2013 and earlier-Acura MDX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    I flew from Memphis to Dallas this past weekend and picked up my new MDX. An easy transaction with McDavid Acura in Plano on Touring Edition w/o Nav or RES, at $2850 under MSRP. They picked me up at the airport and I was driving the MDX away about two hours later after wrapping up the paperwork and going over the vehicle features. Even after paying the $230 airfare, I came out about $1200 better than the lowest price I could get in the Mid-South. They have at least 3 Acura dealers in Dallas area compared to only one in places like Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, etc. I couldn't get the nearby dealers under $37,400 for the same vehicle. The 8-hour drive back was well worth it and the experience was kinda fun.
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    Couldn't agree with you more!!
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    I agree with andrewtran71 regarding the dealer comments. However I think whether MSRP is a fair price is debatable.

    I paid MSRP back in April 2002. While no one likes paying full asking price...I feel that the market price was pretty accurate for the popularity and quality of vehicle I was getting. At 40K out the door (including tax, title, etc) for a touring it was an easy decision. The comparable trucks, SUVs and wagons all optioned out at about 10K more if not even higher. While the dealers are getting to take a huge amount of profit on these cars and no one likes paying MSRP...when I purchased mine, I feel the market price was about accurate.

    I agree with never paying over MSRP...and someone who doesn't do their homework and misses out on getting better than MSRP is not getting the best they can...Free market prices have to be taken into account. I had an opportunity to get $500 off MSRP 1500 miles away when I bought mine. A plane ticket and then driving a brand new car 1500 miles seemed like a losing trade...even though maybe I would have saved $300.
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    I would just be much happier knowing I didn't pay MSRP so that I wouldn't feel like the "last soul" to pay MSRP...

    The other part of it it that paying MSRP early in the production run/model year isn't so bad, as at least you get to be "first on your block", but when you are nearing the END of the model year the sting of "if I waited for the 04s, I could've had XXX feature/option/color" is much sharper.
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    You have no idea who I am or what I do, so please do not attack me as some scum bag car sales simply because of my opinions. I think some of us are in title to our opinions. The reason I know bits and pieces of the car business is because I used to work at Mercedes in customer service. So therefore I know some of the cost that are involved for the business. The advertisement cost might seem high, but that's because every ad needs to be sent to a lawyer to make sure everything is in regulation before it gets printed.

    I certainly don't agree with selling/buying the car above MSRP when the market is no longer demanding such. There are always people who are trying to take advantage of you, no matter the profession. That's why we as consumers need to be more educated when it comes to such a big purchase.

    Acura does have many different model that they could sell, but besides the MDX and TSX, what other models could they "try" to sell at MSRP? I was only trying to point out that buying a vehicle as popular as the MDX, you're going to pay a fair price for it. Just try to remember the sales rep needs to make a living as well. They do after all spend 2, 3 hours or even longer to sell and go thought the vehicle with you. Put yourself in their shoes and try it on for size.
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    You wrote: I was only trying to point out that buying a vehicle as popular as the MDX, you're going to pay a fair price for it.

    I understand the point you are trying to make.

    Buyers set the market price for a vehicle. The buyer determines what is fair by actually buying. I suspect most would not buy if they felt the price was not fair (definition: fair = getting a good value for the money spent). For some, paying well over msrp represented a fair price. These people set the initial market price and because there were enough buyers who felt that way the market price for an MDX stayed at or above msrp for two years.

    One should not blame a business for taking advantage of the market to maximize profit. Supply and demand is the name of the game. The dealer and manufacturer set the supply side and the consumer sets the demand side.
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    I would have to agree with jderimig on this. This is a free world economy, so whatever the car price bears, then that's what it's worth (in the free world).

    However, in order for it to work properly, the consumer needs to be informed correctly. And thanks to this board, we are all for the better (the consumers that is).

    I believe the point of not paying MSRP ever is a good philosophical point, but only applies to the sane person. Out there in a "hot car" market, people will pay higher prices than the 'suggested' price. Call the stupid, but look at all those people buying Superbowl tickets above 'list'....same concept.

    To each their own, but shame on those 'honest, poor' salespeople who would let a uninformed person buy above market price. But then again, shame on those people on going into the showroom not informed in the first people....

    My opinion: Not WORTH MSRP. Just wait a few years and take a cold shower. :)
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    I agree with montreid on the FACT that the MDX is not worth MSRP.

