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Kia Sorento



  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I noticed when I turn the reading/map light on last night (there is a switch on the dash, next to the 4WD switch), all interior lights were on except the cargo light. However, I opened the rear liftgate and the cargo light is on. The cargo light and the interior light are fading (last for few seconds) when only the liftgate is open. I turned on cargo light switch at the middle, which means the light is on only when the liftgate is open. Do I have the incorrect light setting?
  • I noticed the same thing when I test drove a sorento ex -- I just figured it would always be that way --if that is correctable that would be great
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    However, I remember it is not like this before. And I just pay attention to this last night when I was loading stuffs in the dark. The only time the cargo light is on (no other doors are open at the same time) is when I use the remote (press UNLOCK) and open the liftgate (also with no other doors open).
    Again, the cargo light switch has three settings: ON, DOOR and OFF (I should say left, middle and right because there is no word on the switch). Try and see.
    BTW, you can still open the rear glass hatch by press the button on the driver door panel even you lock all the doors.
  • Steve- you may NOT be a year younger than me- maybe only a day!
    Anyway, I've always found that interests not age are the real basis of friendships. E'nuf mushy stuff!
  • drieddried Posts: 36
    There is an SUV survey on today. I don't know the basis of the survey, but apparently the Sorento placed third, AHEAD of the Acura, Pilot and 4Runner - pretty impressive.
    Doesn't mean much to me, I like my Sorento no matter what.

    Didn't read details, but here's the link: ;src=Sport+UtilitiesCategory

  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    The low windshield washer fluid warning light was flashing occasional about a week ago. Then it's stayed in few days ago. I still had plenty of washer fluid to drive around town. It's totally empty until yesterday. I went to the store and empty an one gallon bottle of the washer fluid. This early warning feature is very good especially for the driving condition in northeast.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    StevePlll - Just looked at your post on Kia Sedona forum. It looks like she hit some debits on the road. I like the way Kia (the dealer) took care of it. Very impressive service for the Kia roadside assistant. Have you got the Sorento yet?
  • Not yet, part of my problem is that i am currently leasing a 2000 Land Rover Discovery which I love dearly, but hate deeply. Trouble is, the car is nothing but constant trouble. It has been in the shop once a month since i first bought it. Now I am over my miles and the warrantee is up and I still have 8 months left on my lease. From all I have read on this and other forums, the sorento is a much better built vehicle than the Land Rover. My biggest problem is the $ 6000 I would have to roll into my purchase of the sorento.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Sorry to hear this. I thought it was built by BMW and should be fine (at least better than the previous generation). I was looking for the Discovery in 1999. Fully loaded cost $41K and buy for around $38K. Also tried the RX300 in the same year. I didn't buy any because I was buying a house. If I am correct, Land Rover has 4 yrs. warranty. You must bought it in 1999 as 2000 models. And must be fees and costs for over miles on least vehicle. Anyway, my Sorento runs great. I will bring her to service in few weeks for the first oil change. This seems to be a good choice. And I don't see any new mid-size SUVs with similar features and price within a year. Maybe I am wrong. I haven't done any research yet.
  • I think a big part of what draws me to the sorento is that there is such a great interest among owners and that the vehicle represents a turnaround for Kia with a concentration on quality, still at an incredable value. The Sorento is not a vehicle that will get people from A to B. Sorento Owners seem to LOVE their cars.
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    I see. Land Rover has fewer car models than most automakers. I don't see any reasons why they can't concentrated on good products. Well, I do see they have been some financial hardship not long ago. Is it own by Ford now? I can't compare Kia with Toyota, Honda and Nissan. But it is definitely a big competition with those auto markers in far east like Suzuki and Isuzu (can't say Subaru because it is also growing strong). Just my thought. No offend. I hope Sorento will be your final choice.
  • For what it is worth...the only vehicle that was designed from the ground up by BMW is the RANGE ROVER...and that particular model was just released 8 months ago. From what I do understand, the Discovery does have the a BMW transmission...but very little else BMW.
  • Yes, Land Rover is owned by Ford now. So is Lincoln, Mercury, Mazda, Volvo, Jaguar, and Astin Martin. I just can't imagine shelling out the cash for those uppity named vechicles, but deep down you think "good god, I'm driving a frickin ford!"
  • MotorWeek Presents Kia Sorento With Its Prestigious 2003 `Drivers` Choice` Award for Best Mid-Size S
  • lok888- I checked out the access panel behind the netted first aid kit recess. There is really nothing in there except some plugs for the rear wiring harness and 2 nuts that presumably hold some trim on to the body. That's it. Taillight bulb access is gained by removing the two screws next to the rear hatch opening and taking the lens/reflector unit out. The bulb sockets can then be removed from this assembly.
    BTW- the service manual recommends removing the headlight/turn signal assembly to remove the bulbs. It comes out by unscrewing 3 screws that are visible when the hood is opened. No need to struggle in the tight space behind the headlight/turn signal unit as you tried to do. Like most automotive work, it is often easier in the long run to remove a few extra parts rather than cut up your hands and teach your kids a few new words!
  • I have just ordered a black EX-L today. realy excited and can't wait to have it delivered. I've been reviewing this forum for insight and thoughts for a while. Whomever posted to fax a bunch of dealers was great. I'm getting mine for $2000 less than MSRP.
    Now I'm looking to find aftermarket side steps (the chromed kind). Dealer cost is $695 installed, anyone got any websites they know of?
  • Oddly enough, The First Kia ever to come to America was a Ford Festiva. Yes, people who bought a Ford Festiva -- were driving "Frickin Kia's"
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    brooklyn1951 - Thanks for checking. Changing light bulbs could be a difficult task for some cars. My mechanic used to take the battery out and removed some surrounding metal brackets before reaching his hands and changed the bulbs on my Accord. But I have never thought about taking the headlight assembly lens.

