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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 40
    Hey Billyblade.
    I agree with your instincts. This dealership is not doing you any favors with this offer. The dealer invoice on an MDX w/technology is $42,969 including the destination charge. And that 'document fee' of $579 is nothing more than a markup for the dealer.

    You mentioned that you wanted the roof rails and running boards, but also listed the tri-fold cargo mat, all season mats and wheel locks. Did you want those items or are they listed because the dealer wanted to sell you his 'propack'? If you want those items I just priced them at Bernardi for $284 total before shipping.

    There are various running boards and they are all in the $450 range for the parts only (except the chrome ones run about $80 higher) , and obviously need installation. Roof rails come in black $166 and silver $530, again these are parts only prices and would need installation. I got my dealer to throw in black roof rails for free (installed) when negotiating my deal. I picked it up last Saturday and paid invoice, but I've seen some others here who were able to do better than that.

    I'm not in your area, but I'm sure you can find some posts from others in your part of the country to see what the market bears down there.

    Good luck!
  • kiddingyoukiddingyou Posts: 30
    edited August 2010
    wow, one of the best deals recently. fitzram, could you please tell me the name of the dealership? I'm trying to get one in Tampa Bay Area.
  • mar1an1mar1an1 Posts: 38
    thanks for your response. if memory served me right, i read an article on this thread somewhere stating that acura may provide diesel option for the 2011 mdx. it was a very recent article too. they have been mum-ed about it but provide several good incentives, ones that we have never seen before (financial cashback and the APR). i think i also just recently saw MDX commercial promising such on tv here in the NY-NJ tristate area.
    previously, whenever acura was going to come out with new cars, they keep a tight lid on it until the car comes out. example: RDX and ZDX. they just keep it as concept vehicles info for the longest time. i would go to the dealerships, and each one of them would not say a thing and say that they didn't know when it would come out (when in reality, it was coming out in the summer).
    so i'm just wondering if anybody has any info on the 2011 or 2012 acura mdx diesel. i know that honda makes diesel engines anywhere else in the world and perhaps previously in the USA. if there is a chance that MDX is coming out with diesel engine, i'd rather hold out for the diesel engine.

    BTW, we test drove AUDI Q7 TDI and the Benz Bluetec. Performance is horrible... average at the most, perhaps that's why the demand for these cars isn't that high. BMW 335D on the other hand rocks.... unfortunately, it only comes with the rear wheel drive and not AWD.

    Any info on the Acura MDX diesel will be greatly appreciated as always. Just need to know the timing :P
  • hmd2hmd2 Posts: 6

    We have family in Mobile. You really need to call Birmingham (King Acura). It would be worth the drive to save 3,000! I talked with Mobile and they would not deal. You could also call Ray in Athens, GA. He might drive you the car.
    We bought another car from him great guy
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    So a question for the "end of month" purchasers:

    Did you purchase on July 31st, the very last day of the month? Deciding if I should contact dealers now or wait until August 31st or Septemebr 30th.
  • You could try Regal in Lakeland too.

    I bought there in Feb. as Crown/Ferman were still working off deposits and sticker.
  • Thank you Fitzram for your information.
    Bought a MDX Tech / Burnt Cherry color today from Tim Smith Dealer in Fort Walton, Fl

    The price included the mats, cargo mat, wheel locks, and sports running boards
    for an out the door price of $ 45,244 including Admin fee $ 200 plus tax and title...

    Picking up the car tomorrow...
  • Thanks smitty1krr, I will keep that in mind.
  • bcngator,

    Thanks for the info.

    I have a questions regarding Acura finance.

    How much is your loan processing fee?
    IF your OTD is $45,433, and you did not put down any down payment, your dealer or Acura added any loan processing coast? I've never financed via dealer, and I don't have any idea. I would like to know any standard loan processing fee applied to the principal or not?

    thanks for your info!

  • wkk_1999

    There is no "loan processing fee" as such. This fee is part of dealer "delivery fees", "prep", "electronic filing fees", or another name dealers get creative on for the purpose of profit.

    The Acura Financial Services Contract is comprised of five (5) primary sections:
    1) Cash Price
    2) Down payment
    3) Total Unpaid Cash Balance (1 - 2)
    4) Amount paid to other on your behalf
    5) Amount Financed (3+4)

    The loan processing fees you asked about falls under section four (4) and Acura calls them "Pre-Delivey Services" which is where the dealer enters their dealer "delivery fees", "prep", "electronic filing fees", etc..

    Something to pay attention to is most dealers do not include the "doc stamps" as part of their out the door numbers to you when negotiating if you do not ask. They usually appear when appear when you are in the finance office inking your deal. The dealer works off a "buyers order form" which is slightly different to the lending institutions "retail installment contract" which has the line specifically for doc stamps.

    Instead of just giving the dealer $599 in dealer delivery fees (this includes the fees you originally asked about) which is pure profit (for the most part) I asked the dealer to offset the fees by including the towing package (~900 installed) at no cost. I was going to purchase the towing package from on my own anyway and this way we both got something for $599. I did not bring this up until after I got the price of the vehicle itself down to $41,652.

    Sorry for the long answer to a short question; hopefully I answered it.


    Thanks for your information. This is what I'm exactly looking for !!!!!
    I really believe not that many people actually know how dealer trying to make profit not only car price but all those hidden costs.

    Regards, wkk_1999
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    I saw the Honda Clearance Event has started. Hoping Acura starts the same soon. Any news on incentives coming?