    For angel723:
    I like the MDX a lot, but I do know it's not the best of the best either.
    I don't like the perforated leather or the synthetic wood trim for a luxury vehicle.
    I'm just amazed about people paying MSRP or above MSRP for an MDX.
    The point I was trying to say was that there are dealers out there, specifically in Texas and Ohio, who are selling MDX for $3,000 under MSRP. I live about 170 miles away from Dallas, TX. So if the idiot dealer in Oklahoma will not sell me an MDX for $3,000 off MSRP, I'll just make that little drive to Dallas for that big discount.
    Everyone on this forum knows about the $3K off MSRP by now.
    Why the heck should we feel bad about getting $3K off MSRP?
    From reading your (angel723) post, I got the impression that you don't think we should get $3K off MSRP because you think the MDX is so popular.
    You are wrong. It is not that popular anymore.
    And what is it to you if I said we should all get $3K off MSRP on the MDX?
    Why should you be offended by that?
    You make it sound like I should be ashamed of myself for wanting $3K off MSRP.
    What is it to you?
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    The MDX was never really popular in the southern states, especially the deep south. States such as Texas or Oklahoma is American pickup truck country, if you drive a foreign truck in the wrong neighborhood, you may get run off the road.
    I believe right after the first year the MDX was out, people were talking about discounts in the south already, one just have to look really hard. The demand for foreign trucks or SUV in the south is very low compare to the northeast or the west. And we all know that the higher the demand, the higher the price.
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    Well, then I'm glad I'm living in the south. I don't see as many MDX around Oklahoma and Texas as I do see the Lexus RX 330, BMW X5, and Mercedes ML. Heck I even see more Lexus LX 470 than I see the MDX around here. Interestingly enough, the OKC Acura dealer won't give me more than $2K off MSRP. When I told them about how the dealers in Dallas were offering $3K off MSRP, they told me to drive to Dallas!
    Sometimes it sucks to live in such a poor state like Oklahoma. Heck, there's only one dealer in OKC and there aren't more than 10 MDX on the whole lot! At the price they are selling, no wonder they stay on those lots.
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    Paid $35,100 for 03 base model with the dealer agreeing to throw in tint for driver and passenger windows, paint sealant, body side molding and painted rear wind deflector, or about $1,000 in extras. The other dealer I visited in Houston quoted best price of $1,000 below MSRP - no extras, citing it's a demand model; that if I wanted a car, they would come down $3,000 off MSRP.
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    Yeah, those dealers use the same old crap "it's extremely popular" or "it's a high demand vehicle", blah, blah, blah.
    Car & Driver named the VW Toureg luxury SUV of the year for 2003. So there, Acura dealer! The MDX is no longer luxury SUV of the year!
    I hope the Toureg sells like crazy and put the MDX to shame.
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    Come to think of it, there is no other new 2003 SUV that even comes close to the VW Toureg. Well maybe the Porsche Cayenne, but it is basically the same SUV with a higher price tag. The Cadillac SRX would have been a contender as well, but it is not coming out till 2004, no doubt it should be C & D SUV of the year for 2004.
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    "Car & Driver named the VW Toureg luxury SUV of the year for 2003."

    The funny thing about it is that their comparison was using a preproduction Touareg. The unit pre-dated the actual one you can buy in the United States by at least 9 months if not more.

    I suspect that differences in the final version wouldn't have changed the outcome of their verdict. But while it's true that auto magazines often test pre-production, European-model-based versions, this one was so "pre" that it stretched the bounds of credibility.

    I think the Touareg is an outstanding vehicle, with terrific luxury, features, and off-road capability. However, I doubt if it'll take many sales from the MDX. Most buyers will cross-shop the Touareg with the European SUV's (e.g. ML350/ML500, X5 variants, XC90) before they cross-shop with the MDX or RX330. Having only about 31 cubic feet behind the second row seat (less than a Subaru Forester), as well as seating for just 5 people, will hold it back from many MDX buyers who seek significant cargo room and/or passenger seating. Many MDX buyers buy on the combination of cargo/passenger room, Acura reliability, and low price. The Touareg has none of those.
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    I wouldn't go for the Toureg either, but a Toureg 3.2L V6 with Navigation is like $37,800 and the MDX with NAV is $41,500. That might just get some people to buy it over the MDX.
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    "I wouldn't go for the Toureg either, but a Toureg 3.2L V6 with Navigation is like $37,800 and the MDX with NAV is $41,500. That might just get some people to buy it over the MDX."