    Also, have you looked at the issue on cargo light operation? Sometime the cargo light and interior light are on for only few seconds. They fade when the rear liftgate (no other doors are open) is fully open. However, when I use the keyless remote (press UNLOCK) and open the liftgate only, cargo light and interior are on until the liftgate is close. And when turn the reading light switch on (located on the dash, next to the cruise control switch), all interior light are on except the cargo light. Do I have the wrong cargo light switch setting? I think hicaffa also tired this and found the same thing.
  • I did not know that. The Festiva was a Kia, eh? Now that you mention it, the Ford and Kia emblems are both oval aren't they? The Festiva came out in what, the late 70's early 80's? I remember when they replaced it in the early '90s with the Aspire. That thing didn't last long, but I still see several on the road. Keep in mind, a Ford isn't necessarily a bad thing. I said "frickin ford" because if you're driving an Astin Martin or a Jaguar, you don't want to think about Ford. However, can you see the "Taurus" in the new Jags? My dad had an '84 Mustang GT, sold it in September, it had 225k on it, and was the best vehicle he'd ever had. He had special ordered it. Surprisingly, even with 225k on it, he got 2 grand out of it, and sold it to the first people who looked at it, hadn't even put the for sale sign on it. Well, enough about that, this IS the Sorento forum, hahaha.
  • boredbored Posts: 300

    Oh yes, definitely a Kia. What makes matters worse, is that they still assemble and sell the thing!

    To people in the Sorento topic: Who's getting the best deals? Is there regional pricing? (Different regions, different prices, due to demand. THis is what I'm calling it, since I can't remember what the correct economical term for it is.)

    Also, I haven't seen many Sorentos on the road! Get off this topic and drive! I need something to look at besides the occasional Camry!
  • hello all, i am getting truck fever, and was wondering if the santa fe lx loaded for about 23500, or the sorento loaded for 26000 is a good deal. is there much difference between them. sorento seems pricey,can a loaded up sorento be had for the price of a loaded santa fe in nyc area? is there any bargaining on a 27000 truck that can take it down to 24ish thanks for any help.
  • well i can tell you i have the santa fe lx loaded beautiful truck and im only 5'9" santa fe 2001 it sharp and handles great but along came the sorento so i gave that to my wife and bought a 2003 sorento ex loaded.....the full monty have 2700 miles so far its sharp and safe...a little more room up front 4 to 5 inches wider from what i hear than the cheerokee,highlander,there's one more i cant think of it...but let me tell you if you by the sorento youll be happy the only thing im looking for after market is the auto starter...lots of luck sedan man
  • I was poking around the internet and stumbled upon a european Kia Site. Apparently the Sorento can Ford (no pun intended) streams up to 17" Deep!
  • the fax-the-dealer method was my post and i use it every time! it works great and saves tons of money. post some photos of your black EX once you take delivery!

    santa fe vs. sorrento - no contest! the santa fe is WAY too buggy looking. i call it the grasshopper suv. too bulbous - styling wise, for my taste. you can get a much more sleekly styled and loaded 2wd sorento EX for $23k if you shop around...why settle for a santa fe?

    just passed 610 miles. it's now officially BROKEN IN!!! Yea, i can get into some serious driving now! no problems whatsoever and i still have not seen a single sorento driving on the road yet! exclusivity does tend to make one feel special!

