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2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pzzdogpzzdog Posts: 15
    go with tech package
  • akb21akb21 Posts: 1
    Any luck in getting a dealer in Chicago area who offered a good deal?
  • hassanjhassanj Posts: 1
    Hey, not to be too personal, but did you get the amount the dealership is willing to pay? Also do you know what the buyout is for your car?
  • I'm going tomorrow.

    Dumb question but...Which # is the "buyout" much is left on my lease or the "payoff amount"???

    I've got $1795.00 in lease payments to go. The residual value on my lease is $23,139.10. The payoff amount is $26,384.23.

    The appraisal #'s on Edmunds today are: Trade-in $24,492...Private Party $26,082...Dealer retail $27,383 for "clean" condition. Which #'s do I use when trying to establish "equity"?

    Also...There is a scratch (down to the metal) on the rear bumper that I have an appointment to get painted on Monday ($300. cash). Without this scratch, the car would be in "excellent" condition. Does it pay to get it painted if I'm going to turn the car in???

    Again...any and all information is helpful to me.
  • dlin928dlin928 Posts: 12
    Thank you for the info.
    Do you mind share your final cost including everything?
  • Hi,

    Can any one tell me what should be the price range I should be paying for a 2014 Acura MDX AWD Advance + Tech in the Bay Area, SF?

    Seems like inventory is light and they are going at MSRP. I'm interested in leasing one so if anyone has any information on a lease then that would be much appreciated.

  • acurabmwacurabmw Posts: 11

    Here is breakdown of what I paid for AWD with Tech:

    $47,024 negotiated price ($1,200 over invoice)
    $715 for Sport Running Boards installed
    $100 title fee
    $310 Registration fee
    $87.20 Doc fee
    $20.50 Electronic Vehicle Registration
    $8.75 Cal Tire fee
    Plus Tax
  • dwm4dwm4 Posts: 2
    I live outside of Boston where prices are nice and high. I locked in the color combo I wanted in late June and expect to get it (finally!) within the next week.
    I paid 56572 and they are throwing in wheel locks, living hinge tray and all season mats. And because of the delay (the car was supposed to have been produced 6/3, but wasn't until 8/12) they are also including body side moldings I wanted.

    8 yr 120k warranty $2500.

    I am told only 5% of production are advance. They colors most easily available here in advance are forest green and white. Happy buying!
  • dlin928dlin928 Posts: 12

    Thank you very much!
  • panda9panda9 Posts: 1
    Thank you for the information. We are trying to get the same car today or very soon. Do you mind to tell which city/car deler you got yours?
    Enjoy your car.
  • acurabmwacurabmw Posts: 11
    Acura 101 West in Calabasas, CA. Salesperson was Josh. If you can't get a hold of him, talk to Freddy, he is the GM and the person who matched Center Acura's $1,200 over invoice quote. Salesperson at Center is Daniel.
  • mlevinemlevine Posts: 381
    For a lease I would try not to fix things as you are giving it back. Some companies allow a certain amount of scratches. If you are staying with the same manufacturer, they wave certain damage. I would only fix scratches and even detail the vehicle if you owned it, as you could get more significant tarde-in value.
  • Hello Everyone, Tiffany Here.
    I purchased a new 2014 MDX two weeks ago. There is a noticeable defect with the rubber weather strip around the windows of the rear passenger doors. There is a point at the 3 o'clock position of the window seal that bends roughly 30 degrees. At that point, the seal is popping out. Looks ugly and water can get inside.

    I examined all five 2014 MDX on the dealership lot, they all had this same issue. Dealership doesn't know how to fix it, and Honda Canada is asking the design engineer in U.S.

    THe 2013 & 2012 MDX have the same 30 degree angle, but no such problem.

    I'm asking all affected owners to ask HONDA to fix this.
  • iamgortiamgort Posts: 52
    My older brother is in the market for a new SUV to lease. I was looking at numbers and the mDX seems to have great residual and money factors. Any advice on best places to go in the washington dc area and likelihood of getting near invoice pricing?
  • Well, last Friday I went for my test drive of the 2014 MDX. We are looking to (eventually) replace a 2012 Honda Pilot. The difference between these 2 vehicles are night and day. The Pilot - while $10,000 or so cheaper - drives like a truck, while the MDX is a much more luxurious ride. Of course, I loved the car and 6 hours later, I drove home in it.

    As previously posted, I was driving a 2011 Acura TL w/Tech package and had 5 more lease payments before the lease ended. My intention was to trade up to the MDX with as little financial repercussions as possible. This was my 5th time buying/leasing a car at this dealership.

    As expected...initially there was very little negotiation on price. I was told that these are selling in my area (NJ) at or above MSRP. The dealership had about 6 of the MDX/AWD/Tech in stock and 1 in the color I wanted. Initial offer from dealer was $500 off the MSRP + $2200 or so in fees and no money down. This put my payment at $654 (or so) for a 36 month lease.

