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Honda Odyssey: Problems & Solutions:(1995-2004 Models)



  • djlootdjloot Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced this? anytime I go
    either up a steep hill or down a steep hill, the
    Fuel Emmissions light comes on.
    Honda dealer keeps on telling me this is "normal",
    and it will fix itself.
    They first suggested it was due to me not clicking "at least 3 times" the gas cap everytime I fueled. Of course, I do this and I still see this light..
  • gtomangtoman Posts: 2
    One of the confoundingly constant problems we've had with our '00 EX w/20k mi. has been the whole gas pedal linkage. First of all, it's been impossibly stiff, requiring a good push of the toe/foot to depress it. Sometimes you try to just touch it in in-town traffic (especially on a hill) and you get no gas or you overcompensate and give it too much and lurch forward. After at least 4 requests to repair and/or check on Tech bulletins, the dealer has not corrected it (a new throttle body did not do it). There is also a problem with very little travel space for the hit the floor after only a couple inches resulting in an unnerving situation when you're trying to enter highway traffic. You must leave the pedal on the floor until the van gets up to highway speed.
    Has anyone experienced this...and, most important does anyone know of a fix????
  • slockoslocko Posts: 107
    DJLoot. Do you really live in Colombia? How much does an Ody cost in dollars over there?
  • macodymacody Posts: 18
    Thanks for the info re timing belt replacement cost. Hubby figured $500 plus, so that's close. Still enjoying the van; getting ready for another soccer trip; great for hauling kids/gear.

  • I have one of the 1st 99 Ody's off the line-took delivery in late oct 98. I have had an unusual number of defects, considering it is a Honda Product.(By the way, all my previous Chrysler Minivans have been virtually trouble free!)
    1) Defective Winshield Moulding (required replacement of windshield 3 TIMES!)
    2) Leaking Rear Shock Absorber
    3) Numerous recalls include:
    Gas recirculation Valve
    Front Brake Pads
    Sliding Door Mechanism
    4) Sliding Door repairs
    5) Rear AC Control defective
    6) Door Lock Repair on passenger sliding Door
    7) Out of Round front alloy wheel
    8) CHRMSTL rear light burned out after 14 months
    9) Shimmy at 75mph +

    In addition, these complaints:
    Horrible Original equipment tires (Firestone Affinity)
    Truly Inferior Stereo System
    Paint Finish on par with Hyundai
    Sheet Metal aluminum Foil thin
    Mushy Brake Pedal Feel
    No Compass or outside temperature display

    I currently have about 33,000 mileson my Ody and it definitely needs new front brake pads. despite all the above, I would consider getting another, because I enjoy the way the vehicle drives and handles.....when it's not in the shop!
  • larcklarck Posts: 22
    Just checked and sure enough, Honda. Truck was pulled off the list for 1999 through 2001. If you go to ,which is a really neat site, it has a hot link to