    My Sorento Page
  • lok888lok888 BostonPosts: 1,788
    Here are some interesting facts. Also found in

    Kia found in 1944 in Seoul, South Korea. The company was first manufactured bicycle parts. Kia produced motorcycles, small cargo trucks in 1960's..... In 1986, Kia made Ford Festive for U.S.. Some Peugeot 604s were also made in Kia factory plant in 1979. Kia signed 20 dealers and sold cars in the United States in 1993. Kia also made Ford Aspire in 1994. Remember the Elan sports roadster in 1996? In 1998, Hyundai Motors won Kia Motors in auction. Kia entered into a strategies tie up with Hyundai and Diamler Chrysler in 2000. Kia offers the 10 years/100000 miles warranty since mid-2001 (2002 models) in the United States. There are more than 620 (and growing) Kia dealers in the United States in 2003. Kia also debut the KCD-1 Slice crossover concept car early this year in the L.A. Auto Show. Remember there were only 20 Kia dealers ten years ago! In the near future, Kia will bring the new Sportage in 2004. Then Hyundai/Kia will begin to roll their vehicles from their first U.S. factory plant in 2005.

    We can hardly see the Ford Aspire (1994 model) around now. And maybe there will be the same thing for Kia Sorento in ten years later.
  • Last nite I checked the operation of the interior lighting on my Sorento and it appears that lok888's is working as designed. Here are my observations-
    There are 3 light assemblies: 1)front-map light(s) 2)middle-dome light and 3)rear-cargo light. The dome light and cargo lights each have a 3 position switch to control their operation. The positions are: 1)On-all of the time 2)Timed On-only when door is opened and dims to off when door is closed and 3)Off-never turns on. The front map lights can only be turned on by their pushbutton switch OR with the instrument panel rheostat (dimmer) knob when the vehicle lights are on.
    Functionally, here's what I observed, with the cargo and dome lights set to the "door" position-
    1)The dome light and cargo light will illuminate when the door is opened and begin a timed "dim down" as soon as the door is closed 2)They will perform exactly the same when the hatch or rear glass is opened 3)The map lights and dome light will illuminate when the vehicle lights are on and the rheostat is turned past the detent (click).
    The lights as well as many other interior electrical devices are controlled by a "body" computer. This allows for features such as the dimming, battery run down protection and other niceties.
    As an aside, I sure wish the map lights would come on when the door is opened. The front passenger area is dark since the dome light is located too far back to help. The use of the "body" computer for lighting control complicates an easy alteration of this function.
  • Hello! My question: Are the Sorentos leased at all? I stopped at a dealer yesterday to pick up a brochure and was told people are only paying sticker. The salesman didn't like it when I said I would NEVER pay sticker for any car. Is it just not worth it to lease this vehicle because it's so new? Get this: He also told me there will be NO leasing on ANY vehicles any more. I realize some leasing is being done away with on GM vehicles, etc.; but in the newspapers I'm reading, there's still plenty of lease deals being offered for other vehicles. The guy was on me like a flea, so I left the dealership rather aggravated, but I still like the looks of the Sorento. It seems kind of pricey (being a Kia), and leasing typically does offer the option of cheaper payments, which is what I need.

    Thanks for any information you can provide me! I'm still searching for my SUV.
  • leasing of any Kia model. Right now the resale value of Kia's is too low to allow Leasing. Once the resale value of a Kia can better itself, banks will be willing and confident to lease a Kia brand car.
  • I was on the NHTSA webpage and I found that there are five TSB's on the Sorento. Anyone have any idea what they are for? Four are in the other category and one is in the steering category. The four in the other category I don't think are anything important. It looks like they are just about training and accesories. Just the typical stuff when a manufacturer comes out with a new model. But I can't figure out about the steering one. Any idea?
  • I have to buy find a new car for my father. He is 60 years old and wants an "SUV" type. He has no need for 4WD and a budget of around $24K. With Buick rebates I think I can get the RDV CX 2wd or the Kia Sorrento EX for "more or less" the same price......any thoughts on what to get? I have 2 GM cars(Yukon and an Olds Alero) both are good, loads of features but my local dealer's service is "junk" ...I keep taking each of them back for small niggly warranty repairs that they "fix"...then I notice them again a day later and back I go again!..this worries me on GM quality... Are these Kia's too new to trust??
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