    It may be a long shot, but has anyone ever grouped together to offer to buy multiple vehicles to negotiate a lower price. For example, could 4 or 5 of us in a similar geographic region try to purchase as a group to get a lower price? I would be willing to travel a significant distance for the right price. Right now, I am looking at traveling to the Washington DC area since this region looks to have the lowest prices.
  • newchefnewchef Posts: 3
    Dealer quote me a MDX/base 2010 from VA, Is it a good deal now or I should wait...

    Base $38,800

    Doc Fee 579.00
    PA Tax 2,263.00 6%

    Thanks everyone... I love this forum.

    Thanks for all your advice and help
  • newchef,

    What about the destination charge? if this quote from the Pohanka Acura?

  • newchefnewchef Posts: 3
    yes, you are right, Pohanka!! Destination charge included in 38800.
  • dvricedvrice Posts: 73
    That's about as low a price as I have seen posted on this forum for a base model. I expect that price is about as low as you will get until an incentive comes out from Acura or the dealer needs a sale toward the end of the month to hit a goal.
  • have a dealer in PA match the price and you can save $500 on the doc fee....i live in colorado and refuse to buy a car in state when the surrounding states have a $400 less doc fee....never pay a doc fee over $100
  • newchef...

    not a bad deal but you can do better at Pohanka. I purchased a base model there in May (near month end) for $39000 plus $399 doc. fees. They included body side molding in the deal. Since we are very close to model year end I believe you could get a better deal than this with them. You would probably need to be there in person so they know you are not just shopping them. If you live close enough to invest a trip to eyeball negotiate and then a followup to take delivery, or one long day to wait for them to prep the car (if it's in inventory) then you could save some additional $$$.
  • I just got a quote from an Arizona dealer through the Costco program for an Advance package.

    They quoted me $49364 after destination charges, but before dealer added packages. That became $49976 with tint, door trim and wheel locks.

    That compares to $52715 before dealer added packages, or $53327 with the dealer packages, so a little more than $3000 off MSRP..

    They're still making a lot on this, considering that their price after holdback is $46808 (according to Consumer Reports). I'm thinking about it.

  • kdash22kdash22 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    Hello, I'm thinking of buying a 2010 MDX...right now I have a Chicagoland dealer (Naperville) giving me a 2010 w/tech price of $46710 out the door. This dealer already beat out another dealer in downstate Illinois. Is this a good deal? He said "it's just $100 over invoice" at 43,219 +TTL. What should I aim for in regards to the invoice price?
  • jm73233jm73233 Posts: 3
    Just purchased the 2010 MDX w/ Advance Package for $49,077. $35 doc fee in Omaha. lists dealer cost at $47,108 they factored in $300 for advertising costs.
  • newchefnewchef Posts: 3
    Firstmdx, Thanks!! I will try to negotiate with Pohanka after I come back from my vacation. Some PA dealer said they can't match that price which they think is 1000 below their cost. I will try some other dealer tomorrow.
  • I'm in Boston and I'm looking for MDX advance pkg with some exterior optional body side molding, and remote engine stater system. Can anyone tell me what is the best offer? and any dealers have a great deal.
    I checked online MSRP of advance pkg + destination : $52.715
    option with body side molding : $246
    remote engine stater system:$362
    remote engine start attachment: $166
    Total as Configured: $53.489
    Has anyone have a similar configuration?
    Thank you
  • Closed the deal today on a NEW 2010 MDX Tech Package with a bunch of installed options: Advance Running Boards, Door Edge Guards, All-Season Floor Mats, Tri-Fold Cargo Tray, Cargo Cover, Cargo Net, Body Side Molding, Black Roof Rack, Wheel Locks

    Grecio Exterior with Taupe Interior

    Total Configured Price $48,199 (Tax, Tags, All fees included) plus the 1.9% financing for 60 months

    I am feeling pretty good about the deal. But considering I just spent the past few days negotiating, curious if I really did or if they just wore me down and I got took? Feedback would be appreciated if its a good deal?
  • how much did you down payment for the MDX and payment for each month?
    what is the price without those option. I just want to estimate the price before I go to the dealer. If monthly payment is too high, i may not afford it.
  • Any input on whether this is a good deal would be welcome:

    1st offer-08 MDX w/ Tech/Pwr Liftgate, 40K mi.

    Doc Fee: 55.00
    Sales tax: CA 9.75% 3177.24
    License fee: 521.00
    Smog Wv: 8.00
    Total: $36,293.34

    2nd offer-08 MDX w/ Tech/Ent, 40K mi, sport running boards,blk roof rails
    Price: $35K flat (down from 35,990 asking)
    OTD: $38,495

  • I live in Utah and there are only 2 Acura dealerships here. Best price I have for tech pkg, w/rubber mats, tri fold cargo tray, lifetime oil change, dest. chg, all dealer prep but excluding TTL is $43,800. That was on Saturday. I could easily wait till the end of either Aug or Sept.

    I welcome anyone's thoughts.
  • sparklelovesparklelove Posts: 11
    edited August 2010
    ok I just went to the acura website, and they are showing the 2011 mdx, and for sum reason the base model on 2011 is $300 over (MSRP) than the 2010 model and I can't find the diffenerce btween the both of them, can someone plz help me out here, cuz I'm lost on what to buy :blush: I really want the Tech pkg, but trying to see which one to get 2010 or 2011
  • fitzramfitzram Posts: 40
    Hi sparklelove.
    Price increases for the same product are to be expected. $300 seems like a pretty small increase (less than 1%). That doesn't mean that there are no differences between the two different model years, but I wouldn't conclude that there must be an additional item on the 2011 model because of the price increase.
  • Is it a good deal for MDX tech pgk included destination with $42800?
    tax is 6.25%.
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