    I was just wondering why Honda. pulled the tab's off. I have a 2000 Odd. I have had some problems with it but they have all been minor.
  • larcklarck Posts: 22
    Oops. I meant why Honda pulled the technical service bulletins off Alldata, not tab's. (Dang that spell check)
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    No if they do not look like they are leaking they get left alone. I have found that as long as they are not getting hard it is best to leave them alone.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I'm not saying that you may have had some problems but it looks more like something a DC person would make up. Sounds like the Windshield was reinstalled wrong by the dealer. No compass or outside temp. Now how can you blame Honda for that being a defective vehicle? After all did it fall off or did you know that it was missing when you bought the van. Did you complain? Did they finally put it on for you? My Odyssey has a built in compass. It's called the Navagator and it also has a built in trip computer. Also according to your profile you drive an Acura. Where is the Odyssey listed?
  • tom3ktom3k Posts: 91
    Took my first serious drive with the new (actually "remanufactured with updates" according to the service manager - still trying to find out what those 'updates' were) transmission - so far, so good. Actually seems to have a stronger response on the low end (faster from a dead stop, less tendency to roll in the other direction) than the original transmission when it was working well (first 19 months of ownership). Will have to monitor to see if this has a detrimental effect on gas mileage.
  • No, I am not a spokesman for I/C. Yes, I have had all the problems listed, and unfortunately I have paper documentation for every one! Yes, the windshield was installed incorrectly by the dealer, BUT the repair was required due to shoddy work at the Honda plant! Just because you, Matt, would like to believe in the Myth that Honda can do no wrong, sorry to burst your balloon-like dream. Honda did not spend enough development time on the 99 Odd, and released it before all the kinks were worked out. At least 5 recalls so far will attest to that. Funny how numerous recalls on Japanese owned company's products rarely make the news, while every defect on any American vehicle makes the front page or the Evening News? There are sites you can look at to check if I am telling you the truth about the recalls.
    In addition,I own a number of vehicles. Just because I don't list all of them in my profile, doesn't mean I don't own them. Also, why would I own another Honda product (Aura) if I am a I/I advocate?
    My complaint about the compass and outside temperature unit, is one of lack of availability in the Honda. No, I choose not to have to spend $2000 extra to get that feature in an Odd!
    By the way Matt, Navigator is spelled this way...........
  • DTKWOKDTKWOK Posts: 131
    First of all, sorry to hear that you were having so many problems with your Odyssey. EVERYONE makes lemons, that is common fact. BUT, unlike domestics, the Japanese companies actually do something about it rather than deny that there is a problem. As for DC vans, my neighbor's 98 Grand Caravan is about to have her tranny replaced (out of warranty of course), a co-workers' '92 Voyager was on it's 3rd transmission before he sold it off. I would love to believe that American car companies are improving their quality and in most cases, they are, but there are exceptions.
    Did you realize your risk in buying the '99 Odyssey at the time? NEVER, ever, buy a first year model regardless of whether it is import or domestic. They always have problems. However, I am confident that Honda is on the stick about this, unlike DC. Heck, they had a 10 year head start and still can't get it right! Of course this probably is no consolation to you. So, are you going to stop buying Honda's? just curious.
    Regarding the compass and temp display, did you consider aftermarket? Several Ody owners have installed the Donnelly (sp?) mirror for about $200 and are satisfied with it. E-mail me and I'll give you the website to the owner's club (not Edmunds'). Good luck.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Thank you for the spelling lesson. Let me return the favor. Should I/I mean DC, and I/I I have no idea what it means, and Aura I believe is spelled Acura, or maybe like me you flew over the keyboard and didn't use the spell check to fix your typing. As far as the Evening News goes, they like Consumers Report think the sun rises and falls over foreign junk. But at least I didn't butcher your name.
    Matt or is it dmathews/at least don't call me late for dinner.
  • odd1odd1 Posts: 227
    LOL. BTW when is dinner, David?
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    Not to make light of the situation, but DTKWOK is right - if you want a car that's going to be perfect, NEVER buy a first year model. I did ('99 EX) but I also got the 100K extended warranty to go with it for just that reason. I've had many first year cars (Toyota and Mazda) and they all had their little problems. I had my transmission blow in a Celica in 6 months - but that's what a warranty is for. As for the problems listed, the windshield molding is inexcusable, but everything else seems pretty tame. I mean, are you actually really disturbed that you had a light burn out after 14 months? And so there have been recalls - they've all been pretty minor things. The reason you hear about recalls for domestic cars is because they don't issue recalls for minor things - they wait till many people are dead. As for the "additional" complaints, every single one of those should have been evident from your test-drive and review of the van BEFORE you bought it. And we're all whining about those same things, but they are "features" of the Odyssey, not quality problems.

    P.S. 28K-35K miles for brake pads on a 4500 pound car/truck is pretty normal. I had mine replaced at 28K.

    P.S.S. How did you find out that Matt is Dave's long lost evil twin?...
  • All you guys are correct in saying that most of the problems I have experienced have been minor, and the Ody has never left me stranded- yet. However, each one of these problems had to be attended to, meaning, lots of time and energy had to be expended by me to deal with these issues. I don't know about you guys, but my time is worth money, and constantly visiting service departments is annoying. You expect that a company like Honda is going to design & test a product more thoroughly in order to avoid inconveniencing the customer over small pain in the neck issues. I have owned quite a few D/C Minivans going all the way back to 1983. I reviewed them last night, and here is the sum total of all the things that went wrong on a total of over 10 that I have owned: Master Cylinder, Fuel Injector Dirt Clog (due to my use of non-detergent fuel), Transmission adjustment, and a Radio failure. That's it. 10 Vehicles, and all I did was put gas & oil. I can't believe I was the only D/C Minivan owner to be this lucky.
    Regarding the other feature or lack thereof, on the Ody: If Honda wants to compete head to head with D/C, then they should try to match feature for feature. Quality levels on the paint & the sheet metal is superior on the D/C vans. Panel fit & finish on the Ody. is superior. Any stereo on the D/C vans is far superior to the EX stereo on the Ody. Brake Pedal Feel? D/C superior. Ride Quality? D/C superior. Interior Noise Level? D/C superior. Handling? Ody superior.
    Rear seat configuration? Ody superior. Overall Fit & Finish? Ody superior by a hair.Original Equipment tires? D/C superior. Remote Key Fob operation? D/C superior.
    Lastly re: recalls: Not all the Ody recalls were minor. Some of them could pose a fire danger, or risk to my kids, such as falling out the vehicle thru the sliding doors............
    Again, all of these issues would probably still not prevent me from considering another, especially since newer Ody owners seem to have less problems.
  • mikehaneymikehaney Posts: 14
    So, you bought an Odyssey in '98, and before that you had 10 DC vans from '83 to I guess '98. Ten vehicles in 15 years? So, you kept each one an average of 1.5 yrs? Hardly enough time to really judge the reliability of a vehicle, don't you think?
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    I hope the kids wear their seatbelts... I wouldn't think they'd be at great danger of falling out then. And the fire hazard was a theorhetical hazard, determined by Honda in testing. No fire was ever documented by an actual owner that I know of. Obviously safety is a major concern - but unless you actually had a problem with the recall issues I'd consider it pro-active on Honda's part to fix it even though you didn't have the problem(s).

