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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Camry Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • andy_arandy_ar Posts: 1
    I need to buy a new Toyota Camry LE, V-4 and i'm really a naive in the

    The best i can get right now is $19000 (after all the rebates and
    discounts) OTD with private financing from Toyota Universe on route 46 in
    little falls. I also want to add side air bags to the car and that would
    be on top of $19000.

    Could someone please suggest me what price range i should look at in NJ
    and maybe if someone got a car recently, i can use the same dealership.
    I will really really appreciate the responses.

  • dawizarddawizard Posts: 13
    Suburban Toyota, Troy
  • motownusamotownusa Posts: 836
    I personally think 19K is an ok price. I am from Northeastern NC and a friend of my father got his 05 Camry LE for $18,400 OTD. But prices do vary from region. Try to drive a hard bargain and see if you can get the dealer to lower the price by another 500 or so dollars. Good Luck and keep us posted as to what you decide.
  • jammikejammike Posts: 38
    check my post from 2 -3 weeks back for prices in NJ. I dont know what discounts you are eligible for (ie graduate rebate etc).
    Camry LE with 750 rebate should be around 17.5 K in NJ...
  • jess4jess4 Posts: 2
    I saved $30/mo on a new lease for an XLE V6. Best price locally was $287. Thanks to this forum I found a dealer in Oxnard, Toyota of Oxnard, internet department quoted $255. See you all in 36 months!
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    How much $ did you have to put down for that lease rate? And what is the buyout cost at the end of 36 months? And what is the % rate?

    The Sandman :)
  • litterboxlitterbox Posts: 5
    Autofair in Manchester 2005 LE with the JBL 3 in system 17744 (and mats)

  • raja122raja122 Posts: 1
    I am in the market for a new 2005 Camry LE with vsc and side air bags. I live in Kansas City. Are there any good deals here for this car in the Kansas City area? Whats the best price anybody has gotten lately for the LE?
    Thanks in advance.
  • jess4jess4 Posts: 2
    Total Cap. cost $23101, 2000 dn., 14310 res. val., and $254/mo. with exc. credit. Don't know int. factor. However, my suggestion is to deal with a sales manger or fleet manager. :)
  • fredvhfredvh Posts: 854
    Good luck in finding an LE with VSC and the I4 engine. Now if you want the V6 then it will be easy to find.
  • webb_vbbwebb_vbb Posts: 7
    I got mine from Boston @ 16899 - with the DJ Package.
  • CarDealCarDeal Posts: 2
    I have scheduled for a test drive today at Autofair. Their website list 17,660 as the price. Hi webb_vbb, where did you get your Camry LE from ? 16,899 sounds real cheap in the New England area. How much does the DJ package cost ?
    Thanks a lot
  • asi12asi12 Posts: 46
    I bought XLE -I4, automatic, moon roof, alloy wheels, side and curtain airbags in mineral green color in Lexigton, KY for $21525 one month ago.

    I am from TN and closet I got from my TN dealer was 22500 + 250 processing fees and this dealer was also 60 miles away from my home town dealer.

    Interestingly KY dealer did not charge me processing fees and they even sent me $ 50 check in mail which I don't know for what is that for?

    It was very difficult for me to find minearl green color esp. with the above mentioned combination.

    At that time there was 700$ toyota rebate and 1000 $ coupon. I don't who provided that coupon toyota or dealer because most of the dealers in TN and KY were offering that $ 1000 coupon.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    thinking of getting leather seats on an LE--this is a dealer option. Any reasons not to take dealer installation? should i go w/ an SE or XLE just for the manufacturer installed leather? thanks.
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    getting a quote of $18650 + TTL on a new '05 LE AT w/ side,curtain airbags. is this a competitve price? should I wait a cple more mnths for the 06's to come out in order to get a better price on the 05's?
  • sumelsumel Posts: 1
    I bought an 05 Camry LE today(Model: 2532C). I would really appreciate comments on the deal I got from the Toyota enthusiasts.

