery decided to not work so got that replaced now last winter it was trying to die on me again.also my instrument panel was changed out back in 07' the gauges stoped working about a month ago same thing.this time i didnt bother to take it in all they do is put bandaids on the problem.i would like to also say it hasnt even hit 50k miles yet. also noticed that my mile is prob around 13 miles per gallon.i remeber getting 20 miles per gallon wat happen there. nice truck too many issues also passenger window wont roll down from driver switch only passenger swicht been like that for like 3 years now.
  • dallas21dallas21 Posts: 1
    My 2006 4.3 Silverado 2WD runs fine until I go up a hill, then the tach red lines. This happens if I am going over 55 or 60 mph and not in tow mode (I am not towing anything or have a load). It seems to miss 3rd and go straight to 2nd or maybe even 1st. Sometimes it might hit 3rd for the blink of an eye, most times not. It seams to do this more with cruse control. If in tow mode and even with the cruse on it just downshifts one gear and all is ok (same hills). This can't be good for the engine. I read others with a similar problem and most responses were don't use cruse in the rain. I am on dry smooth road. Bought the truck new, always did this. Dealer told me it was because I bought the 4.3 and not a V8. But my brother just bought an 2005 Astro van with the same engine / transmission and it does not do this. Thanks in advance.
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