    $37,865 will buy a base Touareg with navigation. Add any kind of options like leather (in the form of a package), and the real-world price will be significantly higher.

    Most folks who opt for nav usually want the everyday bells and whistles as well. I doubt if you'll find many buyers ordering just the base with the nav.
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    The Toureg only has 5 seats...its missing an entire row??? looks nice but really, No comparison in my opinion.
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    It's "touareg" according to edmunds? :-) It is a great concept at this point. I am dubious about its actual delivery since shopping for a passat and discovering an even worse story than volvo. (not trying to start a brand debate, just personal observations about quality and service while shopping and researching for my own cars).

    I think it won't steal too many MDX buyers away. I admit it has a good list of features, especially with the optional offroad functionality, however the MDX attracts a lot of minivan buyers who just can't stomach one. The VW will probably take more business from potential passat buyers. It seems to be a different execution of the SUV platform...and after all a VW. Most people who wouldn't buy a VW due to reliability issues will probably shy away from this model as well. So my guess is they will be keeping more of their faithful true to brand and only bringing a few new buyers to camp.
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    ...this discussion is devoted to what you paid for your MDX.

    To discuss the Touareg, check out these discussions:

    Acura MDX vs. Nissan Murano or wait for the VW Touareg
    VW Touareg SUV

    Thanks for you cooperation!
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    I picked up my base model MDX from Marty Sussman Acura in Maple Shade, New Jersey yesterday. They also gave me a free roof rack. The dealers in North Jersey demanded MSRP. Springfield Acura tried to match this price. I got my truck within two weeks. The deal was concluded through emails and fax. The paperwork was ready when I went to pick up the truck. I was out of the dealership within 15 minutes! People should never pay MSRP for this vehicle. It is a crime!!
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    I picked up a MDX Touring in Dallas yesterday. Paid 2500 under MSRP from Goodson Acura. Dealers in CO would only go -$700. Started working with dealer in Plano, TX only to find out that all in stock MDXs had hail damage (though repaired). My wife and I flew down to Dallas (airfare = $260) and drove the MDX back (lodging, meals, gas ~$150). Well worth the trip, and we had a chance to break in the vehicle. Working with the dealership was awesome... only spent 30 minutes in the showroom (all other dealings were done via e-mail).
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    Interested in your purchase from Goodson, since we have also been in contact with several dealers in the Metroplex. McDavid in Plano and Goodson quote the same price. How do you know your vehicle was not hail damaged? There was a bad hailstorm in the area about 2 months ago. Did they admit to the hail damage with no prompting, or did you ask about it?
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    Regarding the hail damage... I originally contacted David McDavid, but through the grapevine, found out about the hail damage. When I asked about it (left a voicemail and an e-mail), they suddenly stopped returning my messages. I asked the folks at Goodson about the hail damage and they were willing to put it in writing that the vehicle had no hail damage (or any other for that matter). BTW, if I lived in the Dallas Metroplex area, I'd have to consider the dealership services as well. Goodson gives all customers loaner Acuras, even for minor, routine maintenance like oil changes (based on a first come, first serve basis). Don't know what other dealers do in your area, but in CO, the dealers we talked to usually require major service to your vehicle before coughing up a loaner...
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    I've been reading the posts about what did you pay. I live in the Pittsburgh area and the most discount we could get for a touring with navi was $1000 off sticker. Plus, they had hardly any inventory here as well. Anyway to make a long story short. I let my fingers do the walking and I lined up a bunch of dealers in other states to call. We ended up buying in Akron Ohio for $2300 off sticker. We did the whole deal over the phone. When we arrived there,the running boards were already put on at our request. We did the paper work, checked out the car and boom, we were on our way. It was the smoothest transaction for a car I have ever been involved with. And....I am just loving this vehicle.
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    Okay, this is an edited version from yesterday. Apparently, even first names are not allowed.

    I made an internet deal at Park Acura about a month ago for $2,650 under MSRP on a touring with Navi. The internet sales manager, was great! It was a super easy transaction. We got a 3.59% for 60 mos interest rate from the finance manager, too! We just picked it up today! I already love it! The Navigation system is really cool! I'm so glad I decided to get it! The people at the dealership were friendly and considerate. We got the Midnight Blue, paid for the running boards and got the moonroof visor, body side moldings and wheel locks for free.
    I had to trade in my 2001 CL Type S, which I just loved. That was a heartbreaker.