    Something I thought to do - after reading so much about negotiating - was to turn the "4-square" approach around on the dealership. I made my own 4 square with the invoice price in one square, lease equity/dealer cash in the next, a list of all up front fees in the third and all the reasons why they should give me the deal I want in the 4th. (LOL) My salesman knows me and even though he was shaking his head at this and telling me there was no way anyone was going to sell me this car at "invoice"...I told him I wanted it as close to invoice as possible and to show it to the sales manager. Next thing I know, the sales manager was out shaking my hand and laughing at how "no one has ever done this before". Anyway, it got him out of his "tower" so I could talk to him directly and plead my case. I did not mention what I wanted my monthly payment to be or how much I was willing to put down.

    End of deal...I got a 66% residual value...a .0001500 money factor (Acura super preferred credit tier). I promised them I would not say exactly how much they took off the car, but I will say we met approximately in the middle of Invoice and MSRP. I did put $3000 down and got a monthly payment of $480/month for 36 months. This is a 10,000 miles/year lease but I had 15,000 miles left on my old lease that is being "rolled over" into this lease (Acura customer loyalty program) giving me 45,000 miles on this lease. Even though I did have some equity in my lease from 2011, it went to cover the remaining 5 lease payments on my that was a wash.

    Also, I did not need to fix the scratch that was in my TL, it was covered by the $1500 damage waiver, nor did I have to have the TL's scheduled service...saving me about $450.00 at this time.

    So...I'm driving...and loving my White with Parchment interior MDX!
  • I looked at my rear doors and I see the area you are referring, the angle in the door post just above the exterior door handle. Mine do not seem to be "popping out." I have washed mine only once so far and there are not leaks.

    It may be that there was a problem in the production line for yours and the other vehicles you looked at that has affected a limited number of vehicles.

    Can you post a photo of your seal (or post a link to your photo)

    Interested to hear about how Acura handles your issue.

  • Interested in finding out if anyone has recently bought a 2014 MDX w/ Nav & Ent. How much did you pay and which dealer did you use? Interested in the NY/ CT region.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • My car was purchased for 57400 plus NYS tax, total around 62,400 out the door. The car has over 800 miles, and is by far the best MDX, I have owned. This is my 3rd one.
  • I have purchased multiple Acura vehicles in the DC area. I have found good deals at Rosenthal and Norris from which I bought. I also found good pricing at Radley and Pohanka, though I did not buy for logistics reasons. When I was shopping, I did not find good pricing at Chevy Chase, Criswell, or Tischer.
  • This is the deal I got today for 14 AWD tech mdx lease:

    15k miles per year
    45824 price (invoice price. This is the price I got the deal for)
    5500 equity for trade in (I put this in as a down payment which covered the fees and remaining as cap reduction or down payment whatever you call it as)
    At Preferred credit tier (I was not qualified for premium tier, which would have saved 28 per month) my final payment was at 498 per month including everything.
    Please comment on my deal.
  • Thanks. Which dealer gave you this deal? I have seen offers of 50,460 to 50,960 for a 2014 MDX w/ Tech & Entertainment. Does that sound reasonable?
  • Nope. Try to get for invoice price and I assume its around 48000 to 48400. Try to get in that range. I got an offer in this range from dch Montclair acura,nj last month.
  • I got it from NJ Dealers (actually got from 2 dealers)
  • Hi,

    I am looking to purchase a 2014 Acura MDX FWD w/Tech Pkg in the Atlanta area. I am checking to get a sense of quotes others have seen for this model/configuration. The costco negotiated price is a $1000 off MSRP. Anyone had better luck than that ??
  • steevosteevo Posts: 383
    Can you confirm your MF was .000150? Did you mean to write .00150 ?
  • I apologize...I meant .00150 MF.
    I did get a 66% residual.

    I love this car!
  • Hi,

    Can you tell me which dealer is that? I am looking for 2013 also
  • Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your response, very sweet of you.
    I have another active post going on this issue as other owners have discovered the same problem. You can see the picture I posted on this forum: -take-action.html

    My user name is Tiffany18. Best wishes to you.
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    I'm loving the 2014 MDX and ready to buy a FWD with Technology Package very soon! The only issue is trying to decide on a color combination AND actually find it!

    I love the White Diamond Pearl, but every one I find in inventory at local Acura dealers has the Parchment interior. The interior is also available in 'Eucalyptus' (looks to be a very nice green-gray hue) according to Acura's website.

    Has anyone actually seen the Eucalyptus interior on an actual vehicle???
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
  • I do. I have SH-AWD, Advance, White and Eucalyptus. I bought it on June 19 or so, which is the very first batch. It seems that Eucalyptus is very hard to find right now. Only you can do is just wait, or order the car (and wait again).

    But, I love the color. I didn't want a bright leather color. It can be easily dyed and we have young children. So, my choice was right. Acura should produce more diverse colors.
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