    One additional note about time and energy in fixing these problems. Check with your dealer to see if they provide loaner cars. My dealer has a set of loaners that if I ask when I make the appointment, I simply drop off the Odyssey and use the loaner until I pick the Ody up that afternoon. The only catch is that if it's not for a warranty issue I would have to pay a $19 rental fee. But so far mine have all been free.
  • Yeah, I had a first model year Ford Tempo (1984). Of course they never DID get it right up until the line was discontinued. You'd think I would have learned my lesson, but I bought a 99 Ody anyway. So far so good, and pushing 30K miles. It was one of the last 99's sold before the 00's came out, so maybe I got a mislabeled 2000.
  • johnnyrfjohnnyrf Posts: 65
    I too have a 99 creeping up on 30K miles and knock on wood, have had no problems with the vehicle other than some temperamental doors early on that seem to have fixed themselves. I am planning on extending the warranty to 5 yr. 60K miles. Anybody know what the cost will be???
  • macodymacody Posts: 18
    We have a 99 EX (as most of you know); we have high mileage cars (though not as high as mschafer); 52,500 miles today (van will be 2 years old on July 31) . . . . . anyway

    Mild door stick problem first week of ownership; fixed @ dealer; no other problems since. Van runs great, stereo is "bearable"; replaced firestone tires with Michelins in December. Have done all our own scheduled maintenance; van runs great and has met all our expectations.

    Previously had a 95 Windstar (don't EVEN get me started) and 90 Caravan (also don't get me started). Nice to have a van that I don't have to pray over each morning :).

  • In response to the Haney Man, yes I had more than 10 D/C vans in 15 years, and NO I did not own them 1.5 yrs each. Did it ever occur to you that we could have two in the family, one for me & one for my wife? The fact is that we did have 2 D/C vans for 13 of the 15 years. Most of them we drove for an average of about 40,000 miles apiece before selling them. I think that gave me a fair idea about reliability. Someone accused me yesterday of being a rep for D/C, today I wonder whether you guys get a kickback from Honda.
    Honda is a COMPANY that makes products...they are far from perfect. I am amazed at the remarkable ability by some of you readers to run to the defense of Honda, even when they make errors!
    To the respondent who said my kids should be buckled in, so they don't fall out when the defective power sliding doors open without warning. Did you have the same response when 20/20 did a scathing report on Chrysler, regarding the rear hatchback that would break open when rear-ended and some children were ejected? After all, if they had been belted in, they would be alive today. Let's see 20/20 or 60 minutes do a story on the power door problems on the Odd that WILL inevitably lead to a disaster. How about right this minute, I can't open the sliding door on the drivers side, manually or otherwise. What would happen if G-D forbid, I was in an accident this weekend, and I had to get my kids out, and the other doors are jammed..........
    Yea, keep defending Japanese companies, as though they do no wrong. Yep, it's only those greedy American car manufacturers who do everything wrong........NOT!
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    Ahh... now we see where this thread is going...

    No one here is defending Japanese companies, and for goodness sakes no one believes they can do no wrong. ( It's really those Canadians - they built this thing ;-) ) Read the title - this is the Odyssey PROBLEMS forum. We've all had problems. And we come here to talk about it - hopefully to help others or get help in addressing the problems we have. But it is people who start with the "Odyssey Sucks" banter that gets the rest of us riled up. Nobody makes a perfect car - nobody. I'm sorry you've had problems, but believing Honda is a horrible company because they have recalls doesn't make sense. And I just don't see the comparison between a sliding door that opens and a vehicle that self destructs on impact. I drove a Jeep for years without doors (hey, they made it that way!) and didn't fall out - because I was buckled in. And yes, as a matter of fact I DID say during the 20/20 report "were the kids buckled up?" As i said previously, the reason you see reports on the D/C and Ford recalls is because it took many people's deaths to get those recalls enacted.

    Now I'm also curious. After 15 years of problem free D/C vans (10 of them no less), why the switch?