    My hubbie tried to talk me into an Explorer because of all the promos Ford is running. No way! Nothing beats an Acura!

    Don't expect to get the same discount that I got because it is no longer available. The internet sales manager told me that the demand is just too high, now. Every vehicle coming in is already spoken for. They don't even have one that you can test drive!

    Barbara27 got the same vehicle as I did, but I saved $350.00 more, because I made the internet deal three weeks earlier. It wouldn't surprise me if you couldn't even get the same deal that she got, now. I know the Akron dealer has been getting a lot of activity as a result of the posts here and on another forum. Perhaps that is part of it.

    Anyway, you may not be able to get the same deal that we got, but you can't go wrong with this dealer or internet manager. It's been a really great experience! He made things really easy. Even had his finance manager get a really low interest rate for us. All the accessories were installed before we picked it up. He reviewed all the features of the vehicle, and showed us the manual, maintenance schedule, explained the Navigation system, etc.

    All we had to do was fill out a few forms with the finance guy, who was equally great, BTW, and we were on our way. It just doesn't get any easier than this! I will always buy directly through an internet sales manager. It takes all the hassle and haggle out of buying a new car. Except for the trade-in appraisal, which never goes quite the way you hope, and unfortunately,is a necessary evil if you want to save on tax and avoid the hassle of selling on your own. They even got within $500.00 of what I wanted on that, so that wasn't a bad deal, either. Hated to leave that bright red CL-S behind, though! I wish I could have kept it and still have gotten the MDX.

    Anyway, good luck to you MDX owner wanna be's and congratulations to everyone who presently owns an MDX. This really is a terrific vehicle! I drove it some more today and I just love it! It got a little dirty from the storms we had last night, so we've already given it a bath! I'm hoping the sun will come out later, so I can get some great pictures with the Midnight Blue paint really sparkling. I just love the lighter blue sparkles in this paint. It's beautiful! The paint chip in the brochure doesn't do it justice.

    Dee in NE Ohio
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    Bought my MDX Redrock Pearl Touring from Goodson in Irving, TX. on 5/31/03. $2500 off MSRP. Went through the internet dept via emails. Had a trade-in that they handled well. Started the process of buying with David McDavid in Plano, but they were less than forthright and didn't return calls when I left messages. Would not trust McDavid at all!!! Too bad it is the closest dealership to me because I may have to use them for service. Will try to use Goodson as much as possible and also try the Honda dealer for oil changes before going to McDavid.
    Love the vehicle. We took in on a weekend road trip and it was smooth and comfortable. I especially like the size. Not too big and not too small. Just right. This is the best luxury SUV for the money. I hope to have mine for a long time.
    Good luck to all looking for a great deal.
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    For those who doubted it was possible all I can say is the "proof is in the 260HP, Navi Guided driving"!

    I started the hard core process just before Memorial Day. Made many phone calls, LOTS & LOTS of emails, even a visit or two.

    We have NINE Acura dealers in Chicagoland, most WERE NOT FLEXIBLE AT ALL!

    I found a great salesperson & a GM who backed him up and now we have a GREAT vehicle!!!
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    I'm pretty much giving up on the MDX. Speaking w/internet managers here in SoCal, it's not difficult to get immediate quotes under MSRP for the MDX w/leather + Navi that I'd like. But the problem is that I'm a lessee, and none of the lease quotes are anywhere near competitive.

    Seems strange, but I can lease a 2004 RL 3.5 for a good bit less (36 mos/12K miles/drive off=tax,license,1st month payment only)...$525/month (plus tax, which adds $40/month).

    Edmunds shows TMV pricing for the RL in my area with a whopping discount ($42,739 vs. $46,100 MSRP) but the internet folks are saying the capitalized cost will be only $41,000. Edmunds does not display the invoice price for the RL.

    The equivilent lease deals on the MDX are all around $600/month give or take a few dollars. But Edmunds TMV pricing for the loaded MDX is $40,907.

    Already "debated" a bit with CarMan in his lease threads about my not really caring to dissect the elements of a lease: my contention is, as long as I'm going to turn it in a lease maturity, ALL that matters to me are 1. monthly payment, 2. Drive-offs, 3. mileage included.