    Vehicle: 05 Camry 4 Door LE Sedan
    5 Speed ECT-i Automatic (Does this come standard on LE's?)
    Color: Mineral Green Opal
    Distributor Installed Options:
    1)Color Keyed Door Edge Guards
    2)Cargo Net
    3)The Extra Mile Option Package D--Fabric Guard
    --Custom Tape Stripe
    --First Aid Kit
    --Extra Mile Aluminum Wheel Upgrade
    --Carpet Mat Set (5 Pc)
    --Security System Upgrade
    --Carpet Floor Mats
    --Rear Trunk Mat
    --Road Hazard Tire Warranty
    --(3 Years/36,000 Miles) - No Charge
    --No Charge Extra Mile Benefits:
    --Roadside Assistance (3 Yrs/36,000 Miles
    --Extra Mile Extended Life Tires
    --(6 Years / 100,000 Miles)

    4)Vehicle Shield Package
    --Lusterizing Sealant
    --Sound Shield
    --Sealant Cleaner
    --Rental Car Assistance

    Price Paid: 17,850 (After Incentives)
    Time Spent on deal: 2 hrs including finance

    I know the dealer made some money on the sale. But can someone tell me how much money they probably made on this deal? Could I have saved more money? I was looking for a basic LE. Got one (Aspen Green Pearl)that had only the shield package which the dealer was willing to sell for 17,250 and another mineral green with The Extra Mile Option Package A for 17,450. While test driving the second vehicle I accidentally stumbled upon the one that I bought (with Package D + other stuff) and after completing negotiation for the first tow vehicle I once again negotiated for the 3rd one and left with that vehicle. I could have gotten the vehicle for 17,500 since the sales manager had overlooked the allow wheel option on that vehicle but my brother, who had accompanied me to the dealership pointed out that it is cool that this vehicle has allow wheels. I saw a puzzled (genuine) look on the manager’s face and that is when they went through the paper works one more time and updated their price to 18,500. Well after 15 min of negotiation we came to the final price of 17,850.

    So, that was my story. How did I do? Please be completely honest even if that involves brutality..
  • camrypopcamrypop Posts: 43
    what is usually the standard way to break in a new car? Something along the lines of not going past 50mi/hr the 1st 100mi or so?

    reason I ask is I am thinking of going out of state to purchase this camry and don't want to stress the car too much driving it back home.

  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Two things you do NOT want to do in the first 1,000 miles. Don't tow with it, and try not to do full-throttle starts. They recommend that you don't drive over 55mph so that you don't drive cross-country with the cruise control set at the same speed. The idea behind this is that you want to vary the speed occasionally to change engine tempuratures for "tempering" the engine more than anything else. You need to vary engine speed to make sure that the rings seat properly for the rest of the engine's life. So don't worry about driving highway speeds, but be sure to vary the speed by 5-10mph every 15minutes or so if you're going to do so.

  • After receiving numerous email and phone responses to by request for a price for 2005 Camry LE-4cyl-auto with mats, I got my best price from Sandy Springs Toyota in Atlanta: $16,888 plus $399 Doc fee plus 7% sales tax = $18497.63 out the door. Most of the other quotes I got were $1,000 to $2,000 more than this, however I got a similar offer from Ivey Toyota in Greensboro, NC. This Camry does not include side airbags or alloy wheels. It is an LE with 4 cyl, auto transmission, floor mats and trunk mat. I have just received my buyers order by fax, and we will pick up the car tomorrow morning. This is our fourth Camry, and we didn't even consider anything else. Good shopping..........
  • ramstein317ramstein317 Posts: 47
    hey dude, i im nj and seeking to get a camry on memorial day may 30th ur saying that u got a 05 le v6 for 20888 from freehold toyota can u plese tell me the details if u don't mind? i'd really appreciate it and hows the le v6 running?
  • tally1tally1 Posts: 1
    I live in the northern region of Florida and I am looking to locate right away a new Camry XLE leather, without navigation (spoiler-optional). Who should I call to buy a 2005 for about 23,000 out the door?
  • mrcheapmrcheap Posts: 1
    Clearly, Greensbourough, NC toyota dealer has one of the best prices on a Camry LE. Does anyone recomend the 2006 model over a 2005 left over?
  • i think the $50 check is reimbursement for your state inspection and emission if there is one, dealer suppose to include those, but if you are buying it from another state, they will not able to do those inspection and emission on behave of your state.
  • oink2uoink2u Posts: 3
    Just checking in and letting y'all know my buying experience. First off, thanks to everyone who posted here; it has been VERY helpful!!!