  • rbell2rbell2 Posts: 180
    I own '96 Dodge Grand Caravan LE we bought new. I have 76,000 miles on it and have had one incident where a belt tensioner sheared off wiping 2 pumps in its wake (at 65,000 miles). This cost me $750. Other than that - no problems. It is extremely comfortable, the interior is superbly surviving my family of four, the exterior is in good shape, and I routinely tow a 2,500lb boat. I have also noticed that Consumer Reports now reccomends the DGC since the reliability has finally met average or above for the minivan class. In about 18 months we will be shopping for another new minivan and right now it will be between the DGC and Odyssey. The Odyssey will have to really impress us to beat out the DGC (unless this van "falls apart" in the next 18 months). Coming from a 18 year Toyota owner and 2 month Honda owner (Accord) you can imagine how good this van has had to be for me to consider buying another.
  • Did I ever write anywhere- The Oddy Sucks? If you read everything I've written, I always say I would cosider another Oddy in the future. I basically like the vehicle, but it still has a long way to go to distance itself from it's competitors. In other words, the Oddy overall just barely edges out the current D/C vans. With Honda's potential expertise, the Oddy should blow away the competition, not just squeak by. What has been disappointing about Honda in the last 6-8 yrs is that they often misjudge the American market, and as a result release vehicles that are just not competitive. Witness the previous generation Oddy, the current awful Passport (yes I know its a rebadged Isuzu, just proving my point even more) the previous generation Accord, the late Prelude. In a way I'm giving a backhanded compliment to Honda, I know that they are immensely talented company with tremendous abilities, and it is very frustrating to see them blunder fairly regularly in the US market. Yes, they are doing very nicely in sales right now, but imagine where they would be if they had come out with the current design Oddy in 1994 or '96? After all D/C had a Grand Caravan in 1987!!!! All the competitors in the Minivan market took a ridiculously long time to figure out Chrysler's winning Minivan formula. Ford was the first to emulate Chrysler and finally had a half-way worthy competitor in the Windstar. Why didn't Honda learn by example?
    Honda seems to be on the right track, again-Finally! The Oddy, the current generation Accord, the upcoming Honda version MDX, and the total revamping of the Acura line-up is proof that Honda is awakening. They will be moving on up in the US market in the next few years, leaving quite a few competitors behind- as long as they keep revamping their product line to reflect the tastes of the American market-their biggest.
    In answer to your query Re: why the switch to Honda after owning D/C vans for so long? I saw the Honda Oddy prototype at the Detroit Auto Show in early 98, then I saw an actual production model at the NY Auto Show in April 98. I was impressed with all the features, the look and the overall SIZE. I also had been finding that the resale value on my D/C vans had been falling pretty steadily in the late 90's. Additionally, I no longer was driving a minivan myself, but my wife was, and she said she would like a change, after driving so many D/C vans for 15 yrs. I figured the Oddy would be a hit, and it would probably command a higher resale value, and I turned out to be right. I put a deposit on one in May 98 and took delivery of the first one that arrived at the dealership, luckily it was a color I wanted.
    Lastly, the 20/20 reports never showed a D/C van "self-destructing" as you put it. The rear tailgate opened up on impact, how does that constitute "self-destruction"?
  • nedlyjnedlyj Posts: 89
    >> What has been disappointing
    >> about Honda in the last 6-8 yrs
    >> is that they often misjudge the
    >> American market, and as
    >> a result release vehicles that
    >> are just not competitive

    What?? I don't know where you live, but if I had a dime for every Accord, Passport and CRV I see around here I'd be rich. Granted, the Prelude missed the mark, but I think the track record is pretty good. Now with that said, I'm not a "Honda" person. Hondas are always utilitarian - very basic interiors, cheap sheet metal, etc. - but very functional. Personally, I like Mazda (as a complete line) better - but the MPV is too small and underpowered. If it were the size of the Odyssey, it would be perfect. But the Odyssey is a very nice vehicle. I wouldn't trade it for any other van on the market today.
  • is right. This has evolved past the thread's intent. We should take it over to the regular Ody thread or a DC vs. Ody thread. Surfing through this hodge podge might cause an important post by Auburn to go unnoticed or even worse, make such knowledgable contributers(god knows, I don't know crap in comparison about whats under the hood) feel as if its a waste of thier time.
  • trencher7trencher7 Posts: 48
    When I first got my 2001 Oddy EX I noticed an outward dent on the back door just below the window. I have noticed almost 4-5 new dents right along the same part of the door. It must be a result of opening and closing the hatch. Do me a favor and look at your back doors and get at an angle to see if you have them too. I noticed them on a few other Oddy's as well and it really bugs me. They are mild dents that are above the license plate and below the window along the strip where the Honda badge is. If you get at an angle you can see them (harder to notice straight on). I feel like Honda should fix the dents since we have done nothing to warrant the damage. Anyone else have these?
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