    But clearly, there is some hidden incentive, or non-disclosed profit item working within these RL vs. MDX numbers...even though I'm told they are working off rougly equivilent purchase prices. Oh well, I don't really need to SUV.

    PS- have found the same disconnect in pricing the Honda Pilot vs. the Accord. With both models loaded, including NAVI, the lease quotes are a little out of whack, with the higher monthly payment for the Pilot being disproportionate to the MSRP / TMV pricing. Accords under $400/month, and Pilots around $525/month. But at least Edmund's pricing "clues" show the Pilot is locally commanding a 25% higher sales price, so that explains it.
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    Worked with couple of dealers in RI and MA, both are offering around 2K less than MRSP for Touring MDX+Navi. Are there any better deals in RI or MA? Is it worth accepting ....or worth waiting for 2004 model due in 2 months..Any words on 2004 model.
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    Can you supply me details of where in RI you are getting $2K under MSRP offers
  • harjitsharjits Member Posts: 35
    Acura of Newport RI/ Clain Acura MA
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    I've got quotes from several dealerships in the SF bay area, but it is difficult to get any deal that's under MSRP. The best I got is -$500 with touring package. Is this the best I can get here?
    I'm not considering buying it from other states, because of the hassle of licenses, tax, etc (maybe it's not that bad? anyone has experiences?)
  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    You mean Clair Acura right?
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    Just wanted to get an idea of how good or bad I made out... Did my research and went to dealer with a mind cap of 38,100 for a 2003 Touring MDX plus these accessories: sep net, cargo net, mahogany shift knob, wood trim panel, cargo tray, cargo cover, all season mats, rear deflector, side moulding, moonroof visor, and backup sensor. The salesman smiled, but offered 1500 off MSRP plus accessories at cost (which is no great benefit). The salesman said the back up sensor was expensive to install, about 1000 for labor alone, so I took it off the list. I ended up accepting a sales price of 38,400 with all accessories minus the backup sensor (retail 578). This comes to 300+578=878 above what I was hoping to pay. So tell me, did I do well or poorly (this is my second car purchase ever). Bottom line is I got 1500 off sticker price. Thanks.
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    A few weeks ago, I bought an MDX w/ Touring, RES & Navi. I added all season mats, running boards, rear deflector & wheel locks (dealer cost for the options is about $800). I paid just under $41K, so I effectively got the car for about $2,500 under MSRP. It can happen, if you look hard enough. My advice: know what you want, contact a lot of dealers, and stick to your price. It also helps to work on them at the end of their month.
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    Has anyone heard any rumors on the 2004 MDX? I read somewhere that the nose-styling might be smoothed out, but nothing else. Seems Acura has managed to keep the lid on any on-going developments.

    Gcomstock1: what sort of prices were you getting in the SoCal area?

  • hopeitsfridayhopeitsfriday Member Posts: 396
    Rumor has it that the 2004 MDX will keep its basic design but may get a 3.8 liter 280-290 hp engine upgrade.
  • hermantamhermantam Member Posts: 14
    I bought my MDX last Saturday at Kansas City - Touring + Navi + RES + Hood Air Deflector + Cargo Net + Wheel Lock. Negotiated a prices of $2500 under MSRP.
  • midsizemidsize Member Posts: 10
    Hi bosoxfan,
    Just trying to figure out the exact numbers: the MSRP for touring + RES + Navi is $42000 accourding to Edmunds. Add $800 for the accessories you got, and $500 for the destination charge, it comes up to $43300. You got it under $41k. Is this about right? Then add 10% for license + tax, you paid about $45k out of your pocket? I'm looking for out-of-pocket cost of around $41k, so I'm limitting myself to the touring packet. If you don't mind, can you give me the dealership's name? Thanks!
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    I live in DC and currently own a TL-S/nav, and I am looking to purchase an MDX Touring with nav and dvd system. Sticker is $42500. What prices are people paying in the area?
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    After trying in vain to get a Pilot at a decent price, I had given up. I had really wanted an MDX but got priced out on the new ones( no inventory available on those either). I started looking at used, and finally found one I thought I could deal on. I ended up with a loaded 2002 Touring with 25,000 for $33,100.We are in socal where the inventory is tight. ( I got a little misty saying goodbye to my well-worn but still sturdy Odyssey.) The MDX is in pristine shape, they clearly did not have kids like us! I am really thrilled with the vehicle, and thanks to all the folks who contribute to these posts, I knew what to look for and what to expect with this Model. Edmunds has once again steared me to an awesome vehicle. I can't say enough about this website, and I continue to refer everyone I know, even the car dealers.