    I just left Toyota of Plano with a 2005 Camry LE (V4 automatic, Lunar Mist) + mats for 18700 after TTL. It includes $1500 promotion discount, $100 discount (for not having the car when promised), and a $400 "Recent Graduate Program" discount. The salesman we dealt with was very honest, very straightforward, and very nice (for a change!). All the information he had was on the table; he didn't try to hide any of his numbers from us; and he was truly a customer advocate, fighting for our every dollar. I would highly recommend him!!!

    If you want the specifics, just email me! ;)
  • sandman46sandman46 Posts: 1,798
    Is this the out the door price that you actually paid? If this is the true OTD price, I think you did great. Looked over the weekend at the same car here in South Florida, but decided to go with either the Jetta or Mazda6. I'm hoping the wife chooses the Jetta!

    The Sandman :D
  • newcamrynewcamry Posts: 1
    I live in the Bay Area. I was quoted $17,350/- + $45 doc + TTL for a 2005 Camry LE auto with Side Airbags. Color: Lunar Mist. It looks like a good deal to me. I would like to get your opinions and thoughts on the price?
  • yczycz Posts: 25
    Congratulations on your new Camry! I am glad to hear you have found a
    salesperson who is willing to work for you. In my limited new car buying
    experience (4 new cars in past 10 years), I have not met one yet.

    I bought a 05 Camry LE about 5 weeks at Toyota of Richardson (where my
    wife bought her 96 Camry in 1995). Even I got a very good price ($19,300 OTD for
    05 LE with extra mile package, alloy wheels, door sills, tint window, and
    7 year/75k extended warranty), but I had to say the buying experience was not

    I went to Toyota of Plano too. The salesperson and manager were refused
    to negotiate for 05 LE with floor mat at $17,200 before tax and tag even I showed them that Toyota of Vandergriff at Arlington offered me the same deal. So I left
    the dealership. I was surprised that no one called me later from Plano since most
    dealerships will call you why did not buy the car at your first shopping stop there.

    I then went to Toyota of Richardson, presented the same deal, but they did not have
    the color (mineral green) with floor mat only, instead they have one with extra mile A and alloy wheel, tint window, door sills. The car had about 200 miles on it when
    I had the test drive. The next day I offered 18,000 before tax and tag, no deal.
    Three days after, they accepted my offer (OTD $19,300).

    Dealships are entitled to make money. But the way they treat buyers?????
    I am just glad now we have web site like this one to give us better fighting tools
    when buying a new/used car.

    By the way, we love our Camrys. The 96 has never had any problems (now has
    100K miles). I hope the new Camry will do the same.

    Good luck, and enjoying your new Camry.
  • jammikejammike Posts: 38
    I feel that Camry LE V6 is a better option than XLE V4. The car is running great.
    The price before the TTL was 19200.
  • bronxbornbronxborn Posts: 7
    My folks are going to buy a new Camry in the next week or two. They are interested in the Standard model with automatic transmission. They have seen ads listing the car with automatic for $16,250 and $16,500 from two different dealers. The MSRP is $19,772. My folks would be happy to buy the car for that price, and it is below the invoice prices I have seen, but I doubt it is the best deal. First, it is an advertised price, so it's the price the dealer wants. Second, some of the posts here show deals on an LE model that are only slightly more.

    Any thoughts?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Posts: 897
    Just from my experience, anything that is advertised is a loss leader and is probably the best price you're going to get for that particular model, and often you'll actually see individual stock #'s or "x" available at that price. So my guess is that you're probably at the bottom or very close to it.

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