    Happy Motoring!!
  • graenteamgraenteam Member Posts: 3
    We got the base model for $34,600 - $1,600 off list and then the Ohio Dealer added - at no charge the following accessories...
    Accessory - List
    Roof Rack - $165
    Roof Rack Installation - probably $50
    Body Side Molding - $130
    Body Side Molding Installation - probably $30
    Cargo Cover - $135
    Cargo Tray - $132
    All Weather Mats - $117
    Protection Package - $400
    Delivery - probably $400
    MDX - $36,200
    Total Price for MDX and Accessories - $37,759
    My Total Price - $34,600
    Dollars off list - $3,149

    The dealer was wonderful! Very customer focused. They ordered the exact color combination for us and even notified us when the MDX was being built at the factory. They delivered it 500 miles to our front door.

    It was a very pleasant purchase process. We solicited a number of bids and negotiated with a few. We had higher discounts, but came back to the Ohio dealer because of their highly recommended interaction from this board.

    We love our MDX.
  • cvtraincvtrain Member Posts: 1
    GRAANTEAM which Ohio dealer gave you the greatly deal, and how much lead time did they need. Did I hear it right that they delivered the car to you door?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Interested NJ base model purchaser.
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    I got quoted $500 below invoice for a MDX with touring, RES, and navigation without really trying very hard. In the past, I have been able to get about $1,000 below the best internet price by haggling with the dealer (that was about 4 years ago for a BMW). bosoxfan, can you say where you got your deal from?

  • graenteamgraenteam Member Posts: 3
    I would be happy to let you know the dealer, and sales person who sold me the MDX. It is in Columbus, Ohio, just post your email address and I will send you the details. YES, I said delivered to the door. No problems, I never stepped one foot inside the dealership and completed the transaction flawlessly. As far as lead time, the dealer could have delivered it immediately, if it were on his lot, he also looked in a 400 mile radius for the exact MDX we wanted and did not find it, so he ended up ordering it. It really wasn't a problem, because we didn't need the MDX right away. Bottom Line: this dealer does what every he can to satisfy the customer. He also took the extra time and effort to secure a loan that was under the prime rate. It is my first MDX, but I am sold on this dealership and this dealer.
  • eddiemaceddiemac Member Posts: 141
    Where do you live? I am in Washington, D.C. and am looking for an Mdx Nav/Res. I am interested in your deal also. You can e-mail me at [email protected] If the deal is good, I can fly to Columbus on Southwest for next to nothing and drive back to D.C. If anyone from the DC area is reading the board, what kind of deals are you getting on the MDX touring with nav and res?
  • bluenoser1bluenoser1 Member Posts: 7
    Well, after lurking on this board for some time now, my wife and I have recently completed our purchase of a 2003 MDX with Touring Package and Navi. Beautiful car! We live in Northern Virginia and tried to buy the car locally but the best we could do was $1000 off MSRP with mats, locks and cargo tray plus the cost of the side step. Meaning before taxes the Northern Virginia dealers wanted around $40,650.00. Checked all the local dealers but they were unwilling to move on the price not to mention there were some questionable promises/offers on there part. For instance, the sales people claimed that by purchasing the vehicle through their dealership we would be eligible for the loaner car service, purchasing the vehicle else where would mean we would not be able to get a loaner. A quick call to their service departments determined that any Acura owner is eligible for the loaner service. After a search that took about 4 days, we ended up buying the vehicle from Crown Acura in Greensboro NC. We got a fresh off the truck (six miles on the vehicle) MDX with Touring Package and Navi plus wheel locks, mats, cargo cover, cargo tray and step side for $39,081.00 plus tax and tags. I think we did pretty good. Definitely worth the 300 mile drive to save over $1500.00! The dealership was easy to deal with, definitely a positive buying experience. I only wish they were local so we could bring the vehicle there for servicing. Oh well, you can't have everything. If anyone wants the salespersons name drop me an email.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    btw, your email is marked private in your profile, which sort of hampers anyone's efforts to contact you :-)

    Steve, Host
  • bluenoser1bluenoser1 Member Posts: 7
    Sorry, new to the posting side of the forum. I've made my email public if anyone wants the details.
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